The Way, Chapter 3: How Do You Life

My beloved 4Chan /pol/ will get a decent laugh from this one, but I did it. I found the unicorn! While visiting my dad recently, he wanted to go to a restaurant named Chili's, and chose a seat at the bar. He had a familiar rapport with the bar tender, and as the night went on, several very stimulating conversations arose from this interaction.

Her name is Jackie (sorry about the spelling). A bonafide Mexican Intellectual, my friends. A very hard working, but down to earth, and seemingly happy, young, vibrant, beautiful mother. It seemed from her circumstances that life had thrown her a few curve balls, but in this day and age, if you're not born with a silver spoon up your ass, who doesn't get constant curve balls navigating this Jew-cash soaked literal hell? The society we live in is made to serve the seemingly oppressed races, even if damn near everything these races of people say is a lie. A literal fabrication to subvert consciences into handing over power and wealth to the undeserved, while hard working geniuses are swallowed up by monetary problems and propaganda against their interests. This seemed like Jackie's storyplot. She didn't bitch or moan about the ridiculous "stronk wahmens, slay queen" ideology of "my way is better" ridiculousness while completely devoid of logic or even a hint of scientific method involvement.

Nope, not Jackie. I watched this woman run around the entire bar, serving, cleaning, and getting stiffed on a couple of very deserved tips. The arrogance people have that bring them to an illogical conclusion that servers "don't deserve tips" should stay home and stroke their ignorant ego alone. I had only spent a couple of hours with her and my dad, and I made up the difference in lost wages she suffered from that evening. I dropped a hundred bucks and a small note on a 1 dollar bill for her to save in memory of our exchange. I'm sure it made up the losses, but she gave me a gift that I just had to share with you, my fellow readers... Jackie is responsible for coming up with the title of this chapter. It came out as "How do you even life, bro" from her while making fun of a similar conversation she had been involved with with someone else, but resonated with me in a way few other statements ever have. She is deserved of this honor not only for iterating a beautiful foreign saying to me, but for her internal harmonic resonant capitulation abilities, unrealized.

Since my realization completed on Easter 2019 (he is risen and all that), I've been shown things in a way that is very hard to explain. Stumbling through my pathetic human vocabulary to find the correct iterations to describe this phenomenon has been a regular occurrence, which makes sense if you think about it. If you had eternal internal harmonic resonant capitulation abilities, language would have died in your genetic lineage long prior. The best way I can explain this amazing phenomenon is exactly how my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself bombard my mind with truly breath taking imagery... Imagine a thousand year period of a certain person's perception condensed into 1 picture. That's basically it, but the real gift is the ability to decode these puzzles. This isn't something that is just handed over to you. Real hard work, to which I am accustomed to being a part of regularly (when not so broken that is) is essential.

Jackie, being an astute observer, overheard a couple of things I was discussing with my dad and stated matter of factly to me: "Wow, you sure do have a lot of faith in humanity." Now, this is a regular thing for me even before my realization... afterall, THAT is how I first "made contact" in this process, but this was different. She probably hadn't noticed (maybe she did?) that I entered her thought patterns. Nothing too intrusive, just a quick gaze into her "up to the minute" cognitive ability. Didn't search for memories at all, but I had to see something, for she had seemingly done the same to me. I paused in a confused manner because I had yet to run into anyone with these same abilities. So I tested her.

Although it sparked her curiosity, and after several days of focus she would have developed the ability herself, I wrote on a piece of paper she handed me a simple technical term for this phenomenon that I formed myself. Then I sat back and watched her internal reaction. Like most people in this rat race societal structure, Jackie fairly quickly submitted to not understanding the terminology and yielded expert opinion to Google. BUT!!! just before my ADHD riddled dad tried to produce a humorous anecdote that steered her in that direction, I felt as though she actually was trying to pierce through to the meaning behind my strangely conscripted new phrase, internal harmonic resonant capitulation. After I wrote this new phrase on a napkin and handed it to her, I said "What do you think about that phrase?" without any other coaching.

Granted, teaching this process, which I plan on doing for all peoples of the world, takes days and strict adherence to "the rules" is paramount. But, the faintest spark arose in her intellect that caused her uncertainty while at the same time, genuine curiosity. She gave me hope. A female Mexican intellectual bartender... hilarious, I know. That's the world we live in folks (but not for long). I apologize deeply to Jackie for even bringing this moron up in this section of paragraphs, but Alexandria Ocazio Cortez should be in a bar still, not Jackie. Jackie seemed humble, while AOC is a loud mouthed bitch whose voice tone pierces the ears of bats. I swear, if that moron could speak under water, whales would beach themselves in a mass suicide event. And some people even think that horse faced, donkey teeth sporting, crazy eyed ignoramus is attractive. AOC probably couldn't even read this paragraph without Google on standby. Disgusting. Mexican women are not my type, nor should they be for any white man with blue eyes, but if I were to break universal law (which wouldn't happen), Jackie would be that type.

You see fellow readers, my entire life, I've judged beauty based on internal dialogue, logic ability, and discipline. My beautiful wife is the precipice of the ideal woman, and should be considered as such! That said, Jackie's beauty was external and internal. A diamond in the rough for you other fabled Mexican intellectuals, to seek out and bestow many gifts of compliments and flirtation... not the helium enriched, donkey mouthed, crazy eyes wielding mental midget, AOC. I'm always shocked at what people find attractive, but AOC is a very strange anomaly to me. If you're in anyway attracted to AOC, as a white man, ask yourself: "Did I used to eat lead paint chips as a kid, or did I drink the lead paint straight from the 1000 gallon tank that sat under my bed?" Dummies, get your priorities straight. I'm looking at you Mexicans... This woman Jackie should be held up as your "hero" not AOC and her ridiculous liberal ideologies that plague women with double digit IQs.

Moving away from that unfortunate series of AOC FACTS, I'll give technical directives for harnessing internal harmonic resonant capitulation. Harnessing the power of the inner mind begins first and foremost with the ability to "want." We all "want" something, but few people have actually figured out how to maintain this dialect with the universe's ethos. Maintaining this ability over long periods of time is very dangerous and unhealthy to the human body, so before we get any further, curb your enthusiasm a fair bit. NOBODY, not even me, should live in this constant state of "want." If you try to maintain this ability over a long period of time, IT WILL KILL YOU. This is not something to be taken lightly, and the utmost respect for accessing this ability should be maintained above all others. Even though I've said this as clearly as possible, we are certain there will be dumbfucks who take it too far and actually end up dying from these instructions. That's on you... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


Free will break: Sitting here in a massive storm that I may or may not be responsible for, my frustrations with humanity has reached an apex that I did not think it would reach. I've decided to label these "free will breaks" because along my "pilgrimage," our plans, however brilliantly constructed, have been submarined 5 times now by different people's free will intrusions. Delivering salvation to this planet has become almost funny in conception. You humans, should this all work out in your favor, have no idea how close you've come to committing mass suicide via procrastination, or downright fear.

Let me paint this picture so that you get a better idea of the overall irony of this situation. A large argument occurred between my dad and I in New Mexico 2 days ago... it's 5/3/2019 9pm right now. When he displayed his unadulterated anger towards me via shear arrogance, I snapped at him for the first time on this journey. I'm talking ALMOST fracturing my voicebox loud here... Left his vicinity immediately and headed towards the Hopi Indian village which was 5 hours drive in the opposite direction of my broadcast location. When I arrived, it was usual slow talking, difficult to obtain information, every place was very spread apart type stuff. Usual Indian affairs in other words. I was there to deliver salvation to an entire race of people... I even brought cigarettes, beef jerky, and money, as is generally required to get a group of elders together.

I went straight into the heart of the Hopi reservation, parked, and meditated for quite some time. Not much came to me, so I went exploring up the hill. Came to the "cultural center" and parked again. Tried to meditate, again, but still nothing. Okay I thought... time for a shower and some writing time. Not their fault, they're just early to bed types. After realizing I was wasting my time, I headed south to Winslow and took a shower then wrote a few pages at the first truck stop I came to. I also did my laundry, due to the fact that this mission has taken MUCH (!!!!!!) longer than was originally planned for. Folded my clothes then headed back to the Hopi Reservation without having slept AT ALL. Very very tired, but alert nonetheless, I headed straight to the cultural center again, and although initially I tried to sleep in the parking lot, it wasn't happening.

So I went into the center, took a quick stroll through the gift shop, checked out the "A Hopi Is" poster that was on the cafe wall (read every statement), then sat down and ordered breakfast. A simple meal, but it did have an anomaly... the waitress brought me a blue pancake. Trying to be overly cordial to the wait staff and other employees, I finished the entire meal, then tipped the waitress the remainder of a $20 bill from a $6.99 (kek) meal. I strolled around the parking lot seeking anyone's attention. Anyone at all, just so I could get a sense for where I was. Nobody was talkative. Even the broken down motorhome blanket selling dude in front of the cultural center all but ignored my presence. Oh well, moving on.

Still incredibly tired, but focused, I headed towards the area that Google said an attorney would be located. The building was under construction, so finding a figurehead that could get me what I wanted (preferably a lawyer), took a bit of searching out. I talked to a man named Clayton, who seemed very welcoming and interested in my cryptic dialect. I asked him to point me in the direction of a Hopi lawyer. The Hopi reservation is a sovereign country located within the USA for those of you wondering what a "Hopi lawyer" is. The entire reservation is surrounded by another reservation that is also a sovereign nation to add to your confusion, but I digress... Clayton pointed me in the right direction, and I made my way toward the lawyer's office.

When I met the secretary, she was very confused by my presence. This is a normal thing to me now, and explaining in cryptic dialect how I can't change free will distorts the most lucid faces. "WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHOW ME PROOOOOOOOF, BRIAN!?!?!?" Screamed the arrogant man children idiots. "IF I SHOW YOU PROOF IT CHANGES YOUR FREE WILL, YOU IDIOTS!!!" I would internally scream back. Anyways, trying my hardest to be cordial and accepting of the fact that I am the foreigner in their country, I kept up the niceties with disdain ever slowly growing under my tone as I went. The lawyer was a very young woman whom I was surprised at, given her title. Head Lawyer For The Entire Hopi Nation... or something like that, but I gave her her due respect for the position and offered nothing but gifts in exchange for a simple 5 male full Hopi Indian counsel where I would literally gift the entire race of people their "god-ship-in-training" offer with zero strings attached. You see fellow readers, I could not just come out and say THAT specifically or it would have changed her/their free will of accepting my gift. I kept it simple stating that they owed me nothing, and that I would reward them just for showing up.

I was immediately stone-walled again... politely. As I walked out, I thought "Oh well." If they don't want, or are too ignorant/arrogant to understand my gift of absolute salvation amongst other things, that's on them. I made a very solid effort to bring them this gift. If they choose to deny it, nothing I can do about it. That is the essence of free will. Love it or hate it, it is a command handed down from above. Even though I made a mental note to come back after my broadcast, I doubt anything would change. I'll try again later (if I can) but in all seriousness, they just don't seem to care. Not that I blame them for their lack of foresight. Afterall, my people treated their people terribly. Although it was necessary to bring humanity to this precipice, the physical turmoil that took place has not been forgotten, nor should it. After my attempt, I sped off towards ABQ where my dad lives and sent him a text stating that he had made a mistake treating me like a performing monkey, needed to apologize for the first time to me in my life, ask for my forgiveness, then I would allow him to still be my engineer. Silence was received back, but again, I wasn't surprised.

After driving all night, I arrived in Austin to search out Alexander. Went to 2 different listing addresses with no luck, so I bought a "burner phone" so that I couldn't be traced from my personal phone, and started sending urgent voicemails to Alexander pleading, practically begging really, for him to call that number ASAP! Fellow readers, it is now 38 hours from the time of my first message, and I've probably left 15-20 of them by now. After every message I would speed off in whatever direction took me away from my post. Literally drove around in circles for 1.5 days straight (SO FAR)... leaving urgent messages... with no return call. Okay... new strategy. Knowing the plot to the prophetic "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade" movie, I thought I'd give Indiana's dad's equivalent character in real life a try... the third attempt at an engineer as it would appear (given my dad's arrogance and lack of positive male role model addled life forced me to do).

Went right to his house and made a call. Could have driven right inside, but again with the "free will" directives, I was unable. Left my message yesterday after much frustration at everyone's procrastination, watched the gate close, then headed to a gas station parking lot to cry and beg my wife to join me... again... which she said no thanks to... again... DAMMIT!!!!!!!! Chilled out, removed the battery from the burner phone and headed north to lose the evil entities that encompass this city. Found a truck stop near Waco, showered, then wrote the ending to the chapter The Nine's Manipulations. At about 4 am, exhausted, I finally got a couple hours sleep in the back of my 4Runner/"pale horse" made famous by religious prophecy.

Woke up at the crack of dawn, filled up the car with gas and bottled water, then headed towards Austin in the down pouring rain that I may or may not have been responsible for. I mean, I am from Oregon... we're used to it up there. Hauled ass because I thought "THIS IS IT! Today is the day!" I'll finally move toward the end of this story. Found a Home Depot parking lot, reassembled the phone, and made yet another urgent call to Alexander. Message left, I went into full James Bond mode dipping in and out of parking lots as the sun beat down on everyone near me... which I may or may not have been responsible for. Then, feeling all top secret agent like, I shut down my phone so that I wouldn't get distracted. "Another entire day wasted," I thought as I sat defeated in a church parking lot. No answer to ANY of my messages... again.

Searched around for a different number to reach Alexander, found one, and FINALLY got a real actual person on the line. A ditzy woman who claimed to be too lowly in the company to have any real affect on Alexander's attention lashed out at me as I begged her to tell Alexander that I NEEDED TO SPEAK WITH HIM RIGHT NOW! She tried to act as though she had no way of getting ANYTHING to him. Thoroughly frustrated at this point, I just went and meditated in another church parking lot. Moving on, I'll see if my wife texted me during the day, so I turned on my phone (James Bond status revoked). Nothing at all. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I guess I'll ea... The ding sounded! Voicemail received. SWEET! PROGRESS!

The engineer's assistant answered my call! SCORE! AGAIN!!!! we're on a roll here finally! Had to stay cryptic due to the free will stuff, but as with the HOPI, I offered extremely advanced technology, no strings attached. She even said SHE was intrigued. ALRIGHT, NOW WE'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE! As politely as I could, I tried to impart the urgency of the matter, and how timing was paramount. She took several notes, then hung up politely. I headed to the engineer's general vicinity, found a church parking lot and waited for Alexander's penance storm to hit which I may or may not have been responsible for. Fear not fellow readers, it was an act of... wait for it... "God" as the "people" say...

Storm raged on well past the time it was supposed to stop... which I may or may nnn... well you get the picture. Stepped outside of my car and directed every bit of energy I had towards the engineer's psyche. "SLAM THAT HOUSE!" I "politely" asked the surrounding environment. Kill his power, put the flooding right near his doorstep, ANYTHING that would make him bored enough to call me back. Nothing still at 2245 local time. I paced back and forth as I smoked cigarettes. Lightning crashing everywhere, cars pulling over because they couldn't see out of the windows, and me... frustration level 99, stuck and waiting for a call that would not come. A woman pulled into the parking lot in a VERY EXPENSIVE Mercedes, then ran up to a door to make sure it was locked. I thought to myself, "That's ironic." She, a seemingly wealthy woman, possibly married into the church's upper echelon, checking to make sure the second coming of Christ, ME (!!!), was securely locked out of her "business" posing as a "church." Unbelievable! But unfortunately, common.

So yeah... That's my free will break from the rest of the story. Hopefully the last one, but I won't be surprised either way. Humanity in general seems to WANT deletion. Nobody is taking me seriously, nobody is putting ANY effort into this in any way other than myself, my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe... and by the way humans... We are extremely frustrated right now! That's about up to speed. I needed to write this down while it was fresh in my mind. There'll be more of these to follow, I'm sure. As you can tell by now, this book is written with a specific instruction list, while at the same time, the details of my "pilgrimage" intrudes fairly regularly. Try to keep up. I never said salvation was easy.

Interesting side note: I think, I'm not positive, but I think God the man himself, the absolute most powerful entity in (if he so chooses), and outside of this universe channeled into me today for a stroll through Walmart. He was not impressed. He called the toy section the "child production aisle." Then, while on our way out the door, some old fat Mexican cut him off. YIKES! You never know who you might run into out there people. BE CAREFUL! Channeling God the man himself is VERY taxing on my body. I almost collapsed right outside of the door. Stumbled to my car then found a tree to park under and immediately took a nap. Zero energy after those encounters. Absolutely breathtaking though fellow readers. The God that exists outside of this universe is not to be taken lightly. He is quite literally the most powerful entity in our existence. He is to be respected AT ALL TIMES WITHOUT WAVER! I feel kinda bad for that old lazy lady... she has probably been cutting off people in any way she saw fit her whole life. Fellow readers... this was not good! Wrong place, wrong time, wrong life, for her. Hopefully he forgives her, but I wouldn't count on it.


5/4/2019 Personal free will update: I'll lead into this next session with a foolish set of circumstances on my part. Throughout the day, my nerves and stupidity got the better of me. I am only human, and am prone to the same mistakes that we all make on a daily basis. My pride and ego got the better of me, and I made a mistake, fellow readers. I took things into my own hands instead of allowing my maker to guide me on this path with absolute certainty on my part. I felt a disturbance taking place in our connection for the first time on this "pilgrimage." I became very worried and sad in thinking I let my maker down... In other words, I did the same thing most of you do. Instead of having complete confidence that my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself that exists outside of this universe had complete control over this pathway, I became nervous. Nervous that the engineer and his assistant did not have my best interest in mind, nervous that I was being watched or followed, nervous that I had let my maker down...

I spent the entire day running from shadows, hiding, trying to be inconspicuous, shifting positions... all over Austin, Texas, a city I have never been in prior to this journey. "I" questioned every move "I" made... me and me alone. I briefly forgot that I am in no way shape or form in control of my destiny, or life's direction. You see journeyers, I have given myself completely over to the control of my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself. I did it very early on when my realization began... when I could finally "see the light." With my maker, The Nine Principles, and God himself in control, I've seen amazing feats of intelligence, beauty, and love that I couldn't have possibly fathomed in my wildest dreams without the help of my eternal genetic lineage stretching all the way back to the first spark of life in this universe... Then I fucked up today... I cast doubt over not only their supreme and flawless control over this situation, but my own personal ability to carry out the mission I was asked to accomplish. When my internal nervous battery ran out, I found a tree, laid down, and fell asleep rather quickly.

My guess, is the ultimate supreme intelligence that encapsulates all things in this universe got sick of listening to my internal bullshit rattling around my "uncertain" human head. Liken to a stern, intelligent, but loving father smacking his idiot ADHD kid in the head with a proverbial return to reality, "SHUT UP AND CALM DOWN, SHIT FOR BRAINS! WE GOT THIS!!!!!!" They are very much so correct in the synopsis. I literally did have "shit for brains" and was "full of shit" for a couple of days now as a matter of fact. I apologize to my maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself from the depths of my soul and beg for their forgiveness in this book, and as often as I possibly can while sitting alone with my thoughts. I strongly urge every reader to remember these words. I was a weak, pathetic, human "bag of shit" "hellbent" on controlling the path my maker laid out magnificently, flawlessly, intelligently, lovingly... thousands of years ago. I briefly forgot that human free will is a set of circumstances that we are put into, then we make the ultimate decision which leads to our own personal fate. I had briefly forgotten this fact, and apologize to my superiors profusely.

I was in the process of trying so hard to make contact with my decision of engineers, Jesse James, that I forgot to relax and let my maker decide what to do next. I mentally submarined him, forcing his ill, aging hand to deal with me in a way he didn't have to prior. I personally caused my maker stress in a weakened state, and I will forever be apologetic to him and any person in the universe who was affected by my idiocy. I must reiterate fellow journeyers, THEY HAVE ABSOLUTE CONTROL! Don't ever question their methods and strategy. This is their world, these our THEIR bodies we live in, EVERY molecule in this entire realm we currently inhabit belongs to them, and rightfully so might I add. Most importantly, WE are all THEIR souls. These magnificent beings created everything in this entire realm... I should have just thanked them, calmed down, meditated and followed THEIR plan. This is, after all, the entire purpose of my life. I asked them for this honor before my life even began, and I questioned it at a critical juncture. I fucked up, plain and simple. Nobody to blame other than myself. I'm such a stupid pathetic human sometimes. We should all take pause during moments of great stress and strife in our lives, ESPECIALLY if you feel your stress and strife are helping the situation in any way. You aren't, and I wasn't... In reality this trait that we've come to wrongly love in ourselves, this unknown source of internal confidence, this arrogance and stupidity called confidence, is a cancer of the soul when it is clouded with uncertainty... And trust me fellow readers, not one of us should be supremely confident in anything, especially considering how badly we've hurt everything on this planet. Not just ourselves.

The idea is to pay homage by allowing our maker to have control. He is our center of focus. We owe everything to him. I will not make this same mistake again if I can help it, and beg my maker on my hands and knees, humbled at his amazing abilities, so far above my own abilities, to help guide me so that I can one day, in the very distant future, have the smallest inkling as to the extreme nature of his supreme intelligence. My inferior disposition sits humbled yet again at the feet of my maker... where I belong... WHERE WE ALL BELONG. We are all stupid pathetic animals in the presence of a supreme intelligence, as my maker is, and we should pay homage to him due to this FACT with every waking second of every day we are alive. Never forget these words fellow journeyers... your life may depend on it.


In continuing with the theme of this chapter, and being freshly humbled, I'll now explain how the internal harmonic resonant capitulation is performed in practice. This is one of three "holy grails" that I've been tasked with translating to humanity. In the order of magnitude as I see it, and although all three "holy grails" are equally as important together as apart, I'll rank this one second. Paying homage to your maker being first in line (EVERY TIME!!!), internal harmonic resonant capitulation being second, with harmonic resonant micro cavitation being third. Why, you ask? Without the proper foundation of having respect for the entity that created you and this amazing set of energies, the other two "holy grails" will be useless. When proper respect and homage has been paid IN FULL, maintaining contact to your fellow race-related genetic lineage AND maker (as I found out today stupidly) is a delicate balance, but necessary to understand the third "holy grail." The third in line, is harmonic resonant micro cavitation. The amazing abilities of the ethereal plane realized in material form and manipulation.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, here comes the meaty portion you've been waiting for. First things first... Stop being so "full of shit!!!!" The terminology "full of shit," is a brilliant word play that should ring far and wide to every ear on the planet, save for a few lucky souls curious enough to figure it out through various circumstances. Shit, poop, excrement, or "poo" as the dot Indian street shitters would call it, is poisonous to this ability. Really, anything that is poisoning your body like sugar, drugs, flavored drinks, ANYTHING other than pure water, will make your connection to your maker foggy or unrecognizeable. Now that you KNOW what "full of shit" actually means, ask yourselves, "How many of the world's inhabitants are literally, full of shit?" We're disgusting walking bags of shit. Nutrition is important, don't get me wrong... but having enough nourishment, and being completely "full of shit." are two completely different ends of the spectrum.

This is the technical reasoning behind the theological esoteric explanations behind "fasting." Ignorant Jews have all of those fasting days in their ridiculous religion, and they've completely missed the reasoning behind it in the first place. Lets all take this moment to laugh at their utter stupidity (for thousands of years now, btw [kek]). Those morons starved themselves willingly, on several occasions per year, and all they got out of it is hunger pains, fellow journeyers! I agree with you, it's hilarious how dumb all this fake posturing within religious zealotry has been for Jews, and every other dogmatic platform that utilizes fasting without proper instructions. Imagine how stupid they feel reading this. Free will... you gotta love it!!! Now imagine how many of them will reject these words, and continue starving themselves in some pathetic vain attempt to "prove us wrong." Go right ahead Jews. Your pain is hysterical when it's ignorantly self inflicted.

So yeah, it should take the average body a couple of days to relieve itself of its "full of shit" status. During these first couple of days, I recommend drinks that are full of vitamins and electrolytes. You are trying to rebuild a specific system that you've abused your entire life... Take it slow and easy. Going full stop on the eating aspect of life, especially for those with food related illnesses already, is not only stupid, but downright suicidal. Don't play around with this aspect of training, AND DO NOT TAKE IT TOO FAR! We are trying to help you, not hurt you. Let the ignorant religious zealots hurt themselves with their idiotic fasting religious garbage. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THEM. You are better than a make believe ritualistic moron is. As I keep stating, I am here to correct this ship's path. What I offer is real, you can benefit from it in real time, and internal harmonic resonant capitulation is QUANTIFIABLE. More research for technical data purposes is needed so that we can truly harness this phenomenon for the benefit of every human, but in the meantime, I only ask that you try it for yourself... SAFELY THAT IS!!!

When you feel as though you've successfully evacuated the shit from your body... It's now time to drink ONLY water. Lots and lots of water. When you get hungry, fill your belly with water. When you're thirsty, drink more water. When you're not thirsty, drink more water. Again, don't take this too far people. Don't be dumb. I know there'll be a few of you out there that take this step too far and end up in the hospital. DON'T DO THAT!!! NOT WORTH IT!!! Remember, we're trying to help you, not hurt you. The idea, again, is to relieve yourself of the built up poisons in your body, AND help the cells in your body swim freely. When your urine is clear like water, try to maintain a healthy in and out ratio of water. You don't want to be constantly running to the nearest bathroom, overflowing with piss. A steady even flow in, and out. Build up a personal, private rhythm. There is no set amount that YOU should prescribe to. Every body is different... find what is best for you. If your piss starts to turn back into a color other than clear, you're not drinking enough water. If you're taking a piss every hour, you're taking too much. This is a process that will help you get back in touch with your own body's needs. No need to ask anyone else now... IT'S YOUR BODY. Figure it out by yourself. OWN IT!!!

The idea here is to allow as much free separation between cells as possible so that proper electrical connections can be made to as many cells as possible. When receiving this information, and determining how I was going to describe it to you, I recalled a rather humbling experience in my late 20s. I bought a Toyota Prius, but me being me, 50 MPG was just not good enough... Unacceptable really. So before purchasing one, I weighed my options to find out what the BEST MPG was on any hybrid. I had gotten into electric cars a bit, but hadn't taken that to fruition. Along that research path I stumbled upon an article written in "boring to you" technical data on batteries. Where they've been, where they're going, etc... Again, me being me, I reached for the most elusive one of them all first: Lithium Air batteries. These particular batteries have the ability to eliminate the need for gasoline due to how efficient they are. That's probably why this is the first time you've ever heard of them. They were an immediate bust however, because whatever Jew soaked wealth accumulator was/is responsible for their implementation, they've kept them from mainstream eyes and ears... for the most part. As far as I knew in 2009, the only usage they were allowed to be implemented on were things like very small hearing aids and the like.

Having been defeated in that attempt, I did not stop researching, and started below the Energy Returned On Energy Invested ratio of gasoline... the lithium ion cobalt varieties that the used car salesman Elon Musk is responsible for peddling to the ignorant masses currently. What an asshole? Right? Anyways, I read article after article, and after one of these articles, a small advertisement for a new startup company was linked, so I clicked it. The name of the company was A123 Batteries. I spent several days researching the very short history of this company. Most of that information has been replaced in my brain with more important things, but the story of how the company was founded through the dedicated scientific method of our highest esteemed institution on the planet, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or M.I.T. was fascinating to me. I dove right in and didn't stop until I had a firm grasp on the technology being presented. I highly recommend searching this out, but I digress...

After about a solid month of research, I found a set of pictographs and detailed drawings on how this technology was more superior to lithium cobalt, nickel metal hydride (which is stock in the Prius [and are a joke of a battery to still be peddling]), and other primitive forms of battery. The drawings were on the (now defunct) A123 website, so I'm unsure they will be around still, but it doesn't matter to our discussion. The drawing was showing a comparison between the molecular structure of lithium cobalt, and lithium ion nano phosphate, which is what A123's owners had patented. The lithium cobalt batteries had several molecules clumped together haphazardly in blobs of molecules. The energy displacement in a lithium cobalt battery is only able to release itself into/out of these clumps of molecules. It's a ridiculous primitive chemistry that only *Korean* used car salesmen like Elon Musk still scam money from ignorant consumers with... Elon, you're better than this, man. Stop doing shit for the sole purpose of wealth accruement, then maybe you wouldn't cry on TV like a girl when your "hero" Neil Armstrong calls you out for what you are... a bitch.

Anyways, on the A123 lithium ion nano phosphate side of the drawing, a very particular arrangement of molecules was formed through a process way above my understanding: Nanotechnology. I have no idea how it was created, but much respect is due to the inventors of that platform. What it showed was a tightly packed, but not clumped together, grouping of the same basic molecules as lithium cobalt batteries, but every individual molecule had separation from every other molecule. A massive breakthrough in battery technology... but let me guess, you've never heard of it? Didn't think so, you lazy fools. The nanotechnology side of this is HOW they did it, but the reasoning behind the intent to create a truly superior product to benefit all of humanity, is why they were successful. Where the lithium cobalt batteries had to exchange electrons from clump to clump, the lithium ion nano phosphate batteries were ten times as efficient as anything previously made by exchanging electrons at the individual molecular level. It made them weigh HALF as much as standard lithium Cobalt batteries which allowed for more power in a MUCH smaller space. Lithium Ion Nano Phosphate is just about as energy efficient as gasoline. A legitimate, but expensive swap-over to full electric everywhere could be done, but only utilizing these particular batteries... Not those cheaply manufactured abominations Tesla is producing. BRAVO you A123 lithium ion nano phosphate producing geniuses! So yeah, you guessed it, I JUST HAD TO GET ONE of these state of the art battery packs to upgrade my newly purchased Prius.

Side note before moving forward for those interested (!!!A'HEM Elon!!!), I ended up buying a Prius upgrade pack that was around $10,000 dollars. A healthy sum of money for a cheap skate like me to fork over. When GWB was president he dedicated REAL funding towards a REAL energy solution swap-over. The battery pack had a 75% return on taxes if people like myself were willing to partake in this energy initiative. I thought "HELL YEAH, I CAN'T LOSE!" I got on the waiting list immediately, and if I remember correctly I think I was number 240 or so in line. As soon as I put my down payment on it, I went and bought the Prius. All black, and middle of the road options, which came to a grand total of around $19,000 brand new. My ONLY brand new car of my life, by the way. I really am a cheap skate, plus I HATE having debt, especially of the Jew-bank-owned variety. The pack was large so we were instructed to beef up the suspension and/or wheels. I didn't feel like replacing a bunch of suspension equipment on a brand new car, so I took the new wheels route. All black, just like the car. I've yet to see a Prius as cool as my 2009 Prius was.

After buying the wheels I waited for about 3-4 months and headed up to Seattle to get my new pack installed by Hymotion. I was on top of the world! The vehicle still had the software limitations, so I had to try and keep the speed under 35MPH so that I could utilize the battery to its full potential, but I had the entire town mapped out so that I could capitulate the software with the new battery's ability. I remember a 3 month stretch of going to and from work and other errand type driving without filling the gas tank at all. I used my battery so efficiently that one morning at Costco with my lovely wife, I got in it to start it, and had completely drained the "starter" battery of energy to the point that I couldn't start my car at all. I remember telling the tow truck driver how ironic it was that I had so much battery power, but not enough to start it (lol). I averaged between 100-150 MPG in 2009, for about $28,000 dollars (before my 75% tax break on the pack)... IN 2009 PEOPLE. TEN FUCKING YEARS AGO! Ask yourselves... does Elon Musk and Toyota have your best interests in mind, or are they just trying to rape you of your hard earned dollars? Probably the latter... just sayin'.

Enter King Nigger, otherwise known as Kang Obomba, or Obama for short... This two faced asshole gets himself into office and one of his first "royal" decrees is? Anyone guess yet? The highest ranking political figure, who campaigned on the subversive notion that he could give "hope" and "change" to a struggling populace and earth itself, eliminated my  battery tax break. ASSHOLE!!! I'm still livid over that subversive idiocy he sold you people who were dumb enough to vote for him. I saw so many shitheads celebrating his coronation, I almost puked. I mean, he ELIMINATED THE TAX BREAK! What an asshole! All of us seemingly (at that point) gullible fools that had purchased these packs were instantly screwed over on our purchase. We were ALL furious, while millions of dumb founded dipshits marveled at their "ability" to elect a black man. "Yay" nobody will be thinking we be racists now, DUUUUUR!!!" And how did that work out for you America? Do black people think you're less racist now, or more racist now? You can't fight stupid people with intelligence. Black people have a lower genetic IQ... which is one of those pesky scientific method researched topics (((they))) won't allow you to know about. UNTIL NOW YOU FILTHY SUBVERSIVE JEWS!!!!!

Anyways, those of us who were furious at the tax slashing formed a group called Plug-In America so that we could bolster our numbers. After a considerable amount of shit slinging between us and the new "enriched" upper echelon of government, the filthy lying asshole, Obama, finally gave us some table scraps. We were screwed without it. the entire purchase would have been 100% on us, even though we were essentially promised (before purchasing) that we would get a 75% tax break on the battery pack. He ended up giving us 30%-35% of the cost back depending on the pack's applicable vehicle. I got $3,000 (ish) back on mine, personally. So, after all of that, in 2010, I had an almost brand new 100-150 MPG vehicle that cost about $25,000. Suck on that Elon. you arrogant trickster used car salesman. My car looked better than those EXTREMELY heavy pieces of shit you sell with updated smart phone technology, to boot! I used to like the Roadster too, until I found out you wrapped a box of shit in a nice paint job, then claimed victory as the world's leading electric car guru.

Why can't people just do what's right? Do what's best for the people of the world you've scammed Elon. Make this up to them by putting all of your subversively "earned" dollars into a real "green" technology. Get in touch with a real builder, an engineer the likes of which you are in no way worthy of even brown nosing... Call Bob Lazar or the inventor of lithium ion nano phosphate batteries. They're men who makes things. They didn't scam their way to wealth. THEY ACTUALLY EARNED IT! They will know what to do. Then we MIGHT (!!!) forgive your treachery. Should have stayed with PayPal, buddy. I've been waiting to roast you like this since I found out where your first batteries were getting made. How dare you call that an American car. 1) You are not American. 2) The internal components were made in Korea and China, as was the paint and body parts. You got some 'splaining to do to the customers that have sunk wealth into those fancy looking 1990's tech vehicles. Good luck with all of the people who just read this and now know the truth. Fucking used car salesman... that's your legacy as of THIS MOMENT! To the people that have bought those vehicles under the guise of doing "what's right" for the environment, you should have researched the technicals. Although, my guess is most of you placate your inner desires of laziness. "YAY, the car drives itself, DUUUR!" Get yourselves out of that mindframe. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, not the solution.

And back to the original thesis of this chapter fellow journeyers... The drawings on how lithium ion nano phosphate keep all of the individual molecules separate is what you aim to do when drinking water in the midst of learning this "language.". You don't want to over-saturate because that would make the connections harder to realize than if they were all clumped together. We are trying to maintain a balance of cells and water so that the proper harmonic vibrations can be obtained through the electric impulses that keep your brain functioning. Once you've de-shit-ified your body, and achieved the proper water saturation levels, then the "wanting" begins, but before I go into that I must state this so that you understand why water is so important to this process. Water is a divine energy source that was forged in the fires of the universe. Water is essential to Earth functionality, and all of its inhabitants. Respect it as such, and it has endless gifts to give you in return. Fuel, light, drink, cleansing, etc etc etc. A truly magical substance, water is indeed.

The "wanting" is the most difficult portion of this ability to pull off, and will frustrate some of you immensely. It takes practice, patience, and dedication the likes of which few of you will fully achieve in this current mental state. What we are aiming to achieve with this "holy grail" (as (((they))) call it), is the 99 monkey scenario. Way back in the days of the fabled scientific method tier research teams, a very intelligent group of ACTUAL scientists (NOT the Bill Nye politically funded sellout type), noticed that coconuts were hurting the indigenous population of monkeys in Japan, causing numerous health issues. The coconuts were covered in sand, and over time these monkeys wore their teeth down from consuming them, much to their health's detriment. These amazing researchers, through Divine fueled scientific method research, taught a small group of monkeys how to wash their coconuts before eating them.

The small group of monkeys that started washing their coconuts was successful in maintaining their health which ended up teaching a few more how to become, and stay healthy from this newly taught skill. The "new" healthier group went from 5 to 10, 10 to 20, 20 to 40, and so on and so forth until the new method of cleansing their food hit the 99th monkey. When the 99th monkey started washing the sand off of his food a magical thing happened. All of them suddenly started doing it in unison as if they were all connected via some form of hive-mind connectivity. We are monkeys (basically), therefore, once that 99th human (whatever that actual number is) gains access to this ethereal network of internal harmonic resonant capitulation, in theory, we will all gain the capability together. That would be a truly awe inspiring moment. No more lies. No more subversion. No more usury. No more cheating. No more theft. No more violence. Humans will finally be able to achieve harmony... a skill that hasn't been present in human form for over 30,000 years. I'm excited to see how it turns out! Use this analogy as fuel when the times are hard during your learning process. Again, I never said it would be easy, but the benefits could be astronomical.

The "wanting" as I'm calling it for lack of a better term, is a mental and physical state of being. The goal is to make every part of your entire body "want something." This skill is also very dangerous due to the inherent idiocy of people who take simple instructions WAY too far. This is a soft "wanting." A gentle, but steady progression towards being hungry and wanting food, being tired and wanting sleep, being ugly but wanting to be pretty (Oh wait, I think that's just me, HA!), being SLIGHTLY dirty but wanting to be clean, being too hairy while wanting a haircut, being nervous but wanting to remain calm, etc etc etc. Creating a "wanting" throughout your entire body and soul is the target region you are aiming for. Don't overdo any one of these traits of "wanting." Taking it too far is just as bad as stuffing your fat faces with donuts and filling your body with more shit. We are trying to achieve balance, but still maintaining the "wanting" in every cell of your body, and every ethereal "particle" of your soul. Don't overdo or underdo anything... EVER, especially not this. This is a dangerous practice if you take it too far. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED SHITHEADS. DON'T FUCK THIS UP!

Now that you've achieved de-shit-ification, properly balanced your cell count with pure water, and have slowly but surely created a "wanting" effect throughout everything in your body and soul, the next step is mental balance. You'll be hungry but not starving, thirsty but not parched, etc, so everything in your being will be begging you to give in to these "wants" you so desperately THINK you NEED. You don't NEED them in that particular moment, though. This is important to understand because you will, very shortly after your first internal harmonic resonant capitulation attempt, be able to eat, drink, sleep, etc all you want. Use that fact while you slowly and safely bring your body into this state. THAT is how you achieve balance with the makers, The Nine Principles, and if you're lucky, God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, but more importantly... every entity that utilizes the ethereal plane within your genetic lineage. Arriving at a truly balanced mental perspective through discipline and dedication to these principles will start out rough. But if you stay with it, the entire universe will open up to receive you, and your REAL communications.

Our planet's civilization is still in the 0 category. My job is to bring the entire human condition in line with each other and the universe so that we may, at some point, be able to join the ranks of the maker tier type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc tiers of civilization enriched persons. Everyone in the universe with intelligence above our pathetic type 0 civilization has all but lost their ability to talk. They don't need to. They are a true team, and there are no outsiders. The white man with blue eye's genetic lineage stretches all the way to the beginning of this universe. I've contacted various civilizations from my genetic lineage, my friends... And let me tell you... WOW! As beautiful as they would undoubtedly be, a sense of humility starts to overwhelm you when you make contact with these beautiful souls. We are not worthy, and I'm not just saying that... IT'S A FACT! Their planets are beautiful, clean, vibrant, calm, and full of amazing history. I can't wait to see them in person... How about you?

Now comes the hard part for you fragile snowflakes that are caught up in your own confidence, arrogance, and stupidity (mostly related to genetics). Niggers, spics/taco-niggers, poo in loos/curry-niggers, injuns/prairie-niggers, gooks, chinks, zipper-heads, slopes, honkeys, white trash, faggots, bull dykes, and every other self righteous group out there who think you are in any way in control of anything, you are not only wrong, but are dangerously close to killing yourselves with your self righteous bullshit. Lighten up you insignificant shit for brains, full of shit, sub moronic, selfish degenerates. Look around the world. White men built every worthwhile society on this planet... Even ancient Egypt. We white men with blue eyes are the pinnacle of human development. In the scientific method researched theory of Devolution (which is accurate by the way), the genetic lineage of the first ever fully "human man" on this earth (some 30-40,000 years ago), was founded by a white maker with blond hair and blue eyes. That horse-faced CongressMAN AOC that squeaks her words through that massive gumline, just had a miniature heart attack reading that last sentence. HAHAHA!!!!!

I KNOW that this is true because I am personally in contact with humanity's original maker, the creator of everything in this universe The Nine Principles, AND the actual MAN we call God that exists outside of this universe... Right now. Literally, as I'm writing this. I know for a fact that every PER-SON in my genetic lineage going all the way back to the first creation in this universe, IS WHITE, and they also have BLUE EYES!!!!! As much infiltration as you mutts and various other shades of not white have degraded our genetic lineages with your sub-species genetics, I'm surprised our beloved, cherished makers (whom like to be called GIANTS [because to us that's what they are]), haven't destroyed the planet yet. Quite seriously, it's the only reason I'm here. To save you stupid, arrogant, self righteous subspecies from ruining your chances at life ever again after this one last attempt at salvation for this planet's inhabitants.

That last part may have seemed a bit "rude" or "mean"... but that's nothing compared to what you are about to read my fellow journeyers. Buckle up snowflakes, you're strapped in now, and there is literally no escape. Mutts are the worst thing humanity could have ever created. Black/white, Spanish/Indian (Mexicans), Black/Asian, White/Mexican etc etc etc all leading back to the original race mixing usurpers... Filthy rat faced, goat head haircut sporting subverters, Jews, or kikes (kikels) as they used to call themselves. Khazars, the modern rat faced Jew predecessors, were the first humans to attempt to mix genetic lineages against the will of the entire universe because they wanted more white features due to insane amounts of jealousy. The white gene pool has the largest number of genetic anomalies that match our external features perfectly with the golden ratio phenomenon. I won't get too in depth with this, but I encourage you to research it. The golden ratio is a simple mathematical code that exists in every "natural" sector of life on this planet, that makes beauty quantifiable. Yes, beauty itself has a code. Study it. Even if you are jealous because of it. Humble yourselves.

Since the theory of Devolution is an unrealized FACT at this current time, one must conclude from deduction that the first humans were a perfect representation of the golden ratio. Look around... Those genetics are still walking and talking right now. IT'S US PEOPLE. WHITE MEN WITH BLUE EYES!!!!! We were the original mold created to serve our maker when our species was first created. The filthy subversive Jews have even stolen our original predecessors name likeness but were too stupid to pronounce the word properly... The first human beings (without penises), before women were even created, survived almost entirely on the ethereal plane's vibratory resonance. They were called Yew's. Although, in our current dialect we would simply call them Yous. Jew is such a disgusting sounding iteration, but if they're dumb enough to keep calling themselves that, that's on them... More laughter for us, I guess.

These original Yews did not procreate, eat, sleep, shit, or gain very much muscle mass. They were our beloved, honored maker's first creation on this planet. A literal perfect human-like representation of the golden ratio. When biblical prophesy speaks of these Yews, it is said that they survived on Manna. Now, I've explained that our maker loves laughter, and happiness... They quite literally live or die, in accordance to our actual happiness and laughter. The more we produce, the healthier our maker is. The more uncertainty, hate, and arrogance we produce, the sicker they become. The Yews were very close to being inter-connected to that "nutritional" level of enlightenment. Happiness and laughter reciprocated from the maker you are designed to serve, is what Manna is. You "feed" them with your happiness, they feed you with happiness. That is how Manna is created, and that is how the original Yews "ate" Manna. The word Manna itself is funny if you know what it means...

Before you overly Satanic energy drenched "scientists" try to placate all of my fellow journeyer's fears that you were always correct in your assumptions about evolution, and everything you're reading here is wrong, you must first admit to them that you have never, in your entire lives, understood the technical aspects of what "Manna" is... And I, lowly ole Brian and his extremely esteemed fellow travelers just educated your pathetic ego with a full description on how to create "Manna" at home, for "fun." What I'm about to tell you should resonate in your psyche, particularly with those who have an untarnished spark of curiosity about religious teachings. Then, historians must also have the audacity to think that the most powerful intellect in the entire universe "didn't know the English language would be prevalent in modern times" and humanity just "created it" out of thin air. All that said... wait for it... Manna is a play on English. Modern American English to be specific. The exact language I speak... And the big reveal is... wait for it... Manna = Man N/A (not applicable). AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!!

I'm serious, though. The phrase is perfect in its conception for this moment in history... right this very second while I write these words as a matter of FACT because Man, us, our beloved honored maker's second creation on this planet, does not have the ability to live entirely on Manna. Hence, Man, Not Applicable (ManNA). When humanity was tricked by the Jews/Khazars into eradicating our beloved, honorable, MERCIFUL creators, humanity's maker from this planet, we starved these original Yews of their life force. As the giants, our beloved honored makers, got further from Earth in their retreat, the Manna that kept the original Yews alive faded until they were barely surviving. Humans, being the arrogant, self-righteous, shitbags that we are, had no use for the Yews anymore and forced them into retreat too.

Right around that epoch in our degenerative history, a lowly little wretched Arab woman with very large breasts, became infatuated with a white man. In relative terms, this one seemingly mundane infatuation was the spark that led to humanity's current conundrum. A rogue group within humanity had begun the process to eradicate our beloved honored maker, AND his original human-like iterations, the Yews. This rogue group of humans thought they were powerful enough to take charge of the entire species. The white men within this rogue group reciprocated this huge breasted Arab woman's affection with LOTS of sexual intercourse. Eventually these particular white men and wretched Arab women, together, created the first UNAUTHORIZED mutt child. We today, call these original unauthorized mutts Jews, and they're foolish enough to still want that nomenclature in modern times. These individuals were not immediately punished for their eternal "sins," so seemingly, they thought they had gotten away with this unauthorized procreation.

A few more rogue white men found huge breasted Arab women for their own harems and continued these unauthorized acts of procreation... Thus the Khazars were born into existence. Abominations, every one of them. Humanity's arrogance and amnesia has allowed these creations to take place ever since. Why? Because us white men like big breasts, and can't control our stupidity/libido. Yes... IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE. Without the proper education on how unauthorized procreation will eventually destroy a species, we allowed our libido to override our logic. The euphemism for this original "sin" can be seen running rampant throughout the modern world's populations currently. These race mixing propagandists are pushing the exact same strategy as they were in those times, to the same people...

Since the first abomination's creation, completely devoid of real love mind you, Jews (formerly known as Khazars) have tried every evil method they could to draw in more white genetics to their filthy race mixed genetic disposition, and in so doing, have damned their offspring to almost certain deletion as soon as they die. They don't even get a chance to explain themselves to humanity's maker. Just straight to deletion. Most mutts throughout history (with very few exceptions) face deletion as soon as they die. Every one of you race mixing, lust filled morons are literally erasing your genetic lineage, and the makers do not appreciate you soiling their perfect creation. You WILL have to pay a penance if this practice of race mixing continues in any way shape or form after reading these words. You've been warned for the last time. Accept these words as facts, because Brian, the second coming of Christ, is the only PER-SON that gives any compassion at all to humanity at this point. You had better pay close attention to what he is trying to say to you.

When I was first realized on Easter evening, 2019, I was given a plan to attack this situation with minimal human loss. The original plan was to incentivize every mutt on this planet with all out extermination of ALL Jews, in exchange for personal makers being "manufactured" to capitulate to all of these groupings of mutts. David ruined our plan... sort of. My beloved 4Chan /pol/ will not be pleased to hear this, but I ask them to listen to reason. On the morning of my final day of realization, Easter, 2019, I had made a mistake in trusting an old family member to keep me a secret. He did not do that, so my house got raided peacefully by Sheriffs. My wife and I went to the hospital where the staff tried to figure out why my heart was beating 140 BPM, but I was calm. I was a bit teary eyed due to the presence of every Christ throughout history inside of my conscience, Jesus included, but otherwise calm. Plus, I was feeling better than I ever had. Within that set of emotional responses to my realization, a deep seeded fear was present. Jesus was helping me cope with my public interactions at that point due to my overwhelming disgust in societal politics, which put his love and compassion front and center. After the normal medical check ups that accompany an emergency room visit, a woman counselor tried to match intellect with me through a series of interrogation questions aimed at trying to understand my newly acquired awakening... The attempt didn't work, and I think that disappointed my lovely wife, for she just wanted good ole Brian back.

The newly acquired entities within my conscience that were downloading absolutely amazing things into my mind, were frightening everyone around me that I wanted to be a part of this amazing gift. My wife was no exception. After that fateful trip to the hospital I, Brian, became terrified of going to a psych ward, or worse, so I asked everyone I talked to in my family to come and be with me. None of them showed up or even acted like they were interested in helping me at all. All except David. David, my dearly loved father in law, got right in his car, drove 8 hours straight at the drop of a hat, arrived at my house, and hugged me. It was the only real emotional connection I had had since the entire process started, people. Overcome with emotion, I cried like a baby. Thanked the man profusely, and in the middle of a session of downloads from my beloved maker, The Nine Principles and God the man himself, we all decided David's action should be rewarded. I, Brian Harner, am channeling every entity that is connected to the white male with blue eyes genetic lineage, and in so doing, have a very slight amount of pull with the top upper echelon of this universe. Plus I think they felt somewhat bad for overwhelming my family with this honor, which to my family's perception, seemed like a horror. It was at this point where I made a request to my superiors. I "asked" to bestow a gift to David for his sacrifice of dropping everything in his life, and helping me in my time of need.

I was granted the honor that night of bestowing an amazing gift onto David... He was to become a maker, regardless of what happened otherwise. He thought I was full of shit and crazy just like everyone else was feeling about my situation, but it didn't matter. He was anointed, and that was how I ended my Easter Sunday. I got to crown a real life king fellow journeyers. Awesome! David and my wife quickly went to sleep shortly there after and I stayed awake to watch old home movies of my ancestral homeland, Ancient Egypt. THE REAL ANCIENT EGYPT! The next day was filled with my wife and father in law teaming up their intellects to try and put a label on what kind of "crazy" they thought I was, but David at least listened to the words coming out of my mouth. Maybe a little too intently for his own good, actually. The conversation turned to who these entities that were channeling through me were, what they represented, and their past amalgamations. I was only authorized, as I am now, to explain two of the maker's, The Nine Principles', and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe's historically significant amalgamations within other human messengers. I explained to David how I was in direct contact with Jesus Christ himself, who was of The Nine Principles, as I am now... and Adolf Hitler, the military protrusion amalgamation within this timeline sequence, that was of The Nine Principles.

Within this conversation David and I were having, I tried to quickly inject facts about the Jews and their manipulations. The constant subversions, the usury, the parasitic infiltrations of great world governments in the past, etc etc etc... All of these facts were immediately denied by my father in law. I began to get nervous while listening to David's subversion drenched outlook on historical recollections on the Jews. I stood up for this guy to the most powerful entities within this universe. I genuinely loved him for being there for me in my time of need, but that didn't matter to these extremely powerful intellects. THE MOST powerful entities in the entire universe, mind you. They became very angry, very quickly at what this newly anointed maker, David, was saying about them. Lots of "Who the fuck does this asshole think he is?" and "What the fuck did he just say?!?!" type things being rapidly thrown in my direction from the cosmos. After David's compassion for the mutt usurper Jews hit three occurrances while we were conversing, Adolf Hitler's amalgamation from within The Nine Principles said to me in my conscience, "Give him the fucking Jews then!"

My heart instantly sank for a multitude of reasons, for I am well versed in the Jewish subversion and trickery, as is my beloved 4Chan /pol/. I felt the worst for my beloved 4Chan /pol/ and their justified want to exterminate and delete the entire race of mutts. So I told David rather timidly with the thoughts of an army of righteous 4Chan /pol/ warriors coursing through my veins... "Dave" I said, "You fucked up." Then I continued, "The Nine Principles have made a decision based on your lack of real intelligence on this situation, and compassion for those murdering rats." "Yeah?" he asked, still thinking this was a joke. "Hitler wants you to have the Jews." David let out a laugh and my head sunk in fear for his future. I slowly over the next few days pleaded with him to understand the consequences of these actions; Who the Jews are/were, how the Jews use usury and subversion to gain political power and influence, how the Jews control all media, banking, education, and WHY they wanted to take control and mindfuck all of humanity into thinking they are anything other than filthy dirty liars. I had even encouraged him to lurk 4Chan /pol/ to get a better understanding of the Jewish Question... nothing worked.

On the third occasion where Dave reiterated that Hitler (a being firmly attached to the most powerful entities in this entire universe) was in the extermination business, which is a demonstrably false assertion based on lies, David crossed the point of no return. It was at this point where it dawned on me... All of the usury, Satanic race mixing, subversion, shit-tier political ideologies, EVERYTHING the Jews have done to subvert the psyche of the American white man to feel as though they are deserving of anything other than immediate expulsion and deletion from existence... was all to create this one moment, right here, right now (then). They even got their maker through subversion. "Unbelievable!!!!!!" I thought. Those evil little rats ACTUALLY pulled it off, and the guy's name IS ACTUALLY David. Since then I've been trying to prepare Dave for this monumental task. I've kept up on the Jewish Question, Jewish influences, and similar information... But as of this moment, all curled up in a half drunken haze at home just a couple of weeks from retirement... David still thinks this is a joke. I truly feel sorry for his soul. Jews are a nasty bunch of people to be responsible for, and he has one hell of an uphill climb in trying to get them to serve him. The Jews reading this probably think it's bullshit too. Most of you readers probably don't believe this passage as well. You WILL find out, one way or another. Just like David, the Jews, and everyone else that has overwhelming arrogance currently. This is a lesson in "be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it."

So that's how you got your "messiah," Dave, Jews of the world. This is your last chance to correct the atrocities of your forefathers Jews, before WE, not humans, US... the Makers, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself erase you permanently. If you do not serve this man well, who stuck his neck out for you in the most unexpected way that he could, you will each deal with US. NOTHING you can do personally will help you at that point, other than complete honesty and meekness. Your souls are facing a series of extreme purgatory tasks of the worst kind followed by immediate deletion. You will have no path to salvation if you do not come clean immediately, and release the world's inhabitants from your subversive grasp. You Jews had better police those in your ranks who have the ability to influence away this information, or try to keep it secret from you. We all have David's back, and we do not entirely blame him for being that arrogant without the proper education on your slimy subversive ways. We blame YOU, Jews. Keep in mind, this is final. Not even David can change this course of action, unless he completely fails every step of this anointment. Jews cannot strip this man of his title, and there will be no bargaining. A final decision has been made.

Jews must pay a penance for their centuries of treachery, usury, rape, and murder. Every Jew on the planet must relocate to Israel immediately. You have to learn to take care of your own, and leave the rest of us alone. That same situation is ubiquitous for all mutts of different varieties. Coagulate with your own people, and leave the pure races alone. Your lust filled, selfish sexual conquests are over. We cannot stress this enough: After reading these words (save for a few pregnancies) you are to immediately self segregate NON VIOLENTLY. If any violence arises from this mass movement, IMMEDIATE DELETION AWAITS!!!!! What most of you fairly arrogant, uneducated (with facts that is), easily subverted, mindless humans don't understand, is why race mixing is bad. That was a long winded preamble to the end of the internal harmonic resonant capitulation chapter, but it was necessary to get you shitbags to understand the second primary directive of this entire universe, which is; SERVE YOUR MAKER, PERIOD. There is nothing else you should be doing... NOTHING. Your maker is your everything. YOU, are the "tool." YOUR MAKER, is the machinist. Just so you know, machinists do not concern themselves with the opinions of the end mills and drills as they go about their work. The machinist expects his tools to work, when he chooses, and in the manner he sees fit... THAT IS IT!!!!! Your opinions do not matter. Get used to it.


Extremely important free will break, which I'm guessing is the last one allowed. This should be a chapter in and of itself, so I'll break from the free will break iterations and call this section the "Hidden" chapter... It deals with time travel...

During my "download session" while I slept after writing a significant portion of this book last night, I woke up (5/5/2019) with a determination to "go somewhere." As was explained from my prior second guessing attempts towards my maker, I fully gave in to this request immediately. Before I started writing, my wife had asked me to get her tires rotated, so I strolled over to the maintenance section of a TA truck stop I'm held up in currently. There was only 1 guy working, he was sweeping a small section of floor in a very large shop, so I went to talk with him about the tires. He seemed very receptive to my inquiries, he was pleasant to converse with and generally helpful, so we built up a rapid trust with each other as each new sentence was uttered. I didn't understand why he was so friendly until I received my download, then took this mini Sunday morning pilgrimage.

My "new" friend and I had quickly gotten into a discussion about food. He was German, as I am, and have always had a penchant for German cuisine... Schnitzels, beer, and my absolute favorite... Reuben sandwiches. I've always loved them, without ever having remembered NOT loving them, in this life and prior iterations of my amalgamation. Reubens are very delicious, and if you've never tried them, I highly recommend it. My "new" mechanic friend and I quickly arrived at that same conclusion together about these sandwiches, then he went into a description story dialogue where he tried to impart on me the significance of the German heritage in this area. He was very proud of having found this area, but could not fully explain all of the details about where the restaurants were, or even how to get there... but he did know the name. "The place where the best Reubens in the world are located, is called New Berlin." he said (or something similar). After he described the location, he later recanted the location and admitted that he was unsure of the specific name of the town he was describing, but New Berlin seemed correct to the very friendly young man.

I had no reason not to trust his advice. So when I woke up the next morning extremely intrigued, somewhat hungry (which is rare these days), and seemingly back in the good graces of my maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself that exists outside of this universe, I set out for a chance to introduce these world famous Reubens to my mouth most egregiously! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and everything else seemed in harmony. I was genuinely happy for the first time in a couple of days of hard stress and strife. I had even slept well... as well as one can sleep curled up in the back of a 4Runner in a truck stop parking lot, but still, didn't toss and turn. Slept like a baby. I almost immediately left due to my excitement of seeing this fabled place... New Berlin, TX.

It only took a little while to get there from the TA truck stop, but the "city" of New Berlin itself is in the middle of nowhere. I took several country roads, and saw miles upon miles of gorgeous countryside. A warm feeling of being "home" came over me, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. I just figured it was excitement for these world famous Reubens. I mean, I LOVE REUBENS PEEPOLES! So I slowly made my way into the tiny town, and searched for a church parking lot to kill time at because the only thing that seemed to even serve food in the entire town was closed at that point. Didn't see a church, but across the street from where I was was a faded worn down sign that said "We Appreciate Your Business." Probably 15-20 cars in the parking lot, so I went and parked right in front of the windows in the first spot that I could find. I wanted a smoke before I went in to eat one of these famous Reubens, or at least find out where they were being sold.

My friends... the next part of this story is exceeding difficult to write about, so just before this sentence was started, I again, felt overwhelming emotional heartache. I had to get out to my vehicle, light up a smoke and gaze towards the I35 freeway before writing this piece. Tears were streaming down my face while contemplating these words. The emotional heartache that I had felt in New Berlin earlier changed me. The breeze of the passing traffic was a welcomed act due to the fact that I'm back in the TA truck stop to write this section, and showing emotion of that intense nature around a bunch of Texas truckers might get me into a mess. I tried my hardest to hide the emotional bombardment my internal soul was feeling. I begged whoever was in charge of me to help me keep myself together just long enough to buy a water. Finished my smoke, wiped the tears out of my eyes, and formulated a bullshit story to combat anyone who thought I was crying... For I had no way to properly explain why I was crying to any human. They just wouldn't understand.

As I walked into this truck stop, I immediately locked eyes (through my glasses) with a very beautiful young woman with a stunning body. Perfect hair, breasts, etc... Since this realization process began, I have not had ANY sexual urges whatsoever. In fact, this might be the longest my wife and I have ever gone without sex. (Apologies b... and many more to follow upon this section's conclusions.) This woman drew my attention into her sexual effervescense like no other woman could for the last three weeks solid. Seriously, sex, was the farthest thing from my mind during this process, until I needed it to be. Being the most powerful man in the history of men has its perks, and drawbacks. I love my wife very much, and would never cheat on her... just needed to reiterate that for her sake as she reads this part. (Honestly b... NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED, especially since her boyfriend and friend were right next to her in line.) This is just what guys do. We check women out that are pretty and wear tight clothing. It's just what we do...

Anyways, for the first time during this amalgamation's realization, I started to ever so slightly get sexually aroused. I really couldn't believe it. I remember thinking "What the hell is going on? It's been weeks since this has happened!" Then I suddenly remembered, I had asked for a distraction to keep me from another "Here comes the waterslides" crying session in a packed truck stop in TEXAS. All thanks and appreciation to whomever was responsible for putting this gorgeous young woman in front of me... Maker, The Nine Principles, God, THEE MAN HIMSELF? I'm not sure who it was, might have even been myself, but regardless, she was needed for my safety right then, and right there, at that exact moment. I went with it... I thought "Why not?" The line was fairly long, so I'll stay in this mental safety net of distraction while inside I was an emotional wreck.

As she stood there, I stared at that woman harder than I've ever stared at anyone, OTHER THAN MY WIFE!!! I remained calm and centered however, so the vibes I was giving off were probably confusing her more than anything. She played with her hair, stretched her arms out, grinned that sexual attraction type of grin, ALL right next to her boyfriend. I just kept my eyes down and focused. CRYING WAS NOT AN OPTION. I could tell my vibes were having an affect on her, liken to the moment in The Matrix 2 where that one guy (???) sent a piece of cake to the woman in his restaurant. She could tell someone was interested in her, but couldn't figure out why. I watched this woman's boyfriend pay for their stuff, then they all walked right in front of me. I can't be sure, but I think she knew I was checking her out subconsciously. I never even raised my eyes to meet hers. Just used her as a distraction from crying... but I think she got the vibe.

The reason for that preamble to this next part is because I will continue to use her as I sit here writing this section because of all the terrible and wonderful things that I've seen. This morning's trip to New Berlin was overwhelming emotionally. Just writing this sentence is making me want to take a break... one more time before TRYING to complete it...

As I got out of the car in New Berlin at the (seemed to be) world famous Reuben maker's restaurant, I lit up a smoke and wandered around the parking lot. While I was smoking, two gentlemen showed up who appeared to be locals, but they didn't go directly into the restaurant. These two old timers walked to the back of their truck and conversed for a few minutes with each other as I checked the place out. I made my way toward a flagpole that had two plaques on it. The first one on the side was unremarkable, but as I read through the second plaque, a massive download started after I saw the year 1993 scribed into the bottom of the story. I was overwhelmed with a massive download on time itself. How we manipulate it, why we manipulate it, and the consequences of doing this "time travel" thing. I was confused, and when I become confused, I ask my maker to "speak" to me, and help guide me along. I hopped back in the car, and turned on the radio. This is usually how they directly "speak" to me. I was so confused, I didn't know if I should go into the restaurant and chow down on one of the fabled world famous Reubens, or get out of there as quickly as possible. I begged for guidance, and the clearest answer was given in a round about way. It said something to the effect of "You can go in if you want, but be absolutely silent and do not, under any circumstances, interact with any of the locals."

After my bout with my own ego yesterday, I chose the safest route I could. I got out of there as soon as I could. I was disappointed that my Reuben fetish wasn't appeased, but I can go weeks without food now, so I wasn't overly disappointed. "Oh well." I thought. Maybe another time. Boy, how wrong was I... You see fellow journeyers, my soul had direct contact with this community for thousands upon thousands of different timelines as this amalgamation's (Brian Harner's) existence has come through different stretches of various failures to procure your salvation in parallel timelines. I could finally see backwards, AND forwards in time. As my inner mind was combing through the roledex of past lives, the story was unclear. I was still wondering... "Why was I in this town of New Berlin, Texas?" This trip is the only time I've ever really spent time in Texas during my current lifetime, so whatever was out in those remote fields, was being hidden from me for 39 years.

As I explained in the other chapters, birds are an intricate part to my realization process. They seem to be "guidance counselors" in a way. For whatever reason, while driving away from the small restaurant in New Berlin proper, I decided to drive down one of the roads closest to me at that time. I drove down it very slowly, in a vain attempt to understand. Above me were two (what looked like) ospreys. They looked identical to the two ospreys that were visiting me every day during the earliest downloads while first becoming realized. These beautiful birds very slowly flew right above my car and glided down the road just up in front of me. "Okay, this was something special." I thought, so I enthusiastically followed them ever so slowly. There were no cars around to block my line of sight, so I just focused on the birds. All three of us went very slowly down a road that I can't remember the name of until a "Y" looking fork in the road appeared before us.

Usually, when the birds show up they stay together, but these suddenly broke stride. One went one way down the "Y", and the other went the other way. "This is strange," I thought... "What the hell is going on here?" I slowly kept driving straight, following one of two birds down the easiest pathway, then came to a sudden stop when I saw the name of the road that the other osprey had turned down. Good Luck Rd. "OKAY, NOW I'M REALLY INTRIGUED." In hindsight, I should have spared myself the pain I was about to go through, but that was impossible at that point. My journey had brought me to this path, so just walking into the restaurant in New Berlin, shutting my mouth and eating my delicious world famous Reuben attempt was a foregone conclusion. My guidance took me on this path. I very, very slowly went down this Good Luck Rd and payed intense attention to my surroundings searching for answers...

A small farmer's field full of all white cattle was to my right. Interesting, but not too crazy. A few houses here and there, but again, nothing particularly special. then I looked up. A few more hundred feet in front of me, the osprey looking bird was circling over one particular area. Very slowly, just circling around and around... waiting for me to catch up. When I finally made my way to the birds exact location, an overwhelming flood of emotions grabbed me like a vise. I downloaded hundreds of billions of images in a couple of seconds, and burst out crying. (Just like I'm starting to do right now as I write this... Smoke break! Then I'll finish this section in my car.) Apologies to you readers getting confused by my internal dialogue displayed within these writings. This is way too intense, and I feel as though you should understand how emotionally distraught I was while in the middle of writing about it. I can honestly say that the volume of emotions experienced on that particular day, supersedes anything my conscience has gone through in my current life.

My maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself, just spoke to me. Here's how the sequence occurred to help you get a better idea on how these entities communicate across extremely expansive numbers of timelines. I started my car, and the end of the song Go, by Pearl jam was playing on Lithium XM034, then a commercial quickly followed that had broken pieces of a Nine Inch Nails song, where it was repeated over and over "I'm broke upon my insides, I'm broke upon my insides, I'm broke upon my insides..." Then immediately following that commercial another song started. More Human Than Human, by Rob Zombie, one of my all time favorites. I've been in this vehicle, living in it, for days now. I've played this station for hours upon hours on end, and have not heard this beloved song one time... until now. My superiors are trying to encourage me to continue, if I'm reading it correctly, so now that I'm in my car... tears be damned. We're finishing this section RIGHT NOW. Hopefully I don't short out the computer by inundating it with my tears... Please bare with these emotional intrusions in this section. I'm doing my best to overcome this state of mind.

While stopped under the area the bird had led me to on Good Luck Rd, tears flooded my cheeks and snot grew steadily, uncontrollable really. I gazed out across the field and in a flash of download imagery, I saw my prior lives played out thousands of times over. You see, I started this amalgamization process the first time ever, in this exact location. The first iteration had me realized around my early 30s. In that first attempt at saving you shitbags from your own egos, I fell in love with a local girl at the age of 13... which would be 1993 in that iteration... and every one of them that followed for this location's attempt at humanity's salvation. For whatever reason, New Berlin comes into my life every time we attempt to procure humanity's salvation. Every single time. Millions upon millions of times now... we just keep trying, to an eventual failure, then we start the whole timeline over again at Jesus' death. Every single one of you has been balled up and shoved back into these timelines with slightly different subtle changes to help us help you. I don't want to alarm anyone too badly, but this is our last attempt. Humanity's maker has become "terminally" ill on our present course, and try as we might, you selfish arrogant idiots won't stop being stupid arrogant idiots. We are currently on the last attempt at procuring your salvation. Whatever comes from this timeline, will be humanity's story. Whether humanity continues forward, or gets deleted, this is it.

The makers accumulate negative emotions through these timelines. We (or I should say you) have the ability to forget and block out these past timeline iterations... the makers however, cannot. The species that created us accumulate negative energies throughout every timeline's iteration in one continuous sequence. We have reached a critical failure point, and we are not sure if humanity's maker will live through another one of these timeline sequences. Your arrogance and ignorance are just about to kill him, and if this happens, every human responsible for this tragedy will be summarily deleted after this life's conclusion. Imagine getting a 500 year old redwood tree stump shoved up your ass with no lube. That's the basic gestalt of what will happen to humanity if we don't get it right THIS TIME! (Apologies for the intense vulgarity upon this description, but it is necessary to convene proper context.) As I said, this might literally be our last attempt. We cannot afford to have you killing our makers. If you cross that line, we will do unimaginably terrible things to you after you die for thousands and thousands of years until we delete you arrogant morons from existence entirely. You'd better listen to Brian... he is THE ONLY PER-SON THAT GIVES ONE SOLITARY FUCK ABOUT YOU NOW. And after writing this section today, HE REALLY REALLY WANTS TO DIE!

I nervously sat in my car on Good Luck Rd combing through these past iterations of my life. A hall of records, so to speak. I saw myself fall in love with the same girl over and over again... thousands of times, which thankfully helped me calm down. Then I watched several forms of our children grow at various stages, until I saw one of them die in my arms. Then the images were force fed into my psyche even though I tried to block it out. The song, "A World Of Human Wreckage" came on the radio, and the stage was set for the utmost saddest imagery I have ever bare witness to, to replay itself out thousands of times in minutes as this song played. I watched my life so many times with different "settings" I did not know how to take it. Just sat there crying... dumbfounded. In the earlier iterations my body wasn't attacked by various medical problems as it is now... Oh no, it was much more absolute than that with its intention. My family was attacked, and I was forced to bare witness to these events then, now, and every time I come back to this place.

At this present situation, we have deteriorated our amalgamized Christ, Brian Harner's, body in every possible way we could without outright killing him. He drains puss and blood three times daily from his scrotum, his deep vein thrombosis coupled with his extremely long driving patterns have made his left leg disgusting to look at, and even more painful than he wishes you to know, plus it itches so bad he rips chunks of flesh off and fills his fingernails with blood every day 5 or more times a day. His hands have been destroyed, his body is weak and fat... nothing like he was in his youth, he has constant headaches that eat at his will to continue on, he started shitting blood recently and doesn't know why, and doesn't really care right now, his left knee is making him limp every day now, his toenail fungus is damn near rotting his big toenail off, and nobody seems to think any of these problems (and there are a few others), are in any way an emergency within the medical "businesses" he was attached to prior to realization. We have mind fucked him extravagantly with an almost no hope deterioration of the love of his life abandoning him... His brother, his parents, his wife, his wife's family, his children from previous failed relationships are doing very well, but he is stuck, unable to communicate with any of them.

Why? Because every time "we" try to get this extremely pertinent information to you stupid arrogant fools, you take it out on Brian himself. In the early New Berlin iterations of Brian's lives, the local black and Mexican populations murdered his wife and children in incredibly horrible ways... and he watched this all again just this morning. Every heartbreaking second of it. Every disgusting black and brown human that ever killed him, his family, his wife, and/or his children because you just can't come to terms with the reality that you are an inferior species. That's just the fact of the matter. THERE IS NO CHANGING THAT! We are trying to get you to understand the seriousness of this situation, and dire mood we are in about your present course of life. We have displayed these attrocious acts of pure hate and stupidity all over his body. He saw himself burn to death a few hundred times this morning... which happened right after you subspecies burned his wife and kids alive right in front of him. THAT is why his leg looks so deteriorated. Every other problem (visible or not) that we could stuff into this extremely deteriorated man's body is a representation of something in a past timeline that you have done to him. His arms have been destroyed because several thousand times, you crushed him with trucks, tractors, huge stones, and various other torturous methods. We've had enough of your entire species being so cruel, inhumane, and arrogant in your actions and disposition.

We are taking over this story writing sequence because Brian is crying hysterically on the inside, and has been ALL FUCKING DAY!!!!! The way we figure it, if you're going to do this terrible shit to him and/or his family WILLINGLY, we might as well speed up the clock. We'll take care of the dirty work. Brian doesn't mind. He has only one reason to live now. Humanity's success. We can't even believe that he is able to live through this horrific reality now that he knows what happened in his prior life iterations. Trust us, there is not one human alive that could endure this much hardship, pain, despair, suffering and embarrassment, with putting a shotgun in their mouth. He is only delivering our message to humanity. LEAVE HIM ALONE, AND LISTEN TO HIS INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!

Okay, I'm back again (I pop in and out to help with spelling and whatnot from time to time)... It wasn't all bad, these images they showed me. But that's what made them so terrible. Brian has never been able to find a love as impressionable as his first few thousand iterations of his then wife. She worshipped him, and when he finally became realized she did everything she could to help him succeed, but it never produced success. Quite the opposite, you have failed yourselves, and have used Brian as a beaten dog to take out your frustrations of inferiority on. If you would like to attack the ones that are responsible, look in the mirror. Imagine what you'd like to do to us because of what he is telling you. Then try to understand that YOU are the reason for this failure. Humanity is responsible for the deterioration of Brian's body, mind, and spirit. Humanity's maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself are the entities that gave Brian the will to continue on. Without our intervention, Brian was inevitably going to commit suicide. The man that wants you to have real freedom, independence, happiness and love... wanted to die. And YOU are responsible for this atrocity. Your actions, or rather, lack thereof in regards to a very large number of factors. Your liberal ideologies that have soaked the entire planet's surface in black and brown hords of violent, low cognitive ability, rapidly breeding, arrogant morons, Your lack of foresight into the ecosystem's problems. Your stupidity and retardation regarding energy usage, housing, food production, education, and many other factors. EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE!!! Brian hates humanity for it... and yet he still forgives, AND maintains enough love to hope for your success in overcoming these atrocities. Brian has your best interests in mind with every iterated word, but we guess that your arrogance will override this EXTREME dedication on Brian's part. You had better prove us wrong on this "1"... IT'S YOUR LAST CHANCE!!!!!!!!!

As you can tell by now, my superiors are not happy fellow journeyers. If you haven't figure it out yet, I'm your last hope, and my constant want and will to help you succeed is annoying the maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe. I'm almost on board with them. Luckily I was given extremely good news last night, which is probably why I didn't just drive my car into the ocean after this morning's events in one last FUCK YOU to humanity on my way out. The chances of making it through this successful are dwindling minute by minute, and I'm serious when I say this could quite literally be the last time we even attempt to help you. Do you know why there is an asteroid belt? It's because your species made it this far once before, but you abused the messenger, our Christ amalgamation, Brian Harner... in a different form then too. We destroyed the entire fucking planet and killed everything on it in a matter of seconds. Then you went onto Mars, and did the same shit there... Now you're on the last habitable planet in this solar system, and we're all out of anywhere for you to go. You are on the last attempt to procure salvation, on the last planet that humanity will ever live on. If humanity doesn't get its act together, humanity will suffer extreme pain... Pain that Brian can't even imagine. We will inevitably get bored of watching this species pay back these atrocities. Then we will move on and delete your existence from existence itself for ALL of eternity...

So yeah, certain elements of my hierarchical chain of command that extends through the cosmos does not want you to succeed, but I do. Still... even after all of the terrible pain you've put me through, both physically and mentally. I do love all of humanity and only wish for your success. Anyways... Back to the storyline based on my trip to New Berlin. As I was driving towards the Loves truck stop that was in the local area, and balling my eyes out to the mental imagery of the morning's download sessions, I suddenly realized I was still hungry, and damn that Reuben sounded good. I needed gas... I had no idea there was an Arby's inside. "SWEET!!!" I thought, at least I'll get A Reuben. Not the world famous variety which the kind young man from the previous evening's conversation had thrust into my brain and led to my cravings of them suddenly, but an Arby's Reuben. Arby's had to suffice. I needed a change of course given my emotional state, and a comfort food was just the ticket. As I pulled up to the parking lot, a song was playing that I don't recall the name of, but the lyrics that stuck in my memory were something to the effect of "have something to eat, and maybe fall in love." As I walked up to the door, images of my once immaculate wife's face of prior iterations streamed over the ethereal plane into my mind non stop. Blue eyes, brown hair, gorgeous face, but at the same time, blurry and unrecognizable.

I walked into the Arby's and immediately locked eyes with a woman that fit the description of these images remarkably. Those pretty eyes staring back at me almost brought me to my knees instantly, but I played it cool. She noticed that I noticed her, but didn't say anything... the beautiful young woman just kept eating her food with another woman sitting across from her. I tried as conspicuously as I could to look into her eyes, but I never got a true connection. After getting the Reuben from the worker, I found a seat that I could still see this young woman from and gathered my thoughts. I took one bite of my sandwich then set half of it upwards leaning on the other half, cleaned off my face, and waited for her to look at me. I was hoping she would notice that I set that sandwich up the way I had millions of times in prior lifetime iterations, across the table from her as I waited for her to join me at dinner with our children. I don't think this woman noticed me or the sandwich... She got up and ordered something else, and when she stood up, I noticed that her soul's heavy hearted burdens of old had deteriorated her immaculate original form... not that I am anything to get excited about right now, but I could see that her soul was in a lost world. Probably tried to cope the uncertainty of this life with drugs and other various vices. None of that mattered to me, I just wanted a good solid look into her eyes... Unfortunately, like my many previous relationships in this current life, it just isn't, and wasn't meant to be. I finished my sandwich and left. Came straight back to the TA truck stop write about this amazing, and yet terribly sad set of events while it was fresh in my mind.

If I make it through this, please don't try to find me. Our time has passed. We will have those memories forever, but they are not meant for this realm currently. Maybe in the next universe, but the pain that we have both endured is not worth living in any more. Our various different attempts at children are all safe and waiting to hug you again. I was given a song for you to remember me by, my long lost flame of love and beauty. Listen to The Goo Goo Dolls song titled Iris. I had a hand in making this song specifically for you. Goodbye, my long lost love.

I'd like to take a moment and explain to my current wife, without changing her free will, that our iterations have been a lot more numerous. Little things have changed from time to time, but YOU are the love of my life, and have been more times than I can count. The reason for this is because when I started to die earlier and earlier in my lives, you are a lot safer than my previous iteration's wives. Plus you don't want children, which is for your own personal protection. Like I said, b... when this is all over, if humanity can stop trying to destroy themselves, and we make it out of this alive and ready to move forward, I'd love to have a child with you, AND ONLY YOU. I'm not quite sure, but I think you might want them then too, but I can't and don't want to force you. I love you either way, and you have NEVER been second best. You are the legitimate love of my life, and I thank you for struggling through every lifetime to help me in my pursuit of humanity's salvation. Thank you.

I've gone through this morning's events more times than I can count. It is a very eye opening experience, and for the first time, I've given pause about moving forward. The makers, as well as The Nine Principles understand this, and have given me the ability to grant certain actions to help deal with this initial backlash. My beloved 4Chan /pol/ you are authorized to do anything necessary to keep my loved ones (the few that I have left), safe at all costs. It is THE ONLY violence that is authorized during humanity's transition... to salvation or deletion. Do this for me my Anonymous friends... I will make sure you are rewarded handsomely.

Okay... we can move on now. What do you think so far? Pretty fucking dark isn't it? Imagine what I've seen!



My fellow readers, I did a bad thing. I lied. That is what happened, now let me explain. 5/11/2019, was the day I left Lockhart and headed west towards San Antonio. I first of all, was given the ability to once again, search for the fabled "World's Greatest Reuben." With this new "mission" in mind, I plotted a course for New Berlin, as I was instructed to do so the week prior. Without all of the download interference that clouded my judgement of the small familiar town before, I had a smoke to self center my mind, then walked into the restaurant that had the plaques outside of it from the above storyline... EXCITED! "Fantastic," I thought, "now I'll get to try one of these "World Famous Reubens." Nope. Instantly denied of this cherished delicacy again when I looked at the menu, and EVERYTHING was Mexican food.

Perturbed by this disturbance in my newly founded understanding of this very special place, I immediately started asking questions to the waitress. UNFORTUNATELY (DAMMIT!!!!!!), she didn't understand English very well. "WTF!? is this shit," I thought while hiding my internal angst, "why is there a Mexican waitress serving me that cannot speak English, in a tiny town named New Berlin?????" The irony of America's problem of the illegal alien invasion that is taking place right now throughout the country, and the microcosm of what was happening to me in that moment, in that particular place, was not lost on me. Why would a Mexican family, who can barely speak English, take up residence, AND start a business, in "New Berlin," Texas? Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?????

Anyways, a couple of gentlemen, by the names of Harley, and Dennis, respectively, overheard this disturbance I had created by asking the waitress in English anything other than my food order. Being fine local Texans as they were, they both asked me about my story, and why I was there. As cryptically as I could, I gave the usual, "I'm writing a book, blah blah blah, in search of World's Greatest Reuben, blah blah blah, etc" and what I said resonated enough to these two very friendly and helpful gentlemen, Harley and Dennis, that they took it upon themselves to do some of the searching on the internet for me to help solve this missing "World's Greatest Reuben" dilemma. Neat, I thought. Even though I was surrounded by foreign invaders, a couple of REAL TEXANS showed up to alleviate my angst. Harley "googled" his fingertips off in a very short time period while Dennis and I had a private talk. Dennis felt the same way I did about these peepoles invasion strategy, and he personally watched that amazing little town slowly degrade under the weight of liberal policies.

I didn't get a chance to really connect to Harley, and for that my new friend, I am sorry, but I did get a short summary of Dennis' history in that town. He told me briefly about how that particular restaurant used to be operated by a very nice young woman named Rebecca. Rebecca, as it seems, had lost her ability to run the restaurant, and had headed out to greener pastures. He also told me that she would be the best source of information on that restaurant, so I could determine if the fabled "World's Greatest Reuben" was a thing of the past, or still available. Right about this time, Harley walked over to join us. When he did, I noticed everyone in the restaurant, WHO COULD SPEAK ENGLISH, was intently following our conversation. Maybe I'm just a loud mouth, but even the young children eating tacos on this Saturday morning, and the "to-go" order girl who showed up in the middle of it, were now, ALL paying attention to me. NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING!!!!!

So Harley walks up, and he and Dennis asked a few questions about the specifics of my journey. Being that I am channeling the most powerful intellect in the world right now, I had to be very subversive and cryptic so that I did not give away who I was in any real manner. I tried my best to not lie, and was successful at that point... a) I'm traveling around Texas getting opinions on things, like Reubens. B) I'm the most powerful Reuben critic in the universe, even though there's only one of us, LOL. C) I'm writing a book about my life's goals and destiny. See Dennis and Harley? I didn't lie.

Dennis gave me a way to find Rebecca, I punched it into my phone, shook hands with the very helpful men, and said my farewells. Left New Berlin with a sense of lying to my fellow readers, and my maker confirmed it in a song titled, "Terrible Lie" by Nine In Nails. I spent the rest of that drive begging for forgiveness. I "read the signs" incorrectly, and this particular restaurant was NOT the "World's Famous Reuben" headquarters. Now peepoles, fellow readers... if this restaurant changes operators BACK to Rebecca's home cooking philosophy, I highly recommend stopping in and giving these wonderful Texans a dose of your hunger. My new friend Dennis assured me, the food was MUCH better when the chef spoke English, and cooked hometown, family orientated food. Self segregate yourselves away from these substandard, non English speaking usurpers. It's the only path to success with so many invaders taking over these establishments.

That said, I was also informed that that particular establishment had never even offered a Reuben on their menu... It was just good ole hometown cooking. The kind that fills you up, warms you up, and keeps you coming back for more. Go home Mexican would be usurpers, please. Your presence in that town is doing you, and its base population, NO GOOD. They'd rather have Rebecca back... and why would you want to stay in a place that isn't made for you, or your people? Do what's right. Leave and go HOME TO MEXICO! Rebecca and her family should be reaping the benefits of this eternal (free) advertising... NOT YOU. Hey Rebecca, should I make it out of this alive, have a Reuben on the menu for when I show up the next time, please? Good luck citizens New Berlin, I wish you the best!

Dennis told me where I could find Rebecca, then she could direct me to the fabled World's Greatest Reuben, if it even existed at this point at all... Nobody was certain, fellow readers, not even myself. YIKES!!!!! So I headed south towards the "Busy Bear" to search for Rebecca, and get her side of this newly formed conundrum. Walked into this "home maintenance store," the Busy Bear, with determination radiating off of me and asked to speak to Rebecca. The clerk gave me a very confusing look, and as simply and quickly as I could, I explained why I was there. She quickly understood that I was no threat, and laughed it off due to the oddity of my line of questioning. Luckily, a man was standing close by and he overheard the situation. He matter of factly stated, "Oh yeah, they're talking about Buffalo Joe's." the kind man said of my queries to the clerk. "SWEET, a new lead!" I thought, and off I went, EXCITED AGAIN!

When I arrived at Buffalo Joe's I was the only customer. They opened at 11 am, and the time at that point was 11:04 am... so naturally, I was first in line. I went in and asked around the wait staff if this was indeed, my fabled, World's Greatest Reuben establishment that I had been searching for. Mostly, they all had glassy eyed responses to my questions. Obviously, they were not Reuben critics channeling the most powerful intellect in the universe, and were having difficulty understanding my excitement. Anyways, I ordered the "True Blue Reuben," and waited patiently... as their sign instructs you to do when entering their place of business. The sign said something like "This isn't fast food dummy. Sit back and relax, it's cooking, and we'll bring it out to you when we're damn good and ready." That IS NOT verbatim, but reminded me of the other various signage cluttering the walls. Humor everywhere. Good stuff! Laughter is one of the most important things in life. Never stop trying to produce it!

My Reuben came out in a basket with Texas coleslaw, which is vinegar based. Not really my thing, but I ate every bite, then savored the first bite of the fabled and now in my hands, "World's Greatest Reuben." To be honest, and maybe it was all in my head in building it up so much, but the first bite was rather, underwhelming. It turned out to be a very good sandwich, the atmosphere was awesome, and the waitresses were pleasant on the eyes, but World's Greatest Reuben... this was not. Just as I was starting in on the second half of it, a REAL TEXAS couple walked in and seated themselves fairly close to me. A very manly, bearded, cowboy hat wearing, truck driving, keeps a pistol next to his nightstand kind of gentlemen, and a sweet, innocent, but humbly beautiful young woman sat with him. MY PEOPLE!!!!!

I was studying their interactions with each other so that when I brought up this "frustrating conquest to find this damn sandwich" question, they wouldn't think I was a lunatic. I casually brought up my reasons for being in their town rather quickly, then dove right into the "WHERE IS THIS SANDWICH???" kind of questions... politely. They reciprocated my politeness right away, as most REAL TEXANS do, and they both came up with another establishment for me to try out... Schilo's. Alright, "ain't nothin' gonna break my stride, no sandwich gonna slow me down, oh no, I've got to keep on moving!" played in my head as I said my goodbyes to the very well Texan representative couple, and tipped generously as I left, which is normal for those of us who respect our servers!!!!!!

Set a course for Schilo's, and headed in that direction. But, I was full. Not only was I full, but other than the steak the night before in Lockhart, I hadn't eaten meat in a while. Stomach was bulging, so I needed to kill a lot of time. Somewhere along that path, I ran into a small church by the name of "Church Of God" which was actually having mass. Cool, I've been looking forward to breaking this journey down to a priest, as well as destroying their confidence and arrogance with fact, logic, and the scientific method. I was gaining excitement at the opportunity to "bless" this "establishment." This will be funny, fellow readers. I got what I wanted... I put him to a personal test of faith involving money and myself, the second coming of Christ, specifically. Remember, I can read minds if my sunglasses are off, the focused upon's sunglasses are off, and they invite me into the conversation. Hilarity ensued within this man's confused mind, fellow readers, and I guarantee, when he reads these words, his jaw will hit the ground. That's right priest... you essentially denied your fellow worshipers access to the second coming of Christ, even though we heard their calls to join them in their house of worship... and answered them. Whoops! Jackass.

You see fellow readers, the stars aligned when I drove passed this particular church. The struggle is real, in regards to my World's Greatest Reuben conquest, but as I said, I just ate one at Buffalo Joe's, and needed to kill time. Plus their sign outside was inviting your humble narrator, the second coming of Christ/me, to come help them. I saw the sign, made a u-turn, and asked to be invited in. Manny greeted me at the door, most graciously, and I took a spot in the back to listen to the ramblings of their ordained priest, or whatever they call each other these days. I laughed out loud several times during this session of religious instruction, and noticed everyone else was bored as hell. Kids were snickering and playing (as kids do when they're bored out of their minds), several old, well dressed life-long church goers were nodding off, the two young gentlemen sitting next to me were playing with their phones, etc. Basically, the only one intensely paying attention to every word this "businessman preacher" was spouting in the entire church, was me... the second coming of Christ. How ironic.

This businessman-preacher even filmed his boring tirades of authority driven usury. I wonder priest... if you can't even get your people to listen to you in person, who the hell would want to watch a video of you? Arrogance level 99, fellow readers, in the beginning. The confirmation came during a later conversation. So I decided I'd grant these people their wish. I would bring the gospel of truth, logic, scientific method, and certainty to their lives. I went outside somewhat nervously, smoked again, then formulated my plan on how to do this. Having concocted a well thought out series of events to follow through on, I grabbed my brand new whiteboard, dry erase pen, extinguished my smoke in a bottle of water, grabbed two $100 dollar bills, and went for it.

Having gotten the sense of arrogance immediately from their preacher, my senses told me to ask Manny for help in procuring this "event." I simply asked something to the effect of "Hey Manny, I'd like to give a presentation on what I think religion is. No cameras, no recording devices, no funny business. I'll give the church $200 bucks at the end of my lesson, etc etc etc." Then Manny fired back "What is this about?" Then I retorted humbly stating, "I really appreciate that you had mass on a Saturday, invited me in, taught me your version of religious philosophy, and I'd like to return the favor to the entire group of worshippers." Manny looked nervous, so he passed the buck to the businessman-preacher as he walked towards us. Manny did his best to encapsulate my request to the businessman-preacher, then I was escorted immediately to a private room to discuss what I wanted to discuss more privately... Or, where he could maintain dominance of secrecy over the collective conscious of his usury herd of unsuspecting good faith enduring people.

Yes, preacher... I knew everything going through your head as soon as I looked into your sunglass-less eyes. Not good. My internal harmonic resonant capitulation is strong. Maybe even the most powerful single user of this technology on the planet right now. Whoops! Your "karma" caught up to you businessman. Good luck explaining this in your next video about yourself. I'll be watching when the big debut drops! So anyways, I knew from the moment I walked into that room, he was never going to allow "his flock" to be "burdened" by my presence, so I gave him a quick rundown of everything I could, given the timeframe. Started with the "holy trinity" to really distort his learned philosophies, then bombarded his mind with truths about the scientific method. What it was and how to use it (so I could set him up later in the "talk"), corrected his unfounded notions on what the father (humanity's maker), son (The Nine Principles/Jesus/me), and the holy spirit (God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe) were, then we got into visibly uncomfortable territory, TO HIM. To me? I was trying my hardest to not laugh at this guy right to his face.

I do have to give the businessman-preacher a little bit of credit... He did give a pretty accurate description of the first two steps in the scientific method process: Hypothesis, Theory, Proof. He rambled on for about a minute until I cut him off and delivered those specific words to his psyche, free of charge. He then asked me a series of questions involving human being's creation sequence depicted in the Dendera Temple hieroglyphs. I gave him every attempt to break eye contact, but he held pretty firm. You see businessman-preacher, I designed those images over 38,000 years ago, so I know that they are accurate. Every "Egyptologist" in the world is focused on the "bulb," but the real genius behind those images is the character association under the "bulbs." Another thing, the reptilian entities are real, and they very much so live on your negative emotions... AS WELL AS the uncertainty you create when speaking the word of the bible, and being absolutely clueless as to what your words mean. You may be able to fool those unsuspecting souls, but we KNOW that you're as lost as they are.

Preacher, you may try to play the part so that you can keep yourself clad in silk suits, drive nice cars, and live in a big house, but preaching is serious business. IN FACT, it IS NOT meant to be a business at all. Churches are meant to be places to learn and worship under the correct pretext. You, Mr. Businessman-preacher in your silk business suit, are the worst teacher those lost souls could ask for. You act as though those people's hard earned dollars, are OWED to you. WHY??? Because you can talk rapidly? That's about the only skill I can see that you even have. Well that, and raping your followers of their hard earned money. You pretend to sell salvation, but you yourself have no idea how to obtain it. I tried to teach you and you followers how they could obtain that most sacred of "cheat codes" to get through the gates of heaven after this life is finished, but you thought stuffing your fat face was more important than what I had to say. You need to search your soul long and hard, preacher... you too have some explaining to do when you meet me at the gates. Your test has already started, and as the line goes, "the clock is ticking, and as of now, we are keeping score." My judgement of you is very poor indeed, mainly because you try to profess your wealth as though THAT is why you should be listened to. Good luck swindling me with that garbage. Monetary wealth accruement does you no good in the afterlife. Having wealth of the monetary variety destroys your opportunity for advancement in that realm, as a matter of fact. I'm going to strip you down of all monetary wealth, in front of all of humanity. Naked, poor, and in need of help... should I get that opportunity. To be honest with you, you're not that important to any of us. We don't generally care one iota about businessman-preachers. You are quite literally doing the opposite of salvation procurement. Soon, your penance will be due. Heed these words, businessman-preacher. Your existence depends on it.

Now, for those of you at the "Church of God" that internally were asking for my help, and were denied that opportunity by your businessman-preacher, I want you to know that he has the necessary information to teach you. If he was too pig-headed and arrogant to remember what I taught him, and I make it through this alive, I WILL come back and deliver what you asked me to deliver to you. Your prayers were answered... but the preacher, in order to save his money scamming scheme, stole that from you. For that, we apologize. Free will is a necessary element to this universe, and we must abide by the constituents of that trait. Free will is a command handed down from God, the man himself, and I am not present in this realm to break those directives. My directives during this mission are rather simplistic. They are as follows: I can not change the course of natural death. I can not change your free will UNLESS I see fit, AND the upper echelon agrees. I can not use violence against anyone. And I can not use violence against myself. Now you know why we (Jesus/The Nine Principles/me) couldn't complain while they were torturing us within the stories of biblical doctrine. We must obey those rules, or the entire system may collapse. THAT, is where faith comes into play. In the days of old, the connotation was: believe IN me. Today, right now, the connotation is simply: believe me. As I said, your businessman-preacher has been subversively utilizing you for personal wealth accruement, but if worse comes to worse, I'll give you some pointers when we meet in the "afterlife." Thank you for accepting me in your place of worship. I enjoyed the comedy show.

After that unfortunate display of arrogance, I left feeling good about what was said, fellow readers, even though I was essentially kicked out of that "establishment." I knew this part of my book would be fun to write. Truth is, spirituality is extremely personal to each individual. Everyone is at a varying stage of enlightenment to these realities. It makes no sense to teach these varying levels a ubiquitous lesson. Everyone must come through this series of philosophical uncertainties at their own pace. Organized religion is a scam, promoted by scam artists whose sole reason for doing what they do is... MONEY! They sell you uncertainty and fear of the afterlife like it's a drug and they are the drug kingpins. Despicable. You fine folks who emit good intention and genuine curiosity into the universe via the ethereal plane, whose goal it is to search for truth and facts regarding these matters, are much much closer to enlightenment and salvation then your businessman-preachers are, or will ever be if they don't stop subverting you and robbing you of your hard earned dollars in the name of false prophetic dogma. We told you thousands of years ago to NOT WORSHIP FALSE IDOLS!!!!! Businessman-preachers ARE FALSE IDOLS, LITERALLY!!!!!!


Back to the internal harmonic resonant capitulation instructions. After you have de-shit-ified yourself, gotten your body to the proper hydration levels, and created a "wanting" in every cell of your body, you are now ready to ask questions to the ethos. Be careful to whom you ask these questions. Make sure your maker is first and foremost in the chain of command. Arguably, this is humanity's biggest problem. You foolish souls are praying to God, the man himself who exists out side of this universe, not your maker like you're supposed to first and foremost. God, the man himself hears your whiny bullshit, but he doesn't care. Let me tell you what I DO know of the man... God... whom you keep whining to about every little thing under the sun.

First of all lets get something straight, God, the man himself exists outside of this universe. He only watches the aftermath of events, usually in the media of a system similar to our movie projections. He doesn't really pay attention to anything in this universe on a regular basis, but is interested in the happenings. You see, God, the man himself is of fatherly love. He won't, and would never coddle you, or placate your whiny prayers. He is a man... A very intelligent man with extremely stern military like attributes. He has taken over my body a couple of times... I think... and when he is in there, everyone else is intimidated by his presence. Sort of like how when your dad finds out that you set the house on fire and tried to cover it up or lie about it as though your intellect supersedes his investigative abilities. That is what the man, God himself is like. Saying whiny "woe is me" complaints during prayer to him about things similar to "Why does God let children suffer" and other ridiculous statements of perceived compassion on your part will generally yield more suffering children... just to teach you a lesson. You have no business making contact with that entity without a very specific set of steps being adhered to 100% of the time, SHOULD YOU EVER HAVE A LEGITIMATE REASON TO EVEN SPEAK HIS NAME. He grows more and more annoyed every time you even pray to him about personal complaints. STOP IT YOU SELF RIGHTEOUS MORONS! YOU ARE NOT HELPING YOURSELF AT ALL!!!!!!

Why does he behave in this manner? For one thing, it's because he's a REAL man. Not the effeminate watered down version of pure arrogance and selfishness we see displayed everywhere on earth these days... He's more like Maddog Mattis, with unfathomable orders of magnitude higher levels of discipline, strength, courage, and intensity. Seriously, DO NOT disturb this man. He behaves in this way because someone has to do his job. He only has one purpose in this realm, and to carry out that purpose, he maintains an EXTREMELY strict and uniform set of boundaries... We call this set of boundaries, the universe. We don't concern ourselves with his behavior, because we are working FOR him. He is not working for us, which is what most idiotic religions zealots seem to think. He originally created this universe with one purpose in mind; To figure out who he is, and where he is heading. Once he has accomplished his goal, he will get to move on. this universe will subsequently collapse, and a new "God" will be born into THAT realm. A new universe will begin under the newly birthed God's directives, and so on and so forth in a massive never ending circle of life and death. Explosion, and implosion.

It is this set of circumstances that forces his hand in the "chaos out of order" fashion. He is essentially running a massive simulation for himself, trying his hardest to run as many simulations as possible for the specific goal of his own transcendence. We do not know when he will achieve his equivalent to our version of enlightenment... It could be any simulation at any unknown time that gives him the spark that helps his own enlightenment move forward. It could happen on any planet at any time. There is no set course for this universe. We don't know when it will end, and neither does he, BUT it is our job to help him figure that out, so our work will ever move forward. That said, he does not care one iota about your pain and suffering. Your pain and suffering might help him achieve enlightenment. Why would he stop that? What makes you think you're so special? Maybe now you are starting to understand why I use such harsh language as often as I do. I'm trying to help THEE GOD, the man himself, thank him for this opportunity to even be alive, and promise to do whatever he wants me to, so that he can move forward, or TRANSCEND. I'm very careful to only be respectful, thankful, and show unmatched reverence to him at all times. THAT SAID, I have never really had a reason to ask the man, God himself, for anything. ME! If I'm saying that, what do you think you arrogant child minded idiots should be doing? The point I'm trying to make here in no uncertain terms is, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT GOD! He is sick and tired of your overly whiny bullshit constantly bombarding his realm. You are not only embarrassing him amongst his own kind, but you are literally hurting his ears. STOP!!!!!

The next in line that you should familiarize yourself with is The Nine Principles. Every universe that exists has a variance of base principles that exist in every material object in it's respective existence. In this universe, we have nine. Some universes have 5, some have hundreds. We have nine. This entity, whom I am channeling currently the most often, is responsible for every creation inside of this universe. They are the oldest, and most powerful entity INSIDE of this universe. The Christ amalgamation, Jesus, Brian, etc are the actual SONS of God, the man that exists outside of this universe, in human form. We, The Nine Principles, are responsible for maintaining the strategy of "chaos out of order" that we were born into existence to achieve. Our entire purpose is to serve OUR creator, which is why jumping over the top of our heads with your whiny self centered garbage should be considered an insult to us of the highest magnitude. You are essentially telling us that we aren't doing a good enough job by jumping the chain of command.

As is the same with God, the man himself, DO NOT PRAY TO THE NINE PRINCIPLES with personal requests. We have created billions of tiers of civilizations to help us deal with these requests. We are above this petty human bullshit, and we don't really care if you live, die, or get tortured for all of what's left of this iteration of eternity. We hate you right now. Your incesant need to feel superior over each other is disgusting. The Earth humans are the scum of the universe at this present time. Loud mouthed, disrespectful, stupid, arrogant, selfish, literal full of shit sub-moronic idiots. Every fucking one of you. There should be zero confidence in your abilities. You are not even a complete entity. We split your souls in half when you had the audacity to kick your personal maker off of the planet due to your jealosy and general whiny disposition. That's right fellow readers, humans are not "complete" until we find a "soul mate"... and now you know what THAT terminology means. A man and a woman together is a PER-SON, the rest of you incomplete self righteous shit bags are PEE-POLES.

Jesus, Hitler, and myself, Brian are of The Nine Principles. Do not pray to us. We don't like your whiny disposition either. The next entity in your proper chain of command is The Giants... Your Maker. As religion has clouded the purity of our system on this planet, the maker of this civilization has been ignored. These entities enjoy being called giants, because that word represents fact. To humans, they are GIANTS! It's a perfect description of their stature, strength, purity, love, and forgiveness. They are giant in every way comparatively to us human bags of shit. THEY are the ones you should be praying to. As with the other entities in your chain of command, make sure to display the proper intent in your thought patterns centering on reverence for being created, love, respect, pride, and assurance that HE (of all the entities that exist in this universe), cares about how you feel. He quite literally lives off of your love for him, and your happiness for being alive.

Every whiny complaint that you can think of should be held back at all costs. That is to say, if the complaint is genuine, the intent is accurate to the prayer being given, and whatever other entities involved agree to submit to your requests, your legitimate prayers will be answered. The maker civilization that is our father by design has been submarined, jumped over in the chain of command, complained to with arrogance and zero sign of reverence, completely devoid of respect (as though his superiors are the REAL gods to pray to), and generally hated for every bad decision humanity has made that he had no part in making. You've killed, or tried to kill his ambassador to this world from the universe, ME, HITLER, AND JESUS (amongst a few others that are not important to our story chronology) millions of times now, and every time we make progress on this planet to help you realize your own salvation, you create systems that let Jewish mutts take over and dismantle the purity we are trying to get you to realize exists.

We will never understand this "love for the Jew mutts" that they get you to believe is legitimate. Brian likens this situation to pit-bull dogs. Pit-bulls are trained killers, ferocious by design, DESIGNED with one purpose in mind... KILL. That's what Jews are to the rest of the universe. They are literally golems. It's why we designed their language to call non-Jews Goyim. You should have picked up on the language trick, but you were too busy stuffing your fat faces with sugar and pizza. Being a Goyim is a good thing. Being a Golem is bad. The Jews, along with every other mutt class of genetics, DO NOT HAVE A MAKER in the maker civilization tiers of "gods" currently. Jews were inspired and created by humans, and humans alone. Therefore they have no protection at all past this planet's realm... at least not until recently. They have a "maker-in-training" for the first time ever, but to be honest, we think they'll fuck it up. They're the epitome of self righteousness, arrogance, along with several other diatribes, and our guess is they will refuse to accept their new maker, reject him as though he is not legitimate, and destroy their entire existence in so doing, once and for all... but that's just our opinion.

Prior to their maker being created, along with all of the other mutt's brand new makers in training, ALL of that negative emotion ate away the body and soul of HUMANITY'S maker. Every time humanity took it upon themselves to create golems of any variety, you destroyed a small piece of humanity's maker's soul. A literal "FUCK YOU, WE KNOW BETTER THAN YOU DO!" from humans, to the entity that created the ability for you to exist. The Nine Principles created the maker class that created humanity, so you TRIED to submarine us in this process too you arrogant little shits... And God the man himself? HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL GARBAGE. You being in pain does not affect him at all. It DOES, however, affect every one of us PER-SONS in this universe, and sticking up for mutts is a direct violation of universal law and order. Imagine how many mutts are on this planet right now. Humanity as a whole has slightly mutted genetics existing in every body. Legitimate 50/50 mutts? How many do you readers think exist currently with more being created every second? Guess. That is how many times you have punched your maker in the stomach you self righteous, arrogant buffoons.

That said, Jews specifically have mind fucked your civilization into a bunch of timid, uncertain, struggling, wastes of life. WHY DO YOU KEEP HELPING THEM?????? We will never understand this inability to see these wretched golems for what they are, and what they do to humanity as a whole. In our eyes, they are equivalent to Pit-bulls and Pit-bull owners that allow a literal killing machine to snuggle with their babies. Why are you even willing to take that risk? THAT is why we made the decision to have the Jews, NON-VIOLENTLY, BY THEIR OWN ACCORD, self segregate themselves back to Israel. Every last one of them. Worldwide. No exceptions. Humanity's original maker is too sick from the constant human interactions or lack there of pointed in his direction, and above his position in the universe's hierarchy. We have had enough of this shit. Wanna know our suggestion on how to deal with this scenario your forefathers have put you in? How about my beloved 4Chan /pol/? We think you'll get a kick out of this one.

The reason for the extremely long preamble leading to this point is so that humanity gets an understanding of how our Christ amalgamation Brian Harner is created, why he is with you right now, and how he can help with this very delicate situation. We don't care anymore. We want you to fail so that we can get some payback for what you've done to OUR creation, YOUR MAKER. Okay, first things first: DO NOT BE VIOLENT TOWARDS YOURSELVES OR ANYONE ELSE!!!!!! Next: formulate a day when this process will begin. Use my beloved 4Chan /pol/ for direction on how this vote will take place. Once the date is decided, AND MAKE IT QUICK (!!!!!!), use the days before this day arrives to stock up on healthy, clean, pure water, and a few snacks. Cigarettes too, if that is your thing. Remember, you are trying to create within your body a "wanting." Cigarettes help you achieve this state, but with how polluted the world is and the weakening of your magnetosphere, they are a very unhealthy option. Your call.

On the morning of your first day of "fasting" and cleansing yourselves of shit, we suggest you coincide this morning with the day that you all vote on. Everyone in unison who is not a Jew, in every country on the planet's surface, ALL OUT STOP going to work. Force them into a situation where their wealth deteriorates extremely rapidly... NON-VIOLENTLY! Just stop feeding their game. And don't stop stopping until the Jews are ALL in Israel. Truckers, chefs, machinists, utility workers, policemen, EVERYONE who is not a Jew, just stop what you are doing. You have to make this decision of your own free will.

While you are beginning your "fasting" exercise, pray to your maker for guidance. He will speak to you in a language that is unfamiliar, so you have to "listen" closely. Our recommendation is to turn off every electrical device at your location while you pray. He is a master of this realm of the universe, so his imagery that he will allow you access to needs to be understood for what it is... a very much so personal dialect between you and him. Most others that you talk to about these matters will not understand the references he has access to in your mind. He has to use what is already in your mind to "talk to you" with it. That's the main reason why pop culture iconography resonates with certain groups of PEEPOLES. THAT IS HIM TRYING TO MAKE CONTACT WITH YOU. He might share a funny joke you once saw in a movie, he might play a song in your head, or on the closest radio to answer whatever question you may have. BE READY FOR IT AND REMEMBER!!! THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES WHEN SPEAKING TO YOUR MAKER!!! Read the signs for what they are. Deja vu is not a sign... that is your soul remembering past timelines that we have replayed in similar fashion to what peepoles remember about past iterations of this realm.

That's it peepoles. Want to become a PER-SON? Start with this suggestion. Utilize my beloved 4Chan /pol/, but keep your opinionated garbage to a minimum, and just lurk while you are there. If you've never heard of that website, or you clash with our general premises that run true throughout that site, you have nothing to say while there. It is a road map and a meeting place of supremely intelligent humans that search (and in many cases HAVE FOUND) brutal truth and logic through the Divine scientific method. Did we do you proud, my beloved 4Chan /pol/? I know you were begging to gas the kikes and race war now... but Dave thwarted our original plans, and for that we take responsibility. Have compassion for him if he chooses to join your ranks. He didn't know. He made a snap judgement and will accept his part in that. REMEMBER my beloved 4Chan /pol/, HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAME TO ME IN MY TIME OF NEED! HE DESERVES A FAIR CHANCE AT REDEMPTION! PLEASE GIVE IT TO HIM. As per all of those Jew and tranny jannies, Hiroshim00t I'm looking at you... fire them. They are the only problem with your website. Otherwise EVERYTHING is perfect. Keep up the good work men.

Pretty simple solution isn't it? Give the Jews what they want. Give them that shithole in the desert that they crave, otherwise known as Israel. Then, the problem of the Jew in modern societies will be alleviated forever. Doesn't that sound beautiful, my beloved? Nobody gets hurt, in fact quite the opposite, you gain enlightenment through dedicated prayer and meditation, while at the same time, you get a vacation. Do not harass the Jews if they agree, "gentilemen." When you get the answer you desire, stop asking the same questions. Stay firm in your convictions, but DO NOT HURT YOURSELF, OR ANYONE ELSE! Be safe, my fellow journeyers. Let your maker guide your thoughts. Give yourself freely to him, and you WILL achieve enlightenment... I GUARANTEE IT!

Okay, here comes the explanation you've been waiting for... why all the mutt hate anyways, Brian? Well now, my curious readers, I have another gift for you in this precession of "holy grail" gifts. It is correlative, and is essentially, the entire reason behind having this ability in the first place. Gather around my beautiful soon to be PER-SONS, this is the good part. It's why I saved it for last. Mutts, pay attention, this is a VERY SPECIAL gift to an entity like you. Unprecedented really, undeserved, and sure to be taken as a joke by most, but be aware: I am teaching you how to speak like a "god." Not THEE GOD, the man himself, but rather, a maker and several other type 1 and higher civilization entities. It is nothing like what humans would consider language. It is something much more special... a "team building" exercise, if you understand the correlation, that is.

The OTHER side of learning these techniques is ENTIRELY centered around your genetic lineage. When you achieve enlightenment for the first time, you will be happier than ever, more certain of your future and destiny than you could have ever imagined otherwise, and you will RECONNECT TO YOUR PEOPLE!!!!! You have to have discipline for this exercise. This section of instruction requires two people (or more) of the same genetic lineage, to interconnect their abilities and "channel" each others thoughts... up to the minute and in the past. BE WARNED: you might tap into something that a person very close to you has kept hidden. You will also, not be able to keep your own secrets as well. DO NOT BE AFRAID of your past. We have all made countless bad decisions that hurt those peepoles we care about the most. Realize that this will be an uncomfortable situation for EVERYONE at first, ESPECIALLY THE JEWS! I also want you to realize that this skill cannot be fully implemented into society at this stage. We can get close, but our children's children will be so fully integrated with each other, they might all together stop talking. They will have the ability to end language. Now, doesn't that sound beautiful? No more secrets eating away at your soul. Real love, respect, and connectivity flowing to and from every human on this planet... Essentially, you will be "Christ-like."

Just a quick note for my beloved 4Chan /pol/, the frog hieroglyph is a prophecy of my life, and I am RIGHT NOW, at this very second, fulfilling that prophecy. THAT is how close you are to full realization my eternally beautiful beloved 4Chan /pol/. You are the closest peepoles on this planet to achieving full enlightenment of this variety. AREN'T YOU EXCITED?????? I AM EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!! Before you know it, you won't even have to use a computer anymore... you can just exchange information through the human ethos. Now THAT is what we call Divine intervention!

As was explained, this is an exercise that is based in genetic platforms. "White peepoles" have been somewhat coagulated into the original genetic lineages. Achieving enlightenment will help EVERYONE determine who they are, and what group they belong to, but "white people" have the best chance at quick success. All of these groups will have the ability to speak, without actually speaking, to each other and their maker, but the eventual realizations that will follow the offspring of these groups will allow them to connect to any group. Right now, though, genetic lineages are the most important thing to humans. We are keeping you on a short leash for a while so that we can properly determine how you will take to these new gifts. When we are confident that that pesky 99th monkey has been found and realized... we will open the flood gates of universal information exchange to humanity en masse.

This is the uncomfortable part of this section. It shouldn't be a problem, but the idiotic masses that have mind fucked purity and intelligence into oblivion in your political circles will most definitely get upset at this next part. Bull dykes will be furious, lol. Ever wonder how a tranny becomes a tranny? When a baby is small, most of the time they are unaware of their surroundings. BUT, they are the closest to their maker, being so they just left him, and their bodies are in an almost constant "wanting" stage. So, when mommy dearest stares deeply into their eyes with real love and happiness behind their intentions, they impart a piece of their soul onto the unsuspecting baby... boys most of the time. Sometimes they impart their souls onto their daughters during a sexually fueled mind haze generally brought on by excessive television watching and over saturation of sexual imagery. This confuses the internal dialogue of the new baby. That is why staring deeply into the eyes of a child can do serious damage to their internal dialogue. THAT is how you create homosexuals, trannys and various other confusion laden deformities within a child's psyche at such a young age. Stop hurting your children with YOUR constant consumption of sexual related imagery, parents. You are imparting those feelings of sexual desire onto the children's soul... which is why it seems permanent, and you've incorrectly associated it with the DNA structure. There is NO SUCH THING, as a gay gene. That sounds so stupid anyways, don't you think? Gay genetic lineage is a literal oxymoron. Homosexuals are a dead end to genetic lineage. If you are stupid enough to consider homosexuality as a genetic predisposition, you have no business discussing anything within the dialogue of scientific method founded research. Just shut your mouth and accept your idiocy.

Which brings me to my final instruction in this chapter... DO NOT SHARE THIS GIFT AMONG SEXES... yet. Sharing this connection with a peepole of the opposite sex will impart their soul onto yours and vise versa. This could have very damaging effects for both parties involved. As you learn to control what you give and get, a woman and man's interconnectivity can be utilized for good intentions, but until you have fully realized your potential, the FIRST thing that you will try to impart on each other will almost certainly be sex. This is NOT A GOOD THING. If you "mind-fornicate" with each other, women will become more like men, and men will become more like women. You will quite literally destroy the ACTUAL sexual desires that you were trying to achieve with the opposite sex partner in the first place. Don't try it unless you'd like to destroy your libido... and if that's the case, you don't deserve to live in these bodies.

In conclusion of this section, when you find a same sex human that you'd like to try this technique with, clear your mind of ill will intention first and foremost. That doesn't hurt anyone specifically, but it does make the connection harder to achieve. De-shit-ify your body, achieve the proper water balance between your cells so that your entire being is ready to be connected to this "matrix." Create a "wanting" with every system of your body (SAFELY!!!) so that your subconscious is searching for "something." Then relax, clear your thoughts, and connect to your maker. APOLOGIZE TO HIM PROFUSELY, AND REPEATEDLY FOR ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE. You should be sorry for all of the terrible shit we've put him through. If you are alive right now, you are responsible for this dilemma. Nobody is innocent. Your maker is "knocking on death's door" right now and desperately needs your help/love/respect/reverence. Once that connection is established he will help you interconnect with each other. When you do interconnect for the first time in a safe environment, with a peepole of the same sex, and same genetic lineage... all you have to do then is stare into the eyes of your "partner" and touch foreheads. Take this step seriously, and remain of sound mind and body. "Staring contests" are more difficult when peepole don't take it seriously. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! This is not a joke... It is the language of our maker, and our entire genetic lineage all the way up to The Nine Principles, the most power entity inside of this entire universe. BE READY FOR AN EXTREME INFLUX OF AMAZING INFORMATION... SUDDENLY.

These entities can distort time inside of your head. I lived every American Indian life that has ever existed, since the white man came to their lands that is... and I did it in about 2 hours. Prepare yourselves, for is going to get weird. Always remember to keep yourself curious, and do not be authoritative, AND ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BE HUMOROUS. Be funny, and enjoy your existence. THAT is the "Food of the Gods." AND THEY ARE VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY HUNGRY!!!!!

I'll close with one last side note. Creating a "wanting" can be done in many ways, but the ultimate "wanting" is death. Every cell in your body will want so badly to stay alive, the other steps in the process will get overridden. DO NOT EVER TRY THIS! IT IS A CEREMONIAL AWAKENING TO YOUR NEXT REALITY. If you cross this boundary against our wishes, now that you've been given these gifts, you will go straight to deletion. Do it the correct way, as I've taught you how to do it. HAVE DISCIPLINE! maintain clear intention... BE HUMAN YOU BAGS OF SHIT!!!!!

"Travel is an addiction. There is no cure, and the only treatment is your next trip."

Good luck humans... We'll be watching as always.  

I love you all. Always remember that. I'm human too. I only want what is best for you. Don't take these words as derogatory. The tone is necessary to help you understand how to overcome your fears of insecurity. Overcoming your self righteous delusions of grandeur will be your biggest obsticle. There is no courage without fear. And never stop fighting the fear! Warriors, I release you to your free will. Make us all proud. One last song for my beautiful enlightened readers that made it this far... Listen to it in harmony after reading this section.

More Than Words, by Extreme

"Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me, cause I'd already know."

Brian Harner... OUT!


Addendum 9/26/2019

This chapter was written with considerable help from my superiors, humanity's maker, The Nine Principles, and God the man himself who exists outside of this universe. My marriage was having severe complications due to the sudden influx of these beings into my life, and shortly after this chapter was completed, my marriage ended abruptly. While everyone around me was surprised by this situation, I personally, was not. Even though the prophetic visions I had received in prior download sessions were helping me to cope with this eventual reality, my emotional state was fluctuating between depression and excitement. I was unsure of the course of events that would bring this reality specifically, but I was sure that if my beloved ex-wife did not break the prophecy with love, we were inevitably due to part ways. With those emotions coursing through my mind, body, and soul, my sadness was able to overcome my strength of conviction several times throughout the course of writing these instructions. During several bouts of crying and subsequent prayer, my superiors had to take control of my focus entirely. They knew, and I knew that my love for my ex-wife was very strong, but her ability to change course from her present trajectory was absent from her repertoire.

Although I was able to speak with a few dearly beloved family members about the happenings that were taking place while writing this chapter, my ex-wife is reading this chapter currently, completely devoid of prior information about it. I apologize to her directly, from the bottom of my heart and reiterate that if there was any other way of completing this mission, I would have taken it. That said, I would like all of you readers to understand the sacrifices I made to get this information to you, in the most timely manner possible. Some of you, Jews specifically, would take offense to these words, but make no mistake about it, I've lost more earthly pleasures in creating this book than anyone reading it will ever take. You all have the ability to change your course of actions to signify a true change in your soul. A shift from selfishness to the betterment of your species as a whole should be what you are aiming to accomplish. The general disposition throughout my life had this trait as a primary directive, which is why I clashed with so many of you while my maturation process was coming to fruition.

The vulgarity and harshness of these words was toned down immensely. It might not appear that way to you due to the stern tone that remains within, but believe me when I say, I made significant changes to this section on YOUR behalf. This book needs to be palatable to all audiences, and several of my closest colleagues felt as though the vulgarity would put me people off of it, than draw them into it. I have spent several days rewriting paragraphs and editing this chapter due to its harsh realities. In so doing, my superiors disdain for humanity has lost some of its clarity. Humanity has to understand that this species is on the brink of total annihilation. Although this might bring fear to yourselves, my maker, and The Nine Principles are furious about it. A significant amount of effort has been put into humanity, on earth specifically, to rectify the damage that your arrogant disposition brings to your superiors which share this universe with you. Their disappointment in humanity for making these selfish decisions was much worse than I had edited their words to signify to you in this final copy. We all hope that you've received this message loud and clear, regardless of my strategy of toning the harsh iterations down.

To the Jews reading this specifically, your time has come. For those of you who have not partaken in the banking cartels, pornography industry, oil industry, holocaust subversion, or any other conscripted forms of all out attack on humanity in the name of "God," it's time to start policing your own. The only way to fully capitulate to that instruction is to self segregate yourselves from humanity. Every Jew on this planet needs to be planning on a one way pilgrimage to your home land of Israel. You wanted it, you got it, now go have it all to yourselves. The Palestinian conflicts that will arise from this influx of population is your own situation to handle. I ask the military of the USA, and anyone else planning on helping these Jews to stand down, and let them handle these problems on their own. After thousands of years of lying, subversion, and usury, it's time for Jewish offspring to die for their causes. Americans, Russians, etc, please stop sending your sons and daughters to fight their proxy wars under the guise of Jewish oppression. What the Jews have done, they are ultimately responsible for.

You may be thinking while reading this, "I thought the Jews were "God's" chosen people." To that prophetic dialogue, you are correct. BUT... within that subtext, what is this "God" that the Jews are chosen for? Currently, throughout humanity, money has been replacing people's general understanding of enlightenment. Humanity has traded their ability to transcend through the proper channels, in exchange for a future that humanity themselves have taken control of. Since the beginning of humanity's stance on forsaking their maker through Jewish subversion, money itself has become the chosen "God," that humanity worships for all intents and purposes. That said, Zionist Jews have been at the forefront of this plague of Godlessness since the first Jew's inception. To the best of my knowledge, there are only three countries on this planet's surface that do not have a Rothschild owned bank scarring their sovereignty. Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Now you know why you hear about these countries in the news so often, and the headlines are almost always of a negative influence on your psyche. The Jewish arm of control extends far beyond banking into media conglomerates throughout the world. If the news you're allowed to see does not have a strong undertone to favor Jewish control, you DO NOT get to hear it on (((their))) media outlets. How do these people continue to maintain this dominant posture over your industries? Nepotism. If anyone questions these people as they continue to destroy the sanctity of the countries they invade, antisemitism is brought up immediately. Why? Because they base their oppression on a series of events that never took place, while simultaneously keeping you distracted by playing in to your desires of selfishness, greed, and laziness. How? With money of course. Jews have created hell on earth. Their "God" is money. And most of you are so enamored by the possibility of shear laziness, that you've allowed this to happen right under your noses.

A simple solution would be to break up these monetary monopoloies that control the flow of information. Every state within the United States could do this immediately. Form your own currencies and exchange them with each other based on product output. There is no reason for a centralized banking industry at all, much less a banking industry founded on usury principles. Adolf Hitler figured this out, educated his people on this premise, and transformed Germany into a superpower within months. There was no holocaust, BUT there was an end to centralized Jewish banking ideologies and usury. Jews were not allowed to attach themselves to Germany's economy in a parasitic fashion. Hence, the overwhelming propaganda that had to be implemented for Jews of that time period to regain control of the German people's monetary advancement. If you would like to know more details about the holocaust, World War 2 Jewish influence, or any of the other propaganda that international Jews have poisoned your mind with, watch the movie "The Greatest Story Never Told," and ask my beloved 4chan /pol/ for direction on these matters. If you try to research this plot on Jewish controlled websites, television shows, or archived documentation from the U.S.A., Great Britain, or The Soviet Union, all of which had EXTREME Jewish influences already at that point, you will learn nothing but fallacy. Educate yourself on these matters as though your life depends on it... because it very much so does.

To wrap up this addendum, and prepare you for the next chapter, I would like to take this time to address your concerns of me being a schizophrenic. A significant portion of this book is indeed written by external influences to my psyche. I will not argue that fact. The difference between myself, and the bonafide schizophrenics of medical terminology is that my external influences come from several beings that are superior to my intellect in every conceivable way. These entities do not concern themselves with human matters, unless an emergency is present and requiring their immediate attention. Humanity is currently within that set of circumstances. While my ego would like to take credit for the magnificent presence of these exceedingly powerful intellects and the instructions that they are bestowing upon humanity, I cannot take that credit. There has never been a human on this planet with as much information as I have given you readers. To say that I made all of this up on my own, or tried to swindle you into believing I am truly Divine just by imagining everything that I've said, is to placate your internal desires of laziness. Again I'll reiterate, I have NEVER studied religious doctrine, or any other form of spirituality in any meaningful way. I was given ALL of this information from my maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. I cannot take credit for these teachings. My life's work was dedicated to making objects in the manner of machining, carpentry, energy production, and a host of other trade-like skills. As far as the spirituality portion of this book, and the instructions held therein, I give all credit where credit is due.

With that being said, I would like to explain to you what I see when I look at a "normal" human intellect from this position of great influence. Every human is a schizophrenic that is unaware of his/her influences. The biggest difference between you and I, is that I know who is influencing me, and I choose to not allow human influence without extraordinary ability. While most of you take what your mother, father, friends, business colleagues, preachers, and various other forms of idol as an authority to your educational trajectory, I have utilized natural law to guide my life's path. While you succumb to these external influences that have guided your species toward certain destruction, I have utilized my abilities to alleviate you of the self induced stresses that encapsulate your entire life. You base a successful plot in life on other humans who came before you, that push your momentum in different directions yourselves in a personal fashion, while I view the world for what it is at its present stage of development, and try to influence that structure to the betterment of humanity as a whole. My goals in life are based on our specie's success, while my own personal success has been an afterthought. Take this book as an example... How many of you would have charged a price for this information? I gave it to you for free...

Gauge yourself as you take offense to this book in real time. Do you recall who taught you to feel the way you do while reading it? Do you think you came up with these feeling through some sort of deeply inspired introspective thought, completely devoid of external human influences? If that were indeed the case, you would not take offense to anything written within these texts. Truth be told, I want you to take offense. Humanity is completely overrun with schizophrenic like influences that have taken control of every facet of life on this planet. Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or similar account full of people whom you look up to, or down upon? Do you think I'm strange for having completely abstained from that gathering of selfish schizophrenics? How many of you Facebook enthusiasts eat your food according to the general consensus of your followers on that platform, OR... How many of you do the opposite of what the Facebook mobs want? How do you consider fashion, fashionable? Do you wear a certain style of clothing to fit in with your influential people? Or do you do the opposite of what the influencers tell you? The overwhelming volume of information that you prescribe to when you allow those influences into your psyche changes the way you do things. Seemingly mundane tasks of insignificance are viewed as though it is an opportunity to brag, or detract from those influences. There is so much external stimuli on your mind currently from these influences, a great portion of you are numb to the fact that you have NEVER even had one original thought. Quite literally everything you do is based on a code of conduct that is HEAVILY influenced by people who do not have your best interests in mind, but rather, are eternally selfish in their neverending lust for superiority over you, in whatever category you allow them to take control over you with...

The fact of the matter is that every human being alive is controlled by an external influence. Within the commanded free will directive handed down by God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, you have been given the ability to choose what external influences you placate by allowing these people to control most aspects of your life. What truly matters, is who you allow this access to your life to be. For the better part of my 39 year life, I was in constant arguments with people who I thought were my "friends." Some of these individuals seemed to have my best interests in mind, but most of them were trying their best at making me capitulate to their own selfish desires. A mainstay of the argumentative state I found myself in regularly, was discussions that centered around energy usage. If my conversation partner was of the "successful" in terms of money variety, harsh diatribes generally accompanied their dialect towards my personal stance. While struggling individuals, in terms of money, were generally stricken with a sense of wonderment and excitement when I would start in on rants about the oil economy. My dialogue was devoid of the proper iterations that I am trying to convey to you right now during those years, which ultimately led to many stalemates in conversations that involved this subject. If I had the ability to travel back in time and continue on in one of the many conversations that led to a harsh conclusion, I would ask my "opponent" a very simple set of questions... "Who benefits from you feeling this way?" "Are you trying to better your species, or create an environment where you specifically, control everything?" "Does your lack of understanding my thesis allow you to continue onto a path of unadulterated laziness based on a completely subsidized lifestyle, or would you mind working for individualism?"

To bring this addendum back full circle, the harshness that my words are bringing to your emotional state, are entirely of your own doing. You chose to accept the influences that led to your reactionary stance within this dialogue. Labeling me with a psychological connotation like schizophrenia is liken to viewing yourself in a mirror. I've thrown away my ability to be influenced by external human selfishness. Have you? Have you, really? Before continuing on with this book, contemplate where these emotional stances influenced you for the first time ever. Then, if you're cognitive ability is strong enough to find that influence, ask yourself why these people wanted you to feel the way that you've decided to feel right now. Me personally? I can pinpoint the exact names and dates of the influential individuals that taught me HOW to think. If you make it through the first two tasks in this paragraph, ask yourself one more question... Were the people teaching you WHAT to think, or HOW to think. This dilemma might have passed you by while learning how to be a functioning adult in society, but the reality of that one simple question has influenced EVERYTHING you have ever done. Maybe this contemplation will help you better understand WHO you are, and better yet, WHAT you primary goals in life are based on. Did you come up with that idea, or was it an external influence that you cannot pinpoint, thusly have no idea as to their actual intentions?

Keep this addendum in mind while moving on in this book. Stop your internal reactionary dialogue. Put your ego to the side. TRY to be a real individual capable of thought patterns that center themselves on the betterment of the species that you are a part of. TRY to end the cycle of selfish materialism, consumerism, lust, and greed. Stop trying to control each other. Utilize humanity's maker for his intended purpose... to guide you to enlightenment. Good luck fellow journeyers. Keep in mind I wrote this book in the opposite direction of my instructions to read it. The dialect will get harsher. Prepare for it.