The End of Purity

I have been thinking about this message for a few days. There is potentially an enormous amount of information I could share on this subject, and a wide variety of aspects I could address. I initially wrote a 1900-word reply which was not complete yet. However, the more I think it through, the more it seems that just about all of it is doomed to be dismissed or otherwise interpreted or used in a manner other than what was intended.

None of the technical topics matter without purity. Purity enables complete communication, the clearest form of which is internal harmonic resonant capitulation, which is word-free. Without purity, any form of technology will ultimately lead to ruin.

One of few feasible suggestions I can make is to try to imagine what it would be like if no one could use words at all. Then, imagine there was no money, either. Curation of public image becomes virtually impossible in this situation. There is no more sweet-talk, no politicking, no lies, no diversion of people's attention, no way to get people to think certain thoughts for the sake of monetary gain. With all of this out of the way, what would be observed?

It is much the same with a societal collapse situation: how much will things like sex and trying not to offend people matter then? I ask this question because these are two of the top-valued things in society presently, and both are obstacles to purity.

Thanks for giving the information I have presented some attention. While I do not like to give up, it may be that there is only so much I can do which is at odds with collective momentum. Even though one aspect of purity is that all things must be done voluntarily, without anyone controlling or worshipping anyone else, that still will not be good enough for people. As such, this is my first public statement on this subject, and as short as it is, it might also be my last. I think of all the people who would rather see me raped and tortured until I say...


and have to consider that this might be the end. The key to achieving equilibrium and ultimately transcending is that all information has to be viewed from a global perspective instead of a personal one. Humanity decided rather definitively 75 years ago, and ever-increasingly since then, that it is not interested.

By the way, I added a note to the top of my previous reply.