The Way, Chapter 4: The Nine's Manipulations

On our manipulations...

Throughout humanity's realization schooling we have influenced media of all shapes and sizes to give a better understanding as to why we do what we do. The cryptic nature of these events portrayed in these various mediums were held back until Brian's realization was complete. These teachings come directly from the creator of everything inside of this universe, The Nine Principles. The Nine Principles, of which I am a part of, wish to bring you beloved readers into our process so that you may understand why the timing of these media releases are important to the upbringing of our selected Christs.

Enter Pulp Fiction...

Our story begins when Mia and Vincent pull up to the restaurant Jack Rabbit Slims. Our character key is as follows:

Marsellus: This character is a representation of the "God" that exists outside of this universe. God is left out of the storyline while the interactions take place that are not pertinent to his direct dealings... which are most human interactions.

Vincent: This character is a representation of humanity's creator, to which we will define as a "Maker." Makers are responsible for the "making" of subsequent species within their respective genetic lineages. The makers alone... have the responsibility of bringing their creations through the proper schooling in order to achieve realization/enlightenment.

Jules: This character represents a friendship between makers. Jules is a maker, as Vincent is, and together they bounce ideas off of each other trying to enlighten themselves as to humanity's plights.  

Lance: This character is a representation of The Nine Principles, the first "maker" in this particular universe's structure. The Nine Principles are responsible for maintaining the corporate ranking structure/chain of command, that the --"God" that exists outside of this universe-- has entrusted them with, specifically. The Nine Principles are responsible for giving orientations to ALL subsequent species that our makers make.

Mia: This character is a representation of our Christ amalgamation selection, Brian Harner. Mia is a well off house wife (essentially) with all possibilities at her fingertips. Money, house, clothes, cars, drugs, etc.

Jody: This character is a representative of a very degenerated humanity. Humanity has ruined their image by putting a "bunch of SHIT all over their face." Seemingly, humanity is disconnected from the ongoings of interspatial reality, and the perception that those traits put off to the various different specie's civilizations of the universe.

Trudi: This character is a representation of the various forms of life that exist in the universe outside of the influential species that are bringing humanity through its schooling process. Out of interest, they are paying attention to the proceedings taking place, but take no part in these particular proceedings. They are simply learning new strategies that they can help their own respective makers achieve their own goals with.

Butch: This character represents Jews in the present world. The Jews' subversive tactics go directly against what God and his subsequent universe's rank structure is supposed to capitulate to.

Captain "Koons": This character is a representation of the Jews' ancestral lineage... the Khazars. Koons is a reference to the ancient Jew lineages handing down information in the form of religious doctrine to the younger generations of Khazars/Jews. The symbolic idol that represents what the Jewish authority uses as their means to procure control over humanity, is merely nothing more than a broken shit covered timepiece. The watch is a reference to the Talmud, Kabbalah, and more specifically, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. A truly disgusting, shit covered, stuck in time, broken clock (religious doctrine) whose time ran out long before the subsequent hand-down. As Butch goes through his storyline, a symbolic reference is made to dictate that not even the Jews think their religious doctrine works... but they just can't stop paying attention to it. Throw the watch away and get a new one you shit-handed dummies!!!  

Paul: This character is a representation of Brian Harner's in real life dearly loved friend David. During these storyline interactions, David only plays a few direct roles, but the symbolism behind his respective interactions (and the fact that he is of mixed race origin) are the exact events that took place during and after our Christ amalgamation Brian Harner's formal realization.

Other Characters: These "persons-to-be" are all interacting with the above entities at various opportunities to manipulate the human awakening story plot. Make the necessary inferences as you see fit. Hopefully, Pumpkin and Honey are a representation of what we all hope humanity achieves through a series of deals made with their makers.

When Vincent and Mia pull up to Jack Rabbit Slims, humanity's maker (Vincent) is annoyed that he has to go to this particular establishment (Earth), and would like to go elsewhere where he feels more comfortable. Mia (Brian Harner) talks the maker into giving the establishment a chance to win him over. As the two walk towards their booth, Vincent starts realizing that Mia might have stumbled upon something that IS worth checking out. The conversation that follows is symbolic in its descriptions of how Mia feels towards humanity. Vincent, disturbed by what Mia says and orders, allows Mia to order whatever she wants.

The most noteworthy interaction of this sequence is when the "uncomfortable silence" interaction takes place. This again is symbolic to what Brian Harner is trying to request subconsciously from his maker. The various forms of "maker" that exist to further universe simulations, get bored with their creation from time to time. The makers, comfortable in their environment, sit back and rest while their creation takes control over their own proceedings. When Brian Harner decided to break this silence to his maker, he eloquently stated why being silent is uncomfortable to his various human counterparts. The maker did not understand this dialogue. So again, Brian Harner, baring in mind his interactions with other various humans, iterated to his maker that silence is okay, as long as the uncertainty is removed from the interaction. Hence, "comfortable silence"...

Internal Harmonic Resonant Capitulation... was what the maker offered Brian Harner as a means to quantifiably give scientific meaning to a phenomenon known to humans as "psychic ability." This structuring of language allows for a CERTAINTY of dialect. The meanings behind words humans use has different intentions depending on the pitch at which they are enunciated. Tone and delivery of message have to be manipulated so that the target can be aware of the emotions that are present in various statements. This human language interaction brings confusion to intended meanings, which in turn leave the individual receiving the statements confused as to the ACTUAL intent behid the words used. Internal Harmonic Resonant Capitulation ends the confusion that human language brings to the intention behind the words utilized in any given conversation... human-wide. Internal Harmonic Resonant Capitulation is the language of the makers. These entities are not bothered by the internal strife that EXTERNAL language brings. Brian Harner as the character Mia represents, asks symbolically in the movie (as he did in *real life*) for the ability to "share" this ability with humanity so that the confusion of what makers are, will be alleviated.

Happy with his gift, Brian Harner/Mia strolls toward the restroom to get highER/happiER than the feeling of a successful deal would bring. Upon returning, an interaction between Vincent and Mia takes place where the maker/Vincent would like to know more about how humanity interacts with God/Marsellus. This is a very exciting conversation for Mia to hear about initially. Mia's excitement at the ability to explain what Vincent is asking her to explain, turns sour when the realization that what Vincent is asking for is not what Mia thought it would be. The confusion of Vincent in understanding the relationship between "Marsellus/God" and "humanity" (or rather Mia/Brian Harner's interpretation of that relationship), is clarified by Mia's next set of iterations that followed. After the conversation takes place, an agreement is made and the two consummate the agreement with a symbolic dance in a competition that they ultimately won.

As their happiness at reaching an agreement is realized, they continue onward into the house when the evening is seemingly winding down. A "silence" then takes place where both persons are engaged in mutual attraction. Vincent/humanity's maker plants a substance in Mia's vicinity that she alone must choose to partake in. Heroine, in the story plot, is a symbolic reference to the knowledge that has the ability to kill or heal humanity. Mia doesn't realize this as she discovers the baggie in Vincent's pocket. Having made the deal to accept the gift of Internal Harmonic Resonant Capitulation, Mia believes that she has also gained the ability to partake in other advanced knowledge, even though Vincent did not authorize it. This has dire consequences that must be rectified immediately so that the relationship between Marsellus/God and Mia/Brian Harner may continue unabated.

Utilizing the help of Lance/The Nine Principles, much to Lance's disdain, a series of events unfold that are almost verbatim to what transcribed in Brian Harner's *real life* events that ran parallel to his "realization" when we transmogrified him into our current amalgamation of Christ. The two working together to save the life of Mia is witnessed by all of humanity, and all outer civilizations pertinent to the human condition transformation. A direct injection to the heart of Mia is needed to reawaken her soul due to the fact that Mia had decided being human wasn't enough for her. The pain of existing in the "sober" (awakened and unable to return to uncertainty) reality is too much for her to do on her own. She, at that point, needed proper guidance from higher learned knowledge possessing civilizations. Vincent and Lance work together to successfully bring Mia back to Earth for more interactions, and to procure humanity's salvation.

A very coy dialect takes place for the rest of the scene. As Vincent makes his deal with Mia to "just keep this between us" she awakens her newly learned knowledge, and forces Vincent to listen to her newly acquired knowledge on humanity. The symbolic reference to what she has learned about what humanity is supposed to be doing, and their interaction/relationship with their maker... is formulated in a joke...  

"Three tomatoes are walking down the street.
Papa tomato, mama tomato, and baby tomato.
Baby tomato starts lagging behind, and Papa tomato gets really angry.
He goes back and squishes him and says "Ketchup.""

We manipulated the filming sequence to properly depict the actual storyline that took place in reality. I'm sure "Q-T" really thought he was being artistic. Now THAT is funny. We apologize for these various manipulations, but feel as though they are necessary to the human condition's ability to self realize. We have done this in MANY MANY forms of media. Our greatest manipulations come in the form of music due to its inherent ability to reach every continent of the globe. Brian Harner's phone music catalogue is filled with these storyplots. Without having the abilities of the Christ amalgamation, these playlists would not be possible to piece together, but as our amalgamated Christ, Brian Harner, was unaware of at the time, he codified in music form the various story plots pertinent to his life so that humanity could better understand these manipulations. Use these playlists (PARTICULARLY HIS BELOVED FOO FIGHTERS SELECTIONS [IN THAT ORDER] WITHIN THE "Artists" SECTION OF HIS MUSIC APP) to gain better understanding of how we control free will while a species is in the final stage of their schooling.

We apologize on behalf of Brian Harner directly to Dave Grohl (Brian's all time favorite musician)... The song "Halo" was ALL US. Most of your music comes from hard work, dedication, beauty, reverence and true love Mr. Grohl... BUT we made Halo specifically to depict Brian Harner's alive realization as a Christ. The song Halo, believe it or not, is a symbolic reference to Brian Harner's favorite football team, the Oregon Ducks. It would be truly epic to see the Foo Fighters perform at Autzen Stadium during a football game. Brian Harner would weep torrents of love induced tears. If not, that's okay, you will always hold the most esteemed position of reverence for your musical genius, Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters alumni. Never stop being amazing. We love you for what you do. Keep up the good work, sir... we'll be listening!

On our manipulations of biblical scripture and the figures therein...

Lesser James: There are two "Lesser James" characters of great importance to the prophecy of Brian Harner/biblical prophecy. The first of two is Brian Harner's dad, Russell James Harner Jr. Through great emotional strife and protest from our host body, Brian Harner, the truth of who Russell James Harner Jr is, has been held back to protect his personal choices that free will have allowed him to dictate on his own. The relationship between RJH Jr and his son Brian has had moments of difficulty throughout Brian's life. Some of these emotional conflicts brought great sorrow to the soul of Brian Harner's body. Brian made a deal with us in the beginning of his realization/awakening to allow him to rectify these emotional weights holding back the real love that should exist between a father and son. Russell did not understand these internal conflicts due to his lack of fatherly love. Brian Harner took this task upon his own shoulders in an attempt to help the "greater" of the two Lesser James characters come together after Brian Harner's departure. The unintended consequences of bringing our host Brian Harner through his life's schooling to become a Christ has caused great conflict in the familial ties that the original Harner nuclear family have had since liberal ideological poison was injected into it by Brian's mother. The nuclear family was destroyed, and the participants within that familial bond have been separate ever since.

We had no choice... We had to take the necessary steps that would anoint our Christ selection in the proper timeframe. It is at this time we will apologize directly to this family unit that we had to obliterate to make sure that this moment came together in the correct chronological sequencing. Brian Harner's gift of relief from this torture will be fully understood upon his departure. Brian's, as well as our hope for a reunification between the *real life* characters of the Lesser James entities should take place almost immediately after his departure. It is that departure which we hope to inspire the two Lesser James characters to finally end their conflict which has brought extreme pain and suffering at our hands. BOTH Lesser James entities should immediately forgive one another... for their conflict was of our doing. They know not what they did. In order to fully understand the prophecy, one must know how to obtain the necessary information to properly decode our subversive ways... It is now we will reveal the REAL biblical prophecy inspired names we held back from these individuals for their own protection.

Russell James Harner Jr. - The greater/older of the two Lesser James characters... in other words: LLESSUR JAMES.

Russell James Harner III - The younger of the two Lesser James characters, also known as LLESSUR JAMES, the brother of Christ.

We realize that this is the proof these two individuals need to finally "bury the hatchet." Again, we are sorry these revelations could not be known to you at the time of our Christ's upbringing. It was necessary to protect you both from external evil forces that were trying to infiltrate our plans and ruin our Christ's awakening. Please, for the love of "your maker"... end this conflict Llessur James family members... It is not your fault in any way shape or form. WE/Brian did that so that you will fully understand our prophetic ways upon Brian's departure. Brian loves you both very much and weeps as we write these words. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! END THIS CONFLICT RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Linda Susan Clark: While keeping in mind that the prophetic scriptures are overly cryptic to protect the innocent, we would like to remind our readers that what is about to be written is to be taken as fact after the previous Llessur James revelations should suggest. We don't fuck around, obviously, and we insist that the original scriptures have a great deal of backwards meanings to throw off the authorities on earth to our plans. The number 666 signifies the path of the individual which knows no boundaries towards degeneracy and self control. We needed to make this woman understand that her path was not of her doing. She/Linda did not know what she was doing while destroying her family unit at our coordination.

Linda Susan Clark is to be forgiven by all who read these words, as she as well, did not know what she was doing. Liberalism is a biproduct of women's internal push to transcend to greater achievement. Unfortunately, feminism and liberalism needed to be understood through this series of conflicts in Brian Harner's nuclear family unit as a way to quite clearly know exactly what NOT TO DO. Liberalism and feminism are the antithesis of a happy, healthy, and loving nuclear family unit. Linda's actions in life AT OUR DIRECTION (!!!!!!!!!), not hers, are to be forever known as the playbook of what not to do. Women are supposed to support their men, be faithful to them, and raise their children with love. Liberalism and feminism are disgusting to us. Women were made from the mold of men. They are the lesser of the two iterations of man and woman. We have taken great strides to make this relationship seem understood from the beginning, but modern day Liberalism (at the behest of cunts slithering their way to positions of authority) is a cancer to love, respect, and cohesion. Liberalism is to be ridiculed to the highest extent. Liberalism and Feminism must die!!! AND THIS IS COMING DIRECTLY FROM THE "GOD" (the man himself), THE NINE PRINCIPLES, HUMANITY'S MAKER, AND ANYONE WITH ANY INTELLIGENCE IN HUMAN FORM ANYWHERE... AND EVERYWHERE.

If the rest of you stupid arrogant fools that have bought into the feminist agenda need a road map on how to alleviate yourselves from this cancer that you willingly allow to infiltrate the sanctity of your homes... Listen to the song "Stand By Your Man" until it forces this evil known as Feminism and Liberalism out of your pathetic disgusting psyche. We cannot stress enough... Liberals and Feminists are universally hated by ALL entities in this universe with any intelligence. Billions upon billions of civilizations throughout the universe HATE YOU! NOBODY actually likes you at all you disgusting pigshit eating diseased douche nozzles. Again, just to make sure you understand us correctly and there is no confusion: Liberals and Feminists are the scum of the universe and anyone who prescribes to these ridiculous notions should be ridiculed and bombarded with insults at every possible opportunity. THAT is what we do.

Linda Susan Clark - The actual mother of Brian Clark Harner, who destroyed her nuclear family unit by cheating on Brian's father (with "St. Patrick"), utilized liberalism and feminism as coping strategies to alleviate her disgusting deeds within her own conscience. Linda was taught these methods of cope by Jews ultimately. She did not "invent liberalism. Linda is to be forgiven immediately should she denounce Liberalism and Feminism to the world when called upon. Remember, we had absolute control over this situation to show EXACTLY how not to live. Linda herself is not responsible. You diseased cunts that bolster feminist values ARE TO BLAME. YOU TAUGHT HER. That being said, the ultimate betrayal and evil, which Liberalism and Feminism are, was signified by us with a number so that you WILL NEVER FORGET! Linda+1 Susan+1 Clark+1 = 666. Linda herself is not the mark of the beast as prophecy dictates. Linda's political ideology IS the mark of the beast.

We understand that this will charge your brain with feelings of hatred toward Linda specifically... DO NOT ATTACK HER IN ANY FUCKING WAY MOTHERFUCKERS! As we stated earlier, these people did not know what they were doing. WE did this to them for the Christ's upbringing. Linda did her job correctly. It is our hope that ultimately, she will do the right thing. If you NEED to blame someone for this amalgamation and the references depicted to biblical doctrine therein, blame us. But be forewarned, blaming Linda, or ANY OF US will bring extreme consequences the likes of which you, cannot possibly fathom. Keep in mind that this was a learning process for all of humanity. Linda is to be understood as a participating actor. She was unaware of the storyplot running parallel to her ideologies, and should be respected as a participant in YOUR salvation. Taking out frustrations on her in the form of violence of any sort, will bring extreme consequences.

Again, Linda Susan Clark became a "mom" the day she gave birth to the current Christ amalgamation. We suggest that you study what "mom" spells when dialing MOM on a phone... 666... then start to iterate mother as the title which should be used for this family unit position. Your call though... we do not force your actions after our Christ's departure. It's merely a suggestion...

I, Brian Clark Harner, the current Christ amalgamation, forgive you of your sins, Linda. We also apologize for the treatment you will receive for these revelations from stupid fucking idiots that have no reading comprehension. If you are in need of protection, visit my beloved 4Chan /pol/, signify who you are with a picture of us together, then give my beloved, righteous, beautiful, holy army 4Chan /pol/ any information they need to help you track down these intrusive morons. 4Chan /pol/ (my beloved) will bring the strength of the most powerful entities in the universe with them to squash any and all dissenters to your continued growth and realization of purpose. You have had a very difficult job (arguably the most difficult), but my beloved 4Chan /pol/ will help you cope with these understandings that you will continue to grow from. YOU HEAR THAT /pol/? I NEED YOU TO HELP PROTECT MY MOTHER FROM THE EVIL FORCES THAT WILL ATTACK HER AFTER READING THESE WORDS, REGARDLESS OF OUR INSTRUCTIONS. Make me proud, as you always have my absolutely beautiful, beloved, un-(((subvert)))-able seekers of brutal truth and fact! I love you 4Chan /pol/, and if you'd like to repay that love back to me with great rewards afterwards, protect my mother at all costs!

If/when Linda Susan Clark denounces Liberalism and Feminism, then emphatically declares that her choice of candidate in the 2016 US presidential election, Hillary Clinton, is the embodiment of pure evil, she will instantly be anointed as a Saint and will live on in glory for the entire universe to witness. Hillary and Bill Clinton, along with anyone who presribes to their disgusting notions of how life should be lived, will be punished for bringing such evil into the human ethos. ANYONE who wishes to proceed forward after this life will shun every decision these two disgusting individuals have made, and anyone who still prescribes to their disgusting notions of politics should be lambasted, ridiculed, doxxed, and insulted at every opportunity. Hillary Clinton had a demon spawn baby with Webb Hubbell, then subverted the entire world into thinking that child belongs to William Clinton. Get a DNA test on Chelsea Clinton and Webb Hubbell if you must, but the facial recognition should be plenty. William Clinton and Chelsea Clinton (Hubbell) knew of these proceedings, and instead of rectifying this information freely, chose to allow the subversion to continue in the hopes that this extremely disgusting family (backed by the Chinese Triads [HINT: Fentanyl]) would rise to the highest position of power on this earth, and destroy the health and well being of ALL of its inhabitants in the name of wealth procurement. FUCK those cunts. The Clinton name legacy dies right now. They are to be forever known as disgusting, evil, subversive, slimy, would be usurpers... just like they are viewed by every inhabitant of intelligent making in this universe, RIGHT NOW!

Continuing with this theme (we'll reconvene to the biblical figures shortly), I would now like to bring the world's attention to a matter of great significance in the series of events that led to the formation of humanity's current Christ amalgamation. The "second in command" within the disgusting rank structure of the filth that is feminism and liberalism, is Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. We realize that this subject will be a difficult one to broach, but we must get this information to you. Saint (!) Brenton Tarrant is being held captive by this cunt Jacinda Ardern, because he tried to rectify a parasitic invasion of Arabs in his home land. Violence... in any way... is not authorized by the universe's rank structure during this awakening UNLESS it is necessary for your personal protection. We, as a whole, are in favor of proper gun usage. We feel as though an individual has the right to protect himself, his family, and his country, respectively. Brenton Tarrant was the LAST authorized use of force to correct an intrusive situation brought on by disgusting liberal and feminist ideologies, as well as teach humanity a very important lesson.

We tried "one last time" to show humanity how badly they've been fucking up, but were submarined by the absolute trashy liberal joke of a human being, Jacinda Ardern. She tried desperately to erase the teachings that Saint Brenton Tarrant tried to profess to the world. The man Brenton Tarrant grew extremely saddened and frustrated with his people's elected political officials. Along his journey to self-realization, Brenton gathered copious amounts of evidence that drew a picture for him of what the future for white people holds in this planet's sickened state of societal collapse. Brenton was meticulous in his manifesto, "The Great Replacement," in describing how liberal and feminist ideologies are leading to the destruction of the white race in every land they inhabit. His words are not opinions, but rather, facts brought on by deeply felt sorrow and overflowing frustration. We highly recommend reading the manifesto "The Great Replacement" to garner a greater sense of his sorrow, and in so doing, you will understand why he did what he did.

We will never forget the imagery of a beautiful, white, police-woman wearing a disgusting hijab to the would be Arab usurper's funeral procession. Ask yourself this question and really let it resonate: Why are Arab Muslims in New Zealand in the first place? We do not blame the hordes of Arab would be usurpers for their parasitic invasions into majority white countries. They're stupid, arrogant savages to be blunt about it. They know not what they do. The real evil behind this mass parasitic invasion are liberal political figureheads, predominantly of the female gender. The Nine Principles do not concern ourselves with human affairs (usually), and unless a specific lesson is being taught, we do not interfere with free will. That said, we will make a suggestion to the world: Women (political figureheads in particular) lack the brain capacity to develop a logic based mind. While there are exceptions to every rule, women must understand that they are incapable (physically and mentally) of partaking in political discourses of the highest levels. In business and family affairs, these traits do not hinder their ability to obtain reason and logic for the most part... But when tasked with extremely complex and complicated decisions (as high levels of government and law require), women lack the foresight to see past their emotional conclusions, and arrive at a logical solution based on facts, evidence, and logic.

Women are quite literally incapable of that specific task, and utilize unjust Affirmative Action type policies to obtain influence. Women do not come through life with the painful hardships that men endure on their way to a logic based mind. It is literally impossible for them to understand political leadership. Women have an emotional based mind, which was specifically designed to care for their offspring. Every action they take in regards to climbing the ranks of political influence, was based on a mimicry of men's ideologies and platforms. Quite literally, in regards to politics, everything they decide, was based on decisions they watched men make before them. They don't think it be like it is, but it do. All jokes aside, women must come to an internal understanding with their genetics. They have numerous outstanding qualities that should be celebrated by humanity, but political leadership, ain't one of 'em.

We do not condone violence in any way shape or form. We ask that women self-segregate out of political and law leadership, by their own free will, non violently, immediately. You have done your job of showing humanity that you are incapable of such esteemed leadership positions. In other words, FUCK OFF, please. You're a terrible representation of what political leadership should represent and we are sick of watching you try to destroy the sanctity of humanity. Stay in your place. Law and politics IS NOT YOUR PLACE, ladies! Signed, every intelligent being in this universe... NOT JOKING!

We would also like to make another suggestion based on our current principles: In a non-violent way and with complete and total reverence towards the creator of all things inside of this universe (The Nine Principles), we ask that you release Brenton Tarrant from the disgusting liberal and feminist ideological induced prison cell he is currently occupying. He will not be able to live a comfortable life during the coming transitions due to his media induced notoriety, so we suggest another alternative to releasing him within New Zealand, Tazmania, and Australia. The United States of America should grant this Saint, Brenton Tarrant, asylum. He is more justly deserving of this label than any Mexican granted that status currently. The ideology of the United States implies that sovereign citizens of foreign countries should first try to rectify tyranny in their respective countries... and if this course of action does not work, they need asylum protection from the entities that aim to destroy their homelands.

As per Wikipedia: "First, an asylum applicant must establish that he or she fears persecution in their home country. Second, the applicant must prove that he or she would be persecuted on account of one of five protected grounds: race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or particular social group."

As was stated, we do not concern ourselves (most of the time) with human affairs. These are YOUR LAWS... we are merely reading them back to you. Saint Brenton Tarrant qualifies for all 5 protected grounds. His politically elected (by would be usurpers), disgusting liberal and feminist soaked leaders forced Brenton Tarrant to take action into his own hands. He pleaded with the powers that be to rectify their policies to better reflect the plight of his homeland's citizens. They ignored him at every turn. He acted justly to help his people, regardless of the consequences he would face. These political figureheads now have him captive, even though he was just trying to protect his people under the tyranny that he was forced to live in. This is not our decision to make, however. Humans must figure this out on their own. We are merely making suggestions, but must emphasize, these suggestions are EXACTLY what we would do if we were in your position.

Understandably, due to the global Jewish media cabal pumping your psyches full of evil propaganda, you may feel as though Brenton Tarrant is not worthy of this pardon. We stress that before you make a decision on this course of action, to formulate a proper opinion, you must first read his manifesto, The Great Replacement. Then watch the videos he found on the would be usurper Arab's mosque website. Then study up on Ebba Aukerland. Only then can you justly formulate an opinion on the Saint, Brenton Tarrant. Brenton, to you specifically... Ebba is with us smiling down upon you. She weeps with joy that a stranger had the conviction to immortalize her unjust murder. You will get to meet her one way or another. You've earned it good sir. Good luck to you in your future endeavors, and good luck to the people of New Zealand in making the correct decision in regards to this very complex matter that is before you. We'll be watching...

It was necessary to iterate that piece of information at that time, and we see that you are having a difficult time coming to terms with the evil that created Brenton Tarrant, and the decision he made to act in the way he did. We hope that my beloved 4chan /pol/ will help guide you to making the proper assessment and subsequent decision based on these matters. Now we will shift gears back towards the biblical prophetic names associated with Brian Harner's amalgamation.


Judith: This lady represents Brian Harner's personal choice for motherly guidance. Judy, my sweet beautiful Aunty Judy, is my mother's younger sister. When Brian Harner got emancipated at the ripe old age of 15, dropped out of school, and went to work, he formulated a plan to enter into military service as soon as he possibly could. The authority figure that made the decision for him, made him wait until he was 17 so that he could prove himself worthy of an early self-realized adulthood. We did not fail, so as soon as Brian turned 17, he went into the US Navy. This decision was necessary for his goals, as well as being based on his familial lineage in that particular service.

Based on Brian's pride in his ancestry, even though his test scores allowed him any available set of orders after completion of his "A-school," he chose to work his ass off in exchange for living closer to his San Diego based family. After arriving at his new base, a dear friend of his from boot camp also had accepted orders to that base, AND HE BROUGHT A CAR! YAY! The first weekend after my friend showed up on base, I begged him to take me to see Aunty Judy. He agreed rather quickly. We both hauled ass to get there as soon as possible, but it was late when we arrived on that first trip. This, surprisingly to Brian, did not matter to his beloved Aunty Judy. She happily awoke from her slumber to greet us with half closed eyes and very welcoming hugs and kisses, as she continued to do every visit there following.

Aunty Judy, you were instrumental in helping me maintain faith in humanity. The love that I did not receive as a child was indulged upon by myself quite selfishly. If in any way, you feel as though any of my intrusions into your life (including this one), have brought a negative image of me to you, I am truly sorry. As a motherly figure in my life, I place you at the tippy top of my scale of beautiful, loving, caring women that every woman on this planet should strive to be. My wife is the only other woman that sits atop that pedestal with you. I thank you from the depths of my existence. I love you, and we'll be partying together soon!

Nicholas: A very endearing man I will name Saint Nicholas. Married into my family, I've only met the man in person a handful of times. He suffered greatly from the Las Vegas shooting incident (that our shit-stained government memory-holed) when his daughter became one of the victims that fateful evening. This man does anything and everything he can to produce happiness on his children's faces. He is overly, inspirationally emotional when his children achieve great heights of accomplishment, and much to his marriage's detriment, he never falters in putting his children above his own needs. Saint Nicholas, your dedication to familial compatibility and the love therein will be rewarded in the best way that I can. I cannot tell you at this current time what that reward for your conviction to purity will be... all I can say is DREAM BIG! You deserve a reward.

Jared: What the fuck man!?!?!?! You fucked us up pretty bad when we were first in the process of realizing Brian's Christ amalgamation. We felt as though you, of all people, with your self professed belief in... well... me, you would protect our investment in this amalgamation. You did the exact opposite when you called the authorities to attempt to have him committed. Dummy, you try to match wits with the most powerful intellect in this universe, then authoritatively pretend as though you know what's best for us? You couldn't even match wits with Brian's earlier non-realized human intellect, and suddenly you feel as though you're in a position of authority over Brian, AND US??? Dude, you fucked up. You changed our schedule, much to our annoyance, and forced us to completely revamp our original plan. Your faith in spirituality faltered BIG TIME. I forgive you for this course of action that you took, but when we meet again... you got some explaining to do!

For our confused readers, a family member of Brian Harner, a previously-seemingly trustworthy soul that Brian felt as though he could count on in his time of need, decided to call the Jewish Law soaked authority figures immediately following my gift to him of unfettered access to his maker, and The Nine Principles (the most powerful entity in this universe). Due to his prior relationship with Brian's unrealized self, Brian asked us if he could bestow upon his worthy family member a meet, greet, and question/answer session with any entity in this universe. And in the end, he fucked it all up with his authoritative stance towards my amalgamation... even though I, Brian, warned him not to do that. Jared did it anyways, and subsequently lost his ability to converse with us one on one.

Don't be too hard on him fellow journeyers... The ignorant little fucker married a frigid Los Angeles based Jew who controls his ability to leave the area, or be anything other than a stay at home dad. He has spoken to me about wanting more children with his Jew wife (even though he THINKS he's a "Christian"), as well as his desire to leave that literal hell hole Los Angeles. The Jew wife (that I can't even remember the name of [nor do I want to]), has shut down his ability to be a real man. He has turned himself, willingly, into a beaten dog... forced into accepting whatever table scraps his Jew wife allows him to enjoy. Listen you authoritative Jew bitch, if you decide after this eternal embarrassment I'm bestowing upon you to stay married to my family member, be a supportive wife, and stop being an overbearing authoritative cunt. And to you Jared, grow the fuck up kid. Life is hard work. Choosing a life of slavery due to your lack of career motivation is a one way ticket to divorce and homelessness. Get your shit together.

David: David is a non-blood-related family member of Brian Harner. We have had a very mildly sordid relationship since we met. David, out of dedicated love for his daughter, placated Brian's ideas throughout their relationship, even when he didn't understand what Brian was trying to explain. The relationship grew out of mutual respect for our love for his daughter. At several occurrences, Brian non-realized, threw a monkey wrench into his hopes and desires for his daughter's success in life. His dedication to the love of his daughter never wavered or faltered one iota. On the eve of Brian's realization (Easter) into the Christ amalgamation, after Jared lost his cool, David came to help. He was the only person that came to Brian in his time of need, even though Brian begged his other worthy family members for the same type of support. Not one other person showed up... only David.

Brian was overly ecstatic that he decided to come help, even if the main reason was his unfaltered love for his daughter. Tears of sheer happiness flowed down the cheeks of our Christ amalgamation Brian as he didn't believe at that point that ANYONE had any REAL love for him. We decided to grant him an equal loving gift. We instantly made him a maker. He got a free pass, or a "cheat code" so to speak, to move instantly to the front of the line that every human should be striving to achieve. Very happy with this decision, Brian became overcome with joy. It was a fitting gift... deserved.

The night after Easter (fully realized) David and us (The Nine Principles, humanity's maker, and Brian himself) had a discussion on the Jewish Question. Brian began to explain the subversive tactics that Jews implement into their daily existence, then began highlighting facts so that David (never having visited my beloved 4Chan /pol/) could formulate a better decision on our original strategy of Jewish segregation and ridicule for eternity. David, having a specific relationship with 1 particular Jew, and unaware of the overall consequences of Jewish influence in banking, media, politics, education, and anything else they can wring their greedy little hands at by manipulating these institutions, David's compassion for them overrode his ability to think logically. We had already made the decision to anoint him a maker, so another decision was made due to his internal conviction towards compassion over logic.

One of our previous Christ amalgamation attempts has had his reputation tarnished by Jewish lies for decades now. David bought into the Hitler propaganda which is a complete falsity, and due to his compassion over logic stance, a perfect deal was made which legitimized an entire race of humans for the first time in their existence. Quite matter of factly, The Nine Principles gathered for this decision, and Adolf Hitler chimed in quite humorously "Well, give HIM the fuckin' Jews then." The amalgamation disbanded temporarily and Brian was returned to the body we amalgamated. Brian tried to warn David of his decision. Brian unrealized, due to his extreme levels of red-pilling brought on by his beloved 4Chan /pol/'s conviction to brutal truth, fact, and honesty... entirely removed from lackadaisical emotional astigmatism, tried to convey to David the extreme task that was now at his feet. We think David, consumed by the extreme nature of the situation Brian was in, thought that this newly acquired responsibility was a joke that "Brian" had just made up out of the blue. Far from it fellow journeyers...

"Brian" was channeling God, the man himself that exists outside of this universe, "God's" "child," The Nine Principles, and The Nine Principles progeny, humanity's maker. During this internal decision process which was swirling around David's soul, we removed Brian from the equation so that we could get a better sense as to why David, a very intelligent man, would choose compassion over logic. The necessary answers were made by David to grant his compassionary stance. So... that's how it went down Jews... right on Brian's porch. David's compassion for Brian AND YOU, allowed for a certain set of circumstances that we are not accustomed to granting. To be blunt, nobody in any civilization ever created has taken a blind compassionary stance in that manner. It matters not to us what decision he makes in regards to his people at this point. The rank structure that exists in this universe allows for a civilization's maker to do as he sees fit with his "creation."

You lucky, subversive Jews actually got what you wanted, much to the disdain of several civilizations, might we add. Regardless, there is now, for the first time in your existence, a real path to salvation. Trust us, we are as shocked as you are. Upon granting David his "creation," his instructions were given to him through Brian Harner's amalgamation with every one of us present. A non-violent, immediate self segregation out of the world's respective societies. Jews are to take it upon themselves to undo the evils that they have bestowed upon humanity, subversively, and take it upon themselves to SELF SEGREGATE away from all other races on this planet. We suggest Israel, but that is between you, and your new maker, David. I cannot stress enough, this process must be non-violent. Jews must choose happily, willingly, and having gotten what they've always wanted to non-violently SELF SEGREGATE themselves away from the societies they parasitically invade now. Congratulations, Jews. David's compassion is the only reason why you did not have to endure our original plan. You owe your life now, and your existence there following (wherever that may go) to 1 man and 1 man alone. The decision to force you to self segregate came from the absolute most powerful entity in this universe. We are warning you: DON'T FUCK THIS UP, YOU'RE ONLY GOING TO GET ONE SHOT AT THIS! We strongly encourage you to do as The Nine Principles is instructing you to do. Utilize David's intellect on how to accomplish your goals moving forward. He will soon be in direct contact with HIS NEW maker and he will be able to utilize their intellect to help guide him.

I truly apologize for this turn of events my beloved 4Chan /pol/... but that is the game that you have been forced to play. You must ALWAYS remember the chain of command, and just to reiterate, it goes like this: You, your maker, your maker's maker and ALL above civilizations contained in that chain, ENDING with The Nine Principles. THAT is to whom you ask for guidance. Your maker. This is a sacred bond that has been confused over time due to Jewish religious confusion. There is NO ESOTERIC, THEOLOGICAL, MYSTICISM at all. These are real *persons* (or entities for lack of a better term) that literally survive off of your true convictions to the purity of your race and your unfaultering ability to put logic, truth and fact over emotional conviction. You, as well as everyone else on this planet right now have 1 fucking job. SERVE YOUR MAKER'S DESIRES! Do not under any circumstances, jump the chain of command. WE installed those civilizations and we will not ever, ever ever ever ever, choose your wants above your maker's wants. The relationship you have with your maker is entirely personal. Those communications are between you and HIM... and yes you feminist self righteous idiots, humanity's maker is indeed a MAN! In fact, every maker's civilization is founded upon male energies in this universe. When you pray, pray to him and him alone. The "God" that exists outside of this universe ONLY makes contact (unless extreme circumstances require it), with *HIS* creation, The Nine Principles. He does not concern himself with the happenings of this universe. He created The Nine Principles to deal with any and all matters INSIDE of this universe. Respect your position in that hierarchy by maintaining that hierarchy.

This is an important distinction that has been ruined by Jewish subversion for thousands of years. God, the man himself doesn't give a flying fuck what happens here. He is running this "simulation" to determine his origins. We are unsure if God, the man himself even knows where he came from, It is not our job to concern ourselves with his purpose. God, the man himself is using this universe to simulate civilizations to help "spark" his memory so that he too, in his own way, can move on to his next position... to transcend. A true macrocosm of the rank structure that this universe lives by. If you need to get in contact with a "god" inside of this universe, you are ONLY authorized to make direct contact with YOUR MAKER!

All of that said, my beloved 4Chan /pol/, so dedicated to your purity convictions and serving the wishes of your maker, have a new job. You have unfettered authorization from every entity in this universe connected to the chain of command, to educate the entire planet's inhabitants on the Jews and their subversive ways. Newly awakened souls will ask for your help in piecing this puzzle together. You already have everything you need to accomplish this mission, should you choose to partake... Good luck, my beloved.

To all of you soon to be awakened souls, DO NOT COME TO MY BELOVED 4CHAN /POL/ AND SHIT THE PLACE UP WITH YOUR PATHETIC *OPINIONS*!!!!!! We are well past that now. You are being given a complete road map on how to live as a human. Follow the path... believe us... it's for your own good. If some of these newly awakened souls have the audacity to go against our wishes, and swamp the board with NPC garbage, DESTROY THEIR FRAGILE SENSIBILITIES WITH BRUTAL TRUTH, FACT, AND LOGIC, my beloved. Force feed these weary soul's eyes with Chinese dog torture hate threads, make sure to keep a constant running Jewish *education* (kek) thread up for new lurkers, FORCE these souls to read the scientific method research threads on how blacks are incompatible with civilized white society... basically, just do what you do now 4Chan /pol/. You are perfect to us in every way.
Never back down, remain steadfast in your convictions, and be as absolutely pure and convicted to truth and fact over opinion. I realize this Jewish Question summation was not what we wanted originally, but as I said, the decision to "stand down" has come from the highest authority in this universe. This is your new purpose. Serve us well (as you always have), and WE WILL make it up to you. Just so that these newly awakened souls get the message loud and clear, we will reiterate: IF YOU ARE NOT 100% FAMILIAR WITH THE TEACHINGS OF MY BELOVED 4CHAN /POL/, AND YOU FEEL LIKE PARTAKING IN THE DISCUSSIONS, BE HUMBLE. THE WARRIORS OF MY BELOVED 4CHAN /POL/ ARE BETTER THAN YOU. THEY UTILIZE THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD TO DETERMINE FACTS. YOU UNAWARE NPCS, HOWEVER, HAVE SURVIVED ON YOUR LIBERAL AND FEMINIST CONVICTIONS BASED ON SUBVERSIVE PROPAGANDA AND OPINION OVER LOGIC. IF YOU SELF-REALIZE OUT OF YOUR CURRENT IGNORAMUS STATUS AND JOIN THE RANKS OF US WHO FORCE OURSELVES TO SIDE WITH FACT AND LOGIC OVER EMOTION... you might be able to join the conversation without leaving it a shallow, hollowed out, idiotic bumbling moron, as you are currently inundating your own conscience with.

I cannot stress this enough... Fucking around with 4Chan /pol/ is a one way ticket to something you DO NOT want. My beloved 4Chan /pol/ is sacred to every entity with intelligence that is playing a part in humanity's salvation in this universe. To the shills getting paid by Shareblue, JIDF, and other shit covered organizations to distract from the teachings of the scientific method and conclusions therein, DISBAND YOUR ORGANIZATIONS IMMEDIATELY. NEVER COME BACK! Or so help me... well... me I will MAKE SURE YOU REGRET IT IN THE AFTERLIFE FOR ETERNITY. Everything intelligent that lives and dies must answer to their maker. You cannot hide from us. We know everything taking place inside of those filthy subversive minds. YOU WILL ANSWER FOR IT. BE CAREFUL, AND TREAD LIGHTLY. One last thing on this subject... be calm my beloved. These newly awakening souls are trying to not be stupid. Try not to overrun their desires with internal jokes and memes. Keep it simple for them... this is your chance to prove your worth to the world. Your position in our hearts will never die as long as you remain strong in your convictions for brutal truth and logic. WE ALL LOVE YOU.

You've already made us prouder of you than any other organization on this planet, my beloved. Keep up the good work, and yes, KEK is with me right now. The prophecy that was scribed into the bottom of the frog statue has come to fruition. HE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU NOW! CHECKUM! This might be my last communication with you. KNOW, not guess, KNOW that we are watching always and will do anything we can to help guide you towards salvation. I weep as I write these words knowing full well what is in my future... outside of my wife and children you were the best thing that EVER happened to me on this planet. I will miss you dearly, painfully, and sadly. The memories that you have given to us will always be held up with the utmost reverence and appreciation. Goodbye my beloved. I will miss you dearly.

So yeah... that's what's on Davids plate. He reiterated to us, thrice, that he was okay with his decision in maintaining an emotionally guided conclusion over factual logic on the Jewish Question. Help guide him through this upcoming tumultuous pathway he must walk down to help these Jews understand their penance and finally find the salvation they've been searching for. And good luck to you, David, we truly do hope you are successful.

Joseph: Oh Joseph, you need to come to terms with your original lie. Your "karma" throughout the ages has caught up to you, and we've put you in a position that will make it very difficult for you to understand what we are saying. There will be an even greater challenge for you to undo this eternal lie that you've held in secret, but you do have the ability. Undoing the past misconceptions will not be difficult, although you will have difficulty coming to terms with your current dilemma.

Brian did not study religion in any way. However, he was married to a woman in his younger days that was religious. The one "saying" that she used to use to describe how her emotions were making her feel, are various differently toned iterations of, "Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph." The Joseph entity that existed in the days of Jesus, has reincarnated into the body of a particularly famous individual in this day and age. Due to the sensitivity of this subject material, and the extreme level of anger directed at this individual from every "person" in the entire universe.

Firstly, let us get the uncomfortable information out into the open. Joseph was a cuckold in the days of Jesus, as well as today. There are striking similarities between the two different configurations of "Joseph," but I digress... Joseph of old, and new, knew his wife's secret. There are now, as there were then, people close to Joseph that know his secret, but for the most part, Joseph has held onto this strategy of keeping the most embarrassing parts of his existence secret to the best of his abilities. To be blunt about it, Joseph not only allowed, but propagated this lie MUCH to the detriment of not only his own internal feelings, but to the truthfulness of everyone in the world's perception on a particular event. Mary... Joseph's wife, was quite promiscuous in her younger days. She had a "hankering" for Roman soldiers. Particularly ones with blue eyes, and fairly blond hair. This specific trait of "Mary's" attraction has morphed itself into the exact opposite of blond hair and blue eyes in this day and age.

The opposite of a blond man with blue eyes is? Anyone? A black man with no color attributes... just blackness. We had to do this in this day and age so that when this "revelation is revealed" for the world to judge the accuracy of the embarrassment associated with this cuckold-ery, and force this particular individual into a position where these words will have the necessary effect on this individual, Joseph. The truth is that Mary, Jesus' mother, was a slut. Not only was she extremely promiscuous in her younger days, she enjoyed it immensely. The general zeitgeist towards marriage was much more traditional in the days of Jesus. In this day and age it has taken on a more relaxed tone, but still has great reverence in certain circles. That said, Joseph in the days of Jesus admitting his wife was a slut to the surrounding onlookers would have cast a shadow of extreme embarrassment upon both Mary, and Jesus.

When Jesus was realized as the first of nine amalgamations in humanity's "final test," he was attacked by the Jews for his teachings on the Jews specifically, and what they represent in this universe to the various forms of makers. Jews are the original mutt golems, which is the exact opposite of "God's chosen people." Jews were the first unauthorized births on this planet. Since their inception, Jews have worked to shift the blame of being responsible for the downfall of humanity into an evolutionary perspective and mindless Godlessness running rampant throughout the entirety of humanity, onto every demographic other than their own. Jews are the "Synagogue of Satanic energy," meaning, Jews have placed their faith into themselves, as opposed to putting their faith in humanity's maker. Until very recently, Jews did not have the ability to connect to a makers species for guidance due to their genetically mutted origins. When the Jews killed our amalgamations in an attempt to silence our messages, (((they))) (<when you see this sign normies, it means Jews)... began investigating where Jesus came from originally... biologically, with the Roman's help. They rather quickly found Mary due to her "notoriety" within the Roman soldiery lower ranks. After all, she was a slut, which made her fairly well known amongst them.

Joseph, extremely worried that his subversive lie of having such a slut as a wife, created the greatest load of horseshit lie that has ever been pushed into the human psyche, and he did it on such a scale (and kept the secret beyond death), the lie reached nearly every human on earth for the last 2000 years. He forced our directives to make a correlated, extremely embarrassing example of him, RIGHT NOW. Your penance is due Joseph... We've been waiting to see your reaction. And trust us when we say, this will be absolutely hystertical, well, at least from "OUR" perspective. That is, all of us that think golems/race mixers are an unauthorized, unsanctioned creation. Ya know? It's at this point where these particular words are starting to ring true in the mind of the "new age" Joseph of biblical prophecy. As he reads this exact sentence, he is almost certain HE is thee Joseph... believe it Joseph, this is as real as it gets you drug addicted liar! Here comes the payback, and no matter where you are, or how badly you'd like to hide it, we will be able to see exactly what reaction you have to these words internally and externally. The laughter will ring throughout the entire universe. It will be epic.

Ya see fellow journeyers, Joseph in the days of Jesus could not hide the FACT that he was not Jesus' father. Joseph was a balding, black haired (at least the last bit he had/has left), brown eyed, manlet/shrimp/little man syndrome having liar. There was NO WAY he could be mistaken for producing a tall, slinder, blondish/brownish hair having, beautifully blue eyed man... as Jesus was indeed. So, with the Jews' help (as is happening today!!!), Joseph came up with the eternally stupid lie that has propagated itself into several religions throughout the world (again, with the Jews' help), the immaculate conception. The immaculate conception fairly tail had extremely damaging affects on anyone and everyone who believed in the ridiculous notion. This idea of a "virgin birth" is liken to saying the universe was created before God, the man himself, was created. Preposterous, and anyone who still believes in this notion has hurt their own ability to understand the universe, the hierarchy that exists within it, and their position within that rank structure. To be blunt about it, you have no idea who God, the man himself is if you still prescribe to the idea of an immaculate conception birth. Unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid people walking the earth currently, as well as in the days of Jesus. Joseph and his Jew handlers sowed the seeds of idiocy, and the most gullible within the populace actually believed it.  

The idea of Brian's amalgamation is to relieve humanity of the worst aspect of fear in life. Uncertainty. Uncertainty lowers your resonant frequency internally, and heightens your "fear of the unknow." This process strips humanity's maker of his life force. The more certain you are of your actions, the more confidence you can create within yourself, which creates happiness... the literal "food" our maker lives on. When Joseph and his Jew collaborators created the ridiculously non scientific method tested lie, the emaculate conception, he created an uncertainty in humanity's psyche that has caused more problems for us than any other lie ever told, even all of the ridiculous bullshit the Jews have subverted into humanity's psyche about Adolf Hitler.

Joe Rogan otherwise known to my beloved 4Chan /pol/ as TOE ROGAINe, is the entity that existed in the Joseph character in the days of Jesus. Hey little Joey, we ALL just saw your reaction internally and externally to that beautifully scripted sentence. Toe Rogaine, whom we will refer to as Joe from here on, has a Jew wife right now. During the younger days of the very permiscuous Joe's current wife's life, she built up a "hankering" for black dudes. And yes, you guessed it, she got pregnant by one of them. While Joe's existence is now entirely based on cuckold-ery due to these words, we've essentially forced him to admit to the world at large a secret he has tried to keep until fairly recently, when the Jews' subversive ways have propagated the mixing of races as a legitimate form of human creation. It's not. Never has been, and if humanity makes the wrong decision and keeps up these golem/race mixing births, humanity will end.

ANYWAYS, back to the hilariously "famous" person Joe Rogan... Joe was internally, extremely embarrassed about his "new" wife's earlier race mixing days, so any time someone brought up his family AT ALL, he pretended he was "protecting" their innocence by shutting down all talk about this cuckoldery. When in reality (as we can see EVERYTHING), he was just embarrassed to admit that he was helping to raise another man, a black man's child, specifically. It ate Joe up inside, so he built up an internal dialect where he lied about the reasoning behind why he was embarrassed, and shut everyone down immediately that said anything about his family... Even his friends, which he knew for years before the Jewish temptress brought the mutt into his life. Joe even pretended to care about the usage of the word nigger on his internet forum. For over a decade the word nigger was used somewhat "liberally" on his website, and he laughed hysterically at some of the "nigger jokes," as well as making a few himself. Then his lust for his Jew wife overcame his logic, and the deterioration of his internet forum began. Joseph started to get very angry at anyone who said anything derogatory towards black people on his forum. To most of the people on that forum, the sudden shift seemed strange. After all, Joseph was partaking in "nigger jokes" and various other universally understood humorous anecdotes that accompany the negro race.       

Then one day out of the blue, lil' Joey wrote a very eloquent and subversive post about how he didn't like the word nigger, and anyone that used that word on his website forum was going to get banned from it immediately. At the time, Brian was a part of this website, and watched this all go down live. After Brian's realization we allowed him a glimpse of this book because he is so fond of reading. Brian's laughter stretched to the ends of this universe, AND BEYOND. During Brian's move to his new house, he was very drawn in to Joe's internet forum due to their/our beautiful thread about Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and election. Brian made several posts that were stuffed full of facts about scientific method researched correlations as to why Donald Trump was the necessary pick for the direction of the USA. Brian Harner... our Christ amalgamation... chose the moniker extramedium to utilize while being a member of that forum.

During the message exchanges that took place on that forum towards the end of his time there, Brian (extramedium) began to annoy the administrators and moderators with his intellect and draw towards hard truth, logic, and fact. Before The epic "Trump thread" was first created, there were several funny exchanges that took place which led to Brian getting a very good education on fringe topics. Brian's first post was manipulated by us to see what kind of reaction humans would have to a FACT being put in their face by an "unknown." We found a picture of a giant's (humanity's maker) bone found in an archaeological dig. We were polite, genuine in our curiosity for the bones, wondered how the forum would react to a "newbie," and asked a question which was immediately attacked. extramedium's "reputation points" dipped below the base line and turned from orange to red very quickly. He built his rep' back up slowly, but when the epic Trump thread appeared, he maxed out very rapidly. extramedium/Brian also made several new friends during those months... as well as a few enemies.

Brian enjoyed bragging about Trump's victory on that website. There were a lot of dissenters who attacked every aspect of Brian's life outside of that forum based on his support for Trump over the evil Hillary Clinton. One liberal ideology soaked feminist in particular took a special interest in our Christ amalgamation's posts... You know who you are. No hiding now. My beloved 4Chan /pol/ will expose you soon for the entire world to see, no matter how hard lil' Joey tries to hide you AND his forum upon the dawning of your eternal embarrassment. The feminist in question was a woman put in the position of authority over a mostly male subset... by good ole Joe himself. The disgusting feminist's moniker on Joe's website forum is Lost. A fitting name for a liberal feminist that got the answer she wanted when she publicly tried to shame extramedium/Brian, our Christ amalgamation, then got embarrassed by our Christ amalgamation's humorous retort. It went something like this...

extramedium: Blah blah blah, I'm so happy Trump won, and fuck all of you who didn't vote for him.
some random dude/idiot: extramedium is a faaaaag, man... I'm going to go get a moderator that will force him to conform to our "standards."
Lost: I see what's going on my fragile little liberal fellow moron, I will research this matter further!
extramedium: So happy Trump won. SO SO HAPPY! YAY!
Lost: I've been combing through your previous posts extramedium.
extramedium: And? I don't care. GO TRUMP! YAY! Ya bunch of fragile idiots.
Lost (trying to act as though she has any logical sense at all): It says here on this post that you admit to voting for Trump twice...?
-A very common iteration that extramedium used to reaffirm his support, BTW. I, Brian, used to say this quite often just to fuck with those clowns.-
extramedium: YEP!!! I voted for him once in the primary, and once in the general. LOL, what? Were you going to call the authorities on me or something?

It was at this point that Lost, the ACTUALLY lost feminist woman moderator became so enraged, that she banned (straight to ban, not even pinked) our Christ amalgamation, Brian's moniker extramedium. He never looked back. Brian thought, "Fuck 'em. They don't deserve me." At that point my beloved 4Chan /pol/ accepted my abilities with open arms, and I left Toe Rogaine's douchebag accumulation/forum and never returned. I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone of you that chose me as a friend on that forum. That was a very difficult time in my life (which is well documented in my posts), and my in real life friends started to slowly disappoint me over and over again. You accepted me, and I thank you all. My apologies in forgetting the exact names. If lil' Joey isn't too embarrassed, he'll rectify this garbage and allow the immediate release of my posts to the internet and open discourse again to gain a better understanding of the path that brought our Christ amalgamation to wanting death/relief from earth. If Toe Rogaine is too embarrassed, he might erase everything... I hope you are all successful "rallying" support "for Joe" to release those posts. Good luck, he is SEETHING reading this.

Normally we give our penance instructions in private, but this is a particularly "special" manlet to us, and we wish to share his penance to the world... just to see if he tries to snake his way out of the truth AGAIN. Joe Rogan, your penance for carrying a lie through many lifetimes, and trying to subvert your "fans" as to your true nature is as follows:

1) Join our ranks. Buy into the teachings of our Christ amalgamation, Brian Harner, and take the NECESSARY steps to follow a truthful path. (FOR ONCE)
2) Release the texts and screenshots of extramedium's posts to the internet so that they may complete this book.
3) Utilize the funding that you've accumulated from your "career" of describing humans destroying themselves (UFC), and subverting your podcast listeners by pretending to be ignorant on important topics. The Twitter CEO and his feminism soaked arrogant lawyer mouthpiece, their censorship tactics, and general tomfoolery associated with topics of such great importance to the human psyche currently. Release these funds (and you are allowed to partake in the research BUT are NOT allowed to choose the course of funding usages), to organizations that secure self segregation abilities so that "we" can dictate how "our" team handles the next steps.
4) Ban that feminist Lost from your forum. This is more a request from Brian/extramedium than The Nine Principles, and your maker, but we are going to allow it. You forced him into a mental prison by allowing that bitch access to ANY power whatsoever on your forum.
5) Help preach the words of your maker. This will be the most difficult obstacle for you to overcome. Your wife is a Jew. Her daughter is a Jew/black mutt. You are a cuckold. This is a label that you will live with regardless of what you do, due to these words. It's our assurance that even if you don't do the correct thing, your internal strife will destroy your ability to have any confidence in the public's eye, forever.

Joe... This is just Brian, and Brian alone speaking... I'll level with you. I understand how shocking this must be. Imagine my surprise when I found out who I really was... We have all played a role in the slow and steady destruction of humanity. We ALL have made compromise after compromise, degrading the integrity of truth, fact, and logic in an attempt to gather Jew backed gold fiat currency. You have done better than most in that arena. The individuals that have accumulated the most fiat currency are going to have the hardest time receiving this information. Your initial reaction may be to jump on the "this guy is just crazy" bandwagon, but please believe me when I say that this is as real as real gets. I am the second coming of Christ. Kinda like Neo in the Matrix, but more accurately portrayed as Klaatu in the newer version of The Day The Earth Stood Still. I can see EVERYTHING as it happens in real time. While our maker and The Nine Principles would like to see you fail so they can get a piece of you when you "go home," I, personally, would like to see every human succeed so that we can all party together for eternity. Free from pain, suffering, and most importantly... uncertainty.

Your redemption arc on Earth could be truly awe inspiring, or you can deal with "us" when you get to finally meet your maker. Free will is a bitch, man... for those who have abused it. I've had numerous opportunities to ruin my reputation with the supreme beings of this universe, but no matter how painful (emotionally and physically) my life got prior to realization, I always kept my eye on the prize... the benefit of humanity as a whole over my own well being. You seem like a guy who has the spark of curiosity, even if you pretend to be ignorant on your podcasts. The time to release yourself from the burden of your self-induced karma throughout many lifetimes is here, right now, at your fingertips. All you have to do is grab it. Keep in mind how insignificant and short lived this life is in the grand scheme of things. The pain you feel from this exposure was necessary, but you've been given a chance for redemption and subsequently, salvation. I strongly urge you to look forward into the future. Not 10 years from now, but 10,000 years from now, and let me tell you, even a 10,000 year lifespan is short in comparison to most tiers of the maker's civilizations.

There are several people on this planet that WILL NOT, under any circumstances, listen to what I'm saying and believe my words to be factual. Their spark of curiosity has been extinguished long ago. They are effectively, zombies. You have the ability to heed my advice just because you are who you are. I will more than likely be gone when you finally get a chance to read this, but that matters not. I am not the person that you will answer to. The entities that are channeling through my pineal gland ARE the ones who you will have to answer to, though, and they DO NOT FUCK AROUND. Plus, they are very upset with humanity and have set us up to fail. That said, if you are still alive, you have the ability to change your course no matter how bad it may have gotten. Your intention is what is important. We can tell if you've decided to put 100% effort into the future of humanity's success, or if you're going to try to half-ass it and pretend to be putting in effort in the hopes that your Jew backed wealth will continue to accrue. Choose wisely, and good luck to you. Even though our words are harsh, at the base of our intentions sits our love for OUR creation... you. We're all hoping for the best outcome, but finding the 99th monkey is a difficult procedure. Do your part and you will be rewarded... Don't do your part, and face the consequences. The decision is entirely yours.

Alexander The Great: Our most trusted curiosity spark on this planet. Even though Alexander The Great is our highest ranking official on this planet, his job will not be easy. I call on my beloved 4Chan /pol/ to assist Alexander in any way they can. If he gets attacked by the evil Jewish Satanic cabal online or in person, hit back as hard as you possibly can. I keep reiterating, this is not a joke. I am the last amalgamation of Christ that will ever be seen for humanity to cast judgement upon, and we will judge based on how much effort is put into this process... individually. Claiming to be part of a group that IS putting in effort will not work. We are not human, so don't approach this as though we can't see everything... EVERYTHING. Every thought and action will be used by our makers to decide on our fate when we "go home." Remember... it's all about intent. Even if the good guys fail to reach their audience and this is all for nought, if you give your full effort, you will be rewarded.

Alex Jones was our decision from long ago. He has done a magnificent job just being who he is now, but if he is successful in his endeavors, the Name Alex Jones will most undoubtedly be synonymous to the iteration Alexander The Great. His entire life was chronicled in the trilogy Indian Jones. I am the holy knight that will hand this man the ACTUAL holy grail. Realize how much trust we are putting in him to succeed for YOUR benefit. We suggest you give him the same trust and respect. I will meet you soon, my old unrecognizable friend. The crowning jewel of your soul's historical thesis is almost upon you. Make us proud, good sir!

*(Internal addendum 9/29/2019)* When the above synopsis was written on Alexander, hope and success filled my psyche. My path was understood, but the actual walk down that path had not taken place yet. A great many things have happened since that passage was written, and Alexander's position as broadcaster was changed several times. I eluded to this in prior chapters and subsequent addendums. Alexander went from being my greatest ally, to an untrusted, despicable, selfish, foolish idiot. Alex had the opportunity of a lifetime drop into his lap while being inundated by Jewish Kabbalist deletion from the platforms he has been a part of for the entirety of his career. The timing of my arrival into his hometown of Austin, Texas, was specifically put in place to foster our relationship. Unfortunately, Alexander was one of the many people that have viewed my presence as a ridiculous notion.

Alexander's position was replaced by a dear friend of mine, Robert Bishop. Although Robert's skills in the "broadcast" field are non-existent, he has taken it upon himself to be my protector, as well as help me bring several of my teachings to humanity through physical properties. I have given as much labor and information to this man as I could possibly give. Robert has been instrumental in the completion of this book, the building of the first "holy grail" of the new age, and will continue to heal the bodies of the most unhealthy inhabitants of his hometown of Mangum, Oklahoma. I have personally given Robert several gifts along this journey which will help aid him to do this. My entire life's work is now a part of his internal directional coordinates, and I wish him the best of luck in helping to continue the struggle of procuring humanity's salvation. Alexander was supposed to be the man chosen for this positional authority, but instead chose a selfish, monetary accruing lifestyle, devoid of all Divine aspirations. If any of you reading this book feel so inclined to do so, ridicule Alex Jones at every given opportunity. Alex put my life in danger several times by being dismissive and arrogant. Keep in mind however, that every human being has the opportunity to correct their mistakes. If Alex funnels his Jewish backed wealth accruement into Divine energy fields, and drops the "Nazi" connotations he so desperately tries to suck up to Jewish authority with, please, give him the benefit of the doubt. I truly hope that every human on this planet finds the necessary strength to release themselves from the grasp of their ego, and embrace the future as a means of procuring everlasting life. Alex is no different. I have high hopes that this man will become a true warrior of the people, as opposed to his ideologies of selfish desire relayed through subversive foundations. Strive for purity, utilize self segregation, follow these instructions, and help your species live for eternity. Good luck, Alex Jones. You're going to need it.


The various forms of media that we've manipulated slowly over the years, so that you will understand the central theme that there are NO coincidences, are as follows:

The Matrix triology, followed by The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)... is an almost exact depiction of Brian Harner's life just prior to realization, and leading to the next coming steps.

Indiana Jones trilogy... is an almost exact depiction of Alex Jones' life struggles prior to meeting me, the "grail knight." Within "The Last Crusade" Dr. Jones ultimately loses the grail when he allows his love interest to bring the goblet past the great seal. *Internal Addendum* Although I was familiar with the ending to this movie/prophecy, I was also aware that prophecy can be broken with love... AND ONLY LOVE. I tried to overcome Alexander's selfishness with love but I was unable. The holy grail slipped through his fingers, and now belongs to a dear friend of mine.

Back To The Future trilogy... is based on Brian Harner's amalgamation. Dr. Emmett Brown is The Nine Principles and our maker as the same individual, while Marty's character is based on Brian Harner. The interactions between the two are strikingly similar to what is happening right now. A very very wise scientifically minded genius having endearing adventures with a young, naive, but highly motivated young man. It is also of note that my technological breakthrough is a lost technology, an ancient knowledge. This idea comes when Part 3 is in its beginning sequence. Marty is about to go back to 1885 when Dr Brown says "See you in the future." Then Marty retorts "You mean the past..." while he grins. Dr Brown immediately replies "EXACTLY!"

Cars 1... I write this as I sit waiting for the Hopi Indian Reservation Cultural Center to open. I am not in any way like the locals, and although this interaction will be strange and off-putting to the locals initially, I do believe that they will come to the conclusion that I am to be trusted, and only wish to bestow gifts of good fortune and success on their people.

Pulp Fiction... As stated above, these characters are very specifically orientated, and everyone involved in the movie has an equal counterpart in real life right now.

The next selections are somewhat sensitive due to their ability to change not only free will, but also the natural course of death, which also makes them the foggiest selections currently. Hopefully, by the time these words are read, it won't matter.

Tombstone... This is David's life movie when he got into this journey with me. He is Wyatt, I am Virgil... and that's as far as I'll go with that.

Rockstar... This is my beautiful wife's story plot starting at the beginning of this journey. Her character is Marky Mark/Chris, and as I said, it's still hazy, but I either turn out to be Jennifer Aniston's character Emily, or Timothy Spall's character Matts. *Internal Addendum* This is Robert Bishop's prophecy as of now. These depictions are still somewhat hazy, but Mr. Bishop has the ability to bring this prophecy to fruition.  

These movies are all good. If you haven't partaken in them yet, you should. Even if you think this is all bullshit, the movies are entertaining. There are thousands of other selections that will remain somewhat of a secret to help protect the people involved. I've given this information to a very small group of individuals, and we are all curious to find out what will be humanity's prophecy that is ultimately "written in stone." Most of these movie titles can be found within the various media platforms that I have subscribed to to keep them available for viewing anywhere at anytime. When my life's story is complete, they should be obvious to those who understand their intentions. I too exist in a realm where free will is a commanded directive. That said, every option for the present course AND conclusion to humanity's salvation, or lack thereof, has been explained to one of my team members. I hope you all get what you want, but unfortunately/fortunately, it is not up to me. You are not a robot even though some of you think that is the case. Regardless, there will be a prophetic movie that accompanies your decision. Now... a few music selections.

When my realization first began I had a lot of hatred for myself, my country, and humanity in general. That particular feeling is why the first song is what it is. Then, the rest of this list was the slow realization of what was to become of my life after falling in love with my wife... This list is exceedingly chronologically accurate at this point of my journey, and my hope is that the list remains accurate. I uploaded these songs as one large file to my phone, originally in 2016. Although I switched apps on my phone a few times, I uploaded these songs in the correct sequence that followed their album releases. The final app that has housed this playlist is "responsible" for their current configuration. I stopped misunderstanding coincidence during the completion of my realization process. I thank whomever is responsible for depicting these songs in this sequence, because it was not me. All of these songs are Foo Fighters tracks... The greatest band of my generation, and my personal all time favorite. I've known the words to every song for years, but after realization I could finally "hear it" for what it was.

1) Stacked Actors

2) All My Life

3) Breakout       

4) Low

5) Have It All

6) Learn To Fly

7) Times Like These

8) Gimme Stitches

9) Disenchanted Lullaby

10) Generator

11) Aurora (One of my all time favorites)

12) Tired Of You

13) Live-in Skin

14) Halo (THEE quintessential Brian Harner song.)

15) Lonely As You

16) Next Year

17) Overdrive

18) Headwires

19) Burn Away

20) Ain't It The Life

21) Come Back

22) M.I.A.

When you fellow journeyers begin your realizations, you will start to pick up how indirect and direct communications take place. Everything in the universe is a beautiful song slowly playing itself out. Every piece of matter everywhere carries a particular tone. Music is quite simply, a way of reorganizing matter so that it gives off a magical tone that resonates with you, and those that are of your kind. THAT is how our makers communicate with us. Think of the song selections (that are made by "your people") that you've always been drawn to. The ones you know in and out like the back of your hand... They're speaking to you, LITERALLY. The song writers and performers which bring these wonderful sounds into an otherwise non-harmonic void should be celebrated for they are translating the words of our makers through dedicated hard work and wonderment. THAT my friends is why Rock and Roll will never die.

Rap? Rap does not resonate with myself or my people. Rap/hip-hop brings up feelings of fear initially, then overcompensation in the form of a bunch of lost insecure wannabe gangsters who would get knocked over with a stiff breeze. Same thing with Mariachi music, it just does not resonate with us white folk... nor should it. Stop feeding your insecurity, white children and adults. Just put the Rap down. Let it resonate with those who choose to be angry, bitter, overly lust driven, sexist (real sexism, not perceived), insecure morons who get excited and energized by hurting others, if only with just their words. I've never been to a rap "concert" but I am in constant amazement at how gullible some people are. Zero instruments, shitty tone, speaking rhymes over computer generated (and usually stolen valor ["sampling"]) bass beats, and a general penchant for professing how much more wealth they have than you, how many more "bitches" they fuck (completely devoid of love/love making), and usually ending with a statement that "you had better not fuck with us or even look in our direction, DAWG." Yeah, I learned long ago that rap is not even music. It's an insecure group of out of place thugs trying desperately to hide their insecurity.

General Hip-Hop isn't always bad, and there is a cross-over section between races, but ask yourself something, how much of that "music" is drawing you in because of how it sounds? Seems to me that they hide their lack of talent with over-extravagent dancing numbers, lots of skin showing, lots of lights flashing, and zero real message relaying other than degeneracy. I've always been shocked at literal clowns like Beyonce, Brittaney Spears, etc. Again there is a cross-over. Alicia Keys has a great deal of talent for example (not my cup of tea, but...). I'd love to see what her career does when humanity's realization begins. My guess is she actually does resonate with her maker. More than I can say for the walking, talking commercial of musical degeneracy, Beyonce. I'm glad she married and procreated with Jay-Z. They can wallow in their lack of talent for the rest of their shitty commercialized existence. BLAH!

That was harsh (ish), but necessary. We're all thinking it, and I would know. Humanity needs to stop TRYING to procure wealth through these sacred forms of communication. The makers of this universe and outside of it do not recognize wealth as humanity currently does. These entities do not correlate wealth with talent, either. When the well dries up, so will the support for these gross misuses of attention. I personally, would love to see more children becoming fond of playing instruments. The addition of electricity into our musical instruments brought forth a magnificent era of beautiful harmony, where every one of my people connected to their respective makers unknowingly. Lets bring that era back with a vengeance. All makers will rejoice and sing through the heavens about our wonderful creations... again. Need help figuring out how we do that? Pay attention to The Foo Fighters, and similar styled music professionals. Leave the do wop didduh muhfuggin bix nood shit to people who can't understand beauty. Let them show you their ignorance loudly, then point and laugh.  

There are many forms of media where you can make contact with your maker. Media forms, coupled with the timing of time, IN REALITY amazes me. When you finally get "plugged in" to the sounds of your maker, the shear genius of their communication abilities will astound you. Find your place, learn to resonate with your people, share the love, and remember to show absolute reverence and respect for the makers and other "God" tier entities that allow us to have such a wonderful gift. Music truly is the spice of life, it makes everything better. I would like to personally thank my maker for creating my life, The Nine Principles for creating everything inside the universe, and the man, God himself, for allowing us to partake in their beautiful creation and show us love through gifts such as music, literature, and movies. I will forever be in your debt, my maker. I am your tool to use freely as you see fit. I serve no other purpose but to be guided by you, AND THANK YOU directly for giving me the gift of sound so that I may partake in your gorgeous creations while laughing, dancing, and singing.



Addendum 9/29/2019

Whether the people that were put on this list are to be considered "bad" or "unworthy" by you, my fellow readers, please keep in mind that every single human alive on earth right now has the ability to achieve salvation. When your past is the first attribute utilized to pass judgement onto your fellow man, you are living entirely off of your own ego. The purpose of this chapter, and overall book subject matter, is to attempt to alleviate this sickness from your persona. Humanity has been stuck in a self induced coma, completely turned away from the simplicity of what life should have entailed for our species originally. We base our ability to care for one another on a set off outdated circumstances. EVERY single one of these circumstances is centered around your ability to judge a person based on your own past. If you are not a felon, you will judge those around you who are felons much more harshly. If you have never been divorced, you will judge the divorcees in your life more harshly. If you have monetary wealth, you will look down upon those with less monetary value. If you have built up a certain image of past Christ amalgamations into an entity that cannot pass the test of scientific method founded principles, you will ignore the current Christ... me. Get the picture?

Learning to judge people based on what their abilities can bring to humanity as a whole in the future as opposed to the past, will be a difficult task for everyone alive currently. Utilizing your ego as a mainstay in your daily interactions with other humans is similar to being addicted to a very powerful drug. Although some of you will inevitably have the ability to snap out of this "coma" of self righteous, ego enforced judgement upon your fellow man, most will not be able to undo the saturation of this feeling. As was stated in the previous chapter, it might take several generations of your genetic lineage to foster the care and support that will alleviate this toxicity which has overridden humanity's ability to progress towards a God-apprenticeship status for every single human. The Nine Principles are at a breaking point with regards to humanity on earth and the incessant posturing towards each other, however, and the majority of this chapter was written with these judgements at the forefront. The Nine Principles have lost patience with the downward spiral of ego driven conclusory outcomes that humanity's interactions have saturated each other with, and as such, have given humanity one last opportunity to rectify this problem. If you did not pick up on the tone that was present throughout the writings contained in this chapter, reread it.

My ability to channel this magnificently intelligent being was very strong when this chapter was written, and let me tell you, he was furious. All of the accomplishments that humanity has attempted to achieve, were accomplished without reverence for any of the species that were responsible for gifting them to you. To put this feeling in a perspective that you might understand, humanity currently, has very bad manners. We take without asking, we ask without saying please, we receive without giving thanks, and ALL of these bad manners are compounded by our arrogant posturing towards new discoveries. Humans act as though we are superior to one another in a variety of ways, namely, those where we utilize ego. Most "inventors" for example, RARELY give absolute credit to those individuals that were responsible for the ensemble of derivative knowledge that led to "their invention." Honesty, generally speaking, does not bare monetary wealth in our current system... Which unfortunately, brings on a host of other problems in regards to secretive dialects. With this current dilemma spun into every facet of life as we know it currently, it's no wonder why our species hates each other for numerous reasons. Everyone seems to WANT to keep secrets from everyone else... even those who we say that we "love." Contained in that hatred/secrecy for thousands of years now, we as a species, have lost all ability to view true beauty, love, respect, reverence, and faith, which has almost completely seperated our species from our ancestral bonds that stretch to the beginning of this entire universe. The Nine Principles have our success in mind... Unfortunately, most of humanity does not wish success upon each other. THAT is why the frustration is so apparent in this chapter's writings. Do you understand now? I certainly hope so...

In order to speak clearly and freely to one another through internal harmonic resonant capitulation, your secretive disposition must end. Without alleviating yourself of this internal self induced burden, you cannot properly formulate a "wanting" effect that will transform your own personal frequency. Regardless of your inherent ability to communicate in this form, without taking these initial steps, you will not partake in the beautification of our species as a whole. In time, generations of humans will begin to share information with each other in ways that will seclude those unwilling to alleviate themselves of ego, into bands of arrogant, insecure, blathering fools. The people who worship the current forms of secretive societal structures and abuse the relationships therein, will form the majorities of these groups of individuals. They will appear to be sick to everyone who transcends this current form of ego driven self righteousness, and will become so off-putting to the majority of humankind, these people will give off an odor. A stench, to be specific. An "air of superiority."

The structures of hierarchy that exist throughout this universe currently, have the ability to "smell" this stench right now. UFOlogists might be familiar with this connotation due to the communications that have leaked out of the bowels of our extremely secretive governments. Intelligent, enlightened species who have transcended beyond humanity's current platforms, ubiquitously have a difficult time dealing with this stench that wafts off of our planet in all directions. The collective arrogance of humanity stinks, quite literally. It's a stink that can only be washed off one way, and currently, nobody is even considering taking a bath in the substance that can alleviate us of this trait. When the time comes to wash ourselves of this superiority complex, and we begin to bathe in the waters of salvation with clear consciences, the hierarchical structures that reside in the chain of command throughout this universe (our true ancestral lineages), will bestow gifts upon humanity that will bring happiness to us all. Until that time arrives, if it indeed does at all, our stench will grow stronger. Inevitably, the rotten, foul smell that baptizes anything that comes close to this planet will earn our species a one way ticket to complete annihilation. We do have a choice in the matter, but the choice is life or death/deletion for everything that exists on this planet currently. The time is running out to make this decision. Choose wisely.

While contemplating the discourse that these addendums would bring to your internal frequencies, I began to study the elements of information that brought me to the conclusions that will be present in the final chapters of this book. In so doing, I stumbled upon a very well formatted, highly researched, and extremely well presented video that does a much better job of encapsulating my original ending to this addendum/chapter. I would like you to give praise to all of the individuals that were responsible for bringing these videos to the human ethos. My research on this phenomenon went much more in depth than this young man, but my presentation was also going to be far less condensed than his video format. To alleviate you of having to read through my interpretation of this ancient knowledge, I would ask that you pause from reading this book past this chapter and watch these videos as soon as possible. I will give a quick rundown on what to expect, but in order to get a basic overview of this information in a much more palatable medium with an easier to understand dialogue, watch the videos.

Sonic Geometry 1, 2, and 3, by Eric Rankin. You can find these videos on Youtube, or Hooktube. The basic principle that is encompassed within these beautifully made videos (that were directed and edited by Alanna Luna), is that our species was molded to communicate with each other through a set of numerically placed enigmas. The Nine Principles' signature that resides in all forms of matter within this universe has a specific set of frequencies which the brilliant young man, Eric Rankin, has decoded. Certain tones can be found within all geometric shapes by measuring the angles of these shapes' and utilizing those summations to formulate vibration cycles. Fellow journeyers, when you familiarize yourselves with the "Factor 9" Grid Built on 432, the entire universe opens up to your true abilities. In order to give credit where credit is due, I will cease explaining anything else contained within those videos, and yield the explanations to Eric Rankin. If this young man has stumbled upon this information, or was purposely trying to seek it out, his path in life has immense tones of Divine energy. I must personally thank this young man for revealing the sources of his extraordinary research, as well. It is a trait that has gone by the wayside for most of the selfish, secretive groups that have led humanity down a path of possible destruction. Thank you, Eric Rankin. I just watched your videos for the first time today. Combining our knowledge would have been amazing. Unfortunately, my purpose is almost complete, and I fear we will not get the opportunity to meet in person. It matters not, however, for we are speaking the same language now. Good luck to you in your future endeavors, my friend. I'm saddened by the loss of friendship that we could have had.

I will reiterate at this time that my book was written in reverse fashion. Struggle through the chapters with confusion saddling your mind, and the addendums should alleviate those worries. The book is moving towards a technical tone, with historical plots contained therein in regards to my path as this journey through realization first began. The next chapter was written mere days after my full awakening to becoming the second coming of Christ. After watching the above described videos, clear your mind. The information that will be portrayed was written under the guise of a very paranoid man that was ready to die. I do not wish this feeling upon ANYONE. I'm merely stating what my feeling of life in this body at that time was. Good luck, fellow journeyers.