Request to Friends of Brian Harner

I am requesting information from anyone who has interacted with Brian Harner. While I am most interested in hearing from the friends he has made and kept in the last year and a half, I am open to information from anyone who has seen and spoken with him. The most important information you could share with me is any kind of teachings-- especially from the last year and a half. These teachings mainly pertain to self-sufficiency, attaining equilibrium with the environment, and the hierarchy of the universe. Topics include machining, foundry work, metallurgy, restoration, his “invention” the Holy Grail, pyramids, working with stone, aquaponics, humanity's maker, the Nine Principles, genetics, purity, intention, righteousness, the scientific method, God the man himself who exists outside this universe, Jesus, ancient Egypt, cataclysmology, the crude oil economy, ethanol, hydrogen power, selfishness, and much more.

Specific Requests

I have several specific requests. I am putting these on this page because at this point in time I have not made any contact with other people who have met Brian.

Brian told me that he recently taught a person everything he knows about hydroponics. He also told me that he left his desktop computer with another person, and he wants that person to look through the search history on his web browser(s). If he has any bookmarks saved to the web browser, it should be possible to save those bookmarks as a .html file, and then send that file to me. The same might be possible with search history, though I'm not certain since I do not save any of my own search history.

Specific Topics

Please note that I might add very specific topics on which I am looking for further information. At this point I think this will mainly consist of topics which Brian told me about and which I had a limited ability to understand at the time. For example, Brian and I had a brief, unrecorded conversation about toroid cores. This is something which he started to work on and did not get to complete. I took no notes. He roughly said that when the toroid core is attached to another machine, the frequency of the machine is altered.

In that same conversation, Brian also told me about a magnet motor he was working on. It consisted of 18 magnets and a rotor. The magnets and rotor were positioned in a way that the magnets at the top of the motor never quite came in touch with the magnets at the bottom. I got the impression that either the attractive or repelling forces of the magnets caused movement which acted as the source of the motor's power. I wrote down that the motor was the size of a refrigerator.

Another topic Brian mentioned is mu-metal, which can be used as shielding against magnetic fields.

I know these descriptions might sound rather rudimentary. That is why I would appreciate any further input on these matters. I think both toroid cores and magnet motors are discussed in Patrick J. Kelley's book, A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices. I sure hope so, lolz.

To tell me about technical topics such as these, you do not have to have known Brian. If you are some kind of technician who has knowledge on these matters, I am interested in hearing from you.

Teachings and Stories

While teachings are the most important type of information I am looking for, I am interested in hearing anything related to Brian. You can tell me stories about him and what your relationship with him has been like. Maybe he mentioned you in his book, and you want to tell your side of the story. Maybe you actually helped him to learn something, such as raising beef cattle. I would definitely like to hear from those who added to Brian's knowledge.

Ways to Share

Note that you do not have to send me all of the information you might have all at once. You can send me just one e-mail about one specific story or topic, for instance, and then send more information in the future. As long as the information is truthful, something is better than nothing.

There are options regarding which way you share the information.

You can write it out, then either share the document with me by attaching it to an e-mail, or just copy and paste the text into an e-mail and send it.

You can make a recording in which you talk about the information. The audio file will likely be too large to e-mail. Depending on the length of the recording, it might be possible to send via e-mail if you compress the file. Otherwise, you can upload the audio file to, or you can convert the file to video and upload it to a video platform such as YouTube or BitChute. All you will need to send me in this case is a link. If you want to limit the number of people who hear the recording, you can make it an unlisted or private video. If desired, I should be able to download the recording, and then you can delete it from the Internet once I have done so.

You can have a phone conversation with me. I will ask for your permission to record the conversation, and also to post it to the Internet. If you decline then we can still at least have the conversation. Similarly, we could use a video chat platform such as Zoom.

If the information can be visually depicted, you can make relevant drawings (e.g. on a whiteboard) and send photos of them.

You can make your own website or blog. The only platform I know firsthand is SiteSell, for which I pay $30/month. Other web service providers include SquareSpace, Wix, and WordPress. Based on what I have seen, you should be able to create a satisfactory blog for free using Blogger. If you are alright with it, I will add the link to your website to the Brian Harner Archive.

I do not recommend this option, but you can use social media platforms. The only ones I can recommend for this purpose are Facebook, online forums, and imageboards. Send me links to your posts.


For all of these things, please share information only if you were not instructed not to share it (i.e. Brian did not tell you, “Please do not share this”). Also, before you contact me, take care in deciding whether you want me to know your identity, and also whether you want it to be possible for others to know your identity. Currently my Contact page requires a first name, e-mail address, and message. You must provide an e-mail address so that I can reply to you. If you do not want me to know your identity then consider making an alternate e-mail account.

Also consider whether you want only me to see the information you share. I am interested in sharing pretty much anything I am authorized to. So if there is something you want to be for my eyes only, please let me know.


Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing from you and creating an archive of Brian's life and teachings which is as thorough as possible.