Who Is This For?

If you ask yourself these questions…

  • How can I really live? What will it take? What sort of lifestyle? How much money? How much time?
  • How should I go about meeting my needs?
  • How can I live intelligently?
  • What can I best do with my life? What can I best do for the world?
  • How can I be worthy and fully realized as a human being?
  • What are the lessons in this situation?
  • Is there love to be found in this life?
  • What meaningful work can I do?
  • How can I make a difference?
  • What is truly important to me?
  • What is this life all about?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is the best I can do?
  • How can I make my life amazing?
  • What is the bigger game I need to play?
  • What would my best be like?
  • What really fulfills me and makes me feel good?
  • How can I truly and strongly connect with other humans? My heart? My desires? Drive?
  • How can I really feel alive?
  • How can I express myself creatively and honestly?
  • What true value can I provide to others?
  • How can I empower myself?
  • How can I see this more clearly?

… Then this website might just be for you.


So, Who is this For?

This website is for people who want to play a bigger game. You want to make a difference in the world. You want to contribute. You want to create. You want to live consciously. You want to live a real life.

You want to live for what is truly important. You want live in the world without getting sucked up into it. You want your life to be an expression of the intelligent being that you are.

Create. Communicate. Explore. Inquire. Build. Adjust. Modify. Improve. Think. Act. Move. Study. Write. Share. Stand up. Listen. Work. Inspire. Transform. Flow. Trust. Love. Care. Contribute. Motivate. Serve. Inform. Laugh. Desire. Envision. Aspire. Dream. Commit. Empower. Resolve. Learn. Teach. Change. Value. Realize. Design. Play.

This website is for people who want to own their lives. This is for people who want to point proudly to the life they have created and say, “Yep—I did that. That was me.”


If that’s what you want, then I want you here. I want you to do the work needed to live a real life. I don’t want you to wait around anymore. I don’t want you to live another day of blurred unfulfillment. But you have to make the choice. Will you do that work? Will you take the reins and take charge of your life? Or will you continue to let it go to the ways of the world?

If you desire to live a life of joy, brilliance, abundance, contribution, creativity, intimacy, beauty, significance, meaning, fulfillment, and fun, I am confident that I can help you.


This Website Will Help You to:

  • Connect to your life’s purpose
  • Become motivated to commit to a worthwhile path
  • Set clear goals and take inspired action
  • Live a life that is both heart-centered and intelligent
  • Identify and accept your true desires
  • Express yourself authentically
  • Create and work in ways that feel right to you
  • Clarify what is truly important to you
  • See reality in ways that are both empowering and accurate
  • Build an unshakeable trust in life (and yourself)
  • Become confident and secure with being yourself
  • Explore the new (activities, ideas, lifestyles)
  • Cultivate self-love (and love for others, for the world, and for life)
  • Overcome and act in spite of fear and uncertainty
  • Dive in to what you are compelled to do
  • Develop a loving, mutually supportive relationship to the world and to life itself
  • And to make the first move


If you are ready to take hold of your life and to make it real, you may start at any time, and the best time is now. It is up to you to choose. It’s up to you to make the first move. Life doesn’t move toward your desires until you do.

Stated Another Way…

My ideal clients (customers, fans, readers—you name it) are people who want to make a powerful positive difference in the world, and who would like support across the board of their lives in order to do so. They seek to live consciously—that is, in ways they deem intelligent. They have- or want to have- strong values and principles which they adhere to. They seek to become honorable, integrous human beings who contribute something of value to the world. They seek to live joyfully and to be powerful and strong. They desire to lead others, primarily by setting a respectable and honest example. They are committed to continually improving themselves. They love to learn and explore. They desire to become their best selves—perhaps even the best in their field(s). They seek to build worthwhile skills and to have fun doing so. They seek to love themselves, other people, the world, and life itself.

Overall, they want to have an enjoyable existence of their own choosing which is in line with the highest good.

What they need is guidance, clarity, emotional and social support, proper focus, and encouragement. They need some help with transitioning from a life that is either unconsciously chosen or unfulfilling to one that is consciously chosen, increasingly improving, and continually gratifying and joyful. In order to do this, they need to do the following, in addition to the items on the previous list:

  • adopt beliefs that are both empowering and accurate
  • define a purpose for their lives that makes both emotional and logical sense
  • envision a compelling future to work toward

create an environment and support structures which encourage them to keep going, get in touch with their true desires, and develop necessary skills

Because these are all ongoing, lifelong processes, this website is not meant to provide answers, but instead guidance and support. It can help lead you to answers of your own (the only place answers can come from, after all, is your own mind).


Who are the Difference-Makers?

Keep in mind that making a positive difference in the world doesn’t mean that you have to be some major player on the world stage, such as the ruler of a country. You can make a difference simply by virtue of how you live. If you seek to live more consciously, more joyfully, and more harmoniously with Truth, then my work is likely to be a good fit for you.

If you go by, or someday aspire to go by, any of the following titles, you are in a position to make a positive contribution with your life (note: this list is not exhaustive):

teacher, student, creator, innovator, inventor, athlete, machinist, programmer, designer, developer, artist, entrepreneur, builder, thinker, philosopher, explorer, traveler, farmer, chef, architect, engineer, carpenter, writer, author, speaker, performer, comedian, storyteller, coach, counselor, therapist, leader, doctor, manager, actor, musician, poet, journalist, filmmaker, director, producer, politician (well, maybe!), healer, visionary, seeker, scientist, and caretaker.

If this is you, then welcome home. And if you know someone like this, bring them here! If nothing else, they’ll love you for it. :)