Surrender (Video)

Surrender (to the path in front of you): To live the best life possible, you must lay down your life to a force more powerful than yourself.


Things I discuss in the video:

What surrender is: to give up control, effort, and possessions

What fear is and how it works

All fear is essentially a fear of death (i.e. powerlessness)

All fears are based in the disprovable (i.e. lies)

All fear is focused on the past or the future, and arises from a dependence on and attachment to external entities. It believes that no opportunities for improvement will be possible, and is blind to the fact that reality changes as you do.

Fear coerces you into trying to control reality, but you can’t. When you are afraid you distrust yourself and all that is around you, and you feel insecure. You are focused on surviving, yet you think you need much more to survive than you actually do. You are attached to the things you think you need to survive.

Objective reality, and how it cannot account for consciousness (thus, it is more logical to take a primarily subjective perspective)

In the end you realize that you don’t own anything, including the ego. You thus surrender everything, with the last thing being the entity you refer to as “I.”

Surrender to the path that is in front of you: it is straight and narrow. You know what you must do: only fear and attachment lie in the way. Always walk straight through fear, no matter what.

What trust is and how it works

Surrender and trust are the same thing

What god is (not who): he (really it) has no rules nor emotions. He does no punishing and he does not talk to anyone. He is not disappointed if you don’t believe in him. He has no form: he is both everything and nothingness. He transcends duality. He does not do anything, but he leaves nothing undone.

What you are (also not who)

What love is: a recognition of the oneness of all that is

Fear supports death. Love supports life. Love is associated with truth, power, consciousness, god, surrender, trust, and liveliness.

The willpower of the ego is not powerful. To overcome very difficult problems such as drug addictions, you need the infinite power of divine love. This is why Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) advises that you surrender to a higher power: to beat the addiction, you must recognize that you are pure consciousness (and thus that you are one with god).

Surrender actually gives the ego more power to work with (and this power is not used for self-sabotage, which the ego often likes to do)



Notes (things I don’t mention in the video):

I say in the video that thoughts arise from nothingness. I should have elaborated to say that this nothingness is the greater field of consciousness (i.e. consciousness as the container of reality—not the consciousness “in your head”).

Attachment itself is generally what we are attached to.

Once you have surrendered everything, you have attained enlightenment.

 You don't own anything in the first place, so you might as well surrender your illusion of control. You do not lose anything of true value, for you cannot lose anything of true value. Indeed, "Freedom" is just another word for, "Nothing left to lose."

This stuff takes some time. Pace yourself.

There is no need to actually watch the video (unless you enjoy staring at me), so feel free to jam out to this while you make dinner, drive your car, or ignore the people in your living space (though actually watching the video may be helpful to that last one).


Enjoy! :)