The following was written by Brian Harner, and sent to me on August 26 2021.

Skepticism is healthy. I welcome it. The problem with skepticism is in having dedicated moral platitudes and opinionated ideologies as a failsafe to one's stances and goals in life. The worst opinionated stance one can take in trying to understand a Christ is religion. This may sound counterintuitive to the vast majority of humanity, but that's the real problem with opinionated stances. They're like assholes; everyone has one, and they generally stink. A religious opinionated stance is not entirely based upon religion in the conventional sense. Things like the big bang theory, evolution without creation, randomness, magic, and the aspects of existentialism that are not founded upon conventional religion are also, indeed, opinionated religious stances. Faith based ideologies formulate an idea in one's mind where curiosity about a subject of interest is exchanged for arrogance. Immediately following this type of dedication, logical fallacies and emotionally charged proclamations slowly take over as the predominant methods of exchanging information. These feelings start to commingle with other subject matter, and as these opinionated stances bleed into seemingly related topics, bravado increases, arrogance takes over, and miscommunications become the norm for everything. On either spectrum of religious opinionated stance, be it pure creationism or purely random evolution, and every opinionated stance in between, emotional plight becomes the weapon of choice, and appealing to one's own emotions is the ultimate goal. Instead of arriving at a conclusory destination, even if that destination is proven to be unconclusory from lack of data in either direction, humans have a desire to protect their investment in their own opinionated stance. In other words, protect their ego. Ego is what opinionated stances are formulated with, and pride is what people use to shield their ego from the perception of taking damage. When healthy based, fact finding skepticism transforms into ego protection, regression is the result. Progression, learning, and self reflection are essentially impossible within this mind frame. This has been the largest obstacle to my mission as a Christ, which unfortunately, is exactly why my predecessor was murdered. Ironically, almost everyone alive has assumed the position of modern day Pharisees... and just like the Pharisees responsible for Jesus' murder, their self righteous, ego driven opinions are the guiding force shaping the inability to progress.

How does one cross over from healthy skepticism to ego protection? This is where self reflection is important. There's a vast spectrum of variance between the two dichotomies, and everyone fits into this spectrum for different reasons. The number one reason why healthy skepticism loses out in the human psyche to ego, is propaganda. Propaganda influences every human alive. If you're of the opinion that you're not influenced by propaganda, then this is your first lesson in ego protection. Defining the role propaganda has played in one's life takes self reflection firstly, followed by forgiveness. The admittance of being swayed by propaganda for nefarious reasons brings on a sense of inadequacy. This type of inadequacy is helpful, however, and should be welcomed. More often than not, any form of inadequacy brings on a sense of dread that gets masked by bravado with the following ego protection resulting in regression. All of the fake posturing included in the perils of bravado, is nothing more than fear. When enlightenment emerges, this fear is very easy to recognize. No matter how sophisticated the bravado becomes, and no matter how well trained someone suffering from this fear acts in the face of transparency to their conduct, the fear residing at the foundation the bravado is evident. That fear is a product of propaganda.

There are many forms of propaganda. Some are subtle but all inclusive, and some are presented as a choice with teams vying for your attention to garner your submission to them. However nefarious and subversive the the campaign behind the reasoning may be, the goal of propaganda is to create fear. When the fear is successful, the primary goal shifts to conformity. All propaganda bears this trademark. "If you don't conform to 'this,' you will be considered 'bad,' and bad things will happen to you." Religion is particularly nefarious in this regard. To those who are not devout religious zealots though, this link to propaganda is not subtle. The more subtle forms of propaganda are more intrinsic to sustenance based ideologies. While religion is sold by the businessman preachers who espouse its placement in life sustaining sustenance, religion is not necessary for the continuance of life. Sustenance is described as "food and drink regarded as a source of nourishment." Before the human body can utilize food and drink for nourishment, however, one must first provide an environment that will allow the body to sustain that nourishment. Therefore, sustenance as an objective nomenclature must include warmth (as in shelter, clothing, and/or an environment that provides that warmth in a predictable and sustained manner). Food, water, and warmth are the requirements to sustain life. The means of providing that sustenance is the basis for the most nefarious propaganda of all, and every human alive is mesmerized by it.

The strength of this form of propaganda is derived from the idea that random materializing of the human form through evolution is the basic recipe for existence. Within that paradigm, the conclusory equation leads one to believe that humanity is progressing technologically, spiritually, genetically, and this pathway is a natural process of random existence. People find comfort in this paradigm because the basis of it allows people to shield themselves from blame, and the consequences of their actions. The general theory is "If I'm behaving the way my feelings direct, and my feelings are a natural product of evolution, 'I' cannot be blamed for my actions because they're 'natural.'" The other side of this coin bears the same inclination with a different causation. "I cannot be blamed for my actions, because 'God' made me this way, so everything I do is Divine." The first iteration of this form of ideological goals is based on an opinion, as is the second, albeit for different reasons. Evolution must conclude that the starting point of the universe is random because the progression through the paradigm itself has already concluded that Earth, as well as humanity's existence on it is random. One within this paradigm cannot break suit, otherwise the foundation of their ego induced proclamations lose substance and fall apart. Hence, to an evolutionist, the beginning of the "universe" (in reality simply the third dimensional realm they inhabit) itself has no causation for beginning, and is thusly random. Within the creation spectrum, many forms of authority profess to have the ability to understand principles that the common man cannot. This is an opinionated stance because the information the self proclaimed authority figurehead, for whichever religion the followers of said ideology prescribe themselves to, is nothing more than an interpretation of past scripture. Very rarely, if ever, do ideals of future events not follow an already agreed upon road map; scripture, in this method of ideological inception. This is a dangerous methodology because the blame always shifts to another source. "I'm not to blame because that's what "the book" (the bible, quaran, whatever) told me to do." Both ideals shift blame outside of the individual espousing the instructions to their base. Nonetheless, both ideals posture themselves to their base as infallible.

As was described, skepticism when conflated with an opinionated ideological foundation is not skepticism at all. It's ego protection, and these types of ideologies, however encapsulating they are, or intrinsic to self worth within the psyche, provide the fastest pathway to misunderstanding. The subtlety within the parameters is the catalyst, but the inundation, sometimes from a very early age, is what gives substance to the confidence. This is the type of propaganda that is bombarding the psyche from many different angles and plays on fears that are unqualified by the dictator espousing them. In almost every case, the trust inherent to accepting this sort of dictation has nothing to do with the subject matter within the indoctrination. Additionally, the relationship between dictator and indoctrinated has many attributes that provide pathways to trust. "If this individual has been beneficial to me in one way, why would they steer me wrong in any other way?" That's the logic, and until that point is reached, bombardment of propaganda progresses... as well as the comfort that provided the trust. Both religion and evolutionary philosophy have these dictators and indoctrinated. The process graduates the indoctrinated to dictator eventually, and the cycle continues. It's never really a definitive event where this graduation takes place. The process continues when confirmation bias and reliance on authority within the given paradigm replaces emotionless critical thinking. Often times the newly graduated dictator doesn't even realize they've graduated from indoctrination. They just recite the words that indoctrinated them from past experiences that are recollected as fond. Subtle, but extremely powerful and intrinsic to one's self importance.

Although these types of skepticism inducing platitudes inundate the psyche and form one's self worth through reinforcement from others that share the same opinionated ideologies, there are other sinister plots that intrude on people's ability to recognize what sustenance is. Although the religious perspective of evolution has outright rejected the notion from an all encapsulated belief, the technological advances in the form of internal combustion and/or electricity does appear to be following an algorithm of evolution into its own. Beyond the confusion of technical terminology clouding the ability to understand specifics about a given relationship to technology, people generally think that the advancement (or evolution) of these forms of technology are beneficial to one's existence. This form of propaganda plays into another emotion: laziness. Fear is present, but the aspects of this form of fear delve into frightening the indoctrinated with notions of labor and energy expenditure outside of the desires the indoctrinated would rather utilize that labor and energy for. Correlating this fear with the inherent confusion of technical terminology, the dictators of this form of propaganda subdue their indoctrinated flocks by utilizing the aspects of benefits, while simultaneously hiding the importance of understanding how detrimental these technologies are to one's sustenance. Although this form of propaganda is not subtle, and in fact is right in everyone's face every day, the confusion remains persistent enough that by and large, people do not question the detriment. They instead opt for basking in the benefits. Most Americans do not understand how an internal combustion engine functions... but almost everyone has one to use at their leisure. Even fewer understand how a computer transforms electrical current to an internet connection, but almost everyone has a computer or smartphone. "I don't care how it works, I just want to drive to McDonald's and browse Facebook." The danger here is not understanding the complications and inundation of inductance that is a bonafide physical threat to one's health. This is not a subtle intrusion to one's psyche. This is an all out assault on one's health, but the propaganda inherent to the focus on benefits over understanding detriment, provides a pathway to maintain the system. Even when questions arise from the public about health concerns inherent to internal combustion and electrical activity, the dictators merely need to inject reasonable doubt. The goal is to subdue one's concerns with copious data on beneficial uses of a given questioned technology... enough... that the benefits outweigh the concerns. Rarely does the concern of sustainable sustenance arise, however, that should always be the primary concern. After all, what will you be able to do with an iPhone when you cannot provide yourself with a body to use it?

While for the most part religions and evolutionary philosophy specifics have been left out, internal combustion and electricity require a more in depth approach to provide proper context. Many claims have been made recently about carbon dioxide emissions, but rarely does induction born illness enter into the mainstream zeitgeist beyond the occasional reference to forms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, referred to as EHS. People that suffer from this illness are mocked and ridiculed for their weakness. Sometimes it's viewed as purely mental. The forms of media exposure to this illness are often put in this context, and the pop culture follows suit. However, other forms of pop culture have failed to make this connection, and some of them are quite funny albeit morbid. One of the more well known quips, which carries with it a sense of truly horrific complications in reality is, "Did you live under power lines as a kid?" High voltage power lines produce a very large inductance field, so living close to or directly under/above them produces many forms of well documented illnesses. The quip is seen as an insult to whomever is the target of the inference due to their blatant idiocy, which is why the reference seems light hearted and playful when used. However, this diminutive structure of a very real form of illness masks a serious problem. Carbon dioxide emissions have gained traction in the public eye for being detrimental to health, but the propaganda has swayed the masses into thinking electricity is the solution to emission problems. Apparently, the goal is to have everyone "living under power lines as kids," as long as carbon dioxide emissions level off, plateau, or regress. It's like trading Ebola virus for HIV... but that's the power of propaganda coupled with a lack of critical thinking. The most important aspect of these types of nefarious decisions that's misunderstood are the long term consequences for allowing these all encompassing systems to function throughout the environment. Humanity is not the only form of life on this planet, so it's impossible to comprehend how things like EHS, as well as acidification of the oceans from a very rapid upswing in carbon dioxide saturation in the atmosphere, will effect the Earth's flora and fauna. The propaganda suggests that fun and happiness for humans is the most coveted form of experience in life, but how does one decide where the boundary exists between detriment and pleasure?

Modern forms of propaganda rely on the ability to stimulate selfishness. The goal is to attempt to persuade you into assuming your personal well being, fun, and pleasure are worth trading the continuance of life for. All forms of propaganda do this; ancient and current. Religion plays to the goals of selfishness through interpreting Salvation as a personal, singular conquest. Evolutionary theory plays to the goals of the randomness of life experience being coveted by means of maximizing pleasure for one's self. Internal combustion was sold (and still is in most cases) as a catalyst for providing the ability to maximize pleasure, and currently, electricity is being sold as a means of sustaining the ability to procure pleasure. While humanity tries to understand the implications of this driving force guiding Earth towards an inevitable collapse and subsequent fallout, the propaganda continues to bombard the conscience. Likewise, the call to experience pleasure, no matter the cost to life outside of the individual, also continues to persuade the conscience. So far, within the overwhelming majority of humanity, selfishness is winning the fight of everyone's internal struggle to make sense of the complexity within the parameters of existence. Compartmentalization and discernment of so many factors has lost to the simplicity of selfishness. It's become so overwhelming, selfishness is difficult to deny, and the reinforcement of so many utilizing it as a strategic solution to the detriments of the human condition provides an ever present scapegoat to one's actions. "If they're doing it, why shouldn't I be able to?" During the degeneration inherent to this ever present paradox, even the most sacred aspects of culture begin to be questioned, all in the name of selfishness. When this form of opinionated dogmatic behavior becomes normal to the point of the majority striving to achieve selfishness, propaganda reinforces itself. Even proven health detriments cannot pierce through the armor of so much reinforcement. Studies get memory hole'd, objective nomenclatures get transformed and co-opted to fit certain propaganda techniques, political ideology starts to serve the benefit of the few at the cost of the many, and the future is traded for the present. While people search for meaning as to why life becomes so difficult to deal with, they fail to recognize their own part in the grand scheme of selfishness. Finger pointing ensues from all angles because nobody looks inward to find the cause of their woes, and even if they do look inward, there's no solution material due to the overwhelming presence of propaganda clouding their judgment on complex issues that require a vast amount of personal experience in particular fields to fully comprehend. Protecting the ego from being exposed to these dilemmas, especially in the public eye, is terrifying to the selfish, propaganda inundated social complex within the psyche.

As this Christ mission has progressed forward, I've encountered every form of resentment possible to exposing these truths. Sadism is the most common. Even though I'm not trying to hurt the individual espousing selfish notions, that is still how the propaganda inundated view my tactics. In order to heal, one must first understand why they became ill in the first place, otherwise they're doomed to repeat the cycle. Nevertheless, exposure to the truth in any form, creates a sense of inferiority, and is taken as an attack on one's sovereignty. During these encounters, of which are too numerous to list at this point, the exposure gives way to counter attacks of the most vile kind. There's no rhyme or reason to attacking me during these encounters, other than to inflict pain at the same, or elevated level that each individual is feeling from being exposed to the truth. This is what sadism is; gaining pleasure from someone else's pain, plain and simple. In a society that has made propaganda a staple of any given thought process, where complex issues being broken down into quickly relatable quips are the preferred method of communication, and selfish desires are the number one goal, sadism is the only means of protecting one's ego. Being a Christ in this climate brings on a complex and nuanced approach to dealing with individuals, before any of the issues themselves can begin to be discussed. My goals clash with propaganda and selfishness on every level. Therefore, immediately, when individuals encounter me, defenses put in place by the subconscious by generations of reinforcing selfish ideals as virtues trigger an attack. The goals are objective in nature and by themselves cannot be argued against, which makes the only form of accomplishment a direct attack against me as an individual, not as a Christ. This is the point at which skepticism crosses over to opinion. In debates this is referred to as "ad hominem." Additionally, within the context of propaganda induced selfishness, where imaginations run amok due to the ever present inundation of CGI media platforms, and the proclamations of businessman preachers muddying the waters between practical and supernatural, "appeals to authority" is also present. Congruently, within the appeal to authority statute, "personal incredulity" is never too far away. These logical fallacies, of which people by and large are extremely ill-equipped to deal with in the modern societal structure, become the bulk of substance within each sadist-laden encounter that I as a Christ must deal with. It never ceases to amaze me how viable logical fallacies are to the unenlightened, but that is the true form of psyche that I must deal with. Not only replying to queries based on truly relevant skepticism, but more so the logical fallacies that appear valid during the process.

The reason for this skepticism write up is due to the inability to progress in certain areas. I cannot change humanity's nature. All I can do is use logic and fact to bring understanding of one's current predicament, and how to correct course. Selfishness shrouded in thousands of hours of media and constituent propaganda is the barrier I must try to break through. There is a mathematical certainty that humanity has overextended itself beyond the parameters of Earth's ability to naturally produce sustenance for the entire ecosystem. This simplified nomenclature is known as "overshoot." The basic premise is that without the constant usage of unsustainable fuel and energy sources, famine and ecosystem collapse is a foregone conclusion. This is a mathematical certainty that is not up for debate. Humanity crossed into the dilemma of overshoot in 1970. Everything I produce and espouse as a Christ is strictly adhering to the basic principle of fostering a return to the planet's ability to achieve equilibrium. I do venture into topics that deal with the possibility of not meeting this goal, and what that means for the souls of the human race that have thrown their species in the trash as a result of their selfishness. These are factual statements, but are impossible to prove until you die. What I will say is that death is inevitable for every human alive, and you will face judgment for your actions. Ignorance of the aspects of what you will be judged on is not a defense. You will not be able to claim that you "didn't know," so you're innocent of dereliction of duty. That said, free will is paramount to the functionality of the universe, and if you decide to dismiss this type of warning, that's entirely your choice to make... which will also be judged. Those aspects aside, within the material, 3rd dimensional realm you inhabit, on Earth, in the current epoch, humanity has brought itself to the brink of annihilation. As a Christ charged with the task of relaying this information and formulating a plan on how to rectify the current predicament, it's my "job" to explain how humanity arrived at this point, and the possibilities that await. Utilizing skepticism in a healthy way is always welcomed by me. I enjoy the curiosity that accompanies the inception of skepticism. Healthy skepticism implies that you have a logical disposition, and when that's present, anything is possible. Taking skepticism beyond the boundaries of curiosity into the realms of opinionated dogmatic conviction, while utilizing logical fallacies to provide protection to a degenerate, selfishly induced arrogance (ego), will not help you understand life, yourself, and certainly not a Christ of any epoch... especially me.

I've had a long hard life dealing with every conceivable form of skepticism. Until recently I had almost given up hope of ever finding a truly humble, meek, and curious soul with a logical disposition in life. Fortunately, I did, but to be accurate, she found me. What this encounter has done is produce a viable alternative for blindly accepting my dictation at face value. During the course of the more short lived interactions I've had as a Christ, the most obvious problem is complexity of the subject matter. Too often a subject is broached that requires a very detailed allotment of information that's difficult to dissect accurately in a common few minute conversation. I've described these difficult subjects to minimize in the best way that I could, but given the circumstances described in this write up, more often than not the subject veers into tangents that have nothing to do with the original topic of discussion. Thankfully, Kim Wrate took the burden upon herself to call what so many have referred to as a bluff. It hasn't been an easy road to travel for her, but rewarding and enlightening nonetheless. For a little over a year now, Kim has delved deeper into the subject matter of the current epoch from a Christ's perspective more than anyone in history, and has amassed a very large library of correspondence between the two of us. As I'm sure she would agree at this point (not to imply there was doubt), besides the claim of being a Christ, which is difficult for most to accept, the information I have to share is unique, extremely detailed, well researched, all inclusive, free from ulterior motives, densely complex and nuanced, but also complete. By "complete," I'm referring to the idea that if all of humanity were to accept their degenerate behavior for what it is (a mistake), hedge their bets to "1" succinct ideological platform, and work extensively to correct their mistakes, with the sole purpose of providing a better existence for themselves, as well as their progeny many thousands of generations into the future... my life's work is the shortest distance between now, and Salvation.

When I wrote The Way, I wasn't sure if this type of person would exist. I myself was skeptical of the chances of finding this type of person, as well as maintaining the ability to teach what was necessary to ensure proper understanding. However improbable and unlikely that goal appeared to be, my mission guided me in the right direction. This section of material aimed at covering the basis of a key to understanding and unlocking the less palatable information contained in The Way almost didn't make it. Without Kim, her dedication and generosity, this material would not have made it. Again, I must thank Kim for doing what nobody else was willing to do: understand me. Kim has had skepticism at times, but the difference between her and anyone else reading this is she looked inwardly to locate the source of confusion. Additionally, she dug deep to uncover knowledge that has remained hidden in my past. When opinionated arrogance, entitlement, and stances that cross the boundary of honest, curious skepticism were held by the vast majority of people I've had encounters with on this mission as a Christ, Kim remained steadfast and focused. Even when confronted with ridicule and anger from the people she was closest to. I'm proud to call Kim an esteemed colleague of mine. I hope that I've given her enough knowledge to take on obstacles in this society from all degenerate perspectives. This type of transference of knowledge is never complete, and I hope to have a continued relationship with her during, and after this life.

I would hope that Kim's experience with me will give proper context to individuals with more confidence than intelligence. Critical thinking is a commodity that has lost value in this modern society. As I've said, I welcome skepticism... when it's healthy, curiosity based, and follows the logical fallacy parameters. I'm well aware how difficult it is to accept me as a Christ. That's a very powerful nomenclature that holds a different meaning to everyone that hears it mentioned. Some go as far as saying that a Christ isn't even human. Just remember that a human taught you how to feel about this subject, and before you try to question my motives, directives, or claims about being the Christ of the new age, question yourself on why you feel the way you do about your skepticism. Until you have the ability to understand why you've become what you've become, who taught you to be that way, and how that indoctrination process benefited your indoctrination dictator, you will ultimately fail at trying to make sense of what a Christ is, and what we are trying to accomplish. Kim, more so than anyone else alive, understands this premise. She has become a wealth bank of information on this subject. If taking information straight from a Christ's mouth bothers you for whatever reason, I implore you to utilize her as an introduction to this material. I hope that this write up has helped you understand something that was confusing before you read it. Thank you for reading, and good luck in the future.