Brian Harner Update

Today is August 31 2020. The following is a summary on what has happened since I wrote the article Brian Clark Harner on August 17.

The short version is that you can now support Brian at

On the evening of August 18 I created a thread about Brian on 4chan that included a link to my article. The ensuing discussion focused on the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, the Dendera Bulb, and Brian's modern version of the bulb which is the Holy Grail.

I was hoping Brian would see the thread and answer some of our questions, but he did not. In one of my last posts I said that I will need to be able to stand on my own two feet anyway and explain his teachings without his help. This particular discussion tested my ability to do that.

The thread lasted about 2.5 days. That brings us to the morning of August 21. If you read the end of my article, you will see that Brian told me he was so low on money that he was due to lose his home on September 1. I wrote the article and posted the thread in the hope of resolving that situation. At the end of the thread I considered that, though I still have time, I would also have to accept the possibility that things might not work out. My initial conversation with Brian was on August 14, so on the 21st I was a week into this situation. I decided this was a good point at which to shift gears. Green Lakes Endurance Runs had gotten canceled due to COVID, but people were still going to run as far as 50K on the racecourse. I partook in this, and that occupied my attention for most of the 21st and the 22nd.

On August 23 someone posted a 4chan thread asking how the pyramid walls were built. Brian participated in this thread and someone shared my thread with him from a few days earlier. Brian answered the questions that were asked in my thread, and on August 24 he sent me an e-mail. Since then, 26 messages consisting of 44,000 words have been written between us. I am looking forward to sharing these e-mails with the world. The current plan is to publish one e-mail per blog post. For now, some information will be edited out. I will tell you what decisions I made about each e-mail as I go along. Some day I intend on compiling all of the unedited e-mails into a pdf document and sharing that here on

In these e-mail messages you will see a slightly different expression of Brian than you may see on 4chan or his book The Way. On 4chan he has dealt with a lot of detraction and arguments. My dialogue with him has been free of such obstacles. Likewise, The Way was written with the intention of weeding out people who are not ready for the full extent of his message. It is meant to make anyone and everyone uncomfortable and annoyed. In this manner it is a test of people's meekness and willingness to receive the message. There are people who have made it through this filtering process, both unidentified (on 4chan) and identified, such as myself. I felt some annoyance and perplexity while reading the book, too, but I simultaneously recognized the important information being shared. Once I realized what Brian was trying to do it made sense to me, and now here we are.

To return to the timeline of events, on August 25 I got to work on creating a fundraiser for Brian. The plan was to start by creating a running club on Ultrasignup and then bring in virtual races. On August 26 I completed the webpage for the running club, which is at . The next step was to create a page for the club on Ultrasignup. That process was disappointing. I found the software a bit confusing to use. For one thing I could not go back a page to change details without having to press the web browser's "back" button. The result of this was that the name of my club was considered as "already taken," and I had to make a new one. So the name I submitted was "Arian Technologies Association/ATA." The fact of my submission does not show up in my account, either. There is no trace of it anywhere.

Ultrasignup has representatives who check page-submissions and work with the people who submitted them. It did not take me long to hear from one, named Bill Carr. All he said was,

Before we can activate the registration page we need some more information about the event
Your link does not have any information about the event

That annoyed me. I felt like he didn't care at all. So I was short in my response:

I don't really understand. It is a membership page, not an event. I am inclined to think you did not even read the link I included, because I did provide details on the first event I have on planning. Please prove me wrong. Thank you.

I never heard back. There's no way to even verify that I sent the correct page URL. While I am quite sure that I did, shouldn't I at least be able to see that I did so?

The disappointment lies in the fact that I have been a customer of Ultrasignup for six years virtually problem-free. Most of the race directors I know use this service and they have had nothing but good things to say about it. So I was not expecting any of these issues.

Though there is room to persist, such as by calling the company, I took this as a sign to step back. I considered that it might be naive of me to try supporting an extraordinary cause through ordinary means. After all, it's not like this is any other charity organization or race. I can't expect all of the runners (or anyone else) I know to come along, even if I may dream of that. The most recent clear thought I've had on this matter is, "It could be genuine but it's not guaranteed that many people will like it." I'll consider sending this page to Bill, but he probably won't read this, either. Otherwise, it's not clear what I will do yet with this particular situation, but I want to hold out due to the potential that is here.

While my idea failed in the short-term, one of Brian's friends found a functional one. On August 27 Brian created a PayPal.Me account at On that day Brian also created a new page on pastebin called My Friends, which acknowledges the efforts I and others have made in accordance with his mission. He also explains his present situation and what he is trying to do. With that in place and my Ultrasignup endeavor done for the moment, my dialogue with Brian shifted from the somewhat mundane subject of fundraising to more eternal matters.

After telling Brian several times that I want to make sure I donate enough to him, on August 30 he delivered the harsh reality that his mission is extremely unlikely to succeed, for both financial reasons as well as reasons independent of money. Brian explained that he has achieved what he set out to do as an individual, which includes writing The Way, and therefore does not truly need anything. His personal mission has been fulfilled, but the larger mission has not been: it is apparent that humanity barely stands a chance without continued help. As such he is still here, though it is highly dependent on how the rest of humanity relates to him. He can do whatever he is supplied the means to do-- no more, and no less.

So today is August 31, and that's where we are at the moment. The idea is to continue doing our best no matter what, though it is possible that we will not get to do everything necessary to saving the Earth and the human species. It depends heavily on who wants to be part of that "we."

Brian was originally due to complete the first functional Holy Grail today, by casting the blank in bell metal bronze. The ensuing financial costs will depending on whether it goes successfully. He informed me early this morning that someone made a $500 donation. Once I add my own donation he will likely have enough to keep his home, though I don't know for sure. Plus he of course would prefer to use it on his work instead of on taking care of himself... So we will see.

Thank you to everyone who donates. Remember that what truly matters is doing your best to follow “The Way” for yourself. By partaking in Brian's work you are investing in everyone's collective future.

-Kimberly Wrate