When in Doubt, Fly High

When there’s a big obstacle in your path, slowing down will only increase your chances of colliding with it. The way to get over a hurdle is not to step over it gingerly, one foot at a time. You must charge full force, and then use that momentum to launch yourself over.

The key is to get air. Don’t make a wimpy little hop. Really take a nice leap forward. Get those feet off the ground.

In the first instant, you’ll feel like you’re jumping higher than you need to. You aren’t. You’re doing it just right.

For quite some time, I couldn’t get myself to hurdle over steeplechase barriers, which are about the thickness of three hurdles glued together—largely because I couldn’t hurdle much at all. Once I finally developed some skill, I decided to go for the challenge: hurdling over that big, stupid pile of wood that is a barrier.

I got scared a few times. I slowed myself down as I got closer to it. A couple times I even stopped myself entirely right in front of it—I practically crashed into it. Another time, I fell while going over it.

The pattern I noticed is that I screwed up only if I got in my own way. Whenever I took a big, confident leap, I cleared the barrier beautifully.

Let me repeat that. I only got hurt when I doubted myself. When I held myself back, I didn’t make it. When I just went for it- even if I felt like I was in over my head- I was fine. I flew.


When something gets in your way, fly right over it. Take an action that seems, for an instant, like it’s a little out of your league. You’ll find that it’s well within your league, if only you’ll step into your greatness.

I promise, you know how to jump. You just think you don’t.

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