The Way, Chapter 6: Modern Sodom and Gomorrah

As my wife sat staring at me during dinner last night (4/18/19), I realized that she was right on the edge of leaving. I've subconsciously begged her to do this for most of our relationship. She's WAAAY out of my league. Tall, blond, green eyes, brilliant, basically what every woman should aspire to be, that has made a decision to not have children. She is also very feminine. Most idiotic women who make it to her level of career achievement, try to not be feminine out of vanity and unrealized stupidity. The want and act of trying to be masculine, when portrayed by a woman, is repulsive to not only every man around them, but their woman peers, as well. No woman should "try" to be masculine. It never works, and every time you do it, you repulse those around you, just sayin'...

Anyways, 4/19/19 I took my modern era symbolic stroll through Sodom and Gomorrah... otherwise known as Portland, OR. The drive into that city was a long sad stroll. Many tears were shed. I had to leave my sunglasses on so nobody would "recognize me"... I was on a voyage to show our creator the depravity and degeneracy that has overtaken society at every level. Rich, poor, and everyone in between, had a glazed look in their eyes where the vision and beauty of the creator AND his creation, "us," has been replaced by an evil, Satanic, amalgamation. This amalgamation is inspired by the (((Jews))), of course. One must first understand the plight of modern day Jewish philosophy, and how they developed having those Satanic aspirations...

I started my stroll around 9 AM. It began as I left the parking garage. Walking southward from the garage, I came upon a no walk signal. Across the street from me... staring at me... were two disgusting butch haircut wielding dyke lesbians. They had their disgusting arms wrapped around each other. Embracing, laughing, kissing... producing copious amounts of emitted Satanic energy. The Satanic energy wafted off of them in a foul disgusting manner. They were oblivious to my presence at first... then I focused in. I tried to find their personal resonant frequency. It worked. Their mangled gazes focused in on my direction, and even though I had my sunglasses on, they could see that I could see them. I tried to project my disgust while I locked into their attention, which also worked... At least that's how it appeared due to their immediate recognition of the disgust I was trying to force them to understand. Their smiles dropped from their faces. My disappointed gaze did not break focus until I passed them in the crosswalk. I could tell that they KNEW they were disgusting me, and in a defiant manner, they forced themselves to continue draping their fat ugly arms around each other. My laughter was alleviating the disgust ever so slightly as I walked away thinking about what they must have been thinking about...

My stroll took me to the the park in front of the courthouse at this point. The meeting with "my lawyer" wasn't until 11 AM, so my superiors and I figured we could do some judgement research. Walking around the park submerged in the constant stench of puke, piss, shit and alcohol, I noticed a passed out black degenerate drunk on a bench, two drug addicts criminally conspiring, and a few business people... I don't recall if any of them were white, but the percentage of white people was FAR lower than their counterparts. I strolled into the middle of the park and read the names on all of the statues located within. Fishermen, businessmen, soldiers... ALL of them were white people's names. Of the million or so people living in that city, I might be the only one who understood what these men, whose names were written in stone, sacrificed to make that city possible. And I KNOW I'm the only one who paid them homage. A sad mental perception came over me about the reverence the people of this city have for the people who built it for them... because it was non existent. A most symbolic microcosm for humanity's REAL problem.

My stroll through the wretched filth made me bored and a little sick to my stomach due to the stench. Frustratingly, I made my way north. In the midst of the disgusting display of liberal filth surrounding me, an image of my beautiful wife appeared in my conscience. That image drew me towards the mall to buy her a birthday gift. That's when the next wave of disgust came over me. My beloved 4chan /pol/, my right-hand men, showed me a picture of a British cop, compacted in and surrounded by blacks and Arabs with an extremely dissapointed look on his face. Same exact scenery in that mall, even at the early hour. The Pioneer place mall was almost devoid of people, but of the 20 or so I saw inside, I could only recognize 1 white man... 1. Want to guess how he was dressed? Yep... the only white guy in the whole mall I saw was the local law enforcement/security guard. Disappointing. I thought to myself as the disgust washed over my conscience again, "I'm done feeding into this invasion of degenerates, I'll look elsewhere."

Left thoroughly disgusted, which is normal these days, and headed west. Went by Pioneer Square and a MAX train passed by to my right. I was staring at the crumbling pillars to my left when the MAX train stopped right next to me. Blacks, Mexicans, Jews and Asians to my left under the pillars, and now, to my right as well. Boarding and off-boarding the train, crossing in front of me and behind... A sea of muddied genetics devoid of any color to their attributes other than black. Black hair, black eyes, and varying shades of brown everywhere else. Everywhere I looked, the area was covered in non white degeneracy. "This city doesn't even feel American anymore." my internal dialogue noted. Disgusting what this beautiful city, Portland, Oregon, to which I was born, had turned into. Lost people everywhere searching for a purpose within their selfish parasitic endeavors, which is impossible to achieve so far from your own genetic lineage. Everyone forcing each other to submit to their self proclaimed "lifestyle." "What an absolute joke of a species," I thought. The people of Portland, Oregon have no idea how badly they are hurting themselves. My sadness began to overtake the feeling of disgust that seemed to shroud my gaze everywhere I looked. My tears began to fall, but my feet kept moving as I attempted to alleviate myself from the scenes of degeneracy.

With my wife's birthday gift still in mind, I went to Nordstrom's next. They were closed at that early hour. "Dammit," I thought. The frustration was mounting, but my legs kept going towards my real destination. The place where my father created the wonderment of education for me as a young lad... The Portland Library. I thought to myself... Maybe, just maybe there would be a majority white populace that I could get some alone time with for interrogation. My main goal throughout this entire process is to have people interact with me in any way. White people, that is. My attempts center around my ability to stimulate their conscience to be curious and ask questions in good faith, honesty, and inspiration. Even finding a predominantly white grouping of individuals wasn't working so I increased the bait technique to lure in interviewees. I began by writing a chart on my notepad, then documented every race and gender that was waiting for the library to open. Just matter of factly, started counting every person and documenting what their race was. Made it blatantly obvious what I was doing, but nobody was taking the bait. Of all the blacks, Mexicans, mutts, AND whites I tried to get to interact with me, there was only one person who said ANYTHING TO ME at all. Her name was Melissa.

Melissa was standing on the corner selling newspapers trying to make ends meet. I could tell instantly that she was a lost soul (as is every one of you reading this is), but also appeared to be curious about what I was doing, which is exactly what I was attempting to stimulate in the populace that surrounded me. I was acutely aware of everyone who paid attention to me due to the presence of my superiors... Meticulously mentally documenting everything we came in contact with. My stroll brought me by her a few times, and as aware of her as I was, she... of all the depravity and false selfish egos I encountered... Melissa was actually curious about me. She managed to try a joke of sorts on one of my passes by her. "Walking in circles?" she asked. I replied instantly, "We all are." She chuckled. My own curiosity about the library got the best of me, so I turned around and headed back into the library after my short interaction. There was one particular black man that stared at me intently earlier while I was documenting the demographics. Even though this man is black, I figured MAYBE, just maybe he might have stolen a Divine presence just by being in such close proximity to whites. I became very interested in WHAT this black man was researching at that early morning hour. Possibly studying for college? Possibly studying for a G.E.D.? Afterall, it was early, and of all the times I've seen black people in libraries, an ulterior motive almost always accompanied the trip. Rarely, if ever, have I seen a black person in a library for entertainment.

I walked into the library and checked the two lower sections... No black man there. Started to walk up the staircase, then I paused several times so that I could marvel at the stone work etched into the steps. Beautiful intricate patterns scribed into the surface of every step going to the second floor, and in all my times visiting this library as a child, I could not recall this beautiful art that adorned the soles of my shoes. Animals and plants of all shapes and sizes. "Very cool looking," I thought as my stride slowed to a stop so that I could view this art in its entirety. Stopping on the stairs to admire the artwork must have been an unusual occurrence to the staff. I'm certain I drew in very strange looks from the people paying attention to me. How backwards is that? "Hey punk, why are you stopping on the stairs to look at rocks?..." I imagined they were saying to themselves. Idiots.

The second floor yielded many blacks and Mexicans, but the black man that I was looking for wasn't there, so on to the 3rd floor I went. When I got to the top of the stairs, I paused to get a closer look at the paintings on the wall. My memory of the paintings being present is vague at best, but I wanted the full spectrum of the visit, so my gazes locked into every painting that was present. Read every name and stared into the eyes of the pictures. There seemed to be 8 paintings with scribed plaques. Although there was not much information on why those people's paintings were there, I assumed the portraits were of the founders of the library originally. Hidden on the third floor away from anyone who would be interested in them, these paintings begged for reverence. The "employees" of the library thought differently, I guess. "HIDE THEM!!!..." I imagined them saying. Want to guess how many of the founders were white? All of them...  

My third floor trip took me to the last two rooms of the library in search of the black man I had originally sought out. Found him tucked away in the farthest section of computers the library had to offer, surrounded by bookshelves completely devoid of books other than a small section. Just a few language reference books were stacked on the shelves behind him, but my curiosity drew me in closer. My investigative work continued. I was still surprised and somewhat hopeful at the possibility of a black man studying vigorously at a library early in the morning. The books in the section threw off my assumptions on his purpose, so I walked up to the language books behind the man to determine what the black man was doing in a language section. He hadn't brought any books to the computer with him to utilize as reference material, and he had on head phones. I just figured he was studying language, which came as a surprise, so I strolled over behind him to check his computer screen. "DAMMIT!" I thought. The black man I was searching for throughout the library was leeching internet so he could listen to some bix nood do wap didduh rap garbage, smacking his lips and headbanging. Disgust washed over me again. Even given the benefit of the doubt, my intuitions of his purpose in the library were destroyed. This particular black man was just another internet stealing moron with nothing more than an affinity for rap music. Typical.  

"Enough of this garbage, I'm outta here..." I thought. Down the stairs I went stopping again to get an above spectrum on the stone stair carvings. "Neat," I thought again, then departed the library quietly. Still on the corner selling those newspapers, I saw Melissa again. The entire walk that morning yielded nothing but disgust, so I figured this woman might be my only real opportunity for an interview. "I'll talk to her..." I said to myself as my superior's disgust had reached new heights after the library trip. My desperation to find a worthy interviewee was fading as i walked up to the woman. She was missing a pupil in her right eye. Again... very interestingly symbolic. I walked right up to her and asked rather bluntly, "What do you think about your creator? And what do you think about the pyramids in Egypt?" She didn't have anything memorable to say, but her intent on saying it was curious. Melissa's curiosity is what won me over, and the disgust that was enveloping my conscience subsided briefly. FINALLY, A GOOD ONE! I gave her every cent I had in my pocket then stated, "Things are going to get better." Melissa wept and asked me for a hug. I obliged her request happily, then taught her how our makers great each other by touching foreheads. Probably weirded her out, but her excitement at the wad of cash I handed her was expected. I thought as I walked away... "Funny, I think I just taught the blind how to 'see.'" The symbolism was somewhat amusing to me. The scholarly religious zealots will think I'm crazy for saying that is equivalent to the famous biblical passages... But their ideology is based on selfish desires and the stigmas that follow those assumptions. My awakening to the symbolic gestures was decided from usage of the scientific method. No assumptions were present when Melissa presented herself to me...

The meeting with "my lawyer" drew closer, so I made my way towards my meeting and for the rest of the trip, I didn't see one other memorable figure that had any resemblance of Divinity at all. Strolling through the city center of Portland was a famous pastime for my father, brother, and myself. We used to walk everywhere. Long before the MAX trains were installed, walking was the only way to traverse the city streets. Many of the shops that grabbed our attention in those days were gone. As it appeared to me, the character of the business owners that dotted the scenery was absent completely. There was an area that had many small level food carts, but otherwise, the storefronts were all plagued with big corporation satellite shops. All of them were full of minimum wage earning youths who didn't seem to care about the image of the once quaint city center being ruined by their presence.

Portland, Oregon had a personality decades ago. Even though the inhabitants were mainly white people, there was a cornucopia of varying personalities that brought a much more diverse experience when walking through the local shops. The owners of those earlier year establishments had pride in their city and community at large. The streets were clean. The construction projects were completed in a timely manner and almost always brought more character to the beautiful scenery. The cohesion of the populace was obvious. The outlook on the future was exciting. The people were happy...

Now, Portland, Oregon has homeless people strung out on drugs using the streets as their toilet. Garbage and used drug paraphernalia riddled with communicable diseases litter the sidewalks and parks. Mentally deranged transexuals scowl at anyone who views their appearance as odd or offputting. Homosexuals push their degenerate fetishized sexual conquests in everyone's face. Drunk, arrogant, pushy, smelly, black and brown people are sprinkled throughout the streets, making everyone nervous of being robbed or otherwise harassed. The populace at large is frightened to bring any order to this chaos due to their fear of the politically correct, feminist, liberal ideology professing idiots who have much larger vocal cords than brains. Portland has become a destination for all degenerate behavior to flourish. "Progress," as feminist liberal degenerate philosophy professes it to be, has summarily concluded. The result is a disgusting hollow shell of emotionally derived hopes and dreams from people that should not have access to any authoritative judgements. Feminist liberal ideology is a cancer that has destroyed a once vibrant, beautiful city, and replaced it with an angry, frustrated, confused, and tormented populace that is desperately trying to find a way to move from the area. The inhabitants that are replacing the folks who built the beautiful city originally, are also refugees from degenerate scum ridden places like the major cities of California. I've been to "third world countries" many times... and Portland, Oregon mirrors them currently.   

I cried several times on the way home thinking about the entire situation. There's so much work to do...


San Antonio is not nearly as bad as Portland, my beloved childhood home that's been destroyed by depravity of the highest accord, but it's worthy of placement in this chapter because San Antonio has the makings of slipping into that void. I truly hope that these words ring true with the citizenry there, and they do something about this dilemma before it's too late. My "World's Greatest Reuben" conquest brought me to Schilo's Restaurant just prior to these events, so I might have had a little smidgen of animosity from the letdown that their sandwich gave me, but you be the judge. I do not wish to bash on the peepoles of this city, but there needs to be a written record of my "pilgrimage" and San Antonio was chosen as the "other" (soon to be) modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

After finishing my sandwich, I walked out of Schilo's looking for a place to smoke without bothering any Nancys with my cigarette, and paused to watch the goings on around the famous River Walk. Beautiful setup. Boats packed with tourists and locals slamming adult beverages while snapping pictures of their surroundings as smiles gleamed from their faces. Several different boats passed in the short time span where I was standing above, scurrying about beneath the bridge I was on. Looked like they were all having a great time, and good for them. I didn't have my beautiful wife with me, and my health concerns have completely curtailed my ability to partake in consumption of alcohol, so it was kind of pointless for me to buy a ride. Nonetheless, if I make it through this alive, I hope my wife will join me for one of those rides. Looks like fun!

On the farther side of the river there were two or three bars/lounges/taverns of some sort, and I think I drew the attention of the patrons of those establishments. They probably had no idea that the second coming of Christ/me was judging the ENTIRE scene, but I was as locked onto them as I was on the boats. Again, I saw mutts as far as the tables stretched, and only three or four white on white couples. Interestingly enough, I grabbed the attention of one of these lucky couples. They were sitting right on the edge of the water... A young white man, and his lovely white wife/girlfriend. I gave them a grin of approval, but the young man probably took my gaze as me creeping on his wife or something similar. As you should all know by the previous chapters in this book, that is an impossibility. I apologize to that young man directly. Not for what I did specifically, but the angst he must constantly be inundated with in this societal structure of degeneracy.

As I kept smoking, I walked towards a tree filled area with benches. My knee was throbbing and I was sitting down driving most of the day, so I very slowly walked under the trees. Then a very nice Mexican (I think) city worker assigned to trash duty, came up and started talking to me in a very friendly way. I'm not used to this treatment from ANY city worker where I'm from, so he intrigued me. We started to discuss marijuana, and the legal industries of Oregon and Washington that distribute it. I said my piece about how legalizing marijuana was a terrible Jew laden idea that actually destroyed the decriminalized portion of laws we worked so hard to achieve in the 1990s and 2000s. Plus the entire industry had been "Walmarted" by a group of industrializing shit heads, hell bent on monopoly. Medical marijuana practice and research has been essentially halted since "legalizing" the plant, and that is the real tragedy in this conundrum. Legalizing marijuana has justified the stigma of the American pothead, while simultaneously, destroying the funding for real research into the plant's medicinal capabilities.

There are several different medical uses for marijuana/hemp (cancer being the most obvious), but the research was halted, quite Jewishly, in favor of big profits and stoner mentality. I speak to the burning bush for many reasons... pain being the most obvious, but also mental fortitude in dealing with my own PTSD amongst other angst filled emotions. I do think marijuana has kept my relationship with my wife going at times. PTSD is no fucking joke, peepoles. It's a terrible emotional response to stimuli that wouldn't ordinarily be held with such passion, but when you suffer from REAL PTSD, marijuana is a life saver. Before PTSD, certain things would frighten me and draw on my fight or flight response, but after PTSD, those fright emotions grew 10 fold. Marijuana can't bring it back down to a 1, but it DOES help.

So after breaking all of this down to the guy with rapid fire dialect, he just basically brushed it all of, and gave in to his stoner maaaaan urges. "Whatever," I thought. Regardless, he was a very nice man, and there was no reason to tear down his "dreams" of endless skunk smelling fields of very cheap stoner stimuli during our brief interaction. I then asked him where the Alamo was, and off I went. As I walked down the street towards The Alamo, my judgement sensors were piqued. Hordes of Mexicans everywhere... being... well, Mexicans. Basically rude without knowing they're being rude, entitled, pushy, bad parented children running amok, electric scooters EVERYWHERE rudely interrupting the cohesion of foot traffic, and all of them seemed oblivious to anyone else's presence... I'm not joking when I say, there must have been 10 Mexicans to every 1 white person I saw. Now I know why white people are fleeing this once amazing city. What a shame...

Made it to The Alamo, and talked to the first cop I could find. Asked the nice gentleman about the closing time, and a few other things. But what I was interested in the most, was that the only cop in the entire vicinity, was a Mexican. Now, I'm no history scholar, nor do I care to be, but, um... isn't that an insult to those who died protecting that area from Mexicans in the first place? My irony sensors were spiking, but I kept moving. More slow moving, loitering, Mexicans were posted up in front of the bronze depictions of the fort through the ages, so I patiently waited, and eventually their drinks ran dry and they moved on. Most of them only took pictures anyways. The only 5 people that actually read every plaque, that I saw, were myself, and 4 Chinese tourists that were following me. What a shame... All of those brave men died so that some fat ugly mutts and Mexicans could get shitfaced drunk and take selfies in front of their memorial. Irony sensor was tacked out and frustration started to take over, so I moved on.

The memorial to the south of The Alamo caught my eye immediately, though. I studied every name and every stone carving intently. I even sent my wife a text that said something like, "Yeah, it's beautiful, but whoever made it wasted WAY too much time on it. Satanic energy drenched tooling raped the harmonic capabilities of that stone, and I could almost feel it. Still, a very nice memorial for those fallen brave men. By the way, every name and every carved statue was of a white man, and the only other person who was even interested in it was a small nervously shy white girl about 10-12 years old. I asked her, "That's pretty impressive isn't it?" She just ducked her head and ran off. Same ole same ole... nobody wants to talk to your humble narrator, but I'm used to it at this point. At least she was curiously staring at the memorial and appeared to be genuinely interested in the history.

After taking a couple of pictures, I went across the street to see another couple of cased historical markers. Interesting original adobe bricks sat inside of a strong casement structure with a plaque under it. As I was standing there reading the plaque, more hordes of pushy, arrogant Mexicans crowded me. I slowly moved to the side, and one group of 4 teenage Mexicans stood right over the plaque that I was very obviously reading to myself. They even pretended to read it themselves. Can't fool me you loud mouthed brats. Finished reading and frustratingly moved on. I'm not joking around here when I say everywhere I looked, there were hordes of pushy arrogant Mexicans. I MEAN EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Walking away from the scene, trying to overcome my frustration, I stopped in front of a tee shirt shop, and one of them caught my eye. It read "I love Jesus, but I drink a little." THAT IS MY WIFE PEEPOLES!!!!! Really wanted to get it for her, but the whole realization thing is still freaking her out a bit, so she declined my offer to get her one... Oh well. Went on following, getting followed by, and basically compacted in by more hordes of Mexicans. Turned the corner, and ran into a large group of white people. "Thank Jesus/me!" I thought (heh), at least they'll respect my private space. I was absolutely wrong friends... These white ignorant fools slammed into me after they decided, out of the blue with no warning, to turn the corner, and I happened to be in their way. I tried to move quickly, but one of them stepped on my foot and I twisted my bad knee. Let out a small "FUCK!" and the guy did turn around to apologize. Regardless, even the white folks I had interactions with at that point seemed to be arrogant, pushy, jerks. Maybe there's just an aura of smug arrogance in everyone in that city? I wasn't sure at that point, but the populace of tourists and locals sure made it feel that way. Very unwelcoming to say the least...

Not much of note for a few blocks of walking until I came to a smoking area near The Hilton or some other elitist filled garbage hotel. Lit up my smoke and checked my surroundings. Across the street, the "masters of the universe (in their own mind) ball" was being guarded by a policeman, and dozens of smug arrogant elitists ate lobster and other frivolities while homeless men walked by on the side of the street I was on. One of them asked me for money, but I had given most of it away already. One guy picked me out of a crowd of Mexicans I was stuck inside, and asked if I had any money to give him as I walked away from the scene. I stated very sternly, "Why???" He gave me the "I'm hungry" routine, so I continued with him... "ARE YOU GOING TO USE IT FOR FOOD, or drugs and alcohol?" He promised it was just for food, so I made him promise 3 times, as I do, then busted out a $20 dollar bill for him which was one of my last. Hopefully that entire twenty went to food homeless guy, or you're dealing with me later... and it won't be good.

Not much else of note until I got to the large church where the bodies of the brave Alamo soldiers rest. I walked up to the doors, read the plaque, and turned. I noticed something I hadn't seen yet. ALL WHITE PEOPLE. There were a couple of black kid girls twerking and doing the splits in the dirt (they might have been 5 years old [disgusting parenting]), but otherwise ALL white folks. Interesting. I parked my fat ass down in a chair by myself, and tried to bless the fallen soldiers with prayers. Felt very lonely, so I texted with my wife and begged her (AGAIN) to come join my pilgrimage, but she didn't budge. I was sad, but stayed focused on the church. It was quite pretty, but the architecture could have used a bit of resonant micro cavitation... if you know what I mean. *wink

After sitting there for an hour or so, I started to make my way to the car. About a block away from the church I ran into a few homeless people. The first person to talk to your lonely narrator was a very broken down fat man in a wheelchair. He asked me for a cigarette, so I obliged. He seemed shocked that I had done this and thanked me profusely. I told him "No big deal, man," and started to walk away. Then I proceeded to send the broken down man some prayers, when a younger guy stopped me. He said "That's a really nice thing you did there, man." Then I asked, "Why?" He went on about how that particular guy didn't even need a wheelchair, and he tried to garner sympathy by pissing and shitting on himself regularly. Basically told me the whole thing was an act, but he couldn't do any better at life, so that was what hand he was playing. "Oh well," I thought. Everyone has problems in H.E.L.L. and those who do not, will suffer greatly when the populace awakens from this slumber.

Myself and this younger guy talked until we were interrupted by an obviously wasted drug addict who was high on something, then we moved over and kept talking. He gave me the run down on his sorrows and shortcomings, and I gave him a rundown on humanity's maker, The Nine Principles/Jesus/me, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, then busted out a few smokes for him and his various cohorts. He thanked me again, and I said matter of factly, "Don't thank me/us, THANK YOUR MAKER!!!!!" I think I made an impression, but then he said, "God Bless You," as I walked away. I was instantly furious on the inside from having just explained in great detail the difference between God, the man himself, and humanity's maker. Then, as though he could feel my disappointment in his flaw of dialogue, he snapped back, "I,I,I mean maker!!!" A sudden rush of warmth came over me, so I turned and looked at him rather quickly then gave a very bolsterous "EXACTLY!!!!!" back to the young man. He smiled, and off I went.

That was pretty much it for the city center stroll. One Mexican Alamo guarding cop, two homeless men (one of them partaking in self defecation regularly), and a group of drunk arrogant white people were the only people that said anything to the second coming of Christ, while I was in San Antonio. For shame... for shame. Not as bad as Portland, like I said, but not great either. There's a lot of work to do Texas... A LOT of work!

Got back to the Studio 6 where I was staying, and the scene had dramatically shifted from the time I had left for my Reuben conquest trip to Schilo's. I drove up to about 10-15 drug dealing Mexican punks loitering about the courtyard. Tried to park near my room, but had to find another spot farther away... which made me nervous. I walked up, and I'm guessing they thought I was a cop, because they didn't retort to my polite "hellos." 'Oh well'ed' the interaction and headed to my room. Wrote a bit about the days events, then went out for another smoke. A couple of doors down, there was a black prostitute saying good bye to a filthy white "John" who was all smiles after their encounter. No judging on her career choice was necessary, so I tried to make small talk. The arrogant woman didn't say a peep back. I've never thought that I give off the "I'm a cop" vibe, but sober white people do seem to be a rarity around San Antonio so anything is possible. "Whatever," I thought as my gaze went to the ground. "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, blah blah blah." As my writing and smoke breaks continued through the night, several drug buyers visited the Mexican grouping of teenagers. Loud music and a stench of arrogance followed every degenerate user, so I kept to myself.

Nothing too out of the "ordinary" until the morning. At about 6 am, a young black father was carrying his very young son in one hand, and holding hands with his daughter with the other. "How sweet," I thought. Never see that kind of thing anymore, so it brightened my spirits. Went in, took a short nap, then got up to shower... Turned on the "fan" and sparks shot out towards me. A very clanky grinding sound followed the shower of sparks, so I shut it off immediately. Electrical problems and showers don't mix well together. As I got dressed after the shower, I also noticed there was a broken in half smoke detector. After seeing the young father, this started eating at me internally. I was getting pretty upset thinking about the blatant safety issues when young children were staying at the facility. All the other depravity was the father's choice to partake in, but faulty electrical mounts and missing smoke alarms in a motel room is unacceptable in my mind. Anger and disappointment began to consume me.

Pissed off about the situation, I went into the office to check out and get my deposit. The woman behind the counter was a heavier, dot Indian woman (poo in loo) with bug eyes and a look of complete dissonance. She made me sick just looking at her so I wanted to leave without voicing my disgust to her directly, but the smoke alarm thing really got to me. I flinched about attacking this problem after receiving my deposit. Went to my car for a couple of minutes, thought about it, then went right back in there ready to put that woman in her place. I asked for a manager, but she said she was the only worker there. "Good," I thought... Then I went off about how there were children there, no smoke alarm in my room, and sparks shooting out of the bathroom fan in a very obviously angry tone.

Her eyes glassed over after my rant completed. Maybe this was a common thing she got complaints about from peepoles who weren't "banging Johns" and selling crack? The woman then offered me 50% of my money back to compensate for the deadly flaws in her building. Then I snapped back sternly, "Is my life, and those children's lives worth $30 fucking dollars to you?" The cognitive dissonance stare turned to worry while she rushed to "call the manager." The woman came back out 30 seconds later and said, "I giving full refund." in her filthy non-American (AND DEFINITELY NOT TEXAS) speech impeded way. When she put the money in my hand I got as close to her as possible, then said in a most serious tone, "Take this money and buy smoke alarms, then, get a fucking electrician in here NOW! There are fucking children staying here. I don't give a shit about the money, I want the kids to be safe!" Then I continued, "You are the opposite... You only care about the money, you don't give a fuck about the kids, AND YOU HAVE ONE!!! I'm giving you seven days until I call the fire chief. You had better get this shit fixed if you'd like to keep your job and motel." Then I walked out. I'm going to hold that bitch accountable in any way that I have the power to do so. I hope for her soul's sake, she fixed those deadly flaws in the building.

I left San Antonio thinking I had done at least, "some good" work there. North I went, back to my new friends Orlando and Paul. San Antonio was fun-ish. More so anyways than bad, but the night in the motel reminded me of why races are just not compatible living together. We all have a place in the world. With our own people, that is, connecting to a common interest/goal, and making sure we all look out for one another. In that particular motel, every race under the sun was present, and none of us interacted with each other at all. It reminded me of a now famous saying my beloved 4Chan /pol/ taught me... and never forget this you feminist liberal politicians... "Access to white societies is not a universal right."

Leave our great cities alone, liberals. You are ruining them by over crowding and disrespect. Go be a Mexican in Mexico... Go be an Indian in India... and so on and so forth. By all means, visit, tour the sites, partake in the scenery and love, but don't move into them. Your presence there is destroying its beauty and culture. You can't, nor do you want to, take care of that type of responsibility. It's what us white people are good at. Respect us and we'll return the favor. Disrespect us and we'll simply leave... just like all of the white people seemed to have done in San Antonio and countless other American cities. Sad. Many such cases.


9/1/2019 Addendum.

This section of teachings was supposed to be accomplished in video format due to its delicate nature, as were all of the other addendums. Women will have a very difficult time coming to terms with what is about to be taught. A video segment with a white board and emotional speech, mainly of the anger induced variety, would have been appropriate. Unfortunately, I was gullible enough to attempt putting a female in charge of this job. It was my mistake to assume that a college educated woman could grasp the importance of these proceedings, and follow through with her contract requirements. I did my best to go against my instincts with regards to women in general, and give them the benefit of the doubt, but employing women for this task just did not work.

I made this mistake with Linda Moulton Howe first, and then cemented my own idiocy by attempting to place trust in a woman once more. It was a mistake that cost me a lot of time, effort, money, and energy with nothing to show for it in the end. As stated before, if I live long enough, I will attempt to complete this video series through a panel of interviewers. If that does not occur, I apologize for my trusting nature. However, if you generous readers who have made it this far in the book wish to lay blame upon the woman who was responsible for taking the video "luxury" from you, Kassidi Jones is who you need to blame. I did everything I could to drag that woman away from a life of stripping, alcoholism, and serotonin overdoses, but when all was said and done, her feminism soaked psyche overcame my attempts. Although I should have known that a woman does not have the ability to overcome her emotionally charged rationale, I allowed the intrusion to commence. I gave a woman a chance, and feminism won. Shame on you Kassidi Jones. Ultimately, you let down the entirety of the human race by breaching your contract. I'm a forgiving individual, so this is your penance. I cannot say that humanity will be this forgiving, but you are the one who decided to take on that backlash, so you must deal with the consequences.

Feminism is the root cause for all of humanity's problematic straying away from God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. By now you should have a firm grasp of what euphemisms, microcosms, and macrocosms are, as well as biomimicry. The sexual dichotomy that exists in humanity is a perfect representation of the structure of the universe as a whole on many different levels. The mechanisms that make this dichotomy understandable have been abused and decimated through feminist approaches to reality. In so doing, feminists have lost their ability to reconcile their purpose on this planet, and by proxy, the entire universe that surrounds them. Women have used their sexual organs and the promiscuity that accompanies them, to attempt a "pedestal philosophy" hierarchy shift with every man that they come in contact with. Men have the ability to create, while women are simply the vessel for creation. While residing in H.E.L.L., as everyone is doing currently, sexual gratification outside of procreation is the feminist's weapon of choice. They use this power over men, which is completely opposite to what nature/The Nine Principles intended.

In the hierarchy of this universe, women rarely grace its presence. To be blunt about it, women are unnecessary to creation outside of humanity's current tier of civilizational placement, Type 0. While in this tier of civilizations, to create through procreation requires a physical embodiment of a Satanic energy platform vessel. Women, are the representation of this physical body presence. Although women have a soul, and by association have the Divine Energy that accompanies its presence, a woman's brain chemistry blocks out this relationship to Divinity almost entirely. Emotional responses to logical dilemmas is their largest flaw. This flaw can be overcome, but to do so, requires women to have strict adherence to a particular code of conduct. As you can see, just by looking at the societal problems every society on Earth has currently, the code of conduct that women should be adhering to, is absent almost ubiquitously. When women were given the right to vote in America, for example, the devolution that has accompanied the human species on earth for 38,000 years pales in comparison to the destructive nature of emotionally charged decision making that permeates feminism at every critical juncture. In less than 100 years, feminism has the authority in American to destroy the entire society, and they have almost completed their mission.

These revelations will be difficult for ALL of you to accept. Throughout the course of feminist laden ideology soaking your perceptions of what humanity is over the last 100 years, men have made enough concessions to their own inherent ideology to bastardize their own psyche. Both men and women need a stern lesson on what they are. This is that lesson. Men have penises, and women have vaginas. Seems simple enough to understand, right? The next question that must follow this statement is, why? What does a penis represent, and subsequently, what does a vagina represent? How did this system of procreation come to be? Evolutionary dogma says that life started as a primordial ooze, then one day, for no apparent reason according to evolutionists, a penis and vagina magically appeared on a long forgotten species, and off to the races we went. Unfortunately for evolutionary theory, the penis and vagina interaction has been going on the entire time the universe has been in existence. What I'm about to explain to you will give you immense foresight into why I constantly state the nomenclature, God, THE MAN himself who exists outside of this universe.

Humanity is on the brink of utilizing machinery to connect into a system called the "singularity." To a modern human psyche, this system can only be obtained through external forces laden with electronic technology. Computers run on a binary system of communication. The language that is maintained between circuits that reside within those systems communicates utilizing a simplistic form of dialect. Ones and zeros are grouped together in various formats to depict the language variables. For a human mind, utilizing this structure would add an immense amount of confusion. Given the Idiocracy conundrum that humanity currently resides in filled with degenerative nigger laden terminologies, and the overwhelming influence that feminism brings to the foray, humanity has a difficult enough time just understanding English. It's almost impossible to even attempt teaching binary code to anyone currently. Therefore, the system was simplified so that everyone can maintain a proper grasp on what life is in this universe. Evolutionary theory has nothing to do with reality. Binary code is what the structure is within the singularity, so you can stop asking yourselves the age old question, "What came first? The chicken or the egg?" The chicken came first. The "chicken" represented in that very old joke had a penis that stretched his ejaculate hundreds of trillions of light years into the egg.

God, the MAN himself who exists outside of this universe has the power to create a universe utilizing cavitation. Since the entities that exist inside of this universe cannot understand what happens outside of this universe, I can only speculate on what the liquid is that surrounds our universe's cavitation bubble. That said, in order to create a resonant cavitation bubble within this universe's boundaries, in the simplest method available, you must have a liquid base to "pull" from. Although anything of substance can be utilized to form this structure, humanity's examples of this occurring in nature/biomimicry form focus on the underwater variety of animals. Mantis shrimp being first and foremost. Within a cavitation bubble, heat, light, and substances which cannot be defined due to the nature of cavitation are present. There is no way to test exactly what is happening within a cavitation bubble, because when we attempt to pierce the bubble, we destroy its integrity. Hence... "the man himself who exists outside of this universe."

Creating a cavitation bubble is the proverbial "something out of nothing" dilemma, which is why current "science" dogmatic approaches to understanding natural law, cannot account for the phenomenon within present academic restraints. According to the "law of thermodynamics," the heat and light that is produced within a cavitation bubble should not exist. Therefore, it exists outside of our abilities to quantify it properly. This dilemma does not mean that the heat and light that extends beyond the cavitation bubble's walls does not exist, but rather, that we are existing in a separate reality from what is taking place within these bubbles. That said, an entity had to create the the cavitation bubble in order for it to function. Then, this entity must maintain the bubble. God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, is the entity that does this for our universe. Sound is the platform of the Divine energy spectrum, which is why creating a cavitation bubble is easily accomplished via that sense platform. Hence, the references to "God" in the bible speaking... and creations beginning to form. The entire universe is a cavitation bubble held in place by an entity that cannot destroy the integrity of this structure, for if he did, the universe would cease to exist. The cavitation bubble would collapse almost instantaneously, and every atomic piece of matter within this universe currently, would collapse into nothing along with it. You, me, EVERYTHING.

By creating a cavitation bubble/universe of this size, a contract had to be in place so that order could be maintained. Destroying this bubble/universe would be easily accomplished, which is why the first entity created within the cavitation bubble/universe must maintain discipline at all costs. If the first creation within the universe was considered a failure to the creator of the universe, the cavitation bubble would be decimated, and a new bubble would take its place. This universe has been in place for a long time, therefore, the first creation within its boundaries, The Nine Principles, is doing a magnificent job in the eyes of God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe. With that knowledge from deduction in place, you must then realize that the only methodology which is important to maintain within this universe's walls, comes directly from God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe's first born offspring, The Nine Principles.

The Nine Principles represent everything created in the universe. First and foremost being intelligent life. From a biomimicry standpoint, The Nine Principles create new life within the universe based on the same methodology that their creation was derived from. God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe must maintain the structure of the universe, which means that the first intelligent being within the universe has free will to do as he sees fit within the complex structured contract of free will. Keep in mind, if the first creation within the universe was not pleasing God, the man himself, the universe would cease to exist instantly. The Nine Principles had to utilize a free will ordained subordinate structure to continue the methodology that God, the man himself created as their base platform of life. When The Nine Principles created the first civilization within the universe's boundaries, he had to allow the newly created entities to procure their abilities through a series of misfortunes. After this process was understood by the subsequent civilizations that were created, they themselves began to create their own civilizations to add to this simulation.

After this process had been completed several billions of times, humanity was created by one of the many civilizations that came from The Nine Principles originally. This structure is reminiscent of the famous "tree of life." Since humanity has depicted this "tree of life" in the image of a tree from this planet, and has since completely lost the symbology behind the depiction as well, figuring out the biomimicry connotation to what kind of image I'm trying to relate is simple. Turn the tree upside down... When viewed in this way, the entire structure of how life was created in the universe should be apparent. The root structure of the tree is the hand of God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, maintaining the cavitation bubble that this universe is made from. The base of the trunk is the depiction of the first created entity within the universe. Within the trunk of the tree are the oldest creations within this universe that The Nine Principles put in place to maintain the creation sequences that continue onward within the simulation's parameters. The branches that extend beyond the trunk are the civilizations that continue to create new free will enriched entities. The leaves are depictions of the civilizations that are currently in the process of learning what the universe is, who created it, and what their purpose is in this simulation. Humanity is currently on one of those leaves. To be more accurate, humanity is WAAAAAAY out on one of the furthest stretching branches... but that principle was already covered in a previous chapter.

Maintaining discipline within the nomenclatures of the English language is fairly difficult. When I say God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe is made of entirely Divine energy, people don't usually argue. However, when I state that this entire universe is made up of Satanic energy, people of all walks of life argue about this iteration profusely. Given the description of this entire addendum, you should be able to understand the connotation that I am implying by utilizing that nomenclature. Therefore, EVERYTHING within this universe that is made of material from the inside of this universe, is the opposite of Divine energy... meaning that ALL material (matter) within this universe is Satanic energy in origin. Satanic energy is the opposite of Divine energy in the same way that God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe is the opposite of the matter that exists within the universe. The two nomenclatures make a lot more sense when this description is given to their respective nomenclatures. It gives both respective energy platforms a definitive relation that no religious doctrine has the ability to do...

Where does humanity fit into this particular biomimicry definitive structure? The biomimicry platform that is present on the human form, resides between your legs. Men have penises that produce creation material. In order to create with the penis, we have to utilize a vessel. The universe itself, the cavitation bubble that everything within this universe resides in, is the vagina and womb of the human female form. When a man ejaculates into a vagina/womb, we are mimicking the creation scenario that was first present during the first creation cycle of this universe. When looking at the tree of life for reference, The man's penis is depicted as the trunk of the tree, while his ejaculate is the branching outwards of his own personal creation substance. The womb itself is depicted as the universe's outer perimeter/cavitation bubble that all matter resides in. Creation itself, within this cavitation bubble/universe, is therefore made entirely of God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe's creation substance brought to life... His son, The Nine Principles, along with ANYTHING The Nine Principles specifically see as worthy for life.

In keeping with the ideology that Satanic energy is made up of everything that exists inside of this universe that does not have life specifically attached to it, you should start to understand why feminism is destructive as opposed to creative. Humanity's proclivity in recent decades to worship feminine energy, is the same thing as worshipping the universe itself as opposed to the man who created it, and maintains it. This is the realm of thought that humanity has currently dragged its thought process into. While being obsessed with Satanic energy principles, we have concurrently been obsessed with making feminism a mainstay in our current zeitgeist. We have strayed away from worshipping the man who created us, and every entity that created the civilizations of our ancestors, in exchange for worshipping his creation itself. To give you an idea of why this is so detrimental to our existence, if the first creation in this universe, The Nine Principles, would have done this, there would be no universe. The universe is a canvas, but without an artist to create a mural on its surface, it would be just a blank sheet of paper. Humanity has been attempting to worship the canvas itself without even considering the art depicted on the canvas at all. If you were the artist that had spent a lifetime putting everything you had into creating a beautiful drawing, and everyone that looked at this drawing only commented on the paper it was drawn on, how would you feel about those observers? Get it now?

But wait... there's more! The singularity that I was describing in the beginning of this addendum, which humanity has been desperately trying to create with a Satanic energy platform liken to a computer, already exists. The purpose of this universe is to help maintain a systematic approach to teaching the universe's creator, God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, how to transcend to his next destination. Every single creation inside of this universe is teaching this man, who exists outside of it, how to cope with the entirety of his creation, absent of his control. Free will allows anything to happen within this universe's parameters. This process is essential to help guide our universe's creator towards the information he needs to obtain. EVERYTHING that exists within this universe is part of that process. Humanity, being the arrogant, self righteous, feminism drenched fuck ups that we are, have tried to mimic this process in a simulation platform, as well. We utilize binary code to help our computers communicate with each other. God, the man himself, with his son, The Nine Principles, utilize a similar strategy as the base platform within THEIR simulation... Men's penises are the 1's... while women's vaginas are the 0's. Could it be that it was all so simple, man? It is indeed. We are, as humans, quite literally, the binary code which exists inside of God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe's simulation. We are the characters in HIS game... and humanity has been worshipping the Non Playable Characters, or NPCs, instead of the creator of this magnificently beautiful universe.

Now that you understand why humanity is so incredibly backwards in our own personal approach to what creation represents, you might be asking yourself, how do we fix this problem that WE have created? First and foremost, humanity needs to re-align with the natural order of things. Women are a subspecies to that of men. Start acting like it. The ability to problem solve is based on a very simple rationale. An individuals IQ should be a secondary indicator to WHO gets to decide how problems are solved. Doing well in indoctrination/school is a ridiculous platform for deciding these outcomes. Just so you all know... I dropped out of school in the 9th grade. Jewish/Satanic/Feminist ideology has taken over education by implementing emotional strategies to problem solving. To be blunt about it, school in the modern sense, is responsible for every shortcoming in society right now. Women teach men regularly. Women, and various other minorities, move up the chain of command within that structure due to idiotic platforms like Affirmative Action and a nepotistic approach from these falsely elevated people. Humanity has become obsessed with leveling the playing field as opposed to celebrating the special accomplishments of scholars.

Most true geniuses do not have a well rounded education within every field equally. Geniuses excel at one or two subjects. Education has devolved into an almost robotic simulation in its current form. We have stopped trying to procure intelligence, and have subsequently elevated those who can behave like a computer/file cabinet. Anyone who has not done well in school for the past few decades should understand this notion. The graduates that come from modern collegiate scholastics can type well, reiterate politically correct dogma, and operate a cell phone, but that's about it as far as imaginative thinking/intelligence is concerned. How many Human Resources executives regularly get absolutely flustered when they have to fix a leaking faucet, but can masterfully depict the latest trends on social media? Collegiate success in modern times is based on the ability to receive indoctrination, NOT how intelligent the education has made the individual.

Humanity needs to get back to basics. That is essentially why my amalgamation is present currently. In the Lost Technology chapter I bring humanity's ethos back to a time when everything made sense. Everyone knew their place, and everyone fit into their job roles without jealousy and angst over not being where someone of higher intelligence was situated. People were happy and content in knowing that no matter what they were doing, they were a part of the entire Earth's intelligence hierarchy structure. Women did not work for a reason. Black people were not in charge of white people for a reason. Mutts/golems did not exist for a reason. Sex was utilized as a means of procreation, and only took place between loving and caring partners that bonded for life, for a reason. If humanity does not get back to this easily maintained simplistic life structure on this planet, we will all perish... very soon. It would be difficult to imagine a society devolving away from the universe's hierarchy much more than we are currently doing. You know it, I know it, humanity's maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe knows it. We are already on borrowed time. Humanity's current methodology of societal structure is destructive, violent, and hostile. If we do not change this course of certain destruction, annihilation will be our outcome.  

Always keep in mind that effort is more important than success. My birthplace, Portland, Oregon, as discussed in the beginning of this chapter, has strayed so far from their maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe, my assumption is that this city will be made an example of. That said, it does not need to be this way. Everyone could toss their Satanic energy drenched feminist laden egos to the side, and listen to reason. Unfortunately, as most of you already know, sticks and stones may break my bones, but there will always be something that offends a feminist. The time has come to listen to reason. Humanity has had an entire century to placate the emotional cries of feminists throughout the world, and it has gotten this society pushed to the brink of total anarchy/collapse/annihilation. I challenge ANYONE who is alive on this earth presently, to decipher a feminist/liberal approach to ANY subject, and from that data, formulate a strategy for survival longer than two generations at this present course. Emotionally charged feminism ideologies derived from the subordinate entities that profess their inherent ability to rectify the natural order of life, are devoid of a logical outcome to the survival of humanity as a whole. The experiment failed, ladies. It's time to rectify these destructive notions.  

If feminist ideology remains prevalent in any of the world's societal structures, expect chaos. Allowing women a say in the directional policies that run your lives is a surefire way to failure. Don't take my word for it. Utilize the scientific method to your advantage. Study all of the inefficiencies, debt, hatred, political strife, monetary stress, divorce rates, migration woes, selfishness, consumerism, materialism, and every other problem that has plagued this species since women gained the ability to vote. August 18, 1920 was a terrible day. It signified a complete dereliction of purpose within this universe for the entirety of the human race, and ever since that fateful day, humanity has been waiting for Armageddon. If humanity decides to continue down the feminist's path towards the future, that is exactly what we will get. Good luck, Humanity. You're going to need it. Now, onto the next chapter. Enjoy.