Arian Technologies Association


Arian Technologies LLC is a company whose purpose is to bring human life into a state of equilibrium with all life. Everything in the universe has a place and a unique function to perform. Humans can choose to either live harmoniously with the universe's order or not. Arian Technologies can provide the means to achieve that harmony to any who are willing.

How will the company do this? Arian Technologies produces tools which are powered by sound as opposed to electricity. Methods of building are possible which are unmatched by mainstream methods in their precision and ability to endure. The goal of Arian Technologies is to make these superior methods available to all people by providing both proper tooling and the education to use those tools. When both the tools and the education are in people's hands, our species can work towards sustaining life on Earth and liberating ourselves from inefficiency, violence, and debt.

Connection to Trail Running

The Arian Technologies Association (ATA), connected to Arian Technologies LLC, has been formed to combine the interests of the trail running community with means which can preserve those interests for thousands of years, if not for eternity.

What are those interests? Trail runners value their physical health and fitness. To make it through races they must prepare thoroughly and always keep their survival needs in mind. They run as a spiritual quest to realize the best versions of themselves and commune with nature in its true, wild form. The sport is simultaneously a peaceful and difficult one which requires humility, self-discipline, and knowledge of the human body and of nature. Trail runners also value the community of like-minded individuals who are interested in self-realization and being stewards to a planet which is holistically healthy.

The work of Arian Technologies can preserve the environment which makes trail running possible. It also furnishes a mindset of community with all life. By supporting Arian Technologies you will make a long-term investment in the health of the planet, and by extension the well-being of your descendants and of all humanity.

Vision and Plan for Races


The current plan is to raise initial funds through a membership page on Ultrasignup. You have the option to either become a member of the ATA or donate. Both options are open to everyone regardless of their interest in running. To become a member, click the “Register” button and select the amount you would like to pay to become a member. Pay what you can to join, with a minimum membership fee of $10. When you check out there will be options to make an additional donation. To donate without becoming a member of the ATA, click the “STORE” tab and you will see the options for donating. You can go to the “STORE” tab to make a donation anytime, as many times as you choose, regardless of whether you are a member. You do not have to create an Ultrasignup account to donate or join the ATA, but you do have to provide valid credit or debit card information (PayPal is not accepted). If you create an Ultrasignup account with accurate information then it will be easier to keep track of the total amount you have donated over time. Your name, and the fact that you made this transaction, will be visible to no one except for me and Ultrasignup itself (and your financial institution).

Note that there is a processing fee of at least $3.25 on all transactions. At $50 the processing fee starts to rise from the $3.25 minimum and equates to 6-7% of the transaction amount. For example, if you want to donate $100 then you must also pay a processing fee of $6.75 along with that, for a total amount paid of $106.75. The processing fee is charged by Ultrasignup so that it can sustain the service it provides.


Initial funds will come from the Ultrasignup page. The current plan is to begin holding virtual races in Fall 2020: these will also be hosted on Ultrasignup. The first virtual race will likely be a 10, 5, or 3-mile run to be completed any time in the month of October. Each distance will cost $10. If you want to submit results for two of the races you will pay $20, and if you want to run all three it will be $30. This will likely be a simple event where the difficulty of the course people use will not be accounted for in the results, so it is suggested that you run a route which allows for speed. Over time the events will be more challenging and meaningful. Every race will have an option to donate to the ATA at checkout. The plan is to offer ATA members discounts on all events.

Ideally, one day the ATA will hold in-person races. The current idea is to hold races which cater to a variety of ability levels so that anyone who is interested in the work of the ATA can meaningfully participate. These races will also provide opportunities to discuss the work of Arian Technologies and demonstrate the tools it has produced. Those interested in this will likely be encouraged to either arrive early to the race or stick around after they have finished: that remains to be seen, depending on the specific details of each event. To the extent possible, people who have not registered for the race will be welcomed also (consider volunteering as needed).

The vision is that people will run together in a spirit of brotherhood rather than one of withdrawn, egotistical competition. The goal is for all of us to achieve our true potential, and that will require a mindset different from the one which currently dominates human life. While trail ultramarathons achieve this more so than other types of footraces, there is room for improvement.


Arian Technologies LLC was founded by Brian Harner in 2019: note that “Arian” is only one letter different from “Brian.” The Arian Technologies Association has just been (unofficially) established by the author of this page, Kimberly Wrate, in August 2020. I contacted Brian in mid-August and he informed me that his financial situation has reached a point where he might not be able to continue his work much longer. He values self-sufficiency and is firm about not accepting outside help unless it comes from some kind of fundraiser which any person can donate to. I have not ever directed a race before, but I have competed in nearly 400 of them in the last 12 years. Within that I have been running trail ultramarathons for the last six years. I have seen that it is common to hold races for the purpose of fundraising. With that in mind, Brian's situation seemed to be a perfect opportunity to connect trail running to those things which matter most in life. It is important to me to always stay on point, and to that end, to center my life around the complete truth. As such, I would not engage in running if I did not feel it was on point somehow to begin with. Now that connection can become much stronger.

I have raced a wide variety of distances from 100 meters to 129.2 miles, and on a wide variety of terrain. Currently the race distance which interests me most is 100 miles, due to the intensity and perfection required to complete this distance in the allotted time. With both my experience and with the intentions at hand, I am looking forward to holding races which are of interest and which stay true to the heart of the sport, while also supporting the work of Arian Technologies.

To learn more about Brian's work you can read my article, Brian Clark Harner.

Thank you for your support.

-Kimberly Wrate

August 26 2020