Being in Love

The essence of being in love is the ability to trust completely. This means that you can be in the presence of another person and let the natural love you have for them flow through your heart 100%, unabashed and without fear.


Love is All There Is

Love is ultimately all there is. True love is a force that elevates your level of consciousness. All events in life have the potential to elevate your level of consciousness, if only you reflect and see how they are ultimately helping you to grow as a person. Because all events have the potential to help you, love is all there is.

By extension, there is love between every one of us. We all are helping one another to become more conscious and realize who we really are, even if on the outside it appears that we are enemies. The “enemy” label is just part of the act that is existence in this physical realm. Even if we kill one another, the essential love between us cannot die. We ultimately have existed together forever, and cannot in essence kill one another, since we are one.


Romantic Love is Valid

Some people say that being in love with a particular person is really no different than experiencing the love of being alive in itself. As such, the idea that you can be in love is mere fantasy—it’s just like children believing in Santa Claus.

I disagree with that view. There are different ways of experiencing love, and sharing romantic, intimate love with another human being is a perfectly valid form of love. In fact, what is special about romantic love is that both people share in the experience love consciously. In other forms of love, such as where you acknowledge your love for all people, or where you existentially feel the love of another person whose has indirectly helped you to grow, both parties aren’t necessarily conscious of the presence of love. Plus, in the type of love that exists between you and someone who opposes you, you won’t get to experience ground-level trust in that person. You’ll be able to trust in life to guide your way, but to an extent you’ll have to be reserved about that person.

The purpose of romantic love, on the other hand, is about creating the experience of love consciously, on all levels, and ideally/if you desire, long-term. As such, romantic love is both a valuable pursuit and a fairly unique one. I don’t see why it wouldn’t interest you at some point in your life—unless you’re chicken. ;)


Similar Values, Different Abilities

On the more grounded side of this subject, an ideal partner would have similar values to you, and different abilities from you. You need to have a similar enough worldview to another person to be able to communicate clearly with them: otherwise, you will be too reserved with them, and you are bound to argue.

At the same time, having different abilities from your partner can increase your ability to fascinate and help one another as individuals, and increase your overall effectiveness as a couple. A partner whose main interests include some of your secondary interests (i.e. those things you’d do more of if you didn’t have other things to do) is doubly-good. This way there is the potential for interesting conversations and experiences between the two of you for years to come.

Additionally, if you can admire the way your partner lives his or her (I’ll stick with “her” for simplicity) life, and you can stand by her in the work she does, that strengthens the bond between the two of you and makes for a richer relationship.

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