The Threat of American Division

June 14 2020

Mere political union is insufficient to restore life's perfection on the basis of timeless principles applied in every aspect of life. However, I feel that by the day America sinks into greater and greater danger, and if this country goes under then any chance at the redemption of the whole world will be nearly gone. China has demonstrated support for the present riots and perhaps anything labeled as a cause of “social justice” (see links at the end). I have seen this enough now that the more I think about it the more that rises within me the potent Teutonic fury which lives in my blood. The Chinese lack one of the major weaknesses of all first-world countries in the West, which is that such countries reliably bend the knee to “social justice.” China persecutes its population of Muslim Uyghurs. This means China does not support the riots on principle but solely as a means to their own power via the exploitation of American vulnerabilities.

Set aside all other aspects of the issue for now: the fact is that “social justice” in its present form is killing us. This country is so divided and every televised conflict is a delight in the eyes of the Chinese. I have no doubt that if America degraded enough the Chinese would seize upon it. Consider that the people of Quebec have expressed a desire for independence from Canada. The reason they cannot separate easily is that Quebec is sparsely populated and would fail to protect itself from a large country. In the midst of these riots I have seen multiple suggestions (on forums) that America should “balkanize,” meaning that the country should be split into parts and each part will go to a different group of people. This kind of talk likewise gives rise to the fury within me, because these people do not seem to understand nor care that a literal division of America would cause it to be eaten up from the outside. Do you not remember who said, We must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately, or do you just not care?

Now, I know many people rest in the confidence that we have the most powerful military on Earth and if China became an imminent threat we would smash them. I regard that as hubris. Since WWII American military operations seem to have been a half-hearted mess. Not only that but the population is slovenly, lacking in moral character, health, physical fitness, and cohesion. Imagine, for a moment, that Americans were the opposite of that. Imagine that Americans were physically strong, healthy, well-versed in the principles upon which the country was founded, courageous, self-reliant, and immune to consumerism. Imagine that America was comprised of strong communities in which people recognized their common interests and worked to realize those interests. Imagine that America did not outsource any of its labor to people in other countries and instead was self-reliant. That alone could be enough to deter war with China if not even drain it of its power, since so much has indeed been outsourced to and purchased from China in the name of profiteering and consumerism.

It is important to remember that wars never “have” to happen-- they happen because that is how people insist upon settling some conflict of interests. America did not have to gain its independence by violence. Neither did the Union have to be maintained by bloodshed in the 1860s. In both cases the two sides were not content to peacefully settle their differences, so they fought. I think if people could foresee the outcomes of wars they would not bother to fight them as often. If the Confederacy knew in advance that it would lose to the Union, why would it have seceded in the first place?

As I expressed in Finding the Original Intention of America, my hope has been that if I can very clearly identify the intention the founding fathers had for this country then people could unite on that basis and that would suffice to preserve America in a dignified manner. Obviously it does not help that, just as the populace is slovenly, the leadership is corrupt and likewise not aligned with those principles.

I have not totally made up my mind on what I think of groups such as Triple Canopy (i.e. Academi, Blackwater, Constellis) due to lack of information. I am confident in the fact that many contracts which normally would get assigned to the military are instead assigned to them so as to keep operations quiet. Assuming I understand their role correctly, I almost feel sympathy for them since they risk their lives to protect such a chaotic and degraded populace. The same is true of at least select people in select intelligence agencies (i.e. not all of them). I would more easily say the same of our military men if we did not throw their lives away in the Middle East for practically nothing over the last 25 years. While I am aware that many people join the military for some kind of income security, I believe that people in the elite divisions (e.g. Navy SEALS and Special Forces) do genuinely believe not only in the sanctity of this country but also that the missions they are sent on actually serve that cause. It is quite similar to how Edward Snowden took a job in the government believing it was all in the name of the good of the country (as he professed on the Joe Rogan Experience, episode #1368). How it does quietly make my blood boil when I think of people who sincerely prepared themselves to serve the highest interest of this country and instead were used as mere pawns by corrupt leadership. That being said I do not believe in pity and I know that it takes purity to see the truth of all things, including the fact that the leadership does not use people for the purposes which are stated. A populace pure of heart would band together to form a likewise pure leadership.

I am quite closed off to the idea that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” America played that card in 1944 and it secured us four decades of Cold War. Why whine about the tragedy of the Berlin Wall when you are directly responsible for creating it? Again, how disingenuous are the stated reasons for our actions.

China knows as well as any that a divided populace is terrible for the common defense. They had to contend with this issue in 1937 when, in the midst of civil war, they were invaded by Japan. The Communists and Nationalists continued to struggle with each other and the result was that the Japanese ruled parts of China until the Allied powers indirectly liberated China by defeating Japan in 1945. The only reason China is a threat at all now is that America is internally conflicted. What encouraged the formation of the American Union, as opposed to separate and independent states, was the need for common defense from other countries such as Britain. The American leadership recognized that independence could not be secured in the absence of unity. Indeed, the priority of the federal government formed by the Articles of Confederation is the common defense of the states. That's how the war was won by the Continental Army and not merely state militias.

If Americans refuse to ascend and unite along the right lines then we deserve to be conquered.

Here is a list of links related to Chinese support of the protests. I have included the most essential quotes after each link. June 5 2020: “For example, Chinese media and officials have often resurfaced past US threats to impose economic sanctions for China's brutal police crackdown on the Hong Kong protesters, and are now comparing the two countries' responses side by side.” “Graphika said that some officials used the US' extremely brutal crackdown on the BLM protests to promote Chinese interests in Africa by using US racism against black people to bring African nations closer to Chinese officials.” June 5 2020: “Beijing’s criticism of the United States, however, differs from that seen around the globe. China’s critique does not stem from a genuine concern for universal human rights and the well-being of African Americans. The Chinese people have not been given any opportunity to protest in solidarity with Americans—or against the abuses of black residents in China itself. Anti-black racism remains rampant on the Chinese Internet, untouched by censors who seek to crush opinions the government dislikes. Its motivation is simply to tell the United States, and everybody else, to stop criticizing China over its own human rights abuses. Underneath Beijing’s commentary on the U.S. unrest is a deeply cynical voice that asks: If the U.S. authorities can do it, why shouldn’t we?” June 4 2020: “While Chinese state media is trumpeting government officials' Twitter clapbacks against the US over the death of George Floyd, Chinese social media users point out the bitter irony of not being able to tweet at all. February 27 2019: “The roots of Black Americans’ relations with China run deep — those who have been recognized as friends of China, and shaped China’s early understanding of the United States.” “This put Black Americans under the category of oppressed people of color that were primed and ready for liberation. Lin Shu might have been on to something: during the early years of China’s formation, Black Americans would provide numerous forms of support.” “Black Americans continued to aid China after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took over in 1949. In the late 1950s, fostering connections with Black American leaders in the U.S. became a part of the CCP’s internationalist strategy. Though Black Americans didn’t have their own nation-state, the CCP saw it fitting to reach out directly to Black American internationalists who identified with their cause.” “Years later, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (aka the Black Panthers) would receive their own invite to China. The party’s founding members had an ideology developed from that of the CCP. In particular, the Black Panthers championed grassroots liberation efforts and armed self-defense in Black communities. In the early years of the Black Panther Party, founding members Huey Newton and Bobby Seale sold Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong — better known as the Little Red Book — in the streets to earn money to purchase arms for the Black Panthers.” June 2 2020: “Label 88rising — whose artists include Higher Brothers and Rich Brian — has also posted its support of Black Lives Matter, noting the end of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, while calling for awareness for equality everywhere.” “Higher Brothers themselves posted the same picture in support of the protests. Rapper Bohan Phoenix took to Instagram to point out connections between the black community and Chinese community.” June 1 2020: “At a regular press conference in Beijing on June 1, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said U.S. authorities should respect the human rights of minorities.” Video posted by the China Global Television Network (CGTN).