The Way, Chapter 1: What A Christ Is

The subject of religious philosophy has clouded my journey more than it has helped. Realization, is the nomenclature that will appear over and over in this book. Most self-proclaimed Christians who prescribe their doctrine's to The Holy Bible, generally refer to this Realization period as a Sabbath. That nomenclature preference is being selected due to its exacting standard. Realization is better suited for a scientific method induced perspective. That said, EVERYTHING I profess in my teachings has a hard stance on what science, and the scientific method is. Science, as humanity has come to understand it, is more religious than the various religions of the world. I've spent my entire life slamming my conscience up against a brick wall (of sorts) trying to unlock a very specific energy perspective. All of my experiments and teachings throughout my life have been centered around mathematical precision, and hard scientific method. That said, until my realization, I was not certain of what our eternal life structures entailed, or why we are here in the first place.

Several different aspects of my private teachings were amazing, fun and energetic, while others were sad, and nerve racking. The structure that I was taught, to teach you, of humanity's superior entity structure within this universe's parameters, is humanity's maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. As this universal structure that houses all warm-blooded, intelligent life in this universe was being taught to me during my realization, I was also taught who I was, and how I was granted the honor of being humanity's emissary to the universe. I will attempt to fill in the blanks that Jesus, my predecessor, was unable to portray due to his unfortunate demise, but it will take faith on your part. Humanity is drenched in self-induced suffering, and those who don't suffer are generally greedy and selfish. The confidence to SURVIVE in an environment that is hostile and God-less, has morphed into full blown arrogance.

A word that has caused much confusion to me on my journey, and is now an inside joke, is the nomenclature Christian, itself. I'm from Oregon originally. We call ourselves OregonIANS. Well, me, being a fully realized Christ, should naturally be called a Christ by ChristIANS... right? RIGHT?????? Nope. Didn't happen. Everyone has asked me for some sort of proof that I am a Christ which is an impossibility given my health. Christians, personally, have given me the most grief in regards to gathering help on my journey. Their arrogance is subtle in most cases, but it is apparent. Every religion wears their arrogance on their sleeve like it's something to brag about. It's become evident that humanity, as a whole, needs to congregate around one base philosophy, and one base purpose. Trying to survive is a waste of life, and using wealth and status to procure dominance over other people is likewise, a waste of life. Every religion in the world needs to move on from their shackled mind prison structure, and embrace the scientific method.

The scientific method is a very easy structure to learn, and EVERYONE can AND DOES use it on a regular basis. Hypothesis, Theory, Proof. That is THEE scientific method. Every single one of you use this as a life purpose strategy, regardless of your feelings towards religion, and/or science. Both dichotomy positionary stances utilize this method to help determine how the universe works. EVERY SINGLE ATOMIC PARTICLE OR WAVE inside of this universe can be investigated using this very simple method. Science, as a platform of understanding, does not hold laws, facts, or truths within its teachings. Religion, as a platform of understanding, does not hold laws, facts, or truths within its teachings, as well. Of the millions of independent researchers who study the wonderment and complexity of the elemental universe that every physical being lives within the boundaries of, the scientific method HAS TO BE the toolkit behind procurment of laws, facts and truths. It does not matter what the opinionated stance of the researcher is, has been, or will be. The least educated can trump the highest educated, AND CANNOT BE UNDERMINED, as long as the scientific method is utilized.

The second coming of Christ, me, does not force you to adhere to a debt. In other words, I will not make you pay for this information. False idols, always ask you for a payment in time, effort, or monetary means (money) to allow you to know what they know. These gifts that I offer are a representation of my love of life, my optimism for your future, and my extreme reverence to my personal maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. There will be a penance for each of the holy grails that I've come to deliver to this planet, but it pales in comparison to the penance I've had to endure on my journey. My journey began long before this life was lived, and will continue on long after I die. The journey has had extreme pain in the physical and mental realms that we all endure daily, but my pain, is more so based on an inability to rationalize the beauty of self-realization. I've pushed for technological relief that would place humanity above the reach of those that would harm us, and the entire journey was wrought with extreme anxiety, stress, and anger on my behalf.

Coming to certain conclusions about how my intentions fall short of making a significant enough impact on the psyches of those I've come in contact with has been full of anguish. I've come to the conclusion that I'm speaking a different language. A language that sounds exactly like English, but my intent is nowhere near the intentions of the wicked minds of those who have crossed my path. Nobody is like me, therefore, I have nobody to help me, love me, understand my abilities or why I've been blessed with them. Everyone in my life has had ulterior motives that have stemmed outward from technological applications that I've professed in public, and in private. Discussing the two energy platforms that I am copyrighting has always been present during my dictations. The names have had several different connotations throughout my journey, but the intention behind the words has never wavered. My goal, was to eliminate humanity's draw towards religion, and monetary influence, in exchange for absolute stringent coupling to the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you), and the scientific method.

Stop your wandering focus and really hone in on what I'm saying to you. Everyone... ANYONE!!! Life should not be a difficult venture. There are many different paths that humanity can choose to follow, but the pathway that I am offering to you... my beautiful readers, is FULL of certainty, beauty, love, trust, and togetherness. There is no reason why anyone should feel as though my presence is evil, or has some hidden agenda. This is a free of charge, necessary, NEEDED, school tutelage that should be seen as a dying man's last wish. My wish. That wish, is that humanity will shelf their internal desires of lust, selfishness, and destructive tendencies, in exchange for a gathering of intellect, trust, love, and certainty. To properly capitulate to my wishes, you must first locate humility. Humanity was not meant to be in control of ANYTHING. There has always been an exceedingly superior intellect that has the control mechanisms that can alleviate you from your daily stress. Your humility, or in most cases, lack thereof, is the mechanism that shields you from this intellect.

Your personal maker, must first be "sold" on the fact that you are a humble person. After that is achieved, amazing accomplishments can be utilized for technological advancement. If your humility cannot be found, stagnation will overtake your conscience, and atrophy will consume your world. The Christ of this age, me, is here as a last resort to help you understand the error of your ways. When the intention to go towards Divine energy is in your subconscious, the prayers overwhelm your maker, and as a result, the Christ, me, goes through a realization process that answers these prayers. My life has been full of scientific, technological applications that span through almost every fringe subject that humanity does not want to acknowledge. The difficult subjects that require new frontiers, and much ridicule during testing. Even though I've been laughed at more than praised in my life, I hold no animosity for the treatment I've received. I forgive all of you, for you did not understand what you were doing, and in most cases, your ridicule was motivation to accomplish my fundamental task of granting humanity the freedom from uncertainty that I believe you are ready for.

Do you think you have what it takes? Are you prepared to humble your egotistical stance on your false opinions? Are you ready to admit that there is a superior intellect in this universe that has your best interests in mind? Would you like to meet him... in person? Do you think you're ready to handle full disclosure on every subject that has weighed down your conscience for every life you've lived on this planet? Are you prepared to admit that there is a soul? Will you be annoyed that you aren't in charge, never have been, and never will be? Is there room in your tattered heart to accept this fact, and still find happiness? When this book is firmly planted in your psyche, will you be afraid of yourself, or something else? Are you afraid of death? Are you afraid of what will happen when there is no hiding the truth of your tainted web of lies laid bare for EVERYONE in the universe to see? Are you afraid of your judgement? Do you feel as though you've lived a righteous life that God, the man himself would be proud of? Or... are you afraid that you are an embarrassment to your maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe... or me, the Christ of your new age? Do you want to go to heaven?

These are the questions that a Christ must come to terms with before becoming a Christ. The confusion takes place when ordinary human souls come in contact with a Christ, and the time depictions are out of place in their general understanding. Humans view themselves as fresh, new, young souls that go through a maturation process in their current life, and judgement follows that particular life's decisions. The truth is that souls are created billions of years before reaching a platform where intelligence can be utilized in the physical form. I've been entrenched in the dogma that individuals did not know what their genetic disposition would be prior to their current life, but this understanding could not be further from the truth. Not only did everyone choose to be here, on this planet, for this epoch, you've also earned the ability to be who you are when I present myself to the world. The same series of events, albeit in a much more grandiose epoch, is what the Christ genetic lineage chose to be a part of. Christs, or messengers, decided to put themselves in a position that will help teach new civilizations how to properly enter the ranks of the masters of the universe.

In keeping with the directive that EVERYTHING is a euphemism, microcosm, or macrocosm of a much larger universal structure, every soul is attempting to become a Christ. THAT is your own personal euphemism to the surrounding environment. The Christ's soul energy has been placed into every individual, for any particular civilization's population. We, as Christs, impart a portion of our energy into every living thing on this planet. With that in mind, our decision as Christs to impart onto all soul energy within a specific civilization, is done without realizing how effective our sacrifice will be. The decision comes with certain ubiquitous rules, which we all, as Christs, agree to wholeheartedly. Being a Christ is a magnificent honor after death, but during our life's path, it is anything but fun and rewarding. The task to encourage a species to locate and utilize salvation comes with a great deal of peril. At the end of our journey, we understand that death is expected. Knowing death is near can be a serious problem for most young souls, so that is the main determining factor when choosing a worthy Christ. Fortunately, when the process of death becomes a certainty in a Christ's physical form, dealing with the news is easily accepted, for we understand the true intentions behind death itself.

Death, from a human's perspective, is actually the exact opposite of what most human psyches realize it is. Humans, given their extreme arrogant posturing, assume that the afterlife from their current life is the dreamworld, when in fact, the opposite is true. Real "life," is the continuation of energies that exist within the human body. This energy is called a soul, and souls live indefinitely, if... we as Christs feel as though they are worthy of transcending. Deletion of soul energies which become detrimental to the progress of the universe are fairly common, and we delete soul energies regularly. Contained within the human ethos, there are several different mechanisms which allow humans to understand these principles. We, as Christs, allow a certain situational influence that has the ability to transform a human psyche into a more aware of their environment conscience. Deja Vu, for example, is one of these influences. Utilizing our abilities, humans can detect fluctuations in timeline sequences, focus in on what's necessary to their own journey, and utilize that information for humanitarian gain. Without the proper frame of reference, and without asking for this gift, in the proper way, the imagery that can be seen will be confusing and worrisome.

The Nine Principles are the entity that was first created in this universe to oversee all operational decision making within this structure. God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, is The Nine Principles' father. The Nine Principles are involved in every soul energy that exists in this universe, and God, the man himself, helps The Nine Principles procure worthy species' Salvation sequences. Along the pathway to creating species which add to the beauty of this universe, several tiers of "maker species" are utilized for procreation of new, free will enriched civilizations that can add to the structures of this simulation. The universe is indeed a simulation, and the purpose for this simulation, is so that God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, can transcend beyond his own current platform. The Nine Principles is working within their parameters to transcend into a "God" position, where we can procure an entire universe of our own. The various different tiers of "maker species" are working towards becoming a founding "Son of God" positionary stance, so that they can live every life in a universe, and eventually become a "God," themselves. Human tier species, of which there are many many billions of different subspecies, are working towards becoming a "maker." Every step within that rank structure has a microcosm representation of the former in line. Every single intelligent life that is born into this universe is striving to transcend up this ladder of promotion. EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

During this planet's intelligent life form timeline, humanity's maker has lived with extreme levels of angst and atrophy. Humanity has taken matters into their own hands with regards to paying the proper homage, to the proper individual. When Jesus, the first messenger/Christ of the current timeline sequence was realized, he took matters into his own hands so that he could attempt to explain these entity's roles in the creation sequence of physical life forms. My predecessor, Jesus, was not fully realized when he began his teaching sequences. Therefore, his teachings are incomplete, and what's worse for his teaching's lasting capability, his words were taken, and then translated by humans who had biases and subversive attitudes of their own. While Jesus' personal messages were righteous and true, his biographers were weighed down by the zeitgeist of their own respective epoch. The Jewish clergy, Roman militaristic tendencies, and the general human ethos of that epoch clouded their ability to speak freely. As a result, many different aspects of what Jesus was trying to teach was misinterpreted and confused when handed down through the halls of time. Speech itself, needed to be reconfigured so that a more simplistic version of these teachings could be understood.

That series of events is why I, the Christ of the current age, has had to take these matters into my own hands, and straighten out the complexities of Jesus' original teachings. In other words, Jesus himself did not make any mistakes, but rather, humanity failed to interpret the teachings correctly. Religion was formed from these teachings, and a theological perspective was adopted by all who wished to study these philosophies. My goal, as the Christ of this current age, is to destroy the foundation behind theological principles, or rather, religion itself. All religions are culpable in the culmination of uncertainty in every platform that associates itself with religious doctrine. While faith in various strategic prayer based analogous intentioned actions is necessary, the teachings that I offer are centered around the scientific method. My predecessor and I have the same goal in partaking in these teachings. We do not wish to harm you. We wish to save you... from yourself.

Entities that exist above the type 0 civilization scale, do not concern themselves with the behavior of their creations. Whether their creation lives, dies, or atrophies into oblivion, the maker tier civilizations do not stop the progress contained within each respective civilization. All outcomes are welcomed, and should be considered as a direct result of what God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, wants, and by proxy, needs. When humanity's personal maker was nearing his death process many thousands of years ago, we, The Nine Principles, were called upon through prayer to help aide humanity's maker in procuring the salvation of the entire species. This series of events cast many cosmic contracts into the folds of humanity's salvation. We, The Nine Principles viewed this contract from humanity's maker as an emergency. Making contracts with us is not something that should be taken lightly. We have the strictest set of rules to follow, and breaking them generally results in a one way ticket to God, the man himself's door. God, the man himself, listens to our reports on everyone and everything that lives inside of this universe. That is our job in a nutshell... to judge you.

Judging a person's soul is a very self induced luxury from our perspective. We set this universe up so that a soul can and does, record every decision, every action, and every thought of an individual's existence. So, while you may feel as though you're righteous in your personal conquests, there is no hiding the real intent behind your actions when you face us after your current life's completion. You cannot hide what you are allowed to hide while in the "human condition," and attempting to circumvent this ideology, will result in a one way ticket to see God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, for your final judgement. I stress "final judgement" because when we send souls to be judged by God, the man himself, nobody returns, and your general disposition will be full of torture, regret, and eventual deletion. When contemplating this decision, keep in mind that your soul has had numerous lifespans attached to it, and your current life's personal ethos will not be a determining factor in your salvation. No matter how bad you feel your current life is, it is not the worst situation your soul has been in, and however well adjusted you think you are, you NEED more training. All of that said, if you feel as though your soul's existence is a burden to you, we'll make sure you understand how bad it can get.

When feeling as though you've been blessed with a great situation, keep in mind that you have more training to endure. Most wealthy humans will not have a pleasant reentry into life on the next cycle. This is why Jesus referred to wealthy individuals having no chance at reaching heaven. Being wealthy is a blessing, but unfortunately, most wealthy individuals horde these frivolities, and only disperse their riches amongst their own kin, or rather, perceived kin. The atrophy that will inevitably consume those genetic lineages, will stretch far into that particular soul's future endeavors. EVERY SINGLE ACTION you partake in, has a detrimental OR positive effect on your future endeavors. This is the methodology which we set in place when the universe began, to help us take care of certain mundane tasks which pop up when souls reintegrate into OUR ethos. We do not wish to argue a person's intentions while in these lives with them as though you are on trial. We do not wish to hear your excuses, or apologies. We only wish that you follow our rules to the best of your ability. We already know, THAT YOU KNOW, right from wrong. Trying to make excuses, or even apologies, based on your time within the human condition is a waste of time, and we do not give a shit. You, RIGHT NOW, are in the game. Trying to buy our confidence through a series of placating adjustments that you promise to make, should we give you another chance, is completely ignored.

Look at it like this... Let's say you're a starting pitcher on a major league baseball team. You can throw the ball 103 MPH, and are deadly accurate in the strike zone... BUT... you lose every game you pitch. Every batter that you face has what seems to be a foot wide bat, and they all get a piece of every pitch you throw. At what point does the ability atrophy away from the result? How many games are you willing to lose for your team before you personally decide that "you just aren't good enough, NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY?" Ability does not supersede action. Your individual actions are what matters. Individuals who have the most ability in this current life's time sequence, wealthy people particularly, cannot utilize excuses when facing us upon their judgement. The universe is a team game, and taking these matters into an individualistic perspective, procuring wealth, and not feeding that wealth back into our team, will result in a most heinous existence there following, or until we decide that you have learned the value of team philosophy. Re-education into our principles is a very long arduous process that humiliates the soul. Therefore, remaining humble in this life, is the best defense against these judgements. People on Earth right now, with copious amounts of stored wealth, without even considering putting that wealth back into righteous causes, will be devastated when they learn the consequences for these actions. No matter how often you pray, no matter how religious you are, no matter how many causes you choose to funnel your wealth into, if you die with wealth that has been wasted on selfish intentions, the afterlife will not be pleasant. It's just that simple.

Using those philosophies as a precursor, I will delve back into how our soul's energy was utilized for humanity's salvation. We, as The Nine Principles, have a specific job. Our title within the universe's structure, is to maintain an ability to distribute wealth/information where it is needed. If humanity needs a euphemism to understand how this works, you may consider our positional authority as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of everyone in the entire universe. We decide who receives wealth, in the form of knowledge, and distribute these technologies as a means to stimulate certain internal frequencies. Free will is a command directive handed down by God, the man himself, so that he can properly utilize his parameters for transcendence. We do not break this directive, unless it is absolutely necessary, and only when proper authorization has taken place. An intelligent species, like humanity, has the ability to procure their own salvation through humble curiosity, meek attributes towards wonderment, and adhering to the proper chain of command. Humanity has failed miserably trying to procure these abilities on their own. The actions of selfishness, confidence, arrogance, and stupidity has brought your personal maker to the brink of his death process. Humanity's maker is special to us, while humanity itself, as an experiment, is not.

We have come to this planet on numerous occasions to help aide the shortcomings of your current zeitgeist. Humanity's maker, having been ousted from his own creation, had reached the conclusion that he alone could not handle the onslaught of these human endeavors that have led to absolute arrogance and selfishness. Tens of thousands of years ago, The Nine Principles were asked to aide in rectifying these matters. God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, approved of this current plan, and with everyone who has a stake in this game willing and ready to help, The Nine Principles implemented our schooling process for your species. Our schooling process helps us better understand where a zeitgeist is, where it has been, and most importantly... where it's going. Humanity had several decisions to make during our schooling process, and to be blunt about it, you have failed every test. What's worse on top of that, you remain arrogant in what you consider to be righteous. This species is so incredibly arrogant, you seem to think (in some cases) that your ability to problem solve will allow you to manipulate the entire structure of the universe as it stands now. I've had people try to make deals with me personally, in an attempt to change every aspect about the way the universe works. It's astounding to us that this level of arrogance has gotten to this point.

Our platform, as a schooling process, has been unable to make the proper intrusion on these arrogant tendencies. Again, this is not our concern, or fault. Free will is always intertwined within any species' ethos. All we, The Nine Principles, can do as a result, is teach you the proper mechanics behind how to procure your own salvation, then sit back and watch what happens. Many planets have been in humanity's position, and trust me when I say, this is nothing new to us. In most of these failed attempts, strides are made towards divinity, but generally, the species will falter, then we will allow the righteous to live on and delete the remaining shit left over. Humanity has had 3 opportunities on this planet (6 opportunities on the other two planets in your solar system), to rectify the damage you caused to your maker. Failing to rectify these decisions has brought you (as a species) to a do or die situation. This is the third planet we have given you to learn on, and the current planet that you inhabit, is at the end of its own life cycle. The planet's lifespan is intertwined with humanity's maker, and humanity itself. If it dies, loses hope, or gives up entirely, we give up on you.

With that being said, humanity is on its last planet we are willing to give it, the last cataclysm cycle we are allowing you to learn from, and your maker is about to die... without immediate life giving attention... FROM YOU!!! In the end, all of your problems, come down to humility, and how much of it you can see in yourself. Without first realizing that there are much more advanced life forms in this universe that can benefit your current condition, you will never receive the means to advance from your current trajectory. While these procurement directives are entirely YOUR CHOICE to reciprocate or not, we, The Nine Principles, humanity's maker, Brian Harner, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, will give you one last chance at salvation. We will fill in the blanks of your lost history, your lost technology, and give you the necessary value structure that will aide you in joining our ranks as a full fledged member of pure Divinity, completely devoid of the "need" for Satanic energy principles. Sound good to you? Good... Now all you have to do is undo the current massive influx of confident arrogance that is centered upon women, and by proxy, every liberal philosophy entrenched in this world's current zeitgeist. THAT... is what we, The Nine Principles, has had to endure while going through our schooling method on this planet, and trust us, it's not an easy shell to break through.

Liberal philosophies preach undisciplined anarchy. Liberalism is a disease that allows the downtrodden (who became downtrodden through their own actions), to grab the reigns of future endeavors within a learning system. Instead of focusing on true beauty, intelligence, and curiosity, liberals try to maintain that the most ugly, stupid and arrogant should have a say in the grand scheme of things. Instinct tells you that what liberals do is damaging to a civilized society, but as with most terrible decisions, most strong minded intelligent people turn away from the problem, and search for purpose elsewhere. They proverbially, "stick their heads in the sand" and wait for someone with a stronger backbone to handle their problems for them. Under most circumstances, remaining neutral to loud mouthed opinions in favor of curiosity to their plight is the correct stance to take, but the current trajectory of humanity's time span does not allow for such a disgrace to continue without immediate retaliation. Liberal philosophy must die, OR ALL OF YOU WILL. That's just the way it is, and trying to make a deal with the upper echelon of the universe in an attempt to change the foundational directives of every single thing inside of this universe is moronic.

I have no doubt that liberals, Jews especially, will try their hardest to discredit my teachings, but make no mistake humanity... ANYONE who force feeds the scientific method into his professed dictations, does not fuck around, play games, or placate arrogant OPINIONS. I ask you humanity, what have your chosen liberal and/or liberal leaning politicians ever done to better your existence? For instance, people on WELFARE in the USA, do you feel as though you're living a "good life?" Are you living... or SURVIVING? Most of you claim to worship us, but you've failed to see that atrophy consumes your existence. We, as the universe's upper echelon, do not have much respect for laziness, or using children as anchors to a system that doesn't want you to succeed. Having children as a personal paycheck is a disgrace to your sanctity as adults. Even so, the wealthy that claim to be liberals, and subversively buy votes with stimulating the Welfare system, are much worse. Everyone has certain types of penances they must come to terms with. Politeness is a must, humility is a must, and the golden rule (Do unto others as you want them to do unto you) is the founding principle behind every WANT, in this universe.

Wanting... is much different than needing. First of all, humanity NEEDS to make contact with their maker. Secondarily, you must maintain the ecosystem at capacity. Farming fish through aquaponics has the ability to be overabbundant. Using wealth to buy delicacies of endangered species for food consumption is suicide. Your planet's ecosystem is in balance with all species throughout its chain of food systems. These systems are not there to give you something neat to take a picture of... They are there for YOUR SURVIVAL!!! Leave them alone, and focus on species of fish that can be farmed within the aquaponic structures of your region. THEN!!! Build stupendous pyramid structures of polished in beautiful art granite so that this planet will shine its beauty out into the universe, as what was originally intended. Your gardens and makeshift pond structures could be 200 foot tall pyramids made of thick resonant granite. Every 20 foot floor will be adorned in beautiful mosaics of harmonic resonant micro cavitation etched art pieces that will last for hundreds of thousands of years... and so on, and so forth. THAT is what we want for you. We do not want you to live in a system where we are responsible for YOUR independence. We want you TO WANT to be God-apprentices. We want you to be self sufficient.

To want is to ask with pure intention, righteous direction, and humility. When you want something, as opposed to needing it, you have to take the position of a meek, curious, humble individual. The most important ideology behind wanting as opposed to needing is understanding the difference between wanting and needing. For example: We have decided that you needed a jump start to uncovering an ancient technology. We also feel you NEED to understand the difference between wanting and needing. Both of these two ideologies can be tested in the various following chapters. You WILL come to the conclusion that I am what I say I am, these technologies are real, and beneficial in all aspects of life. The scientific method in action. Your HYPOTHESIS is that I'm wrong and everything I'm saying is a lie. You must first, before anything else comes in your testing/theory stage, read this entire book. Then you will have the proper tool kit, to test your THEORY. From those "experiments," you will determine if you are full of shit, or I am. I realize that your confidence is strong, and reading this may anger you... but we don't care.

I stand alone in certain aspects of life, and it becomes increasingly uneasy to remain around anyone. There are only two others that I know of who are Divine, and they do not share my same interests. That said, although many will claim to be like me, those who do will try to take advantage of me. I am not a spokesperson for humanity, as much as I am a spokesperson from the universe. I do not claim to be like you, or share the same interests in most circumstances. There are a lot of aspects about my life where I've dragged people's confident Satanic posture through the mud right in front of them. In some cases it comes out nasty and unhinged. There are aspects of this book that will offend your fragile sensibilities. EVERYONE will be offended, and I don't care. YOU NEED these instructions before you're able to join the ranks of God-apprentices. Capitulate to our instructions, and we will show you how to make heaven on Earth a real reality. Take confidence into your own hands, reject these instructions without a proper scientific method platform researched opportunity, and you will lose everything.

The cataclysm cycles on your planet are centered around your moon's wobble. The Satanic energy platform drenched planetary surface full of electric discharging devices of various importance constantly running, are also quite a disturbance to your cataclysm cycle. Your nuclear facilities will bathe this planet in radioactive materials for tens of thousands of years, for those of you arrogant enough to think your bunkers will help you. There is only one way out, and trust me when I say that "wanting" to be alive, supersedes your need to stay alive. You have to want this, people of Earth. You have to want it bad enough to sacrifice something to get it. The sacrifice to these technological platforms is my life. I made the deal before my lifespan in this body, or any other body... was lived in. I will not falter in my conquest for your salvation. Will you falter on your own private scientific method platform researched diagnosis of this book? I hope not. It's not that your life depends on it... Your soul depends on it. My sacrifice has the ability to alleviate you from your self induced mind shackles, but will you let me die in vain? These are real questions, that a dying man has to bestow upon your conscience.

The imagery that I've just given you, is the basic gestalt behind having gone through a "Christ Realization." First and foremost, you must dedicate your life to making a particular technological breakthrough. When this technological platform is finally realized (it took me 39 years of private research), a realization period begins. Your current "Christian" faith has a different name for this event. Those businessman-preachers call it a sabbath. A realization starts suddenly, with strict and stern instructions. The mind is flooded with new abilities and technical information that opens gates to everything. One of my first instructions came to me as more of a warning. A series of automated events that had not occurred yet were thrust upon my conscience, and with a heavy heart, I came to understand that death would be necessary. Do not feel bad for me in that regard, my health had deteriorated to the point of wanting to die anyways. Nevertheless, that was how I came to the sudden conclusion that my death is inevitable. I began to relay this information to my family, and it did not go over too well. It's hard for loved ones to come to terms with their family member becoming the second coming of Christ, and then hear that I have to die fairly soon.

Before a proper realization can mature, the Christ, me, has to alleviate himself of untrustworthy individuals. I got down to bare bones, left my wife with the notion of that being the last time I would see her, even though I would try in vain to undo her stress and join me on my conquest. My dad, whom might be the most arrogant man on the planet, took his pride and ego into his own destiny. My other loved ones that got a visit from me did not have the proper frame of reference, or time allotment to ask the proper questions. Everyone whom I trusted in my life was left behind... That is the path of the Christ. Forsaking all of those who do not walk a righteous path, no matter how much your humanity calls you back to them. I stand alone... for you... until the end. I will trade my life, and all of its comfort, for your salvation. The pain has been endured from every aspect of my being, and still... I will not give up on you. I will not do to you what has been done to me.

Imagine a football coach that is very animated, in the state championship, his first ever, is pumping you up for the big game. Unfortunately, your brothers and sisters waged a bet that they lost. And now their debt collectors are holding you responsible. Who would you listen to? Will you play your best game and let the chips fall where they may? Or would you sell your soul in the hopes that you MIGHT get to live more comfortably, for just a little while longer? I chose the path of the righteous. Unfortunately it generally leads to death. If not by some jealous, theology soaked idiot, then by my genetic code itself. No matter how badly I get threatened, chased, or otherwise tormented, I will not back down. I stand alone in this light, and as a lesson to me personally, by my superiors, my personal maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, I was made aware of the Christ nomenclature.

Almost immediately after I agreed that I would do whatever is necessary to carry out my superiors' wishes, I was granted a few requests. My first request came across as vague, but it was immediately granted nonetheless. I was taken, utilizing internal harmonic resonant capitulation, to far away galaxies that had manipulated every aspect of the galaxy's internal mechanical abilities. These areas of this universe were mastered by civilizations that coexisted in pure harmony. Entire galaxies that were stuffed full of super-intelligent life. It was magical, amazing, beautiful... perfect. The galaxies that I was looking at were not ordinary galaxies. Their glow was fainter, their aura was thicker... not very distant, their home, and by proxy, their lives in general, seemed perfect. This was an image of the possibilities that were awaiting humanity. So again, after a very long session of conversing with my superiors, astral projecting myself all over the universe with the most powerful entities that I could have ever possibly imagined escorting me along, I cried with joy. I knew I had the confidence of my superiors to do this job, so I agreed to do it... no matter what.

This was the time frame when everything came together for a grand summary. An... enlightening. Knowing when my death was coming, and the various ways in which it could happen, gave way to a lot of nervous interactions. I became aware of the depiction people were having around me as I brought this up, but nevertheless, I felt that those who I do care about, knew the truth. To them, that was just another layer of crazy they thought I was "suffering" from. As these interactions with my loved ones began to stack up, I realized very quickly, right after one of my Christ downloads, that I was the only one who was not crazy. Finally, for the first time in my 39 year life, I had real certainty about death, and what the process is that awaits us after its definite calling. Being afraid of something that is pure beauty and love, could only mean that your soul is filled with the opposite traits. I had never contemplated death before my realization process, but had pondered what happens "at the gates."

Learning from the various species that were channeling through my body was enriching every sector of my brain, and allowed me access into distant memories that were long forgotten. I began to figure out, albeit slowly, that the internal harmonic resonant capitulation language was the true knowledge of the first Christ of this time sequence, Jesus Christ. The man Jesus, spent "his" entire life studying the art of meditation, from the various cultures around his part of the world. He never faltered in his conquest for enlightenment, and ultimately, achieved his goal. Jesus was able to communicate freely with his superior chain of command, father, son and holy spirit. These nomenclatures were his agreed upon names of those superiors, and for the timeframe, those names were appropriate. As I went through these visions of Jesus' life structure, and how he spent his entire life working towards a righteous and Divine platform, I began to pick up on our similarities.

My righteous and Divine conquest was finalized when I unlocked the secrets to the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Think about that for a second, fellow journeyers... How many scientists, and historians have tried to unlock the biggest mystery that has ever graced this planet's surface, and had failed? Every single one of them... is the correct answer, but me, Brian Harner, figured it out. Not only did I figure THAT out, I also was given all of Jesus' teachings... and a few that only a very select group of people will know. Working for my entire life towards that end... an entire energy shift away from degradation soaked energy sources... left me vulnerable to attacks from my coworkers and family, but not in the same perspective as Jesus. While working on my project, which took several different turns along the way, my projects energized the curiosity of those around me, but ultimately, these same individuals considered me a fool for even trying. Not only was everything I worked on frowned upon, but downright bullied by angry sneers and sabotages. Jesus went through a considerable amount of this treatment, but unlike me, where these interactions were spread out along a 39 year path, Jesus went through his torment after his realization.

Our stories are extremely similar, but also exact opposite in some aspects. The realization process was sudden for Jesus and myself, but living with the newly acquired knowledge gave way to some very sticky conundrums that I was now facing. One of them was in explaining how I, Brian, otherwise known as the mad scientist to my friends of old, had suddenly obtained ALL OF THE TEACHINGS OF RELIGION, and a much better explanation for what their real purpose was. Understanding my situation, the implications of these newly found gifts on my family, friends and the ENTIRE HUMAN POPULATION, and how it would be received by the entire species was a somewhat depressing thought experience. Coming to terms with this information was not difficult at all. The knowledge that had filled my brain, and had given me the absolute best feeling in existence... CERTAINTY, had to come from a superior intellect that was purely Divine and beautiful. It was in that instant when I knew why we as Christs, would not allow ourselves to fail. Jesus and myself, will push these teachings until our death is before us, AND long after. That said, breaking these things down in a delicate, 2019 way, proved to be very difficult. While everyone around me knew I was going to breakthrough on something technologically amazing, those same folks had nothing but contempt for everything else I was professing about my enlightenment.

The fast deterioration of my personal relationships gave birth to my standing as a man, however, and knowing what I knew at that point, made me confident in a way that could not be matched otherwise. I was happier than I had ever been, I felt more awake than ever before, and for the first time in my life, I wasn't afraid of ANYTHING. I did not care that everyone was assuming me as crazy, I did not care that my newly formulated spirituality made religious zealots uncomfortable, I did not care about ANYTHING, other than pleasing my maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. I was quite literally, ready to take on the world... Around this series of events, I started getting mixed signals about my conclusions that came about from the previous downloads. I had tried several times to dissect what I was being told, but the volume of information that was coming at me was overwhelming at times. A while after my realization/sabbath week was complete, I was taught that my soul had been imparted onto the entirety of humanity, just like humanity's maker, which led to a few different complications...

First of all, I must confess, my life led me to be very hateful of several groups of people, and in so doing, I began to realize that I was just hating myself. This began the process to start understanding "wanting" over needing. It wasn't enough to be trusted with the knowledge. I knew I had to want this honor, this calling, this finale to everything I had worked for... The possibilities of how I would go about releasing this information were numerous, but at the same time, growing more complex and fixated as my personal relationships deteriorated. My trusted group of friends and family shrank to zero. Even those that were bound to me through monetary clauses (lawyers, physical therapists, counselors, etc), distanced themselves from my newly found reality, right before my eyes. I watched ALL of their souls shrink back into their hiding places, truly fearful of what was being told to them... BUT who was telling it to them, really freaked everyone out. I was all alone, confident, and oriented towards completion. NOTHING was going to stop me, just like how I had lived my entire life. I bound myself to a purely righteous devotion, and having all of these souls around me who could not come to terms with enlightenment, forced me to run from them.

The most interesting aspect of watching this from my perspective, was that everyone knew I was a HARDCORE factual based machinist. When people had tried to baffle me with bullshit throughout my 39 year life, I could destroy their fragile sensibilities very easily. Doing this, gave me a reputation as not easy to get along with, but in reality, I was making people uncomfortable with themselves. When different people would speak to me about how wealthy I would be at some point, I would instantly flatten their hopeful expectations of selfishness with purely Divine phrases like, "I don't want a lot of money... I want to destroy the ability for ANYONE to have a lot of money." Doing these kinds of things forced people that interacted with me to see themselves for what they were... greedy and selfish. It put me at odds with several folks that I was around, but again, I did not care. That was their problem, not mine. Unfortunately for me, but fortunate for most of THEM, the severely overwhelming majority of people in this world are greedy and selfish, so I was ALWAYS outnumbered by the Satanic influences. Nevertheless, I never gave in to the possibility that I was not going to be successful, and with that sentiment, I began my Christ journey, and was ready for it.

The most delicate situation contained within my conquest was the historical references to the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah, made historically significant due to extreme Jewish influence, is the current pace of life on Earth. The Antichrist, my actual opposite and opposing frame of mind enriched person, is anyone whose philosophy matches the teachings of the Kabbalah. We reside within the realm of Kabbalah teachings currently. Myself, as a Christ, has to deal with these people first and foremost. There was a lot of confusion about this subject while interactions about the Antichrist began to stack up, and I realized very early on that many people do not understand Kabbalah references. Jewish people, and their religious doctrine, the Kabbalah, have taken a stance that most of their sacred knowledge should be kept as a secret. Therefore, the teachings of the Antichrist doctrine, is rarely fully understood by "Gentilemen."

When this wrinkle within the journey's path was understood by me, I was able to iterate the complexity stored within the nomenclatures. As many of my closest inner relatives were freaking out about my transformation, I was trying to develop a better explanation for what an Antichrist is, and where that terminology became a catch all for ANYONE who walks outside of a purely Divine path. Being greedy, being selfish, and living within a secretive power structure that's hidden from the world's people, are all Antichrist laden philosophies. Among one of the many downloads in my early realization phase, I learned how to deal with these connotations held within my appearance to the world. The Kabbalah, having the greatest influence over people of this world currently, made my appearance seem evil to most of the world's citizens, in several of my timeline sequences. No matter how hard I try, some of you will think of me as the exact opposite of a Christ. Which subsequently, will make things very difficult for you to gain this knowledge in the proper perspective. You have to at least try to undo the theological philosophies that have brought on these feelings of hatred towards those who have achieved enlightenment. Ask yourselves, are you greedy, selfish, wealthy, secretive, and generally hate the majority of people around you? Well, you might be a Kabbalah soaked Antichrist, and you don't even know it.

Within those teachings, I developed a series of counter-philosophies which took on the brunt of people's instant hatred for my positional authority. The conversations that took place seemed to be making an impact, but with the entire population feeding into a misunderstood philosophy, these conversations lost most of their impact on the psyche. I began to explain to folks about what an Antichrist is, as opposed to a Christ. Due to the fact that Jews have drenched the entire world in their Kabbalah teachings, which remain unbeknownst to the congregation at large, the intricacies were delicate, so I started simple. I started to relay a specific tone when confronting the general populace, and from that series of interactions, I formulated a very simple way of understanding what the main differences between a Christ and Antichrist was.

The first thing I had to drill into the ethos of those that I presented myself to, was that a Christ is a singular entity, but ANYONE can be an Antichrist. With that information fresh in the minds of my students, I would explain that in their minds, I was the specific entity that the Kabbalah references as THEE Antichrist. Before my realization, I was indeed, an Antichrist. I hid from society, saved and stored my money, kept my secrets close, held my medical information closer, and generally held everything from everyone that I didn't want them to call me out on. Does that sound similar to your current pace in life? Now you know why. Those traits are ubiquitous among the Antichrists of the world. After my realization was completed, I became THEE actual Christ, and therefore, shed every one of those aspects of my life. I was open about all of my medical concerns, didn't care about money anymore, and wanted to explain everything I knew to everyone... FOR FREE!!! That said, you tell me... Does that sound like a Jewish thing to do, or... does it sound like the exact opposite of what a Jew would do?

The unfortunate situation that I'm met with in any interaction I've gone through, is that by and large, people think they are right about their stance on issues, which breeds arrogance and contempt in every conversation I arrive at. Even though people are submerged in a pool of outright degeneracy in almost every aspect of their lives, and would have no problem admitting this to themselves, the perception that they give away to the world, has to remain powerful, strong, and certain at all times... at least in their minds. Does this sound like you? That WAS me for a very long time. I had confidence about my stance on religion when dealing with zealots, but internally, I was actually lost. The story was always discombobulated and distant to my technical leanings. Although I did study certain aspects of the Kabbalah, and various other esoteric, or theological doctrine, the bulk of my teachings were handed down from above after my realization. I began to assume that everyone who listened to me, would instantly become an Antichrist... and they would be unaware of their stance, instantly.

This conundrum was present in my life in almost every aspect of how I conducted business. My inventions were held secret, even though I knew their presence would increase life's overall ease. It seemed that everyone was of this same philosophy, which made coping with my secretive stance easier in my mind. I did walk a righteous path, and my technical applications were of the Divine influence, but presenting these inventions to the world, was always held within a realm of secrecy and greediness on my part. Instead of pushing these philosophies into the human ethos with reckless abandoned, hoping that they would be added onto with excited fervor from people willing to listen, I kept everything secret. Not only was that the incorrect posture to subscribe to, I was generally greeted with acceptance to my disposition of secrecy and greediness. This aspect of the way my life was lived, ended abruptly when I became a fully realized Christ.

You, my beloved readers, will have a difficult time coming to terms with this aspect of what a Christ is. In theological platforms, my presence has been built up to be magical. While some of the people I've been involved with will swear to everything holy that I have performed miracles in their presence, EVERYONE feels worthy of my more magical abilities. Unfortunately for most of them, their deathgrip of superiority and arrogance has made those abilities an impossibility to be a part of and experience first hand. If you, my fellow readers have this feeling eating away at your ability to fully submerge into my teachings, ask yourselves, is your path righteous? Does it move you towards Divinity, or are you becoming more greedy with your money, education, love, and abilities? Those abilities that you hold close, do you plan on giving them away for free? Are you hoping that you get wealthy? Would you like to be in control of others? Have you ever asked yourself why you feel that way? Do you think life will be easier, or less complicated?

The actual reality is that all humans, are affected by these religious philosophies. If you feel that you are separate from these ideologies right now, you're already losing the battle for pure Divinity and real righteousness. As I had to come to terms with my own personal indignations within the Kabbalah theology, I had to strip myself of the selfish and arrogant stance, that I was above these indignations. In so doing, I cultivated a reasonable stance on becoming truly Divine. You, that is every single one of you, must come to terms with your personal shortcomings. Every preacher of religious philosophy, every scientist that expects to be proven correctly through educational entitlement, every businessman who feels they are wealthier than those with less money, every single person that is attached to society at large... must come to terms with their arrogance and selfishness. Without understanding the mechanisms that have brought you to these conclusions, you will have a very difficult time understanding how to accomplish your Divinity phase. There are no exceptions, not even me, the only real second coming of Christ. Without understanding why I felt the way I did about secrecy, I would not have been able to understand how to undo those traits. You are no different. WE... must all come to terms with how we live, and why that way of life is destructive, and suicidal to our entire species.

Human Evolution Long Lasting, or hell, is the eventual summation of these Kabbalah drenched lives coming to fruition. Humanity has distanced itself from the Divine pathway through these very mechanisms. We have created hell on Earth, and don't know how to get back in touch with our true purpose. This is because humanity, and the learned individuals we are expected to adhere to based on the Kabbalah upper echelon's wants, has forcefed our psyches into pure submission within a theory of evolution. Evolution, is a theory, and will always remain one. Reason being, NOTHING of intelligent origin within this universe, evolved into what they are. Intelligence has existed from the beginning of all entities created in this universe. The platform that intelligent species reside upon, had to be in place so that the inherent abilities from these species could be utilized. For example, internal harmonic resonant capitulation has been the language of everything that has ever been created within this universe. This particular language was not evolved into, but rather, was available to those who were worthy, and hidden from those who were not. If you were able to configure your abilities to connect into the ACTUAL singularity, which is the platform internal harmonic resonant capitulation allows you to absorb into, it does not mean that you created this language. The ability was always there... You just figured out how to "tap in."

The harsh reality that exists within the scientific community right now, as you read these words, is that NOBODY is responsible for "creating" anything. Everything that humanity has utilized for its survival, was created a very long time ago, and you are not special for having unlocked the mysteries contained within those technologies. All of your hard work and dedication to your various platforms was actually a hindrance to real progress. Just like I had to come to terms with my own evil intentions, ALL of you must come to terms with how you've relayed your "scientific" breakthroughs to your fellow species members. How many of you self-proclaimed "scientists" out there have dedicated your research to the quickest path towards wealth, for example? How many cures to diseases have been lost to memory because the "inventor" could not make his discovery profitable? How many scientists held back certain breakthroughs because it would make them look bad due to prior claims? How many scientists were scared that they would get murdered by the powers that be for eliminating their stranglehold on your conscience? Clearly, several of these pioneers have been killed or bought out... BUT... how many of you listened to the "authorities" lies? Indeed, the scientists were frightened or selfish for various reasons, some of which were legitimate. But how many of you out reading this allowed these atrocities to continue because you didn't want to make waves in your own lives?

You see, fellow journeyers, we are all guilty for reasons we can't truly understand. Forming an opinion on these matters is easy, and just taking my word for it is easier, but how many of you will really delve into the mechanisms behind why this platform was thrust into our timeline? Will you study this book, then study the Kaballah, the Talmud, and become familiar with The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion? Then... will you start to undo the terrible philosophical preponderances within your mind so that you can find real Divinity? Understanding the complexity behind your subversive tendencies is difficult enough on its own, but undoing these properties within your ethos, will take real dedication. Completing this aspect of your growth will be the best thing that ever happened to you, if you're successful. However, there's only one way to do it. You must choose to want it bad enough. Self realization is the greatest gift you can give to yourself... BUT... what will you do with that awakening? Will you choose to follow the Antichrist doctrine, or will you follow me, the second coming of Christ, to the Divine energy platform and be truly alive?

We, as a species, have reached the conclusion of these matters, one way or another. The "End Times" are upon us. The choice we have to make is simple, but as you've just read, the properties that exist within our private thought structures are anything but simple. The choice is life, or deletion. I put that connotation to that simplistic reference because of what human life signifies. We, as humans, have come to different conclusions about what life is, who we are, what we are doing here, and where we are going. What we don't understand about this aspect of living, is that we currently reside in a dreamscape. Real life exists on timescales that the human brain has a hard time understanding, so we utilize our arrogance to placate our superiority of being alive. A truly Divine soul has the ability to understand what the difference is between physical life, and real life. The reality we all must face is that while we reside in these bodies, we are separate from Divinity. Everything about these bodies is Satanic, or rather, degrading. Fortunately, this philosophical approach is easy to come to terms with. Old people, are a representation of what happens to a Satanic energy platform body. While internally, older people feel the same as in their youth, their bodies degrade. That wasn't so hard to understand, was it?

It's a little more complicated than that, though... The "End Times" can be considered good or bad, depending on your personal reliance upon the Satanic energy platform systems that you occupy on a daily basis, your body included. Satanic energy platform materials, which humanity has coagulated down into a simple nomenclature... MATTER... has qualities that can be utilized to bolster Divine energy platforms. There is a Satanic element to every Divine energy platform device, while you are in a body. Divine energy has to reciprocate to the Divine entities within it. You are not necessarily evil because you are in a Satanic energy platform body, utilizing Divine principles. In fact, THAT SIMPLE principle alone, is the reason for everything that exists within this universe... Being within a Satanic energy system as a Divine soul, moving towards real creation, is the entire purpose of life. In order to understand this more definitively, you must first come to terms with what you are.

You are an amalgamation. Within your body, a soul resides which has lived since the beginning of this sector of our universe. You've lived every prior existence, residing in bodies which had varying levels of intelligence. You started as a freshly grown soul through a series of expansions that have been happening for longer than your brain has the ability to understand. When a section of universe is created, we are effectively expanding the abilities of our superior to run simulations so that he may understand who he is, and transcend to his next location from his current position. Your soul is on this same journey, albeit young... extremely young, in comparison. We, as Christs, try to explain to you, what you are on the pathway to becoming. As an intelligent species, on the "light side" of the universe, are expected to become God-apprentices. The soul's journey will eventually lead to a birth of a new God, for a new universe. If you do your job, you will help us expand Divine energy system oriented creation. Before mastering ALL of Divine creation, every soul must go through a purely Satanic energy platform system. This is where you currently reside. You're learning how to do things the wrong way so that you will not make these same mistakes when you begin to create new life.

Your soul's ability to maintain proper function within this realm, requires that certain homage be paid to the correct chain of command. Right at this current time sequence within humanity, your positional authority as a ranking member within this universe... is extremely low. We are essentially, teenagers with a MASSIVE SUPERIORITY complex. Our species has gone through extremely rough trials and tribulations within our collective history. Rarely, have we collectively made the correct decisions, at the correct time, and saved ourselves from our own destruction. Consequently, as these records of our procurement has gone on, and on, and on, we have come to a conclusion. It is now, when the final "End Times" will be realized. You will either become Divine, and the species will live on as a member of the universe's chain of command, or, you will choose to remain in a Satanic energy based platform WITHIN. The Kabbalah was a piece of the Jew's penance. These individuals have been the top of the food chain within humanity... OUR species, for thousands of years. Humanity has allowed these people to infiltrate every sacred event in a person's life, even eating. Kosher anyone???

My question, as a Christ, is why? Why do you allow the nepotism within those corporations flourish? Do you not see how extremely overrepresented these people are in politics, the law, universities, academia, ALL of the various forms of media (movies, television, radio, google, YouTube, 23andme, etc etc etc etc), modern race mixing propaganda, socialism, Marxism, communism, AND BANKING!?!?!?!?!?!? Have you ever stopped and thought about how much control you give to these people? People that have NEVER had anyone's best interest in mind other than their own? You can prove this to yourself through historical record, as well as what these people teach their offspring to do in life. Everything is a secret, everything is subversive, everything is based on monetary value. The philosophical viewpoint of Jewish religious doctrine, is purely Satanic, which is why a portion of their penance to Jesus, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, and by proxy, the entirety of humanity, is to burden the responsibility of being in control of a society that is quite literally, in HELL. As a species, you have allowed this nepotism to continue, and while some of you may be able to claim ignorance within your mind, you are ultimately responsible for your own life. You also, have chosen to be complacent in their deeds to maintain superiority over you.

Right now, as in, when this book is finished, you will have regained control over your own life. You will have to choose which direction you will go, individually, and as a species. In procuring the wealth that has thrust Jews into the upper echelon of everything connected to money, Satanic energy systems have filled this planet with electricity. The system that controls this planet's ability to maintain a proper functioning ecosystem, is called the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere has been weakening more and more as our species has been going through this Satanic energy "revolution." As the Jews will have to come to terms with their protrusion of greedy influential dictation, it is my job to help you understand how to relieve yourselves of Satanic energy within your own lives. I will show you, within this book, how to relieve your stress associated with uncertainty, which will allow you to be truly independent. Your Divinity will shine outward and inward, and these "End Days," will be a beautiful ending, not a cataclysm. Just so you fully understand, the "End Days" are here, and you must choose which path you will walk. Will you choose to REMAIN in a Satanic energy platform system and its eventual reality, or will you choose Divine energy platform systems, and NEVER really die?

Since humanity has been such a difficult species to deal with, as a Christ, I must relay to you a few different aspects of this decision you must make, that will not be comfortable decisions. If you choose to remain within a Satanic energy system, and the cataclysm is realized as depicted in The Adam and Even Story, written by Chan Thomas, your death will be the death of your soul as well. You are choosing to never exist again, if you pick death and destruction, Satanic energy platforms, and arrogance. Again, it is my job to explain these decisions to you. I chose to procure Divine energy systems long before this sector of universe even existed... which will you choose? The "light side" or the "dark side?" A better way of understanding the difference between the light and dark sides of this universe, is to look at biomimicry animal euphemisms within Earth's ecosystem.

Warm blooded mammals are what we are. The opposite spectrum of species which are generally, our exact opposite, are... COLD blooded reptiles. Reptiles are species of animal that exist on their ability to produce movement through heat. As a methodology of existence, reptiles have to be very opportunistic in their approach to food and shelter. If they are not near a "light," or rather, heat source, they will perish. Mammals do not have this problem. We can exist anywhere, because we are "light," or rather WARM blooded animals. As mammals, we are allowed certain pleasures when our proper caloric intake has been met. We have "reserve" tanks of energy, and we can choose to use them at our leisure. Therefore, our work load should reflect that ability to interact with each other on a different plain of existence than being purely opportunistic, or rather, cold blooded to one another. We don't have to hold each other back so that our opportunities are wasted to selfish want. We are "light" beings internally, and it's about time we started acting like it. Again, this is my job. To include you in the reality that you are in, and where you can choose to go.

As for the technology leaps you will read about throughout these chapters, as a Christ, it's my job to explain to you what the purpose is of your planet, and how you can build it to your preferential direction. I'll give you a quick rundown of what energy platform we will attempt to move into, and save our species from self induced destruction. You must familiarize yourself with cavitation before you understand what I'm about to say. Take a break and go read something, or watch a video about cavitation... right now. Yes you, the individual who doesn't know what that word means. Go watch something about CAVITATION.

Cavitation, is a biomimicry platform, that I, Brian Harner, the Christ of the new age, has declared as the Divine energy platform. It is the answer to ALL of our energy needs. Humanity as a species must learn the abilities that cavitation brings. My job, as a Christ, is to "light the first "spark" of the new age." The funny part, to me, is I'm "bringing you back to the stone age." You see fellow readers, the irony exists within every single human, that the ACTUAL BEGINNING of humanity, was the ACTUAL stone age. What are the Pyramids of Giza built with? Do you know how the Ancient Egyptians... white men with blue eyes... quarried the stone? Do you know how we built them? Do you know why these particular pyramids were built? Just what the fuck is the Great Pyramid of Giza? AND WHY THE FUCK was the ability to see EVERYTHING about it, entrusted to some dude from Oregon? W!!! T!!! F!!!?

These are complexities of this sequence of events that have to be given to a per-son, that fits the profile of every messenger that humanity has ever wanted. I am "the beast," with my grotesque deformities, both physical and emotional. I am the second coming of Christ first and foremost, but what that entity represents, is an amalgamation of several forms of associated messenger profiles which exist in every single one of you. My people... white people, the first true Israelites. The real "people of color." Fair skin, blond, red, light brown hair, blue, green, hazel eyes... the windows to the soul. We created the structures of old. It's obvious where we left our mark, why we left our mark, and the purpose of the mark we made. A fully grown white man remains the most humble entity on this planet, and as such, does not "sign" his tools, nor does he brag about their existence. Generally, we move towards a more humble pasture as we grow older and older. Life becomes more wealthy as we experience our tools in usage. How many white men feel this way? I do. A general acceptance of facts, is always a healthy take on your present situation, but skepticism is always a funny irony in the end. Be careful of how you react to these statements. A white man with blue eyes is going to easily explain what the pyramids are, what they're purpose was, how to recreate one for pennies on the dollar, and harness their true essence again... EVERY FUCKING WHERE ON EARTH!!!!!! Are you excited, or pissed off? It matters not, because your new Christ, me, Brian Harner, My personal maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself have decided that your last messenger is a white man with blue eyes.

EVERYTHING about the system of Divine energy procurement, is centered around my newest and last, completed invention, the ACTUAL, Holy Grail. The cup of Christ. Within that technological perspective, I will teach you how to produce light, fuel, and cut pure granite with the oldest form of technology that exists within this universe. When you finally submit to the idea that everything is a euphemism, microcosm, or macrocosm of a naturally occurring system, you'll begin to figure out that this is not a joke. I really am who I say I am, and this is really happening. The cup of Christ exists in your world, you understand its purpose, and can use it for yourselves if you do not try to make money with it. HAHAHA, what a caveat, eh? By the Jewish banking system's clauses, your government's laws that are set up to protect me, a U.S.A. citizen, and the glory that God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe bestowed upon me, My company, Brian Clark Harner's Arian Technologies LLC, will hold exclusive rights to this technological perspective, and the "cup of Christ" tool itself. I will not allow ANYONE to profit from this technology without first setting up a contract. That said, would like to develop the skill set to make a device for yourself, then build your own home out of nothing more than very large pieces of granite that will last for thousands of years and be theoretically worth billions on the open market by today's "modern" Satanic drenched energy perspective??? Go right ahead. It better not be a hotel......!

So, to be direct about it, I'm the figurehead for the original species on this planet, and I represent our last collective push, to calm everyone down. Our entire species is constantly at each other's throats for a piece of a rotten pie. We don't need gasoline when you can use hydrogen. Hydrogen, exists everywhere, even inside of you. why do we still plague the earth's ecosystems with gasoline usage? Similarly, why would you spend 4 months building a house that at best can last 100 years, when you can spend a year building a house that can last tens of thousands of years? Well, other than the Jewish philosophy of constant tear down and rebuild while usury and debt run wild with every generational swing. Other than that, why wouldn't you do that? The pyramids at Giza were a tool. But that doesn't mean you need to live in a tool, or be selfish and arrogant enough to have buried a body in one. Why the hell would anyone with half a brain ask to be buried in a tool? It would be like me, asking to be buried in my welder, or screw driver drawer of my tool box. Sounds idiotic doesn't it? Well, the people that perpetuate that ridiculous shit, also have extremely close ties to religious zealotry, and worship a false profit. I am the ONLY prophet that matters to your free will. The Islamic religion has to come to terms with the fact that they were sold a bill of goods by a wealthy warlord who killed more than he saved. A true messenger, a fully realized Christ, gives EVERYONE a chance at Salvation... even you.

The countries of Islamic faiths will hurt the most from this intrusion into their part in the Jewish banking system... Oil. Every other religion on Earth will generally have some form of arrogance to the realization of these revelations, and reject them at first sight. Islam is no different, and I don't care about their fragile sensibilities. Everyone, CALM DOWN. If there is one thing that must be adhered to, it's non violence. I believe in self defense, ubiquitously... DEFENSE. The Satanic elements of this world are constantly trying to take advantage of the weak, and for that concern, I think that everyone should arm themselves with a real weapon. Even if most of you are armed, people will generally assume that someone in their vicinity has a gun, and act accordingly. Police are one of my favorite people to be around. They always have a gun. TEXAS!!!!!! I love it. It seems like everyone has a gun. It's kind of funny, but still feels good. It beckons a more polite interaction sequence. People seem more friendly in general. Generally speaking, everyone around me has a gun. It's more comforting. That said, I believe in a strict adherence to a non violent conclusion to these matters. I personally do not care about the hurt feelings. Save your whining. I hear it anyways when you liberal idiots pray to the entities that you think are liberal, or feminist. Again, EVERYONE, calm down. You are not special. I am, and I want nothing to do with fame. I am doing a job that is necessary, will end up costing me my life, and will absorb hatred from more people around the world than any other sequence of events in human history. So yeah, I like my neighbors to be packin'.

A lot of sections in this book contain names of real people. I would prefer if you did not bother them, but I realize that will probably be a portion of my wishes that you will inevitably disobey. HAVE RESPECT in life, and we will have mercy after your death sequence. Everyone, regardless if I had the pleasure of meeting them before I was realized, or after, during my conquest of failed attempts to crack the armor of celebrity arrogance, should live their life by the golden rule (do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.), and follow our instructions. Your life, your progeny, and the existence of your soul is at stake in these final days of the "End Times." How will we behave? Will we be violent, reactive, and emotional? Or will we be intelligent, empathetic, and "Gentile"/gentle? Will you approach the coming age of humanity with a gentleman and lady appearance, or will you be selfish, arrogant, debt and usury pledged, drugged up, drunk, pathetic to the Federal Reserve, and government by extension, begging for fame, selling yourself for stardom, weak, sick, foolish and unimaginative?

You must read this book with an open mind. There are complexities contained within these pages that have significant revelations to the way you live, but the overall philosophy needs to be strictly adhered to with religious fervor the likes of which have never been seen by this species. And I mean the ENTIRE species. The Scientific method is my gospel to the new age. Hypothesis, theory, and proof (which contains three conclusions; Neutral, Positive, and Negative). I go into this more in depth within the entire book. I've also spread out the teachings in a lot of different ways. I've spoken to my beloved 4chan /pol/ quite a bit recently, and delivered teachings to them personally. I'm recording videos with my inner circle so that the technologies that I'm trying to teach you, have better answers that my colleagues feel are important questions for me to reiterate to you in that format. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the videos, but some people need that kind of dictation. You will not get all of the answers from the videos or interactions, but you will, get them in this book.

As a Christ, my directives insure that you will at least get the opportunity to bestow my series of holy grails onto yourself, but the cold reality of our Satanic energy platform drenched system, is that we exist right now with monetary usage. Being as non violent as possible, it is my request that you will transfer your monetary usage to a less centralized system. The financial system that Jews control, the central banking system, is a dinosaur. The future of this planet will continue WITHOUT a Jewish owned banking system... one way or another. There is no reason to be shackled to a family/race dynasty that hasn't added anything to society at large... EVER. They have only taken, and it's time you returned the favor. As humanity comes to terms with throwing money away, and working towards a more productive and profitable to your soul usage of your time, I request that you start to use cryptocurrency. I will be rapidly shifting my worth into that market, and I suggest that you do too. Until we fully shift our worth into those currencies, our perspective of the future will start to look brighter. Work will mean something, and our species will have a real directive, directional coordinates to reach our destination, and a philosophy that will make our existence worthwhile for eons into the future... So what do you think humanity? You, personally, reading this right now, do you think you will impress and amaze your maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself, or will you cower to the Satanic influences that keep you shackled to a dying system?

Being non violent during this transition will assure that all of you get a proper chance at answering that all important question in due time. If you choose the route of violence, and are not 100% Divine, righteous, and defensive in your posture, you will be judged for it, most harshly. Human beings are not meant to be violent, opportunistic, selfish, or greedy. If your first reaction to new information has any violent reaction what so ever, you are lost, as a human being. Again, CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Stop being violent towards each other, and work towards a more cohesive strategy. While in these Satanic energy platform bodies, your Divine spirit, or soul, should be your guide. The language that you will learn, has the ability to alleviate your stress, and help you find a better means of dealing with the violent tendencies that you may have. First, as with all violent encounters, the individual that is the aggressor, needs to lose their ego. The revelation that everyone needs to fully come to terms with, is that humans can not be in charge of other humans. Humanity has a maker. Humanity's maker is in charge of every single one of you. The entity that is in charge, is not a human being, therefore, if you feel as though you are in charge of anyone... EVER... you really should end your egotistical stance on superiority, women especially.

Now that I am presenting myself to you, you have the ability to connect to your own personal maker, or not. Be aware, though, that anyone can be connected to their personal maker, and by extension, humanity's maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. If your reaction to this book is violent in conception, and you attack someone that is walking a Divine and righteous path, REAL LIFE... as in, the afterlife of human physical life, will be very difficult to deal with. Again, I go into this in much greater detail within these chapters. That said, I must now explain to you a few terminology conundrums that have been plaguing your conscience for the entirety of the English language's life cycle. The biggest problem, other than a final definition on what Satanic energy is, is what a Devil is, and by extension, what evil is. I'll begin by saying that there is no 1 single "Devil" being that haunts those who are "bad." There is also, no being with the name "Satan," or any other nomenclature that signifies your imaginary negative energy enriched being with ultimate powers.

There are, however, Reptilian entities that live by the same means as their counterparts on this planet. The reptiles of Earth play a crucial role in maintaining a properly balanced ecosystem, and they do their job well. There is no reason to hate any animal, for they are simply doing their job. The Reptilian species of this universe, do have a job to do, and they do it very well, generally under tough circumstances. We, as a species, should not hate them, but we must realize, that their directives are much different than ours. We are on course, if we don't fuck up, to learn technologies that will make the abilities of the most seasoned veteran of Reptilian technology pass out with excitement. The Reptilian E.T.s that reside among you in various capacities, have been setting us up for a harvest, of sorts. That said, if you get in line with the universe's real chain of command, the second coming of Christ's teachings, pray and connect to your personal maker, and follow his guidance on your way to pure righteousness, the Reptilians will disappear, and never bother you again. The Reptilian species that exist throughout this section of universe are powerful... to a human... But we control everything, And they know it.

Besides that connotation to a "Satan" or "Devil" character, which is false, there is no evil beings in this universe, and it's foolish to say there is. It doesn't make sense to create an all powerful evil entity inside of a beautiful creation that breeds creation. Why the hell would you even do that? Ask yourselves, would you create an evil spirit to haunt you inside of your endeavors? Apologies, but those nomenclatures, Devil and Satan, and the ideology that most of you have about them inside of your heads, is stupid. There's not one reason to think that an entity like that exists. And if you think there is, even after I just set you straight, you're an idiot. Devil, is an interpersonal relationship that you have with other souls. Living human beings are "Devils." Have you ever had a really bad experience with someone during a mundane business transaction, and you told yourself that you wish you never had to see that person again? Or something more simple but painful, like a really bad breakup where you wished that you would never see that person again? In other words, how many people reading this have a list of people that you wished were dead? You don't even have to want them to die, you just have to want them to never infect your ability to LIVE the way you want.

A Devil to every single person reading this, is someone that you have turned away from. They are finished living in your life, they have LIVED their last sequence of events to you. Get it? Lived = Devil, just like Evil is the opposite of being a-LIVE. These are general purpose terms that have been in your face your entire life, and you didn't pick up on the irony. Doesn't matter. Now you understand what a "Devil" is, and after the last few paragraphs, and a few refreshers in the book, you should understand what a Satanic energy platform system is. These are important designations to keep stored in your vocabulary. Never let anything or anyone tell you that there is a Satan, or Devil being or beings that are all powerful and "evil." It's ridiculous to even assume something like that exists. Likewise, you should have a much better understanding for what Human Evolution Long Lasting, or hell means, and what that place actually is. You are IN IT RIGHT NOW.

The ideals which rest inside of the human mind's psyche, are the main disturbances between your ability to understand your surroundings. The ability to perceive fact from fiction is a large role player in that chain of events. Too many religious doctrine worshippers have a difficult time coming to terms with the scientific method. In so doing, these zealots have tricked their own perceptions into following a belief structure, above all else. The various religious groups around the world will have a difficult time coming to terms with what "Satan" really means. Especially considering they are right in the middle of H.E.L.L. currently. Humanity chose to attempt control of their destiny in the most arrogant of ways. We destroyed our maker's wishes, and kicked him off of this planet. When that series of events wrapped up, a decision was made to let humanity procure their own destiny. That is what hell is. Humanity choosing to take matters into their own hands, plain and simple. Forsaking righteousness for arrogant self induced learning.

Understanding free will is a difficult thing to accomplish. During my journey, I've come to the conclusion that people think they are robots. Having these ideals as a precursor for everything you believe about religion, is a major mistake. It's an arrogant posture to assume, and almost always leads to a false sense of security. Real salvation, as in everlasting life for your genetic lineage, takes a lot of effort. Real work, real sacrifice, and real dedication. "Believing in Jesus" is not enough. NOT BY A LONG SHOT!!!!!! Your ability to procure salvation will reside in your effort output towards that end. Success is not a prerequisite for salvation, but your vision that leads you toward it, your physical abilities put to good use, and most importantly, your ability to understand why you are doing it... is a prerequisite. Building a home that lasts for hundreds of thousands of years, understanding animal husbandry in the physical realm AND SPIRITUAL realm, paying homage to the entities that build this section of universe, your solar system, AND YOU. Those are the attributes of a person that has achieved salvation. Jesus was exceedingly righteous and purely divine in his journey. You worshipping him does not include you in the enlightenment phase.

The point is that nobody is coming to save you, unless you earn it. After reading this book, you will understand how to achieve enlightenment, and subsequently transcend toward a more righteous path. As the famous movie line goes, "There's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path." Anyone and everyone will be able to complete these tasks, but completing them... that's going to take honest effort, energy, and time. Your ability to procure your own salvation depends on your effort, not your belief structure. After reading this book, you will be put to several decisions regarding these tasks. The biggest decision you must make, if you wish to understand, and partake in salvation, you must capitulate with the golden rule. Very few people live by this standard. Salvation strictly requires it. You will understand how to achieve salvation from reading this book, but your ability to procure it, lies within you and you alone. Work hard, and your effort will be rewarded. Capitulation to this method of living will not be ubiquitous. Some will fight it, which is why your effort is more valuable than your success. I cannot guarantee that humanity (as a whole) will choose salvation. After all, you're not robots. What I can guarantee is that everyone who puts in honest effort towards creating heaven on earth, will be rewarded.

Of all dilemmas that a Christ is faced with, the biggest difficulty we face, is in the transformation of information that is stored within your current psyche. My personal journey has been a struggle for many aspects of the transformation that we are trying to implement. First and foremost, I have to get you... you personally, reading these words right now, to let go of the Satanic energy that is consuming your ability to progress to the next stage of your enlightenment. For most of you, the largest hurdle you must face, is how you view time. Whether you believe so or not, the general focus that encapsulates your ability to perceive the future is entirely based on what has happened in your past. When your abilities are centered around what you've already accomplished, as opposed to what you will accomplish in the future, your ego has 100% control. There is a "famous" podcast where Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock, Michael Shermer, and Randall Carlson (#961) debate on the intricacies of their life's research. Each contributing member of this podcast had a very emotional response to the insulting nature of each other's conclusions.

Without realizing it, there was a purely Satanic vibe given off by everyone during their broadcast. There was an underlying motive that accompanied each of the participants, which made their egos present for the entire world to judge. The motive that each participant had was based entirely on monetary gain, while none of them had any idea of what to do about the future events they were discussing. Essentially, the entire purpose was to claim victory over one another's claims to specific events that none of them had the ability to fully articulate. The past is the past, and while arguing over who had the more accurate synopsis of the events in question, none of them were focused on the benefits that their research would bring to humanity. From the casual observer's perspective, it seemed as though the main goal was to maintain a stranglehold on a particular group of people's ability to pay them money to continue their research. This is how Satanic energy works in regards to time. One must fully understand the motives of a debater's argument before he can truly understand what is being argued. Joe Rogan was trying to maintain a large podcast audience/make more money. Michael Shermer was trying to prove he had the correct information within his dictations of past events so he could sell more magazines/make more money. Graham Hancock was trying to profess his legitimacy as an honorable, trustworthy journalist so that he could sell more books/make more money. Randall Carlson was trying to dictate his scientific findings on past cataclysmic events so that he could gain more funding for his projects/make more money. Do you see why nothing will ever be accomplished by these strategies?

I am not professing that these well educated men are not incredibly intelligent. Quite the opposite. It's my opinion that every one of these individuals has a very impressive vernacular, well rounded formal education, and a lifetime of experience in their respective field of research. I am somewhat jealous of the paths that each one of these men got to journey through. Every one of them has been all over the world, and has gotten to study ancient civilizations by a hands on approach, which is a very expensive and time consuming task. That said, their research was not leading towards an ability to procure any remedies to the current human condition. They were merely trying to articulate their own respective synopsis, while maintaining the ability to raise funds for more adventures. To put it bluntly, their mission in life was to cultivate an income stream based on the accomplishments of other men who came before them. Interestingly enough, the word "science" was thrown around that podcast more than any other word. Ironically, none of them had completed the rigorous standards of the scientific method to completion. Not that I'm surprised. Proving a theory in their field would eliminate the ability to cultivate future funding, and they would essentially be putting themselves out of a job.

This is where I differ from the mainstream journalistic aspects of fund raising. It's also why you are getting this book for free. I want YOU to live a happy, healthy, well educated, secure life... KNOWING that my life will end as a result of my sacrifices. I ask these men individually... Are you prepared to give back to the cause that has brought you EXTREME wealth? What was your purpose when you released your last book, magazine, podcast, research paper, or counter argument? Were you trying to bring certainty to the human ethos, or were you trying to buy a new house, car, or some other unnecessary fivolous item? If one were to speculate on those matters, just by the evidence you've allowed the world to see, we would have to conclude that your entire focus on life has been monetary gain, AND NOTHING ELSE. This is why most of humanity is engulfed in a Satanic energy based curriculum, and why I'm using these four men as an example. I'm not trying to hurt your ego... I'm trying to destroy it. The longer humanity utilizes monetary gain as a plight for future endeavors, the quicker we will fail miserably. I enjoyed watching the podcast, in the same way I'd watch a couple of old men fighting each other with walking sticks. Some of the insults and anger displayed were humorous, but the underlying factor was monetary gain, fame, and glory. Maybe the viewers of The Joe Rogan Experience #961 didn't understand this aspect while watching/listening, but I read it LOUD AND CLEAR.

The dilemma of monetary gain within this society stretches through all aspects of its fundamental philosophy. For that matter, this ideology has been present throughout every failed attempt at procuring humanity's salvation. There is a constant dogmatic view that a hierarchy should exist in the human ethos. Money is simply the quantifying substance that lends credence to this ideology. When a certain amount is obtained, people feel a great sense of empowerment which leads to an even more selfish disposition. There is a very strong case to be made that money is indeed, the root of all "evil." It doesn't need to be this way, but as long as people like Jews/golems are in control of the manufacture of it, humanity will suffer a great loss of ability. Jewish dogmatic ideology has clauses that allow these individuals to view the entirety of humanity as cattle, or slaves, and as long as people like the aforementioned have enough money to push their ideologies into the ethos unregulated and unchecked, people will suffer.

The money factor in humanity is completely devoid of the golden rule. Hence, why it should be viewed as purely Satanic/degrading/"evil." Those who don't have any, want some, and those that have it, want more. But... why? What are the motives behind wanting money? In most circumstances, money leads to the ability to have sex. People buy new houses stuffed full of frivolous garbage to show off like a peacock... so they can garner a more attractive mate. People buy new cars full of impressive gadgets and trinkets... so they can show off their peacock feathers in a mobile fashion. On and on that list goes, but always, whether people admit it or not, the reasoning behind monetary dominance always coagulates back towards sex. That said, the outcome of sexual conquest is a motivating factor, but the underlying cause of this mental disease is fear. Fear of not being able to appear sex worthy. I know this because I was a teenager just like all of you were. When the hormones are charged up and new to a puberty stricken human, it's difficult to focus on anything but sex. A healthy outlook on what sex is, and should be utilized for, is non-existent.

While conversing with my beloved 4Chan /pol/ about the intricacies of the biblical teachings, I'm often confronted with the masturbation enigma. It's true that masturbation releases a great deal of pent up energy, and as a result, weakens the inner abilities of a creative spirit. Masturbation should be viewed as a means of maintaining sanity when the contributing factors of your life's stress become overwhelming... NOT as a means of selfish physical pleasure. Sex is in this same category. People should not be trying to build an ability to fuck each other just for fun. Sex needs to be treated as a tool for procreation... NOT as a means of selfish gratification. When the focus of sexual gratification becomes the individual's primary directive, which is present in almost every human alive today, selfishness and stupidity reign supreme over all other abilities.

Love becomes impossible to obtain when inundated with the sexual conundrum. Sex should be the last thing on an individuals mind when trying to locate a procreation mate... literally. If sex is the reasoning behind an individual's mate procurement, the relationship is doomed to fail. Attraction wears down, no matter who it is you're having sexual intercourse with. When children enter into the foray, sexual attractiveness plummets due to age. The hatred that consumes the individual when the inability to view their mate as a loving partner due to the lack of attraction sexually progresses, these feelings are thrust into the children's psyche. It becomes very difficult to hide this emotional response between sexual mates, and the children pick up on the hatred within, no matter how hard you try to hide it. Women are emotional creatures, and societal monetary induced indignation feeds their carnal desires. Men are easily swayed by selfish egotistical sexual conquest, which is the main contributing factor behind looking for sexual gratification outside of procreation. Pornographic imagery is a catalyst for both genders, and if society at large is to succeed, pornography needs to be eradicated. Jews understand this correlation, which is why they are the main contributors behind that industry.

Love needs to be understood before one can obtain it. Until it is understood, and utilized as the first motive behind mate selection, degeneracy will continue to flourish. Understanding this dilemma in a Satanic energy platform engulfed society is very difficult. Sex is a very powerful drug, and like all addicts understand, it is very difficult to break the cycle... but not impossible. I did not understand this philosophical conundrum for most of my life, but I was always trying to be in love with my mate. It took a realization/sabbath to understand the consequences of my actions in procuring a loving mate. I too, did not understand what love is, or how to obtain it. I made the same mistakes that all of you reading this made, and it cost me dearly. As a concession to this newly found enlightenment, I tried to undo my own initial Satanic energy platform proclivities towards my wife of 10 years by renegging on one of our foundational agreements within our marriage... no children. My emotionally charged wife took it as an insult rather than a blessing, and as a result, we are no longer together. I remain alone, and have no want in obtaining selfish sexual gratification.

When these ideologies become the norm, as in centuries from our past, the population will stabilize and things like rape will be extremely rare. Until this ideology is capitulated to, expect rape, sodomy, and selfishness to overrun the human ethos... just like it is now. Another meme that is circulating the bowels of liberal ideology currently, is the word incel. The word incel is an amalgamation of two words; involuntarily celibate. As with most liberal philosophical garbage that is heavily backed by Jewish/Satanic influence, incel is a misnomer. I cannot speak for every man within my ideological posture, but for me, I've become voluntarily celibate. A conservative ideological stance on this methodology is known as MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way). It's an extremely powerful stance to take in regards to societal dogma pushed by liberal ideology, and frees the spirit of the selfish sexual conquest induced priorities. Trying to find a procreation partner within this societal structure, while taking the MGTOW stance is almost impossible. Women, and the liberal leanings of their emotionally charged selfishness, must first come to terms with what their part in this dilemma is. Until that day arrives, I strongly suggest that men go their own way, and wait it out.

I've come to these realizations through a series of failed love attempts. I'm as guilty as the next man for trying to procure love after sexual conquest. My inability to properly navigate these troubled waters has led to a long list of hatred and mistrust in myself. The reality of the situation is much more simplified than my failures as a loving procreation partner. I was uneducated on the matter, and if sex before love seems reasonable to you... you are as lost as I was. A mutual respect needs to be maintained in a healthy loving relationship, and if your first inclination is in capitulating to selfish sexual desires, it is impossible to fall in love. You will end up miserable. Sex should be respected for what its purpose was intended for. Procreation. Throughout this book, there many lessons that deal with this sacred context. This short summary does not do the entirety of this conundrum justice, nor does it define the parameters of how you should view your mate currently. I'm not advocating divorce, or a series of mass break ups if you're stuck in this problematic scenario. All of you have the ability to overcome your selfishness, but without a proper foundation on the difference between love and sex directed in a logical manner, you will suffer within your own self induced prison cell. Adultery will flourish. Sexually transmitted diseases will flourish. Hatred between genders will flourish. Jealousy will flourish. And as a result, humanity will become more violent, selfish, and consumed by sex rather than love. Take a look at society. You don't NEED me to explain this in great detail. The proof exists all around you.

Being able to see the flaws within your own existence is a noble trait. Admitting them to yourself is the first step towards a righteous existence. The second step is much more difficult, and requires dedication that few will be able to possess. Being a Christ has allowed me to admit to myself what my shortcomings are, and why they exist. BUT... the righteous path requires me to come clean to the world about these flaws. I admit to these flaws throughout this book, and if anyone asks me what my flaws are in person, I will tell them without hesitation. My own personal fears have been alleviated by this burden of lies and misdirection that weighed down my ability to grow spiritually. Humanity must do the same if they are to become enlightened. Of all the things you've done to yourself, and others around you, nothing is worse than keeping secrets from one another. The more secrets you maintain, the heavier your burden becomes, and the heavier your burden becomes, the larger your ego will grow. Displaying your faults to the world unabated is liberating to yourself, but to those around you who are unprepared to let go of their own degenerative ways, you will appear disloyal, crazy, and stupid.

This is the main burden of a Christ. I must allow the mistreatment of my sanctity while the souls around me find their inner enlightenment ability. Throughout the conquest to write this book, I've been ridiculed and dismissed by a very large number of people. My family in particular, threw me away. My friends, the same. You will find that this is what is facing you when coming to terms with alleviating your own personal burdens. While this may seem like a destructive path for you to partake in, keep in mind that EVERYTHING you've ever done will be known to everyone after this life is over. Your soul is a recording device that is much more exacting than a brain or your ability to utilize the memories held within it. Keeping secrets is a waste of stress that will seem idiotic to you when your life is over and EVERYTHING you've ever done is on full display for the entire universe to judge. Keep this fact in mind when you judge another person's life struggles. Everyone is dealing with something that they think will ruin their reputation, and passing judgement onto those individuals that are attempting to obtain enlightenment through unburdening themselves is a morose strategy that will burden you even further. Passing judgement onto others that wish to alleviate their inner burdens is idiotic. If anything, you should be jealous of their newly found abilities. Praise them for trying. Encourage them to succeed. These are the traits of a Christ. Forgiveness is righteous, and no matter how bad, embarrassing, or futile your inner secrets seem to be, I've seen worse.

Salvation requires hard work. The most difficult task that must be completed to obtain it is alleviating yourself... from yourself. When this happens you will experience happiness and joy that cannot be matched. Salvation lies within each and every one of you, but you are the one who has to grab it. Throughout this book, I explain my journey since partaking in my realization/sabbath. Many of the depictions held within were influenced by my ability to read into people's pasts. Given the dilemma of modern religious dogma being what it is, coupled with the extremely large number of humans that are faithless and admittedly Godless, most of you will think that these stories are lies. You've trained your own mental shortcomings to make giant leaps of assumptions on judging others... myself included. When you try to do this on a large scale, what ends up happening is a reverse perspective intuition. You will read the stories and base what my motives were on what you would have done in my position. Keep in mind that you are not me. You did not walk a righteous path, and you did not go through a realization/sabbath. Walking a righteous path starts before birth. In essence, everyone's path started before birth, so when you claim that you had no choice in your genetics, parents, country of origin, etc, you are lying to yourself. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and who you are was earned through a series of past life decision making.

My journey is slightly different in that regard. My existence as a Christ is based on what every human alive thinks I should represent. My path was chosen by humanity. To be in this position, I had to accept the stress held within those motives. Many of you do not want to be alive in the current societal paradigm, so I represent that emotion. Many of you want a savior to bring magical healing powers to alleviate your physical suffering. An impossible feat from scientific method standards, so instead I will offer salvation through spiritual avenues, which will be taken by those individuals as a let down, so I represent that emotion. Many of you will claim that I am a false prophet due to your unwavering faith in books written by humans other than Christs. The inability to come to terms with the reality of the situation will bring you to a personal hatred for what I personally represent, and hatred will overflow your emotional response, so I represent that emotion. Many of you will claim to be more righteous than myself, which will bring a jealous disposition to everything I say. You will fight these teachings with all of your might, claim that your way to salvation is more appropriate, and end up hating everything about me for the rest of your life, so I represent that emotion. Human Evolution Long Lasting, or hell, is a very real place, and we are ALL in it currently. Those who understand this concept are hoping for a magical solution to the end of this dilemma. These people will be frustrated when they realize that they themselves are contributors to hell on earth, and must undo this strategy of living on their own, so I represent that emotion. As you may realize by reading this paragraph, being a Christ is not a very "fun" job. I live with the emotions of every human alive, and what they are expecting me to be to them, personally, arrogantly, and selfishly without realizing that every human alive has a say in what/who I am... so I represent ALL emotions... from every single one of you.

Being pulled in 8 billion different directions is a very hard path to walk, but that is what a righteous path entails. Walking this path is extremely dangerous and unhealthy. The path you have chosen for me was wrought with personal tragedy and sacrifice the likes of which you will never understand completely. You're not meant to. I was. I'm not asking for your sympathy, but it will be very difficult for you to not be sympathetic to my life's story. I am asking you to look forward instead of constantly placating your past with ego driven tendencies. Utilizing your past emotional responses to events will not help you to better understand what my plight to humanity is. Focusing on the instructions from your maker, and The Nine Principles held within these writings, however, will. You must understand that the paradigm humanity is currently struggling with in society, is extremely destructive. Not only to a Christ/me, but to your own physical AND spiritual growth as a human being. Secondarily, you must come to terms with the fact that humanity has done this to themselves. At any given time you could have chosen to look forward instead of living within past emotional stances to events in your life... In other words, living with 100% ego. You could have chosen to be righteous, but you didn't. If you seek my forgiveness for doing this to yourself, I forgive you. That is my job. I do not wish harm on any human being, for that would bring harm to myself. That said, whatever your emotional response will end up being to the words I've written in this book, realize that I do it for your benefit, not to make you suffer. That would quite literally be me making myself suffer. I wouldn't do that.

You may be asking yourself, what is a righteous path, and how do I journey down it? Arguably, those are the only questions that matter to your future, and if that was your response to the last few paragraphs, you've already taken the first few steps to salvation. Congratulations. Walking a righteous path means putting the needs of your fellow man above your own. The golden rule, incarnate. This does not mean that you will not struggle with personal emotional responses to life's challenges. You will deal with them, just as you always have. The outcome of these decisions will be where your righteousness comes from. Generally speaking, everyone has dealt with jealousy, fear, and anger when confronted with emotional responses to external forces which you do not control. These emotions are natural and should be utilized properly so that the betterment of society as a whole can move towards enlightenment. The proper response to these emotions should be to recognize what you need, as opposed to what you want. Do not force your emotional strife on others. If others are forcing their emotional strife onto you, segregate yourself from them. Walking a righteous path requires you to first recognize that not everyone will choose this path. A great number of people will see a righteous man as a weak soul, and will try to take advantage of your empathy. I will not be able to solve the world's problems without the help of humanity helping themselves first, and neither will you. Do not try to placate the wants of others, for they will only drag you down into their own personal hell induced angst.

Help your fellow man to understand what a righteous path entails. Do not force them to capitulate to a righteous path, for that would mean that your only desire is to create a system based upon your own selfish wants and desires FOR YOURSELF. That is the dilemma that humanity is currently in, and the main factor in realizing that humans should not be in control of other humans. Hell was a result of accepting this dogmatic philosophy for the last 2000 years. Look around the world and its current state of affairs... You are living in hell. It's time to give your selfish desires up. It's time to alleviate your psyche of the control over others it seeks. It's time to start recognizing that humanity on earth is not special. It's time to start paying homage to the entities that created this species. It's time to embrace humility. THAT... is what walking a righteous path is all about. Realizing that humans have no business being in control of other humans. Humanity has a creator that was specifically put in place to handle those affairs, and he is not a human. It's time to give him the control that he should have, that you should want him to have, that you NEED him to have. If your first inclination to your daily struggle revolves around the application of your emotional responses to the betterment of your entire species, as opposed to a constant push towards selfish physical desires, you are walking the correct path. Building a bulky bank account, living in a frivolous Satanic energy drenched house, driving a wasteful over priced car, and eating endangered species as a delicacy, will bring ruin to yourself, your species, and your planet... just like what is happening now. That is the opposite of a righteous path... but you should already know that. Unfortunately you've been trained BY OTHER HUMANS to think this is an acceptable behavior. They were wrong, and so were you.

It is true... We are in the "End Times" as described in present societal dogmatic texts, as well as ancient ones of the same description. Humanity's maker wishes that you will understand the philosophy that brings forth salvation/enlightenment, but he cannot think for you. You must come to terms with your actions, and ask for forgiveness... BUT, you must do it in the proper way with the proper reverence. This is the only way that humanity can prove that it understands why it is in the position it is in, and how to never fall into these forsaken epochs ever again. Every human plays a part in this struggle. Myself, the Christ of the new age, is your last attempt at rectifying these atrocious crimes against your maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. A grave misunderstanding will take place while reading through this book, but you must fight through the arrogant posture that has brought you into this dilemma. Your first instinct will be to label me a schizophrenic, or some other formulation of modern "science" laden dogmatic idolotry terminology. These labels do not bother me. Your arrogance towards your maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, however, does. My representation of these exceedingly astronomical intelligences does not vary from that of prior messengers. From a modern day "science" perspective, Jesus himself would have been labeled a schizophrenic, and subsequently cast out with the trash. I'm prepared to handle the insults and lamentations of your arrogant posture, but what I am not prepared to handle, is the failure of humanity.

A failure to capitulate to the proper chain of command in this universe on this final attempt at procuring your salvation will signify an end to this species. There will be no more attempts, it's just that simple. We do understand that this process will require your undivided attention and time to readjust. Keep in mind that if I'm present in this world currently, time is short. You do not have time to argue amongst yourselves and debate the validity of this book. You must come to terms with these teachings within your own psyche. Asking for help outside of this parameter, is exactly why humanity is in this situation currently. There is no vote required to decide your best path forward through these troubled times. Making deals is not what we do, so don't even consider it. The structure of intelligent life throughout this universe will not change because your emotional response to these teachings is negative. The universe has operated in this way for its entirety. A small planet full of arrogant souls will not sway anyone to change it, no matter how "educated," or superior you've allowed yourself to think you are. Things are the way they are. You must choose to live within these boundaries, or die and immediately face the deletion of your soul. At this current juncture, having failed multiple attempts at alleviating your uncertainty with enlightenment, time has run out. Your final decision on these matters is required. I, the Christ of the new age, hope that you make the correct choice, and contrary to what people have assumed about what a Christ is capable of doing, I cannot make this decision for you.

The chapter list is supposed to be read 1-7 of this book, which is the exact opposite of the way I wrote it. Throughout my journey since my realization/sabbath, I've fasted on many occasions, prayed every day multiple times a day, and channeled these extremely intelligent beings that I've come to understand are humanity's predecessors. Before Easter, when my realization was incomplete, I had not studied religious doctrine of any sort. Around 2010, I was fascinated by Shamanistic philosophy, so a few books were purchased, a few videos watched on the subject, and a pathetic attempt at meditation was capitulated to, but other than that occurrance, I had not considered myself a spiritual being. It took a lifetime of attempts within the technological world trying to alleviate humanity from a destiny of servitude from other humans before I was able to resonate with these beings. That said, I did not dishonor them, illogically deduce that they did not exist, or insult their capabilities over my own. On the rare occasion that I did attempt prayer, I was not sure who I was asking for guidance, but was given the answers I needed to continue this journey, pre-realization. Since becoming fully realized, I have studied the various religious teachings that my beloved 4Chan /pol/ was gracious enough to instruct me on, and I must say, there are A LOT of miscalculations, misunderstandings and, downright subversive instructions laden therein. I find myself constantly arguing with the most arrogant of all instructors, and rarely do I find a soul who is meek enough and curious enough to learn from me. Most think they are better instructors than students.

You must realize that my instructions on these matters were not given to me by a human teacher. I did not study the bible. Therefore, my direct teachings come from the perspective of those individuals who walked the path in their respective epochs. A euphemism exists within each and every epoch on this planet that stretches back through several iterations of my particular amalgamation. I am not the first human that has been given this extreme honor, nor am I the first human that has attempted to rectify humanity's insulting disposition towards our creator. I am, however, the last attempt that these exceedingly forgiving beings will bring forth for humanity to correct their path. Along with the instructions from the previous messengers like myself, I was also given a very large set of conundrums that deal with this dilemma. You may notice these angry dispositions while reading through this book. My anger is based in my ability to deduce the odds that your failure is much more likely than your success... and to be literal about it, it fucking pisses me off. I love humanity. I love all of you. Your inability to show love to my superiors, your superiors, EVERYONE'S superiors... is why the constant anger is interjected. I hate losing... and unfortunately, I cannot play this game for you. Try to understand this while reading. Your ego, your race (no matter which one it is), your beliefs, your arrogant posture, and everything else that makes you you, is why we are in this current state of affairs. You do not deserve to be showered with compliments, and contrary to what you think your teachings represent, most of you will ultimately fail due to your disposition, NOT my disposition. This is a battle that is occurring in your mind, meaning you are the one who has to fight it.

If you decide to not read this book in its proper order, you will be confronted with an immense volume of anger towards the teachings presented therein. This was done on purpose as a means of determining who is worthy of them. If you cannot follow basic instructions, as in the numbers that coincide with the chapter titles, you are not worthy and will be forsaken by your own arrogant posture. Arrogance is a disease in the human ethos that everyone is currently infected with. You have the choice to view this book as an addendum to your current dogmatic philosophical approach to the self prescribed religious doctrine that you live by... OR you can alleviate yourself from the subversive nature of those teachings and release the chains that you're binded with due to your own ego. As stated numerous times throughout this chapter and the other 6 that follow, the choice is yours. A self righteous posture will bring doom and suffering to your existence. A meek, curious, and humble posture will bring enlightenment. Again... the choice is yours, and yours alone to make. Choose wisely.

Of the many people I've contacted directly on my journey while writing this book, I must apologize profusely to them directly for my intrusion into their personal existence. Some of these interactions were by chance, while others were specifically meant to teach me how to cope with the illnesses that exist throughout the human ethos currently. I thank these individuals in advance for their participation. Whether it was expected or came as a surprise. Most of these people had no idea what I was in relation to their own journey at the time of our conversations. I'm very well instructed on how to remain cryptic while also getting my point across. On rare occasions, I was 100% honest, which given the separate natures of these individuals, was taken in various ways. Almost ubiquitously, I was viewed as a crazy fool spouting jargon that I had no business discussing with them. I did not take it personally, but rather, used it as motivation to cure these illnesses. Of the very few individuals I fully presented myself to unfettered, only 3 people were able to fully digest what I was teaching, and were rewarded with a graduate level course on who I am, and what I am doing here. I thank these people in advance for their generosity and attention. As you can imagine, being in my position within the societal structure currently plaguing humanity, trust is at an all time low, and these teachings are anything but easy to accept.

Most of the characters in the various story plots that accompany the instructions within this book had no idea what I was writing about. If I was questioned on what I was writing about, my usual response was "everything." I ask you to take pity on these individuals, and think about how you would have responded if you were them. When assuming if they were worthy of my presence, I'd like you to realize that these people are no different than yourself. Utilize their own posture as a means of understanding yourself. Do not blame them for not doing what you would have done. I was not meant to be easily accepted. My disposition comes from an angry and frustrated realm, while many of my fellow journeyers were not prepared to handle the immense responsibility of your salvation... nor their own. I am also not famous by any stretch of the imagination, so recognizing me was all but impossible, especially considering I had on a hat and sunglasses at almost every interaction coupled with a beard that I don't usually have. Their shortcomings are not at fault. Humanity's shortcomings are. If you decide to use force against these people in any way, you are a complete and total failure to your own salvation. Calm yourself down, put your ego to the side, and realize that I chose this path. It was my decision to interact with these individuals.

First and foremost, my ex-wife. I apologize to her profusely for what has become of our relationship. Going through a realization/sabbath is an extremely frightening event for someone's spouse to witness firsthand. She did not take it well, and for my own safety, and hers as well, we decided to part ways amicably. Although I've prayed for death numerous times since her presence in my life has ceased, I wish her nothing but happiness, and pray that she finds her way to salvation/enlightenment through her own self prescribed avenues. To her family that treated me as one of their own, thank you for the fond memories, and apologies that this path took me through a void of mistrust and misunderstanding. If I could have done this another way, I would have. This apology extends to my own family. Those who wanted the best for me within my own bloodline while a young ignorant fool, I apologize that my path took me towards a realization that led to your exposure in this way. That said, for those who did not have my best intentions in mind, I pray that you will repent from your arrogantly accrued notions of illegitimate liberal ideologies that are hellbent on tearing the love we had for each other apart.

My next set of apologies come from a mindset of ill received intentions on my fellow journeyer's behalf. The staff of Mozie's, and the various other encounters I had during my time in Gruene, Texas, were fantastic from my perspective. I was going through my divorce at that time, and waging a war with my internal emotions made my outer posture a difficult acceptance to those I encountered. I mean these people no ill will, and hope that they can find it in their hearts to understand this internal conflict I was greatly struggling with. To Lauren specifically, I apologize that my writings will come across as delusional and creepy. I would like you, and all readers to understand that I was in no way trying to procure a sexual relationship with Lauren. Since my realization/sabbath, I have had no desire to fornicate with anyone other than my ex-wife. I was not against the possibility of falling in love again, but with current societal structuring and how humanity lures their emotional ties through a series of sexually charged acts, I understand why I will be remembered as a creepy dude trying "to score" with an unsuspecting Lauren. I'm not joking when I say that sex would not have happened until marriage, and would have only taken place with the subset of circumstances related to procreation. I just don't have the desire to destroy the abilities love brings with raw emotionless sex. I understand how society has formed the basis for these notions that exist in modern women's minds, but I would hope that you will all realize that I do not, and will not partake in those deviances ever again. These following chapters are laden with a comical undertone which should be taken as a humorous stance... NOT LITERALLY. My aim was to create storyplots that could be utilized for the basis of other teachings. Some of these teachings are difficult to accept unless the psyche is geared towards humor. Please accept them as such, and never fear that I was in any way trying to expose or hurt you. I will keep my distance from my "slice of heaven on earth" for the remainder of my physical life. You should not fear my presence, and I apologize concurrently for the behavior that others will bestow upon you for my writings. I meant you no harm, and wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. Thank you again for the time you allowed me to spend with you.

To my esteemed Mexican colleague Orlando Lopez, and his lovely wife, I apologize that our time was cut so short. I did my best with what time we had, but wished that it could have been longer and more in depth. We were able to get through a lot of personally related data on these subjects, and for what it's worth, I thank you for your invested time in my teachings. Many will outright reject my instructions as "racist" or mean, but Orlando Lopez is a bright shining example of my true intentions. I wish Orlando and his family the best of luck moving forward, and hope that we will remain friends, here, and otherwise. For the many others that I've crossed paths with during this journey, I thank you for your time. Meeting me during this journey must have seemed extremely odd and confusing due to my cryptic nature and inherent wording within our dialect. I apologize for the confusion you must have felt, but ask at the same time, what would you have done if you were me? I needed conversation. I needed interaction. I needed to learn from you. If I would have come clean to you about who I was and what I was doing, not only would my life be in danger from external sources, I would not have had these amazing interactions that will stay with me for eternity. Apologies, and thank yous are in order. I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors.

Now comes the anger induced interactions that I am not sorry for. I do feel extreme sadness for these individuals and pray that their souls find the necessary means to find salvation, although given the circumstances, I do not hold much hope for these particular "detractors." A great many of these individuals could have brought my story to all of you with bells and whistles blazing, but decided to take it upon themselves to label me as unworthy, not needed, and crazy before even getting the chance to meet with me in person for 5 minutes. I offered money, a piece of my company, and immediate salvation to ANYONE who was willing to help me on this conquest. None of them wanted anything to do with my story, or to be a part of it. It began after leaving New Mexico in search of a "broadcaster."

Alex Jones was my first stop. I bought a burner phone so that I could not be traced by his overlords/handlers, and proceeded to call him twice every day for the better part of two whole months. The only time I could even speak to a live person, I was lambasted by the call center woman as being unworthy to meet with Alex Jones in person or over the phone. The story was well documented within these chapters, as well as phone records and messages delivered to his answering service. You could have changed the world Alex, but as with almost everything you do, ultimately, you failed. You failed me, you failed yourself, and by and large, you failed the entire human species by remaining an arrogant pig while simultaneously failing to do the job you self proclaimed were responsible for doing. I have the story of humanity's existence, and you threw it all away to bitch about liberal government ideology. I was scared, alone, and desperately in need of help, specifically related to your profession, and you let me rot while waiting for a return phone call. A massive repentance is needed from you to rectify this idiocy and false advertising. I do not require anything specific from you, and do not wish to make your acquaintance in the future. This is between you, and those who sent me to you. Good luck rectifying your existence.

The next individual who needs to atone for their part in my extreme stress and angst, is Jesse James. Jesse was a long time teacher to me through his shows and videos. I idolized this man for being an astute machinist and teacher to young people in a world where making things, getting your hands dirty, and sacrificing pride for accomplishment is a trait looked down upon by most. I contacted Jesse James' assistant by phone several times, leaving messages and remaining in the area so that a quick meetup could be arranged if his arrogance ceased. I wanted Jesse to be my "engineer." His job was going to be helping me with making the first holy grail. Jesse had the shop, the space, and the necessary connections to fill in the blanks as problems arose during manufacture. One morning, after a long tiring journey throughout Texas, running from perceived threats, I stopped by the bank and cleared out my savings account. I offered Jesse $5,000 dollars to meet with me for ten minutes and hear my spiel. He didn't accept it, and left me searching for a new engineer with nothing to show for my troubles. Again, this storyplot is well documented. I have no reason to make Jesse's acquaintance in the future, and hope that Jesse can find a way back to redemption. I will not help. Good luck to you and all of your endeavors, even though I know you won't give a shit... until you have to. Don't worry... I'll "leave you alone" when that time comes too. From my perspective you are just another wasted genius. I hope money brings you happiness, because it seems like nothing else can.

I called those two idiots Dumb and Dumber. Why? Watch the last scene of that movie, and your confusion will be alleviated. There were several sets of "Dumb and Dumber's" throughout my journey after realization/sabbath, and considering the stories have been written in the following chapters, I'll just give a quick rundown on why these morons graduated to this depth. Brien Foerster was a potential engineer helper/broadcaster, but decided that pondering ancient ruins was more important than building new ones. What an idiot. Linda Moulton Howe was a potential broadcaster that greeted me extreme arrogance and awkwardness in the first sentence she stated on the phone. That's right. I actually talked to the bitch, essentially, going against instructions with regards to women being involved at all. My very good friend will have the email exchange we had, and may release them to the public at large as soon as I am deceased. Good luck recovering from your arrogance, Linda. Of anyone I tried to contact on this journey, you are my biggest disappointment. I hope that your celebrity status brings you everything you want in life, because your happiness is fleeting along with your age. I have no reason to talk to you ever again, and hope that I don't. Good luck dealing with your existence after this life. You've earned it.

Christopher Dunn is a machinist with great capabilities and has studied the ancient Egyptian culture related technology extensively. Christopher was another potential engineer candidate that I was never able to make contact with. A few emails were sent that could have changed his entire outlook on engineering, but they were all ignored. I assume he is like Brien Foerster. He'd rather continue soaking up tourist dollars and baby-boomer idiocy sheckels for writing about things he does not understand. We could have changed the world. I guess it was my mistake in thinking they wanted to. If I were you, I'd stop feeding their egos/bank accounts with your hard earned dollars. All they have ever given you is more questions to go with your questions, and have made a lot of money doing so. I hope the money procurement was worth it, because none of that will matter soon, and you only have yourselves to thank for the outcome after your physical existence ceases. Good luck.

Kassidi Jones. The contract breaking stripper from Lubbock, Texas. This was my second biggest disappointment in a long line of others. This is a young woman that got lucky enough to meet my acquiantance due to a friend's desires that I was trying to quell. We were in town due to an unrelated business deal, and out of extreme boredom after a long hot drive in the summer Texas heat, we decided to check out the local nightlife. Of all the clubs we researched, a strip club seemed the most satisfactory due to the timing. It was a Thursday night, and everything else seemed vacant. Originally we were going to stop by, have a beer or two, then leave. About 15 minutes into the "show" Kassidi walked by. Again, I was in no mood then, or now to be sexually gratified by any woman, her included. Regardless, she pulled up a seat next to me and began conversing about mundane garbage as most young women do. Her body was a perfect 10, so my humanity grabbed hold and drew me in to her attributes. Within the first 10 minutes worth of conversation, Kassidi explained how she had just graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in video production. Having just recently given up on Alex Jones, I was suddenly extremely interested in her abilities. After telling her a few more details about my mission, she agreed to work with us to make the video portion of my presentation to the world. I subsequently treated her like a perfect gentleman. Being in a strip club, the women were hellbent on making money. In the club Jaguar's where she worked, there is a back area called the champagne room. I was talked into taking her there several times on multiple recruitment trips to the establishment.

Every time, without failure, I asked Kassidi to leave her clothes on and sit across from me so that we could discuss the video production details. She insisted that she get naked and dance for me. I kept my hands at my sides unless she grabbed them, and talked to her at length about many subjects regarding prayer, prophecy, who I was, what my mission was, etc. A great many AHA! moments were had by Kassidi, and my progress towards hiring her was going well. After several trips to Jaguar's, which began to make me sick to my stomach on each subsequent visit, I printed a nondisclosure agreement, and her personal employment contract, then headed back for a signature. When I arrived at the club, it was barren. We were essentially alone, which allowed her to read the contracts fully, and sign them at her leisure. After she signed them, I immediately payed her her contract signing bonus in full, and we had a few drinks to celebrate. After so much time spent in that club, I felt dirty, so I asked that she didn't ask me to go back. The next day we headed down to Gruene, Texas for a familiarization with the area.

That was when it all started to fall apart. Kassidi tried to break her contract on the trip, and was an absolute cunt all the way to Gruene. I was able to talk her out of breaking her contract... then... but that was not the case in the end. After 2 trips to Mangum, having given this girl the full princess treatment, while remaining adament about not wanting ANYTHING to do with her sexually, she did break it. My priorities laid in getting our foundry built, and after a series of failed attempts at locating the proper heat resistant materials, a company in Lubbock, Texas had gotten a shipment of the correct mortar needed for our foundry. Kassidi was supposed to come back to Mangum the following day for another video shoot, so I offered her a ride with me. Apparently her birth control injection shot appointment was more important than honoring her contracts with me, so she decided, after a long drawn out procrastination attempt at gaining my sympathy, to break her contract with me for the third time. I broke contact at that point, and decided to move forward without her help. At the time of writing this, I have a lockdown ironclad, fraud, and breach of contract civil suit that I could wreck her life with. I decided to hold off on the lawsuit until I could finish this book, and get at least 1 holy grail made.

She was a disappointment because I felt like she was attracted to me, but couldn't find the words to explain why. Not that it would matter, but dealing with a childish grown up that acted like a spoiled brat was annoying in and of itself. Secondarily, I treated her like a literal princess. I saw her soul's pain while having to work at that shithole, and tried my best to employ her so that she could stop stripping. I could not understand why she would rather strip than work in a job solely dedicated to her specific degree that she had just earned, but that was what she chose ultimately. Besides being young, she was an incredibly dull ignoramous, but even after coming to this conclusion, I still tried to help this young woman out. Fast money, nigger culture, and wasteful money expenditure was her forte, and as far as I know, she is still getting naked for Mexican farm workers and degenerates that like to grab breasts for a buck. Sincerely, I hope this young woman stops getting plastic surgery (which has ruined her face), finds REAL employment, and starts to honor her word when she gives it. I've since sworn off of EVERYONE who bears the name Jones in any way. Their presence in this conquest has brought nothing but grief for myself and you by proxy. Good luck, Kassidi Jones. You're definitely going to need it.

Blaming this set of individuals for their arrogance is not entirely justified. I was only able to contact them through their secretaries and assistant, along with some email interactions that went ignored. Rob Zombie, and his wife Sherri, Mel Gerrard Gibson, Jeff Bridges, and Mike Rowe. Every one of these individuals was contacted. I was ready and willing to offer them a piece of my Holy Grail Manufacturing company in exchange for a broadcaster position so that ALL of you would be able to see these teachings in video format. They all rejected me before even getting an opportunity to speak about what I was doing. If I'm able to stay alive long enough to make videos for humanity, I will give these individuals a 4th (that's right 4th!) opportunity to interview me on camera. If I don't see these people until after their physical presence ends, I wish them all the best of luck at obtaining salvation/enlightenment for themselves. I could have given you all an instant pass through the gates, but as with everyone, money, fame, and glory was a mainstay in their psyche, so ultimately, they are not worthy of such an honor yet.

My enjoyment plummets when I have to reiterate these stories to you readers out there. I began my journey after realization with high hopes and visions of every single human obtaining salvation, and moving into the new age with a clean slate, a certain destiny, and understanding about their positional authority within the hierarchy of this universe. Unfortunately, in this particular timeline sequence, I was meant to procure these elements to your existence alone and stressed. My very dear friend Robert Bishop is my only rock. He has stuck with me through all of the money depletion, the failed attempts to gain more team members, and has kept my identity from his family under a fair amount of stress and sacrifice. Even Robert's faith has decreased to a certain degree. We've spent so much time together, he has learned more knowledge on what my mission is, than anyone who has ever graced my presence. When all is said and done, I will do whatever I can to help him be a successful person in life, and well after it. Ultimately, I will meet my fate at the end of this saga. My ego died with my unrealized soul. I do not wish harm or misfortune on anyone who has been discussed in this chapter, or the following pages of this book. My goal was simple. I wanted to procure YOUR salvation. Everyone of you who will read these words.

So far, while these words are being written, money has become a factor fighting against that conclusion. I've had my moments in life cultured with various decadences. Traveled around the world in the military, and a few times there following. My humility within the rest of my time allotted in this body, will be dedicated to making my vision a reality. Every single human in existence obtaining salvation. I will release this book for free, then take the lumps that will follow like a man. The golden rule will be my first instinct in every facet of life as long as I breathe. In essence, I wish myself luck in completing this mission, hahahaha. Enjoy reading the rest of "The Way." It is the culmination of a life's worth of dedication to alleviating you of stress, uncertainty, and sickness, both physically, and mentally. If these are the last words I write, thank you to everyone alive. I love every one of you, even if it didn't appear that way in the midst of the H.E.L.L. that I had to journey through. Please keep this in mind while passing judgement on my stylistic approach to entertaining you, while also teaching. Good luck everyone!