Recommended Videos

I've created a playlist of videos which have been recommended by Brian Harner. They include topics such as ethanol, hydrogen fuel, nitinol engines, cavitation energy systems, sound, harmonic resonsant micro cavitation, farming water, casting, moving large stones, the natural environment, and more.

One video I was not able to add to the list is the following: "David Blume - Permaculture Distillation, producing alcohol biofuel - 02 Nov 2013,"

YouTube channels which Brian generally recommends include the following: bigstackD (foundry work), my mechanics (restoration), This Old Tony (machining), and David Richards (fully operational steam-powered machine shop).

You can view the YouTube playlist here.

The videos which Brian made himself can be found at How to Build a Holy Grail Blank.

I intend on adding more information about the videos to this page.