Speak with Certainty

Speak to her with certainty. Do this not in order to provide her with peace of mind nor to impress her. Do this, instead, to be clear and unified in the word you have spoken. Do this as a demonstration that you value your word. Do this to show that you mean what you say, and intend to use your words well.

When you speak with certainty like so, your words can flow out of you as though a song. Every sentence you speak will sound like music. You will be glad to hear yourself speak, for you shall know that not only that you hear yourself and that others hear you, but by your word, you will demonstrate that you have heard others, as well. And when this synergy of listening occurs, a symphony is created. Indeed, harmony is created not first by speaking, but by listening. It is through the sound of silence that wisdom speaks.

You are aware of what your doubts are. Your logical mind has processed the ambiguities present in the topic of your speech. But need you express them? What purpose have you for this? Does the splitting of your words, in your hopes, soothe the fears of the other person?

What if she worries not about you, and has no fear to be soothed? Then what does the expression of doubt achieve? Why, just that. The expression of doubt achieves doubt. You have attempted to erase what you have created. Because, however, no creation can be erased (it has been said that matter cannot be created or destroyed—only transformed), you do nothing more than create, in this present moment, doubt.

Imagine that no one needs your comforts. No one needs you to split yourself down the middle for their own peace of the moment. No one needs you to hide from the world, so that it is spared of seeing what horror you might bring. No—imagine you bring suffering unto no one. What then? How do you act then? Would it not then make sense for you to express the highest truth currently available to you, and with totality of conviction? What need have you for doubt when there is no one to fear being doubted by?

Of course, such a reality exists in much closer quarters to you than you might believe. For are we not all of but one consciousness? Does the world not physically demonstrate what occurs in consciousness? Are these two not one and the same? Or would you have me believe that they might be different?

What need would you have to tell me so? To coddle my resistance to the idea? When you coddle resistance, what more do you do than coddle resistance? What else is accomplished aside from handing the light over to your self-created resistance, leaving it to illuminate whatever it wishes?

What do you care for my insecurities anyhow? For that matter, how would your expression of insecurity change mine? Would it not merely reinforce it? This is a case of the blind leading the blind. You saw that I was blind, and so you poked your eyes out in the hopes that it would help me to feel better about being blind. Of course, this does not help me to see any better—nor can I witness the noble action of your blinding yourself, for I too am blind. It is like Romeo and Juliet drinking the poison, in the hopes that they might at last be together—if only they first give up their lives.

The alternative to all this hair-splitting and eye-gouging is to speak with certainty. We get that ambiguity exists. We get that what you say shall happen may not happen, and what you state to be true may not be so 100%. Everybody knows that, even if they do not express such knowledge. Unless greater truth is to be found in contradicting yourself, we’ve no need to hear your doubts—nor desire, for that matter.

Speak your truth with clarity, even if it is ugly. State your desires in their fullness, even if they are taboo. Sing of your present awareness with joy, even if it brings joy not.

Remember—there is nothing more beautiful than the raw and transparent, nothing lovelier than the complete, and nothing more wonderful than what is of reality now.

Truth is elegant, if you only let it be such. It needs not fear in order to thrive. Truth simply is what it is. Fear it if you wish—it shall remain. Doubt it if you desire—you shall simply see another side of it. Spit on it if you must—it shall shine even brighter.

Truth is the highest kingdom. Yet all kingdoms are created, and the kingdoms of your reality must be created by you. If they were not, they would not be of your reality. And so it is, that when you ask, it is given; what you reap, you so; and what you speak, is so indeed.

You are free to continue denying yourself day and night. The world shall respond to you, but it will not listen. In fact, this is how the world shall respond. When you deny yourself, it only makes sense for the world to deny you. When you raise your voice to speak, you shall see a spark in no one’s eyes. There will be a perk in no one’s ears, nor will there be any turning of heads. Even the grandest act of showmanship will go unseen, for when you act in the name of self-denial, there is no grandeur to be seen.

Instead, you come at the world with claws: for when you deny, you first ice the world over, making it inaccessible to yourself. When the world is thus cold unto you, you act surprised and frustrated. In your frustration to have the world see you, you begin to strike the ice, attempting to break it. Yet, you cannot see that you have encased the whole world in ice—not just this one piece. For the world is but a projection of itself, and is either all in, or all out.

And so it is that all the time and the effort in the world would not break this ice. No, the ice must be melted—and the only force that can melt ice so thick is the laser of certainty. Conviction looks unto the world with a gaze so warm that is leaves no ice left to be found.

When will you, my friend, look unto the world with conviction? When shall you be yourself in total certainty? Surely the very thought frightens you. Perhaps you will feed resistance too much to go into this task—at least, to do so consciously, and to do so initially. Perhaps the world will have to catch you in a moment when you are not looking—you will be caught with your pants down, so to speak.

The moment may be overly-revealing, in your eyes: yet, as you shall find out, it will say everything, and hide nothing. And when you have nothing left to hide, you are present fully, and you are free, and the warmth that emanates from your being meets the whole world with love. Even if they last for but a moment, these will be the gifts of your conviction. And you will be glad of them.

Speak with certainty, and you will need no other way than that which you speak of.

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