Failure and Embarrassment

It can be difficult to admit to certain circumstances in our lives, especially when we believe that we should be fine in spite of them (or that they shouldn’t exist at all). This includes circumstances like being physically sick or exhausted, depressed, financially broke, in an unfulfilling relationship(s), or otherwise feeling stuck. Admitting that these things do have an effect on us can be embarrassing, but it also opens the door to improvement. Admitting our difficulties and supposed shortcomings reveals the promise that lies on the other side: the fact that we have failed means that there is improvement and change that can be made. If there was no possibility of such improvement, then there would be no failure, because if you couldn’t improve that would mean that you’re already doing the best you ever possibly could. So, though it is embarrassing at first, in the long run admitting to failure creates the promise of new potential.

Allowing yourself to speak about things you are embarrassed about keeps your heart open. An open heart is important to being aware of and being able to realize your desires. Otherwise, if you close your heart you close yourself off to your desires. When you do that, and you think that your desires are impossible to attain or that they don’t matter, you start to feel helpless and think that life is pointless and unnecessarily difficult. Desires are important because they are the steps along the path of growth. When you own your desires and open your heart the fun returns to life, and your spirit returns to you.

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