Potential Threats to My Life

The following is an e-mail message I wrote to Brian Harner on December 22 2020 at 1:12PM.

As Natacha Jaitt said in 2019-- if I disappear or die, I did not kill myself! And don't forget that I do not drink alcohol nor use any drugs, so there's no way I could "overdose." And I am single, so I would not die in a "domestic violence incident." I wonder what cover-up they would come up with...

My web service provider displays my website traffic statistics by month. One of the statistics is a percentage of visitors by country. Since I posted your book, Israel went from being roughly #17 to #5 on the countries list for the month, and now 5% of all web traffic for the month is from that country. It has been only about 48 hours since I posted your book. I wonder what will happen. I cannot say that I want to be kidnapped, tortured, suicided, defamed, or otherwise blacklisted from society, but I did think through all of the possibilities before making this decision.

Perhaps the joke is on them since a bunch of people on social media- including leftists- are pissed off right now that Israel is going to receive $500 million from the latest COVID-19 relief package. The joke is unlikely to be on them, however, since their dominance is as solid as steel. If I am being logical and realistic, I think the Jews basically got what they steadily fought for over the course of the last 2,000+ years and achieved nearly-complete domination of the human species. This is evident in the fact that the average person seems to be fine with this, or at least is willing to be compliant with it.

If I must bow to that at all, I guess they sure are clever. They analyzed very carefully what it takes to manipulate people through selfishness, and then implemented it. They have had millennia to refine the process.

As always, I will shoulder personal responsibility as much as possible. It is the fault of our own race, white men and women. We allowed our own selfishness to be exploited, and we fell for the tricks. Now the damage has been done, and we cannot go back. Even if every Jew disappeared right now, I am almost positive most white people would continue to be selfish fuckups. We would stand a better chance of success in such a scenario than we do in reality now, but who knows how much so. Many whites have thoroughly consumed the Kool-Aid. Just look at white women. I am almost certain that my demographic/subspecies is the laughing stock of the entire planet right now. Unbridled selfishness, selling out their own men, virtue signaling, and destroying themselves, all rolled into one set of actions. I suppose it is true that the greatest enemy is oneself. Perhaps I ought to expect greater resistance from my own kind than from Jews. White women do vastly outnumber Jews, anyway. There is an image on /pol/ that says, "There is no 'White Genocide.' There's White Suicide, and women pull the trigger." I find that accurate enough.

I posted the book, and other uncensored materials from you, because- as I said- I think humanity's maker wants his point to be made. Moreover, we are now flying head-first to the end of life on this planet, and there is not much else that can be done other than try to get that point across to people before they learn it the hard way-- and then, presumably, have their souls deleted.

I will keep you updated, if I think there is a chance you are still around. For now, goodbye.