Brian Harner on the Environment

This is a phone conversation I had with Brian Harner on September 26 2020.

Brian explains climate change and how humanity needs to regard the Earth in a totally different way than it does currently. We must view the Earth as a "spaceship" as opposed to a celestial body which we are unable to change for the better. To be successful at this perspective shift, we must always keep our eyes on the interests of the far future-- that is, hundreds of millions of years from now.

This was a nice change from usual conversations about the problems we face. Instead, Brian talked about the path humanity can follow extremely far into the future-- if we are successful.

Brian referred to this conversation in e-mail #69. He said, "I did listen to the video you posted last night. That particular one is my favorite. The end of it really brings it home for me. I very much so want a victory for humanity for so many different reasons. Thinking about it has become a sad affair, though. That's why I got so emotional during that conversation. The reality of everything being the way it is hurts me deeply. My concessions have reached a precipice. I'm not sure if I can keep making them and expect anything other than failure. I'll try until the very end, you have my word on that. I'll also continue to pray for a miracle in the hopes that something will change. As it seems though, giving a deadline might be the only motivating substance that will propel people outside of us to act. And I'm not even certain if that will work. But... I'll try to find whatever it is I'm looking for to do so."

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