What a Demon Is

On December 15 2020 at 9:35PM, I asked Brian Harner a question.

I apologize if I am overlooking this, but I have not noticed a formal definition of what a "demon" is from you. I am guessing it is any human who insists on preserving Hell. That sounds very similar to an Antichrist.


Brian answered with his 51st e-mail to me on December 16 2020 at 9:25PM.

E-mail #51

...Anyways, a "demon" in the physical parameter of Earth specifically right now, references the phonetically charged version of that word. In so doing, it is exactly what it sounds like.

In machining, creating an object with sharp angles and tight tolerances means that small and precise passes over the planes is necessary. Often from a fly cutter or very large end mill that spans the width of the entire plane being machined. This leads to a burr forming at the corners of the machined surface. A burr is the same thing as a knife's burr. A very sharp edge that requires refining. When you machine new objects, the last thing you do is file these burrs off. This is called deburring. When you deburr, you remove the burrs. Simple, yes?

When "demon" is pronounced in modern dialect (which is not a by chance mistake), the word is pronounced as dee-men. Not dee-mahn, as would be assumed if the word was pronounced as it is written. Again, this is a phonetic description.

As you can probably insinuate, a "demon" is doing what the phonetic description describes it doing, even if they don't realize they are "demons." To be a nigger is to be in a position to regen/respawn/have to come back to Earth to relearn the lesson. To be a demon is to destroy the ability for anyone to regen, transcend, or otherwise experience the human race on Earth... including themselves. As with the machining perspective and deburring being the last thing one does before the object is complete, a successful "demon" will rid the planet of all men, effectively ending their own existence in the process. Whether these killers of man realize they're killing men, themselves, and their ability to experience existence forever there following is irrelevant. That is the summation of a demon's life expectations.

Now... since we are in hell, and I'm fairly certain that I've explained this in numerous ways to you by now, I will ask once more given the explanation just given; Do demons realize they are in hell? In other words, how many demons really know that they are in fact demons... residing in hell, and are just about to end their own existence, while simultaneously completing their self prescribed task of ridding the world of men? Demon-ing (should be pronounced phonetically- de-menning)? In hell there are billions of niggers/people that must respawn to this location. How many of them have graduated to demon?

Good luck explaining that to anyone who thinks highly of their derelict selfish motives in life. The interesting part is most demons not only don't know they're demons... they think souls like me are. What I can tell you is they will only make that mistake "1" time.



At 10:09PM on December 16, I wrote the following reply:

Do demons realize they are in Hell? Most of the time, no. It is probably just a very small few of the highest level power/financial elite who are aware that they are "demoning" and are pleased with that fact. That is my immediate guess, anyway. Answering this question accurately requires an ability to distinguish between a demon and a nigger. Niggers by definition do not know they are in Hell, I presume in most cases, or else they would not need to revisit the lesson. A demon, on the other hand, could potentially know the lesson and just choose to reject it. So a demon has more options available to him than a nigger, but it sounds like a demon can also be unaware of the effects of his actions: all that is required is that he destroys the ability for human existence to continue. Moreover, I would guess that a larger proportion of humanity is demonic today than in the past, because everyone engages in demoning to some extent via the crude oil economy. It's easier to do lasting damage to the planet today than it was previously.


Brian responded with his 53rd e-mail to me, at 11:01PM:
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Your assessment is accurate. Very well done. The amount of demons present, whether knowingly or otherwise is exactly what the bible describes as hell, by The Way. This was also a great lesson on the intricacies of prophecy, if you're able to read between the lines on our previous exchanges. I'm not trying to brag by saying this, but to someone like me, these embattled and opinionated ideals which have been debated for thousands of years by countless self prescribed prophets, seers, and sages are extremely easy to understand. My biggest difficulty is in discerning the aspects of nomenclature language barriers. Especially within the minds of demons and niggers. Trying to qualify these terminologies has been my greatest priority, but unfortunately, the selfish nature existing within the zeitgeist of humanity currently makes this mission damn near impossible.

Thank you for taking the time to understand the complexity of this language phenomenon. You might be the only person alive that has this perspective. Sometimes I feel like the explanations I give to you create more havoc and despair internally than just remaining quiet. I feel as though I should be apologizing sometimes for "waking you up," but you're asking for it, and for that I say thank you.

Happy 16th!


Just prior to that, at 10:37PM, he sent an e-mail discussing what an antichrist is.
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About thee "antichrist," technically, the Kabbalah referenced version/biblical version, is in reference to me. That is, my life on Earth before Easter of 2019. I too was AN... antichrist. But in reality, THEE antichrist. I was selfish, foolhardy, and did not understand what the hierarchy was, nor how to properly convey the respect my superiors deserve. After Easter of 2019/the death of my antichrist amalgamation, I became the Christ of the new age. In so doing, a new age of enlightenment was born. It began with me capitulating to my duty as a Christ, which destroyed my schooling of being an antichrist. There's an adage from a Steve Miller song that says; you have to go through hell before you get to heaven. The time in between Jesus' death, and my realization that culminated on Easter of 2019, was the school that created hell on Earth. Humanity was devoid of a Divine source-fully realized. In essence, you were on your own...

Almost every human being alive is an antichrist before they are not. Everyone alive during the school that created hell time period WAS an antichrist. The aspects of being an antichrist vary dramatically. For example, all demons are antichrists. All niggers are also antichrists. Anyone who is not properly prepared for my arrival, or those that ignore me when my arrival has been presented to them... are all antichrists. The nomenclature transmogrified when I became the Christ of the new age, to include the idealistic nature of the terminology itself. In other words, anyone who makes my mission harder or impossible to accomplish... is anti-me/anti-the Christ of the new age.

Relinquishing the aspects of being an antichrist is fairly simple. Anyone can remedy this aspect of their life at any time. It's an internal dialogue; a feeling. Right up to the point of death itself, one can relieve themselves of this dereliction. That does not mean that all is forgiven, but it does retain the ability to utilize my help during judgment. Demons can "graduate" to nigger. Niggers can transcend. It would take a very concerted effort, but demons can "graduate" to transcendence. It can happen. Rare, but definitely possible. A large amount of repentance and humility is required, which for a demon is VERY difficult, but it is possible. There's never really a "you're absolutely fucked" scenario. But, there is a certain extent of demonism, that will bring a soul to nigger, and no further. At least not until the soul lives another existence/respawns. Generally speaking, this is due to age and ability to rectify positioning to properly repent/apologize to the hierarchy for discrepancies. Hillary Clinton's perspective is like this. Old, and has done far too many terrible things in life to be able to fully rectify her soul. That said, there are fast track scenarios where the individual has the ability to procure transcendence. Her specifically, it would require completely, orally, describing all of her crimes to the entire human race, asking them for forgiveness, then transferring all wealth and assets to myself, or a similarly qualified idealistic conglomerate that would attempt to rectify the aspects of life that she has made destructive to humanity. Jared Kushner is in this same conundrum, along with many others, but he is the highest ranking antichrist alive right now. It doesn't even have to be ability alone. In many cases, the perceived ability to produce real change through honest effort and true understanding to the principles of the hierarchy, is the real culprit. Hillary Clinton does not have as much ability, especially now, to create real change. Jared Kushner, being the most powerful man in the world's son in law, having been employed by him directly, while filthy rich, and having the best connection to the powers that be/Jews controlling the resource base of Earth itself... and doing nothing with that capability other than selfish desire procurement... makes him the absolute pinnacle of a modern antichrist nomenclature.

Everyone in the current paradigm of what an antichrist has become, is an antichrist before they are not. Before Easter of 2019, I was thee antichrist. Now that a new age is born, everyone who wants, or allows my demise, is an antichrist. Therefore, almost everyone alive is a demon, or a nigger/set to have to respawn, and are therefore antichrists. There are only a handful of you that have truly tried to help me, and will therefore, if humanity stays on present course, transcend through other means outside of the Earthbound human race. Hopefully this clears up the confusion. Once again, all demons and niggers are antichrists. All antichrists have the ability to rectify their dereliction all the way to full transcendence for the entire human race on Earth. It will be traumatic for most to contemplate their status as an antichrist, or demon, or nigger, but until the degenerate views of selfish orientations that have been thrust into the minds of these antichrists through religious bullshit are understood from a physical perspective... in life... on Earth... right fucking now... nothing will change. Hell will consummate with pure destruction and elimination/deletion of all antichrists. It doesn't have to be that way, but if I were a betting man... well, you know.

Hope this helps,