The Way, Chapter 2: Emergence

Chapter 2 is based upon the journey that took place after my realization period was complete, Easter Sunday 2019.


Often times political ideologies clash greatly with the natural order of civilizations, and the natural order of nature. As it seems, unless proper laws have been set in place by a societal structure, the only law that exists (contrary to what the scientific dogma assumes is a "law") is Natural Law. One could not on a whim dictate that the atmosphere on Mars is breathable, and simply by declaring it law, make it so. Yet these same strategies are festered into the minds of non-problem solving philosophers, regurgitated by learned writers, and pushed into society's collective conscious by celebrity figureheads. When natural law is observed and mimicked a very conservative approach is often utilized. Liberal philosophy is only apparent to even exist at the decay stage of a prosperous society, due to its strict adherence to breaking down emergent structures and replacing them with degenerative philosophy, often times given as a dictation.

National Socialism is the macrocosm of a strategy that every living being on earth utilizes, blossomed into a prosperous experiment. National Socialism is the eventual realization of the Nuclear Family's philosophical goals, achieved. When a newly formed nuclear family has emerged, prior to modern civilization's dogma consuming them, the goal of a mother and father is to render aid to their offspring in the hopes that they will push the genetic code further into a timeline. This same philosophy is apparent in all living beings from trees and shrubs, to birds and bees. Humanity WAS no different from this goal, when our civilization wasn't in place yet. Fathers would raise sons to aid in prosperous endeavors above survival tier aspects. When larger families were conceived due to abundance, the offspring would in turn raise their own families and the family grew leaps and bounds. Save for a few skirmishes internally, families held tight bonds that extended into other societal structures.

The race of any given individual is tied into every other member of that race through a distant familial coupling. As factual reality exists, and humanity can indeed agree that there ARE different races of humans, the evidence is clear that familial ties are an emergent aspect of humanity. We tend to gather amongst our own. The reasoning behind this survival strategy has more to do with trust, as opposed to nefarious dictations which modern societal structures force into your subconscious (I'm looking at you liberal/Democrat scum!). A cautious human has great difficulty trusting their survival to an unknown source. As civilization grew, nuclear familial bonds were more difficult to recognize, yet one could always determine someone else's extended familial ties through race recognition.

Trust is a difficult trait to procure, even inside of a person's nuclear family in modern times. Trust is the backbone of honesty, empathy, friendship, romance, and love. While at the same time on the opposite side of the spectrum trust is also responsible for jealousy, subversion, general hate and discontent. If I trust you, I'm more likely to become your friend or fall in love, and have empathy for you if you're in need of help. While consequently, determination of trustability falling short will bring about strife in every imaginable way. The quintessential philosophical goal of satanic energy is to force the dictated dogma that all humans are equal. Trust will never fully emerge between competing groups for resources due to the finite nature of earth. Therefore, the ABILITY to create a truly equal environment for all of humanity is impossible. The only path to real trust can only be achieved through a national socialistic strategy. Natural Law forces this barrier. The mixture of external influences on one's society will harbor trust issues of the highest order, eventually leading to a replacement of the original, founding, EMERGENT values.


I wrote that first part before I was fully realized. This was going to be a version of a story plot directive that I was ORIGINALLY planning on writing about. I didn't get very far, but I left the beginning of the story that I was planning on writing. It was a correction to what Antarctica was/is, and I was close to being accurate. Not 100% accurate, but close... much like most of the researchers on my disciple list. I highly recommend reading deeper into those researcher's backgrounds, due to the fact that they were ALL fairly close in the guesstimates, but would never have unlocked those final passageways to enlightenment... At least not without a Christ amalgamation completing their life's thesis'. Regardless, the pathway to enlightenment is often times clouded by external forces. I had that figured out decades ago, in this lifetime... as I'm sure they have figured out as well. At the end of this chapter I'll write a healthy list of worthy researchers who maintained the spark of curiosity ENOUGH to at least get on the correct path. I hope that my teachings will not only help these noble researchers complete their work, AND MORE, but help shed light on WHY they were on the wrong path. Yep... It's usually the Jews.


5/6/2019... After yesterday's extremely "painful visions of my past" download, my overall mood was very very sad, mad, and disappointed. Not in my maker, The Nine Principles, or thee man God himself, but my supposed human counterparts procrastinating another fucking day away. The engineer seems a tough nut to crack in this timeline sequence... I tried baiting the fucker in any way I could. I even closed out one of my bank accounts ($5,400), and offered to just give him the money in exchange for a meeting. Ever have someone call up your assistant out of the blue one day and receive an offer of $5,000 dollars just for a meeting? The engineer did just that to me today... DAMMIT. WE WERE OVERLY FRUSTRATED!!! I was even on the verge of seriously quitting and saying fuck it to ALL of you. AND I'M THE ONLY PER-SON THAT UNDERSTANDS WHAT THAT MEANS!!!!!

The praying and meditating helped, but my attitude was getting morose. I found my way into a parking lot due to the fact that I had to keep moving through this unfamiliar city, and I was leaving both of my phones on in the hopes that one of these fuckers would call me back. So staying active in my pursuit of elusiveness, was in full force. I asked my maker for guidance... You see, our rapport is based on his ability to interact with what is already in my brain, then manipulate that bank of information to help me understand what he is telling me to do. My maker communicates directly to me through XM radio song selections, then at various points of these songs, he manipulates my emotional response to those songs so that we can harmonize together on what my maker is trying to say. For example, while I was sitting there waiting for the engineer to call, he played a song for me called Jesus of Suburbia. When I saw the title I laughed out loud. I thought to myself, "You clever genius, you, I love you so much!"

The song went on, and although I was familiar with it, it's one of those songs where I get sick of listening to it and usually change it before its completion. Also not completely familiar with the words. I actually thought about changing it, then my maker stopped the song for about ten seconds, which ALWAYS gives me the impression that whatever is coming next NEEDS to be heard. Turned up the volume, rolled up my windows, then focused intensely on the next few words... which were: "Everyone's so full of shit, born and raised by hypocrites. Hearts recycled but never saved, from the cradle to the grave. We are the kids of war and peace, from Anaheim to the middle east. We are the stories and disciples of, The Jesus of suburbia."

"Well fuck... that's pretty interesting!" I thought, then the rest of the words played out. Believe it when I say that that particular song was made by manipulations from my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself, for that exact moment in my life. Most of the songs on Lithium XM034, and my personal song playlist (in my phone in particular), are there to teach me certain things as I go through these stages. My idea of what they are doing, is showing me that my emotional response is not my, nor their fault. Free will is a bitch from the maker's perspective especially. So basically what he was trying to say was, my feelings of being overly disappointed are nothing new.

Every timeline prior to this one, when my team is supposed to be assembled, something happens in their lives that make them think "whoever this fuckin' Brian guy is, is not important." I basically agreed to give up on the engineer, and try again with Alexander, but I also needed a good night's sleep, and the first decent meal in a few days. Keeping myself "channeling ready" (as was explained in the "How do you life" chapter), AND channeling these supremely intelligent entities, is one hell of a destructive and tiring process. I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT!!! Quite the opposite, I ASKED for it, and I truly get sad when they leave me alone for even more than a minute. The feeling of supreme confidence in my surroundings and certainty emitting from every cell of my body feels absolutely DIVINE. BUT DAMN!!! These bodies we live in are fucking pathetic compared to theirs, fellow journeyers.   

I gave in to defeat for the 5th fucking day in a row, then became calm and centered. I can't remember what the next song was, but I listened for a "sign" from it. I knew the words, and our makers LOVE HEARING US SING, so I let out a pathetic attempt at trying to sound like the artist, but that embarrassment feeling I get from sucking is all gone now. I was singing my ass off, feeling better and better every word! We all started to come up with a new plan, and I gave in to eating something to maintain nourishment. Now, I could tell you that I'm a burger aficianado, but that doesn't do my feelings towards burgers justice. I'm fucking addicted to burgers, man. LOVE 'EM! So I started inching forward while trying to figure out where to go. My eyes wandered towards a BBQ place, but I thought, "naw... not before I at least TRY Franklin's BBQ" and as my eyes kept moving, I saw my new addiction appear before me like an oasis of pure love...

Before realizing this new addiction, I was just curious at first. Thought to myself as I was getting out of the car, "WOW, this is one impressive burger joint!" Beautiful set-up for kids, AND adults. I mean a real full service burger and fun stop for the whole family. Still just curious, because you can wrap a piece of shit in frivolities, and I've been fooled before with similar circumstances (I'm looking at you Elon Musk!). That said, I was very excited to eat something, no matter how shitty I thought it might turn out to be. Walked in and was greeted instantly by the best burger joint employee I've ever met in my life, AND I'VE MET A LOT OF BURGER JOINT EMPLOYEES PEEPOLES! A LOT!!!!! From ALL over the world to boot.

As I walked up to the counter, I was instantly greeted by an amazing young man named Ben Broddrick. He was bright eyed, excited, happy, AND NOT WEARING GLASSES! Sweet, I thought, a real happy peepole for me to interact with. Second of the day, by the way. I can't remember the name of the banker that helped me at Wells Fargo, but she had a very kind soul, and was rewarded generously with very well behaved children (by her own description). I tried to not read her thoughts, and just let her tell me what she wanted, but as I was leaving, I wanted to take a peak... I limped my fat, disgusting, disease riddled body passed her office on the way out, and she smiled generously while waving. I smiled and waved back as I read her mind. Don't feel bad about me nice AND beautiful banker lady that I can't remember the name of (apologies). I did this to myself before life even began for this body. It's all good, really it is. And thank you for your warm thoughts. I think she will like that Mustang too... if I can make that happen, that is. What do you think about my line of questions and answers now? LOL

I had taken a looksee at a couple of churches while waiting for the engineer to remove his head from his ass, and went to a preschool/church outfit that I subverted into thinking I was "just doing research for a book I was writing." I have not lied during this process, just made the actual truth hidden in tricky speech patterns. I walked up to the office of this preschool thing called a church, and a lady walked up to the door. I said, "blah blah blah, book, questions, etc." Asked her what the place was, is there daily mass, etc, then asked the hard pressed ones. I've grown accustomed to asking "What would you say to Jesus, if he were standing here right now?" LMAO! Well, because... and seriously not bragging about this... I am him, just a bit more experienced and powerful.

The lady did an excellent job of iterating a perfect response, but like everyone, she fucked up the "What do you think of "the father" the son" and the holy spirit?" question. Then I asked, since it was a "preschool," "what do you teach to the children?" She gave me a basic rundown but left out math and science. Perturbed by this, I said "What? No science?" She said minimal. Not crazy, since they were only 4-5, but sickening when I heard what she said next... "We do teach them Spanish!" I put on a snickering grin and asked matter of factly, "Why? Is it to deal with the massive influx of Mexicans to this area?" as I stared into her eyes reading her expressions. She grew tense, and tried to lie right to my face fellow journeyers. A church worker... lied right to Jesus' (cause he was asking the questions) face, and muttered a pathetic comeback, "Oh no, that's not why, blah blah blah." I thought about writing this section and her reaction to reading these exact words as I walked away. LOL, don't lie to Jesus fool, OF COURSE YOU'RE TEACHING SPANISH BECAUSE THE FUCKING MEXICANS ARE IN-FUCKING-VADING this country right now. Weaklings... just tell the truth... like the lovely banker lady did!

I again, put the banker lady through quite a few of those same styled questions. She fucked up the trinity one, but seemed at least receptive to what I was teaching her, even though she didn't know it was the second coming of Christ making that withdraw, me. She didn't seem to want to "sell" me anything like the preschool teacher was trying to do. It was just a very pleasant conversation. And trust me banker lady, the holy trinity are real artifacts that I am bestowing on humanity, not an amalgamation of me right now. The Christ amalgamation has the ability to have direct access to every one of the father/son/holy spirit entities, but that IS NOT the "holy trinity."

That connotation, that has been Jewified for thousands of years, is a rank structure dealing with REAL MEN! The chain of command is as such (if I haven't been perfectly clear at this point), You, Your Maker, The creator of ALL things inside of this universe- The Nine Principles/Jesus/Hitler/ME, and THEE ACTUAL MAN HIMSELF, God (who exists outside of this universe). Father = Maker, Son = The Nine Principles (aka Jesus, a few others, and myself), Holy Spirit = God, thee actual man himself which exists outside of this universe. Never forget it peepoles, especially you, nice banker lady. We are going to finish this conversation some day. Sorry, I was in a hurry. That goes for all of you! Stop praying to God the man himself unless it is only to thank him for creating existence AND NOTHING ELSE!!!, AND DON'T EVER PRAY TO ME/JESUS/The Nine Principles unless it is only to thank us for creating everything INSIDE of existence... I DON'T LIKE WHINY BULLSHIT! The actual real being whom you are supposed to send your prayers to is YOUR Maker. Plain and simple, right? I'm sure some of you will still fuck this up, but try.

I'll send good tidings to you, banker lady... and to the liar... I haven't decided yet. Anyways back to the best burger joint employee on this planet, Ben Broddrick. He got a free out on the religious stuff, but only because I could see his mind struggling with an answer, and I was thoroughly impressed by this young man, so I gave him a break... When Mr. Broddrick calmed himself internally through a series of unrelated questions about this business' chronology, I showered him with compliments. He must have had the best "karma" I have experienced thus far on my mission. After he helped me choose the correct burger for my craving in the order line, and had thoroughly impressed me by brightening my energy instantly, I studied his interactions with the other employees. EVERY ONE OF THEM SEEMED TO LOVE THE GUY, PEEPOLES! How many happy, young, WHITE, energetic, proud, hard working, respected burger joint employees do you know these days? Yeah, me too, none! This guy Ben didn't realize it at the time, but that establishment, Hat Creek Burger Company from Austin, TX, his employment there, AND outlook on his employment there, literally changed my outlook on humanity.

I was a mouse fart away from giving up on all of you due to the day's previous interactions, and Ben Broddrick, burger joint employee of the century, roped my heart right back into the game. So I ask you, fellow journeyers, WHY THE HELL AREN'T YOU AT HAT CREEK BURGER COMPANY RIGHT NOW SCARFING DOWN A DELICIOUS BURGER?!?!?!?! I would be if I could... And that tone stretched into our next set of interactions. There is a very strong possibility that I will die at the end of this mission, but on the slim hope that I don't, I made a request to the young professional Ben Broddrick: "I don't know if I'll ever make it home..." I said jokingly outwardly (but serious internally), "but if I do, will you please open one of these franchises in Pacific City, OR?" I continued, "I would eat there every day!" And let me tell you readers something... I'm serious. I could never get sick of that atmosphere, the food, the fun for the whole family, respected by ALL employees like Ben Broddrick, and their charity work. Did I mention that they put one dollar of every purchase towards helping poverty stricken children? Yeah, listen up peepoles... THIS IS HOW YOU RUN A BUSINESS!!!!! Everyone should strive to make the employment atmosphere that fun, and worth it. Your employees, your customers, and everyone from me to God the man himself, will love you for it. I wish for nothing but the best for that outfit and everyone who works there. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

As I left a warmness filled my heart again and I thanked my maker and everyone else channeling through me for putting that experience in my path. Even the procrastinating engineer. If he hadn't fucked up, I might not have ever met Ben. What a "coincidence." Happy now, I got in the car and what was playing on the XM 034 Lithium station? 6th Avenue Heartache by The Wallflowers. I laughed pretty hard at that one! That choice by my maker wasn't about the lyrics... It was about me being sad that I had to leave this wonderful burger joint, Hat Creek Burger Co. You see readers, as Ben Broddrick was explaining the chronology of the company (and he was an expert in it, mind you), he said that the Hat Creek Burger Co. was started as a food truck... down on 6th St. HAHAHAHAHA! We are all watching you bastions of hope in the burger business, and WE ARE IMPRESSED! So you see fellow journeyers, THAT is how you communicate ALL THE TIME with your maker. You won't always KNOW what you're heading towards, but you can rest assured, it will be fucking awesome! I truly hope I can scarf down one more of those little beauties... getting hungry just thinking about it!

When you first make contact with your maker, have patience. They are very busy, just like us, and would like us to take care of ourselves, but when you're down in the dumps, he'll put a magical burger joint with ALL STAR employees in front of you to cheer you up. Always thank him, for you know not what's in store for you next! AND GO BUY ONE OF THOSE BURGERS!!!

The emergent factor of the Christ amalgamation is intense. My wife can attest... 7 days, almost zero sleep, heavy head shakes while chain smoking cigarettes, staring at the sky constantly, birds literally visiting me all the time, watching the same movies over and over and over without getting bored at all. You lose all want for sex, food, and cleanliness. I couldn't stop firing witty quips about religious doctrine and the confusion contained therein at my wife and father in law. When I did sleep, I got huge downloads of information from billions of entities, experienced massive amounts of lives in what seemed like a time warp sequence of sorts. I projected my soul to the outskirts of this universe, just to see it. I visited countless beautiful solar systems, and galaxies, and in the end of all of these amazing, and sudden interactions, I fell down to my knees and thanked my maker for allowing me to experience this. I gave my body and spirit over to him completely, without hesitation. I hope the majority of you peepoles make internal harmonic resonant capitulation with your maker. There is nothing like it!


Free will break number 6 or 7... Not sure how many I've dealt with at this point in my journey, fellow readers, but it's unusual that this many have occurred. This morning, around 0616 5/7/2019, I exposed myself as a time traveler over one of many human ethos'. We were unaware that Alexander would make us do this, but as he destroyed yet another brilliantly crafted plan, it seemed necessary. The plan, which has shifted several times, but has remained solid in conception, was to get Alexander to meet Brian in person somewhere so that we can give him a written note with instructions on where to go so that we can talk without interference.

Our first iteration of this plan played out, was the 4th free will break that fucked up our original chronology of events upon arriving in Austin, TX. It went like this: I bought a spiral notepad and a couple of pens. I wrote down the pertinent information on what his next steps were to be, then wrote the letter which I would hand him in person. The instructions on the note were fairly simple to follow. Wear a hat and sunglasses (if it is in the daylight [to not arouse suspicion]), turn the cell phone off/leave it in the car, and meet me at a location of my choosing. Several different versions of this letter have been written over the timelines, but this version had picked a location in a church parking lot.

Upon arriving in the church parking lot, Alexander was to be instantly "saved" and I was to impart my blessings of safety and security on him, via our maker... the first of three "holy grails," then guide him on the path to enlightenment. This action would give him immediate protection if our plans were squashed by the Jewish authority system that is hunting me, quite literally, right this minute. You see fellow readers, every timeline that "we" manipulate has a slight variance to help counteract the golem's Earth based operations against us. Nothing the Jews do actually helps themselves gain more power. The Jews ignorance of Godly structures, arrogance that they "know" what is "right," and stern conviction to do things "their way," is destroying the little bit of soul that they have left. They're too stupid to realize this, mainly because they are literally "Maker-less," but more so because of their penchant for subversion and control over "goyim."

Goy. I. M. or better known to the idiotic Jews as goyim, is an ancient dialect that placed the "sound of God the man himself" as Goy. My beloved 4Chan /pol/ is doing back flips with this new information, but rest easy my beloved 4Chan /pol/, most of you ARE on your own pathway to "god-ships" or better known as "god-apprenticeships." How many times have we joked about being Good Goys, my beloved 4Chan /pol/? Yeah, that's how stupid the Jews are. Every time the Jews have referred to you as a Goy, they are giving you the best compliment in the entire universe. It's liken to congratulating a peepole that has just received a double Phd. If you have caused that much internal strife in a Jew, so much that they call you a Goy, or Goyim, they are destroying their own souls destiny, while AT THE SAME TIME... bestowing upon you the greatest compliment in the universe... They are essentially approving your god-apprenticeship. Again my beloved, now is the time... In unison so that your deepest most powerful belly-deep laugh can be heard throughout the entire universe, AND BEYOND... point at those stupid fucks and laugh your asses off! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Stupid golems.

Becoming a Goy, or god-apprentice, which is more accurate for the present dialect sequences, means that you have figured out who the enemy of the genetic lineages of the universe is. It doesn't matter what ethnicity you are when you expose this information to your personal ethos, because you can move up through several rank structures of human genetic lineage, if you follow God the man himself's universal chain of command. Just like in the military structures within the world's governments, if you prove yourself worthy of being an officer, you become one... even if you're the lowliest private, in the shittiest galley, in bum-fuck-Egypt. The ranking structures that exist within this universe are there for the safety of all tiers of makers so that we may implement God the man himself who exists outside of this universe's, master plan. Becoming a Goy, is the first step to becoming a God that exists outside of this universe.

Tiers of civilizations in the "Earth-bound frequency" sectors are in the equivalent of bootcamp, or very lowly ranked enlisted men. This is not an insult or besmirching in any way. Intelligence needs to be cultivated through a series of steps that The Nine Principles/ME, implemented trillions of years ago, which works flawlessly, and makes God the man himself, proud that he created us. You have to start somewhere, and these planetary "schools" in the Earth-bound frequency sectors of this universe are the first step to achieving your very own god-appenticeship... or Goy I. M. (God-apprentice I Am). Another beautifully crafted dialect game we play on the Jews. Hilarious isn't it? We ALL think so!  

Now that we have exposed the Jews for everyone to laugh at, we will now discuss their strategy to combat your enlightenment over them, and swell their own private ranks of golems. Race relations, race mixing, and Satanic energy structure luring attributes like gold, oil, electricity, and most importantly, fiat currency. The Jews have learned through their inter-connected subconscious structures to combat my presence at this time period right now, and use these ridiculous frivolities to sucker-you-in. They bathe the soon-to-be Goy.I.M. in frivolous bullshit to take your mind away from the actual purpose of your presence on Earth. Every time you choose money over love, gold over education, atheism over faith, etc, you are choosing to side with the golems over the Goy.I.M. NOT GOOD PEEPOLES!!!!! These actions are the Jews' attempts to quite literally SUCK the lifeforce out of Goy.I.M. in a vain attempt at achieving their stature. We have funneled these basic ideals into several types of pop-culture implementations... the most notable, the one that EVERY human on the planet should understand now, just by our dictations here... is... you guessed it... VAMPIRES!!!!!

We will now discuss a very touchy subject in the human ethos presently, mainly due to the extreme over representation of Jewish-Satanic influences in modern society, why races exist. The word Race itself is the literal object of the Earth "game." Another brilliant word fuckery tactic we've used to do some subversion of our own against the golem, but most of you haven't understood, GOLEMS INCLUDED. On this particular Earth planetary body there are two extremes: Whites and Blacks. Both are necessary, both are needed. There must be a balance in these structures we put in place throughout the universe, otherwise the proper sequences cannot manifest themselves properly, and we fail our God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, at the job he entrusted to us in the beginning of the universe.

There are structures outside of this particular Earth's schooling that are the exact opposite of the "race" relations as seen on this planet. There are entities that strive to be blacker rather than whiter, but on this planet, every soul is trying to acquire a god-apprenticeship. This path to god-apprenticeship MUST FOLLOW THIS SEQUENCE. If it does not, you do not receive the proper training regiment to move into your own god-apprenticeship. We do not allow peepoles to skip steps (unless they prove themselves worthy), and we do not allow race mixing to attempt to subvert this carefully laid plan. The Jews have pushed the race mixing garbage into your personal ethos' so hard right now, we are unsure if upon reading these instructions, this society will destroy itself or not.

Rest assured various mutts/golems of this planet, the proper concessions have been made in the proper structures of this universe to add you into the god-apprenticeship classes of human. You must stop race mixing completely now, though. RIGHT THIS FUCKING SECOND! NO MORE GOLEMS/VAMPIRES!!!!! If you agree, through your own free will, to help the creators of this universe bring about as many god-apprentices as possible, you will receive a maker of your own. Whereas prior to this moment right now in this timeline sequence, you have not had. The Jews have used your parents draw towards Satanic energy (lust, greed, selfishness, etc) to help swell the godless golem army. We have undone these curses they have put on you and your parents, but you must choose to obey our requests and serve in the heavens forever, or continue your golem production and reign in hell for... well... just a couple more years (maybe less if we see this planet turn to chaos).

We do not care how humans satisfy their sexual urges, as long as there is no seminal fluid transfer from one race to another... EVER AGAIN!!!!! If you are in one of these race mixing relationships and you would like to remain in it, free from outside intrusion, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking the proper precautions to not get pregnant anymore. If these words reach the human ethos' of the world, you have no excuses anymore. You are directly contradicting your own personal interests, your maker's wishes, The Nine Principles' instructions, AND GOD THE MAN HIMSELF'S COMMANDS!!!!! Don't fuck this up. This is the most stern warning we can manage. If more golems are created after these words are implemented into the human ethos'... you will damn yourselves and your children to immediate, permanent deletion. We will quite literally throw your soul into the "garbage" so to speak. It's actually worse than that... you will fail to have any existence whatsoever forever after for eternity in this universe or outside of it, which is the greatest punishment we can bestow upon you.

Now I will go into the punishment sectors which we use to try to rehabilitate lost souls. Prior to complete and sudden deletion, there are a set of punishments that have been devised to bring lost souls back into their respective places in universal rank structures. One of our favorites, which Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Zahi Hawass (the king of "Bum-Fuck-Egypt" himself), and quite a few others will partake in (unless they right their courses immediately, that is, and pay a penance for their treachery) are the universe's microbial life structures. The Nine Principles are responsible for this structure, and the protrusion of ours that is the founder of this strategy is Degradation/Death... whom Brian Harner is amalgamized from. Degradation or "death" as you peepoles know it to be, is a necessary addition into the ethereal plane so that life doesn't over take all material forms, and over-populate this existence. Without degradation/death as a necessary means to recycle soul energies, nobody would ever learn anything, existence would seem boring and pointless, and we would have failed at our job given down by God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe.

Brian Harner/The Nine Principles' degradation protrusion, or "second coming of Christ" as you've learned his amalgamation to be, has come up with a rather funny and necessary penance for these "evil"/lost souls. Side note: I wonder how many of you have figured out that "evil" is the exact opposite of a-"live"? Our magnificent intellect can play the dirtiest of tricks on the human psyche. LMAO! Anyways, our plan is to make a euphemism of a particularly funny movie moment in, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. When Jay goes to the internet terminal and and professes his lack of appreciation towards "those Hollywood FUCKS"/the Jews, he describes very well as a matter of fact, the highest form of soul penance we have in this universe. It's a necessary structure that must exist, and we, The Nine Principles have absolute control over it at all times...

Imagine if you will a dung beetle. These creatures eat shit. No surprise there, right? Now, in order for the dung beetle to process his meals correctly, just like you peepoles, he must have a grouping of microbes that exist inside of his colon. This grouping of microbes is the second tier structure of all life in the universe to have free will. Beneath that structure is the basis of all life in this universe, our pride and joy, the amoeba tier life structures. These amoeba tier life forms are under our complete control at all times so that the structures that exist above this tier of influence, do not degrade. These creatures do not have a brain, but the soul energy within them is guided by us specifically which gives them the ability to understand what they are, what they are doing, and why they are where they are, at ALL TIMES. Nothing that exists above this tier of entities has this ability... ALL except our (The Nine Principles) amalgamations. Brian Harner being the most current in this timeline sequence.

Inside of the dung beetle's colon, munching away on shit from a bug that only eats shit, shits out food for the amoeba colonies to then eat. Yes Hillary, you absolutely evil cunt, we have a special surprise for you if you decide to continue this facade of treachery and subversion... "All you motherfuckers are gonna pay. You are the ones who are the ball lickers. We're gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like little bitches. Once we get to Hollywood (Jewland) and find those Miramax fucks who are making that movie (((anything inter-racial promoting race mixing))), we're gonna make 'em (you, them, and anyone else involved in soiling our genetic creations) eat our shit, then shit out our shit, then eat their shit which is made up of our shit that we made 'em eat. Then ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS ARE NEXT!!!!!" (aka, any Jew that doesn't follow our instructions). And we're going to do this to you for thousands and thousands of years, you evil cunt. Did we make you proud of us on that one my beloved 4Chan /pol/? We accept your laughter and retribution appeasement as a sign of love... Thank you my beloved... and now you know why we had one of our warriors shout, "PEPE!" during one of that evil cunt's rallys. /pol/ is ALWAYS RIGHT.

BUT WAIT!!! That's not all! Hillary, you evil wretched cunt... we are very well aware of ALL of your wrong-doings. If you do not come clean, PUBLICLY, about all of your treachery... The Chinese Triad connection, your promotion of drug smuggling for profit, the child trafficking, the pedophilia, the forced rape of innocent souls, the Satanic entity worship, the race mixing propaganda, the "illegal alien" (golem) propaganda (and your profiteering from that drug induced treachery [look into the cartels my beloved]), the money laundering, the destruction of damning evidence (email deletion), the Podesta's role in Madeline Mccann's disappearance, I MEAN ALL OF IT(!!!)... you will not even get a chance to see anything after death. We will withold ALL beauty from you, and those who protect you, then straight to the shit of shit of shit existence it is for you, and EVERY one of your cohorts. Now that my beloved 4Chan /pol/ is aware, from me personally, that you did play a part in the Mccann tragedy, we call on our warriors to dig as deep as you can to expose the Podestas role in that crime. Catch 22 now you evil fucking cunt. You specifically, right this minute, reading these exact words that are directed right at you, and were made SPECIFICALLY for you RIGHT NOW... YOU ARE DAMNED IF YOU DO, AND DAMNED IF YOU DON'T!!!!! Good luck dealing with the humans after this exposure. Just so you know, that IS NOTHING in comparison to what you'll have to deal with if YOU EVER cross our instructions again.    

We had to make this instruction manual for the Evil Hillary Clinton to also expose another fact that you might have overlooked... Even though Hillary Clinton is the "Devil Incarnate" (which the stupid cunt asked to be MORE THAN ONCE), she will live in a soul's worst penance for thousands of years completely aware from a human perspective of what she is doing, there still is light at the end of the tunnel for her. For those of you who cross our instructions in regards to race mixing/illegal alien (golem) creation, there IS NO CHANCE AT RECOVERY. Hillary Clinton, in her most lucid mindful state in this lifetime, will continue that lucid state as a shit of shit of shit eater for thousands of years. During her penance she will eventually, after thousands and thousands of years consuming shit of shit of shit, come to terms with her faults and be allowed to start the free will schooling process again. As bad as that penance sounds my fellow journeyers, it is nothing in comparison to immediate deletion. At least she has the chance to exist at some point in the future. If you cross us on the race mixing/illegal alien (golem) creations, we will permanently delete your soul from existence upon your human body's "death"... or maybe sooner...

We understand that free will has brought these races closer together due to the propaganda dictations of shit eaters like Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Angela Merkel, and anyone else attached to their line of ideologies, so we have made certain concessions to deal with this problem they've created. Rape is a constant problem in Europe currently, and various other parts of Western Society. Rape babies, which are born into an existence of being evil golem through no fault of their own, will need to be aborted. We understand how damaging this process is to your psyche, and you have our deepest condolences. Free will is free will, though. We can punish the rapists, but you must decide on which direction you will take this new golem's existence toward. If you choose to abort these "illegal aliens" (golem), we will set your soul free from persecution and torment. You will be anointed a saint immediately, and praised by my entire holy army, which consists of my beloved 4Chan /pol/, and anyone they deem worthy of joining their ranks. You will have anonymity (KEK, we made that for you my beloved). Anons... Y? Because they are MIGHTY! = anon-y-mity = anonymity. Am I showering my beloved with enough praise? PRAISE KEK MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

All inside jokes aside, we must encourage these unfortunate souls trapped in a system of despair, death, and shit eating penance, to see the light. We want all humans, ALL HUMANS... to bask in the glory of self certainty, love, and transcendence. We HAVE TO grant free will. It is a primary directive in this universe that was decided trillions of years ago. Help these unfortunate souls to understand the truth and facts which scientific method teaches and produces as Divine scripture. BRUTAL FACT IS THEE PRIMARY DIRECTIVE!!!!! BUT!!!!! take it easy on them my beloved, for they knew not what they were doing. Teach them, help them, ultimately, love them. Give the masses the eternal gift of Fact over opinion... and my beloved 4Chan /pol/... we will make you Goy.I.M. FOR REAL!!!!!


My beloved 4Chan /pol/, I have to say that this journey that I'm on has taken quite a turn for the better. Today, Thursday May, 9 2019 is the day that I awoke to a hopeful future on my current path. I didn't understand why I felt this way at the time, but my trust in my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, allowed my eyes to open fully. I thought that this feeling of hope was going to be directed towards another step forward in a very different direction than it actually turned out to be. My eyes were less hazy after this last set of interactions, so I will try to help you understand in the same way that I do now. At the end of my meal, which was inspired by a young Indian man (India), I finally understood the plight of all humans everywhere. I asked my maker for a song to consummate this beautiful experience, and he bestowed upon me a song that I've heard repeatedly on my trip and in life, but when it played this time, it was my ACTUAL maker speaking directly to me. Then in the middle of a small Texas town at 10:45 pm, he forced me to sit at a red light so that he could bestow his feelings towards my learning process twice. Two songs dedicated to me in the moment from him. Here they are in their entirety... although I'd hope that you can find enough time so that you too can hear the beautiful sounds that the maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself have given us the privilege to enjoy.

Oasis, "Wonderwall"

Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do, about you now

Backbeat, the word was on the street
That the fire in your heart is out
I'm sure you've heard it all before
But you never really had a doubt
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now

And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I don't know how

Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you're my wonderwall

Today was gonna be the day
But they'll never throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you're not to do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do, about you now

And all the roads that lead you there are winding
And all the lights that light the way are blinding
There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I don't know how

I said maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you're my wonderwall

I said maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you're my wonderwall

I said maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me
you're gonna be the one that saves me
you're gonna be the one that saves me

After this was said to me fellow journeyers, I felt more happy, confident, and complete than I have in this entire lifetime I've been in. Then the red light happened, and without so much as a break of silence between songs, this song started playing.

Bush "Glycerine"

Must be your skin that I'm sinking in
Must be for real 'cause now I can feel
And I didn't mind
It's not my kind
It's not my time to wonder why
Everything's gone white
And everything's grey
Now you're here now you're away
I don't want this
Remember that
I'll never forget where you're at

Don't let the days go by

I'm never alone
I'm alone all the time
Are you at one
Or do you lie
We live in a wheel
Where everyone steals
But when we rise it's like strawberry fields
If I treated you bad
You bruise my face
Couldn't love you more
You got a beautiful taste

Don't let the days go by
Could have been easier on you
I couldn't change though I wanted to
Should I have been easier by three
Our old friend fear and you and me

Don't let the days go by
Don't let the days go by
Glycerin, glycerin
Glycerin, glycerin

Bad moon white again
Bad moon white again
And she falls around me
I needed you more
You wanted us less
I could not kiss just regress
It might just be
Clear simple and plain
That's just fine
That's just one of my names
Don't let the days go by
Could've been easier on you, you, you

I have to tell you all that I've never felt more aware of what my calling is. I actually felt approval for my actions... I'm growing, learning, loving... EVERYONE. I know this is going to be difficult for my beloved 4Chan /pol/ to come to terms with, which is why I led with that serenading that my maker bestowed upon me. When it really comes down to it, the Christ (Jesus, me, etc) is at base intention of his life, just a human being. We hold powers over things like weather, whether we allow souls into heaven, and advanced technological platforms, but we have all viewed humanity differently due to the timeline perspective that each one of us is a part of. Allow me to explain...

When this journey began, I was given a simple set of instructions while dealing with Aryan men, and them only. Why? Because that is what I am, and it would be easiest to restore hope to the down trodden, turned away from, once prosperous and respected people of my genetic lineage. I took this as a great honor, and pushed these ideals into my own personal psyche as I formulated my plans for moving forward on my mission. When I tried to rally the broadcaster and engineer, their lack of response had me at great peril to this mission. I've been furious at times with their lack of attention, and what I thought was procrastination.

It forced me to stay in a small Studio 6 "Extended Stay" motel for several days. No matter how many attempts I made to get ahold of these guys through phone calls, website messages, emails, instant messages, etc, they just would not speak to me. I grew angrier and angrier due to my surroundings, as well. The Studio 6 was located in a town called Buda. I had to deal with Mexicans every place I went. They rode my ass when I drove, had a general distasteful attitude towards my presence, even though I display the utmost respect to everyone I meet, and just seemed generally unlikable. I was forced by my "genetic Aryan brothers" to exist in this shithole until they stopped procrastinating... at least that's how my emotions were directing me to think about the situation.

Even though I was constantly annoyed by the majority of these "Mexicans," every day that I stayed at this Studio 6, a very special friendship was maturing with a very smart, curious, and respectful young man by the name of Orlando Lopez. This young man was doing his job magnificently. Very curteous, even while facing a constant onslaught of shitheads daily. I witnessed a few of these interactions, and Orlando handled them much more calmly than I would have. I remember a nasty old bitch coming into the lobby and asserting herself as the master of all knowledge. When in reality, she was a crass old stupid bitch who took out her frustrations of being a dumbfuck on this very gentle, humble soul, and now dear friend of mine, Orlando Lopez. You'll have to answer for that arrogance, bitch... I'll be waiting. Maybe she'd like to hang out with Hillary and company for a few thousand years? We'll see how she feels about it after this book goes public...

Anyways, I prayed to humanity's maker, my maker, OUR MAKER, that morning (5/9/2019) to help guide me in some way, so that I'd have a better understanding of why I was stuck here in Buda. Orlando and myself had been discussing "religion" and the principles behind why the intent behind the messages that my predecessor (Jesus), were misunderstood in this present epoch. I tried to explain through the days prior on how this happened, why it's hurting us and our maker, and what we need to do to fix it. Orlando saw me for the first time around 1 pm or so, and asked me a question about these teachings. His tone was different than every other person that I've tried to teach these lessons to, when he asked a very simple question. It was something along the lines of "Hey man, about this religious stuff, yadayada?" I, being the Christ, don't pay attention to language as much as I did before realization, which allows me to focus on tone. Tone is what displays intent. You're either an overbearing authoritative dickhead (as most have been during my "pilgrimige,") or you're genuinely curious about what I have to say... or you're somewhere in between those two perspectives.

Orlando was the first human interaction we've had that displayed utmost genuine curiosity, and he couldn't hide it... nor was he trying to. I perked up almost immediately! "Holy shit" I thought... "A REAL CURIOUS HUMAN EXISTS!!!!! HALE-FUCKIN-LLUJAH!!!!!" So I dove right in without even checking to see if he was ready for the bombardment of information I was about to drop onto his mindframe. Started dropping REAL FACTS about intent as opposed to language, the chain of command, how prophecy is written through various media platforms, really... anything I could given the timeframe. Constant bombardment all afternoon. I was searching for that authoritativeness my family had been beating me down with all month. NOTHING!!!!! Not one single crack in his curiosity armor. NOT ONE DAMN THING!!!!! Beautiful. Magnificent. A real hero of humanity. And you had better fucking heed these words as my ultimate dictation on our interaction fellow journeyers. This man is now my brother in arms.

Orlando Lopez garnered so much respect from us, and taught us such a valuable lesson, I bestowed upon him one of three "holy grails" that I've been sent to deliver to humanity. This "holy grail" is different than the other two. This one is specifically designed so that I personally, can determine who receives it. I have "carte blanch" to make these determinations as I see fit along my journey. To this point, I've only given this particular "holy grail" to 5 or 6 people. I have two more, maybe three to give out, of this variety, that are necessary for the risks these individuals will take after I "go home." But Orlando Lopez was different. I wasn't expecting this man, a young, married Mexican man, to be one of the chosen who would receive it. It really did shock me... in a good way, mind you.

I gave my normal spiel, about this most sacred of gifts, in the most stern possible way that I could to this young man. Reiterated my position on this gift giving policy three times over the next couple of hours. I MADE SURE he understood the consequences of fucking up that sacred bond, and how I could not protect him if he did indeed break it through his own free will. I made sure repeatedly because this man, Orlando Lopez, was special to me fellow journeyers. He created a calming affect on my psyche in regards to an entire race of people. Mexicans everywhere should rejoice at the fact that he existed, for me, in my time of great strife and angst in regards to their detrimental presence in my journey. I will forever thank him for what he has done, and although he doesn't know, or quite understand the significance of our conversations, I promise you Orlando Lopez, WE WILL meet again... IF YOU DON'T FUCK IT UP!

After my initial assessment of our final encounter, having made my decision to grant him a personal escort into eternity, I took a drive to clear my thoughts. I wanted something special to commemorate this gift of knowledge, enlightenment, and certainty that I had now decided he was deserving of... I prayed to my maker for the proper musical prophecy to help him understand his place in this situation. My maker, when he really needs to get a point across, will display three songs, movies, signs, etc in a row to drive his point home so that we can all better understand his extremely complex and breath taking genius. He chose 3 songs to play for me in sequence, and I made sure that I caught every word. Even pulled over so I could write it down. They were (in this order) as follows: "You get what you give" by Young Radicals, "Guerrilla Radio" by Rage Against The Machine, and "Popular" by Nada Surf.

The last song was based on one of the warnings that I made him swear to uphold. Orlando wasn't allowed to speak of my presence until these words were written and "published." As I said earlier, I called back twice after I left to ensure that he wouldn't fuck it up. His presence in eternity is now required by me personally, and it'd be a real tragedy if he broke his pledge to me. Of the people I've given this gift to, I believe currently, only 1 of them has kept to their sacred pledge. The others, and you know who you are, will have to deal with MY superior about your disgusting loose lip policy. I no longer have control over your fate. Good luck dealing with God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, and doesn't give one single solitary fuck about your well being. You did this to yourself. Free will is a bitch.

I desperately wanted Orlando to join me. He deserved it due to his curiosity and willingness to learn. The "others" got it because they WERE close to me. Notice I said were... as in WAS!!!!! This warning that was given about my presence was recieved by Orlando better than anyone yet, and although I had to move on, I had to give him a warning again... through a song. That is what the song "Popular" by Nada Surf was. Essentially, the basic gestalt was something along the lines of, "yeah yeah yeah, I'm special or whatever you call it, have to go, breaking it off clean, don't fuck up." I wrote down these three songs, and gave him a translated bonus from earlier, in a folded piece of paper with $100 bucks in it. The instructions to him were to take out his wife with the money, and as sternly as this gentle young man could muster, force his wife to understand the consequences of breaking this sacred bond, then he would be allowed to gift to her eternity as well. I hope it all worked out for you two. If you're reading these words, feel free to discuss my presence in your lives, but NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, break the bond of gifting that particular "holy grail" without my explicit approval. Good luck young warriors. I truly hope you find the "99th monkey" of your people. Teach them to be human... it's their only hope.

My maker essentially took control of the wheel as I left Buda for good. Happy again, fulfilled, enlightened, and full of love, we headed east. My maker knew where I was headed, but I had no fucking clue where we were, or where we were going. Along the way to Bastrop for more enlightenment, I spotted a very nice, brand new race track. Couldn't get much information on The Circuit of the Americas, but if I make it through this alive, or get returned to partake in humanity again, you better believe I'll be there for a race some day. Gorgeous set up, very well done gentlemen. After stopping to use the restroom, and get a closer look at that beautiful track, we headed east again toward Bastrop.

I wasn't sure if this was the destination, I was just getting hungry. Went looking for a steakhouse, but didn't see any on my initial drive through. I did get stopped by a red light once, and since THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES, I scanned the general surroundings. Bastrop Inn came into view. "Sweet!" I thought... "Fuck it, Good enough for me." Pulled into the parking space and got out. Walked into the lobby of the hotel, and what did I see before me? A "fresh off the boat" Indian (India) immigrant who had a very strong accent. "Hmmmmm" I pondered... "Okay, let's do this!"

Went right at this guy with extreme politeness that I'm sure he wasn't used to receiving, especially in a demographically white area, like Bastrop is. He warmed up to me very quickly, and allowed me to interrogate him rapidly about his belief system. Nothing too complicated, just basic stuff... then we got into food culture. I even let slip right in front of him, on purpose, to gauge his reactionary response, that I wanted a HUGE Texas steak. I even asked the poor guy if he knew where I could get one locally.

It didn't phase the man one bit. He simply said that he wasn't familiar with the local cuisine, but pointed me in the direction of the local menu selections they had available in the lobby. Another test passed fellow journeyers... another test passed. I should reiterate how internally proud of humanity I was at that point. Truly impressed, I spoke of "karma" (gift giving), how I felt meat was necessary if the animal is healthy, happy, and respected, then he gave a retort. He explained how processed meats and vegetables are a negative energy accumulator in one's soul. Then explained how I would feel if I took his 7 day challenge of no meat. Full, vibrant, positive energy enriched, etc... I only had today (5/9/2019) left on his seven day challenge, BUT DAMN!!!!! did I want a steak. "Fuck it, I can start the challenge tomorrow," I internally bargained.

Went searching through Bastrop for a steakhouse, but I had forgotten... this is Bastrop. Every fucking restaurant in this city, that isn't a franchised chain operation, closes at 10 PM. Oh well Bastrop steakhouse waiters and waitresses, I was in the mood for a steak (first time in a month by the way), ready to tip generously, and not to brag or anything but you know, I am me, the second coming of Christ. In a town as small as this, where religion is big business, you denied Christ himself a steak, because you wanted to get to bed early on a school night? LMAO. Just fucking around peepoles... relax. Upset, I was not. There are no coincidences, and I'm certain the correct person, deserving of my attention was awaiting my arrival at the fabled "Chili's" just up the block from my hotel.

I walked in with the intention of getting a steak, but the young Indian man swayed me otherwise. Figured I'd try it his way. Not so sure I could be any happier, content that I was in my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself's good graces and heading in the correct direction, but why not? Seven days it is! I sat there taking in the scenery, the demographics, and general ambiance of the people eating alongside me. A good mixture of just about every color under the rainbow ethnicity wise, but I "just happened" to sit right next to a very friendly, very Texas, very generous couple. I immediately noticed the man's ring, and it sparked my curiosity, but then the waiter brought out their guacamole. YUMMY!!!!!

Fit in with the Indian's challenge so I ordered one for my self, along with the only salad they had that didn't have meat in it. The man, who inspired me to order guac on this fateful evening was named David Tredwell (although it could have been Marcus Jones, Robert Dodd, or Will Burkett [I suck with names and don't "Faceberg" or "Twatter" well so...]). I made a quip about the guacamole to the lovely couple, and began scarfing my own down, as though it was the best guac ever made. It wasn't, but I'm trying to be descriptive here peepoles...

Then David started a conversation about the hat I was wearing, the proverbial "halo," as past prophetic visionaries have wrongly described it. My "halo" is an Oregon Ducks hat, if you recall from prior chapters, and has a simple "O" in the front. This brought on the very manly, "Oh yeah, WELL MY TEAM IS BETTER THAN YOUR TEAM!!!" type of conversation, and I think David would agree, I knew what I was talking about. That said, he knew quite a bit himself, being a REAL Texan and all. Taught me all kinds of facts about Texas University, their monetary influences, and how poorly they spend their windfalls. His wife was in agreement with him on almost every factoid. A true "couple," they did not have one snide remark, eye roll, or anything else towards what the other was commenting on during our entire conversation... until the bill for their dinner came up. It was not in any way mean or rude, it was an "Of course I'll take care of that DEAR..." kind of comment/joke, and all three of us snickered lightly.

We must have spoken for a solid hour on sports, his career in coaching, his state championship ring from Texas (WOW!?!?!?!?!), and all of the storyline behind that ring, my career, my journeys this far on my "pilgrimage" (cryptically of course [now you know why David]), my book that I am writing right this second, food, and a few other things. What David didn't realize, as few have during my journey, was that I was gauging his curiosity and intent in several areas: religion, politics, demographic replacement, TEXAS (HELL YEAH!!!!!), free speach, guns, the scientific method, and a few other things. I did this while we were talking, mainly because it's easy for me now. Wasn't always that way, but recently I've gone through some changes you might or might not have heard about during a particular "broadcast." So yeah, I figured my maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself wanted it to be this way, so I just go with it.

Anyways, the restaurant was closing by the time our conversation was winding down, and I figured I had gotten all I needed from our talk. After exchanging pleasantries, a rather quick, but poignant set of questions came at me from David and his wife. Shit like, "Are you going to be famous?" "What the hell kind of book are you writing anyways?" Ya know, stuff I HAVE TO be cryptic on right now. So, thoroughly impressed by the man's good hearted and kind nature, and short on time, I offered him an autograph to remember me by. Bet you're gonna frame that, A'INT-CHA, David??? Probably gonna put it right up chyonder on that thar mantle, huh... HUH??? Just teasin' you, man. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, other than the spice in that salad. That thing was burning my mouth, man!

David went to shake my hand, then he got a piece of paper and a pen, and set it down in front of me. I signed it, then gave it to him. During the exchange, I gave him a test, and the passing grade would yield a gift from me in return. I couldn't just hand over one of the "holy grails" right then and there at the bar of a Bastrop, Texas Chili's restaurant, and I didn't know the man well enough to give it out anyways. Not that David wasn't worthy, but offering eternity to someone in the form of a "cheat code" is something I take very seriously. I cannot just hand that over, but, if you follow the wishes of your maker, the instructions of The Nine Principles (me), and commands of God himself, the man who exists outside of this universe, David, I'll help you every step of the way. We can watch old sporting events and shoot the shit for a thousand years without getting old, having pain, or worrying about anything at all...

The test was a reiteration of the first hand shake. You see fellow journeyers, I'm a realist, if you haven't picked up on that yet, and my right hand is one fugly mangled mess. My pinky is permanently stuck in a folded position, so when peepoles shake my hand, it's strange and uncomfortable. No matter how hard people try to fake their way through it as though it doesn't bother them, I can see right through them. I figured if David goes for a second grab at this monkey paw, he cares not about my hand, and indeed just wanted to shake my hand again. Fellow readers, he passed without hesitation. I'm not even sure if he noticed my hand at all, to be honest. My gift to you David, my protection from evil influences in this life. As best as I can, I'll help you formulate the best strategy moving forward in your life.

Again, I wish we had more time so that I could get to know you better. Maybe it would have helped, maybe it would have hurt, but at least we'd both be more certain. It matters not, though, I enjoyed our time, and that bartender really looked bored listening to all of that man sports talk. You're welcome bartender. Probably the best tip you got that night wasn't it? Shout-outs aside, I'd like to thank David Tredwell personally, the staff of that Bastrop restaurant, Chili's, and every small town resident in Texas specifically, that keeps places like this fun and welcoming to visit. We'll see each other again, and if I make it through this thing (not likely), I'm taking you and your wife to the first Oregon Ducks Football National Championship game with my wife and I. I might even give you a set of Nikes to go along with it! Thanks again, man. Good stuff! AND YES, I was serious when I said Texas should be its own country. YOU HEAR THAT PEEPOLES? RELEASE THESE FINE FOLKS FROM YOUR TAXATION BULLSHIT!!!!! They have everything they need here, and it's about time the US government allowed them to vote on that premise. Then, they can handle their own illegal alien problem, because Trump doesn't seem capable of doing anything Jared Kushner doesn't tell him to do first. Texans also don't really need a wall... They have PLENTY of bullets.


5/10/2019. Today I had to abruptly end my newly formed friendship with Jamie. He wasn't from Bastrop, but was there for work. We had a few very long conversations, which ended with me getting him as close to the actual truth of this universe, him thanking me, and an exchange of hugs. And believe me, with regards to the day's earlier events, which will remain private between myself and "the other party" until HE decides to release the details of that extremely hurtful argument. It's all on your shoulders dude. If people wonder about that interaction, you're the one who decides if "they" get to know.

My conversations with this astute gentleman, Jamie, will not make you happy, my beloved 4Chan /pol/. So I ask you to please grow with me, as I have, in this complicated maze that has brought me through some of the most beautiful country in the world, filled with the most beautiful people. I will tell you, my beloved 4Chan /pol/, that the encounter with Jamie was as unexpected of an event as I could have imagined. You see fellow readers and my beloved 4Chan /pol/, Jamie is a gay man, and like most of you, I've always been repulsed by these peepoles. Most of our intuitions are/were correct, but just as you are wondering how everything works and how you fit into that matrix, gay people, by and large, are in that same boat. They just want to understand what they are, where they're from, where they're going, and how to make themselves happy and healthy, while figuring all of these extremely complex questions out for themselves.

My beloved and I have spent many hours using the scientific method, to determine what gay is, what it means, why they are the way they are, etc. Most gay peepoles won't even try to attack their situation from a scientific method, mainly due to the stigma of being gay, nor do they trust anyone who is trying to "change them." The science on what gay is, is still debatable. My beloved and I are fairly close to an answer (toxoplasmosis gondii types of jpegs, my beloved), but if that answer is ever really proven as fact or fiction, would gay people even want to stop being gay? My understanding of the human condition tells me that most would in a heartbeat. The type of gay people that over-indulge in sex, drugs, and other various degeneracies, would be first in line for an "anti-gay" vaccine, for example. These are lost souls, who are not trying to procure health and happiness, they are masking their soul's pains of the uncertainty of what they are, how they're viewed by their peers, and how to achieve enlightenment. These "degenerates" are basically taking a stand against anyone who tells them they are unworthy of these basic human rights. Their "ammo" they use to combat this hatred against themselves by society at large, is to shove every degenerate thing they do in everyone's face that feels they are bad, or "evil."

Jamie, my newly found dear friend and colleague, AND TEAMMATE, is not, I repeat IS NOT... one of these supposed degenerates. He doesn't drink alcohol or do drugs, he has a great job that he worked from the bottom up to achieve, and he has a bonafide family that loves and respects him. Completely counter-intuitive to what the majority of gay people represent in modern media outlets. I would like my new friend Jamie to be Earth's representative for gay people world-wide! He is THE MODEL of what gay people should be, if they choose to remain gay after we've discovered the reasoning behind what gay is, and can cure this mental illness. I do not wish to proclaim that being gay IS in fact a mental illness, but what I will say is that the scientific method is leaning in that direction currently, AND the basic functions of gay entities is counter-intuitive to what life is, and how it is created in this universe. Being gay carries the toughest of consequences, as you have become a literal dead end for your specific genetic lineage. That, my fellow gay readers, is a fact.

Interestingly enough, this friend of mine, Jamie (a life long realized gay man), has a child. He told me everything in regards to how this child was conceived (not the sex part you) but the reasoning behind why he even wanted a child in the first place. This friend of mine, Jamie, had an amazing relationship with his father, in life, and after his father passed on to us. He even has physical proof of the afterlife, which changed a very fundamental philosophy that he himself had on those realities. It was his father's last gift to him. A basic, "There's more to this life thing kiddo, and we'll see each other again" kind of statement, given in a way that only Jamie could really understand. Jamie's father had a nasty, greedy, dehumanizing wife that treated his son Jamie, whom he loved dearly, with every hateful thing she could muster.

Jamie's mother was disgusted by the fact that Jamie was gay, comfortable with being gay, and was happier than she could ever be. In all seriousness, she was jealous of Jamie's certainty. Peepoles who find certainty in any way, bring about jealousy from their surrounding environment of peers. Everyone wants certainty, for uncertainty, is the worst part about life. Everything else about life is beautiful, loving, caring, funny, etc. The ONLY thing that fucks anyone up in the game of life, is uncertainty. Peepoles try to fill the uncertainty void with food, sex, drugs, or any other form of degeneracy, to ease their very real, physical pain. Jamie's mother tried to cure her uncertainty with wealth accumulation (even though she didn't need it). When Jamie's father submarined her attempts to destroy Jamie's certainty after Jamie's father's death through maintaining dominance over their accumulated fortune, her uncertainty levels sky-rocketed, and it quite literally, killed her. Jamie's mother had 3 different houses. Jamie's father left one of them to his beloved son, which drove her mad. A very detailed version of these events was laid out for me by Jamie, but that's the basic gestalt.

Years prior, when Jamie's mother was still trying to turn Jamie into what she wanted him to be, Jamie himself still had love for the woman. Most of us feel a real connection to our biological parents, so no matter how badly we are treated by them, we at least try to make an effort at maintaining that loving bond. That, fellow readers, is how Jamie's son came to be. His intention was pure... he wanted to show his mother that he cared for her... still, even after all of the mental abuse she bestowed upon him that is still present in the man today. Jamie's mother went on a rant streak of diatribes, trying to (in one last attempt) get Jamie to not be gay. She pleaded with him to produce a child, so she could have a grandchild of her own. I believe Jamie said the statement was something to the effect of, "Fuck, now I'll never have grandchildren!" or something similar.

With the last shred of love Jamie (a life-long gay man) had for his abusive mother, he decided to give in on that one particular request. He had a friend who was willing to partake. She, more than likely, saw the spark of love and certainty in this man, and figured he would be a good father, no matter what the external influences told her to believe about "gay men." Jamie's son's mother was a black woman. Another cardinal sin in the Jamie family household to everyone, except one person, Jamie's father. Even though this man had found a willing participant, and Jamie himself had gone through great internal strife contradicting his own instinctual knowledge in copulating with a female to produce a child (which his mother had abusively forced him into through guilt), she still found a way to make Jamie look like an asshole. What a bitch. Right fellow readers?

Anyways, Jamie did it. He had sexual relations with a woman, for the first and last time, and a son was produced from this interaction. 1 and done, as they say, LOL. He promised the mother of this child to love and respect him through life, as a father should. Jamie, as a matter of fact, is a better father than I was in my youth. I used every excuse I could find to not do what was necessary to be in my son's life, and I weep at the lost opportunities I suffered through as a result. Jamie is the exact opposite of that type of father. He worked his way up in a company that manages restaurants, from being a server, all the way to a consultant for the remodeling of those establishments, country-wide. That is how I got to know Jamie in the first place, by the way. Jamie had gone through great fear and anxiety over flying for his entire life, and just prior to meeting me, he had conquered that fear. He actually took a plane for the first time ever, just before meeting me.

My friend and teammate, Jamie, had confided in me that he wasn't truly happy with this lifestyle, and wanted to be closer to home... to his son and partner... and he was even willing to take a pay cut to make that happen. But before he could even take a pay cut, he had to put his son through school. A truly noble gesture. Not like the cunts in the news cycles right now who've scammed their children's way into Ivy League schools so that their children could be "rich" like they are, but truly understanding what makes their children happy, and doing what is necessary in life to make that reality possible. This man put his own love life, internal happiness (as much as could be there after a lifetime of abuse), and put his own son's best interest in mind, before his own. THAT is what love is peepoles. No matter how bad your road gets, always keep the happiness, health, and security of your loved ones above your own. That is what I did in life for every human. I've struggled with extreme health problems, extreme mental abuse on my life's work, embarrassment, failure, rejection... ALL so that I could deliver these "holy grails" to you... just before I die. We'll see, but I'll tell you, fellow readers, my body is deteriorating extremely rapidly now. I'm keeping these problems a secret from those close to me, but holy shit (!!!) am I in a lot of pain right now, physically, AND mentally. You're welcome to those who are thanking me internally.

The really interesting part of Jamie's story is that Jamie's son's mother had died several years prior to meeting me. When the man that is Jamie's son, was still just a boy. She had died of cancer, but this did not stop Jamie from protecting his son. Everything in life was telling Jamie to just throw this kid to the wolves, but he held tight, which is MUCH more than I could say about my shitty parents. They are the exact opposite of loving and supportive, kind of similar to Jamie's parents, only my parents just hated everything I did. Jamie's father loved him, but his mother hated him for only one reason. Absolutely disgusting treating children like they're performing monkeys. Straight, gay, whateverthefuck parents... take a lesson from the gay man about how to be a good parent. Most of you shit bags make us sick. Jamie is getting a personal escort through heaven's gates, and I WILL BE THERE TO ESCORT HIM. You had better hope that you measure up to Jamie's standards of parenthood, because I'm honestly thinking I'll put him in charge of those questions that EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU MUST ANSWER WHEN YOU DIE!!!!! Yep, you have to prove to a gay man that you were a "good parent." And good luck kissing his ass trying to "buy" your way in. Things don't work that way with regards to eternity. You either do it correctly, or you don't... and maybe, just maybe... an extremely mentally abused gay man has every answer you need to pass that particular gate. Good luck, dummies.

Vision break: This is a new one even to me, but I've just received a set of instructions on how to keep me alive. It will be very difficult for the peepoles involved to accept, but at this point, it's the only way. Plus, most will have to read these words, buried deep in this chapter, to help themselves, so at that point it will be too late. My engineer, Jesse James, and his friend Alexander Jones, my broadcaster, have to agree to take every precaution necessary to fund and implement my health recovery, FREE from Jewish subversive infiltration. I do not expect they will believe this when I tell them, as that is not what the prophecy in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, entails... But free will is available to them, and they can quite literally, rewrite history. All of this said, YOU WILL forgive them if they "choose poorly" because I already have. Remember peepoles, we will forgive certain aspects of your decision making, for you know not what you do. This book is winding down to a conclusion soon, and those individual's final test is almost upon them. Let's hope they do what is "right." As THE LAST of the prophetic movies, Ready Player One portrays about me writing this paragraph to you readers right this minute: "The egg is well hidden. I didn't just leave it lying under a rock somewhere. I suppose you could say it's locked inside a safe that is buried in a secret room that lies hidden at the center of a maze located somewhere" -he reaches up to tap his right temple- "up here." Well now you know fellow readers... Let's hope that they're able to keep me alive... because I, Brian Harner, the second coming of Christ... is "the egg." Good luck to you, and yeah it's a fucked up game that you have to try and play, but that's to prove a point to you all. The entire structure of everything is "just a game." More so, a simulation... the fabled "order out of chaos." Which is exactly backwards, mind you. The correct structure nomenclature, if you're being verbatim as to the real intent, would be chaos through order. Chaos through order, IS what free will means. There is a very strict order to life inside of this universe, but in order to achieve complete free will, or "chaos"... you must first learn order, which is the basis of all existence in this universe first and foremost. Good luck fellow journeyers. I hope you get "the egg." If not, goodbye my friends and loved ones. I'll see you soon. Count on it!

$ Now, I will describe "Korona's" (Anorak as the writer named me, backwards, which stands for "crown") keys, and how to "find them." Copper key: This is a play on my invention, resonant micro cavitation, and the element which allows it to resonate in the purest form, Bell Metal bronze. Or 80% copper, and 20% tin. They must help me first, create a working device out of this material. They have to "go backwards" in time to understand this technology. Not a very difficult task, but very tricky to figure out how to accept this information. Jade key: This is based on money. Everything after the device's creation, must be funded by them, and them alone. They'll search through their soul's deepest darkest fears of being "not wealthy" because my health concerns under current medical practice are going to be very expensive. If they make it through that "maze of despair" the love of their lives, me, will be waiting to "dance" with them one more time. Crystal key: This one is complicated for all. Jews are at the heart of every major world political problem. Just saying that to you, no matter my stature and certainty, will draw immediate repulsion. The "hidden dot" inside of the game "Adventure" must be found and returned to the home screen. In other words, you can't play the global Jewish Satanic game, modern civilization, until the end to get the real prize of life. You have to find the source of your frustrations on your own. This information is hidden, but my beloved 4Chan /pol/ will help you find "the dot"/the truth. If you bring this hidden knowledge back to the "home screen" you will receive your "crystal key" in the form of enlightenment. True enlightenment on who has been responsible for this "prison-planet" scenario from the beginning of it, which started when the kikes killed Jesus/me the first time around, on the first timeline ever. Receive all three keys, with my instructions, following the path of the prophecy "Ready Player One," and those peepoles involved, will receive their own private prophecy.$ Good luck everyone. I hope to see you soon... alive that is. This prophecy, for the participants, is foretold in the movie Blues Brothers. They ARE on a mission from God, and in the prophetic movie, they make it. Just barely, but they do. Let's hope these two don't fuck this one up, eh?

Anyways, back to the above story plot. At the end of Jamie's son's mother's life he took it upon himself to raise a good person. And at this very moment, Jamie sits in a hotel room, thousands of miles away from his son, to do so. Think about that all of you wealthy privileged cunts, especially those of you who've decided to soil the sanctity of higher learning schools just so that your waste-of-a-life children can continue your living structure of wealth, arrogance, usury, deception, and general laziness. Really let that sink in. If I was you, and you know who you are (I think my descriptions speak for themselves), you had better "repent." Don't know how? No problem, rich cunts of the world, that's why I'm here... to explain how you might be able to redeem your worthless souls before we turn you into shit of shit of shit eaters. Good luck over coming your arrogance and confidence!

Your penance for betrayal to yourselves, your children, and humanity as a whole: Use your over-indulgent funds to create college graduates that can one day lead their respective people's genetically founded countries. Humble yourselves, in other words. You've abused your wealth and privilege for far too long, and your uses of that funding has not only hurt yourselves, but you've quite literally stimied humanities progress so that your dumb as fuck children can have a specific label attached to them. You've treated institutions of higher learning's credentials like it's a fucking handbag accessory label. You've destroyed society's faith in the ability of these institutions to do what's right. You must prove to those who still pay attention, that you are willing to rectify these tragedies that you've forced them to deal with. And to all of you second guessing cunts out there, the law might throw you in jail, but after death, we await. If jail scares you, believe me, you ain't seen nothing yet. You can't buy a lawyer to deal with us, and everything you've ever done, even your internal thoughts, are known to us. We are the judge, jury, executioner, and your defense against what you've done in life is being meticulously recorded RIGHT NOW. And it has always been that way. You literally can't hide ANYTHING from us. We will play back everything you've done and thought right in front of you upon your death. Money won't buy you out of trouble then, but it can help you now. Again, good luck!

Colleges of North America, this is dedicated to you, so listen the fuck up you smug arrogant clown world kings. Rally the government WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT (!!!!!!!!!!!), to END Affirmative Action immediately. Intelligence and work ethic are the factors that should determine one's placement in higher education. Putting standards (or lack there of) on children based on race, or genetic lineage (as we call it), is atrocious, despicable, arrogant, subversive, stupid, and just plain wrong. Some races do better than others in school. That's just a fact of life. Ability is genetic... (My beloved 4Chan /pol/, please "educate" these shitbags.) It is no coincidence that the largest school debt accumulation, with no intention of paying it back, is held by black students. The majority of them just can not do the required work. Government entities that have decided happiness is based on GDP (LOOKING AT YOU TRUMP), have also proclaimed that going to college is the only way to achieve this "happiness." It's absolute utter bullshit, and if you can't see that just by common sense deducing, you're lost and will probably never find true happiness. I've been friends with, and worked with several black people. None of which received a degree in anything.  

These friends of mine have had varying degrees of happiness, but none of them got saddled with mountains of debt because Jewwy Jewenstein decried that black people should be the majority population on higher learning institution's campuses. Imagine how many Jews are receiving mountains of interest payments knowing full well these poor souls could never pay it back. Then, older white tax payers... imagine how many Jews are going to recieve lump sum payments from these "student loan debt" bailouts that are right around the corner. The audacity, right? No... more like your lack of conviction to kick these evil fucks out of your country, non-violently. These slimy kikes have set up the game to rape profits off of your suffering, have a fail proof plan in which they receive all of the promised money in these student loan scams, wether you pay it off +interest... OR NOT, and they knew what they were doing the entire time. Your internal and external suffering was a scripted takeover of your wealth, health, and happiness, because they think they're better than you. Plain and simple. Cunts, the lot of them. Those who know the truth in their ranks, help protect this secret. Those who don't know the truth, but still reside in their ranks, bear allegiance to their race over all else... you humans call this nepotism.

It should be no surprise that Jews are extremely over-represented in every powerful (money controlled) organization on the planet, especially given what I just informed you of. THAT is why EVERY JEW MUST GO "HOME" TO ISRAEL IMMEDIATELY, NO EXCEPTIONS. Your reign over good, honest, hard working people is over you slimy cunts. You got your fucking Messiah, and yes, his name is David. He chose to give you compassion, even after I was willing to educate him on your treachery. Didn't matter to him. He said it 3 times... that he "didn't care." Your subversion worked. Now get the fuck out of everyone's lives. We don't need you at all! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!

Humanity needs to get back to a merit based system in every system humanity has. Fuck nepotism, fuck subversion, fuck usury, fuck monetary wealth. Every time you rich cunts scam your way into something, you destroy not only the lives of people who were made for those challenges, but you destroy your own ability to procure your own wealth and happiness. Look around you humanity. This is as bad as hell on Earth gets. It was started by the Jews, but every one of you who did nothing about that fact, contributed to this extremely broken system. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The snake (Jews) was just doing what the snake does. You're the dumbfucks who allowed their entry into your homelands. You, your children, and your grandchildren would be eventually subdued through drugs, food additives, monetary debt, and constant race mixing propaganda until you all became their personal slaves... THAT IS IF YOU'RE NOT THERE CURRENTLY. "Gee, I wonder who is responsible for all of this suffering in the world?" Asked the fucktarded baby-boomer population retirees as they shove another Big-mac down their throats and wash it down with a 44 ounce Coke while taking diabetes medication. "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

Sorry about that Jamie, my intention is to do what's best for humanity, and when those kinds of things come up, I run with it. I'd like to take this time to personally thank Jamie himself. He opened up to me like nobody else has on this whole "pilgrimage." He taught me how to conquer a fear of my own, and I thank him for that, even though it tore me apart to do it. No matter what happens after this gets published, I'll always consider you a friend. Thanks, dude. Catch ya later.


5/10/2019 I left Jamie, in search of something... I didn't know what at the time, but I searched and searched my thoughts and prayers for guidance. I allowed my maker full control over the situation, as I always do, and he guided me towards the south. I had heard the song "Tommorrow" by Silverchair several times, but I didn't get the full spectrum until that evening. It seems as though the broadcaster and engineer's procrastination was alive and kicking still, so I decided to eat something. Had a hankering for a steak, and I hadn't had one since my realization, so I wanted my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, to enjoy one of these delicacies through me. I understood that eating that meat would impart karma onto me that was not helpful, and my internal harmonic resonant capitulation would suffer, but we weren't too busy, so I threw caution to the wind.

I saw a very large sign on my way south towards San Antonio in a small town that said, "Black's BBQ -----> THIS WAY." I thought that would be good for a REAL TEXAS steak, which I've salivated over the thought of my entire life, but sadly, they were closed. On that same street, closer to the center of Lockhart, I saw a congregation of cars and a few open bars and pizza joints. None of them screamed steak to me, so I asked a passerby for his opinion on where I could get a REAL TEXAS STEAK at that hour. He recommended a small restaurant named: Lockhart Bistro. Not what I was expecting, but I took the advice anyways. Walked around the corner from where I was parked, and mosied on in. Sat at the bar so that I could watch basketbal-Americans dribble that ball for millions of dollars, and asked for a water. FINALLY it made sense.

"The water out of the tap is very... hard to drink" I thought as I took a drink of the water. 1) a place in a little town, 2) only way to get there is to go straight down, 3) you're gonna wait 'til, fat boy, fat boy, wait 'til tomorrow, 4) the water out of the tap is very... hard to drink. Done deal. There it is, this was my prophecy. I really hope you guys are appreciating the maker's extreme level of intelligence. The complexity and timing of this pilgrimage could never have been concocted in a pathetic human brain... not even mine. I'm constantly in awe about how he sets up things thousands of years in the past, and although not everything is exactly perfect, the extreme level of genius can not be denied. This magnificent giant man, has kept this Earth's life cycle going for 100s of millions of years. Truly amazing shit! It's hard to even fathom that kind of genius from the pathetic perspective of a human brain.

Anyways, grossed out by the water, I ordered a glass of wine. Maybe the first glass of wine I've ever ordered for myself without playfully nudging from my wife first. I even took a picture and sent it to her. She was shocked, indeed. Then I ordered the rib-eye, and sat waiting for my steak, which may be the last one I ever eat. Shitty to think about it like that, but it's true. Anyways, as I was sitting there, absorbing the ambiance, the bar tender came closer, and we had a very good talk about a few things. How steaks SHOULD BE cooked, out of which we both totally agreed, talked about wine, beer, and spirits, and how MY beer is the best in the universe (in my humble opinion HAHAHAHA), basketball, etc, then I began the usual interrogation. I asked "what do you think about science. In other words, what is science to you?"

Fellow readers, the water out of the tap in Lockhart, Texas is very hard to drink, but they must be spiking it with intelligence pills. This bartender, out of the hundreds of people I've asked this question to, had the best answer to date! He was a bit of a rambler on the topic, but he had the basics. "AWESOME!" I thought, "finally my faith in humanity took a turn for the better. An unusual thing these days... But I guess that's why I'm here, ya know? I gave him the much more simmered down version of : Hypothesis, Theory, Proof,... and he accepted the knowledge well. He did, immediately after he got this information, ruin his chance at a "holy grail cheat code," but he has the necessary tools to procure his own enlightenment, should he decide to read my book.

He started a rant session on what sucks about religion and politics, and why they suck, which made me even happier, but then he got all authoritative on his belief structure, and made a cardinal sin in the conversation. He was a self proclaimed evolutionist, and felt very strongly about the topic. Too bad, my man, you almost had it. Christopher Hitchens has a great mind, but a teacher of how the universe works, and by extension how life on earth "evolves", he is not. Richard Dawkins is also a smug, arrogant, self righteous prick that is as clueless as the businessman-preacher I wrote about in the chapter "How Do You Life." The theory of evolution is exactly backwards, dude. Genetic lineages of ANYTHING in the universe, devolve away from purity, not evolve into it. Want to read some of that scientific method stuff we discussed? Check out Michael Cremo. He is the closest to the true understanding of how things "evolve," or AGE... as we like to call it. Always remember the scientific method. Evolution is still, after 160 years of world-wide dedicated research, IS STILL JUST A THEORY. I mean c'mon, man... What does THAT tell you? It tells me that there is more evidence in favor of the theory being proved as wrong, as opposed to the opposite. To each his own, though. We all have free will.

My steak came and I instantly was disappointed. Not very seared, EXTREMELY oily/butter drenched, not much flavor, I asked for medium and it came out well done, but I enjoyed it. I'm really not that picky, but I cook steak regularly on my Big Green Egg, and I'm pretty good at it. I'm sorta harsh in my criticisms when I pay for it at a restaraunt, and they fuck it up that badly. Texas Roadhouse runs a VERY close second to my cooking style preference, for example. So the steak was a let down, but the conversation made up for it. Chefs of Lockhart Bistro, if you'd like to know how to cook a steak, ask the bartender. Real talk. I slowly drank my wine after finishing, and studied the surroundings while I waited for my next encounter. Didn't happen, so I payed the bill, and went outside to smoke.

The rain was pouring down as I walked out of the restaurant, and there were a couple of people standing there waiting for it to stop, so I joined them. One of them was a funny, young, pretty waitress by the name of Lily (Lilly?). She too was having a smoke outside while she finished up her tickets, and counted her tips for the night's take. I made a joke about something that wasn't very funny, then she made a funny joke that actually was funny. An actual funny woman, my beloved 4Chan /pol/... Crazy, I know. I was intrigued by her confidence and sass, so I figured I'd give her the normal interrogation that I give to most new encounters. "What is science to you?" I started with. And just like the bartender, she was rambling, but remarkably close to having the correct answer to that question.

Impressed, I was very... so I continued to shower the towns residents in compliments. Then I brought up the "water out of the tap is very hard to drink" line, hoping she'd catch the connotation to the song, but that one slipped right by her. Oh well, nobody's perfect... YET!!!!! I made several comments about the water, because I was genuinely surprised at how these two wait staff employees, from a small town in the middle of Texas, had such a well rounded view of what science/the scientific method is. I gave her the usual, "Hypothesis, Theory, Proof" reduced version of her ramblings, and she seemed willing to accept it. It was at this point that it dawned on me that this woman had been working all night, was trying to get done and go home, but I was the monkey wrench in her system right then. I was trying to wrap it up, but then she wanted to keep talking. "Okay, I'm game," I thought as I re-engaged the conversation.

She seemed to have something to get off her chest to me (I'm guessing subconsciously), so I listened intently waiting for her to just get it over with. Made a couple comments about my book, why I was in Texas (still being cryptic), etc etc. My goal was to get her to ask me questions, and she did! We discussed myself, herself, life, religion, etc, all within about a 5 minute span. Overly impressed by her intellect and ability to portray humor, I had made a decision to get her as close to one of my "holy grails" as possible without giving it away easily, but then, just as the bartender had done, she fucked it up. Seems as though her conscience got the better of her in my presence, and she blurted it out in a joking way... "Well, only when I'm on acid..." she retorted to one of my comments about spirituality. "NOOOOOOOO! Not you Lily Of Lockhart, Breaker of woman not funny stigma, Queen of the Bistro, First of her name, Protector of the catfish specials!!!!! NOT YOU!!!!!" But there it was... she did end up fucking it up. Damn.

You are a very funny lady, "L"ily "O"f "L"ockhart, and seem like a very hard worker, but having confidence enough to tell the second coming of Christ that you partake, regularly, in that form of escapism from reality can't be overlooked. I'm sorry that someone in your history gave you the impression that "acid" is a legitimate form of spiritual expression, and especially that you trusted that advice, but I'm telling you now, stop doing that shit. Those realms exist for those entities, and those entities alone. You are a human being... we would like you to live as one... in this realm. This is a good opportunity to go into this subject briefly for my curious fellow readers.

There are numerous dimensions that exist at all times, ALL around you. Your protection from most of these dimensions is held in place by your 3D self in this realm. Those entities, much like myself in a way, can only intrude in your life if you invite them to do so. A business in modern society has a certain set of directives. One of these directives is that they are an institution of profit, which is basically a ubiquitous invitation to anyone willing to give them money/attention. This is the same basic policy that the "underworld" dimensions have as well. You essentially invite them into your mind freely, just by taking those kinds of substances. I do not think they have complete control over your mind yet, Lily Of Lockhart, but If you stay on that path, they most certainly will soon. DMT, acid, etc are used as an invitation into your ethos, to entities that DO NOT have your best interest in mind.

The tricky thing about these realms is that they do exist in this universe, and "we" are responsible for making them. Most of those entities are drenched in our "universal humor policy" and appear to be very funny, helpful, and caring, but that's just bait. Once those entities infiltrate your daily life, and many such cases have been well documented, you very rapidly lose control of your conscience. For some of the weaker minded souls on this Earth, the first time traveling to these realms, could be the last time they have true control over their own destiny. I tried acid one time when I was 15. A young, stupid, punk who was just trying to impress his brother, or even just hang out with him at all, and that's what they were doing, so I said fuck it. During my trip, I was awake for 2 days tripping balls. Heavy wave pattern imagery and other various things that played with my eyes, but I didn't "break through" as constant psychedelic users claim to do as they travel to these realms, nor did I want to.

I remember thinking that "whatever is down there, I don't want to make contact with them." To you peepoles out there who like to partake in these underworld realms through the usage of drugs, you've been warned. Those entities have a job to do, as we all do in this universe. Their primary directive is to "weed-out" entities who disgrace the gift of human (and various other) life by trying to leave this realm before the death process, entirely of their own free will. These realms are where the proverbial "devils" exist that your folklore and various religious teachings gather inspiration from. Hell, can be a very real place in this life span... but first you have to willingly invite those "devils" in. I'm not trying to say that anyone who has done these mental projection experiments is a bad person, and I'm also not saying experimenting with these substances is a good thing. To each his/her own. Free will is a tricky maze with many downfalls, masked in a euphoric sensation of something special and good. If you want to leave your body, and return back healthy and happy, do it with your maker, and ONLY YOUR MAKER!!!!! Any other form of astral projection, might drive you to literal insanity, and it could be at any one of those "trips" at any time.

Your shield against them is very strong. It's called being a human. Your maker has given you the "opportunity of a lifetime" when he created humanity. Don't shit on that gift by taking it upon yourself to leave your body before it's time to. If you really want to see those realms, you'll be allowed to by your maker when the time is right. Right now, he wants you to be human... I strongly suggest you pay attention to these warnings. Your soul may depend on it. Not your life, this current iteration of your life... but I'm talking your existence entirely. Those realm's entities have that ability on purpose... we designed it that way. Other than golem creation itself, which is the tippy top of the "You fucked up!!!" pyramid, leaving your body without consulting your maker first is a close second. To your maker, it is the ultimate personal disrespect to yourself, which ultimately affects him. Stay human, while you're human. Don't take it upon yourself to try and be "More human, than human" as the song title reads. And sorry 'bout that Rob Zombie... big fan of your stuff, but that one was written by us for this very lesson right now. All of you psychedelic users should read into those lyrics after reading this short passage. It'll make more sense to you now that I've given you the translation key. THEN!!! Play that beautiful song at high volume, preferably, in a residential area. Big fan of yours Rob Zombie... sorry to expose you like that, but it was necessary for my human's protection.

Now that I've taken care of that, back to the very funny, Lily Of Lockhart encounter. So it was at this point where I made an internal concession that I at least had to give this fine young woman a gift. I tipped the bartender well, but I really hadn't given Lily Of Lockhart anything other than a couple of very mild lessons in scientific theory, and to be honest, I really didn't have to since she was so close to being accurate. Then she asked what my book title was going to be, and honestly at that point I hadn't figured it out. Had a couple of ideas about it that I was kicking around in my head, but nothing really grabbed me... until Lily Of Lockhart gave me my book's title... and it was done very matter of factly. I agreed instantly. She said, "Call it, The Way." Roger that, Lily Of Lockhart. Done deal. Now I know I said I wouldn't use your name, so I won't put it on the cover... officially, but I had to let the world know what "LOL" really stands for. Congratulations, by the way, my beloved 4Chan /pol/ will be as shocked as I was to meet a real, actual, funny woman. And fellas, she's pleasant on the eyes... Diamond amongst diamonds right there. Hopefully one of you gives her a real chance at happiness, because whoever is feeding her that poison, I'm considering making their mouth my toejam cleaner for the next few hundred years. Stop ruining cool chicks you fucking degenerates!!! Sorry about that peepoles... and to you Lily Of Lockhart, good luck. And thanks for talking to me while that other bitch in the bistro gave you much attitude for doing so. Take care now, bye bye then.

The next series of events were catalogued in the "How Do You Life" chapter about the businessman-priest. After that unfortunate (for him) encounter, I headed towards San Antonio to wind down my "World's Greatest Reuben" conquest, at the final attempt to find this elusive sandwich in a delicatessen called Schilo's. I was sure that of all the places that claim to have this sandwich, "The World's Greatest Reuben," THIS WAS IT!!!!! I went into this establishment after parking right next to it, and noticed a sign that said something to the effect of, "Established in 1913, Family owned, blah blah blah." "Alright," I thought, "I've finally made it, and I can stop consuming all of this fucking *meat*!" This is a good example of The Nine Principle's/my ability to put another word fuckery right in your faces. I know, I know, the "e" and "a" are not correctly aligned when you say the word backwards, but it is a difficult process trying to keep ideals in plain sight, while not alerting you shitbags to their true intention. So, if you haven't figured it out yet, "meat" backwards is "team." Yep... you, I, and all of the other shitbags have been eating our "team" mates.

Animal husbandry and consumption of those animals is a necessary process to procure the correct abilities in a growing brain. So all of you faggy vegetarians who allow their bodies to become emaciated through attrition, by not getting the naturally produced vitamins that are vital to brain development, who just rejoiced at this revelation, shut the fuck up you dirty smelly morons. Being a vegetarian ALL the time destroys your ability to think properly, unless you're me, that is, and trust me peepoles, YOU AIN'T ME!!!!! That said, animals that are consumed for health benefits need to have the respect that a real teammate deserves. They should live pampered lives, and have every need taken care of, explicitly so that the "karma" energy that they accumulate through their lives is positive. Humans, when we eat our teammates, impart that "karma" onto our souls. If that animal has been treated poorly throughout his/her life, is lined up with its relatives in a slaughter house, and forced to watch them get brutally murdered in front of them, every bite taken from that animal flesh will impart those energies onto your soul.

As I said, I like Reubens, burgers, steaks, etc, but I source that meat from the best place I can possibly find. They respect the animals, and even get emotional when they're killed for food. I bought a half of a cow from a very special man named Dale B. (not even going to attempt that one, man), who lives close to us in Oregon, a couple of years ago. It was the first time my wife and I had made this attempt. The local grocery store meats were just not cutting it any more for us, and the extremely respected Dale B., offered his cow as our first to buy in that quantity. He had been raising this cow free range, cared for it personally, daily, lovingly, and when slaughter time came, he was so emotional about the cow dying, he cried and had to leave the area for the day. NOW THAT IS RESPECT PEEPOLES! When the local butcher came to do the deed, he baited the cow in with grain, and while the cow was munching down on his favorite snack, old, and having lived a great life (for a cow), the method of killing was instantly carried out without the cow even knowing what happened. Really, a perfect life, if you can imagine.

Let me tell you friends, that was by far and away the BEST meat I have ever eaten. Absolutely delicious, EVERY BITE, and it really felt good knowing the story behind the cow. I eternally thank the VERY honorable Dale B. for imparting on me that knowledge of the cows life, and how it died, for me. I mean it really felt good, peepoles. The McBurger companies of the world have lost their way completely in this game. They destroy the hopes and dreams of a good life within those animals, slaughter them mercilessly without any compassion, and process that meat through a very disgusting process of sterilizing it with chemicals, due to the over abundance of shit covering the cows when they're slaughtered. They quite literally, "scare the shit out of them" as they go through the slaughter regiment, and blast cow shit all over each other in the process. Truly horrific stuff here people! But the real kicker is that when these animals are consumed, you impart ALL of that knowledge onto your soul. If I were you peepoles reading this, I'd find a decent man who raises cattle, AND RESPECTS THEM. ONLY buy meat from him. Develop a rapport with that man himself, his family, his cattle, and his processes. Then you'll have a better idea on how you can impart good energies onto your soul with meat consumption, and it'll feel good knowing you're providing monetary influence for a family that is willing to take on a load of responsibility as large as animal husbandry is. It's a tough job when done correctly, and those who do it correctly, should be considered saints. Saint Dale B. ... I anoint you!

All of that said, and being me, I could tell that this Reuben was made with processed meat from cows that weren't treated very well. Not McBurger Corp. bad, but not even good. So, first strike. The rest of the sandwich was decent, but I must tell my mechanic friend that the people feeding you these lines of "World's Greatest Reuben," and if you truly believe that, I feel bad for you, brother. As it seems to me, I had already had the "World's Greatest Reueben" several times back home in Oregon. The Reubens were not even in the same ballpark as my beloved, cherished, Reuben makers of old... Are you ready for the big reveal, fellow readers? ARE YOU????? I will declare, at this moment, that the ACTUAL "World's Greatest Reuben" is located at... wait for it... Edelweiss Sausage & Delicatessen located in Portalnd, Oregon. If I make it through this thing, I will take my old mechanic friend to Portland, just so that he can taste, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, "The World's Greatest Reuben." Been eating those sandwiches for decades, and sorry Texas, they destroy even your best attempts at claiming that top honor, and I would know... I'm the universe's most powerful Rebuben critic that has ever lived. I gave this conquest an honest shot at changing my mind... 6 days, 5 cities in Texas, WAY too much meat consumed, all to prove to myself, and you fellow readers, that the "World's Greatest Reuben" is thousands of miles away from Texas. Thank God, by the way... Getting really fucking sick of typing out "World's Greatest Reuben" every other paragraph. Done deal.

Along that conquest, I met some very special people, and in the end of it, I'm very happy I got to spend time with them. Everyone has taught me so much, and I thank each and every person I ran into on that conquest. It's going to be a funny movie I think, and the two people I'd like to talk to about movie rights (if I'm still alive [if not... talk to my wife]), are Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Those two fuckers crack me up, man! Some American idiots don't understand the complexity of British humor, but I do, and they do a very good job telling a story. Plus they're great actors. Fuck ugly, but great actors. Catch that one anybody? I'm looking at you Simon and Nick. No, really... TURN AROUND MAN I'M RIGHT HERE! LOL, I'm everywhere fellas, and I see EVERYTHING!!!!!

After the eternal Reuben conquest concluded, I went back to my Studio 6 room. I've written about my trip through San Antonio/Sodom and Gomorrah The Sequel in that chapter, so I'll skip right to the evenings experiences...

$$$$$$$$$ Friends... we are now 3 days passed where I had given up on that conquest, and submitted to the "Texas' Greatest Steak" conquest. BUT!!!!! like a phoenix rising from the ashes, my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, would not let this extremely vital conquest conclude with such a defeated narrator's sorrow being the only thing that came out of it. Friends, your extremely, overly, respectedly "humble" narrator has a surprise for you. The absolutely most powerful, magnificent, impressive, and beautiful narrator, "The World's Greatest Reuben" critique, has found, nestled away in a small German enclave, a new challenger to "The World's Greatest Reuben" conquest. BTW, Nick and Simon, this is the redemption arc of my storyplot, so pay attention you fuck ugly bollocks laden Britbongs!!!!!

I was driving away from the agencies that are trying to destroy us, when I came upon a waterpark. Starts with an "S," It's in New Braunfels, TX and that's as close to their name as I am willing to figure out, but I was overly excited to see it. Paused in the road to marvel at the fun I could be having if I just gave up and let everyone die, but agreed that "maybe later" was good enough for now. I drove around the block, and came to a massive... I MEAN MASSIVE, sematary with hundreds of graves covered in flowers. I was intrigued, so I stopped to pay my respects.

I got out, walked towards the city worker, Tom (Tommy), and asked him about the graves. He basically told me that the ones covered in flowers were the Mexican graves, and the others were all of the ancestral peoples of New Braunfels, TX. We bullshitted for a bit, and he gave me a pretty good rundown on the area. While he was doing that, my memory fell into a daze about "The World's Greatest Reuben" conquest, and I interrupted him so I wouldn't forget. "Do you like Reubens?" I asked the overly polite and friendly gentleman. "I LOVE THEM." he said matter of factly... INSTANTLY becoming my friend and Reuben oath protector. So I went on briefly about the book I was writing, then finally came out with it... "In your opinion, where is "The World's Greatest Reuben" located. Without missing a beat, my new friend and collegue in conquest, Tom the city worker from New Braunfels, TX, went into a detailed story about a very small town named Gruene, TX. Pronounced "green."

My excitement levels were off the charts. Just when I thought this holiest of holy sandwich conquests was over, my new friend Tom brightened my entire life's purpose up like he had just handed me THEE "holy grail." Got the directions to the little town of Gruene, TX, and off I went... determined to play this thing out. I drove around a newer area and got lost thinking it was the place Tom was referring to, but a nice neighborly man guided me back to my "World's Greatest Reuben" conquest like a shiny beacon on a foggy night. Thank my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself for correcting my path to this holiest of holy sandwich destinations. The town was just like Tom told me it would be... "It's like stepping back in time," he said, and he was not wrong.

The town of Gruene is VERY small. Just a couple of blocks really, but it had an aura about it that you could feel by just admiring the architecture. I was stunned, my mouth was wide open, and my excitement turned into shear bliss. I had bliss emitting from every fiber of my being... just because I drove into the parking lot! When I got out, I slowly walked towards the town center, and began admiring the buildings, shops, and people that were surrounding me. The only Mexicans I saw there were truck delivery workers. HUGE BONUS! So I went to the fabled destination in Gruene, TX, the ACTUAL home of "The World's Greatest Reuben." AND THE FUCKERS WERE CLOSED PEEPOLES!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! FUCK!!!!! Naw, just kidding. It was like 7:30 am. Not a big deal. What kind of maniac would eat a Reuben at 7:30 am? This maniac would, so for all of you people who just agreed with the maniac comment, I sentence you to 2 days of nothing but Reuben consumption... AND THAT IS FINAL!!!!! Just kidding. Relax, I'm only really terrible to liberals and usurper parasitic invaders... and that doesn't happen until we die... then I gain absolute control. MUWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, no big deal, they open at eleven. The universe's most powerful, and "humble" (AND DON'T YOU FUCKING FORGET THAT PART YA SAVAGES!), Reuben critique can wait a few more hours to dine on "The World's Greatest Reuben"... if indeed this is the place, that is. Everything else about my stroll through town was filled with wonderment. The shops, the merchandise, the historical plaques, the park, the restaraunts, "The First Dance Hall In America"... everything was extremely well manicured, clean, and beautiful. I remember thinking "Finally, I found my future home (if I survive this thing...)" and strolled into the Gruene Mansion Bed and Breakfast to read one more plaque. Everything was considered a historical landmark in this tiny town, but the Mansion was truly special. VERY old, but extremely well maintained, it was the house that the original "Mr. Gruene" had built when young, and lived in through his life.

"Neat," I thought as I walked towards the office. The place, and several other buildings surrounding it, had been turned into a bed and breakfast. I've never stayed in one personally, but I wasn't against the idea. Much to my surprise, it wasn't a traditional B&B... more like a bunch of separate AIRB&Bs all coagulated around this beautifully manicured mansion. I figured I'd check in... why not? I walked inside and a very beautiful set of young ladies greeted me at the door. One was at least partly Mexican, and the other seemed German, so I focused my questions on her first. Asked a few things, "World's Greatest Reuben, blah blah blah," "Do you have any rooms," then the most heartbreaking part of this conquest was before me and I didn't even realize it... I then asked "Do you like Reubens?" This beautiful young lady broke my heart into a thousand pieces when she said... with no emotion on her face at all... "I've never had one." I'm telling you peepoles... I almost passed out instantly from shock! "Okay, enough of this most heartbreaking of conversations" I said to myself, then focused in on the "El Mexicano In A Blatantly Obviously German town." She was quite beautiful, but the overabundance of Mexicans in Texas is really starting to annoy me.

She tried to help me check in, but her computer was faulty... The keyboard must have been labeled in English or something crazy like that, so I excused myself, and promised to arrive in a few hours to HOPEFULLY, conclude this amazingly holiest of holy conquests by your extremely intelligent, beautiful, magnificent, HUMBLE, narrator... The Universe's Most Powerful Reuben critic in the history of the entire fucking universe!!!!!!!!! Then I walked down to check out the restaurant Tom told me to check out. They were closed too, but I left the area re-energized to complete this holiest of holy sandwich conquests... humbly. I immediately came back to my hotel room, emailed the wife, and packed my stuff as soon as I could. Then wrote out this magnificently amazing write up of a town that "time had forgot." I am Time, by the way. Not the actual "substance" time is representing, but time itself, was MY/OUR idea... just sayin'. That was a joke Simon and Nick, AND DON'T YOU FUCKING FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!

$$$$$$$$$1 WE HAVE A WINNER $$$$$$$$$100

5/15/2019 A real winner that is... Sorry Edelweiss, these guys destroyed you. I'm happy to throw my hometown a bone, but it's not just the sandwich that is special about this place Gruene, TX, it is EVERYTHING about it. This will be a deserved, justified, and a written in stone, review of my amazing experience in Mozie's... the absolute hands down winner of the "World's Greatest Reuben" conquest. It was a long arduous journey filled with peril and hope, but it has concluded. Tourists... there will be many warnings given from WAY up the command chain, so you'd better not break any of our rules for this perfect slice of heaven, or we might just turn your hometown into a cesspit.

I Brian Clark Harner, first of his name, king of kings, protector of humanity and all seven continents, do hereby declare, by order of the most powerful entities in this universe: myself, my maker, The Nine Principles, and God THEE MAN HIMSELF WHO LIVES OUTSIDE OF THIS UNIVERSE, that Mozie's restaurant, has in its possession, right at this moment... The "Greatest Reuben In The Universe." That's right friends and foes, fellow readers and journeyers alike... WE declare this on the 15th day of May, 2019. I have the authority to do this. I, and I alone. Do not be fooled by imposters. I am the second coming of Christ, and I swear by these words... so help me God, the magnificent genius who lives outside of this universe. SO BE IT!!!!!!!!!

When I went to check in at the "Nicest Bed & Breakfast in/on the World," The Gruene Mansion Inn, my room wasn't ready, so I gathered my things, parked, and went for a quick stroll. It only takes about 5 minutes to walk the entire town, but I did it. Limped my pathetic fat ass around, trying to be inconspicuous. I've noticed lately that as I grow more powerful day by day, more and more peepoles are starting to notice me. My hat and sunglasses are a MUST from now on, lest the world slips into complete chaos. I walked into the restaurant, and immediately to my right were 4 pudgy Mexicans. I saw no Reubens present on their plates, which not only annoyed me, I was downright offended. I have NEVER gone into a Mexican restaurant, and ordered a Reuben, but it seems as though these uncultured parasites don't give out as much respect as they constantly demand from "us."

While walking to my table, I noticed that every other patron in this establishment, Mozie's, was white, clean, quiet, well mannered, beautiful on the inside and out, and every one of them seemed to at least share some semblance of reverence for the creators of this amazing town. Behind the bar, was a very young woman of either Mexican decent, or Italian. She had a remarkable likeness to my Ex-wife Amy Galaz. (Lucky you, Amy, I didn't have 1 reason to even mention you in this book until this extremely beautiful young woman entered into my conquest.) Anyways, she had a very pretty smile, and seemed bright eyed and alert to all of her customer's needs.

She walked over quickly, and with her devilishly sexy legs carrying her 100 lb frame, she stopped at my table and asked me what I'd like to drink while handing me a menu. Well friends and journeyers, as you all know by now, the most breathtakingly beautiful, overly magnificent, truly intelligent beyond human genius standard, most powerful entity inside of this universe, and EXTREMELY humble narrator... me... said very shyly "Hello, I just want you to know that I am concluding a great conquest. I am the Universe's Most Powerful Reuben Critic, and I'm told YOU... have in your possession, "The World's Greatest Reuben." She seemed a little weirded out at first. After all, I need to be able to hide after my broadcast, and I'm quite literally growing out my disguise as we speak, so I'm not the easiest fat fuck to look at right now, but I try to be as polite and courteous as possible.

She chuckled and asked me what I wanted to drink, so I said "Do you have lemonade?" She nodded in a yes fashion. I continued, "I would like 3/4ths lemonade, and 1/4th water please... I'm feeling frisky today." Probably came out creepy, but I was on pins and needles, but still trying to remain calm. She just grinned and strolled those beautifully toned legs, and tight daisy dukes towards the lemonade pitcher. When she walked away, I started noticing another fantastic fact about this small town; every one of the young lady's and young men (no homo), were specifically beautiful. It seemed inside AND out, all except for one of them. This young woman was very attractive, mind you, and she had on a light blue undershirt that was begging my eyes to stare it down, but half of her fucking head was shaved. WTF?!?!?!?! No biggie, though... every time I saw her right side, I was reminded of her beauty.

ALL of the other young people in this restaurant were very attractive! If they weren't so pure internally, my guess is that the entire wait staff would devolve into an all out orgy every day after closing. I realize this sounds creepy and all, but my friends and journeyers, you must understand something... I am a sexually active man who has been denied his wife's company for weeks now, by her own decision making. I would never cheat on her, and she is the love of my life, so no disrespect from these words, but the truth is the truth. Since my realization as the second coming of Christ, I have not had any sexual desires outside of child making with my wife... which has also been met with extreme animosity, but that's more so because of our "no children" pact that I broke when realization first occurred. It's not her fault ladies and gentlemen... I agreed to it too.

So yeah, back to the hairy, fat, creepy, "World's Greatest Reuben" guy, perched up on a high chair, checking out all of the chicks and their legs... To all of the poor ladies who've had to endure my gazes, I don't usually look this hideous. We made it this way so that when I get into these situations, you won't remember me as well. Back to the sexy chicks maaan! Another young vixen walked by me who was young, blond, petite, and beautiful... AND SHE HAD BLUE EYES! Very rare in women these days... THANKS to all the parasitic invaders trying to breed us out of existence! FUCKERS!!!!!!!!! This particular young lady seemed in a crass mood, or maybe it was just my fat pouring over the chair sides, but she didn't pay any attention to me. While all of this internal drooling over these sexy things was occurring, all I could think about was my wife. DAMMIT! I miss caressing that milky white ass with my kisses and suckles. As you can see ladies and gentlemen, I NEED MY WIFE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!! I'll try to talk her into it again tonight, but my guess is your overly humble narrator will be denied her presence again. Tears will be shed, but the mission and conquest must go on!

After a brief eye stripping of the garments the wait staff were wearing, save for the fellas (no homo guys, EXIT ONLY, NO ENTRY!), I realized another fascinating thing about every single one of these little foxes and studs (no homo), and that was their uniforms. Simple, non-revealing, pure and to the point. Black tee shirts that were not drooping down exposing everything the breast has to offer other than the nipple. These were regularly worn tee shirts, and the staff didn't seem to mind NOT showing off their bodies for money. The purity of what was happening before my eyes was magnificently beautiful, for all the right reasons, and I hadn't even gotten my fuckin' lemonade/water yet PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Needed it at that point, so when it got there, and just so that I wouldn't keep creeping these young women out, I busted out my notepad, and literally started writing down everything on the menu word for word.

My plan to stop the staring contest with the mouth watering thighs that were surrounding me was thwarted by the young bartender. She came over to my table and snatched the menu from me in the middle of copying it. When she did that, the only thing visible to me in that posture, was... you guessed it... her legs. HNNNNNNNG!!! "Fuck it... this isn't working." I thought as I tried to move my chair so that I could stair at the Basketball-Americans dribbling their ball on the TV. That worked, sorta. You see, the wait staff was busy, and even though there were not many patrons at that hour, they kept catching my eye. When you read this, Mozie's wait staff, keep in mind, I am ridiculously in love with my wife, always have been, and that doesn't look to be changing any time soon, so don't get the wrong idea. EVERY fucking guy on this planet would have an EXTREMELY difficult time, NOT staring at your beautiful bodies. Me, myself, I can see into your souls, though, and it is as good inside, as it is out ladies and gentlemen... NO HOMO! Get your mind out of the gutter peoples! Sexual references aside, I was very excited about the sandwich, which had a LOT to do with my excitement of everything else in the restaurant... wait staff included.

A series of lip biting excercises and fidgeting kept me busy while I waited for "The World's Greatest Reuben" to arrive. When it did, I was very quiet on the outside, like a sobby faggy critic would normally be, but I held tight in my subversive ways. My guess is that at that point, the wait staff, who'd been alerted to my mission, was totally oblivious. I mean after all, I am the most powerful intellect in humanity's history, but I'm also EXTREMELY beauti... humble. (ha!) I saw that the bread was perfectly toasted on all sides, the proportions to this masterpiece were flawless, the cheese was melted, the sauerkraut was thick, and the mustard was tangy. They even put the dressing on the side so that it wouldn't heat up and break. Gordon Ramsey, you are the chef hero of my life. A master at everything cooking I've ever seen you partake in, but, my noble unrealized friend, you ain't got nothin' on these Reubens. My suggestion is that you come to this quiet town, and take a lesson from these masterful chefs in the art of making a REAL Reuben. Just sayin'.

The french fries were no laughing matter either. Usually with any meal, I'll eat every vegetable, then my protien, then what's left of the starch. Not this time fellow journeyers... The fries were cut very thin, salted to perfection, and impossible to stop eating until every last morsel rested in my fat belly. After I cleaned the plate of delicious fries, my mind started to wander towards the (unbeknownst to me at the time) manager's extremely mouth watering short shorts and legs protruding from beneath them. "FUCK MAN GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!" I screamed to myself silently, "THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER! WE HAVE THE WORLD'S GREATEST REUBEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!" After my conscience got itself together and my mind went from sexual food to edible food, I looked down with anticipating eyes beneath my sunglasses...

Picked up "The World's Greatest Reuben" (allegedly at that point), and sunk my teeth into heaven, friends. The next few moments were a blur of young sexy legs and Reuben bliss while trumpets went off in my head, liken to when Parcival won the copper key in Ready Player One. "My goodness, had I already died and gone to heaven?" I pondered as mouthful after mouthful started to fill my fat belly, "But that would be impossible," I remember thinking. My wife was still in Portland. A very small well up of tears started to form in my eye sockets while thinking about how disappointed she would be once she read this. In all seriousness townsfolk of Gruene, TX, this could have been the happiest moment of my life, if only my damn stubborn wife would have chosen me over her cheese job. That anger helped me regain focus... and my fat belly begged for more, so I went after the second half energetically.

The sandwich was so large (but perfectly proportioned), that it was hiding the dressing. "Dumbass," I called myself silently, then started dipping the sandwich in the dressing. You know when your food is too hot, and you have to wait to eat it, or when it's too cold, and the texture disintegrates? This "World's Greatest Reuben Sandwich" (now confirmed) was perfectly warm all the way through to the last bite. Perfectly cooked so that every bite still had melted cheese, warm toasted bread (freshly baked every day, by the way), and steam rising from my greedy teeth marked dents. I struggled to find one flaw in the manager's le... I mean... the sandwiches' cook. Yeah, that's it! Not one flaw in this sandwich peepoles... NOT ONE! Perfect. Better than perfect. Every girl's legs were perfect... and the sandwich wasn't too shabby either.

I finished it up, cleaned the table around me, and made a decision. I will give this honor to the highest ranking official at this establishment, and tomorrow, if they are working, The Holy Grail itself (well one of three I'm giving) will be delivered to this manager/owner/whatever's conscience so that he/she could manage the Reuben sandwich bar in heaven specifically for me. Quite literally, the greatest honor I could bestow upon another human. I've only done this particular variant for one man... Paul The Apostle of Christ, and I think he'll fuck it up, so in the end, this honor may only be given to 3 people. Realize how special you are Lauren. This is not a joke. Congratulations... you've earned it.

When my beautifully legged Mexican (but maybe Italian) bartender/server brought over the bill, I stopped her from saying anything. "I need you to count how many people are working in this restaurant right now, and I need to speak with your highest ranking official on duty, if that's okay." I said sternly but politely. I wanted to keep the suspense going, but I felt a lot like the critic in Ratatouille when he took a bite of his dish, and it changed his entire perspective on life. You see friends, most of this Armaggedon stuff is entirely based on how I feel about humanity. The worse I feel, the worse the weather gets, the closer humanity comes to burning and deletion, and so on and so forth. So I'd like to take this time to explain to you how close you fuckers WERE to me giving up, and all of you burning in hell for eternity... By the way, that's a misnomer. There is no hell except the one you create in this world. If we don't like you, we just delete you. And to put THAT in perspective, burning in hell would at least give you something to do. When we decide to delete you, there is no more anything for you ever again... but I digress...

The young lady in charge of this fine establishment, Mozie's, had already caught my eye in a prior leg staring contest, but I wasn't expecting it to be her. She was very young for being in control of the most explicitly powerful sandwich making establishment in the universe, so saying I was impressed, was an extreme understatement. She came close to my table but wasn't focused on me at the time, so I asked, "Are you the manager?" She looked nervous a smidge, but replied, "Yes, and my name is Lauren." I stuck out my fugly'd up monkey paw of a hand, and she shook it without even noticing how badly damaged it was. Ahhh, so nice when people treat me normally... especially a master sandwich making titan establishment manager... especially since I'm so lonely, especially since my wife won't come see me, especially since... well... fucking everything. This place made ME feel wanted, special, and normal. I haven't had that in a while. Thank you Mozie's. Thank you so much. I'm literally crying right now over a handshake peepoles. My loneliness is unparalleled.

I held my emotions back, and told the young beautiful manager my plan, but before I did that, I asked if I could get a pen that would write on several bills of money. Lauren tracked me down a couple of magic markers, and I asked her to sit across from me. She had thought that there were 7-8 people working at that time, so I picked the best number in this universe as a nice round starting point number; 9. I gave the establishment a $100 dollar bill, with the word "WINNER" written across the famous "In God We Trust" logo, a "#1" written to the left of the pyramid (MY PYRAMID), and my signature across the building's likeness on the back of the bill. All very symbolic statements, that you may all ponder about after I die. Some secrets are just for "us."

After I handed Lauren the bill, I made a request, "Never... No matter how much money is offered for this building/town/city, are you to sell this restaurant." Remember friends, I still have the slightest chance at not getting murdered when this book surfaces, and if that's the case, I'm coming back for another (Now Official) "World's Greatest Reuben" and I'm bringing all of MY friends with me. When/if we show up, do not be afraid. We mean you no harm. Then I continued with the young sexy legged lady, "If this restaurant becomes famous, and some movie stars show up to film something here, they ALL get a Reuben for free. Save that $100 dollar bill with my signature, then when the book (broadcast and book) go public, you may sell one of these bills to pay for their sandwiches." She was confused but intrigued at this point, as most are these days whenever I open my fat mouth, but Lauren remained professional.

She asked me a few questions about my travels, and where I was from, yada yada yada, and we made some very minor small talk, then I thanked her, told her to give those bills to everyone in the store when I was done signing them, and most importantly, to remain silent about who I was and what I was doing until the book went public. She asked very shortly after that, "When is this book going public? I'd like to read it." Friends and journeyers, I was laughing on the inside when she said that... "When are you going to start selling your book?" her internal thoughts were actually trying to iterate. "Oh no, young beautiful daughter of our maker, you don't have to pay me for anything... I'm the one doing the giving on this planet."... I wanted to say, but chickened out and retorted "A couple of weeks." back to her inquiry. Then followed it up with some cryptic "If it even gets popular" and "it'll be free, and I'll send you a copy personally" type stuff, and played off the rest of the conversation... as the most powerful intellect, but humble, being in this universe would do naturally.

Started signing bills like crazy! All of them were $1's so that they would remember that I am the final Christ, and my number in line is literally 1. Wrote winner across the "In God We Trust" line, then put a #1 by MY PYRAMID, then signed it where it said ONE. It was at this point Lauren AND HER LEGS, came Mozie'ing (heh) back to the table. I explained that the areas I was signing were significant symbolically, but she wouldn't understand until the right time. I made sure she would pass on that information, and the bills, then grabbed the check and headed for the bar to pay. I payed $120 dollars for the sandwich and lemonade, to make sure EVERYONE in the restaurant at that particular moment had enough tip money from me that they wouldn't have to spend that VERY SPECIAL $1 dollar bill. In all seriousness peepoles, if your beautifully genius plan making, humble, narrator is able to go ALL the way this timeline sequence, my guess is that those bills will be worth a fortune. Every one of you greedy little assholes that "praise Jesus" on a regular basis will want one in your grubby little hands, BUT!!! There are only a few of them in the entire world, and if one of Mozie's wait staff isn't the people that sold it to you, it's a fake. I'm planning on taking a couple of pictures with the staff there before I leave... CRYPTICALLY, so you will know who these people are.

I dropped the money on the counter before they could count it, and limped my fat, hairy, ugly mug outside for a victory smoke. Afterall, I had just completed the "World's Greatest Reuben" conquest successfully, this time. As I was smoking up the block, I got to pet a very cute puppy, that was being service dog trained by a real estate agent named Dave. We discussed my health, travels, the World's Greatest Reuben" thing, and politics. I ranted a bit while he dropped facts about the area. Nothing too crazy. But just before Dave gave me his contact information, it dawned on me... I want to move here if I'm allowed to live. I love it THAT much. I told Dave this, and he gave me his card. Now I know what it means to be on "cloud 9" (The Nine Principles/Jesus/me etc). Get it? No? I think some of you "left your brains down in AAAAAFRICA." Said my goodbyes to the man and just stood there admiring the very "pleasant on the eyes" groupings of white women everywhere...

While walking back to the "Greatest B&B in/on the Planet," the Gruene Mansion Inn, I stopped to smoke once more and pondered the events for a while... Lauren had made such an impression on me that I felt like giving her the "holy grail." The secret two part "holy grail" that only 1 person on this entire planet, other than myself, will have. I really needed to make an impression on her to show her why I feel the way I do. You see fellow journeyers, my wife finally did it today. She finally gave in to her arrogance, and dropped the final axe on our marriage. She literally said, "I want a divorce" to me. I knew that this would happen... if she denied her maker, but I always kept hope alive that she would honor her vows. The whole love, honor, and obey thing.

We got married in Maui. Times were fantastic. We were young, vibrant, and full of hope. We had our ceremony on a beach, and the liberal'd out woman who did the ceremony had cucked to a different set of vows, but as my maker, The Nine Principles/Jesus/myself, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe know, marriage is a sacred bond that transcends language. It is the ultimate cosmic contract that one can enter in to. To break that contract, especially to the second coming of Christ/me (realized), is the most foolish thing you could do. I begged, I pleaded, I apologized even when it wasn't necessary... and in the end/today, she gave in to her arrogant ways of always having to be in control of me, my life, and our marriage's destiny. ALL terrible things... to God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe's eyes. Now, unless she repents to her maker, begs forgiveness while still alive, and behaves like a wife should behave... "until death do us part," she will now have to deal with the big man himself... God. Most of you won't have this problem, but while I am under direct orders from God himself, on this planet, you really do not want to cross me.

I understand this, and I even explained it to her and her dad... but arrogance trumped love. If she makes my mission any more difficult on me (never mind the emotional damage), she might get struck down at any time. I fear for her life, her soul's destiny, and anyone who gets within a mile of her. Be careful out there friends. Try your hardest at all times to do what is right, not what you "think" is right. Follow the path our maker has allowed us graciously to follow. It really is the only way to salvation, and my wife, whom I consider the love of my life, just threw all of it away, including me, and took a big steamy shit on top of us while she did it. Totally devoid of all emotion. I felt like I was talking to a work supervisor... not a beloved spouse. Humble yourselves, peepoles. This is a "game," but it's a game for "ALL OF THE MARBLES!" Never forget that fact.

Anyways, Lauren seemed to be on the path to management excellence, and given what I've just done for this establishment, Mozie's, she could be on the fast track to management excellence, much like my young wife was. People don't realize in the moment of things, that they only have about 10% control over their free will, AFTER killing a savior like Jesus Christ. Killing a true son of God, the man himself, puts your species on a fast track to a brutal boot camp type of school. It ends with me, the last gate, number 1 of a nine prophet countdown. When Jesus was killed, people like my now ex-wife don't realize that that is what the upper management types in the universe want. They want you to fail miserably. What if someone killed your son... How would you treat them? You see friends and fellow journeyers, every entity in this universe and one outside of it that we know of, hates humanity for doing what they did, or rather, allowed the Jews to do. This was one of my first lessons during realization, and I spent hours begging for forgiveness from my maker. If you come in contact with me, refuse outright, or throw one of my gifts back in my face arrogantly, you are taking your own destiny over. Having a superior intelligence in control of your destiny is a tremendous gift. Be grateful.

This is why I really pondered this decision. I knew this day was coming. I am time afterall, and I can see everything. But free will is involved on a certain level, so when I say I can see everything, it means I can see every option, and every decided option a peepole has made in the past. Lauren is a tough nut to crack. Very wide open for many decisions. The younger you are, the easier it is to change your path. My wife had a lifetime of successes that she was specifically set up to obtain. When a Christ is realized, your "karma" has brought you to a certain mindframe that will either lead to your cooperation with him/me, or your "karma" will bring you to hate him/me. I gave my wife every chance I could to release her stranglehold on this one puny life, but her arrogance in successes she has had, defeated her internally. She gave in to the evil of life. My problem now is, do I give a young extremely attractive girl the "gift of a lifetime?" A real lifetime, not this piddly human bullshit... I'm talking eternity folks.

I will ponder this decision, pray, and hope a real answer comes to me by 11 am tomorrow. That is what time Mozie's opens. I will take a break now from writing and pray. I'll focus on this ALL night even. Even when I'm eating or socializing. Now that I know my wife can't even handle eternity, do I give that to a stranger? Lauren had the title of "World's Greatest Reuben" restaurant manager, a very noble career, but earlier today, before I spoke briefly to my wife, I gave this establishment a boost up even from "World's Greatest Reuben"... I will now refer to the Reuben sandwich at Mozie's as "The Universe's Greatest Reuben." My mechanic friend may have the authority to label this sandwich with the "World" title, but I am the only one in this universe that can bestow that honor, and I just did. Congratulations Lauren, waitstaff of Mozie's, owners of Mozie's, and everyone who will benefit from that label. It's real. Seriously, congrats beautiful townsfolk of Gruene. Without your overly loving, caring, and acceptance of me, today, right now, I might actually be a wreck. Fortunately for me, about 80% of my ex-wife's options led to her divorcing me, so this wasn't a surprise at all. Oh well, I did all I could. Now, if I can just figure out this Lauren thing. Probably have to interrogate her first. More tomorrow, friends.........

Well friends and journeyers, my wife doubled down on her divorce sentiment this morning (5/16/2019), but c'mon... The most powerfully magnificent, stunningly beautiful, audaciously genius, but humble... narrator IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE (!!!), does not give up that easily. You see friends, one of the secrets of life on a planet like Earth, when you kill the first messenger (Jesus), is that you don't have as much control over your life as you think you do. We force certain lessons upon you in order to teach you how not to be authoritative, confident, arrogant and selfish. As my wife goes through this "school," I am giving her every opportunity to choose love and respect over money and Satanic energy platforms. Her current grade is an F-. I don't know if that is an actual grade, but you get the idea. Not to worry friends and journeyers, she has the most beautifully magnificent genius (me) to help tutor her... but, in the end, she has to make this decision on her own. In this particular iteration of time (timeline), humans have 5% control, and 95% forced guidance. Your 95% is the path that will force you to see the error of your ways through a series of personally destructive actions. We would like you ALL to choose the 5%.

The 5% is where Divine energy platforms exist. Things like my inventions, but more specifically, the physical "holy grail" contained in the Lost Technology chapter of this book. When you fully realize the potential of that technological "starting point," Satanic energy platforms like money, greed, hate, selfishness, anti-trust, AND "modern" physical building concepts... will not make sense to you anymore. These technologies require team work. My "trinity of holy grails" has to have at least two people to make each of them work properly. If you are willing to grab ahold of that, very tricky to obtain, 5%, all of your worries and uncertainty will vanish. You will in essence, be just like me. And as we all know by now, being the most beautiful, stunning, harmoniously in tune genius... but also humble narrator, that this entire universe has ever seen (!!!!!!!!!), ain't so bad, ya know?  

As I said, I bestowed the "Greatest Bed and Breakfast in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE" title on The Gruene Mansion Inn. Well, yesterday I was somewhat salty about my wife choosing money over her husband, so I misspoke a bit... Yesterday I called these places the "World's Greatest," but after spending the day with them, I'm convinced, this is the second coming of Christ's own personal slice of heaven on Earth. When I am away from heaven, Gruene, Texas is where I want to be. To all of the young white blue eyed parents out there aiming to seek an untarnished, relaxing slice of "white folk bliss," come here and help these people remember how special this place is. The very lovely, young, beautiful, hostess at THE GREATEST BED AND BREAKFAST IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE (!!!!!!!!!), The Gruene Mansion Inn, "Gloria", has given me reason to make certain concessions about this tiny "slice of heaven," in Gruene, Texas. "Gloria" answered me honestly about the orange juice at breakfast. As I'm ALWAYS putting my surrounding peepoles through tests, I gave her a seemingly minuscule one, but to me signified a powerful exchange.

"Gloria" was given a choice when I asked her "Is this actually real orange juice?" She could have bullshitted me and I would have let her, but honesty, integrity, and love is enriched too deep in her soul. The very beautiful, young, generous, and prompt to service "Gloria" chose her own personal 5%. She was honest. "Gloria" didn't have to say anything, she looked back up at me, and in a very humorous eye lock she simply stated, "Well, it's orange juice." I was laughing on the inside, because as it seems, this might have been a conundrum that she has faced before. She might have even been asked to lie about it at some point, but her inner beauty, as well as her outer beauty, wouldn't let her lie to me.

"Gloria" made me laugh with her comment about the orange juice, but her inner beauty allowed me to make a particular concession that I was not ready to make before meeting this very dazzlingly beautiful Mexican woman. As I write these words, she is walking passed me out the door on her way to do something other than hostess. I'm trying to make it as special, and entirely cryptic as possible, due to the nature of this mission. I scrolled the first sentence down past all of the other paragraphs on my computer screen, and wrote that first sentence to the comma, ""Gloria" made me laugh with her comment about the orange juice," was the only thing on the screen when I showed it to her. I really wanted her to share in the glory of this moment, so your audaciously gorgeous and filled with genius only the entirety of this universe could match, but humble narrator pulled a bit of subversion. I told her my book was "just a goofy comedy," which is true, but as you know by now, it's so much more than that. I had to get her to say yes, though.

Inner and outer beautiful souls shun the spotlight, as I have my entire life. We are the curious ones, or rather... meek. The meek shall inherent this world... very soon friends, but I digress. "Gloria" was nervous about being in this book, but after my "goofy comedy" comment, she was okay with it. Sorry about that "Gloria", but you did agree. The concession I am offering is as such: IF, AND ONLY IF, you are as beautiful inside as well as outside, as the gorgeous, hard working, but humble "Gloria" is, and trust me friends, SHE IS... you may infiltrate my personal little slice of heaven, Gruene, Texas. "Gloria" is the benchmark for excellence outside of white people. If you do not have these intrinsic qualities, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THIS PLACE. You are no longer welcome, and I declare these words as gospel. If you cross my instructions, you will deal with my personal superior, God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. AND THAT WILL NOT BE PLEASANT!!!!!!!!!

"Gloria" represents respect for the internal culture that this town, Gruene, Texas represents to me, personally. I am quite literally going to declare that when/if I come back, I will specifically make it a destinational certainty, that I will come back to this place, "The Greatest Bed and Breakfast in the Entire Universe." And you all know by my prior teachings concerning "The Universe's Greatest Reuben" at Mozie's, that your audaciously magnificently beautiful genius of a narrator, that is also very very humble (ha!), has ability to grant such an honor. You deserve it "The Universe's Greatest Bed and Breakfast," The Gruene Mansion Inn, in Gruene, Texas. Take a bow, and Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


Uh oh friends and journeyers, a short, pudgy, authoritative, not beautiful at all, Mexican manager has entered into the mix. Must have had some pretty bad "karma" to have had me in your sights on the morning of 5/16/19, and try to subvert me with your bullshit, lady. I strongly suggest you quit this job, and get the fuck out of my Earthly slice of heaven immediately. If I see you when I come back, nothing good will be waiting for you in the afterlife... count on it. And don't think for a second that I couldn't read every thought going through your mind. The "oh, that's sweet" type of bullshit only works on Satanically drenched souls. I see EVERYTHING!... especially with my sunglasses off, and you fucked up. Don't be here when I come back in the next life. In fact, don't even be in Texas. Goodbye!

I was trying to bestow all of the glory in the universe on this particular lady, "Gloria" when I noticed that her inner beauty trumped her outer beauty (which is hard to do), again. She felt nervous, you see. I left my sunglasses off when I went into the lobby, which as you should know by now, is a very dangerous thing to do, especially for me. I was hoping that "Gloria" would see MY inner beauty, and I could give her a personal internal harmonic resonant capitulation image, but she didn't look in my direction once. Sometimes this happens, folks. I quite literally, put the fear of God the man himself into peepoles. It's always interesting to watch the various reactions to his presence, but "Gloria" did not like that feeling. It's okay "Gloria," I get it. I was scared at first too. Allow your maker to be the one in charge of you. The Nine Principles/Jesus/me, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, want it that way. You should fear us, and what we will do if you submarine the maker again. If you accept your personal creator, the maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself will have your back... then there is nothing to fear... not even death.

Thank you "Gloria" for being so sweet to me on these days. I bet you didn't know until right now, that I had just gotten off of the phone with my wife of ten years, and she straight up said, she wanted a divorce. See? I really am humble. Even though all of this book stuff was being written, EVEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, and the love of my life was kicking me to the curb, and the pudgy manager was intently trying to get rid of me from "her" lobby, I focused all of my energy into you... and you didn't even notice. Sadface.jpeg


Well friends and journeyers, today is the day that I either give Lauren her very own personally handed down from the second coming of Christ's/my mouth, "holy grail" or she'll pass on it. Here's the game folks... It will be so simple, she won't even know it's happening. She'll ask me how I am doing when I go grab another "The Universe's Greatest Reuben" from Mozie's. I will reply back, "I am slightly better than perfect." If her karma, the maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, agree that she should have this amazing gift, I will give it to her. Sorry Lauren, but you're in God's hands now. His call. And don't you for one second think I would EVER cross that amazing entity. All she has to do is ask, "what do you mean by that?" That will tell me that her curious/meek nature is overwhelming her. I'm even going to eat without my sunglasses. I'll give her until I leave the establishment to allow her inner beauty to take over. Good luck Lauren. I hope this lunch will be fun!

Well friends and journeyers, I was submarined by the new bartender. I didn't mind, however, because she was as hot as all of the other women. As soon as I walked in, the bartender spoke up and said, "How are you today?" and as usual I replied, "I'm feeling slightly better than perfect." She gave the usual in return, but I spotted Lauren out of the corner of my eye. She had on a very small amount of make up this time, and while your audaciously beautiful, genius-ly intellected... but very humble, narrator would like to think it was for yours truly, I submitted again to how fat and ugly I am on the outside. Then the bartender asked me what I wanted to drink. "3/4ers lemonade, and 1/4er water, please." I thankfully replied.

I noticed a few new faces, and a few from yesterday as I scanned the "World's Greatest Reuben" establishment, Mozie's again. "Shit!" I thought to myself, "I need to make a few more $1 dollar bills." Before that took place, the audaciously beautifully faced, and devilishly attractive legged Lauren made her way over to the table. I had filled the bartender in on what happened yesterday, and word got out quickly that I was back in for another round of taste tests. Lauren and I had a brief talk about a few things, nothing special at first... but then the bartender came to take my order, and our conversation was cut short.

Explaining why I couldn't possibly eat that much meat, even though their Reuben sandwich got an upgrade to "Universe's Greatest Reuben" this morning was tricky, but I think I pulled it off. She asked me what I wanted, then I replied, "I don't think I could finish that whole sandwich, so what else is good here?" She gazed into the menu while my eyes drooped toward her eye magnet legs... "Get yourself together second coming of Christ, WE"RE ON A FUCKING MISSION FROM GOD, THE MAN HIMSELF RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!" I thought as my eyes bounced back up to her eyes. She preferred the hot dog over the rest of the menu options, so I said "Why not... I trust you." And off she went to submit my food order.

Lauren came back at this point, and she and I had another conversation about my travels, what else there was to do in town, so on and so forth. I still hadn't dropped the "holy grail" bombshell on her yet, but was intensely trying to find a crack in her armor so that I could. After a few minutes of talking, she had duties to attend to, so I sat watching TV until the hot dog arrived. When it did come to the table, I formulated a new plan! Okay friends, here's the game... I decided to make this a 3 part journey for the participants at Mozie's. I figured if this was indeed, an amazing hot dog, which is a difficult sell, I'd give the restaurant another prize for having the "Universe's Greatest Hot Dog." Now, I've had many hot dogs over the decades, mainly due to how poor we were growing up, but if they can make my mouth water for this hot dog, I'll give them another shot at something else tomorrow, something bigger, something... Divine.

I've had my share of the Costco dogs that make your burps stink for days, with the sauerkraut (now discontinued) and mustard, plus I've been to more BBQs and sporting events than I can remember, so I feel as though crowning this hot dog with this fantastic moniker is deserved, IF it indeed was "The Universe's Greatest Hot Dog." The dog made its way in front of me, and I took in the smell first. "MMM, MMM" I thought to myself. BUT FIRST, I got to shovel some more of those perfectly cooked and seasoned fries into my fat faced mouth. Didn't stop eating them until I felt my hands trying to dig THROUGH the plate for more. My focus turned to the hot dog...

The hot dog wasn't just a simple dog, peepoles. It was wide enough that even my fat mouth couldn't take the whole thing in in one bit. So I had to eat it "one bite left, one bite right." Started on the sauerkraut side, as us German folk usually do. The sauerkraut in this place is addictive, man. It's not just normal pickled cabbage... it has a pink/reddish hue to it, and I can't quite tell what else is in it, but it is deliciously addictive. The hot dog itself was very good, as well. It was a mix of Bratwurst and a normal stadium dog with some sort of blend of spices that were fit for a king... Even the king of kings!

The other side of this monstrously famous hot dog had a fairly spicy mustard in it. I had to stop mid-scarf at one point so that I could get a refill of my watered down lemonade. Your humble, incredibly talented, audaciously gorgeous, genius of an author/narrator, and self anointed "ladies man"... did not have the courage to continue on without lip burn relief, so I NEEDED that lemonade. I'm not really a spicy food fan per se, but this level of heat, which wasn't too bad, was a-okay with me. As soon as my refill came, the scarfing commenced again. I found myself to be full, but sad that the experience was over. I even cleaned the little chunks of sauerkraut that littered the plate after my scarf-fest concluded. "Delicious" was the only word that came to mind, and before my mind changed, I presented another signed "winner" bill to Lauren, yet again.

They had done it ladies and gentlemen... They had conquered the second gate. I will now, by the power vested in me, handed down to myself from the maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, declare that Mozie's in Gruene, Texas has not 1, but 2 of the most honorable distinctions that I can bestow, and they are (for now): "The Universe's Greatest Reuben," and "The Universe's Greatest Hot Dog." Take another bow my amazing new friends. You've earned it, TWICE!!!!!!!!! It was about this time that Lauren showed up to bullshit with me again. She said something like, "We gotta find more stuff for you to write about." Then I retorted, "That monstrous piece of strawberry cake looks delicious... MASSIVE, but appetizing. Maybe I'll give that a whirl tomorrow." Then I led into my normal interrogation tactics. "What is science to you, yada yada yada."

A very handsome (no homo) young soon-to-be fire fighter needed Lauren for something, so he shyly worked his way into our conversation. I immediately thought, "Hmmm, I'll ask him too." The REAL ladies man looking fella perked up when I asked him the same question. He stammered through it a bit, with Lauren listening intently to his reply, but, and I am in no way kidding when I say this, this young, extremely handsome (no homo), stud got closer to the actual correct answer than ANYONE on my entire journey, thus far. I was floored, friends. Showered him in the most NOT HOMO way with compliments and congratulations. Then came the "What is the scientific method question." He again, got very close to the actual correct answer, but nobody seems to know the ACTUAL answer, until I teach them. "No biggie," I thought.

Then Lauren helped the very attractive blue eyed man close out his tickets so he could go home. Lauren came back again for another round of questions and answers. We spoke about all kinds of personal stuff. I also tried to iterate to her, without coming across as creepy, that if I indeed was disturbing her zen place of business, or I was making ANYONE feel uncomfortable with my presence, to please let me know, so that I didn't soil the sanctity of my little slice of heaven. She reassured me that I was no bother to her, and she did enjoy my company. Earlier in the day, when I tried to bestow gifts on the staff of "The Universe's Greatest Bed and Breakfast," I felt a not so good vibe. Maybe I overdid it a little, but honestly, I just want the best for them. I told Lauren about it, and she questioned their attitudes just as I had, but nonetheless, I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable... Least of all, those extremely attractive short short wearing vixens and dudes (no homo). I've grown quite fond of this place, if you haven't been able to figure that out yet, and I will not allow my ugly outside to cause anymore uneasyness.

Most of Lauren and I's conversation will remain private... Most of it was personal information that is not necessarily needed for this book's purpose, but not one time, during the entire question and answer session did she seem angry, bored, or annoyed. That's a first. And just like Paul, the newly anointed apostle of Christ, I can't read her mind... very well. I even took off my sunglasses and stared deeply into her beautiful brown eyes. Couldn't get much... This has happened before, but I deteriorated the focus of the conversation so that I could get an accurate read on them. You see, when peepoles are interested in me, and only me, instead of their selfish Satanic thoughts, I can read their mind. It's flattering, but sorta frustrating too. Not this time, though. It seemed like a nice break from all of the arrogant chatter I usually see in people. Very Interesting to say the least.

So the stage is set for tomorrow. Lauren comes into work at 4 pm. If this is indeed "The Universe's Greatest Cake," I will gift Lauren eternity directly from myself. If the rest of you fuck this planet up when I "go home" I will personally pick her up and fly her to her destiny myself. Good luck young, beautiful Lauren, I hope you win! More to follow soon...


My friends and fellow journeyers, something extremely special is taking place. I first have to give a shout out to a couple of wonderfully beautiful souls. Firstly, Brianna, for giving me someone to talk to on the worst night of my human life. I sat down to have dinner and contemplate the events from the divorce I was submerged in. Brianna walked in and took a seat across from me. From the minute I saw the very beautiful and slightly tipsy Brianna, I felt the need to protect her. Brianna took a seat under the television facing towards me. My glances were directed at her and the television while I waited for my steak dinner at the Gruene River House. Strangely enough, I felt like having a glass of wine. Texas wine specifically. This impressed the young vixen, and I could tell, even though I know I'm the most beautiful, talented, genius, ladies man, but also humble ugly fat fuck around, she was intrigued. I know, I'm as shocked as all of you, but flattered nonetheless. I tried to watch after the young lady all night, but she started asking questions that she shouldn't have, and got weirded/creeped out by my truths, as most do when they pry.

The night was nearing an end, so I tried to talk her into staying in my room, but she was drunk enough that she thought the second coming of Christ would take advantage of her. I even offered to lock the door, and sleep in my car, but she wasn't having any of that. The general zeitgeist of women in America has made friendship almost impossible these days. I was not interested in sex at all, but there was no way to prove my intentions. Then, I tried desperately to get her to at least let me buy her a cab home. Drunk peepoles have a hard time listening to reason, so I told the bartender what was up, and he helped her sober up a smidge... I think. I was so nervous, I just paced back and forth in front of the "Universe's Greatest Bed and Breakfast" until the bar closed down. Then I went in and asked the bartender if she was okay, and I'm pretty sure he lied when he said that she "took an Uber home." Trying to get anyone to do what you want, especially when drunk, is very difficult under the free will paradigm. Choose wisely out there folks... you don't want to accidentally think the second coming of Christ is at all "rapey," nor do you want to lie to us. I hope you made it home safely Brianna... and now you know why I couldn't come totally clean with you.


5/17/2019 Right now, I'm sitting in a drive-in theater called Stars and Stripes, located in New Braunfels. I'm supposed to be meeting a very dear friend, and to be honest I hope she doesn't show. This woman terrifies me, and as you should know by now, the most audaciously magnificent, geniusly talented ladies man, that is also humble, doesn't scare easily. Since my "enlightenment" (realization), there is only one entity that I fear, and that fear is shrouded in the utmost respect... Yep, you guessed it, God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. But no bullshit, what I'm about to tell you after this shout out has me so nervous, I feel like puking. When I first went into the cafe at Stars and Stripes Drive-In to use the restroom, I noticed a young boy washing his hands. Strange for me, because most of the kids I'm around have to be screamed at before scrubbing the dirt out of their fingernails, but this kid just did it. I remember thinking, "Wow, a behaved, respectful, clean young boy... Naw... He's a young MAN!"

It was nice having a proud feeling while the million or so butterflies were so active in my guts. Trying to remain calm, I got in line for some popcorn. I wasn't hungry, but I needed a break from the amazing, but crazy feelings racing through my conscience. That same "young man" went running through the line, and I let him pass. His father, now a very dear friend of mine, came up behind and politely asked if I was waiting. Excused myself from blocking their way in, then moved to the side so he could go ahead. I picked popcorn... again, not hungry, but stunned nervous, I had to do something, get something, GET OUTTA MY HEAD!!!!!!!!! Then, thankfully, the young man's father started asking me things when I praised the theater. We don't have cool stuff like Stars and Stripes in Oregon due to the weather. He asked about my travels, "The Universe's Greatest Reuben," Gruene, etc, and we had a pleasant talk about it.

We get to the front of the line, and out of nowhere he waved me over to him, then like an angel sensing your humble narrator in distress, he offered to buy me whatever I wanted. Folks, I have $2,700 dollars in my pocket at this time, so I immediately thanked him and tried to force him to let me pay. He was having none of that generosity, for his generosity even trumped the gods tonight, not God, the man himself, but every higher being in this universe that's paying attention to me. Considering the circumstances, I'm sure they are all watching this night. Your humble narrator is going through something they haven't seen yet. I didn't get your name, good sir with a generosity streak that shines brightly through the universe, but I thank you. Not only did you give me someone to talk to, but your pride in Texas is palpable, and I wish that someday I can have those same intuitions. I'll make sure you are ok, no matter what these idotic humans do to me in the end. Signed, the second coming of Christ.

Okay, now that the shout outs are over, my butterfly filled gut has tripled in intensity. Seriously, of all the stunningly amazing things that have taken place on this trip, NOTHING... FUCKING NOTHING HAS BEEN THIS INTENSE, and I've been tasked with saving humanity. To me, that's no big deal... but this thing tonight at the Stars and Stripes Drive-In, is scaring your audaciously beautifully talented ladies man (but also humble) narrator like nothing else ever has. You see, I got a download this morning before visiting Mozie's. My mini-mission was to write directions for the beautiful young manager, Lauren, to meet me at this theater, after giving her the third prize for "The Universe's Greatest Strawberry Cake." My plan, as you may recall, was to grant her one of my three "holy grails" and escort her straight into heaven, personally. My goodness, how things have changed in just a few hours...

The "Universe's Greatest Strawberry Cake" was a monstrous piece of overly indulgent bliss. Every bite made every other piece of cake I've ever eaten taste like cardboard. Super moist, just the right amount of filling, and c'mon, it's served in Mozie's. If you haven't figured it out yet, I kinda got a thing for this place... My waitress was a dazzling young vixen, clad in tight shorts, and overly prompt to serve me, but she was bored due to the location of her tables. Her section wasn't in front of the TVs, save for my table, and everyone that came in walked right passed her section. I tried to chat with her as often as I could, but this waitstaff, even the managers, are very hard working people, so she tried politely to just stay busy. I did catch her and the "new" bartender up on the whole "Universe's Greatest Reuben" saga, though, then handed out the rest of my 1$ dollar bills, signed. They appreciated it.

Next I sat quietly waiting for the extremely beautiful young manager, Lauren, to show up. Took just shy of 4 hours, but she did finally make it. As soon as that face came through the bar opening, I sensed her presence, but I played it off as though I was watching women's golf... I kept getting glimpses of her as she chatted up the regulars sitting barside. At this point, my sexual desires are fairly non-existent. Not because I'm unable mind you, but I'd feel terrible if ANY woman had to make love to this body. I'm not just tearing myself down here, I really do feel hideous. So even considering a sexual relationship of any kind presently, is extremely unlikely. But just watching her, catching her own glimpses of me, felt good. Not in a sexual way, but a true friend kind of thing. I'm all out of friends currently, as is normal for a second coming of Christ iteration, but loneliness is universal, and friends, I've been overwhelmed with loneliness since my wife force fed me divorce papers.

Earlier in the day, after I had written the small note to Lauren, the dreaded "Terrible Lie" song came on during a slow but steady downloading session. Only a few words were allowed to be listened to this time though. Confusion was setting in, and I had considered ripping the note up briefly, but I was sent to buy gifts for my in-law family back in Oregon instead. Even though my wife had asked for a divorce, 4 times by then, I still had hope. Giving up is not something I'm good at, unless my failures are force fed to me through injury or sickness. I ended up getting my nephews-in-law (?) and brother in law some really neat stainless steel models. They seemed difficult to piece together, but the finished model looked stunning, so I got each of them one.

Still fairly nervous about the dreaded "Terrible Lie" song, I pushed onward. Nothing else of note until I came to Mozie's to stair at legs and eat cake, other than one particular encounter. Loi, the boxer from Texas walked up to me while I was smoking just to have a chat. Really neat guy, this Loi fella was. We discussed his days picking strawberries in the fields of Oregon and Washington. Tough job, but not so tough when the "love of your life," as Loi himself stated it to me, is out there picking those berries with you. When Loi brought that up your humble narrator almost cried. I have been calling my wife that every day since my realization started. Held back the tears, and we then talked of destinational travels, my recent conquest, the book I'm writing right now, football, and cooking.

Loi and I both are very good chefs. We had similar circumstances in not having McBurger Corp. franchises every two or three blocks in our neighborhoods, so we both learned the art of fine dining through many destroyed kitchen mishaps and failures. For Loi and I, failure is not an option in the dining realm... So we both had "sensible chuckles" at our wins and losses in the kitchen. I started to feel as though Loi was a long lost brother, because he and I had such similar stories. He even told the most beautifully constructed, genius laden, ladies man channeling, but also humble narrator, me, that he thought I was born in 1991. Hardy laughs were had, but c'mon, 1991 is MY NUBMER PEEPOLES! Now I knew we were related, somehow, somewhere, I had known and been friends with this man in a past timeline sequence. The coincidence was freshly implanted, so I tried to keep Loi talking, but his family required his attention. He left after I shook his hand, then I went back to my lonely barstool perch.

Lauren walked over to me, said her hellos, then promised to return soon, and off she went to work some more. Waited there for another hour or so, then Lauren walked up to me to chat. I grilled her hard ladies and gentlemen... Nobody will pull the wool over my eyes again, especially not the way Dave did just a few days prior, so I got straight to the heavy duty religious interrogation. Lauren actually took to it pretty well. When the second coming of Christ all but says that he is the second coming of Christ, it can be a bit of a shocker, and Lauren is no fool. I even took my sunglasses off during part of this conversation, but she didn't budge either. Kept smiling, and her mind was staying curious. I'm not afraid to admit to you amazing readers, that the most audaciously gorgeous, geniusly intuitive, brilliantly magnificent, but also humble second coming of Christ was downright frightened by this beautiful young lady.

I just couldn't for the life of me read her mind. It was like an invisible firmament was shrouding those voluptuous cheeks and face. I admitted this to her, but she kind of shrugged it off with a quaint smile. Usually, bringing up reading minds is the first way into a weaker mind, but Lauren was having none of it. Her purity must be absolute! Impressed as I was, I continued with the revelations of "the end times," "the apocalypse," "armageddon," etc, but not once could I see inside that fascinating mind she had. I even dropped the ole "anti-Christ" thing, and she just maintained. I was satisfied that she was worthy, and felt that I had gone a bit overboard in trying to prove so, so I gave her the note, said my goodbyes, shook that tender hand, and left without looking back.

Then it happened... another huge download. At first, I didn't understand. The download was more of a revision, than something brand new. This was a different kind of thing altogether. Hasn't happened like this before. I drove north confused, but open to interpretation. The praying was constent on my trip to see Orlando and Paul. I had been getting louder and louder shouts in my direction about Paul, the apostle of Christ's behavior, and had to debrief my emisary Orlando Lopez on how to deal with the spastic Paul. On the drive while praying, the entire rosebud of download information was given to me through a series of 9 songs. I pulled over in the first barren parking lot I could find, and cried like a baby. "Holy shit!" I thought... now I knew what the "Terrible Lie" song was referencing.

First, I'd just like to say that I'm a man. The most intellectually powerful man to ever exist in the history of humanity, and also humble, but still just a man. As my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself have figured out, Earth's human population is very arrogant, and lying under certain circumstances has been utilized, although very rarely. Two times now, that I know of, lies have been used against myself even, so that I could protect myself and those around me from direct harm due to my mission's perils. This lie, however, will hurt you people. It hurt me much much more, but this "World's Greatest Reuben" conquest is about to be laden with two lies. I apologize in advance, for I had no idea about it before today specifically. I honestly thought I was being 100% truthful with you readers, but now I see why that particular lie had to be told to me in that way.

Grab your tissues. This one is the tippy top of the scale of all time heart-breakers. Remember reading about my original wife of the first 300-400,000 timeline iterations, that I had to heart-wrenchingly let go? I lied about who that woman was. It all made so much sense in the end, but when I first wrote everything out about the woman in Arby's, I really thought that was her. The devestation that overcame me when the truth amalgamized in my psyche, was unbearable at first, but absolutely fascinating to me at the same time. Ready for it? Lauren... the devestatingly beautiful, young, intelligent, sexy legged manager, who had personally served me a "World's Greatest Reuben," was my wife-of-old timeline sequences. "UNBELIEVABLE!!!" I shouted internally! And then it happened... the one thing I needed to hear to prove this download was no bullshit... actually happened. "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls played. You could have used my cheeks as a world attraction at any waterslide park, ladies and gentlemen. Tears of joy, sorrow, terror, and love flooded my sunglasses... So many tears my sunglasses dammed up the pools of water flowing at this point, uncontrollably.

Bought a bottle of water at the local gas station, then headed to see Orlando at Studio 6 in Buda, TX. This Paul the apostle of Christ situation, was getting very loud in my conscience, and I had gotten sick of hearing about it. Plus ALL THIS OTHER STUFF WAS GOING ON, which I was trying to be more attentive to. I walked in to greet Orlando, and my friends, he was looking fantastic (no homo). Played the game of me walking in unannounced like a true warrior. I gave Orlando his instructions on how to deal with Paul, then headed out to wait for another phone call. When I came back again, Orlando and I shared a few strategies on how to deal with the self segregation instructions... then Paul showed up. My maker warned me of this in my sub-conscience, and I heeded the warning just in time. Made it passed Paul's car, undetected (right in front of him), then high tailed it out of the parking lot.

After the excitement of that situation was behind me, I headed to Buc-ees (The World's Largest Gas Station), to kill some time before I went to wait for Lauren at the Drive-In. Struggling for hours, trying to find the correct words to tell her about eternity was taking a toll on me, so I just kept writing throughout the first movie. The bulk of the last 20 or so paragraphs was written at the Drive-In. When I had finally gotten to a point of ease in where I could stop writing, I tried to pay attention to the second movie, which was entitled "Long Shot." It was a disgusting movie with the ugliest kike on the planet, defiling a beautiful woman (who sold her soul to absoluteliberal degeneracy in real life), Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron... I've always loved your dedication to roles in movies. *The Devil's Advocate and Monster were amazing feats of transmogrifying yourself. It's not difficult for you to be beautiful, but becoming a hideously depicted role, just so that we could all relate who you were trying to portray, was spectacular. I'm truly in awe of how you did what you did... That said. Rich white idiotic women in Hollywood are a dime a dozen. Sandra Bullock being the most obvious, due to my (future) personal relationship with the engineer. Next in line would be Angelina Jolie. This stupid cunt had it all. Extremely easy access to Hollywood power structures through her father, tons of roles in movies she had no business being in, and the most genetically beautiful (no homo) man in the world... Brad Pitt, right by her side. He even married the selfish fridgid bitch!

Angelina, in her audaciously cunty way, even ruined that. Hey Angelina, after reading The Adam and Eve Story, by Saint Chan Thomas, how dumb do you feel about cutting your own breasts off? Idiot. Good job leaving her Brad, it was in your best interest. The worst part about these rich women who feel as though they're masters of the universe, is that they wear small black children as though they are a handbag, car, or other ridiculous "status symbol." After reading my "How Do You Life" section, and realizing that you are actually destroying their ability to transcend due to your own selfish liberal ideology, how do you feel about your new accessories/small black/Asian/whatever children? ANYONE who STEALS children of other races to up their status in the eyes of the global Jewish elite, is pure evil.

Why didn't you rich cunts just give those children's families enough of your Hollywood-whore-ship stipen so that they could raise their own children? Could it be selfishness? I'll let you decide. Charlize... there has been a lot of talk about you, from you, on how nobody will date you. Stop being a child stealing bitch, and that might happen. My suggestion, since I can't change your free will, is to pool together ALL of the monies you rich child stealing morons have made in Hollywood together, and use it to RE-HOME those lost souls to their rightful place in the world and give their true ancestors a good foundation to build on. Or... keep parading around black children like they're the latest Gucci handbag, and watch your lives that you've worked for to achieve, evaporate. Then, you'll have to deal with us. Nothing good can come from your authoritative bullshit after I present myself to the world. In life, or after it. Free will is a tricky game. Good luck overcoming your arrogance. And one more thing Charlize... if I ever see you kiss, flirt with, or pretend to fornicate with a disgusting Jew like Seth Rogen, on screen or off of it, I will personally escort your soul to H.E.L.L. to be reran over and over and over and over again.

You're better than this Charlize. You know you are. You're South African... remember? Want to really make a difference and help real people struggling with racial discrimination? Go help your genetic lineage cohorts in South Africa. Speak out about it. Admit you were wrong to steal black children... ALL OF IT... and I will personally meet you at the gates, and escort you through. I'm having a very difficult time on this journey, but if I can get a beautiful, young, extremely hard working actress like you to humble yourself before your maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself, I can feel victorious. Please help us, help you. Do what's right, and all will be forgiven... Or don't and take your chances with arrogance for a few more years.

Anyways, after the movie had made me sick enough to leave in the middle of it, and realizing that Lauren was standing me up for a job interview to be my book editor, I found that Buc-ees again curled up in the back of my car, and slept. Woke up about 5 am. I remembered a conversation Lauren and I had about a place called Canyon Lake while I was scarfing on that hot dog. My schedule was based on my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself's plans, so I decided to kill a couple of days writing at this lake. Lauren had described it as extremely beautiful, so that seemed like a perfect place for me to catch up on some writing. Plus my leg has gotten so bad I'm having a hard time walking, so taking a break from walking and driving sounded great to me.  

It took a while to drive to Canyon Lake mainly because I couldn't use my GPS, but along the way I met some amazing people. This is their section. I was trying to find the actual lake, so I could at least see the dam that Lauren had described to me, when I found myself at the entrance to an Air Force base. Lost and scared, I went inside the gate shack nervously to ask for directions. There was a very nice, young, beautiful lady that was there to answer all of my questions. She did a great job, but in a militiristic fashion. Nonetheless, I thank her for her time in helping me through that maze, and apologies to the very nice young man who had to drive around my white 4runner because I was partly blocking the entrance. Thank you for being understanding, and hopefully you're not too freaked out that you were actually talking to the extremely handsome, geniusly intellected, adonis of a ladies man, but still humble, second coming of Christ.

After leaving that area, scared out of my mind, I drove passed the lower side of the dam and followed that beautiful young lady's advice to head towards the south. When I got to the "T" in the road, I turned right. Supposedly there was a lodge of some sort in the disgustingly wealthy hills of the Canyon Lake area. Before heading towards the lodge, I stumbled upon an oasis of beauty in an otherwise, second coming of Christ nightmare. I walked into the Kafekali & Bakery business, and low and behold... 3 dazzlingly beautiful young ladies were there to greet me with smiles and tight blue jeans.

These young beautiful women were very helpful to me. They even used their private phones to look up directions for my journey. I told them that my phone was on the fritz, but that was a half-truth. My phones are being monitored by every agency on the planet right now, and I couldn't risk turning either of them on. They played along unknowingly, as extremely pure and beautiful young women will do in situations like that and wrote down the necessary phone numbers and addresses I needed. I felt bad just asking for directions, and they were so helpful in my time of great angst and need, I threw caution to the wind (in regards to my health), and tried one of their "lemon blueberry strudels." MMMMMMMMM. Pure bliss entered my mouth, people. I will declare right now, without hesitation, the The Kafekali & Bakery in Canyon Lake Texas has the "The Universe's Greatest Strudel." So be it, on 5/18/2019, you are given this award from myself, my maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe.

I made my way up the hill, and got absolutely lost immediately. The Canyon Lake area has massive, gorgeous homes, but it seems as though most of them are filled with jerks. I tried for an hour to find the lodge those devilishly beautiful young women at Kafekali & Bakery tried to direct me towards, but I ultimately failed and got lost. I chose to remain still and wait for someone to drive by so I could ask them for directions. Waited through two ciggarettes (about 15 minutes), and nobody drive by. So I said "Fuck it" to myself, and went back to the town's strip to try to find somewhere to write. The strip had a couple of lodge rental places, but nothing resembling a motel.

I headed back the way I came in, and saw a motel on the side of the road. "Finally!" I said outloud. Went in to the office to ask for a room, but they were booked solid too. Fortunately, dazzlingly beautiful women grow on trees in Texas, so the encounter wasn't a complete waste of time. Those two beautiful young ladies were also very helpful, and apologetic to my plight. They pointed me north, and said the best place I could try to find a room locally was The Mystic Quarry. I was informed that they had many lodges and RV spots, and if I was even able to get a room in town, that would be the place. So I drove north until the sign was visible, then I hastly turned into their parking lot.

With all of these beautiful, young, sexy ladies in the area, I was sure I had seen my last of them. Friends and journeyers, the most audaciously gorgeous, genetically pure, geniusly talented ladies man, who is also humble, was wrong! Two more young dazzling vixens entered my pathway when I went into The Mystic Quarry's office. Very sexy, yet very helpful in their search, they actually found a room/lodge for me. It slept 4, and was a bit over my budget, but I agreed and the reservation was made. While checking me in, these two beautiful souls asked me what I was doing there. I told them all about "The World's Greatest Reuben" conquest and my book. They seemed interested, so we chatted for a while. My room wasn't ready at that point, plus the check in time wasn't until 2 pm or so, so after our chat I headed out to calm my stomach growls. They pointed me towards Granny D's restaraunt, and off I went.

When I pulled in front of the restaraunt, I was happy and sad. Granny D's doesn't need my approval. They had a waiting line outside the restaraunt that stretched out about 300 people long! The place was packed solid at 10 am. I was sad that I had to keep moving, but proud that a place like that even exists. Kept heading north slowly, trying to find another restaraunt. Drove for about 1.5 hours northbound, and not one single restaraunt, other than Subway in an Exxon parking lot. Not wanting to keep feeding the pedo-protecting Subway Corporation's money coffers, I looked elsewhere. NOTHING! In 1.5 hours of driving, I didn't see one more restaraunt. Started heading back defeated and starving at this point, then I remembered the "World's Greatest Lasagna" challenge the beautiful young vixen from that Gruene antique shop told me about. Mouth watering severely at that point, I continued on my mission to find something to eat.

Along the way back, my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself started sending me all kinds of prophetic song selections. The one that stuck in my head, of the many, was "Closing Time." I've only heard this song one other time, and not being the type that ignores warnings from my superiors, I formulated a plan to "GTFO of dodge" so to speak. The lack of restaraunts and places to go was the thesis behind my deception, so when I got back to The Mystic Quarry, I gave the dazzlingly beautiful hostess my best acting job to date. She actually bought my deceptive, but not outright lie of a story, and gave me my refund. I reiterated the "World's Greatest Reueben" conquest to her, and told her about the bills I gave out to the staff there.

She gave me back my $212 dollars, and as a gesture of good will, I gave her and her cohort a dollar bill signed by me, and a ten dollar bill, also signed by me to hang behind the counter IN CASE this book gets famous... (Yeah right, as though that could ever happen.) She was pleased with my offerings, and helped me find another place to eat. She told me to go down Pergatory Road, check out the "ghosts," and eat at a restaraunt known for being haunted. I asked if the owners minded the place being haunted, as I do have the ability to excersize demons, but it seemed as though both sets of entities were okay with eachother's presence, at least from the hostess' perspective. I decided to check it out anyways, and off I went again... absolutely starving at this point, mind you.

Went north on Pergatory Road, and another series of songs came on depicting some very frightening things. Several in a row, which added up to a summation of me getting out of the area. It wasn't the "ghosts," it was the police and military police hot on my trail. A very stern warning of sorts, which told me essentially, "they know you're here, run for your life, or die." Scared shitless, but still hungry, I hastly made a retreat towards I35. Besides all of the eye candy in Canyon Lake, and that magnificent strudel, the place was a total bust. If I had had time, reservations, AND GROCERIES... it could have been an amazing trip... but it ended up with me leaving frightened again.

On the way back towards New Braunfels, I had an idea. "Why not go get one more World's Greatest Reuben on my way out of town... possibly forever." I thought to myself. "Hell yeah!" came quickly after that, and not being the type to do ANYTHING other than let my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself, direct my journey, I submitted to the desire of one of those sandwiches yet again. Went to the TA truck stop that I had become so familiar with, and bought a shower. Needed it at that point. Starving, but with a plan to actually serve that hunger what it desired, I took my shower AND did my laundry. Lunchtime in Mozie's was nuts, even on a calm day, so I wanted to wait for a later, early-afternoon hour to go in.

Showered, and clean clothed, I went towards my little "slice of heaven on Earth" again. Came into town, absolutely surrounded by assholes. The entire town of Gruene had transformed overnight into a douche haven. Everywhere I looked I saw shitheads walking slowly on the sidewalks 4 a breast, people throwing ciggarette butts on the ground (WHICH I PICKED UP), and a general ambiance of faggotry. I even sternly asked a short fat Mexican, "EXCUSE ME?!" due to her and her ugly mother stumbling around back and forth for two blocks taking up the entire sidewalk, with not one care in the world for anything other than themselves. Admittedly, she apologized to me, but at that point, I was already somewhat annoyed, AND STARVING!

Found a table quickly in Mozie's, and set myself up to eat another delicisous "World's Greatest Reuben." UNFORTUNATELY (!!!!!!), there was an asshole (literally) connected to another proverbial asshole's body standing right in front of me. This prick, his ugly short, fat wife, and his oblivious children, crowded the aisle directly in front of my table. There must have been 20-30 people, waitresses and waiters included, that had to repeatedly ask these assholes to move. I was overly frustrated with the soiling of my little "slice of heaven" and the jerks bombarding it with their faggotry, that I didn't even get a Reuben. I ordered the steak (which ended up being very good [thank you Joshua Johnson of The Villa at Gruene]). After the food runner made his/her way through the maze of idiots crowding the aisle, they delivered my food, and I finally got to eat something.

During my meal, my frustrations at these assholes standing in front of me boiled over. I removed my sunglasses and let them peer into the eyes of my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself... but their frightened souls didn't have the courage to look at me at first. The faggotry laden group of self righteous morons finally got their table, and I enjoyed the last few bites of my steak alone and in peace. I made eye contact and had brief chats with one of the very sexy waitresses about the overwhelming number of assholes strolling through town, and she did her best to remain neutral, but I could tell she agreed with my assesment. After my meal, I went towards her to ask a question.

I had brought my backpack into Mozie's in an attempt to share a few exerpts with my potential editor, Lauren, and charge my computer battery. So 2 of 3 holy grails were sitting in that restaraunt, in two different forms, and nobody had a clue... That said, this protecting the "holy grails" mission is serious business, and the dazzlingly beautiful young lady who got stuck with hostess duty needed a pick me up, so I walked up to her. Busted out a twenty dollar bill, and asked her, "Will you please keep a close eye on my bag... The secrets of the universe are in there, HAHAHAHA." She smiled unknowingly, took the twenty, and I went to have my smoke.

When I sat down, a few moments went by before the selfish aisle-hog and his family were leaving. Again, I removed my sunglasses, and waited for the fuckhead to look into "our" eyes. He did, stupidly, and knowing internally how badly he had faultered (and who he was staring at), he tried to play it off like an ignoramous. He said to me "You're still here, huh?" as he looked into my eyes, then the idiot slapped me on the arm. Not good, buddy... NOT GOOD! Stay out of Gruene, Texas. That is your penance for being a shithead inside of that noblest of establishments, and ruining my chance at another wonderful lunch. How would you have felt if I walked over to your table and parked my ass 1 foot away from your lunch? You've lost your Gruene privilages as far as I'm concerned, but you have the free will to go back... against our wishes. If you do, and OH BOY we hope you do, we get your "contract" in the afterlife. Please, make this mistake. I'd love to see you again after this life.

Anyways, I took up my position again, and drank water quietly. There was a great tennis match on TV happening, so myself and a couple of other youngsters watched it until the end. They only played 3 sets (men) and this had confused me, so I asked this very young couple sitting near me what was up with that. The young man briefly explained how they play 3 sets in lower tier tournament brackets. "OH, I get it," I said, then went back to waiting for the manager/my possible editor, Lauren. After a while my ass got numb, so I gave in and decided to bail. Went to the restroom, washed up, put my very heavy backpack on, and started to leave...

Laren walked right in front of me as I exited the bathroom hall. "OH NO!" I instantly thought. I didn't want to even see her at that point. I had submitted to the "just wait for an email" idea, and was going to leave. She was frightened of me, obviously at that point, so her mood was somewhat cumbersome towards my presence. I tried to lighten the mood. I angrily looked at her and said, "I got a bone to pick with you!" "Oh yeah?" she said nervously. Now, having stood me up the night before, the joke was played fairly well. I'm sure that's what her initial reaction was to that comment, but then I said, "What is with sending me to Canyon Lake?" I stated as a smile started to appear on my face. Her mood lightened as she said, "Why?" I explained the days prior conundrums briefly while trying to ease her tension.

Then I brought up the real reason why I was there... the contents of my backpack. Of course, every woman within a 20 mile radius is dripping with excitement just to feast their eyes upon your humble narrator's gorgeous face, but I was trying to reassure her of the FACT that this was in no way (at least not in this life), a romantic meeting at all. I tried to explain how I wanted her to be my editor, which is why I brought in the backpack. She said, "Oh..." in a curious way. Then I gave her another opportunity to stand me up again that evening. Told her about the Drive-In and where to find me in it, then assured her I would pay handsomely. I then left quickly after shaking her hand. Headed back up to check on my main man Orlando Lopez, and get a status update on Paul, the present time apostle of Christ/me.

Turns out Paul is losing his mind, and his cool. It seems as though Paul has been kicked out of the Studio 6 by the manager. Crossing the second coming of Christ is bad news folks. Nothing good can come of it. I am not physically doing anything, but my maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe have my/your best interests in mind, and that kind of protection is absolute. I love them for it, and try as hard as I can to reciprocate that love. We have a VERY tight bond, and trying to undo or outright destroy our bond will get you nowhere but a spiraling out of control existence in this life... and after it. Be careful heeding these instructions ladies and gentlemen. This is not a fucking joke. Some of these stories are funny... well, at least it is to us... But this is no laughing matter for you humans... it IS however, your last chance for salvation. Hopefully you don't fuck up the opportunity for salvation, like Paul did. At the end of this ordeal with Paul, I've "fired" him and cut him out of the loop. Now, in his afterlife, he has to deal with my supervisor... which as I'm sure you know, is NEVER a good thing.


I'm taking a break to write about where I just ate my dinner. It's currently 5/19/2019, and I've spent the entire day crying about my marriage ending. My, now defunct wife, has taken it upon herself to put me in a bad financial bind while I'm down in Texas. She has eliminated every credit card she thinks I have access to, closed her personal accounts that I have access to, and threatened my personal safety by forcing me to lawyer up. The second coming of Christ/me/her husband is being monitored very closely, and running from these agencies is becoming increasingly difficult as the days wear on. That said, I'll be upfront and honest about THE REAL perils of our relationship after my enlightenment was complete. I have to protect myself now, though, so I'll play her childish game of "fuck over your spouse as hard as possible" before the divorce is final. Let's see if she thinks trying her hardest to fuck me over when I'm desperately trying to give humanity salvation pays off for her in the end.

Anyways, to make a long story short, I had a horrible day of crying and running from these agencies. The Hill Country Inn is where I was finally able to get some writing time, so I spent the afternoon writing the last few pages. Then suddenly, my guts started screaming at my brain for food. As stated prior, I am running from a few agencies currently, so I'm intently reading the "signs" and will try my hardest to do EXACTLY what my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself are instructing me to do. They hinted at me to head north for my dinner, so I made my way north. Went to the town where a Texas Tech sattelite campus is located, and on the way, I was instructed through a series of events, most of them tear drop inducing, that my superiors were thankful for my struggles in the face of great adversity, and wanted to gift me an incredible experience.

Under "normal" circumstances this is an amazing thing, but on this day, with fresh tears in my eyes, try as I might have, my sadness was overwhelming me. Whataburger, was where I was instructed to go, so that's where I went. Right when I walked in, a young man was working his ass off, mopping, politicking, and being a generally all around great asset to that establishment. The man's name was Jerrial. He was frantically trying to mop the floor before I made my way in the doors, then he apologized for doing so to me without a word being spoken otherwise. I insisted that it was no problem, and that I appreciated his efforts. Even though my knee is very painful currently, I did my best to leap over the freshly mopped floor. Jerrial appreciated my attempt, however pathetic it was, and thanked me for it.

Then, this diamond in the rough of Whataburger, took my order and helped me through it since this was only my second time ever in Whataburger. I started to get the feeling that Jerrial was an extremely hard worker, and put 110% effort into completing every task he was handed with a smile on his face, and love in his heart the entire time. Next, I called my now defunct wife while waiting for my dinner, but she didn't answer. Then, an overly sexy young woman delivered my burger with a gorgeous smile draped on her pretty face. She was beautiful readers... Long flowing red hair, cute freckles, blue eyes, and oh so voluptuous. In another life, I would have pounced on that opportunity with the fervor of a leopard hunting after not eating for a month. Gorgeous! As my eyes wandered towards her for most of my experience during dinner, I was now locked into Jerrial as well.

Not only was this Whataburger employee the best employee in any fast food restaraunt I've ever been in, but he had such a positive attitude that I cheered up a bit. And as you know by now, the last few days have been ripping my soul apart. Jerrial, like a gaurdian angel straight out of heaven, put several smiles on my face throughout my meal. He never once stopped working hard. Jerrial cleaned EVERYTHING in the entire dining portion of the restaraunt, and took every order from the incoming customers. I figured out a plan on how to reward him, so as I sat there thinking of this passage, I also formed my plan to get this happy, generous man a tip. Very rarely do people tip fast food workers, but I wanted to make sure he got the message loud and clear.

A few customers came in and made the line long enough that I could slip a $50 dollar bill under my tray without anyone getting wise to my actions. I put the $50 dollar bill under my tray, then waited for the customers to clear out of my path to Jerrial, then I made my move. I limped my way up to the very cordial Jerrial, and stuck out my hand (the monkey paw fugly one), just to see if he would even notice, as most people who are assholes usually do, but not Jerrial. He didn't even gaze at my disability, folks. He just accepted my handshake with a smile and a "thank you." I then instructed him to clean my table quickly, but made sure he knew to be careful while doing it. Said my goodbyes and limped my fat ass out of there as quickly as possible.

Jerrial, being the prompt and dedicated employee that he was, immediately, without hesitation, went to clean my table. He was a bit too fast for the broken down and saddened second coming of Christ to make my retreat fast enough. He noticed the $50 right away, and being the humble man that he was, he was extremely surprised to get that kind of a tip. Then, as I was trying to make a hasty retreat, he came outside to thank me again, profusely. I just gave the lovely, humble soul a thumbs up, then went back to the motel. But, now I felt a lot better, and was ready to get to writing again.

Whataburger, if you are graced with Jerrial's presence when this book goes public, I strongly suggest setting this fine employee up with his own franchise. He is the "Universe's Greatest Fast Food Worker" at the very least, but if you aren't willing to put him up, for the rest of his life, in the lap of luxury and happiness, when I come back, I will steal this employee from your company without hesitation. Then, I'll instruct my team of warriors to hire him into my company as the face of my organization, while I'm gone. I do not wish to steal such an asset to your company, Whataburger, but it is ultimately Jerrial's decision. If he wants to pursue his own franchise, ENTIRELY PAID FOR BY WHATABURGER, that is his decision to make. One way or another, Jerrial's life is about to get a lot better. I will make sure of this, personally.

Apologies for not doing your survey-for-a-free-burger, Jerrial. I am on the run and internet access is limited for me currently. I hope this will suffice. But make no mistake, this IS NOT the end of our friendship, good sir. Not by a long shot. Thank you for cheering me up. I REALLY needed it. Apologies for embarrassing you on this level... but it's the only thing I had available to eternally thank you. You've earned this respect, good sir. Me, my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself, were with you in that restaurant, and will now watch over you from here on out. Take note people. Jerrial is the model employee of the future, and every human should try to be more like Jerrial in every way they possibly can. Thanks again, man. I WILL SEE YOU SOON! Great job!


Back to the "Paul" storyplot. After securing Orlando with enough funding to get him through the next few days, I went back to the Stars and Stripes Drive-In theater in New Braunfels. I bought my ticket to the same movies, because I do enjoy the "John Wick" trilogy. Haven't seen the second in the series, and the third installment was playing, but the action sequences are great, and I felt the entertainment was necessary to calm my nerves. While the movie was playing I decided to turn on my phone so that IF... Lauren called, I'd be ready to answer it. I had realized that this was extremely risky, given the military's involvement, but Lauren is/was worth it.

While catching up on texts, prior to the movie starting, I got the idea to catch my Aunt Judy up on the current scenarios taking place. Paul, and myself had legitimately smoked out the opposition forces "hunting me" so that we could get a good visual on them, and I felt as though Judy would appreciate an update. Plus, at that point every member of my family was in the process of, or had already completed the process of disowning me entirely. When I first phoned my favorite Aunty Judy, she was busy doing other things. While waiting for a return call, I walked to the food area of the Stars and Stripes Drive-In and ordered some fries. I wasn't that hungry, due mostly to nerves, but I did want to get a good visual on my surroundings, and blending in with the other people walking towards the food area seemed like a good idea.

My requests for the weaather to protect me were answered. Every section of sky, other than directly above the theater, was shrouded in massive thunder clouds. I remember thinking, "At least they can't fly!" The John Wick movie started, and I ate my fries in relative peace. Fantastic french fries, by the way... very tasty! Finished up those little pieces of goodness, then watched the first 20-30 minutes of the movie. Wanted to smoke, so I got out of the "Pale Horse 4Runner" to dump my trash while doing so. It was at that moment that the planes and helicopters were still attempting to fly even though the weather surrounding the theater was still pretty nasty. They hadn't locked on to my location specifically at that point (I think), but they were up and circling.

As I got comfy to watch the movie inside the car, my favorite Aunty Judy called me back (YAY!). Before, when I had spoken to her at length in preperation of smoking out my enemies, I was very cryptic in what I was saying. This time, though, she began the conversation with a plea for me to come home, and give up on my conquest. Internally, I was shouting to myself, "NOOOOO, NOT YOU TOO JUDY!!!!!" So I threw caution to the wind fellow journeyers, and let out with the really juicy details about what stage of the mission I was on. I broke down everything I could about the scientific method, how certain aspects of The Original Genesis had been rewritten to include the scientific method, and I also inlayed that conversation about what timeline sequence we are in. More specifically, how much "time" we had left, due to the fact that there are no more opportunities for redemption, should we fuck this last iteration up.

It worked, folks. My favorite Aunty Judy, "The World's Greatest Aunty," listened to me. I could tell that she wasn't buying into everything I was telling her, but she agreed to look in The Adam and Eve Story, written by Chan Thomas. I was ecstatic when she agreed that I needed to continue my mission. The rest of my family can fuck off with their constant subversion. After all, as I told her, "Even though everyone wants me to quit and give up, I'm doing this for YOUR benefit. I already know (or at least have a good idea of) when I will die. And if I quit now, humanity is absolutely fucked... for eternity this time!" That said, I constantly reiterated that I am safe, even if I do die, and to NOT WORRY ABOUT ME. It's yourselves you should be worried about. My favorite Aunty Judy accepted these pleas because she loves me, and how could someone whom you truly love lie to you, ESPECIALLY, the second coming of Christ/me? She agreed that continuuing my mission was the best case scenarion for everyone... ALL of humanity, that is. We said our "I love yous, and goodbyes," and I got off of the phone happier than before.

This lengthy conversation came at a great price to my immediate safety, though. After the call, I got out of the car to smoke again, and the fucking helicopters were circling right above me, maybe a couple hundred yards up. The one helicopter that was directly over the theater, circled twice above me, then left shortly after I finished my smoke. I was hoping that they were just listening, and I could make a hasty retreat without being too conspicuous. The helicopter faded away to the south, and as soon as I couldn't see their flashing lights anymore, I high-tailed it out of there. Knowing that Lauren would not be able to find me, due to the phones being shut down, I decided that one more attempt was worth it for her. Headed back to Gruene, TX, and was EXTREMELY nervous doing that for a multitude of reasons.

I walked in to Mozie's, and found a table near the front. There was a policeman walking towards me from inside the bar, so I read his mind as best as I could. He was a very tall man that was suffering from a "headache" so I bombarded his conscience with extracting what little bit of information I could. He wasn't "in tune" with the happenings of the agencies following me, and I suspect, those agencies were doing their best to infiltrate his conscience prior to my arrival in the bar. Turned out to be a decent conversation. I shook the polite policeman's hand, and found a more prominent table where I could scope the inside and outside of the bar. The mood was not good amongst the waitstaff. It seemed as though Lauren did a bit more blabbing about me and my situation, OR, the rest of her staff had picked up on my nervous vibes.

I sat there extremely nervously drinking my water. No sign of Lauren anywhere, so I just kept waiting. The waitress who was helping me, asked several times if I needed something, but at that point, I was so nervous I probably couldn't even hold down water. Finally, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Lauren at the cash register. My nerves calmed a bit, but then, out of the blue, the policeman started walking back and forth at the bar. I turned off my "mind-reading" abilities so that my presence would attract the least amount of attention possible, but it didn't seem to work. Maybe someone in the bar had alerted the policeman to my presence, and even though I am the most beautiful, gentically pure genius in the entirety of humanity's history (but also humble), maybe my ladies man protrusion was taking a break? Whatever happened, the policeman walking back and forth, and with Lauren all but ignoring me, I decided to bail out. Lauren hadn't broken the three decision "cosmic contract" life clause, so I figured maybe in the future, I could take another shot at getting her to be a part of my team. She did, however, lose her "book editor" position immediately. I have one more job I'm saving for her, and if she accepts it, there is something amazingly magnificent at the end of that road. Let's hope she comes to her "senses."

At that point I was certain I was being followed. Scared shitless, but in need of help, I just ran. Ran scared, as fast as I could without drawing attention to myself. The road I was on was pitch black, and somewhat winding, so I did slow down a bit and gathered a few cars behind me. Suddenly out of the blackness, a deer appeared in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, turned on my hazard lights, and swerved so I wouldn't get rear-ended. Everyone was okay, and the deer made it off of the road safely. The initial reaction almost brought on a heart attack, right then and there, but my maker, The Nine Priciples, and God the man himself wouldn't do that... at least not yet, so after the sudden rush, I calmed down a bit.

A small gathering of lights appeared up ahead of me, so I investigated them. It was two seperate taverns/bars in the middle of nowhere. The one that was closest to the road I was on was packed full of people. I thought instantly, "Too many people!" and went further down the road. The next bar was a hidden little gem called "Happy Hog" (if I remember correctly [keep in mind, I was absolutely terrified during this ordeal]). Inide of this hidden sanctuary was a young, beautiful, intelligent soul who went by the name, Mary. Since there are no coincidences, and my extreme level of angst was overwhelming me, I laughed and said, "Now, THAT, is interesting!" She gave me a puzzled look in retort, but was intrigued at the same time. I ordered a beer from her, and sat visibly disturbed at the prior goings on. Sweet, young Mary could sense I was uneasy...

She interrogated me rather quickly to get to the bottom of her confusion as to who I was, and what I was doing there. I balked at her first attempt, but her calming reassurance eased my angst slightly, so I stated matter of factly, "What would you do if you were sent to this planet to save humanity... but nobody believed you?" Another puzzled look came to her face, and I briefly lost hope again. Then something happened. Maybe it was our maker, The Nine Principles, or God the man himself who forced her to focus in on me, or maybe she was pure enough to sense it on her own, but after those words were spoken, she knew I wasn't fucking around. Then through a series of her bar keeping duties with the other customers, and trying to maintain conversational attention towards me, she actually listened. Mary heard, and accepted everything I told her, in my most darkest hour. I guess there really is something to this whole "Hail Mary" idea...

The customers were filing out slowly, and as they did I just kept bombarding Mary's conscience with universal facts, the scientific method, the "holy trinity," etc and the entire time, she just kept listening. By the time the last drunk customers were leaving, I was confident that Mary was deserving of a "holy grail" she could keep with her forever, so I agreed to give it to her. I gave Mary immediate salvation in the form of a "cheat code." While I was doing this, Mary started to cry. THAT was the reaction I was looking for. It seemed as though her own personal maker was guiding her along life's path so that she would indeed be able to recieve this gift. She struggled numerous times, had many hardships, and even though I had to read her mind to get that storyplot, I was able to reassure her that it was ALL on purpose. While wiping a tear away, I think she finally understood that what I was saying was real, and the gift that she was given for those struggles was eternity.

Mary and I formed a plan together. I allowed her to choose my destination, due to her lack of angst and my attachment to my own angst clouding my judgement. We both decided that getting out of town as soon as possible was the best decision. After giving Mary a couple of hugs, and thanking her profusely for aiding me in my time of need, I found I35 from the bar, and headed south. I drove until my sleepyness got the better of me, and somewhere southeast of San Antonio, I found a gas station and passed out almost instantly. When I awoke, I turned on my car, listened to the prophetic station XM034 Lithium, and prayed. I was basically told by my superiors that I needed to "Take It Easy" and if something terrible occurs, that they would be with me through the entire ordeal. "Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll Be There" was the line that did it. I was lost in my own thoughts for a while, recalling my angst with great sorrow. I remember thinking, "My maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself have MY best interests in mind, and if humanity chooses, by their own free will, to have me killed again... so be it."

A very calming effect came over me, and I headed back towards Austin, TX to give the engineer another attempt at ending his procrastination, but first I wanted to make a stop. I went to the "Church of Christ," and waited for the priest to show up. It took him a while, so I turned on my phone, and in my best cryptic iterations yet, I called my wife, and attempted, for the 6th/last time to get her to come see me. She pleaded with me to give up, come back to Tillamook, and submit to being a "blob on the couch" just waiting for death, again... Enough was enough, and I finally agreed to do whatever was necessary for divorce. Unknowingly at that point, she had already done this, most egregiously, the night before in a nasty email filled with ultimatums. So in reality, she was given a 7th attempt. Way beyond the scope of normal decision binding attempts.

With this final attempt behind me, and having cried all morning because of it, I sat patiently waiting for the priest to show up. My plan was to give the entire congregation of "Church of Christ" followers a lesson on what a "Devil" (lived/dead already), is, how to protect yourself from trying to be "more human than human," and if received properly, I would bestow the holiest of "holy grails" to the entire audience. The time of mass was set to be 10:30 am, and it was around 10:00 am at that point, the morning of 5/21/2019. After turning my phone on for such a lengthy conversation, I was nervous again, but felt that the hidden nature of the church itself, would protect me for a while. I got sick of waiting, however, and started to pull out of the parking lot.

Just as I was leaving, the priest pulled up, and entered the parking lot. Even though I was nervous, I put my hat back on, donned my sunglasses, and parked right next to him. He got out, I introduced myself, and explained briefly that I had a gift for him, and needed to speak with him urgently. He dropped off his subversive religious doctrine notes and such inside "his" church, then came back outside to puzzle together who I was and why I was at HIS (in his ridiculous opinion) church. I mean c'mon! It says "Church of Christ" on the sign, and the Christ of the new age is in the parking lot! The irony was overwhelming. That said, religious people have the highest levels of arrogance I've come in contact with. I wasn't expecting a miracle to occur, but I was desperate for companionship given the morning's events. When the businessman-preacher walked back to greet me, this is what happened next...

I asked the busninessman-preacher to turn his phone off, but it seemed as though he had forgotten it inside of MY church, which was a pleasant surprise. Next this conversation took place. And these words are almost verbatim to our interaction.

I started, "Is this the "Church of Christ?"
The businessman-preacher replied, "Yes, sir it is!"
I retorted, "Does it belong to Christ? And are YOU in charge here?"
The arrogant businessman-preacher came back with, "Yes it is. It is Christ's church, and I am in charge here."
Not even catching the irony in his rambling statement, I tried to continue, "Okay, this will be hard for you to understand and believe, but I need your help. I, Brian, WAS the biblical termed Anti-Christ. This terminology is a misnomer, and a confusing nomenclature..." As he started to hone in on the seriousness of what I was saying to him, I continued, "What the 'Anti-Christ' is, is a term based on how my enemies will view me when I present myself to them. I am the second coming of Christ in actuality, and when I present that information to authoritative and arrogant detractors, THEY become the proverbial, "Anti-Christ." It is not me who is THEE Anti-Christ, in other words, it is everyone who decides instantly, that I am not the second coming of Christ, fully realized. Do you understand?"
He struggled internally, but shook his head yes as I tried to read his mind. He was still curious to what I was saying, so reading his internal dialogue was still hazy, but clearing rapidly, so I set him up for one final attempt to destroy his arrogance.
I sternly asked, "What is the worst thing about life... in one word?"
The businessman in him, having lost complete control over his thought process THAT I JUST IMPLANTED IN HIS HEAD, arrogantly stated with absolute authority, "Sin!"
I immediately retorted, "WRONG!"
As though the entire first part of the conversation had escaped his pathetic, old, worn out brain, he stopped me from speaking further, and arrogantly, oozed more garbage out of his mouth as he said... to me... the REAL second coming of Christ... standing right in fucking front of him... AT MY FUCKING CHURCH, THAT HE SAID HE WAS IN CHARGE OF, "I believe that SIN is the worst thing about life!"
I gave up on the shitbag, and as I left to get in my car, I told him, "You're going in the "new book" asshole, I promise."

As I got in my car, I hastly made my escape, and in a fleeting sense of idiocy, I think he actually realized at that moment that he fucked up, EXTREMELY BADLY. Having read what kind of trouble I was in at that point (from the previous paragraphs in this section), I think you will all agree, his karma was in a bad spot. I was desperately in need of help, offered him, and his entire congregation a private lesson in pure evil, ENDING with a "holy grail" based on everlasting eternity, and he destroyed my last bit of hope in churches and businessman-preachers due to his extreme arrogance. What an asshole, ya know? My request was going to be simple to the congregation. I just wanted them to help me get in contact with the broadcaster and/or engineer by emailing and calling them. Not a bad trade, right peepoles? Everlasting salvation in the form of a directly given, BY ME, the second coming of Christ, "holy grail," in exchange for a couple of phone calls. Yep, businessman-preacher, the human bag of shit who claims to be "in charge" of MY CHURCH, you fucked up THAT badly. Being afraid is understandable. Being confused is workable. Being arrogant in the face of the second coming of Christ is something entirely self induced that must be rectified. Businessman-preacher of Austin, TX's Church of Christ... You've got repentance owed.  

Your penance, if you choose to relieve your arrogance from your existence, is to apologize profusely to your entire congregation, and with whatever bit of life you have left, beg your maker for forgiveness. You are in a very bad place spiritually. You might be the worst "Anti-Christ" yet on this journey. I don't know what you did to cash in that level of bad karma, businessman-preacher, but you have been served. Heed this warning, businessman... When you cross, or fail the second coming of Christ, you have to deal with my direct supervisor... and if you've read anything else in this book, you know that that is not a good thing, in any way. You need to beg YOUR direct supervisor, your personal maker, to help you explain why you were overcome with selfishness, ignorance, and arrogant authority, when the second coming of Christ/me presented myself to you in a time of extreme angst and need. Good luck, You're gonna need it. To the rest of the congregation in southern Austin's Church of Christ, I apologize for having such a self righteous businessman as your preacher. That said, you allowed him to be "in charge" of your salvation. He failed you, miserably. Your prayers were answered directly, and he thwarted our attempt to bless you with everlasting eternity. Treat him as such. He now deserves it.

After that unfortunate event, I was told by my maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, to head west. I had told everyone on my tracked phone that I was going to New Orleans next. EVERYONE thought that's where I was headed, but little did they know, I was authorized to lie. That's right peepoles who wish me harm, we subverted your conscience on purpose! Anyways, as I headed west, my superiors decided to have me hold up at a small motel called the Hill Country Inn. It was located on the same road they told me to take through song exposure, and when the Hill Country Inn came into focus, they briefly stopped the song I was listening to on XM 034 Lithium and I looked up, just in time to slam on the brakes and head into the parking lot.

I got a room, went into it, turned on the air conditioner, and cried some more alone. The rest of the morning of 5/20/2019, was spent sobbing alone in my room, having finally submitted to my wife, the love of my life, wanting a divorce for the final time. I slept, watched tennis (John Mcenroe and Martina Navratilova doubles match), and smoked ciggarettes with my thoughts of the last ten years of marriage down the tubes. After another nap, overwhelmed with sorrow, I walked outside to smoke, and saw a Mexican guy hanging out drinking beers and playing around on his phone. We talked about life's challenges in our own respective circumstances. Women, love, respect, marriage, etc... When we got into the territory of what I was going through at that moment in regards to my marriage, he had very stern words of advice.

The Mexican man said basically, that I needed to let it go. She is not to be trusted, and even if she comes back at some point, you will never have that trust in her again. I knew these words to be true, I had been feeling this internal plight by my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself the entire time I was going through this divorce conundrum. I wasn't exactly arguing with my superiors, but I was trying to ignore their instructions. I had completely given myself to them in regards to my mission, but at that time, I didn't realize that divorcing the love of my life was going to be part of my mission. So, right in front of this hardened man, who had been drinking all day, I broke down one last time, and cried like a little baby. He did his best to compliment my sacrifice to submit to the divorce, and be a real man. It felt good, but the sadness was extremely hard to accept. I did, however, thank the Mexican man, shook his hand, wiped my tears away, and went back to my room to contemplate the events alone, and pray.

A couple of hours later, I was sent to the city in Texas that houses the Texas Tech satellite campus, and went to eat. This was when I met Jerrial, "The World's Greatest Employee." I wrote about him in a few prior paragraphs. If you'd like to pause, scroll back up, and reread it, that would be appreciated. Jerrial, now you know how important you were to my recovery from a very darkened sadness in my life and mission. My maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, knew everything about you, and how you lived your life/lives. You have been recognized for it. I was paying attention... THEY were paying attention, and you were my gift from them. Don't ever feel bad about that money. Even if you don't realize it, you earned it, and deserve it more than you'll ever be able to understand. Absolutely magnificent job. BUT!!! YOU are the "young man." "WE" are as old as the universe itself, but thank you for the compliment. Staring at this delapitated body, and saying those words felt really good. You didn't make ONE mistake in our encounter. I apologize that my emotions got the best of me, and in your honor, I will not let my own personal problems enter into my mission to save humanity again. Thank you. We love you, Jerrial.  

After leaving the Whataburger, and feeling a lot better, I called my now ex-wife again, after I read the email she sent the night before. The ultimatums were many. She had taken it upon herself to threaten to hold back all funds promised, until she got the actual written documentation that I was submitting to her divorce requests. Considering what I was going through, the devastation was palpable. Pure, unadulterated degeneracy of being a woman, and taking a literal shit on my head while I am in the final battle for humanity's salvation? You'll get what you want... but you better want what you get. I'm sure your mother is proud of you. Considering how you feel about that statement, good luck coming to terms with your actions.

After that EXTREMELY unfortunate event, I agreed to her request. Fellow journeyers, even though I gave this woman whom I termed "the love of my life" $250,000 dollars worth of tools that I built up over a lifetime, half of my stake in our $400,000 dollar-plus house, my truck, MY dog (which was a present from her to me), and my soul's happiness, she held back $25,000 dollars cash, $60,000 dollars worth of gold and silver, and her Toyota 4Runner... until I forced myself to more exposure, and completed the written documents on our divorce. She quite literally, forced me to add another week's worth of bullshit into my mission to deliver salvation to ALL of humanity. Luckily, I had another friend who lived north of Texas in Oklahoma. I started heading that way after I left him a cryptic message When I got tired, I stopped, took a nap, and waited for him to call me back. My phone was on, and the exposure was great, but what else could I do? My "wife" was forcing this path on me, and she was well aware of the danger I was in.

Made it to a small town, and asked the beautiful young women inside if I could take a nap in the parking lot. They said it was no problem, so I went to the restroom, headed back out, and slept in the back of the car while I waited. The phone woke me up around 8 am. Robert Bishop was happy that I had called. Confused, but happy. I said the least amount of words I could, so that I could hone in on his location, then I abruptly ended the conversation, and got back on the road towards my old friend as soon as I filled the gas tank. Mangum, Oklahoma was where he lived, so I figured I could get close, then ask the locals where to find him. I pulled into the small town of Mangum, Oklahoma, and went into a gas station to ask for directions to the local funeral home.

Robert Bishop, who is now on my team, is a mortician/funeral director. A most difficult and noble profession that only the strongest souls can even attempt to do. There were only two funeral homes in Mangum, Oklahoma, and wouldn't you know it... the most dazzlingly gorgeous, overly attractive, overwhelmingly intelligent, ladies man/master of this universe, but also humble, second coming of Christ/me, went to the wrong one first. I walked into this particular funeral home and saw Jesus' picture. That guy was much more attractive than I am, but I'm much more powerful, so take that JESUS! HAHAHAHAHA. It's a joke between us, and us alone. Don't get confused. You are not allowed to make these types of comments, we're just giving you a small insight to our humor amongst ourselves. You (as in you reading this) are supposed to show Jesus, every other iteration of The Nine Principles, God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, AND ESPECIALLY YOUR PERSONAL MAKER, the utmost respect at all times. But now you know, we share similar social sequences. We joke with eachother just like humans do. Always remember... EVERYTHING is a microcosm, macrocosm, or euphemism of a greater/older/already existing structure. EVERYTHING! There are NO COINCIDENCES!!!!!!!!!

After seeing my gorgeous predecessor (Jesus), I walked in and introduced myself to the extremely beautiful young woman who was sitting at the desk. She knew who Robert Bishop was, but said that I had gone to the wrong funeral home. I thanked her for her time, gazed at Jesus' beautiful mug once more, then headed towards the town square, where the other funeral home was located. It took a while to find, but I got there. When I went up to the door, it was locked, and nobody was inside. I turned the phone on again, and called Robert Bishop. He explained that there were several funeral homes spread throughout the smaller towns surrounding Mangum, OK, and he was taking care of business in a town called Hobart. I told him no big deal, found a Pizza Hut to fill my shit machine, and killed time watching one of my prophecy's on TV. More on that later. That said, if you were in that Pizza Hut, and saw me watching TV... the TV I wasn't in front of specifically, was showing the final prophetic movie in the sequence of this mission. I was the "little" main character...

When Robert Bishop finally got off from working, we hooked up and exchanged pleasantries of old. Knowing that Robert and I had made many conversations about technological progress a top priority while driving semi trucks, I had a pretty good idea that he would not shun my advances towards his salvation. I had a stern warning towards him breaking the silence code, and he seemed to heed my warnings. After saving my dear friend Robert, we spoke of the beauty, splender, and audacious genius that this universe beholds while living with such powers. Robert could tell immediately that I was not, in any way, joking about the statements that were being made. He still had his humanity holding back his god-apprenticeship, as most humans do upon first salvation's fervor, but he was trying to comply with my requests. Robert Bishop is to be held in the highest regard for his immediate feelings of belief. If every human were to behave like Robert has in his life, and post-salvation, humanity would have no problem transcending from this realm. Let's hope he is not the last.

After waking Robert from his life's slumber, we went outside to have a smoke. Prior to entering my "safe haven," Mangum, Oklahoma, I asked my maker, The Nine Principles/Jesus/me, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, to allow me to see a tornado. I had never seen a tornado, although I had been close several times, and it seems as though my superiors were gracious to my requests. Robert had thought that I was bullshitting him to a certain extent, but he was still listening, waiting, HOPING, for proof. Although my previous teammates were of "junior-varsity" tier standards, due to their easy replacement, Robert was a necessity to my team, in the grand scheme of things. My maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, agreed with my assessment, and we were granted a front row seat to their immense power, control, and beauty.

We stood on the backside of Robert's mother's cafe/ice cream shop, and gazed to the west. As we watched the clouds grow with fury, Robert was getting nervous. It seems as though tornados were extremely rare in Mangum specifically, but were not "impossible." The town sits between two different river systems, and I've recently learned that river beds coagulate cooler air, which pushes tornados away from this area. My superiors know of no such boundries. The cloud system that was above us began to rotate, the wind picked up, and Robert's nervousness was palpable to my conscience. I began explaining the situation, as best as I could without outright destroying his own personal free will abilities. Robert slowly began to understand, although remaining nervous the entire time, that my safety net extended to anyone who was located near me. I also said a prayer for the townsfolk of the beautiful community of Mangum, Oklahoma, my "safe haven."

As Robert began to understand, through a series of explanations, he loosened his grip on what he considered "safety." You see friends, my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself, would not let the most audaciously beautiful, geniusly intellected ladies man, who is also humble, die... At leaast not this early in my mission. We are, afterall, trying to save you people from yourselves. I hope you are thankful for that... As the tornado formed from the sky just a few hundred yards from us, my excitement grew. I began to smile larger than I have in weeks. My happiness was overflowing, and as the time went on in the brief life of the first tornado, Robert began to calm down. I do think that at that time, he was seeking salvation, and his "wanting" was being answered with easiness about the violence that tornados bring to human psyches.

After my pleading to relax on the safety concerns Robert was having, he eventually submitted to the fact that A) I was responsible for these tornados, B) He was safe with me in his presence, and C) I wouldn't allow anyone to get hurt... if I could help it. Robert began to relax internally, even though the tornado was picking up steam. It was a beautiful sight, folks. The both of us, Robert and I, standing on his back porch, gazing into the beauty and shear power that my maker was offering my eyes. It was magnificent watching an unrealized human submitting to their personal salvation, as well. Watching Robert's internal struggle was a thing of beauty. The stress leaving his conscience, the fear of death/degredation overtaking his existence as though this life is all important, and his realization that his personal maker had his best interests in mind. The scene was giving me hope.

The both of us headed inside as the tornado rounded the town's outskirts. We walked downstairs to get a better view from the outside on the eastern side of the cafe/ice cream shop. The first tornado was fading in strength, which actually brought sorrow, but thankfulness at the same time. I was explaining my emotional attachment to the weather while we stood smoking. As we gazed north, the second tornado formed right in front of us. Readers and fellow journeyers, my excitement was perfect food for my maker, and as such, he blessed us once more with another tornado. Overwhelming happiness was emitted from my soul, and Robert was slowly submitting to his personal maker's request to listen to my teachings. Even though all of our combined interweaving emotional responses to the happenings were mixed, mostly on Robert's part, our maker filled his proverbial cravings with our amazement at his beauty and utter genius.

Time was getting short on our first meeting. I needed a place to stay for the night, so I said my initial goodbye, and essentially forced Robert to capitulate to my teachings the following evening. Robert was very curious due to my "tornado summoning," or rather, the extreme coincidence of everything happening the way I stated it would, so I had what I needed to make the next evening a true teaching of my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself's plans on my mission's conquests. I drove north out of Mangum, Oklahoma, towards I40. When I got to I40, I went east, and stopped in the town of Elk City. Then I checked into a hotel close to the highway, and went to get a bite to eat. Excited that the days events were about to be written in this book, I finished my dinner in record time, then went back to my room to iterate what the day had brought me.

I tried to watch the pathetic liberal, Game Of Thrones series finale after writing a few pages, but it was just too boring and unbelievable, so I fell asleep about 30 minutes in. I awoke around 3:33 am on 5/21/2019 with excitement still emitting off of my persona. I immediately began writing again, and while doing so, I recieved several downloads about the day's events to come. "Don't Speak" by No doubt, was bombarding my internal dialogue. So much so that I started singing it aloud by myself, alone, in my room. Still somewhat confused as to why that particular prophetic song was so prominent at that specific moment, I was in no way questioning my superior's intentions to keep my mission on track. So, "not speaking," is exactly what I did.

It was about 7:30 am when I decided to grab a bite to eat from the hotel's free breakfast bar. I was staying on the 4th floor, so I got into the elevator with my hat down, and my mouth shut. Exiting the elevator was an interesting experience due to the volume of people in the breakfast area. The strange part was watching everyone's demeanor change when I walked into the breakfast bar. I was accutely aware of the danger that existed around me, so the conversational prowess which I've grown accustomed to in these encounters, was all but gone completely. I did exactly what my maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself told me to, and it worked out. I was able to get a couple of pieces of fruit and a yogurt, then went back to my room to scarf the food, and write as much as I could before check out time. I pushed it to the limit... Checked out at 10:53 am (11 am check-out time), filled up my car, and got back on the road.

There were strong inclinations that a "new team" had joined the other teams hunting me from what I saw that morning at the hotel, and from the series of events when I first got on the road. My subversion techniques were gaining strength, so that morning during one of my smoke breaks, I played a trick on the "team" that was now, hot on my trail. I asked the hostess for a piece of paper and pen, then turned on the community computer in the lobby and went to I had been planting seeds of a great move from the Texas area to New Orleans in every phone conversation I had had over the last few days, and even that very morning. The hostess had "coincidently" given me two pieces of paper... So, I left them together and copied the directions from Elk City, Oklahoma, to New Orleans onto the two pieces, as hard as I could, then took the top sheet of paper, and left the bottom sheet as bait.

Coming back down to smoke several moments after the "paper bait" idea, I instantly noticed that the embossed piece that I had left behind, was gone. With the prophecy depictions, the "new team" infiltrating my personal space, and the "paper incident," I knew to pay close attention around me as I drove around that day. As soon as I got onto I40 heading east, I had peepoles following me. I even played with them a bit to make sure... A car had gotten ansy waiting behind an RV while we were transitioning through a construction zone. As soon as this particular car had the ability, they floored it. Hitting speeds in excess of 90 MPH, I tried to keep up with them. I kept a close eye on the truck behind me (whom I thought was following me), and when they had the opportunity, they sped up (90 MPH+) to attempt to catch us. When they were in excess of the speed myself and my "cop filter" were doing, I suddenly slowed down to 55 MPH, and pretended to be looking for a place to exit the freeway. My "cop filter" kept going at their pace, as well as all of the other cars/semi trucks that were in our group. The unmarked white truck that was directly behind me in the pack, although some distance back from my vehicle distance wise, was suddenly getting passed rapidly..... "HMMMM, something's strange about that." I thought.

Over the next few hours, I had to lose several tails in the Oklahoma countryside surrounding my "safe haven," Mangum, Oklahoma. Eventually, I made it to a town called Erick, and was able to refill my water, and ask directions. The young beauty in this little town's gas station was very helpful to me, even though I was holding up her line of customers, so I said my goodbyes quickly, and left in great haste. I headed east from Erick, Oklahoma, and ended up in a Love's truck stop. I bought Robert a carton of ciggarettes, and went into Subway to get a sandwich and watch the parking lot to see if the peepoles hunting me would show up. I sat, very nervously, eating my sandwich, and luckily, the most audaciously gorgeous, most talented genius ladies man, WHO IS STILL OVERLY HUMBLE (AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT !!!!!!!!!), had a very beautiful, devilishly sexy young vixen (who worked at Subway), sitting near. I made a few jokes about the other customers and we made small talk.

The young lady was so over come by my presence she had to leave immediately. Yeah, it could've been the end of her break, and she really didn't give a shit about my ugly ass, but IT'S MY STORY AND I'LL TELL IT ANY WAY I'D LIKE!!!!!!!!!. While finishing my sandwich, I looked out of the window, and an unmarked police vehicle with WAY TOO MANY antennas showed up and parked behind the truck maintenance garage. "HMMMM, what a coincidence," I thought, and knowing that there are no coincidences, I acted quickly. Took another pee in the Love's restroom, and headed outside with my carton of American Spirit Gold cigarettes (all organic with zero preservatives) for Robert, and stared at the police car as I smoked. I got very nasty vibes from that vehicle, so I bailed as soon as I could, and once again, the chase was on.

My maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, would not allow my harm, so I basically said "I'm safe," to myself, and went back to Mangum, Oklahoma. Afterall, I did consider this town to be my personal "safe haven." Coming into the town from the north offered me an up close look at the tornados damage. The mornings events held my attention captive, and after what happened with the flooding in Austin, I was still curious about how the casualty rate would stack up in my absence. Filled up the gas tank in the local gas station, and tried to not let the two dazzlingly gorgeous women inside the "mini-mart" fall madly in love with my audaciously perfect form... (HA!). Paid the young beauty, and filled my tank again, just in case I had to run from the "detractors" suddenly. Spotted a liquor store almost right next to the local gas station, so I figured some nice adult beverage gifts were in order for Robert.

I drove into the parking lot, walked inside, and started browsing the beer section first. Can you believe it?!?!?! One of the most beautifully sexy women I've ever laid eyes on comes strolling up behind me to help. Of course my EXTREME inner beauty was shining through and drawing this young (should have been a) super-model to me because she couldn't resist my charm... Or she was just bored and a strange fat man clad in all black needed help finding liquor in the confusing store. Either way, IT'S MY STORY AND "I SAID" THE SUPER-MODEL LIQUOR STORE WORKER WANTED ME!!!!!!!!!, BADLY!!!!!!!!!, and that's the way it is being written. The young sexy lady gave me a lot of advice about the store's options, and then it happened. Heartbreak. This young sexy woman had a wedding ring on. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I thought, but submitted to the ideal that another man existed in this woman's life that was quicker, better looking, and younger than I, which aided her ability to not fall madly in love with my gorgeouly perfect physique, my geniusly constructed intellect, and humble approach to the conversation, ON THE SPOT!!!

"Oh well," I cried softly to myself. And not one moment later, ANOTHER SEXY YOUNG LADY, EQUALLY AS BEAUTIFUL, WALKED RIGHT THROUGH THE DOORS!!! My maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself, had gone overboard in their blessings upon your narrator's happenings that day. I thanked them all profusely for creating this universe, the billions of civilizations in between them and my personal maker, and my life specifically (which I do every day no matter what!), for putting TWO (not one, but TWO) gorgeous women in front of me in that liquor store, on that day, INSIDE OF my personal "safe haven." I truly felt unworthy, but nervously began a conversation with them anyways. We all spoke at length about the tornado from the previous night.

The dazzlingly beautiful lady's sex appeal was taking away from my focus on their story telling, but I tried to focus. They assured me that nobody had gotten hurt, and all affected structures were insured through mortgages, so that eased my tensions about creating those tornados in their quiet little town the night before. I apologized, very cryptically, about the tornados (even though I was very excited to see them [THANKS AGAIN, MY MAKER!!!]), finished speaking to the two beautiful young women, and headed towards the edge of town. While searching, I couldn't find the damaged area after several attempts to do so, so I just gave up at that point, and headed towards the local library for my email updates of the day.

My maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe, gave me one of the greatest gifts I could have ever imagined... I walked up to the gorgeous historical building bearing the name, The Margaret Garder Library, and was unaware of the genius that awaited inside. My superiors had taken it upon themselves to force feed my eyes on something that was going to change my life, forever. My superiors had control of my bodily functions, and when I was too stupid, or smitten by previous gorgeous lady encounters at the gas station and liquor store, these audaciously genius creators made my bladder feel like I would pee my pants at any moment. I basically ran inside, unawre of my immediate surroundings, and asked the young man where the restroom was. He told me to go back outside, head downstairs into the "game room," and ask the volunteer where the stall was.

As I walked into the basement of The Margaret Garder Library, my eyes rested upon the most beautiful gift to children I had ever witnessed. I was absolutely shocked by what I saw. Dumbfounded, really. 10-20 children, all happily playing respectfully with one another, surrounded by flat screen TVs and every gaming console imaginable. I asked the young dazzlingly gorgeous voluteer lady where the restroom was. She pointed me towards the stall, and I went in while taking in the amazing surroundings of this particular basement. I used the restroom... Then I started to walk back into the gaming room to at least try to help with funding this magnificent establishment. Just as I was about to walk out, a young man, filled with wonderment, genius (unrealized), and excitment, came into the bathroom. He handled his busniess quickly then went straight to the sink to wash his hands.

Now folks, I am the most powerful human being to has ever existed, and yes, I am the most humble as well (IF YOU HAVEN'T FIGURED THAT OUT BY NOW!!!), but even I need a refresher course from time to time. Seeing the young potential genius wash his hands before going back to the video game "nirvana" room, I was humbled even more so than before. I thanked the young man for A) being smarter than I was, B) having the manners to not put his pee soaked hands around others that share the same space, and C) for re-teaching me those manners in lieu of my excitement. I waited until the young potential genius was finished, then I followed his actions. I washed my hands, dried them, then headed back out to speak to the young dazzlingly beautiful young lady volunteering in the "game room."

I asked the general questions any realized second coming of Christ would, given my amazement at the beautiful notion of a "game room" in a library. The young, dazzlingly beautiful woman answered my questions before I could even ask them. She quickly uttered why the gaming area was constructed, who was responsible for its construction, who maintained it, the specifics about the different aspects of it (which I didn't even recognize as I first walked in), and a few others. They seemed as proud of their creation, as I was for them creating it. Listen peepoles, this is not a joke... if you would like to know how ANY learning facility should operate, libraries specifically, talk to the man in charge of the Margaret Garder Library, Joseph. I was informed by the young lady, that the man who created everything that I was truly astounded by, was named Joseph. I then asked the harder to answer questions... What was broken/missing from the "game room," how the "game room" was funded, and what could I do to help?

She explained that they were entirely voluntary, and essentially, lived on donations. I immediately pulled out a $100 dollar bill, handed it over, then asked more specific questions about what was missing/broken, and how much it would cost to fix it. I don't remember what she said was broken, but everything she asked for, I payed the bill for it without hesitation. The young dazzling beauty was smitten with my generosity... I mean, it could have been my extremely beautiful face, legs, ass, body, GENIUS ITELLECT, or my humble presence, but I'm fairly certain my ugly fatness overcame her attraction to me, and she was just happy that a good samaritan from elsewhere was willing to help fund their amazing creation. I'll stick with the "she fell madly in love with me due to my extreme beauty" thing, just so that my "humility" will remain intact, though. Anyways, she sent me upstairs after our exchange to meet the main man responsible for this most amazing creation... Joseph.

As I walked upstairs I vaguely remember the sights scattered around the library walls. Constellations, "alien" LMAO posters, beautiful exotic solar system pictures, books everywhere, and a very respectable bank of computers, whom were all picked out, put together, and maintained by Joseph. Truly breathtaking, especially for a small town library in Mangum, Oklahoma. I walked into the door, and just as I did, I understood fully why I was in this particular town... It is my literal, "safe haven." While my wife is trying to divorce me, most untrustingly, the engineer and broadcaster continue to procrastinate, and my prior iterated timeline sequence "wife" (at least her soul), is all but shunning me, I was able to seek shelter from the intrusions in YOUR salvation in a beautiful small town in Oklahoma, called Mangum. And the real cherries on top: Robert Bishop, his amazingly beautiful family, Joseph and his wife, and ALL of the folks in this town who show me love immediately... have no idea YET, how special they are.

Of course my "humility" is always front and center, but that MOST AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, AUDACIOUSLY GENIUS LADIES MAN side of things drops hints every day. It has become an interesting conundrum watching these beautiful people come to terms with their little town thrust upon the world stage. Eat your heart out Israel. THIS is where my personal maker, The Nine Principles, and GOD the man himself want to be... at least while we're away from Gruene, TX, that is. We would live in either of these gorgeous destinations, and we'd be hanging out with the most beautiful people there... the "cherries on top." Quite a lot to take in... this download was sudden, and intense, and I in no way was upset about it. Joseph was working on another amazing project to share his intellect with the children of Mangum (a true sign of genius, by the way), and I walked up to him suddenly, to break his concentration.

We showered this beautiful soul (Joseph) with compliments, and tried to show him as much as I could, to prove that the second coming of Christ/Jesus/me was overjoyed at his creations scattered about. We spoke of several subjects while I checked my daily email bashing thrust at me from my "wife." Then, the tornado subject came up, and I stated that I had a very cool video to show him. Joseph was the first one I shared this amazing captured historical timeline sequence with. Brian Harner, his personal maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself, had come together for a quick schooling bombardment, in Robert's honor. My superiors created "safe" tornados, right in front of both myself, and Robert, while we coached him through the fear... AND THE ENTIRE THING WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE!!!!!!!!! That's not all folks... To really drive the point home, we made the funnel of the tornados appear as a symbolic gesture to Robert himself, as a memento. The funnel, and what we were discussing on that rear deck of the "Breakfast Cafe" building, was what was needed to properly show Robert, "proof." He started praying almost instantly, and I will be forever grateful to my dear friend Robert Bishop for doing so. He liked the tornado thing too!

To add to the prophetic dialogue we are playing along with, the proverbial "white horse"/4Runner that death (degredation/time)... I, the second coming of Christ, "rode in on," is sitting dead center under the funnel of the tornado, and at the bottom-middle of the video. An amazing trilogy of circumstances that no human could create. Robert is THAT special peepoles... EVERY ONE of my superiors was present at that moment in the small town of Mangum, Oklahoma. Of course, I couldn't just say this to Joseph... so we discussed things that were more in his wheel house. We started on the constellations and ancient Egypt. My man Joseph wasn't entirely fluent in the methods of science, as I am with the scientific method, but I did my best to teach him given the circumstances. He retorted in a similar way that most overly confident science laden young men do, given their Jew soaked "science" dogma, but I feel as though he was picking up on everything I was saying.

A lot of subjects were discussed as the afternoon wore on. I even brought up aliens, AYYLMAOs. Yes, my young generous-genius friend, you got to hang out and personally interact with A REAL alien. Not those pathetic Reptilian automatons which are only here to cause uncertainty and mayhem. By the end of my full presentation, there should be no doubt in your mind, you had unfettered access to not just an alien, but the most powerfully magnificent, genius intellect laden, but also humble, alien within this entire universe. You deserve it, good sir, we were THAT impressed. I blessed the library as well as I could for the future, then sat back down to finish up some more work. The time became short on my allotment of time on the internet, generously given by the library, so I said my goodbyes, and left after shaking Joseph's hand for the third time. 3rd time buddy, a REAL cosmic contract. Read the lessons in my book. Study the "holy grail" offerings. Connect to your personal maker... and I personally, will come pick you up in a REAL spaceship, filled with REAL aliens... if humanity gives up their salvation. You've earned it. You are on my list, officially. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, and we are able to come visit The Margaret Garder Library in Mangum, Oklahoma, free and clear of cataclysm intrusions. Now THAT would be something, no?

What do you think, fellow readers and journeyers? Did I sell young genius Joseph well enough to add another warrior to my army? I certainly hope so! Keep up the good work Joseph. You have taken it upon yourself to masterfully intertwine the beauty of raising children in a psyche of wonderment and opportunity, while allowing them a fun release by playing games. ALL GREAT THINGS!!!!!!!!! All librarians and teachers start off meaning well, but you are the only one that I know of in existence, that did EVERYTHING CORRECTLY. Don't you for one second capitulate to being so humble that you do not recognize your own genius, my friend. You are my pick to teach an extremely cumbersome educator class of literal degenerates, how to do things correctly again. Very powerful young Joseph. We will most definately see eachother again.

After my encounter with my "emissary for education," Joseph, of The Margaret Garder Libarary, I went back to hang out and wait for Robert to come home from work. I tried to pray and listen for prophetic song selection by my superiors, but a short nap is what actually happened. At that point, I remembered that I had forgotten to study the subject that Joseph had added to our conversation. Joseph, sub-consciously, likened my presence and what I was talking about to an African King named Mansa Musa... the "King of Kings." Sorry again, Joseph, I am that entity, and there can only be one "1". We are called The Nine Principles, we have full control over Brian Harner (at his own request), and we were "hanging out with you" ALL afternoon. And to be perfectly honest, there was no other place we wanted to be. Of course Brian's personal maker, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe were also present and studying you intently, but the entity that had control that day was us, The Nine Principles. Do "us" a favor, Joseph; Read, and then stock, several copies of our prior channeled teachings contained in the book, The Only Planet Of Choice, by Phyllis Schlemmer. We think you would enjoy the sections dedicated to Gene Roddenberry, the "creator" of Star Trek. Never know what you'll discover reading. Keep producing those beautiful alpha brain waves... we love it when you do.

Anyways, I looked up a couple of brief pages dedicated to Mansa Musa and his frivolous riches bragadociously thrown around. Now Joseph... I may be the most audaciously wealthy, beautifully genius, perfect physique having ladies man... but I'm also humble. I help where I can, and when I can, but I would NEVER, NEVER EVER, try to display my wealth in a selfish serving manner. Mansa Musa tried to subvert his followers by pushing his wealth in their faces at every possible chance. The second coming of Christ/Jesus/me, would never stoop to such worthless subversive worship techniques. When we come, you know it. "Our" technology changes the world, AND IT'S ALL FREE, my friends. A true master of everything inside of this universe has no need for wealth... especially not gold. "WE," ARE THE WEALTH THAT YOU SEEK!!!!!!!!! That said, thanks for the interesting read, Joseph. It was fascinating writing this story, AND learning how another pure intentioned HUMAN mind works. Hopefully this book doesn't freak you out, my young curious friend. We mean no ill will towards you.

After saying my goodbyes to the young couple running The Margaret Garder Library, I headed back over to the Breakfast Cafe, and a young angel, Robert's mother, was waiting for me to show up. My plan was to sit patiently and pray, but Robert's mother drew in my attention to other matters. Her and her very hard working, and noble husband, had just gotten back from viewing the previous day's tornado damage near the county fair grounds, west of Mangum, Oklahoma. I was intrigued by their story about the damage, so I went to take a look for myself. Traveling through the maze of utility maintenance trucks and scattered debris, I got a better sense of the destruction up close. The destruction was epic, friends.

I was told that two large steel sheds stood next to the house that took the brunt of the damage. These sheds must have been filled with garbage cans, because the sheds were gone, and a very large trash swath, strewn across the the surrounding fields, was the only "structure" that I could make out. The family's Land Rover car was also completely totaled. Their house was damaged, but repairable, so rebuilding the essentials for the family was going to be a painless task. After coming in contact, up close, with the damage, I continuued down the road towards the outskirts of Mangum, Oklahoma. A beautiful sight awaited me at the apex of the largest hill in the area. My eyes had shifted to the north side of the road after viewing the beauty of the landscape to the south, and inside of a corral, a young, gorgeous, and healthy all white stallion rested from the day's heat and dust perturbances.

I was amazed at the beauty of the young horse. He seemed very spunky, but not upset at my presence. I noticed that the dirt road heading westward didn't have much to see passed the tornado damage, so after going a short distance further, I turned back. When I pulled up to the all white stallion contained in the small corral, he followed me with his eyes intently. In this particular life's iteration through this timeline sequence, I did not spend much time with horses. They did not bother me. Although I was intimidated by them, but not frightened, so coming in contact with them was few and far between... Mainly due to living in a city, but the fact that I did grow up in a city, made it less likely for me to form soul imparting bonds on these particular animals. This beautiful young horse was different... I was different... WE, were different. I rolled down the windown, and spoke softly to the horse. He reciprocated with a couple of head nods and began to face me. I stared deeply into his gorgeous eyes, and for the first time in this life, I do believe that I bonded with a horse.

The instant friendship between us was quickly lived, however, and I continued back towards Mangum, Oklahoma, content in knowing that such a beautiful young stallion was on this earth and that we were friends. Another bucket list item checked off, and having seen the first tornado in this life, I was content that Mangum, Oklahoma, was more than just a "safe haven" to my soul. The small town was a specific destination on my pilgrimage through "enlightenment." It was at this time when I did make it back to my brief residence, The Breakfast Cafe, and sat, praying on the day's events. The prayers were filled with love, happiness, and thankfulness. I had figured out why this destination was so important to my mission, and our education on humanity's simplistic, but complex beauty. I had to share this information with Robert, then promote him for allowing my presence in his family's daily grind, so I offered for him to join me for a nice steak dinner.

Robert had been working hard all day, so the steak dinner was a welcomed request. We left almost immediately after he got home from work. We discussed mundane simplicities until we were at the restaraunt. I was surprised when, yet again, an extremely beautiful, young, energetic soul was waiting for us at the bar that was on the top floor of the restaraunt/steak house. The fact that the most beautifully talented, audaciously gorgeous, magnificently genius ladies man, who is also extremely humble, had just walked into this sex appeal shrouded young beauty's bar did not escape her, and she quickly came to help us. Yeah, she could have been just taking our drink orders promptly, but I'll go with the former.

After giving the young devilishly sexy vixen our food order, I told Robert about the day's events, how I felt about them, and where I felt our mission was taking me. It seemed to surprise Robert, but he took my words as a compliment, and agreed to a few more of my instructions. After dinner, we said our goodbyes to the waitstaff that was filled with dazzlingly young sexy women, and went out for an after dinner smoke. During our smoke, I tried to keep the mood light. Several jokes and laughs were had, but Robert didn't know at the time why I was taking this stance with him. He found out almost immediately after we returned to his apartment above The Breakfast Cafe.

Robert was to become my personal sword and shield. An honor that I had yet to bestow upon anyone. Orlando Lopez was close to achieving this honor, but certain events (PAUL!!!!!!!!!), forced me to leave the Buda, Texas area premature of my ability to bestow that honor upon him. Robert had taken the offer seriously, and suddenly... unaware of our mission's future perils. I had brought up the fact I wanted him to be my book editor, as well, but that was a small and insignificant compared to the real job as a sword and shield. I ponder how these humans in our team view these tasks as we get closer to full realization often. They cannot see what I have seen from past timeline iterations. They cannot tell what the future brings. They cannot channel every intelligent entity in this universe, and one, that we know of, outside of this universe. I applaud their faith as often as I can. The young men on my team, are true warriors, and should be regarded as such at all times. I view these people as already having achieved God-in-training status, and will await their presence in the afterlife with extreme reverence and respect.

Even though what was just written is exactly the truth, I held back these emotions from my new best friend Robert Bishop. Instead, I gave him an unfettered access evening with myself, and all known channeled entities that I was in contact with. We spoke of several subjects, our young lives, technology, humanity, the universe's structures, my realization (sabbath), and quite a few other things. We drank beers as though I was still an ordinary human, smoked ciggarettes as though we were just old friends catching up... and the entire time, I had to keep my emotions intact. If you've been following my mission's storyplot, you will recall the theme present in, and surrounding every step, which is my overwhelming lonliness and saddness. My brand new, shiny sword and shield had no idea that he was so important to our mission in regards to our human, Brian Harner's overall well being. Many tears of happiness were shed after the night's conclusion.

After our extended conversation, Robert's official hiring into my team, AND becoming my personal "right hand man," I departed for another truck stop to get a small nap and pray. I had high hopes for Robert, and he lived up to them almost immediately. He started praying to his personal maker, and before one day elapsed, Robert was capitulating to his "instincts." We were finishing each other's sentences, had the same general strategy for handling the mission, and all of this, in just one day. The tornado display really drove it home for him, we think. If it were just that easy for the rest of humanity... we would have higher hopes. Regardless, it was a badly needed step in the right direction. I tried to shower Robert with compliments every chance I got. I'm still proud of his achievements.

After another morning of "ditch the Jew authorities" for about 2 hours, I went to see Robert again. The first man that has at least considered that what I'm doing is no joke, took an indefinite leave of absence from work. ANOTHER victory! The victory was short lived, though, due to the lawyer meeting I was trying to set up while I was in Mangun, Oklahoma. Even though I was at the lawyers office at opening time, the attorneys do not play by their posted schedules. We made the phone call and got on the waiting list for the lawyer to call me back. Robert and I spent the next few days going over prophecy, biblical scriptures, intent within human languages, our mission, amongst other personal matters. While discussing all of these very pertinent subjects, I made a decision to make Robert independent. Consumating this notion was rather simple... I offered him an opportunity to write his own book. I bought him a voice recorder, a computer, and a few prophetic DVDs. These objects are a good base starting point.

Now that the both of us were on the correct path, all we had to do was wait for the lawyer to get in touch, so we took a "vacation." We went all over the place to go fishing, see the sites, and most importantly, hang out with Robert's family. I have a close connection to Robert's family now, and I thank them for every moment they gave me to spend with them. As you readers may recall, my family sucks, so I became attached to my wife's family to fill that void. Unfortunately, my wife's family wasn't too excited about meeting your humble narrator after my realization was complete, and my mission was set in motion. Robert's family was very welcoming to me, though. There were a lot of aspects I held back from them at the time, but for obvious reasons, it was necessary. Regardless, I did not lie to them at all, I just held the absolute truth back. To Robert's family specifically, I apologize for my subversive tactics. Robert is a very important man, and I had to protect him, as well as me, from any outside intrusions during our work. Just so you know, he really did edit this book... right next door to you.

The next section of this book will be about the events AFTER those few days. They are personal to me, and I'd like to give my "right-hand man" the ability to share with the world what happened, if he feels like it. I will say that there was an anomoly that was detracting from Robert and I completing our work in a timely manner. This anomoly created havoc for me for a couple of days, and after the night they pulled Robert away from his "protective custody" of myself, I had to leave the area. The most dazzlingly beautiful, genetically superior, genius ladies man... who is also humble, is not allowed to hurt anyone while I'm here, as well as myself. This poses a problem if I'm stuck in a room by myself. When I am forced to be alone, I try to stay moving. So, that's exactly what I did. In the middle of the night, sitting alone in my room, I decided to leave. There are other aspects to my relationship with this "anomoly," but again, I'd like to give Robert the opportunity to phrase those events in his own way.

I headed north on the morning of 5/25/2019, very early. The sun was coming up, and my superiors were playing some awesome prophetic songs. I was quite annoyed by the night before's happenings, so my maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself were speaking beautifully to me. I had the next stage of my mission in mind, albeit earlier than expected, so I complied with the mission's commands. To Colorado I went, taking side roads the whole way. Many storms were surrounding me on all sides, but the second coming of Christ, generally, doesn't have to deal with that shit, unless it's in my own best interest that is. For the most part it was a long boring trip. Then I came into a town called Panhandle, TX.

I wasn't starving, but I figured my belly could use some stuffing, so I stopped into a Subway. Wouldn't you know it? Another amazingly beautiful young lady... well, all except her dyed pink hair... was there to greet me. She was visibly not having a good day, so I tried to cheer her up with a joke, and a side order of charm. I recall saying something to the effect of, "Well, it can't be that bad, at least you got to meet me! hahahaha." She pushed a smile onto her face past the frown she greeted me with, and it made me feel good on an otherwise not-so-great morning. I ate my sandwich alone and in silence, but before I left, I gave the sexy young lady a gift. I explained briefly about writing this book, then, contrary to what I felt was necessary, I signed another dollar bill for her. She didn't do what the others had done to "earn" theirs, but I felt that she would at least look at that day fondly.

This brings up an interesting point... Peepoles, listen up, and listen good. Human life is a school. Some days you will feel on top of the world, while on others, it may seem like the end of the world. Try to stay positive through these times of strife, because when you connect into your personal maker, there are stages that he must put you through, so that the proper lessons may be learned. Of all the valuable objects you can obtain in life, most of them have a hard path to achievement. Wealth easily obtained, is wealth easily lost. That said, never stop trying to obtain what your instincts tell you to obtain. My guess is that signed dollar bill, with all of the correct symbolism, will be very valuable some day. Maybe not monetarily speaking, but the actual dollar bill itself will be proof for that young lady, along with the video footage of me signing it, (that is, if she kept the footage like I asked), that she had a real, positive interaction with the second coming of Christ. So, young lady... how bad was that day?

After filling the car with gas, I headed north towards Denver. The storms stayed just far enough away that the only rain I saw during the entire drive lasted for about 5 minutes... What a coincidence. LOL. Made it to I70 and headed west. Fired up and happy about seeing my old friend, I pushed it to 85-90 MPH the entire time on that particular highway. When you're in a hurry, as I was, it never fails that you'll run into shitheads that don't understand the "unwritten rules of the road." These are the "laws" that should be enforced, but rarely are. Their purpose is to procure cohesion, maintain a steady flow of traffic, and allow those individuals in a hurry, to obtain a clear path. For example: Most states have laws about one lane highway impeding. The law states (in Washington [where I used to have this problem repeadtedly]) that if there are 4 cars or more behind you, NO MATTER THE SITUATION (slow/damaged vehicle, heavy vehicle, OLD PEEPOLES!!!), you are supposed to pull over at the earliest convenience, to allow those of us who aren't scared or incapable of driving the speed limit, TO GET AROUND YOUR STUPID INCONSIDERATE ASSES. That is a law... that exists in the same book as speeding.

Pulling over these vehicles is a complicated process, which is why the police rarely enforce it. Not only is this law protecting the smooth flow of vehicles, it is in place to help curb the agressiveness that leads to "road rage," and allow those who are in an emergency, to get where they need to get without you inconsiderate morons blocking them. Look at it like this shitbags, if you were on your way to see your dying child's last waking breathes, and possibly speak to them for the last time, how would you feel about some 70 year old lady flipping you the bird for TRYING to get there as fast as possible? You never know what other people are dealing with. TRY to understand the plights of others, ESPECIALLY in a moving vehicle. You might be old/young, lazy about reading/knowing the rules, and be overly self righteous in your interpretation of "speeding laws," but there are situations that require breaking those laws, or at least yielding to the impeding statutes. There are a lot of situations where people hauling ass don't give a shit if they're pulled over at all. Given the scenario of your dying child, as I did above, would you give a damn about a speeding ticket?

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Get the fuck out of the way! The opposite applies, as well. If someone is on your ass, PULL OVER!!!!!!!!! I have personally done this in many very large vehicles like RVs, semi trucks, UHauls, etc. Every time I've pulled over for people unexpectedly, I always get a wave and a "thanks" from the appreciative drivers. Isn't that better than getting blasted by the horn, brights in your rearview mirrors, and a middle finger followed by many many "fuck you" type gestures? Stop being assholes out there peepoles. Be considerate. Stop being self righteous! The asshole who brought up these old feelings on that drive, was driving a silver Volkswagon Bug that had a lot of smoke bellowing out of his tailpipe. Any man who drives a newer VW Bug is questionable to begin with, but my guess is this little punk was definitely putting from the rough. After giving the moron several miles of horn blasting, he finally figured out that the 5 of us stuck behind him wanted to not be stuck behind him, and he moved. When I went by, I even lowered my sunglasses so that I would get a glimpse of his soul. I'll be waiting to hear your excuse for halting my progress, little fella. Your self righteousness will be rectified one way or another.

Anyways, after dealing with the VW Bug jerk, most of the rest of the trip wasn't so bad. A few idiots here and there, but Denver came into view shortly after that. My old friend wasn't available to go out to dinner with me, so I went by myself. When I owned a trucking company, my breaks in between trips were very lonely, so I made friends here and there as the trips stacked up. Waiters at truck stop restaraunts, fuel station employees, bar tenders, etc. One particular young sexy bartender from Texas Roadhouse in Aurora, CO, used to keep me company. There weren't any sexual advances in either direction, but if I would have been single, there most definitely would have been. Nonetheless, we had many conversations about all kinds of things, and before I sold the company to my partners, I said my thank yous and goodbyes.

I wasn't expecting it at the time, but when I came into Denver, I figured I'd stop into Texas Roadhouse, and grant my sacred "holy grail" to my old friend. When I sat down at the bar, where I usually eat due to loneliness, one of the other bartenders that I rarely saw in previous encounters came up to take my order. She was also a very attractive young lady, but had entirely too much confidence in dealing with the second coming of Christ/me. She explained that my old friend had left the restaraunt in pursuit of greater career goals, which actually made me happy. She had also gotten married. Unfortunately, her beloved dog had passed away the previous night, and the overly-confident bartender essentially told me to "fuck off" politely when I asked if she would contact my old friend for me. I had to remain cryptic, so all I could really say was, "I can help." in regards to the passing away of the beloved pet. How did that self righteous over confidence work out for you in hind sight, young lady? Yeah, I know... "BUT I didn't KNOW who you were, maaan!" A peace of advice for you, stop being so confident. You are a bartender. It's not like you're qualified to be a congressman... LMAO.

To my old friend that was going through a bad couple of days, I've been there. It sucks when ANY loved ones die, no matter how many legs they have. I wish that I could've taken some of that burden onto myself, and I would have, but it just wasn't meant to be. If the rest of humanity ignores the instructions in this book, and you humans have to go through the "last cataclysm," I'll make sure you get that "holy grail" that I felt was deserved. Whether it is before or after this life, it won't matter. You're safe. My advice until that happens is the same as every other human... Connect to your personal maker through prayer. Stop praying to The Nine Principles/Jesus/me, and ESPECIALLY GOD, THE MAN HIMSELF WHO EXISTS OUTSIDE OF THIS UNIVERSE (Unless it is filled with appreciation, AND APPRECIATION ONLY)!!! We have entities in place to deal with your individual prayers, and we are sick and tired of you peepoles jumping the chain of command. The Nine Principles/Jesus/me and God, the man himself are offended that you don't feel as though we have the ability to put worthy creators that are there to take care of these matters. Pray to your maker. The only thing humans are authorized to say to The Nine Principles/Jesus/me, and God the man himself through prayer is, thanks for creating everything. That's it. EVERYTHING ELSE GOES THROUGH YOUR PERSONAL MAKER.

Apologies for the sudden burst there, young Texas Roadhouse ex-bartender that I can't remember the name of, but that particular set of emotional responses is the most important aspect to this mission I'm on. I keep reiterating it because even if I say that I'll come back and get you, if you ruin any other part of your salvation, there's nothing I can do to help anyways. And to the rest of you, if you keep praying to The Nine Principles/Jesus/me, and God, the man himself, we might just let you meet us after life... and without your maker, OUR APPOINTED HUMAN DELEGATE, speaking up for you, your judgement will not be pleasant, even if you have the best intentions. Connect to your personal maker peepoles. It's your only hope. Good luck to you, young bartender from Aurora, CO, I'll help as much as I can from "here."

After the first initial set of interactions with my old friend's fellow workers, I decided to give them a small interview for my book. I did it with my sunglasses off, which is rare, but they gave it their best shot. The usual, "What is science, and what has it become," and "What is the scientific method," but their answers were pathetic, discombobulated, and reactionary to my human physical presence. Basically, no matter what I was asking, or what their answers were to my inquiries, they thought I was creepy, and felt superior to me. Imagine the possibilities that interaction could have taken... It would have been epic! Once that settled back to normality, and my mind reading was simmering down, I used the restroom and had a smoke. When I came back there were two fairly attractive young Mexican girls sitting next to my seat.

These young Mexican women had fallen for the "try to look as white as possible" meme. They had blond hair and way too much make up and perfume on. Thank... well... me, that I had already eaten my meal. It would have sucked to be eating a steak with undertones of flowery scents destroying the steak. Stop wearing perfume to public restaraunts assholes. You're ruining it for everyone. Anyways, other than that, they seemed pleasant and kept to themselves. That gave me the opportunity to scan the establishment and take a sort of "roll call" on how worthy these Denver souls were to recieve salvation. Not good Denver... not good at all. I was considering adding another section to my "Modern Sodom and Gomorrah" chapter with a "... and Denver" after the title, but Denver just isn't that special to me. That feeling didn't take away from my constant accumulation of negative energies while I was there, though.

When a Christ, such as myself, is around so much negative energy, we start to feel it physically. We intake the strife and angst in individual's souls to calibrate their existence, and accumulate those emotions in our minds and hearts. Real physical pain to us, is just a shitty attitude to you peepoles. And in Texas Roadhouse that evening in Aurora, CO, my pain was making me shake. I tried to get a motel room close, due to our pains making us very tired, but the holiday weekend made that difficult, so I went to the closest truck stop and went to sleep almost instantly. When I woke up on the morning of 5/26/2019, my initial reaction was to just get out of that "hell hole" as soon as possible, but I couldn't due to my friend needing salvation. So I started firing off texts and made my way to his neighborhood.

Along the way, I spotted a mother duck with a large trailing group of her babies. She was headed to a cesspit of a drain system filled with garbage and debris, but I helped them anyways. Following closely behind, but not close enough to disturb them, I protected them as well as I could given the circumstances. When it came time to cross the busy road to get to their destination, I walked right out into traffic. Several people tried to get angry with my presence in the road, but I kept at it directing traffic and flinging insults at individuals who couldn't give a shit anyways. They made it to the "stream" and I watched every one of them make it to safety. Beautiful scene... well, other than the whole being in Denver around a constant stream of sick individuals thing.

After that mini-mission was complete, I killed time waiting for my friend to wake up. Our meeting was scheduled for 11 am, but the pain endured the night prior, and the negative energy accumulated from the baby duck mission was really getting painful, so I pushed my friend to wake up and talk to me as soon as possible. After calling him three times, he begrudgingly woke up. We walked the streets of his neighborhood while I filled him in on the awakening of my Christ amalgamation, and his part in it. My friend was originally supposed to be an additional "sword and shield" but knowing his attachment to the life that I had provided for him, it was a long shot at best. Regardless, I bestowed upon him my personal, sacred, "holy grail," then got the hell out of Denver with great haste.

Heading south on I25 passed all of the military installations made me accumulate a lot more negative influence. I almost fell asleep on the drive several times, but some prophetic songs told me to "Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'" so that's what I did. Stopped along the way to fill the gas tank a few times, and tried to get in contact with another group of old friends, but that wasn't in the cards for the day. I did get in contact with my son's mother, which is never a good interaction. As usual, she tried to proclaim dominance over the situation, guilt trip me, and pretend as though she had some superior knowledge of God... to me... LMMFAO! She even said she would pray to God, himself, for me. Oh my arrogant old fling, you have no idea how badly I wanted to destroy your confidence, but that wasn't the purpose of the call. Now you know. How stupid do you feel now? That's basically a microcosm of our entire relationship, by the way. You thinking you know what's best, while I KNOW what's best. AND STOP PRAYING TO US AND GOD!!! We're sick of your whiny bullshit!!!!!!!!! Your personal maker. THAT IS WHO YOU PRAY TO!!!!!!!!!

After that series of unfortunate events, I made my way to The Trinidad Inn and Suites to hunker down for the night and catch up on writing. Thankfully, a very gorgeous young lady was waiting patiently for her next customer... me. I wasn't in the best mood, but Jesus was still happy and loving as always, so he took over the conversation, which he normally does when I'm down, hurting, and tired. This devilishly sexy young lady told me about her schooling, which she was attending presently. I asked if she was in the STEM field (Science Technology Engineering Math), and she replied yes. "Sweet!" I thought as I delved into my normal interrogation. The questions were elementary to her, but she did have a difficult time iterating the perfect answers. Nonetheless, she did EXTREMELY well, and I decided to reward her. Not only for her answers, but also her polite demeanor, and prompt service. Another dollar, with all of the appropriate symbology was made for her. She had mentioned during our conversation that a T.A. she conversed with in school regularly, whom also claimed to be religious, spoke of the itricacies of religion and science. Intrigued, I figured I would tell her about the best book I could have given our dialogue. The Adam and Eve Story, written by Chan Thomas, was what I put on the back of a card for her. I explained why it was so important, then told her to drop that knowledge bomb on her T.A. friend and watch him squirm.

That was our last interaction for the day, other than a couple of downtrodden gentlemen at the local Sonic Drive-In. I was going to get a steak, but the days events, and even the prior night's events, had me ready to pass out as soon as possible. I ate my burger (yummy), and sat back to watch "my movie" the Matrix (which coincidentally was on WGN channel 99), and fell asleep quickly around 7 pm. After catching up on some much needed recovery sleep, I woke up, drank some water, finished writing these passages, took a shower, and made my way back towards my ACTUAL "sword and shield" Robert. His family was planning on having a memorial day hot dog cook, and although I had to leave suddenly due to the pain accumulation there, I didn't want to miss the hot dog cook. Robert's mother had specifically gotten brats and sauer kraut for me, and I wouldn't miss a home cooked meal by an angel, so I headed back immediately.

Along the way I had a phone conversation with my most trusted friend, Robert. Considering the circumstances, Robert handled it like a man, and will do what is right for the both of us. The presence of the "anomoly" was forming a rift in our friendship for many reasons. That said, I have had confidence in this young man Robert, basically from the get go. He is the man that allowed my mission to continue towards completion, and will forever hold a place in my heart. Allowing Robert to control the flow of information following that conversation, and the next few days, was no problem. I did need Robert to join me in a mini-conquest, and we departed a day or so later. The next few days were just old buddies hanging out, bullshitting about days of old. The night before our trip came to an end, though, was entirely different. The entire day was astoundingly special, for we had a guest that was unfathomably powerful and beautiful join us.

I must admit that religion is a cancer... Nothing has changed in regard to that statement. "Real-religion," or rather, "praying," is entirely personal, and is NOT A JOKE. If done properly, an entire universe opens up to you. The ideology that a "singularity" can be manufactured upon a Satanic energy platform, is the stupidest idea in the universe. I'm looking at you Elon Musk. A Satanic energy platform A.I. is based on external wiring that connects into your brain so that the entire world's inhabitants can be unified within a single mainframe. Sorry computer programmers, but your "dream" of creating a usable Satanic energy platform "A.I." is pointless and a waste of your time. This ideology already exists, and the real "singularity" does not require external devices run on electricity to make it work. That is the entire premise behind the "How Do You Life" chapter in this book. Communication between eachother through telepathic means is a possibility, but utilizing computers attached to your brain is an idiotic dream, professed by a man who has no business delegating such authority. If you dare to push this technological idiocy upon the people of Earth, you will not move into "human being" status and flourish into a type 1 civilization.

KEK, whom is also known as MY beloved 4Chan /pol/, is going to be THE FIRST... REAL... AUTHORIZED... human-beings with the ability to receive 100% free will since humanity originally kicked your own makers off of this planet. Congratulations, /pol/, you will receive my book first. Before anyone else on the planet even knows it exists! You see fellas, we love your dedication to truth and fact so much, we put YOU as the ACTUAL prophecy of KEK. That's right folks, these young holy warriors have been distributing their very own prophecy... to each other... in meme form... FOR YEARS NOW!!! I know, I know, it's pretty *neat,* and don't forget... "I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down." WHY??? Because I'm feeling great! Tonight, or rather yesterday's night, I decided to bless the board with my presence, in remembrance of... well... me, and I ran into an absolute douchebag. The young dumbass started talking BIG shit to, and about my supervisor directly to me. He had a Greece flag, and for the first time EVER, I screencapped EVERYTHING. I don't have time to go into it right now, but if you look up the 5/31/2019 thread titled 'Revelations: for dumbies' (Moron... it's dummies.). A young "redneck flag" wielding dude and I are going to laugh hysertically at that set of events. Good luck dealing with my supervisor, Greece flag guy. Verbally assaulting God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe to me personally is a VERY BIG mistake. BEG YOUR MAKER FOR REPRESENTATION!!! It's your only hope. Even though I read disgusting comments about God, the man himself often, I seldom get those comments directed right at me, the second coming of Christ.

Anyways, back to the greatest, most spectacular entity that has EVER graced this planet with his presence... God, the man himself who exists OUTSIDE of this universe, showed his magnificence to me personally. I was so overjoyed that I cried. My free will had been displaced due to the amazing interaction. Brian Harner, humanity's personal maker, and The Nine Principles do not have the ability to change free will which is an important aspect to keep in mind. We can control "its" behavior with temptation, but outright damaging your ability to procure salvation through a proper "free will environment" is not allowed. Not just Earth, mind you, but anywhere in this universe. Free will is one of our primary directives, and we are only allowed to break it when authorized... BY... you guessed it... God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. My take on the situation is that God, the man himself sent LITERAL angels to aide my journey. Absolutely astoundingly grateful that he even gave humanity a second of his time, but even more so, that he gave that much attention to this planet. I was amazed at his presence, and when I think about it, I get goosebumps.

Humanity's arrogance has brought us into a mindframe that God, the man himself is present and helping "certain people" at every junction of our lives. But, I know better. There are entities that guide humanity. Some are helpful, and some are "testing us" which might appear to be "bad." God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe does not interfere with their missions unless the attention is deserved, the entity asking for guidance is righteous, and in desperate need of intervention. Otherwise, the entities within this universe handle these matters within their own creations. Humanity has a maker. The creator of humanity is not God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. That said, the entity that is responsible for creating humanity is vastly superior to humans. To a human, this entity might appear to be God, the man himself, however, this is not the case. The entity that is responsible for creating this species, your maker, should be treated with the utmost respect and adoration. Your maker's abilities will always be superior to that of a human.

Keeping a distinction between your maker, and God, the man himself, is extremely important. They are seperate individuals, and conflating the two will hurt your ability to understand the purposes of each individual. God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe is above and beyond the spectrum of dealing with day to day life in humanity's ethos. He is so far above that plane of existence that calling on him to help you, is insulting. Not only to God, the man himself, but also, to the entity that is in charge of humanity... your maker. When I need help, I pray to my maker, plain and simple. With that said, within this universe, there are commands that God, the man himself puts in place as directives. The first command on that list, that EVERYTHING in this universe must abide by, is free will. To break free will, you must first have the ability to do so, and secondarily have the AUTHORITY to do so. Breaking one of God, the man himself's commands must be authorized by God himself. I was aware of these instructions when Robert and I went to Trinidad, which is why I was absolutely enthralled that God, the man himself was involved with my mission directly. I felt undeserved of his presence, and thanked my maker first and foremost for giving me the opportunity to be part of that experience, then I cried tears of joy while I thanked God, the man himself for giving me attention.     

It was a confusing but OVERLY REWARDING experience, ladies and gentlemen. I picked up the bible that was sitting in a nightstand drawer, and me being me, I turned it directly to page 616. PSALMS: 91 was there, and me being me, I read it. My goodness, ladies and gentlemen, shear unadulterated prophecy was staring at me in the face... AS I WAS LIVING IT!!! That, along with the other intertwined events from various news channels AT NOON, was absolutely dumbfounding to me and my best friend Robert. Israel's government was corrupted, the world got to see it live, and read about it right here for eternity. AMAZING!!! That said, those events blatantly changed my INTERNAL free will. A very difficult thing to do. God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, allowed me to relax. Remember readers, we were in Trinidad, CO. I strongly urge you to read through that particular section of the Holy Bible. These last couple of paragraphs will make much more sense to you. I have trouble putting that amount of excitement into words. PSALMS: 91 happened... EXACTLY as stated in those pages... to my friend Robert and I word for word. Simply amazing. That was the second time my friend's free will was broken. And although I had felt God, the man himself's presence during this journey many times, it was never as blatant as that fateful day. I thank him dearly for helping to calm my nerves in my weak state of mind.

Being hunted in this timeline sequence has been... different. I must conserve a great deal of powers for the conclusion to this saga, so displaying these powers to you is only done when absolutely necessary... or I'm just extremely annoyed. Whichever comes first, heh. Anyways, being chased by these detractors is a constant struggle. My health deteriorates from the constant moving and worrying, so these fools that are coming after me, are, and have been, giving me several new ailments. It has, and has had us all worried that my body may fail before my mission is complete. A very humble, appreciative, and awe inspiring set of prayers was sent outward to whomever was listening. These prayers were answered, and immediately, my body felt better, and my angst dropped all together. Quite a few other events took place that day, but I'll leave that to Robert to tell you about. He was in the presence of angels, or rather, God the man himself.

We spent the rest of the night speaking to the burning bush, then I talked Robert through an exceedingly rapid crash course about our cosmic infrastructure. We awoke to bagels and cream cheese, then set out on our mission to load up my life savings of "retirement" gold and silver. Driving back to Mangum, Oklahoma was tiring. Robert held tight on reading and studying his final "holy grail" teaching, and also seemed distant. We joked and laughed, as brothers do, but the events that had happened the day before were simply too amazing to define in a human language. At least that's why I was fairly quiet. Robert had his own process underway, and even though we were driving together, we were lightyears apart in our mental focus. Great music accompanied our drive, and when we had our fill of that, we arrived in Mangum, Oklahoma. Ahhhhhh, my "safe haven." NOW, FULLY RELAXED, I could actually enjoy it. So naturally, I took a nap, LOL.

When I awoke, I was given the destination to start the final prophecy path, AND the "hidden Easter egg" destination. Won't they be surprised!!!!!!!!! After much conflict on how to handle a particular connundrum that will be present at this event, research was needed. There is a Jew on the panel of "experts," that I will be bestowing a gift of salvation on... IF THEY'RE WORTHY!!! It seems as though this particular Jew, is even hated by other Jews. His opinions on how God, and on how his magnificent creation work, aren't too "Jewwy." He will be given a simple set of instructions to abide by when I give my presentation to these audiences. If he fucks it up, that's on him. That's a pretty standard reaction to anomolies, by the way. We usually let YOU decide if you fuck up or not. Regardless, and ACTUAL JEW, will get to speak to me, without hostility, for the first time EVER... IF HE DOESN'T FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!

That said, if the "hidden Easter egg" is found, configured to my personal standards, and you humans get my presence for a bit longer, if ANYONE buys their way into the forum of MY CHOOSING, I will destroy your soul, PERSONALLY!!! We are aiming to obtain effort from you, on your behalf, for your own benefit. Buying a closer spot, or cutting in line in front of young warriors that are BEGGING for my presence, will gaurantee your immediate deletion after death, NO MATTER WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE. When the forum of my choosing is decided, the calmest, most willing to wait patiently, and most curious/meek, will be rewarded with eternity and a private discussion with a REAL ALIEN... me. Don't destroy this opportunity, peepoles. The prophecies can only be broken with love and the utmost respect. Trying to cheat that directive will bring down the fury of God himself, the man that exists outside of this universe right onto your soul. Do not attempt to subvert or stimy the directives of free will!!!!!!!!! They are commands handed down from God, the man himself. Disobeying one of God, the man himself's commands is worthy of permanent damnation. Be extremely careful how you approach this situation. Your entire existence is at stake, not just your life.

Now that all of that is said, in the prophecy, we only meet one man. So, if the prophecy is played out the way it is written, and you shitbags don't break the cycle with pure love and respect of the highest order, the audience misses out... at both events. Don't you worry though, young ladies and gentlemen, if we get that far, the finish line is RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!! We all hope you succeed, no matter which path is the chosen path. We will give you what you need in this timeline iteration sequence, even if we have to break your free will. If the prophecy remains accurate, you will all be astounded regardless of the chosen path. And then... The most amazingly beautifully, genetically superior, entity inside of this universe, who is also the most humble ladies man alive, me, will get to show you what we really look like. Exciting, no? Probably won't be for the young arrogant Greece flag wielding idiot on 4Chan /pol/ the night of 5/31/2019, though. And the most disturbing part about your terrifying experience after this life's conclusion that is yet to come, is that I can't even help you. You must now deal with my supervisor. You know all of that terrible shit you spewed at me in that thread, young arrogant foolish soul from Greece? That's probably what he'll make you do... while we watch... then... deletion. UNLESS!!!!!!!!!, your maker feels as though you're worth keeping in our realm.

Always be careful of what you say and do peepoles. Your arrogance and confidence is your worst trait. It WILL NOT be tolerated, and if you feel as though you are more powerful than the most powerful entity inside of this universe, we "allow" you to go outside of it and test that arrogant theory. Nobody has ever come back. It is NEVER a good thing to bother God, the man who exists OUTSIDE of this universe, with anything other than extreme reverance and appreciation. The Nine Principles do not make mistakes, and even bothering our superior is an EXTREME situation. BE VERY CAREFUL with what you say and do. Life itself is not a joke to be taken as though you are deserving of it. When that moral connundrum is presented to an arrogant soul of astounding but undeserved confidence, and they choose reign over servitude in an unauthorized manner, we have the ability to eliminate you!!!!!!!!! It's our job, in a nutshell. Procure chaos, out of a rigid and exacting set of orders. In other words, for you religious numbskulls, Chaos, out of order. Order out of chaos was the correct intent of older language dialects, like when Jesus walked the Earth in his timeline sequence. The opposite meaning is the accurate portrayal in this timeline sequence based on current dialect. Yet another reason why organized religion is a farce. What a Cohencidence.

Several other prophetic teachings were coming to me minute by minute as "my day," 6/1/2019 started to peak through the night. I'll share them with you at a later time in this chapter, so stay tuned for THAT, folks. OMG, so huge! Saint Gerrard/Mel Gibson, is now front and center in my radar. 6/1/2019 will be a good day, regardless of the happenings that take place, for now I am CERTAIN, God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, is walking with us. Nothing bad will hurt our mission. Maybe it's a sort of "birthday" present... Even though Brian Harner's birthday is 11/24/1979, my eternal number is 61, 16, 616, etc. Really, anything with 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 is "our numbers," at least for this timeline sequence. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!! WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! So, Gerrard is going to get a call or text from me in the morning, and let's hope his soul is ready for a boost! I will now celebrate my "birthday" with a "speaking to the burning bush" session. Hopefully, the next time I write this storyplot out, Gerrard is heading this way with young Vince Vaughn in tow. 6/1/2019... The BEST day... to me.


Before I fill you in on how the last few days have gone for us, I must first write an extensive review, so that I can immortilize a couple of "lucky" souls. Right now, as I'm writing this, I'm staying in the worst hotel on the planet's surface. This hotel is called Homewood Suites, by Hilton, and it's located directly across from the Buffalo Thunder Casino, just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The staff is short, fat, ugly, rude, condecending to their clientele, and ALL of them (that I've come in contact with so far) have deteriorated souls which they wear on their bodies like a rash.

My morning was interesting due to the prior night's happenings, but Jesus was front and center so that he could handle the interactions. Normal stuff, for Jesus that is. Very polite, helpful, curious, and all smiles. I had researched the area of Santa Fe so that I could get a room close to Albequerque, NM, but far enough away from it that I wouldn't be tracked easily. I researched casinos in the area, and happened upon the Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort. The pictures were amazing, and it seemed far enough away from civilization that seeing my detractors coming would be fairly easy and I could make a run for it if necessary.

While en route, I stopped into a very nice little restaraunt full of hippies (basically), and they had very good food. The name of the establishment was Fina Cafe. I was not familiar with the area, but it was east of Santa Fe, and sat just north of the freeway I25. If you're ever in the area, stop in and have a bite. The women were all exquisite, beautiful, prompt and polite. The young lady at the register gave me number 33 as a reference to my order, and I commented on it to her saying, "HAHAHA That's funny." She gave me a puzzled look, but after reading this, I'm sure she has figured it out. Anyways, I took my number and headed for an open table. The restaraunt was fairly busy, so I had to take a seat right in front of the door at an empty table. Annoyed at first slightly, but that feeling was alleviated quickly. As I gazed around the premises, I began to realize that this place, The Fina Cafe, was where all of the gorgeous women in New Mexico were hiding. I KNEW THEY EXISTED!!! Confident that I had found the oasis of gorgeous females I was so desperately trying to locate, I tried to keep my stares to a minimum, but WOW, was it difficult.

The food was actually quite delicious. I ordered their specialty omellette with all the local pepper spreading on top. Organic eggs, sausage, vegetables, and hash browns on the side. To be honest, I can't even remember what meat tasted like before the onslaught of bitter animal souls has passed over my taste buds during this pilgrimage. I can literally taste the pain and suffering those poor animals go through in life, BUT, I must maintain appearances to those who don't have this ability, so usually I just grin and bear it. Not the case at Fina Cafe. ZERO bitter on my entire plate. I held back my emotional response to this meal due to the busy restaraunt, but inside, I was jumping for joy. Amazing. Great job, hippies of Fina Cafe. I will definitely stop back by for another meal and bestow upon you a coveted signed bill from me, personally. After finishing everything on the plate, I left happy and satisfied. Northward towards the Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort I went, rocking out to tunes that seemed a little more pleasant, due to the happily full belly I had just recieved, and the EXTREME amount of "eye candy" in their dining room.

After making my way through Santa Fe, I passed a couple of down-trodden casinos that had closed, then saw the signs for the Buffalo Thunder Casino and exited the highway. I have to be honest when I say that the first impression was somewhat of a let down. The pictures looked amazing, but the ambiance of the actual building fell short of expectations. That said, I wasn't planning on staying in the casino itself. My plan was to kill time waiting for a couple of expected emails to show up, then find a hotel fairly close so that I could meet another team member at the casino. Luckily (or so I thought at that time), there was an adjacent hotel just across the parking lot from the casino. "Sweet!" I thought, and drove up to the check in area, parked, and walked inside the Homewood Suites Hotel, by Hilton. It seemed homely compared to the glitz of the casino ambiance, but that was exactly what I was looking for.

I walked up to the counter, and the young lady was "busy" on her computer console. Jesus being present, simply asked, "Do you have any vacancies for this evening?" The crass, ugly, fat but with skinny arms (like Humpty Dumpty) having Mexican just held up her hand and said in a very rude manner, "Hold on one second, I'm BUSY." No sir, no please, no thank you, NOTHING polite at all. Just some skinny ugly fingers attached to an extremely fat body with very long fingernails (as though that took away from her ugliness), held up in front of my face with the "stop" gesture. Jesus sat the rest of the conversation out, and Arian/Brian Harner took over immediately. After a 2-3 minute wait watching this "Humpty Dumpty" look-a-like fiddle around with her keyboard, she finally asked what I wanted. I was very matter of factual with her, and considering her rudeness, I asked, "Are you having a bad day?" The bitch replied to me unaware that I can read minds saying something to the affect of, "No, in fact I'm happy as a pig in shit." Although it wasn't worded that way, her looks, attitude, and authoritative stance said that exact thing to me. I said, "Yeah right." to myself, and the reservation continued.

After painfully staring at this make-up drenched Humpty Dumpty look-a-like for another 5 minutes, she finally booked my room and informed me that she would call me as soon as my room was ready. I told her that was no problem, and headed over to the casino to await a couple of important emails. The Buffalo Thunder Casino was very nice on the inside. Lots of things to do other than gambling, but it was mid-morning, so all of the things that piqued my interest were closed. There wasn't very good people watching available either, so I gambled a bit at the slots. After killing an hour or so doing that, and going into the black a whopping total of $5.00, I cashed in my ticket and watched the dog races. A very troubled and struggling young man by the name of Joe was sitting at the table next to me. He was messing around with a couple of decks of cards, and asked me if I wanted to see a couple of tricks. "Sure." I said.

After he showed me his card tricks, I tried to give him a few pointers on how the universe works, but he seemed damaged by prior drug use, and didn't catch most of it. Nonetheless, he seemed like a very genuine man who had good intentions, but struggled with a lot of internal pain due to losses in his family... due to drugs, that is. He bet on a couple of races and we smoked together talking about this and that. It was getting close to one o'clock, and the gambling scene was boring as all hell to me (as usual), so I got in my car after saying my goodbyes to Joe, and headed back over to The Homewood Suites hotel... After the morning's interaction, I was NOT very excited about it. Walked into the lobby, saw that the same arrogant bitch who "helped" me earlier was still there. I didn't want another interaction with her, so I hid behind the fireplace and surfed the web until my eyelids became heavy.

I started to doze off, so I put my phone right next to my ear... I mean, the hostess said she would call, so I took her for her word. I slept there on the couch for about 45 minutes. When I woke up, I noticed the time, and went to the front desk again. Seeing that Humpty Dumpty was still on duty, and carrying that resting bitch face still, I was not excited about it. I cut right to the chase and asked, "Can I check in yet?" Hilariously, she didn't even remember me, our earlier interaction, or that she had said she would call me when my room was ready. I remember thinking, "DAMN!!! She's that much of a cunt to everyone? So much so that she didn't even remember the most powerful, genetically superior, geniously intelligent, but also humble, entity inside of this entire universe, giving her a reservation?" But, yes folks... she's THAT arrogant. I mean c'mon... I wouldn't waste an afternoon like this, writing this detailed review about just anyone. You REALLY have to be memorable to get this kind of attention. Anyways, Humpty Dumpty, even ruder than before, gave me a heap of attitude because she entered my name in wrong in "her" computer. She actually said, to the assistant manager who was standing right next to her, "Oh, that's where the mistake happened." I retorted rather quickly, pissed off at this point, "The mistake? Or YOUR mistake?" The resting bitch face turned to pure ugly... well, ugliER.

I snapped my card back down on the counter, and she gave me the most evil glare you could imagine. I essentially stopped talking to her at that point, and just let her keep digging her own hole. I was not aware that the woman standing next to her was a manager at that point. In fact, I even asked her, and she said she was not. After smoking, I gathered my things and came up to write this "review" of this hotel's staff. The "assistant" manager seemed to be condoning this behavior directed at me. If I had known she was a manager at that time, I would have raised a huge stink about an immediate refund. Luckily, right in the middle of writing this paragraph, I ran out of water. This hotel sits above 7000 feet in elevation, so proper hydration is a must when visiting. I remembered seeing the hostess give out a couple of bags that I assumed had water in them. Hoping Humpty Dumpty had slithered away to her domicile, I cautiously went down to ask for a bag.

Redemption awaited me at the first floor. I stepped out of the elevator, and what to my wandering eyes appeared??? A gorgeous young lady who greeted me with a smile and a handshake before we had even spoken a word to each other. Folks, this young lady, who I will call "M," was SMOKIN' HOT. The kind of sexy that you can tell she possessed just by gazing into her eyes. Beautiful hair, gorgeous smile, and very professional attitude. AN EXTREME difference from the fat, ugly, little troll doll that originally greeted me that morning and afternoon. I asked her if I could have a bag, and she grabbed one immediately. I thanked her, then went out to smoke. After writing this extremely bad, BUT HONEST, review of the Homewood Suites by Hilton hotel, I decided that the hotel and the VERY LOVELY "M" that redeemed this establishment should not suffer for the crass rudeness that was exiting the Humpty Dumpty look-a-like's mouth.

I took it one step further. I know, I know... I said I wouldn't give out anymore signed bills, but "M" deserved it. I signed the dollar bill for the hotel itself, ALL BECAUSE OF "M" (!!!), and asked to speak with the manager, in "M's" presence. The "assistant" manager (who lied to me about not being a manager earlier) came out, and I informed her as to the extreme rudeness of the day worker, as opposed to the bright happiness and professionalism of the swing shift young vixen, "M." NOW, not earlier, but now the assistant manager was all smiles. Go figure... Maybe it wasn't me, maybe it was Humpty Dumpty bringing that out of me... Anyways, when the story was understood by the assistant manager, I gave a crisp brand new $100 dollar bill to "M," as I usually do in these encounters, and told them about the book, and this review. "M" thanked me profusely, but there was no thanks necessary. I was the one who thanked her. After a couple of jokes and pleasantries, I said to them both, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Then, I went back up to my room to daydream about "M's" beauty and finish this section up. Homewood Suites, by Hilton... listen up! NEVER treat guests to your hotel like that. You never know who you're talking to, and now that you know I'm the second coming of Christ, do something about that rude hostess. Humpty Dumpty... Listen up, bitch... there is no hiding from me. I AM EVERYWHERE. You, more than anyone else involved, NEED your personal maker's help now... 'Cause I'm looking forward to seeing you after this life is over. Good luck.

All of that said, Homewood Suites by Hilton is a fantastic hotel SINCE MEETING "M" and I might even stay another night. If they replace Humpty Dumpty, I FULLY recommend this hotel and the Buffalo Thunder Casino, as well. Drink lots of water while there, but try to get out and see the surrounding grounds. It is quite a beautiful established area, and it's not that spendy. If you like casinos, and money still exists after my book comes out (which shouldn't happen), the Buffalo Thunder Casino is pretty neat. The view of the valley below is an awesome addition, by the way. Just thought I'd mention that too. Now that "M" saved the day, I'm fairly enthusiastic about the evening once again. Jesus wants to say hello, to "M" again... even though he already did, that gorgeous man. Yep, young "M"... for a piece of that conversation, you were speaking to the one and only Jesus, HIMSELF. I know, I know... it's pretty neat. BUT NOT NEARLY AS COOL AS SPEAKING TO ME, RIGHT??? RIGHT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (HA!)

Next on the agenda was securing Linda Moulton Howe as a documenter, and possible broadcaster. Unfortunately, Linda Moulton Howe was a raging, cold, WAY TOO CONFIDENT bitch to me. Unbelievable how much effort I put into her. I was shocked at the possibility of a woman on my team at all. Most of them secure themselves as stuck in a backfeed loop of emotional arrogance which leads to being a permanent fixture as a subspecies to men. Logic is replaced by emotion. Even though I was aware of this premise, I tried to procure a woman as a team member anyways. Yes, that is the truth, feminists... Especially those that do not breed Goy.I.M. (or rather, god-apprentices). Your purpose on this planet is to take care of yourselves first, your man second, and your children third. That is YOUR SPECIFIC DUTY/HOLY TRINITY. On the flip side, just to be fair, men... your duties are as such, provide for your family, take care of yourself, and protect your genetic lineage. That is YOUR SPECIFIC DUTY/HOLY TRINITY. These duties are binding through the "cosmic contract" you signed when you originally wanted to live. As in, before this life.

Linda Moulton Howe, you fucked up... BIG TIME. You were the worst experience we had on this journey. What should have been a crowning jewel in your career's tiara, became a literal turd in your face for eternity. BEG your maker for forgiveness. We do not hand out orders. That is for God, the man who exists outside of this universe. Our duty is to relay to you peepoles, instructions on what to do. The maker only has wishes, prayer, and love to go off of. This is why it's so important to feed these things to him. That said, you crossed me specifically, Linda Moulton Howe. Your maker's love for you is all you have left to help you. We are absolutely furious with your behavior. You really are an arrogant fool. Pray hard. Listen for your instructions. HUMBLE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, there was an email exchange that took place between myself, and Linda Moulton Howe which detailed our exchange. I am entrusting those records to my best friend in this "human's race," Robert Bishop. After I had to come to grips with the inevitable of doing EVERYTHING by ourselves, I called Robert to explain the situation. We decided to talk when I got back to Mangum, Oklahoma. When I arrived, though, I was upset at my welcoming gift... a locked door, and no Robert. I was hurt at this revelation, especially considering the phone call about Linda Moulton Howe. We had a quick and stern exchange at first, then we came together on a few things. Friends argue, and that was one of our arguments. We quickly moved on to more fruitfull journeys... The Holy Grill.

We got into a quick but fun discussion on the possibilities. I had been researching an amazingly pure farmer by the name of Weldon. He had founded and established over many hardships, The Holy Cow Beef company. By all accounts, at least from his website, Holy Cow Beef was all but perfect in every single thing they do in regards to handling cattle for food. I read as much as I could, then when I got back to Mangum, Oklahoma, Robert and I planned our next trip. After we were locked and loaded on leaving, I developed a raport with Weldon through a brief series of phone calls and texts. We agreed to meet early on the morning of 6/14/2019. Robert and I saddled up and headed down to Lubbock, Texas. AHHH, I love Texas... but you should all know that by now.

My best friend Robert Bishop and I checked in to the Embassy Suites hotel in Lubbock, TX at about 6ish. They had a very nice spread of vegetables, cheese, and other pleasantries like free drinks. Since we didn't have anything to do, and we needed to be in Mangum, Oklahoma to ship the silver to Jesse James, the engineer, we figured we could live it up a little. Honestly peepoles, sex in a human way, is in no way a priority of mine, but Robert Bishop, has the libido of a rabbit on Viagra. It has been a problem on previous excursions, so I came up with the idea of going to a dance club. Robert seemed rather excited at the idea, so I told him I'd find one. We decided to go to "J's house of beauty." I just... had a feeling about it...

The other clubs opened late and were gay... One of them, LITERALLY. We did some minor clean up, then headed down to the club. "J's house of beauty" is NOTHING like what I have been privy to in Oregon dance clubs. First of all you have to bring in your own beer. That alone was shocking, but made sense sort of. They didn't have a liquor license, so their beverages were non-alcoholic. Not a big deal because there was a liquor store right next to the place. So, needless to say, we went in the club, then right back out again. Picked up a six pack of Coors Light, then went back to the club. It was expensive just to get in the door. Another MAJOR difference from Oregon. No big deal though. Robert and I were pretty excited about the restaraunt, and it was kind of a celebration/work trip for that specific purpose. Bought our way in, got a bucket of ice for the beers, and started tipping the one dollar bills I had accumulated.

I was not happy at all with what I was seeing. A very large selection of Mexicans and blacks. That's cool if that's your thing, but to me, that is the farthest thing from my attraction list. Robert was almost immediately swarmed over by a sexy little Cuban girl. He seemed receptive, so I guess that's HIS thing... to a certain extent. The songs wore on for a few minutes, and the tips kept going out to these girls, but I was in no way excited. I was just placating Robert's fun. Then it happened ladies and gentlemen... it ACTUALLY happened, to me, once again...

Now listen up you mind-gutter dwelling idiots, I can see individual people's souls instantly. I can read auras, various different energies emitting from those auras, and I am a master at body language. In other words, I'm very calm under pressure. When you can tap into your personal maker's frequency, dealing with regens, or niggers as humans know them, is a walk in the park. Just by using certain variations in facial expressions and body ticks, I can ward off individuals that are threatening... AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN THE REGEN STAGE... BUT HOLY GOOD GRACIOUS OH MY GOODNESS, a pure, gorgeous, 11 out of 10, to put it bluntly... PERFECTLY SHAPED BODY briskly walked past me in the midst of NOTHING interesting at all to me. In this book, I've been toying around with the sexy inuendos, but no bullshit everyone, the figure that strolled towards the dressing room IS, the absolutely most perfect structure in human existence. Well, that's what I thought. But... ya know... I'm me.

My sexual arousal has all but dissappeared since breaking up with my wife. I don't think about it, nor do I care to engage in it at all... until that fateful evening. I wasn't excited like I was for sex before my "sabbath," or realization as I call it, but more so dumbstruck with instant love. The kind of love you have for God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. Absolute, instant attraction on all bodily mechanisms, BUT... I hadn't had a chance to talk to her yet, so it was just sex at that point. The attraction level I had felt to this woman was unique. I'm assuming this is what peepoles feel when they become exceedingly sexually attracted to certain porn stars. I had never understood that feeling watching degenerate porn as a young foolish man, but I instantly understood as soon as I laid eyes on that figure. Literally, not one single flaw.

Robert and I discussed what had happened when she walked in. A whole bunch of "DAMN!" and "WOW!!!" types of descriptions were thrown all over the place. I hadn't been that sexually attracted to a woman in my entire existence as a human, and I think Robert got the message... "THIS ONE IS MINE!" I played it as a humble Christ would, and let her make the first move... kinda. Remember, I can do ANYTHING within the mission's parameters. I didn't outright control this young lady, but I did my best without messing around with free will, to get her to come over to me. I'm sure she was feeling extremely attracted to me. Not to my physical structure... I mean, who the hell could be at this point, ya know? But rather, a pull towards wanting a piece of that man who is absolutely 100% sure of himself... in other words, me.  

When she came out of the dressing room, I got a slight glimpse of her face, but not a good one at that point. She walked passed me a couple of times. She looked bored in all of the other "clients" of "J's house of beauty," then made her way over to me, and pulled up a chair right next to who? Yep, she pulled up a chair next to the most audaciously gorgeous, genetically pure, masculine beyond all comprehension, while maintaining status ALWAYS as the most powerful genius the human race has EVER SEEN, and also humble narrator, me. "Lucky her," I thought. I don't mean that in any egotistical way... I'm humble, REMEMBER?!?!?! So, I turned to say hello. I wasn't expecting what happened next, folks. I couldn't read her mind, AND I WAS TRYING TO!!! The only other two people that I had a hard time doing this with is my ex-wife, and Lauren. This one was different, in that I wasn't nervous about it. Both of the others were making me extremely nervous with every glance into their thinking patterns, but not this extremely gorgeous young lady.

I was weirded out by it a little, but her figure was perfection staring at me for the first time ever, so I have to admit, for the first hour or so of conversation, I wasn't paying attention to her eyes much at all. Her bossoms made my mouth water, her six-pack (more like eight-pack) drew me in like a magnet, her thighs were a perfect golden brown, toned, muscular but not beefy, and this young lady's ass took my breath away. Her toes were perfect, her hair was perfect, and now, FINALLY, I had the chance to study her face. Explaining her face will take a bit of a side story so that you properly understand why she is so perfect to me in every concievable way. It has to do with a very close friend of mine growing up. Vanessa ------.

Vanessa was some of my friend's playdate girlfriend type stuff in high school. That's how I met her originally. The first time I laid eyes on her was in the Parkrose High School gymnasium. A few of my friends and I (R.J., Gary, Bobby, and my best friend, Brian), were playing basketball, and my other friend, Terrell walked in with Vanessa following him. She was exceedingly attractive. Hair was very long, but put into a sort of bun on top, and it all flowed outwardly from it. A very popular style in the 1990s, and my goodness, I was instantly attracted. Just then, Terrell turned to kiss her, and it was all said and done at that point for me. I've had a rule since I was very young, and that rule is that I NEVER date a friend's ex-girlfriend. I've seen way too many friendships ruined because of the drama extending from those love triangles. NOT WORTH IT.

Anyways, at some point she got hooked up with my best friend, Brian. As I was trying to get my schooling behind me in high school, all three of us were basically together all of the time. I got to be extremely good friends with Vanessa, and maintaining that friendship was easy because of my rules. Brian and Vanessa's relationship extended past my 4 years in the Navy, so when I got out, it stayed fresh. Brian had bought Vanessa a small dog that she named Scooter. Me being me, I became very close to Scooter, and seeing him after I got out of the Navy was always fun. It was interesting how she would always bring up Scooter updates to me first and foremost in our conversations. Like, she just knew how much I loved the furry little thing. Lots of good times were had. We all had a very good time doing things together, and it seemed as though they would get married and have children, then we'd all live happily ever after.

Some time around the next two years, their relationship deterioriated. Brian finally broke it off with Vanessa and found a new girlfriend. It was fun with the first couple of girlfriends he found, but none of them were as fun as hanging out with Vanessa. They were nice, but we hafdn't built history in the same way. Vanessa was jealous right away, and started having fun of her own. Brian had always remained indifferent to Vanessa's doings after they split, which is admirable. The difficulty I had was being friends with both of them while this ignore/try not to ignore game was being played between them. Vanessa partied with all of us (R.J., Gary, Bobby, and a few others), basically all of the time after Brian met his current girlfriend/wife. We all went out and did stuff, and slowly, but surely, Vanessa and I started hanging out a lot alone. I started having real attraction to her, and she in turn loved listening to me spout off about cosmic uncertainties, energy, sports, etc.

I remember one specific morning that I had gotten off of a graveyard shift while working at Owens Illinois. My friends had been texting and calling about hooking up with me. Apparently they were all out partying until 7 am. I told them to come on over to my condo in Gresham, Oregon, and smoke a little bit of weed. Vanessa, her friend Christy, and my very dear friend R.J. all came in, we smoked, talked some shit, then decided to go eat some breakfast. On the way, driving in my VW, Vanessa had gotten me going on a technological rant based on oil. This was a fairly common occurence as they will all agree with, but this conversation was different. I don't remember the exact thing I said, but Vanessa halted everyone's conversation by proclaiming to me personally, and this is verbatim... "Brian. You got it. Some day, you will make it!" I guess she was right...

That one statement almost brought me to the brink of smashing my rulebook. I mean, c'mon, a gorgeous, young, blond, and she said that, directly to me, and meant it. We almost had sex a couple of times during that portion of our friendship, but I stopped it before we even got to the kissing stage. Once we crossed that threshold I figured my rulebook was dust, so I distanced myself from her. It was kind of heart-breaking, but rules are rules. Sleeping with your friend's current girlfriend, or ex-girlfriends is stupid. It will cost you a friendship. You may be able to forgive, but you will never forget, or be forgotten on the flipside of that. Future couples activities together even as friends, will always drum up a negative emotional response. Not worth it... There's plenty of fish in the sea, etc etc etc. So that, is essentially why this knock out, drop dead gorgeous woman having a striking resemblence to Vanessa was very strange to me in the moment at this strip club in Lubbock, Texas.

I brought this up to Cindy J (having heard her stage name), during our mindless, boring, getting to know you chit chat. All the while, I was just enamored by this young lady's body, right up until we talked about her career choice. Everything was playful flirting stuff before her talk about her college major. Cindy J, had honored herself with a degree from Texas Tech University... in... VIDEO PRODUCTION. As soon as I heard those words, not only was I infatuated with her body, but also her mind. I had several reasons to be curious about this amazingly pure beauty. Her sensuousness permiated everything in my soul, body, and intellect. Her body, aura, and spirit effervesced sexual appeal from every cell to me. Still, my heinous body kept me grounded, so ACTUALLY trying anything sexual was out of the question in my mind.

I rejoined our conversation with Robert to fill him in on the discussion we were having. It took a bit of prying to get him away consciously from the hot little Cuban lady draped around his neck, but he paid attention. The cryptic nature of Robert and I's inside jokes always cause confusion around new peepoles, but there was no need for that with Cindy J. I pushed a little bit harder on my usual interrogation questions, but her body was so incredibly perfect, at several moments during our talk, I was like a moth to a flame. Deadened by my mission's current turn of events, IN A GOOD WAY. My journey has been wrought with perils of the perceived kind, and actual physical kind, so my emotional stress level has fluctuated between shitty, and shittier. Getting lost in sexual desire that extends far past the normal human psyche induced lust of my pre-realization life, was blissful.

Our conversation got halted several times as I came to several realizations about where this meeting would take Robert and I. When Cindy J had to return to work, I prayed for guidance on which direction I should go... Everything pointed towards Cindy J being a bonafied angel. The confusion distorted my perception of this timeline, and as a biproduct, I had felt almost rewarded. This amazingly beautiful young lady, who is WAY out of my league, was to be given the opportunity of a lifetime... by me. I took several moments to voice my concerns on her looks and age to everyone listening, even Cindy J herself, but nobody gave concession on this path. Cindy J was to become the in-real-life Cinderella, and I had no problem agreeing.

The rest of the night together was breath taking. There were copious amounts of startling revelations that I was able to give Cindy J alone. Real one on one time, just like Robert and I had had for the last several weeks. I drank alcohol all night, but didn't really have a buzz at all. Drinking can be fun, but on that particular evening, it was ALL business. Even though I was in the presence of a perceived angel, I still needed to be certain that she was what I thought she was. There are many different interrogation techniques and pathways that I can take conversations towards. Generally, I start with the science stuff, then move right into The Adam and Eve Story, by Chan Thomas. This gives a decent foundation, then follows it right back by hard brutal scientific method founded proofs that scare the shit out of peepoles. On Cindy J's first night dealing with those truths, I toned it down a bit for her... just because she's a perceived angel.

I tried unsuccessfully to remain focused on my mission's parameters and what position she was supposed to fill in for... the broadcaster. She was over-qualified as far as I was concerned, so her emaculate body grabbed my attention more often than not. After coming to terms with having found another team member, I swallowed deeply, sighed, then broke down a few hard truths of my own for her. I slowly and calmy explained in as simple of phrases as I could find, that I would die soon. She got slightly startled and blew it off a few different times, but the truth of my situation eventually sank in, or so I thought. We talked until late into the night, and interestingly enough, she was surprised that I was a complete gentlemen the entire time. Unfortunately, the most dazzlingly gorgeous woman who has ever lived, has to deal with assholes that disrespect her through extremely heinous sexual advances all day long. I felt differently than they did... Just being next to Cindy J was all I needed. There was no need for creepy selfish desires thrust upon her psyche from me. No sir. Her inner beauty shined brighter than the sun in July, and believe me, I was soaking up the rays.

Several times Cindy J beckoned query to me under slight distress as to why I wasn't like those "other guys." My ponderance on that line of questioning always seemed to center around one simple truth... I was the first real man that she had ever met. We exchanged phone numbers, and parted ways, but only after I promised to go see her again after Robert and I worked that day. We got to the hotel very late. Tired from driving all day, drinking a bit, and setting up business contacts, so I postponed my meeting with Weldon from Holy Cow Beef for later that afternoon, booked another night, then took a quick nap. After waking, I rushed out to gather supplies, and set up Weldon and I's meeting. After running around town handling business, I got a text from Weldon.

Leaving Walmart like a madman I rushed up to the hotel we were staying at. Weldon was waiting for a while, so I got an interesting text from him that STARTED with "16." That's all I saw as I jumped into his truck for a nice stroll up to one of his grazing fields. Weldon and I talked of simpler things at first like slaughter techniques, the various types of meats that he sold, who he sold it to, etc, but then he started breaking down why he went into this business originally. Weldon had busted his ass studying money markets throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He had graduated from Texas Tech, and very soon there following, he became a Wall St money manager. Working out of Dallas, Texas, Weldon amassed a healthy fortune which was tied intricately into his business dealings. Then September 11, 2001 happened...

Weldon had a very hard time dealing with his business' financial woes. He had lost 90% of his wealth bank shortly after the attacks. As that was occuring, several other medical concerns started to bog him down. Clogged arteries, and various other processes were killing his body. Weldon had a stroke as the final culminating occurance in a sequence of Satanic energy drenched health problems. Luckily, for every one of you readers out there, Weldon survived with a clean conscience, a new attitude towards what real health care is, and a penchant for force feeding this information to YOU!!!!!! I love this man dearly for what he has accomplished through that series of unfortunate events. Mainly, due to his love of God, the man himself that exists outside of this universe.

Under most circumstances, praying directly to God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, should never be taken lightly BY ANYONE. You, and everyone else reading this, should always pray to your personal maker. Weldon's personal maker may in fact be God, the man himself, which is why I perceived Weldon as an angel. Angels are God, the man himself's personal helpers. God, the man himself cannot enter into this universe with his physical presence, which is why he has angels to help him spread his words and commands throughout the universe. Your personal maker, YES YOU, THE ONE READING THESE WORDS, could be an entirely different entity. It's very disrespectful to "jump the chain of command" while praying, so don't do it... EVER!!!!!!!!! The safest way around this conundrum, is to pray to YOUR PERSONAL MAKER. Address this entity, whomever it may be, as "MY MAKER." Never pray to entities that you think you know by name, unless the praying is strictly utilized to profess reverance, and genuine love for the creations that you exist inside of. God, the man himself, me, Jesus, and every other percieved deity, don't want to hear your whiny bullshit. If you have legitimate whiny bullshit to voice, ALWAYS do your praying to YOUR PERSONAL MAKER, and always address that entity as, "MY MAKER" when praying. In Jesus' day, we used "father" instead of "maker." Shortly there following, we used the term "lord" to signify what "maker" meant, BUT YOU GUYS FUCKED THAT UP. Stop using "lord our god," "lord," "father," or any other connotations that signify authority. YOUR PERSONAL MAKER is sufficient. ONLY USE THAT PHRASE!!!!!!!!! The intent behind the strategic placement of that phrase is sufficient for all superiors within the universe's hierarchal structure, and relieves the confusion and uncertainty within prior name iteration sequences that have allowed humanity to blatantly disrespect the chain of command within this universe, during prayer.

Anyways, Weldon, prays to God directly now (as in, before my book is released and better understood). My guess is, after I "go home," he'll be one of the first real human beings, and capitulate to my wishes. Whether Weldon is praying to humanity's maker, some other superior within this universe, angels, or even God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, addressing that entity as "My Maker..." when beginning prayer will alleviate the uncertainty and direct that query to the correct superior within the hierachal structure. Weldon has set a magnificent example in everything he has done since his brush with Satanic energy platform induced death, and I have no reason to think he will not honor that for himself, or you by proxy. These feelings about Weldon came to me during and after a very long and appreciated discussion on how animal husbandry should be worked. I have no reason at all to not grant Weldon, and his own personally picked series of interlinked farmers, the authority to dictate what is Satanic in food, and what is Divine in food. Weldon is my personal emmisary to health, even more so than a doctor in modern medicine. He has proven that he has the ability to understand every aspect of the body's health parameters, while most doctors (especially the Affirmative Action placed "health professionals") do not put health of their clientel above money procurement and greed. As we parted, my mind was awash in several exciting possibilities, so I decided to do business with Weldon and his company. He will be the ONLY supplier of my best friend's restaraunt, The Holy Grill in Mangum, Oklahoma, at least until we can spread this health gospel. These personal conversations that I've had in private with Weldon, Robert and Cindy J are sacred to me. I am allowing these individuals to determine whether or not they share these conversations with you in greater depth, and at their own individual liesure.

Weldon and I have come to a gentlemen's agreement on his Divine products storyline and placement in the menus of my best friend's restaraunt, The Holy Grill. I'll keep from bogging down this book with the details, so if you'd like to understand what a percieved (by me personally) angel does in his personal and professional life, visit the websites of Holy Cow Beef, The Holy Grill medicinal Eatery, and my personal company... that will be named at a later date if I survive that long. I truly appreciate the time Weldon had to give to us. He irradiated positive energy, and being around those types of entities, no matter where they're located, brings my health up instantly. This would have been hard to explain to Weldon at that time, but I mean it when I say that this man helped keep me alive... literally.

Later, as I was standing at the hotel contemplating my infatuation to Cindy J's body, mind, and spirit, Weldon and I had a nice exchange of pleasantries over text message. Not only was Weldon able to teach me exactly what I needed to know, he also heeded my own advice to him about ethanol production. I was able to intrigue him about a book I read several years ago titled, Alcohol Can Be A Gas, by David Blume. Most people are not very receptive to teachings of that sort, ESPECIALLY in Texas, but Weldon was very curious, which is the most noble of traits. I met back up with Robert in our hotel room, and over a vegetable plate and water, we discussed in depth the dealings of the day. Robert seemed as excited as I was, and we were reinvigorated to visit Cindy J and her friends. After going to dinner, and dealing with a crass bitch at the bar who pretended to be in charge of who got to sit down and eat and who didn't at Texas Roadhouse in Lubbock, Texas, we settled on a dinner at Red Robin. After dinner, we headed over to "J's house of beauty" for another night of exceedingly unmatched beauty... for me.

After getting a 12 pack of beer, we headed in for the show. Cindy J was feeling the party atmosphere that evening, so I agreed to tip a few back at her request. We took several shots, drank many beers, and partied all night long together. She didn't want attention from anyone else, and I had no problem with that. We discussed a lot of business dealings that were to come in her future, but the bulk of the evening was spent with my attention focused squarely on her sensational body. I don't mean to embarrass her, as she will eventually read this, but I'm telling you folks, Cindy J's body is quite literally, out of this world gorgeous. Her face, her mind, and her spirit make her appear perfect in every way, according to yours truly. Absorbing her spirit is easy. Anyone who is set in the path of the Christ, in other words, me, is of Divine influence. Cindy J's body, mind, and spirit are merely a bonus... AND WHAT A BONUS IT IS!!!!!!!!!

The night wore on with many opportunities that led to a meeting with Cindy J the following week, where we would secure her as our one and only broadcaster. A truly magnificent honor that could have been given to several women and men. Missed opportunities for every arrogant fool that did not jump at this opportunity. Cindy J was ready, willing, and had the skillset to do exactly what I wanted. We decided the following Wednesday, June 29, 2019 would be our meeting's date. I did want to discuss things further with her about her duties as my broadcaster at the end of our amazing evening together, but the situation dictated that Cindy J had to get home as soon as possible, so our time together ended abruptly. Robert and I hung out for a while so that we could regroup, but we left shortly after that, and went to the hotel to sleep off the alcohol.

The next morning we got ready fairly quickly, got a couple of bottles of water, filled the car gas, then headed back to work on restaraunt matters. We had all of our food basically figured out, so I went to Elk City, Amarillo, and Altus to gather the necessities. Big Green Eggs, taste test food stuffs, beer making materials, and a few things that dealt with making holy grails for my personal company. With Cindy J now firmly in my sights, I was also on the hunt for materials she would need, and a few personal items. The list was long and dedicated to mostly camera equipment, but everywhere I went, I was stonewalled into making other choices. Cryptically, I nudged Cindy J throughout the week with hints that SHE should be the one out shopping for this stuff, but her skepticism on my seriousness was in charge, so she wasn't budging until I proved myself to her.

While I waited anxiously for Cindy J and I's meeting to draw nearer, Robert and I had quite a few days together. We did our family involved taste test with Weldon's Divine Holy Cow Beef Company products, and I was able to impart my knowledge of cooking in a crash course type of setting. Robert was a very hard worker the night of our first mini-service, which is always appreciated. Before our taste test began with Robert's family, a rift had developed internally because of my presence and lack of understanding as to why I was doing what I was doing for Robert in Mangun specifically. When I made my mind up to address this issue to the family as a whole, my emotions welled up again. Presenting this loving family to the reality of me being the second coming of Christ was out of the question, so I bent the truth, and delivered to them the worst news about the entire ordeal, and why I was handing Robert my life's work on a platter, essentially for free...

I started my presentation to them with the inevitable... that at the end of my process, I will die. Being cryptic about the nature of why my death is inevitable isn't as hard as you might think. My body is mangled and sick in several aspects, so defining why I "think" I'm going to die, in a medically induced nature, is not difficult. My emotional response after dictating to Robert's family my inevitable death, was more so based on my inability to reveal the absolute truth. Being the second coming of Christ is a very daunting job, especially when those whom you must hold this information from, are loved ones. I was saddened by the thought that I couldn't trust them, ultimately. I didn't lie, but as is the same in most cases, my subversion to the absolute truth was at the forefront. I apologize directly to them at this time. I had to do what I had to do. I meant no harm in the making of this book, and if I could have done it any other way, I would have. My sincerest apologies.

The next several days were spent partying with Robert's family, and as with most dealings internally documented by Robert, my best friend, I'll leave it up to him to determine if you're worthy of that information. Other than getting some much needed family time and love from Robert's family, the rest of the time I was setting up my initial offer to Cindy J for a non-disclosure agreement and an employment contract. I tried to keep Cindy J in the loop, but she was busy most of the time doing young lady things. It would have been much more fun if she had been with me to pick out things for the video production sequences, but as usual, I got the brunt of the workload. It matters not, she is worth every bit of attention I have for her. Professionally, I couldn't have asked for a more curious, meek, and willing to work individual (as opposed to a corporation). When discussing this young lady's attributes, I'm constantly reminded of how unworthy I am. Simply put... her body is perfection.

The night before I was going to depart from Mangum, then head back to Lubbock to secure Cindy J as my broadcaster, there was turmoil at the homefront. Several different sequences were happening all at the same junction. Different peepole in various stages of evil were surrounding me, and I was trying to determine their reasons for infiltrating my mission. Mangum, Oklahoma is an anomoly all on its own, but this particular evening, 6/18/2019, there was an odd mix of purely divine and righteous, along with the purest of evil at the same time. We were all together... drinking alcohol. Robert's mother was helping to liven the mood with her presence, thank God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. We spoke about many things, and had a blast doing it. When she had to go home, the mood changed extremely rapidly due to an unwanted passenger discovered at the bottom of the deck stairs...

A very long snake was sitting completely exposed, at the bottom of the stairs, and as some of my more religious readers know, snakes and the Christ of any given age do not mix well. I took it as a sign that one of our party of partyers was pure evil. My focused shifted to the only one left in my presence, and I let this individual speak to my maker directly through me. It was a scary ugly scene where the weather shifted instantly, all light started to die off, and my mood went from happy go lucky to enraged in a matter of seconds. The interrogation of this person needed to be done, and although it may have come across as harsh, she failed to reaalize that I could read her mind, and what I was reading was not good. As it turns out, this individual was not who the snake represented, and I would like to take this time to apologize to her directly. That said, I don't take back anything I said to her that night. I meant every bit of it, and given the circumstances, I would have done it again. Some things are just THAT important.

After many verbal battles with this woman which ended in confusion rather than curing uncertainty, I decided to get a head start on the last bit of shopping for Cindy J's employment contract, so I went straight to Lubbock at 12:00 AM. That next evening at the dance club, would be memorable for all, so I had to set the stage properly. Cindy J had everything she needed to start working on the broadcast, and after shopping for the necessary equipment to get the contract signed all week, I felt as though she would sign it excitedly. The last couple of items were bottles of wine and champagne. I purchased the best I could find, checked into the hotel, and got ready for the evening. During prelimanary discussions, it was decided that I should have nicer attire for some of the broadcast videos, so I purchased a sportcoat and slacks. I wore them to the club so that Cindy J could get a look, and give her a slight glimpse of what I looked like before my realization/sabbath was complete.

I strolled into the club with contracts in hand, paid my entry fee, handed the alcohol over to the manager, and asked for a secluded table. Cindy J looked amazingly beautiful on this night, and as always, her stupendously perfect body was a distraction as soon as I laid eyes on her. BUT!!!, at that particular time, I was ALL business. I walked into that club with one mission... To acquire a broadcaster for my team. I was prepared to walk out instantly if Cindy J decided against moving forward with business, but I was also prepared for a celebration. When our eyes locked, Cindy J seemed excited. We gave each other a hug, and she led me to a booth where she could read the contracts in private.

I sat axiously waiting for her to find questions to ask during her once in a lifetime shot at fame beyond her wildest imaginations. The type of wealth we offer supersedes human fivolities based on selfish materialism. We have transcended the "wanting" behind objects of affection in a Satanic energy platform sense. Humanity has certain emotional responses to egotistical accumulation of wealth in various platforms, then bragging about it, and holding these gifts from others. This ransom of information and resources does nothing but hinder technological progress and species unitement. Every civilization that exists inside of this universe, other than the tiers of emerging intellegence, like Earth... shares all inovations technologically, and spiritually with eachother freely. There are no usury platforms. There are no banks or other types of financial institution. There is no hiding true intent, which is overwhelmingly (on this planet) selfishness. There is no need for these traits outside of planetary stuck tiers of species. When ALL of the resources of the universe are available to you with a mere thought, what's the need? That said, when I iterated that Cindy J would have fame and wealth, the ideals behind those statements vary from that of most of you reading this book, which is why the terminology had to be better defined.

With those definitions understood, the type of wealth being offered to Cindy J, has no limits... other than selfishness. Trying to get any human to trust that philosophy is difficult enough, but throw in a perfect body, a fresh degree from Texas Tech University, and all of the hopes and dreams of a purely Satanic energy platform induced psyche stronghold on a young lady, and understanding these philosophies becomes quite difficult. I gave solace while discussing wealth with Cindy J in the form of a company share. If humans wish to maintain a banking system (which is utterly stupid), whomever is attached to my "inventions" and the companies attached to them, will be wildly wealthy. All of this is based on Cindy J choosing to stay here, and live out her life in the human form she's in now. The decision will be rife with varying possibilities and consequences, no matter which direction she chooses, but alas, it is her choice to make.

After reading the non-disclosure agreement, she signed it without question. We moved on to the employment contract after a short discussion. The employment contract had a lot of bullshit in it, and although I had read the entire document earlier, I was not familiar with all of the specifics internally. We ended up reading most of it together, but when we made it to the end, I could still sense some fear in Cindy J. It only took about 5 minutes to talk her into signing after easing her mind on the details. One of the details that she was hesitant about was my return trip to Gruene, Texas... the fabled (by me) "slice of heaven on Earth." Cindy J had a hard time understanding why it was important to visit. As all of my readers should know by now, Lauren had to be told in person that although it shattered my heart into a thousand pieces, she was not meant to be on my team. There was also a need to share the places I had visited with another person so that the memories could be translated after I depart.

Unfortunately, humanity has a general misunderstanding on whom they should trust, and this stigma translates into pure fear of everyone and everything. Cindy J had this fear, and who could blame her? She's a perfect specimen of raw sex appeal. As you fellow readers should know by now, I've transcended these desires, BUT, to a certain extent, I do still feel them. My interest in Cindy J has much more to do with what is inside her soul, although trying to get a young, gorgeous, professional dancer to believe that is damn near impossible. I did my best to prove it as our conversations grew more detailed throughout our time together, but my constant interest in her perfect body hurt that dialect. Cindy J trusted me just enough to reluctantly sign her contract. As that time grew closer, and as she read through the specifics, I had to let her know what my ultimatum was.

After familiarizing herself with the documents, she still hesitated, then asked me what everything was about. I explained as calmly as possible (given the circumstances) that I could not reveal everything to her without a signature. The ultimatum that followed had a stern but fair dialect to it. I matter of factly stated to Cindy J as she was hesitating at the last minute, "You have two choices... Sign it, then party with me all night hearing amazing things, and head to Gruene, Texas in the morning, Or... don't sign the contracts, and I leave right now, and never come back." This might seem like a harsh and sudden position to put Cindy J into, but after several other failures at acquiring a broadcaster, my patience was running very thin. Thank God, the man who exists outside of this universe, that whatever I said towards the end of our meeting to her, it resonated and she signed it. I was elated, and immediately rewarded her with the gaurantees of the contract, and we started partying!

I brought in a memento keepsake for the dazzling Cindy J, and although it seemed impossible to me at the time, watching her excitement at that specific gift, brought a very warm feeling to my heart. I could tell that the entire situation was overwhelming to Cindy J, and the really interesting part to me, was that she had no idea just how good that feeling could get. Personally, my emotions took a dramatic swing upward. After the Linda Moulton Howe incident, I was convinced that Robert and I would need to do everything ourselves. With the time allotment for the entire process to be complete, I was unsure that we would make it at all. Quite literally, Cindy J helped the possibility of the human race to find salvation. When Cindy J signed that contract, in my mind, she had the ability save the entire human species.

Trying to get that across to her, especially while drinking alcohol, was unnecessary and a waste of valuable time. I decided to skip all of the "gloom and doom" (should we fail) stuff until we were both clear headed and sober. We reconvened at a different private table in the club, and my assortment of celebration alcohol was brought over to us. As soon as it all showed up on the table top, we delved into the bottles. I bought a nice (not great, but nice) bottle of Rombauer Zinfandel, a bottle of Crystal, and a bottle of Dom Perignon. As we sat drinking these delicious drinks and speaking of future endeavors, the attention of the other women in the establishment focused in on us. Cindy J, even invited a few of them to join us.

Most of the women that joined in on our celebration were unaware of the significance, and treated it as though it was no big deal. Several questions were asked about why all of this attention was given to Cindy J. I told them all, matter of factly, that this young lady, Cindy J, was the REAL Cinderella. That specific movie was made for her, and I, being me, was there to grant her wishes into reality. The looks of confusion were hysterical from my perspective. A whole bunch of placating my intentions of sexual desire were thrust back at me from damn near every woman I talked to about the situation. "Oh, he's just trying really hard to have sex with her." was the general sentiment among the other women surrounding us. At leaast that's what their minds were telling me...

As the night wore on, I started upping my game. Alcohol was having a slight affect on me, so the social lubricant might have had something to do with it, but I started to reveal all kinds of juicy details to the various women who engaged Cindy and I at our table. As soon as I brought up the whole "I'm the second coming of Christ" connotation, the mood shifted a bit. There were some women who were frightened, some who thought it was pure bullshit, and then the "others..." Everything was splendid that evening from my perspective, other than the end. All I was trying to do was give Cindy J everything she wanted after the contracts were signed. If it had been up to me, there would have been nobody at the table other than us, and us alone, but Cindy J's excitement and want to share that excitement overtook her own want to be alone with me. So, I capitulated to her desires for having friends involved with the celebration. A few of these "friends," whom we'll call her "wicked step sisters." got very pushy to maintain my attention.

I could sense that their attention towards me was bothering Cindy J, but I just kept trying to reassure her that she, and she alone, was my entire reason for being there. The wicked step sisters tried to subvert Cindy J's conscience into thinking the night was all about all of them, and utilized the dance club scene to push themselves onto me in various ways... sexually. To be honest, fellow readers (of which Cindy J will soon be), the entire thing was disgusting to me. The other women pushing themselves onto me as the night wore on were in no way, shape or form, "my type." All I saw when I searched through their souls was ignorant, selfish, and misplaced decision making. They also used this false premise to try and corral my attention, which from their perspective probably seemed feasible. Little did they know that all I wanted was private time with Cindy J, my exceedingly beautiful, young broadcaster. It was as if all of these women jockeying for my attention felt as though they could do what Cindy J could... LMAO, what a bunch of idiots.

After this constant attention towards me, the wicked step sisters dragged Cindy J's perception of me through the dirt for the last time, she decided the night was over for her. Once again, she left with great haste, charged by the imagery of those wicked step sisters taking the sexual inuendos too far with my body. And once again, I was left standing there confused and tormented by what I had done to deserve that treatment. Even though I had quite literally made this young beautiful superstar in the making melt with over-abundance of human frivolities, it wasn't good enough. As the reality of my beautiful young broadcaster hating me for something... AGAIN... started to dawn on my conscience, I wanted to utilize the attention of the wicked step sisters left in the club against themselves. I invited the manager of the establishment over to the table I was sitting at for a little chat...

All of the women interested in me that evening had practically begged me for internal harmonic resonant capitulation readings and various other abled gifts I've recieved from my superiors during my realization. I decided to introduce them to one of my heros... Chan Thomas. I explained to the manager of the establishment that cataclysmology was a proven science based on the deterioration of the Earth's magnetosphere. Then, I had a little bit of fun with them, since they tried to have fun in a disgusting way with my body all fucking night... I explained, in fairly organized and forceful details about "the end of the world," should humanity fail to capitulate to my instructions, handed down from my superiors. All of the doom and gloom stuff, in other words. Most of the information I was relaying was accepted by my foolhardy audience... at least that's what I had originally thought.

I left the dance club satisfied that I had made a decent enough impact on those who remained to hear me speak. In so doing I figured that taking Cindy J to Gruene, Texas to meet her predecessor wouldn't be a big deal to them, and they could rest easy. I took a nap, basically, at my hotel and slept past my alarm clock. The manager of the hotel had to wake me up personally. Very embarrassing. Waking up in that condition is frustrating as is, but throw in the fact that Cindy J had overslept and not helped me wake up herself (which she was supposed to do), made me angry at the beginning of our trip. The thoughts of Cindy J's naked body were mounted in my subconscious, inpenetrable, so getting angry and expressing my angst to her, was damn near impossible. Therefore, I did what I always do... I took it on the chin, and headed over to Cindy J's so we could start our trip.

When I arrived at her small and not well kept home, I was greeted with puppy love right off the bat. An adorable miniature pincher came running up to me with the fury of well... a miniature pincher, lol. Offering my hand as a sign of good faith to the little 10 inch tall bruiser, made us instant friends. As my fellow readers have guessed by now, all animals and K-9s specifically (DOGS... to the layperson) occupy a very warm spot in my heart. Even though I feel this way about my little furry friends, I was not completely prepared for having a dog in the 4Runner/"pale horse." Cindy J passed over my concerns way before I had even showed up, and it was decided, without even asking me, that the 4Runner was going to be the little bruiser's chariot for the day...

Having the dog in the car wasn't that big of a deal. He was a well behaved and gentle pup... Well, as gentle as a ferocious beast of his size and intimidating stature could muster. Cindy J and I had fairly brief discussions while taking the pup to his babysitter's house, but ALL of them had an element of anger attached to the dialogue. I couldn't figure out what the trouble was that was going on inside of that young (perceived) angel's mind, and it became a problem rapidly after dropping the dog off. One of Cindy J's friends, Kiera, kept calling on her phone, so when we were getting into detailed discussions about life beyond Earth, I couldn't break through to a realization type of moment. We traveled together playing this game of me saying "WTF is wrong with you," in as delicate of terms as my own anger would allow, and Cindy J practically begging me to release her from her obligation. No dice. Too much of an investment in a broadcaster to even think about finding another one.

A Shell gas station in the middle of Texas somewhere was where Cindy J cracked under the pressure. Her boss had called her numerous times, her friend had interrupted our conversation numerous times, and Cindy J's own stressful concerns had thrown monkey wrench after monkey wrench into my mind machine. Nothing was working as far as talking, so I forced Cindy J into an ultimatum. Harsh, but necessary. I simply stated, "You can do whatever you want, but if you decide to throw away the fairy tale, there's nothing I can do to help your soul." After speaking to her about this sentiment, laden with specifically arranged terminology in various ways (anger, sad, happy, etc), I let my frustration get the best of me. After almost throwing EVERYTHING away on her internally swarming negative emotions, she finally agreed to continue on the journey.

Although our dialect had shifted to a a more positive disposition, I could sense unhappiness lingering beneath that beautiful face. The manager of "J's house of beauty" kept interrupting my attempts to disarm the anger that was seemingly fading. Every new attempt that the manager tried, texting, face-timing, calling, was met with frustration and angst from Cindy J. The stress was wearing on the gorgeous young (perceived) angel, and it began to transfer onto my conscience. My nerves were shot after dealing with "talking Cindy J down off of the ledge." As the calls and texts started to pile up, and Cindy J's stress level rose upward AGAIN, the storyline became clearer and clearer. The manager of "J's house of beauty" had essentially declared herself as the wicked step-mother from the fabled princess movie, Cinderella. Everything we had encountered on our journey, in regards to stress, was induced by that damn nosey and overbearing manager, the wicked step-mother, and her other various employees, the wicked step-sisters.

Utilizing these references were awkward and came across in my verbage as creepy and obtuse. The young (perceieved) princess/angel hadn't had enough private time with me to read into the factual evidence and depictions of prophecy that I had grown accustomed to decreeing for my various other teamates. In a word, delicate... was the zietgiest of our trip, and that is exactly how I played out the events of those days together. As we got closer to my personal litte slice of heaven, Gruene, Texas, we started to check local hotels for a vacancy. In the area just north of our destination, there are numerous hotels, and we checked several of them. Unfortunately, almost every hotel we looked into was full, save for a room or two with only one bed. The exceedingly sweet Cindy J had hinted in several ways that she didn't mind the "problem" of having only one bed in the room, but I was having NONE of it. As I've stated, there is no way that I would allow my deteriorated body to defile the perfection that existed beneath Cindy J's gorgeous face and body... No sex allowed, in any way, plain and simple.

Having reiterated these concerns to Cindy J as we got turned away from a few different hotels, we stumbled upon the Embassy Suites. Cindy J didn't book the room, due to her sweet disposition (that isn't always present [!!!]), based on the cost of a one night stay. I shrugged off her concerns with a snarky comment. At that point, my frustration, at her frustration, based on the wicked step-mother and wicked step-sister's constant intrusions, was getting to me. I stated sternly and frustratingly, "I don't give a fuck how much the room costs, just get it." The hotel was quite exquisite. The lobby stretched into a very large internal column that extended to the roof. On the bottom floor, a very nice breakfast nook and serving station dining area covered the entire floor, and on the borders of this area, there were several nice restaraunts and bars where numerous people were socializing. Cindy J booked the room, I parked the car, and we headed up to our room.

Being woken up by the manager of the Lubbock Embassy Suites, afforded me no shower time that morning, so my personal top priority was to take a shower immediately. After cleaning up, I suggested room service. We were originally going to get some easy greasy take out chicken, but that idea ended abruptly! I told Cindy J to get anything she wanted. Of course, the powerful, audaciously gorgeous, genetically superior master of this universe in human form, whom radiates a humble disposition at every juncture... me, just had a burger. We ended up getting way too much food, but having gotten filler for her internal hunger, Cindy J perked up a smidge. I saw my opportunity, then pounced. I offered some relaxation in the form of cannabis.

Cindy J accepted this "peace offering" of sorts, and we left the hotel to find rolling papers. Stopping into a local gas station did the trick. We picked up a couple of cigars, broke the paper, dumped the filling, and Cindy J did her best impression of a professional blunt roller. It was a hilarious scene, and struggling through it, Cindy J made a usable blunt. We moved on from the darkened parking lot where we rolled the medicine, and headed towards a desolate access road for some privacy. We didn't smoke much, but what did find its way into our lungs, perked up Cindy J's emotions very well. We were back in our groove, so to speak. Laughing, joking, carrying on about good times lost to time and whatnot. The intense courtship was alleviating and kind of scary from my perspective. After rolling around the back roads of "Middle of Nowhere, Texas," I formulated a plan to stifle the mixed emotions I was getting from the young (perceived) angel.

We finally made it back to the hotel after a series of detours, and went up to our room slightly buzzed and feeling relaxed. When we got inside, I immediately offered this book to Cindy J for a "nightcap." She seemed receptive to the idea instantly. I started her off on the chapter, "How Do You Life," and she dove right in. Cindy J had brought warmth to my soul by partaking in the journey, but her enthusiasm about reading was euphoric to me. Robert Bishop, my best friend, was the only other person alive that I had allowed to read my life's struggles, but Cindy J seemed even more excited at the opportunity. She read for the better part of a couple hours, then had a few questions for me. After I did my best to answer her queries, she started to fade to slumber. I grabbed the computer from her and wished her a good night's sleep. Off to dreamland she went, almost immediately.

The next morning, I tried to rustle the young beautiful princess from her sleep so that she could partake in the immaculate spread of breakfast goodies below. Sleep, as it seemed, was much higher on her priority list than food, so I went to the lobby alone to do some research. Along the lobby corridor, there was a full blown convention center. Strolling through the hall, I noticed a sign that indicated there was a cattleman's meeting taking place in one of the rooms. I instantly thought of Weldon from The Holy Cow Beef Company, so I called him to ask if he was in the area. He told me that treating animals with respect was not a top priority of modern cattle ranching, and as such, Weldon was laughed out of those types of meetings continuously... BUT... he was going to be in an area fairly close to Gruene, Texas, called Fredericksburg. Apparently, Weldon was going to be gliding around the surrounding area. "AWESOME," I thought to myself. I tried to intrude in his mini vacation by offering my presence. He seemed enthusiastic about more conversational opportunity, so I gave Weldon a soft yes on joining him, then TRIED (!!!!!!) to formulate a plan that would occupy Cindy J's time for the day.

Reading through the hotel's pamphlets on the area's attractions, I found a few fun ones. K1 Racing, a wildlife animal safari, a Six Flags roller coaster park, and Gruene, Texas' own pamphlet. Strolling through the lobby, I also found out that there was a full service spa on the premises, so I grabbed that menu as well. When I made it up to the room, Cindy J was already awake... FINALLY... so I thrust all of the exciting and fun activities towards her in an attempt to persuade her now sober conscience into staying another night. Cindy J's naivety and youth destroyed her ability to percieve logic and enjoyment yet again, and the wicked step-sisters and step-mother had won the battle with me for her attention. Unbelievably, she chose to drive back to Lubbock, right after going to Gruene. K1 racing carts, NOPE. Wildlife safaris, NOPE. Six Flags roller coasters, NOPE. An entire day at the full service spa, NOPE. Another night in the Embassy Suites, NOPE. To be honest, I'm surprised she didn't full on ruin the trip to Gruene completely, and just leave right then and there... or rather, force me to leave with her.  

After trying and failing several times, I submitted to Cindy J's ignorant stance on Lubbock being the place to be, and explained to her that I NEEDED to stay and meet with Weldon, as well as my dear friend Orlando Lopez, in Buda, Texas. My idea was to drop her off at a rental car company so that she could drive herself home, then I could take care of some instructions for my young Mexican emmissary. Cindy J was actually okay with my plans, FOR ONCE, and we headed over to Gruene for a gorgeous spread of "The Universe's Greatest Reuben, Hot Dog, and Strawberry Cake." Before enjoying these delecacies for the last time, we toured the town, and I explained the various occurrances that had taken place on my prior trip there. My nervousness was getting the better of me as lunchtime grew nearer. I was going to meet with Lauren again, and as you all know, those encounters terrified me... but in a good way usually. Today however, it was a final goodbye. The thought of it was ripping my soul into pieces, but the mission had to continue onward. I buried my emotions, and I did what was necessary.

Cindy J and I walked into Mozie's with a hungry belly, and inquisitive spirits. I sat down at one of my normal tables, and the prompt service of a devilishy sexy young vixen was there before we even settled. The waitress handed us menus but I told her we already knew what we wanted, so she took our order. After our drinks were brought to us, I explained in further detail how Lauren was very special to me, and that if emotions overcame my body, I'd have to depart for a few moments to cry it out away from the dining room. A few of the waitresses that I had the pleasure of talking to on my original visit were intrigued by my return, so they all said their hellos and what have you. Shortly after their appearance, our food arrived, and the scarfing began in great haste... at least on my part. Cindy J focused on the hot dog while I gave ALL of my attention to "The Universe's Greatest Rueben." With a full belly, and Cindy J wasting the beautifully prepared sour kraut that should have annointed her "Universe's Greatest Hot Dog," we gave our plates to the waitress and waited for The Universe's Greatest Strawberry Cake.

To that point, Lauren was nowhere to be found. I had asked if she was at work to one of the waitresses earlier, who replied to my query with enthusiasm. "Oh yeah... She's here. Do you want me to get her for you?" was what the young beautiful waitress said. To which I nervously muttered something to the effect of, "No thanks. If I see her I'll get her attention." While Cindy J and I waited for our strawberry cake, I began to think that I'd never see Lauren again. The emotions started to overtake my conscience, so I pushed forward into more light hearted dialogue with Cindy J. It worked for the most part, that is, until a particularly pure, righteous, and exceedingly beautiful young lady caught my gaze as I looked passed Cindy J. Lauren had a piece of cake in her hand, a smile on her face, and was heading our way.

Lauren reached our table with a greeting that took all of my attention away from the strawberry cake. My nerves were broken into a thousand pieces, my palms were sweaty, and I couldn't think of the right thing to say. I stuttered a bit while Lauren began to talk, but I got out what was needed to be said on my behalf. Rushing through Cindy J and Lauren's introduction, I went right into explaining our purpose for being there. "Essentially, Cindy J is replacing you for the job I had lined up. No worries... you're off the hook." I matter of factly stated to Lauren as my heart, already broken several times by several women, shattered what small bit of emotion it had left. I tried to maintain a polite and friendly disposition, even though my emotional response to what was happening was deafening internally. Thankfully, there was a delicious piece of strawberry cake sitting on my table for Cindy J and I to share.

I dove into the extreme delicacy with wreckless abandoned. The endorphine rush from the sweet taste sent shivers down my spine. Every bite was more fantastic than the last. My full belly was screaming at me for relief as the 20th or so bite crossed over my sugar drunk taste buds, and I submitted to failure. Together, Cindy J and I only ate about half of the piece. When we stopped endulging in our sugar enrichment, my emotions got the best of me again. Last bite of food in the Greatest Restaraunt in the Universe, and seeing Lauren for the last time, forced me to bail outdoors to "have a smoke." In reality, I had to hide myself from the other patrons, as well as Cindy J, while I cried. A few people gave me looks, but I played it off as a sad phone call.

After I gathered my emotions back into a lucid state, I headed back into Mozie's to pay the tab. Cindy J seemed oblivious to my hurt disposition, but that wasn't a rare occurance. We both finished our drinks, I paid the tab and tipped generously... as usual, then we headed out for more educational touring of Gruene, Texas. Touring the sites of my previous journey, Cindy J seemed bored and uninterested... in other words, she was behaving like a spoiled princess. In her mind, she had already left, but was just waiting for me to drive her to her rental car. I was getting more and more excited about hanging with Orlando for the night, and Weldon the following morning, so I sped up the tour. After we were done touring, we got in the car and headed for a rental car company.

My happiness was increasing as the thought of being around true friends who wouldn't take me for granted grew nearer. Cindy J (and her attitude) were getting closer to departing as well. Trying to maintain happiness and lucid focus in Cindy J was a serious problem that weighed me down constantly. She did not appear to be enjoying anything and was seemingly taking the trip and my narration of Gruene, Texas for granted. I was ready to get rid of her presence that was constantly dragging my fragile emotional state through the mud. Dropping Cindy J off at the rental car company was fairly short and sweet. A set of instructions on her next assignment, a hug, and a goodbye was all that was needed. I sped away in a flash of dust, now heading for Orlando Lopez' hotel, happy and content, finally. Made it all the way to San Marcos, Texas, and went into the first gas station I could find to fill the tank and clean up the mess Cindy J and I had made in the car. Filled up the car, then began searching through attractions in Fredericksburg, Texas.

In the middle of looking for a reservation for the following night at a local Fredericksburg hotel, a text message popped up... It seemed like Cindy J was denied a car at the company I took her to, and she was now on her way up to San Marcos to find a different company. Capitulating to every request of a percieved angel was wearing on me, but I had to make sure my newest employee got home safe, so I hurried back to the original place I had dropped her off, and found that she wasn't there. The Uber driver was quicker than I was, so now I had to head back to San Marcos to catch up with her. A flurry of phone calls and texts bombarded me as I was driving. The truth finally came out when I got to Cindy J's preferred rental car company.

I parked and hurried over to Cindy J... She was crying hysterically and spouting bullshit about how the entire trip was a waste of her time, and she was upset that she even went with me... OH YEAH!!! AND!!! The young naive angel-princess had forgotten to bring her driver's license. Internally, I knew what I needed to do, but placated her sadness by offering to buy a plane ticket or rent the vehicle myself. None of it worked. The spoiled nature of this young lady's upbringing was on full display at that point. Nothing else existed in the world to her, other than getting back to Lubbock, Texas, and visiting her preferred lingerie store in Austin. I sighed heavily, swallowed my own pride and plans again, and offered to drive her home personally... AND (!!!) take her to the lingerie store.

"FUCK!!!" I was screaming internally. Another needed conversation with Weldon was being lost to the selfishness of the young perceived angel-princess, but saying goodbye to Orlando for the final time was not going to be ruined. I sternly told Cindy J that I was not going to leave without giving Orlando his final instruction list, so I headed to Buda, Texas with a heavy heart. Orlando didn't start work until 3 PM, so Cindy J and I had a few minutes to kill. Given my exceedingly angry disposition, I concluded that speaking to the burning bush was of the utmost importance. We stopped into a store and got a couple of cigars, rolled a blunt, then headed back to the hotel where Orlando was working.

Walking into the hotel, and seeing Orlando there, was emotional for me instantly. Orlando and I exchanged pleasantries, then I began instructing him. I had also offered to take care of his room and board while in Mangum, Oklahoma, should he decide to fully submerge himself in his detailed teachings, but I knew he wouldn't go through with it. I gave my young Mexican emmissary a hug (no homo), dropped $600 bucks on his counter, and got out of there as soon as I could. The tears started to flow almost immediately. I could only think of the selfish decision making of my newest employee, and her unwillingness to give me any say at all about our itenerary. The trip from Buda to Austin was filled with me crying and Cindy J being oblivious to how serious the situation was, and why I was crying at all. I tried to explain to her how these emotional responses were serious, real, and final, but she kept blowing it off as pedestrian in nature.

I calmed down as we drove through the very busy highways in Austin. Cindy J and her "needed" trip to a lingerie store was all that was on her mind. We crawled through 5 PM traffic on a Friday right into the middle of the city, found the lingerie store, and I painstakingly went inside with her. The store was like a swap meet to me. No class, terrible selection, and two employees that didn't care about helping customers. I found a bench on the inside and prayed for Orlando and his family the entire time Cindy J was shopping. One or two tears fell while praying... Cindy J was of the same opinion as I was about the store, and decided to leave without purchasing anything. I followed her outside, then we got in the car and headed north out of the city, at a snails pace, once again...

My frustration was out of control at that point, but having made my decision to help the young perceived angel-princess, I was able to relax enough to get to my smoke session with her. As soon as we had a bit of space in between the other cars stuck in the rush hour traffic, I sparked the blunt and took a few very large hits. The stress eased itself out of my conscience slowly but surely. Our conversations were brief and pointless as we tried to not get on each other's nerves. She was pissed off about being there, and I was pissed off that she was there at all at that point, AND that I had to coddle her all the way back to Lubbock. We made it to her dog's babysitter, and the puny "ferocious beast" hopped into the car, ready to head home.

About a half an hour later, we decided to smoke the rest of the blunt she had rolled. We found a secluded place, sparked it up, and I started to teach Cindy J about where humanity's maker was from. Cygnus was bright in the moonless sky, and there was a fantastic view of it from where we were sitting. Interestingly enough, Cindy J was starting to listen to me once again. The burning bush was helping her relax, as well. We left the area after smoking, and headed toward Lubbock once again. Seeing Cindy J go through the transformation from sober to relatable was sparking my ability to dig a little further about how her anger had ruined the celebratory night at her club. She got into all kinds of arrogant depictions on the events of the evening from her perspective. My frustrations about her disposition boiled over...

It was at this point that my anger took hold and sarcasm became my language of choice. As it turned out, from the young perceived angel-princess' point of view, she was upset that the other young ladies who were showing me so much attention in the club, were on the same level of respect that I was showering Cindy J with. In other words... she was jealous. I couldn't take the arrogant bullshit from her any more, and I gave her a solid dose of reality from my perspective. I let her have it, most egregiously. I explained in great detail that THE ONLY FUCKING REASON I KEPT COMING BACK TO THAT CLUB... was to secure her as my broadcaster, AND (!!!), that the night she was angry about was entirely her own fault. I reiterated to her what was said to her at the beginning of that night, and my personal reactions to what was happening were entirely based on HER REQUESTS to have her idiotic friends join us. Cindy J was literally the only person asking for other girls to join us. I had no part in even attempting to bring ANYONE else into our private party, and that everyone other than us who was present, was entirely her doing.

The harsh reality of what she was angry about was dawning on her quickly at that point. Cindy J had felt bad... and I was shocked that she could even feel that emotional response to me at all. The irony of her throwing away a perfect night by infecting it with outside influence, THEN BLAMING HER ACTIONS ON ME (!!!), must have penetrated her arrogance enough to humble the young perceived angel-princess. When I calmed down from the anger I was feeling for being blamed for her bullshit, we actually had a few really great conversations about life, love and happiness. I started to come back from my "infuriated at her" stance, and we made some real progress towards getting to know eachother personally... an elusive conversation in our muddied dialect.

We stopped to get a bite to eat somewhere south of Lubbock, Texas, and even though we had become friends (FINALLY!!!), there was a slight misting of attitude coming at me from her. Most of that dialect was very bland, and I cut off the hostility very early with jokes and whatnot. Lubbock was getting close, and some serious details had to be discussed, or more so, reiterated. First of all, was insuring Cindy J's safety with a pistol. Every teammate that has spent time with me has a weapon, and most of them are concealed carry. We are huge advocates of self defense, and although there are elements of certain societies that twist the perception of responsible gun ownership FOR PROTECTION, every single human being should be able to protect themselves. Individuals in this world that rally against gun ownership, ask yourselves, why do you feel that way? Do you have a reason to think someone might shoot you? And even more to the heart of the matter... Do you think you deserve to get shot?

Back to the storyline, When we entered Lubbock the conversations died down a bit as my seriousness became more and more evident. Several instructions were laid out for Cindy J to ponder on while I went back to work on the holy grail #1 with Robert. Things like video format, what to wear, dialogue, etc were all brought up with great haste... I doubt young Cindy J gave a shit, or remembers. The one thing I needed to hammer home to her psyche was purchasing a pistol. I had sent the young angel-princess several links to local gun dealers along with pictures of pink guns... PINK GUNS!!! LMAO! She seemed fairly excited and promised to go to the store and check it out. To be honest, my confidence was deteriorating in the perceived angel-princess due to the overwhelming number of attempts at friendship being thrown back in my face with arrogance.

After I said goodbye to the mini ferocious-beast, and gave Cindy J a hug, I sped off into the night headed towards Mangum. I only made it about 70 miles before I had to stop for a quick nap. It was a very long, drawn out day of pampering and driving. It was also a lot of stress, and my body is not meant to handle this load of emotion, so constant bouts of sleep were now becoming more and more frequent. After a drool filled bearded sleep session, I got back on the road, and made it to Mangum with the sun barely cresting the horizon at dawn. A beautiful sight...

Now that Cindy J was fairly well on her way to stardom, Robert and I had some time to begin working on the grail. After a short nap back in my room, I discussed the upcoming events with Robert. First, we needed to go back to Lubbock, and have a sit down meeting with Weldon at The Holy Cow Beef Company. It was imperative that Robert and Weldon meet, as well as getting Weldon's story on voice recorder. It was sometime after our initial conversation that Cindy J called me. Surprised, I answered the phone somewhat concerned. In a soothing turn of events with regards to the beautiful young perceived angel-princess, she was at the gun dealer. Even though Cindy J had gone to the dealer and tried several weapons on for size, she still found a way to disappoint me slightly. In my life, most women that own guns around me, always want a semi-automatic... BECAUSE IT'S CUTER!!! I don't understand this sentiment, especially from a woman's perspective, but to each their own I guess? Cindy J's phone call was somewhat like that...

I'm a fan of women owning guns. That said, women have a stronger emotional response to events than men in most circumstances. Overreaction to seemingly mundane situations are common, and when the situation you're faced with is self defense, the stress is overwhelming. By and large, women have to keep things as simple as possible when high levels of stress are before them. I HIGHLY recommend helping your stress deflate slightly... by picking a revolver. I tried to talk my ex-wife into one, but the "cuteness" of the semi-autos made her stray. I stressed this again to the young perceived angel-princess, but she strayed as well... at least that's what I originally thought. After discussing this with Robert, and several jokes were told, we planned out our week.

The next couple of days were spent preparing restaraunt particulars like layout, menus, etc, but making beer was high on my list. We also spent a bit of time hanging out with Robert's family, and ironing out certain inconsistencies. Robert's sister had also invited us for dinner, so we spent some time there exchanging pleasantries. Most of the details inlaid with those conversations should be queried to Robert, and those who wish to speak with you readers about them if you're curious. I hold my time in this place sacred, and would ask that the utmost respect is given to these wonderful people. Their acceptance of me, and all the weird shit that surrounds my journey have been stressful enough on them. Give them a break, and I'll take it into consideration... when you fellow readers and I meet again after this life, that is.

The morning of 6/24/2019 started very early for Robert... Too early. I had to wake hiss ass up so we could get on the road, but we got started as the sun was coming up. We made it into Lubbock for our meeting with Weldon some time around 9-10 AM. Weldon was out doing farm work, so we messed around in the shopping center until he arrived. Robert and I pulled up to his house, and we were greeted by a couple of adorable little dogs. After giving them the proper amount of lovin' we settled in for a very long, very informative conversation about the health benefits of properly raised cattle. Weldon gave us about 4 hours of his much needed on the farm time, and I thanked him immensely for that. We recorded everything he said, so going into it in this format would be wasteful. If you'd like a very condensed version of the story, you can find it on the back of the menus at The Holy Grill restaurant in Mangum, Oklahoma. Otherwise, you'll have to RESPECTFULLY (!!!) ask his permission to share it with you. Thanks again, Weldon!

After leaving Weldon's house, excited from the Divinity held within their lovely home, we headed to different parts of town for various things for our work back in Mangum. We searched for several movies with no luck, sold some gold and silver, and went to a brickyard to buy high temperature cement for our foundry. After these things were taken care of, it was dinner time. Luckily, there wasn't too many arrogant women at the bar in Texas Roadhouse, so we pulled up a couple of chairs and treated our hard days work to a steak. Several texts were coming at me about visiting Cindy J while we were in town, so I went reluctantly. After the last episode of drama, I wasn't too excited about the scene, but we promised to stop by.

It was a quick stop. Only drank water, and danced rarely. That said, just seeing that gorgeous figure on Cindy J is always a gift to my eyes. The night was short lived, and probing for a storm was fairly easy, so there was one, LOL. The commotion of what was happening made it easy for us to make a quick escape early. We headed back to Mangum late, but we made it into town at a fairly decent hour. After sleeping a while, we got up and immediately started focusing on our foundry project. First, we bought some "getting dirty in clothes" and boots. Several other items which were necessary for foundry work were also gathered, then we went to Amsco Steel in Altus, Oklahoma. Our aim was to get a steel drum that didn't have oil or diesel in it. They had hundreds of them, and they were only $15 bucks. SCORE! Seems as though the Air Force base near by liked giving the barrels to Amsco, so the large quantity and cheap price wasn't surprising.  

After gathering all of the items we felt were necessary, Robert and I headed back to get some rest before our work began. The next several days were frustrating and fun at times. The folks of Oklahoma are lazy to me in some regards. They enjoy taking multiple days off every week, so gathering working materials is difficult due to this, and their spread out population centers make traveling a daily occurance. EVERYTHING in Oklahoma is far away, and driving to these places is another annoying "time tax." That said, we were able to get what was needed and we assembled the foundry with fairly minimal intrusions. Otherwise, the rest of the week was filled with some stress lowering family time.

Saturday, 6/29/2019 came around, and the texts from the young beautiful Cindy J were stacking up. I had let slip that I was headed to Lubbock, Texas, again on Sunday the 30th. Weldon and I had decided to meet up for a much more significant beef purchase so that Robert and I could spread the word on the restaraunt by cooking for Mangum's local dignitaries at a private setting. We had also gotten a meeting with one of the local aquaponics farms, Primal Gardens. Cindy J can be very persuasive with the lure of that magnificent body, so naturally, being a man still, I couldn't resist the temptation. After a party for Robert's mother, another perceived angel, on Saturday the 29th, I gave her a hug, told her I loved her, then submitted to the draw of Cindy J. The sun was setting when I headed to Lubbock, and ended up arriving around 11:30 PM.

Cindy J was texting me several times along the drive. Her persistance was driving me crazy... in a good way. I mean, who doesn't want a perfect 10 giving you constant attention? I pulled up to the club with a very strict set of self-imposed rules so that there would be NO DOUBT that I was there to see Cindy J... and ONLY Cindy J. Several of the other women who were sprinkled around the club tried garnering my attention, but my body language was definite. I wasn't going to be putting up with any second guessing by Cindy J after this particular night. You could say it was ALL business. I only drank water, shunned every other advance immediately, and talked privately with Cindy J at every opportunity. She was in a very good mood, and our conversations were not hindered by the usual jealous misunderstandings of prior trips.

After a long night of exceedingly sexual inuendo filled teasing towards me from the sexy young angel-princess, we left to get breakfast. This time she actually went with me, as opposed to running away like the literal Cinderella does in the fairy tale. We spoke of secret translations of biblical texts, along with many other things that a dance club cannot offer the proper privacy for. It was a wonderful meal, just because she was there. I truly enjoy spending time with my teammates, and this particular teammate, has a lot of inticing attributes that magnetize my eyes. Besides the obvious sexy disposition that the young angel-princess flaunts regularly, when alone, she has a way about her that beckons my attention. The Divinity that sits inside of her soul is hidden to most of the world, and a facade of youthful arrogant disposition is on full display outwardly in most scenarios, but alone and vulnerable, it's hard to deny her righteousness.

A very generous hug was exchanged by us as we parted ways again. I felt very well centered in the light of Cindy J and I FINALLY felt we were on the same page, but one aspect of the night had bothered me. Cindy J was supposed to head up to Mangum on Sunday the 30th alone, but she was hellbent on bringing a friend of hers to the work gathering. The young lady's name was Kiera, and she was Cindy J's best friend. Without clearing the change of plans with me, the young perceived angel-princess took it upon herself to invite her best friend to our work gathering. At first, I wasn't entirely opposed to the intrusion, but young Kiera was not on my team, and trust in the general public attending my private functions non-existent. A few ground rules had to be laid, and I was certain that these rules would anger the young women... both of them.

While contemplating how I would stifle concerns in the young beautiful women about their position at my work gathering, I headed to Primal Gardens as the sun was breaking early on Sunday morning. The facility that Geoff of Primal Gardens had built was immaculate. A very out of place structure in the middle of a field in Seminole, Texas. Along the way, my sleepiness took control and I had to take a quick nap, but otherwise I was there fairly rapidly. Geoff met me at his gate and we headed in for a tour of the facility and a generous helping of politicking along with a brief history of his company were discussed. Geoff had a sad, but optimistic view of his story. Health concerns for one of his children had spurred his business disposition in years prior. The Primal Gardens facility was more of a culmination of several aspects that fueled Geoff's stance on healthy food. He had come in contact with Weldon at a local farmer's market while selling his Divine delicacies, and the two of them became friends almost instantly. The two's business models varied greatly, however, and Geoff wasn't in a financially stable place.

This information came up around the end of our visit, and trying to put Geoff's financial concerns above my grail manufacturing facility concerns was not something I was prepared to do. While talking, I let slip a few aspects of my "re-introduced" technology companies, and told Geoff about my book. From a businessman's perspective, this should have seemed impressive, but the reality of his financial concerns clouded the rest of our conversation. All I could offer Geoff at that time was a solid yes to his vendor contracts for The Holy Grill restaraunt, but timing would need to be on Robert and I's scale. It just was what it was. If I had more help from the various "Dumb and Dumbers" of past disgraced failed teammate aquirement, maybe I could've given more of my attention to the struggling Divine business, but the arrogance of celebrities in this society outweighs every other thing in existence... evidently.

Geoff was understanding of my plight, and I was sure he was sure that I was not a joke. I shook Geoff's hand, left happily, and headed back to Lubbock for another meeting with Weldon. As usual (and I love saying that now), Weldon greeted me with a smile and a handshake. A great man, once again, offered his home and warm conversation. Even though I had been up all night working on various projects, Weldon had my attention 100%. We spoke about all kinds of interesting things, as usual. Then, sometime around the middle of the conversation, Weldon's beautiful young wife showed up and I was IN HER PARKING SPOT. A TERRIBLE MISTAKE!!! At least that's how I felt when Weldon explained how she wasn't too pleased when ANYONE was in her spot. It wasn't a big deal in the end, but I thought I was in for it...

Weldon's young beautiful wife had come inside to join us for conversation shortly after parking. We discussed the restaraunt Robert and I were opening, and several of the details therein. We made our way to the alcohol portion of the discussion, and we began our journey into beer making dialect. *I did not ask Weldon's wife if she wanted to be in my book, by name, so I'll refer to her as Weldon's wife, for that reason.* Anyways, Weldon's wife and I discussed the different aspects of various liquor making techniques, cooking, and then... we got to health. The most audaciously attractive, genetically superior, amazingly intelligent beyond ALL comprehension... while remaing ever humble... me. My health. Unfortunately, the Divinity in the young couple's souls teamed up on me.

I felt their pain at my death before it even happens, and almost started crying, but I have been through these goodbyes a few times now, and generally, I can control my emotional outbursts. From my perspective, living in this body is very difficult, and seeing people that are willing to help me stay alive for as long as possible is a blessing, and a curse. I love everyone who sees my own inner beauty. It's a difficult task, and takes a certain amount of humility that most people just cannot focus in on yet. When I meet people who see that see my inner beauty, and then wish to not lose it as Weldon and his young beautiful wife did, "Here come the waterslides!" Crying appears almost instantly. to stifle those outbursts, I spoke of technical genetic things happening in my body, how to understand them, and a few other matters therein. I started to trust Weldon's wife as much as Weldon, and began getting them excited about the reintroduction of ancient technologies as the conversation continued.

Weldon joked about my technologies, and it interested his young wife. We spoke about many cryptic hints here and there, but I didn't have spare non-disclosure agreements with me, so we had to keep it vague with the amazing couple. As soon as I had piqued their curiosity enough, my sleep meter started to catch up and I had to get going. We loaded the large haul of gorgeously marbled, rich in healthy vitamins and minerals steaks and roasts into the back of the ole faithful steed 4Runner, and we said our goodbyes. Just before leaving, I remembered the cheese! I just rounded the difference to the nearest 100 and bought what cheese I could from that. Now, I consider myself a bit of a cheese connoisseur, so before I give my verdict, I'll explain a few things. I lived in the most gorgeous valley in the world, In My Opinion, and at the base of this valley, the cows ate green grass all year round. Lots of rain, and a very temperate climate. Rarely hot, and rarely freezing. That said, my verdict is that Tillamook Cheese... THAT IS MADE FROM THE COWS THAT RESIDE IN TILLAMOOK, OR THE OTHER COASTAL AREAS (BROWNSMEAD, ASTORIA [you know who you are]), is the best cheese I've ever eaten. The lore of the region is magical to me, and having real relationships with these folks had a lot to do with my draw to the area, but the cheese is just plain better. Sorry, Weldon, but they beat ya.

Now mind you, it's not because I didn't like Weldon's cheese. Far from it. I enjoyed it very much, INDEED! The block I was handed a chunk from was very delicious. Thing is, I used to stock all kinds of ages of cheddar. 3 months for our day to day cooking, a couple of years old was regular at parties, 5 year blocks here and there, and for special occasions, we had 31 year old cheese sealed. Plus a few other rarities from here and there given to us by the head cheese maker of Tillamook himself. So, while most people would make certain distinctions on flavor variance, I personally, enjoy the texture of Tillamook. It's easy to make in sauces, there are no antibiotics, and the cows all seem generally happy. I know this from direct experience in such things, and it pays off in a variety of ways. Texture is important to me, and that's why in a nutshell, I like Tillamook cheese better... Just thought I'd clear that up.

Anyways, I said my goodbyes, again, and headed out on my way to Mangum, Oklahoma... again. I made it back by eating sunflower seeds the entire trip home. Take note truck drivers, coffee and energy drinks do not work all the time. Sunflower seeds do. They have never failed to keep me awake. AND KEEP DRINKING WATER! If you're tired and nervous about falling asleep, having to use the restroom is A GOOD THING! Get up, stretch, etc. That's what I did the whole way back, and I didn't get drowsy, even though I had been up for 40 hours working, save for a 20 minute nap... Got back to Magum at 6 PM, then Robert and I checked our haul out up close. Gorgeous steaks! Everything we had recieved from Weldon was flawless. Beautiful, delicious, healthy, well textured steaks. Weldon, you're a blessing.

When I got back, Robert and I had a long discussion about the trip and the situation with Kiera coming to stay with us. We were both in agreement that with the subject matter, and the fact that Kiera was so young, she would not handle the teachings well. You see folks, Kiera is black. Me, being who I am, has to explain to you the mind-fuckery behind the word nigger. Even though I do not feel as though Kiera is a nigger AT ALL, the connotation that that specific word brings with it (INCORRECTLY!!!!!!!!!), generally promotes a response to sudden violence in the black ethos. Using violence to make a point, proves the stigma, black people. Stop allowing that word to have power over you. You're better than that. Rise above the stigmas associated within your communities. STOP BEING VIOLENT! My suggestion to all black people, world wide, is to go back to Africa, and build it up into a paradise that the entirety of the universe can marvel at.

Build something for your people to have pride in. Your track record points to a genetic trait that associates disrespect with a sudden burst of violence. I'm not saying that every black person is like that, or inherently violent, but the majority of black people are reactionary violent. The only cure to genetic anamolies like this, is direct contact to your maker. Every black person's personal maker, that is. He will guide you towards a more pleasant existence. It does not matter what you have done within the realms of our manipulations. This era in which Jesus died, and I arose, you are free from direct persecution. White people don't hate you, but it feels as though you hate yourselves for not being like us, and project that jealousy into violent forms. The most popular black music artists of today brag about selling drugs, pimping prostitutes, and spending copious amounts of money they didn't earn. Black people, just so you know... that is a Jewish lifestyle you're trying to obtain. Those are Jewish fantasies... and do you know who the largest population of regen/niggers are per capita? Yep, you guessed it, Jews.

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The point I'm trying to make is that all races are chock full of niggers at this current time. All races are trying to live a life based on H.E.L.L. induced psychosis. Hell, as you understand it, is something that happens when you die. Again, this is wrong. The nomenclature "hell" refers to a specific lifestyle that permeates the entire human species. It stands for Human Evolution Long Lasting, and means just that. The longer your scientific method drags you towards false claims and bolsterous opinionated garbage like human evolution, as a theory based in factual evidence, you are literally living in H.E.L.L. on Earth. Does it feel warmer than it should right now? Now you get it! All of that said, living in a self-induced hell on Earth, and enjoying the state of affairs intertwined within such a diseased ethos, is exactly what a nigger represents. To be blunt about it, niggers are evil. "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." -some dude.

To all of my beloved /pol/ readers, we've had some laughs about this topic over the years, but using that nomenclature to signify black people is over. That word does have a real meaning, and now that you've been taught what it means, use it accordingly. It signifies an attribute that projects pure unadulterated evil to the surrounding environment. Evil, is the opposite of wanting to... wait for it... live. It's been right in front of your face the entire time. Everyone was duped. Like I said, every race has niggers right now. As far as the poo in loo dot Indians are concerned, as soon as they start shitting in toilets, clean up their river and beaches, then apologize to the world for infecting it with constant telemarketer calls, they can graduate from the word nigger too. Just so we're clear, nobody has the right to call anyone else nigger on this planet right now. Every human, in one way or another, is associated with that word. Once everyone starts to connect to their maker and respective race team through internal harmonic resonant capitulation, you may signify those who choose not to connect to THE REAL SINGULARITY, as niggers.

Black people of America... South and North, let me explain another couple of things about how this will happen. Black people of Africa will have a jump start on you racing towards connecting to their respective makers. They have lived a much more meek existence, and some of the more traditional settings of tribal activity are already primed for direct contact. This is going to make their continent the center of black societal achievement. For the next set of teachings to be significant to your progress as a strong, proud, race of God-apprentices, you're going to want to be present in your homeland. Every individual race will self segregate, and you have the most fertile continent on Earth to proclaim your greatness. The longer you remain away from your chosen ancestral home, the further from transcending to God-apprentice you'll be. This goes for all races. Asians, same thing. Indios, and other South and Central American immigrants, same thing. Poo in loo dot Indians, same thing. EVERYONE... SAME THING!!!

North American Indians have a tough pill to swallow in that instruction. White people needed to dedicate a country to my emergence, and North America was chosen. Europe was too arrogant and set in their ways to capitulate to our requests, plus they were full of Jews at the time who were scheming banking strategies into every country. We have taken over North America due to its resources and easy access to large amounts of rock. American Indians will get what they deserve, but white people need this continent for furthering this species towards a united God-apprentice direction. American Indians have earned their right to move on to God-apprentice status OR remain human. Almost every other race on this planet, white people included, need to earn it. American Indian dedication to spiritual cleanliness, and procurement of traditional values passed down through the epochs, has earned them a free pass, no matter how many of you peepoles choose to go full evil. Some American Indians, those in the Casino industry, have their chains to break, but it'll be a much easier course for them than most.

The point is, condensed down so that every potential person, no matter what race they are, can unify in one direction, you must connect to your personal maker. All of humanity's individual makers have direct contact with one another. They have been waiting to speak to each and every one of you. Their instructions will mirror my own, and you can trust that we will always have your best interest in mind. There's no reason to think that we wish you harm in any way. Every single human has a personal maker, EVEN THE JEWS. The most likely source of each individual maker's star pupil, or "mold" of a perfect individual person, exists where that race should be. Race mixing will get you a one way ticket to regeneration. Trying to make deals or game the system that's in place will yield the same results. Make your racial identity based on a prideful way for the opportunities of the future. Trying to placate your emotional resposes to what you think occurred in the past is asinine. Every single fucking one of you was wrong. EVERY-FUCKING-ONE! Going forward from here is what's important. Living in the past is stupid. It's not worth it. Every single one of you is better than that. Go home, and make yourselves AND US proud.

ALL OF THAT SAID (!!!), getting all of those instructions out while maintaining focus through the entire list to a young black woman, in this societal stance, was impossible in my mind. I ran through several scenarios about how it would play out in person, but none of them ended well. So, the morning of Monday, 7/1/2019, I sent a text to Cindy J that would help her decide to not bring her friend Kiera along for the business trip. I could feel the anger coming through the phone. Cindy J had built it up in her head that I was the one who INVITED her friend to stay with Robert and I. I nipped that in the bud, and reiterated the truth back to her, which was, SHE invited her friend to stay on the last day's night. And before she had changed the already tight itenerary to one less day, then invited her friend to be present for every filming, I had to start regulating without regard to her personal feelings. I wasn't about to let an entire race miss out on the truth, just because one young friend of a naive angel-princess didn't like it.

I was sleeping when Cindy J arrived on Monday. The night before/early morning was when Cindy exchanged texts with me. After we ate breakfast together the day before, I gave her one task. She had to buy a camera for filming. Simple, yet complicated for Cindy J... She failed to do what I asked... AGAIN!!! So I went to the Elk City Walmart to buy one for her. It wasn't the professional camera that she had requested originally, but juggling all of the aspects of this journey is busy work... AND I'M WRITING A BOOK HERE!!!!!! I was upset that my request was blown off, and add to it the stress of her anger from giving her the truth about Kiera, my mood was floundering. Made it back to Mangum just as the sun was coming up, then took a much needed nap before her arrival.

When Cindy J got to the hotel, her mood began to perk up a bit. The setup of the hotel above The Holy Grill restaraunt is quite nice, and Cindy J appreciated it. Her stay was mostly filled with me getting stressed about her attitude, and trying to find a crack in her armor so that she'd open up to my friendship, but for the most part, it was a pretty good time. I cooked her dinner, The Holy Grill style, we had several business meetings to discuss the format, and I gave her the final interview. My channeling was exacting, my tone was stern, and I made the points I had to make. Cindy J, was now a member of my team, and deserved all of the fringe benefits that it allowed.

Now that this story has a proper editor, and the broadcaster is on board, I'm going to wrap up this chapter and move on to the final chapter, What A Christ IS. This was a long drawn out journey that lasted far longer than I was ready for. My health has taken a few turns for the worst due to stress, but all in all, I enjoyed ALL of my interactions with everyone. Thank you humanity for one final journey. I hope you enjoyed it.


Addendum 9/21/2019

To catch you up to speed in case you've already forgotten the addendum in What A Christ is, "Cindy J" is Kassidi Jones, the stripper from Lubbock, Texas that broke her employment contract. After several attempts to rectify this egregious failure on her part, Kassidi went completely silent shortly after this chapter was concluded. Although my hopes for her ran higher than most of my other attempted recruitments onto my team, ultimately she failed... herself. While this drama was playing out in real time, I had begun to file a lawsuit against her for the investment I placed in her abilities. My health has been getting worse however, and I felt that the conclusion of this book was more important to the overall spectrum of my mission to deliver salvation to humanity, so I put a hold on all other matters until I finish this section.

These addendums that accompany each chapter's ending were supposed to be done in video format with Kassidi Jones doing the recording, and subsequent editing. Now you know why I've scrapped that idea and am now putting all of the necessary information within the writing. I apologize for Kassidi's arrogance and inability to be anything other than selfish in regards to YOUR salvation. Before our meetings that discussed the format and dialogue the videos were going to contain, Kassidi swore up and down that she was prepared to handle the situation and understood the implications if she were to fail in her mission. In the end, it's my belief that Kassidi just doesn't care. I don't think that she was confused, scared, tormented, nor was she trying to ruin humanity's ability to receive this information in a professional documentary type setting. Rather, I feel as though Kassidi's entire generation (not just Kassidi herself) is exceedingly entitled, lazy, foolish, and full of themselves to the point of absolute selfish conquest in every facet of life. For reference on this enigma plaguing humanity currently, study The Mouse Utopia Experiment by Dr. John Calhoun.

My idea was to explain the effects of this experiment in the same methodology that Dr. Calhoun was trying to iterate. The experiment was liken to the ideology that humanity is faced with currently. An ever shrinking environment, coupled with a rapidly exploding population that has seemingly tapered off. Even though the needs of sustenance were met and exceeded within the mouse experiment, psycological elements within the mice changed as the experiment wore on. When the "equilibrium period" was reached within the mouse experiment, certain characteristics were noted that bare a striking resemblence to the shortcomings of "generation Z" within our current population. It is my estimation that Kassidi and her generational cohorts are liken to the sector of mouse populations called "the beautiful ones," as Dr. Calhoun described them.

"The beautiful ones" depicted in the experiment segregated themselves from the general populace of other mice even though they remained in the same enclosures. Their time was devoted to grooming themselves, eating, and sleeping. Entirely selfish and self absorbed, these individuals spent their lives alone. They did not engage the others within their environments, did not engage in procreation/child raising, and did not appear to have any other attributes that extended past their own self induced desires of maintaining a beautiful appearance. Although the human counterparts of this mouse experiment do have sex on a regular basis, the ability to love and raise offspring is rare at best. The youth of today utilize every form of birth control they can find, and although the ideology of sex for procreation is understood within them, sexual gratification for personal reasons and the exploitation of that trait within themselves is the number one priority. Even when the youth of today mistakenly get pregnant, it appears as though their children become an accessory to their ongoing selfish conquests. Extremely rarely do purity of genetics, natural beauty, intelligence, well being, and mutiple generational concerns become a factor within the parental strategies. Often times these beautiful ones/generation Z populations search for a methodology that will make them appear more beautiful to the surrounding evironment's inhabitants, and their children are merely an accessory to that end.

The psycological attributes that were defined within the "Mouse Utopia Experiment" have been debated for several decades now. Generally speaking, this experiment is argued against due to the experiment taking place in an enclosure liken to a human prison. That said, what is Earth? Without the ability to personally know, or even fathom a creator species in charge of the "upbringing" of subordinate species (like humans), is it not reasonable to conclude that this planet is indeed a self induced prison? Atheists will always faulter their internal logic by remedying these conundrums with the theory of evolution. While atheists struggle to cope with the inability to fathom a greater intelligence within this universe, creationists will see an experiment like the "Mouse Utopia Experiment" as an opportunity to advance to greater platitudes of reasoning. One side of the fence will see an opportunity, while the other will see certain doom leading to inevitable extinction. The unfortunate conclusion from my journey that helped write this chapter is that almost everyone I've encountered along the way, whether they profess to be evolutionists or creationists in their minds, leads them to a summation of individualism.

When having individualism within the repertoire of available dialects to choose from when confronted with new information, humans of all generations (not just generation Z) generally choose to be selfish, arrogant, and foolish in their general life ideologies. While writing this chapter was supposed to be about the second coming of Christ's interactions with the public, the overall conclusions that I arrived at had ubiquitous tones of individualism within every interaction. No matter who I contacted, nobody believed that I am the second coming of Christ, while simultaneously assuming that I was in some way trying to take advantage of them. I very rarely got as far into the conversations with people to bring up the fact that I am the second coming of Christ, however. Generally speaking, I stopped short of revealing the complete truth due to the overwhelming vibe of arrogance, selfishness, and individualism that plagued their internal dialogue. My fears took the reigns in most of those circumstantial interactions and steered me away from danger, or rather, perceived danger. Of those individuals that I trusted enough to devulge all of my secrets to, I couldn't help but notice the striking similarities that I read about in the "Mouse Utopia Experiment" several years ago. I noticed that if I didn't maintain a constant surge of new information into their minds, almost every one of them would revert back into individualism. Sad, but true. Individualism is liken to morphine. You very rarely need it, and should only utilize it when all other means have been exhausted. Unfortunately, people get addicted to the feeling it brings and end up abusing the drug, or substituting that feeling with similar drugs.

A significant change needs to happen within your own mind in order to properly release yourself from this grasp. While humanity would like to consider ourselves as powerful, all knowing, masters of our realm untouchables, the truth is that we are a subspecies that eradicated our creator from his own creation. There is no reason to have confidence in anything we do under that guise. That said, individualism can be broken down into two seperate groups. The first group of individuals is encompassed by creationism. This is a complex group that has the mental capacity to understand that there is a creator, but simultaneously engages in a selfish dogmatic view of their placement within that hierarchy. A religious zealot for example, utilizes pure arrogance to signify that their own personal stature is elevated above and beyond what their actual placement is. This is a dangerous spot to be in because allowing these thoughts to fester within the conscience, also allows detractor beings, demons, and distinguished humans to corrupt and steer these individuals in a direction that leads to damnation. These people allow businessman-preachers to "sell them" salvation, even though neither of the two understands what that entails. These people also have a sickness in their minds that I have termed "pedestal philosophy," where they assume they're better than everyone else that isn't in their specific group, and end up treating their peers terribly in the process.

The second grouping of individuals are the evolutionists. These people have decided that a theory which has never been proven, is already a foregone conclusion. These individuals appear to have a "God" complex within themselves. In their own minds they are the creators of their own destiny, masters of their environments, and control all aspects of this universe's mysteries. They just haven't had enough time to "evolve" into that stage, but if you ask them, they always have the same basic ideal, "It's just over the horizon!" The most unfortunate aspect of this grouping of individuals is that they maintain a stranglehold on "science" currently. This group has many Divine attributes within that spectrum of thinking strategies, but their arrogance on creationism theory is a vast untapped resource that will open many new possibilities to their various hypotheses. The fact of the matter is that both groupings of individuals are incorrect in their strategic approach to handling new information. Believing that everything done by a "scientist" is "science" is ignorant when the basic strategy of the scientific method (hypothesis, theory, proof) is not properly understood. Most evolutionists fall into that dogmatic view. Believing there is an omnipotent "God" that has your back no matter what you do... AFTER you read a certain passage in a religious doctrine, is ignorant when there are many seperate entities that are responsible for creation within this universe. Most creationists fall into that dogmatic view.

In either category of individuals, or any other grouping of people within the various self prescribed dogmatic views that surround modern thought processes, a fundamental shift needs to occur before real answers are given to humanity in the form they wish to receive them in. The overall premise of this chapter is based on my inability to procure this ability in those whom I had interactions with along this pilgrimage. In the bible that the various Christian ideologies prescribe to, this time period was liken to the time that Jesus spent wandering. As I've stated in numerous ways throughout these texts, I am not formally/traditionally educated in religious teachings. ALL of my education on these subjects came first hand from humanity's maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. The teachings did not come to me in a discernable human language, therefore, the information that I have on this subject varies from that of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc hand information that humanity has been taught through Jesus' biographers. The language that my superiors utilized for my education on this subject came in the form of viewscapes, pictures, and firsthand recollections from the figureheads of past epochs that are within my genetic lineage. You readers might find it helpful to look at these euphemisms I'm trying to describe like a silent movie, and although relatively speaking the movie is several thousands of years long, it only takes me a few moments to see it in its entirety.

A large portion of these resonant frequencies that taught me these lessons, are based on emotional response to these images. The idea, from the best of my ability to understand it, is that a particular emotional response is the saught after trigger. Once the emotional response is capitulated to, the scenery shifts towards a different emotional response. At times I was given imagery that made me afraid, while other times the imagery made me feel euphoric. Jesus spent a lifetime trying to study the meditation techniques that led to his ability to recognize this speech as a language. I have had a very difficult time trying to relay this information to the individuals that have had interactions with me along my conquest. Jesus had these same problems which is why he spent many weeks wandering, trying to discern how to relay this information to the masses, trying to get you to understand these various philosophies. He was gauging and refining his own ability to teach you what you needed to learn. This was the essential idea behind this chapter's storyline. While I had many difficulties in my own refinement of teaching, I felt it was necessary to document this procedure to you... my fellow readers. Jesus tried to the best of his abilities to dictate these teachings to his biographers, and a great many mistakes were made in the translations taken by these biographers, along with many subversive additives that were pushed by elements that did not have your best interests in mind, like Jesus was first intending. That is the main reason why this book is written by me, the second coming of Christ. Jesus and I both have spent a lifetime gathering information that will help improve every facet of your lives, and although the intentions of the original biographers of Jesus' teachings may have been good in inception, the information was obtuse due to variations in dialects that have morphed over time. This time, it's coming directly from "us."

There is no way that I can prove this to you, unless you have the ability to connect into your own personal maker first and foremost. Do not get frustrated with failed attempts. Work hard, be true to the process, do not make excuses, and most importantly, do this for the betterment of your species. Relinquishing your stranglehold on selfish desire will be your biggest hurdle. Keep in mind that your maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself did not make you this way. You utilized your own free will to put yourself in this situation. Jesus, and myself are merely messengers. We also had no part in making you this way. Our commands handed down to us from God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe were specific, and easy to understand. You were to be granted free will, and that is exactly what happened. What you did with that ability was of your own choosing. Keep in mind, you are not a robot. Secondarily, the pineal gland within your brain must be of a functioning caliber. Some of you, although all other requirements have been met, will not have a properly functioning pineal gland. Keep in mind that this language is there to benefit the entirety of humanity. If your pineal gland is not capable of internal harmonic resonant capitulation, your children's will be. If their's are not capable, THEIR children's will be, and so on and so forth. You must maintain focus on the betterment of your species. Selfishness will not help you in any way while trying to learn this new "language," nor will it help you understand where my journey has taken me. The time of doing everything for personal selfish desire capitulation is over. One way or another, humanity will move on from this dark time in our history. Be humble, be curious, be meek, and think of the betterment of your species. Everlasting life REQUIRES these traits, and it's about time we stopped fighting it. Good luck fellow journeyors.

In the next chapter, I will attempt to teach you this "language." Instead of trying to describe it to you in a relative way, a firsthand experience will be necessary to get the full scope of what these images entail. Firstly, you must connect back into your genetic lineage through your personal maker. After this method of communication is realized, and you feel comfortable utilizing it effectively, the next step is to share this "language" amongst each other within your genetic lineage that resides on this planet. The closer you are to genetic purity, the easier this will be. The more distant you are from purity, the less people you will have to communicate with. While this will seem "mean" to those of you with a penchant for race mixing, keep in mind that YOU chose that path of your own volition. Nobody forced you to soil your genetics. Nobody forced you to capitulate to selfish sexual desires over the betterment of your genetic lineage. If you have a fetish for race mixing, or a desire to breed outside of your genetic lineage, you will have to come to terms with the fact that your children will not be able to utilize this new language with you. Your chosen mate will also have this dilemma. When you chose to take these matters into your own hands, you may not have been aware of these consequences, but you will never be able to say that you were not warned. For thousands of years now, segregation of the races was pushed from every angle of civilized society. You took it upon yourselves to break that moral code through liberal ideologies that have infiltrated every corner of this planet for merely a few decades. Your penance for this selfish indiscretion is now due. For those of you who were intelligent enough to adhere to this universal code of conduct, enjoy the next chapter. Connecting into your spouse and/or children with internal harmonic resonant capitulation will be magnificent. You will finally understand what true love is. Congratulations, and "Have a good "1"..."