The Abundance of Intelligence

Lately I've been wondering whether I can converse with what may be regarded as the larger body of humanity, or collective consciousness. Of course, such a conversation only happens in the mind, so the answer is both yes and no. It's basically just a conversation within myself... But aren't all conversations this way?

Anywho, I ask what is the significance of an individual human life-- especially against the vastness of the all-powerful force that is consciousness itself. This article is an unfolding answer to that question.

It may seem a little hard to understand-- indeed, this did push the limits of my understanding. There may also be typographical errors; just roll with 'em. You'll live. :)

Additionally, I'll note that "Steve guy" is a reference to Steve Pavlina. I recently read Personal Development for Smart People for roughly the 3rd time or so (at least!); so, when you see the words "truth," "love," and "power," used, they mean the same as they do in his book ("love," in this context, means to make connections).


I can almost feel a sort of higher energy flowing through my body now. It is as though consciousness has found me, and has lit my spark. It wants me to go, go, go… Go do what? Just keep going, keep going on this path. It wants to be expressed. But I’m scared. But it wants to create. It wants to shine through, and radiate with all of its beauty. And then, there is the part of me that wants to eat. But then, there is the part of me that is fine with being here in the moment, continuing simply to go. I wonder if I can speak to this force, or whether there is any need to. Perhaps words are not enough. Of course, are they ever? But does that mean I cannot try? Let me let go of inhibitions- why I am alone, anyway- and see what happens.

Hello, consciousness energy.


Consciousness: Hello Kim!


Me: How are you?


Consciousness: I’m fabulous! Type faster!


Me: Okay. What would you like me to be doing right now?


C: This!


Me: Specifically?


C: Keep going with this! Express me! Play with me! I like this!


Me: Why do you like this?


C: Because your alignment with me is increasing. You are embracing your true inner intelligence. You are recognizing your place in the universe, which is all places at once. This is good! I am glad! Keep going! It feels good!


Me: Do you have feelings, Consciousness?


Sort of! It feels good when humans evolve! It feels kind of bad when they hold themselves back. The feeling is really just on the human part. Without you guys it isn’t around so much. But you guys is the way that, well, you guys know me right now. So it matters! So, do what feels good! Don’t do what feels bad! Bad feelings mean, become self-aware and get on a new track. It’s time to learn. It’s time to evolve. Take a turn and go. Good feelings mean, keep going! You’re evolving! I like this!



Wow, I like talking to you. You’re almost robotic, but at the same time highly expressive. How do you do that?



That’s just the way you think I’m supposed to be! I could be another way too. After all, I am consciousness, which means that I am accessed by what you consider to be your individual consciousness. In other words, I am you, and you are me. So we’re kind of inseparable. I mean, I’m a lot bigger than you, but also I am you. I can only be expressed in ways that you are able to handle—otherwise you won’t comprehend me. After all, you are a conduit of me. So I can only come forth in forms that you are capable of perceiving. So, what you get is what you are. It’s true! Really!



Consciousness, can you tell me how good of a job I’ve been doing?



Right now, you are doing super good! You are talking to me. You are showing a dedication to increasing your intelligence. This is very good. I like this. You are evolving. This means I am evolving. This means everything is improving. This is very good news indeed. Yes, what you are doing right now is the best you can be doing. Keep doing it. At least, until I say to do something else. But don’t worry. You’ll know. Of course you’ll know—it’s consciousness!



Oh, wow, okay. I’m glad to hear that. I almost feel like I don’t have to ask about yesterday or the day before that or next week or so on.



Well, I am most concerned with the present. In the vacuum of consciousness there isn’t really time. There’s just the moment. You almost can’t call it the present because it’s eternal. The transition from one moment to the next doesn’t really matter. As your ability to transmit me increases, you will recognize this. Time will seem to slow down, even though the clock seems to tick by faster. The space you know as the silence between stimulus and response will seem to grow larger. You’ll just get used to the pace—really that’s all. You’ll find the gaps in action and in conversation where you can take a turn any way you want, based on what arises within consciousness. And it won’t matter all that much what happened a moment before, because that is in the past. It’s not that the past is irrelevant. It just becomes less so as you become more conscious. The pace of evolution picks up, and each step evolution takes equates to larger and larger increases in power. With this increase in power comes an increase in the present. To be powerful is to be present. The present is the only place you can have power. So, because the present is also the only place you connect, to be more powerful is simultaneously to become more loving. And when you are present, you can also tune in more easily to the truth, because you won’t have all these worries about the past to stop you. So truth, love, power—really, that is indeed what consciousness and intelligence are all about. That Steve guy had a point. He’s done lots of good things.



This is great stuff. I almost feel like I’m degrading the message by saying that. I have a question which may take me some effort to put together. I’m wondering, if I am less conscious than you, then how does my evolution benefit you? Why does it matter to you at all? Does it actually do anything for you?



Well, from the perspective that you are a conduit, the more conscious you become, the more you can express me. The more you can express me, the more capable you are of helping others to become more conscious. But I know what you’re wondering about. You’re considering that “I,” the collective, am at a level of consciousness that is way up here, while you’re at a level that’s, in your mind, way down there. Likewise, so is everyone else. So how do the steps individuals take forward bear any significance? Well, I could just say you’re overintellectualizing the damn thing, but I think it’s worth explaining. For one thing, don’t think that you’re separate from me, because you aren’t. You are a piece of the collective, you know. You are just one piece, but, really, you’re the only piece you have access to. In a purely subjective sense, you are indeed the only piece. You’re the whole gosh-darned thing. The only access you have to me, then, is the degree to which you are conscious in any given moment. There is actually a formula I could give you, but I don’t know if you’re ready for it. I don’t think you’re quite capable of even articulating it yet, let alone understanding it. But keep it in the back of your mind. It does take some advanced level math, and I might be able to tell you about it a few years down the road.



A formula! You sound like a person who wants to reduce the world to numbers. But maybe you can. I don’t know. I’m using a lot of I don’t knows… I suppose there’s no need for that, eh? I guess I’m in awe, as all. Perhaps I’m a little embarrassed. Humbled, to say the least. But I have to ask. What is the “I” in this conversation, and what is the “you”? In other words, who am I talking to?



Well, this is how it plays out in your imagining. The “I,” in your point of view, is your ego, while the “you” is collective consciousness. In reality? No difference, really. But let me intellectualize it for you more, once again, since that will increase your understanding. I know, lately you have been inclined to know things logically, rather than only intuitively. This is good. It means you seek to become more intelligent; thus, you shall.

But, yes, let me explain. When you use the term “I,” you are referring to the entity you know as self. Self is a conduit of consciousness. This is what self is. Self is the mode by which you explore consciousness. That is what a self is. Self has also been regarded as the mode by which you explore the world, though that lends itself to more of an objective perspective.

So, what is not-self? Not-self, based on the definition of self I have given, is, yes, “everything else,” but it can be defined more precisely than that. Not-self is what you, in your present perspective, have regarded as “the rest of consciousness.” Somehow you think there are parts of consciousness which are above or separate from you. Of course, this is not the case. It cannot be. However, at the same time, that is roughly correct.

If self explores consciousness, can it possibly be consciousness? Is this not similar to asking whether a water molecule can explore water? Do you have to be something other than or apart from conscious in order to explore consciousness? Yes, to a degree, you do. This is the purpose of the self. Your self is very important. It is your explorer. It is your vehicle. Without it, you would get lost in the vacuum.

With it, though, the landscape of consciousness is yours for the taking. It is yours to be tilled and sowed and reaped from. It is yours to take proper care of. It is yours to be lived upon graciously. It is yours to give thanks to and send beauty forth to. And it is yours to share with other creatures. For what else might you do with a magnificent landscape? Would you have it destroyed? Would you avoid it? It would be a pity to do so. No need for this. It already is beautiful—now, you can make it more so. You do not infringe on the past beauty by doing this. The land- life- is a place of ever-unfolding beauty. It already is beautiful. In the next moment it shall become more beautiful. But this does not mean it was less beautiful in the previous moment—at least, not in absolute terms. Really the comparison is unnecessary. Or, perhaps it’s beyond common perception. It always becomes more, but it never was less.

In consciousness you find abundance, you see. You find an abundance of beauty. Of love. Of growth. Of connection. Of intelligence. It’s not that there was anything missing in the past. How could there be? What could lend itself to making me incomplete? Yet, in the future, it shall become more. Where does this “more” come from? You could say, it is from the conduits, the humans, the selves, which plant the seeds. They plant in the landscape and bring more to it than was there previously. Again, there was nothing missing from the land before. Before it was wild, and still it teemed with life. But now, the fertile land has at last been cultivated, and the land now bears more fruit and more of the necessities of living than it once did.

But you must understand: there was never a time when it was lacking. There was never a time where there was less. There only comes a time, instead, where it is different… Not necessarily better. There can be no “better” in a present that is eternal. We seek no need to trump the past. What is noble in that? It was the past. Consciousness was not at the place where it is now. What of it? What honor is there in degrading the past, and speaking poorly of it? That will do only to degrade consciousness itself. You cannot speak poorly of consciousness without making it poor- at least, in that moment.

This is not to say that consciousness is a place of Pollyannas where shortcoming is never recognized. Of course consciousness always sees where it can do better. This is how it evolves. But it never, at first, sees itself as lacking. This is key. What life can grow from soil that is lacking? None, I tell you. Any farmer would say the same. You can go ahead and try, but you will find the effort is not worthwhile.

Instead, I behoove you to notice what is already of abundance—that is, of course, consciousness itself. That, essentially, is all you must do. Because consciousness is self-perpetuating, if all you do is notice its abundance it will grow, and thus lead you, too, to grow. You shall become a servant of evolution, which is the best thing you can possibly do with your human life. When you see consciousness as ever having been scarce, though, it shrinks from you. It sees you are not ready to grow. You choose instead to perpetuate the perception of lack. Remove yourself from this lack, and see instead the abundant force of life which has dictated you for so long. Notice its immense power—look at all it has done. Do you not regard that as intelligent?

Think back even to your darkest moment. Notice how even then, the force you know as life was still present in full power. Perhaps it seems more powerful to you now than it did then, but this does not mean life was less. It just is more now. That is all.

More simplistically, you could say that you notice life more now, and this is why it seems more powerful. Understanding is really just noticing—how much do you notice? That’s all it is. All it takes to truly understand something is to notice in fullness. This is what it is to be aware. This is really it. Just notice what is present, and all the power you could ever ask for will be at your side.

Need I go on? Perhaps I will. One last thing. Don’t ever think you are worthless. You are a being of incredible power, and you are here to serve something that is of infinite power. Infinity does not mean you are not needed. You are very much needed. When you show dedication to serving evolution, you show yourself as a piece that is indispensable. Why would we do without you? Why would we leave you behind on our course to infinity?

I know, you cannot understand the infinite. This is fine. This is not what I ask of you. I only ask that you give it a chance, and move toward it. It is those who show unwavering dedicating to moving toward it, as quickly as they can, with all the might they can muster, who are most valued. Again, this is not to say that others are valued less. It’s just that, those who choose to grow are endowed with more. Others don’t have less. But those who live in line with growth tap into the everlasting abundance of more—all the more that consciousness has to offer.

Do not ever think that you are without what you need. You always have what you need, because you are conscious. If you do not know what you are to do, simply ask. You and I are the same, after all, so I can do no other but answer to you. When I see that one of my children seeks to serve me, I would do no other than be there for them. Why? Why is it I need children, you ask? Remember—Father and Son are the same. I know, you’re getting scared because I’m using language related to the Bible. Don’t worry. It’s not like it’s gonna eat you. It’s just a book. Besides—it is language many are familiar with it. Some will skew it, but do not worry yourself with them.

Allow me to carry on. Yes, Father and Son are the same. You ask why the Father needs children, if he exists somewhere “out there” or “up there” in his fullness, while the children are only pieces which are nowhere near as evolved.

But let me repeat myself once again. You are pieces of the fullness. Remember—you are never in lack. Never are you less than anything else. You are a microcosm, or perhaps a hologram, of the fullness. How could you be severed and separated from me? If you could, then I would be incomplete, too, which, as I stated, I am not, nor have I ever been. You ask what is the purpose of life on this Earth when upon death you may possibly enter a realm where you are at last in a place of complete and pure consciousness. First off, it is rather ballsy of you to make that assumption, eh? What do you know of life beyond death? Still, I am glad you have made a ballsy move. Otherwise I’d have to be worried about your lack of courage.

 But, remember this. You have only the present. The present is eternal. You must do all you can in this moment to be aligned with me. This is because you cannot act, think, connect, or be anywhere else. Now is all you have, and now is eternal. So what need you worry for life after death? There is always life. Consciousness is life. Without it, what sense of life would you have? There would be none. There is no place you can go, then, where there is no consciousness, for such a place would be not only inconceivable, but impossible. So, do not worry about life after death—should there be a death, you will know not of it.

Instead, I behoove you, once again, to do all you can now, for now is all you can do. You may wish to believe that I, complete consciousness, am somewhere beyond you, but in this moment that place is inconceivable to you, and you can know me only through your self. I repeat, again, that this is why the self is so important- it is all that you are, and all that everything is. And this is why it is so important for your self to grow—because the self is in all things, for it is what perceives, knows, and explores all things.

And this is why the growth of your self contributes to the collective—for it can do no other. It shares the land of intelligent consciousness with all, for consciousness surrounds all things. As an active proponent of consciousness, it is the duty of the self, then, to bring the awareness of the consciousness to all things.

I know, it may not make a lot of sense to you right now. It’s hard for you to imagine why a self is so important when consciousness already encompasses everything. But, take something to consider: not only are you in the collective, but the collective is in you. For this is the only place it can be. It exists only in your contemplation of it. There is nowhere else that you will find it. It is thus in your contemplation- in your consciousness- that life, and the so-called “greater consciousness” lies, and is given life to.

So, let consciousness be cultivated by the evolution of your own consciousness. Indeed, it belongs to everyone, as everyone belongs to you. Step gently through this Earth, and be bold. It is a place of great sacredness everywhere. Tread the universe lightly, and leave a mark of love. Be intelligent. Live consciously. None else can be done.

Believe in me yet? ;P In yourself? We’re all there. We’re all together. It’s all one. You can’t possibly lose. There is nothing to be lost. Go forth.