Parasites, Toxins, and Gut Health


The skinny is that virtually all human health problems involve three main factors: toxins, opportunistic organisms, and gut health. Toxins compromise gut health, which allows opportunistic organisms to move in. Further damage to the body then ensues from all three factors.

Reduce your downside and the upside will take care of itself. This means that the focus of self-care should be on removing obstacles to health (i.e. toxins, opportunistic organisms, gut damage, and resulting bodily deficiencies) as opposed to engaging in outright healthy behaviors (i.e. exercise, eating the most nourishing of foods). When the obstacles are removed, health comes naturally.

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Paths of Healing

For all of this to make sense, it must be known that there are four primary paths the body uses to purge toxins and take in helpful substances (i.e. medicine, including food). These paths are the lungs, mouth, colon, and skin (and the vagina, in women). This is why virtually all drugs are taken either orally, through the nose, transdermally (i.e. in oils or patches on the skin), or rectally, through the inner skin of the colon.

Of course, drugs can be administered intravenously, but the body does not also release toxins that way. We are speaking here of two-way streets only.

The Wim Hof Method: Deep Breathing

Let’s start our journey with the lungs.

The reason some people have difficulty breathing in the cold is that it forces them to breathe more deeply than they normally do; consequently, this brings up a lot of mucus, which in turn induces coughing and clogs the airways—hence, breathing is difficult.

Now, why does breathing deeply bring up mucus? Perhaps saturating your body with oxygen draws toxins out of your cells and into your bloodstream, and this induces an immune system reaction. It is also possible that the mucus is already there, and the deep breathing moves it around. A combination is likely, with an emphasis on possibility #1.

What if the body is incapable of processing and removing these toxins, and they instead recirculate inside of you? What, then, do you do?

Alex Bloom: The Superman Diet

This is where Alex Bloom’s protocol, “The Superman Diet,” comes in. The initial emphasis is on strengthening the gut via changes in diet, supplementation (particularly with magnesium and glutathione), and adding beneficial bacteria to the body (as well as encouraging the production of such bacteria, such as by taking in exogenous and foreign bacteria—perhaps that found in dirt. There are supplements designed to this end as well). In addition to this, the body’s detoxification and removal systems can be cleansed via the salt-water flush (using spring water and complete, non-iodized, unrefined sea salt).

Once the body has been cleansed and strengthened, true detoxification can begin. This is accomplished via suppositories designed to clean the bowels and remove opportunistic organisms (i.e. parasites, candida, bacteria, and viruses), and substances capable of drawing heavy metals and other toxic substances out of the body. The helpful substances include Quicksilver's IMD, iodine (paramagnetic/Nascent, ideally), silica, and chlorella, among others (i.e. substances known as “binders”). Specifically, IMD draws out mercury, iodine draws out fluoride, silica draws out aluminum, and chlorella draws out a variety of heavy metals including mercury. As for the suppositories, sulfur-based suppositories induce deep bowel movements, and suppositories made from certain essential oils (most notably garlic, onion, clove, wormwood, and ginger) kill opportunistic organisms.

The main path of healing used here is the rectal (colon) path, in the form of suppositories. The oral path is utilized in the form of certain supplements and dietary changes. The transdermal (skin) path is also used to administer some supplements, such as magnesium oil.

Update, 8/19/2017: I've written a summary of the detoxification protocol here. You can read my views on diet here.

Gut Health

The reason to take all these measures is that there are too many toxins in our bodies and in the physical environment for our bodies to process and remove them all themselves without exogenous help. Our guts have been sufficiently damaged by these toxins for the detoxification process to slow down or even stop completely—as if we didn’t have more than enough toxins to begin with. As long as this situation is not interfered with by healing measures, as one can imagine, the body steadily declines over time.

The goal of these measures- both the Wim Hof Method and Alex Bloom’s protocol- is to produce a body that is, on the inside, slightly alkaline. Opportunistic organisms cannot survive in an alkaline environment, but they thrive in one that is acidic. An acidic internal environment is related to emotional distress, such as anxiety, and a compromised gut.

This idea, that a slightly alkaline pH is optimal for health, is incomplete. Different organs and fluids in the body are of tremendously varying pH levels. Some, such as the stomach, are even highly acidic.

This idea is likely in reference to the blood, which ideally has a slightly alkaline pH of 7.3. Perhaps the blood can become slightly acidic under certain conditions similar to those associated with the thriving of opportunistic organisms.

Whatever the case, it appears that all health problems have in common a compromised gut. Even if it is not the primary cause of the issue at hand, it is present alongside the issue. And it must be known that when the gut is compromised opportunistic organisms move in, and the internal environment is undoubtedly acidic, adding to the distress of the whole situation (and perhaps causing it). Consider the possibility that ulcers in the digestive tract are created not only by bodily fluids such as stomach acid, but also or even primarily by parasites, such as worms that eat through the gut lining.


Remember, too, that the presence of heavy metals in the body weakens the gut and thus invites in opportunistic organisms. That includes candida (yeast), the most common and notable species of parasitic fungi in humans. It is thought that systemic fungi bear far more responsibility for the poor state of human health than is typically imagined. It is quite possible that internal fungi wreaks more havoc, ultimately, than infectious bacteria.

Consider that infections by bacteria tend to be short-lived and acute, as in the case of mononucleosis and ear infections, whereas long-term and chronic conditions are created by fungi. It is worth noting here that heavy metal poisoning is indeed a long-term condition: unless deliberately removed by exogenous means (such as IMD), heavy metals remain in the body for life. It is no wonder that the conditions created by fungi are long-term, because the heavy metals that degrade the body and allow fungi in are likewise long-term.

To give specific examples, chronic conditions such as HIV and cancer have been treated by anti-fungal measures, such as prescription drugs designed to this purpose. Perhaps HIV is not really a virus—or, perhaps the fungus creating the condition is itself a viral entity.

As for cancer, one hypothesis states that fungal cells combine with human cells to produce a new, hybrid, malicious cell—the cell that we refer to as cancer. Perhaps different cancers are created by difference species and strains of bacteria. Or, it is all one fungus somehow taking many different forms and appearing in a variety of places in the body, unique to each individual affected.

Think about how fungi behave in nature. They grow on hosts: as they drain their host of life, they themselves grow bigger and bigger. This goes on until the fungus is removed (by an animal or weather conditions) or the host has nothing of value left to spare. If the host was alive all this time, it most certainly is dead now. Doesn’t that sound a lot like cancer?

Brain Health

Consider, also, that opportunistic organisms- along with heavy metals- make themselves at home in the brain. Your brain is not only in your head: your heart and your gut are part of the brain as well. The heart and the gut both have complex, plentiful neural networks of their own, and have powerful neural connections to the brain. Additionally, the electromagnetic field of the heart is stronger than that of the brain. Overall, I would go so far as to say that the mind is in every cell of the body.

So, between the brain in your head and your gut (and your heart), your brain does indeed get taken over by opportunistic organisms. They control you by having you do their bidding: this primarily consists of eating foods that compromise your health (primarily by destroying your gut) and which feed them directly. Foods in either group include sugar, gluten, dairy, and food additives such as MSG (among many others).

Some of these “foods,” such as MSG, induce the production of excitotoxins in the brain, which overwork and ultimately kill brain cells. More space in the brain means more room for opportunistic organisms to thrive. We are doing ourselves no service by adding MSG, in all of its codenames (such as “autolyzed yeast extract”), to our foods. Thankfully MSG’s reputation is declining as time goes on.

In other words- in the skinny- consider that opportunistic organisms such as yeast and parasites are controlling, excreting their waste in, consuming, dying in, and overall poisoning and damaging your brain—in your head, in your gut, and in every cell of your body.

Another side effect of the parasites’ control of you is that you experience emotional distress, including anxiety, depression, unwarranted fear, self-loathing, and overall lack of clarity and fog of brain. This is good for them because emotional distress perpetuates physical distress: it adds to the internal destruction of the body- especially the gut-, and keeps the environment at the level of acidity that is perfect for them.

This is all in line with a saying I have become fond of: It’s not what’s wrong with you, but WHO is wrong with you. “Who” is wrong with us is all of these destructive organisms living in our bodies. And the “who” these organisms came from is the people who put toxins such as heavy metals, fluoride, and food additives into our world in the first place.

Unfortunately, the way our society is structured, every one of us (save for those few who live in the woods, off the grid, and have no plumbing) contributes to the quantities of toxins in our world every time we flush a toilet—and, of course, we perpetuate the toxins within ourselves every time that we take a shower or eat. As such, all humans are collectively responsible for this problem, which is the compromised state of our health.

However, it must be acknowledged that certain organizations, in their recklessness, have created far more toxins in the environment than any individual ever could. Perhaps these people would not have done this if they were not under the control of opportunistic organisms just like the rest of us, but this does not get them off the hook. The damage they have created must be addressed, and their destructive ways must be stopped. Steps must then be taken to reverse this destruction and to stop the relatively-innocent perpetuation of toxins carried out by all individuals all the time. This will require serious systemic changes, and perhaps an overhaul in how we run our world. This depends on how open both governments and major corporations are to this problem, and how willing and able they are to resolve it. If they are not open, willing, and able to change, major systemic overhaul will definitely be necessary to cure this problem in the long run. Otherwise we will continue to live well below our potential, being constantly in fear and dedicating our lives to acquiring external security so that we can both feed the internal parasites that are screaming at us to be fed (and which eat more than we do, by the way); attempt, in fleeting moments, to escape the anxiety they create within us; and, above all else, try against all odds to deny the weakness than we have been pushed into, unknowingly. We create this denial with all manner of distractions and endeavors that, once we open our eyes, truly do not matter a drop. The whole thing is one big distraction—it’s all one massive mindfuck created by an onslaught of parasites that has led us to see the world in a way in which it doesn’t have to be, and a way in which we would not consciously choose for ourselves if only our minds and bodies (which work together) were truly clear.

So the next time you reach for a donut, understand that IT IS NOT YOU DOING THAT. You- the real you- would never disrespect yourself in such a gross manner. But you have been taken over by an inner army of assholes who want you to shove the donut in your fat face. They want you to feed them—not you. They don’t care about you. They want you to stay alive, but only as long as you are in a state of misery and weakness. They cannot stand it when you thrive and are truly happy. They hate the idea of you in perfect health, because this is anathema to their existence.

It may appear that humans will always choose poorly for ourselves. In actuality, it is a combination of bodily toxicity, brain and gut damage, and opportunistic organisms influencing us to make those poor choices. The making of poor choices and the degradation of our health is in the parasites’ best interest—so long as it does not kill us outright.

Note that proper movements (because their levels aren’t static) of hormones and neurotransmitters are essential to gut health and proper brain functioning. Any substance (i.e. toxin) or parasite that compromises the endocrine or nervous systems is simultaneously degrading our brain health—and, thus, our mental health.

People like to say that some people with clinical depression have “chemical imbalances in their brains” that are causing them to be depressed. This statement is true; however, it is not selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs; AKA anti-depressants) that will heal them. SSRIs can treat depression, but not cure it. What these people need is serious bodily detoxification that will allow their brains and guts to heal, and their endocrine and nervous systems to return to proper functioning.

We all are subject to these chemical imbalances created by toxicity, clinically depressed or not. Even those of us who are relatively peaceful, joyful people who genuinely enjoy life still are affected. We’re not quite as peaceful as we could be.

This is why we feel such an anxious compulsion to go, go, go all the time, to remain busy, to do random crap, no matter what it is—just distract me from all of it, please, the mind says subconsciously, without knowing why.

While on the mental health-note, consider that the alternative personalities characteristic of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) are the collective consciousness of parasites in the body, taking over the mind and emotions of the affected person. There truly is another identity at work—an identity that is made up of many thousands of tiny organisms living inside the human body. Indeed, you can be possessed by forces within yourself, as well as those outside of yourself.

Update, 3/2/2017: I now am of the understanding that it is the damage itself to our bodies that negatively influences our behavior more so than toxins or parasitic organisms do. Not only this, but toxins themselves generally do more (and more long-term) damage to our bodies than opportunistic organisms do. Both of these issues must be addressed, but the emphasis in this section (and really this whole article) ought to be on toxins like heavy metals and on damage to our bodies (namely to the nervous system and to the mucosal lining) rather than opportunistic organisms.

Excess Bodyweight

Being overweight is essentially a toxicity overload. Think about it: in animals, toxins are stored in their fat cells (this is one reason why I don’t eat animal products, and why consuming the fat of an animal is generally discouraged). Keep in mind that the excrement of the opportunistic organisms within us count as toxins. The more you feed them the junk they want, the more of them there are and the more they poop in you. All of the toxins in that poop have to go somewhere. The body is so overloaded with toxins already that it cannot process them. So, why not store the toxins in fat cells? There the toxins can hang out and stay away from the blood and the organs that are supposed to process them but which are so overworked they cannot.

The more you eat toxic foods which compromise your gut and/or feed opportunistic organisms, the more your body will have to resort to storing those toxins in fat cells, and the fatter you will become. On top of that, the reason you’re so disgustingly hungry- perhaps no matter how much you eat- is that the opportunistic organisms love the gross food you eat, and they eat more of it than you do. On top of that, this unhealthy food is not truly nourishing to your body, so it only makes sense that you remain hungry (and, of course, you are not in a sound enough state of health to live on just water and your own breath, because you are swamped with parasites that control your mind and want to eat, eat, eat!).

And don’t even get me started on food additives. Artificial sweeteners make your body prepare to digest sugar, such as by secreting stomach acid. However, the digestive juices are left with nothing to do, because there is no sugar to be found. When digestive juices are in the system it naturally follows that you will be hungry, so you desire to eat more and more. Like MSG, the brain damage linked to artificial sweeteners that has been so widely documented results from the production of excitotoxins.

Differences in Health Conditions

The combination of toxicity and opportunistic organisms affects everyone. Clearly, it affects everyone in different ways. Why one person becomes overweight while another gets cancer even though both have lived in the same town and have eaten mostly the same foods for the entirety of their lives is uncertain: this is a question that requires the addressing of many micro-level details. Perhaps it is the slight differences in diet and environmental exposure that create the difference. Previous experiences, emotional state, attitudes, expectations, genetics (taking into account the theory of epigenetics, described in the next paragraph), lifestyle and self-care habits (e.g. exercise, specific cosmetics and hair products used), and other factors play into these differences in how the damage done by the opportunistic organisms and toxins manifests.

The basic likelihood is this: toxins, opportunistic organisms, and gut damage are the cause of the disease. Certain genes that are activated by the toxic internal environment of the body determine precisely which disease manifests. Of course, if there was no toxic internal environment to speak of, the body’s genes would not express themselves in a manner that creates disease, and there would thus be no disease.

Whatever the case, the implication here is incredibly powerful, which is that a wide variety of health conditions can be cured by virtually the same measures.


Look at any disease, and you will see how smoothly it fits into this model of health.

Acne is the body attempting to release toxins through the skin, as it naturally does. Dementia is the brain getting eaten up by candida. MS is the body getting eaten away by parasites. Autoimmune diseases are the body’s attempts to kill the parasites within; but, because they are so tightly interwoven with the insides of the body, the body ends up attacking itself.

Sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) are the opportunistic organisms of one person’s body moving into the body of another via bodily fluids. Bodily fluids are not the only force to blame, though: organisms can come out of the anus (like they always do, such as when you poop) and make their way on to clothing, other body parts, and the bed you lay on. From here- especially if you spend a whole night lying naked together- the organisms can easily climb into the body of a partner. Indeed, there are assholes in your asshole.

On the note of STDs it is worth repeating the previous mention of HIV, which is that it, like cancer, has been effectively treated with anti-fungal drugs. Perhaps it is not only bacteria that is exchanged through bodily fluids, but also systemic fungus (likely candida).

Autism is an overload of toxicity, in an individual who is perhaps highly-sensitive to this issue (at no fault of anyone in particular). Even genetic defects such as Trisomy 21 (i.e. Down Syndrome) are tenable here: because toxins in a pregnant woman’s body leech through the placenta (meaning we are screwed from day one), and gene expression is influenced by the internal environment of the organism at hand (i.e the fetus), there is no reason that genetic diseases and birth defects that last for life cannot be caused by bodily toxicity.

Consider that all diseases are, to an extent, vaginal yeast infections—just in another place in the body.

You could consider and comb over the details of each disease more finely, but you get the point. When the body reaches a certain level of toxicity, parasite-infection, and gut-and-brain damage, disease of some form is inevitable. All humans on the planet today share in common this high level of bodily toxicity.


The reason some people are so dependent on exercise to feel good (myself included) is that the endorphin release provides relief from the civil war that goes on in our bodies all day long, which includes the feelings of anxiety produced by it. Without the parasites and without the toxins we would naturally move often, with ease, and for the sheer joy of it. It would still feel amazing, but we wouldn’t be so dependent on exercise to feel okay because we wouldn’t have an inner war to escape from anymore.

Additionally, movement helps to move lymph fluids through the body, which is helpful to healing. So, don’t stop moving, because it is good for you. However, if it feels too hard to do, remember why that might be. I’d bet that parasites hate when you move, because it makes your body more alive, more conscious, and overall more able to clean itself and make choices that do not serve the parasites.

In actuality, exercise is not as effective at producing weight loss as putting fewer toxins into the body and taking measures which enable the body to detoxify itself more effectively. The most potent of these measures is avoiding foods which compromise the gut, feed parasites, and digest poorly. Directly helping the body to heal and to detoxify itself is also important to maintaining a healthy weight, for two reasons: toxins are removed from fat cells (reducing the size of and need for those cells), and a healthy body naturally does not crave foods which are harmful to it.

Part of the reason many people find exercise so undesirable or difficult is because of how unhealthy they are. Likewise, at this point in time our physical abilities are seriously limited by our health. I sincerely feel that it is natural for humans to be able to run 50 miles or more in a single session, and we could do so without repercussions to our health. Of course, many people who run distances of this caliber load their bodies with toxins the whole way through, in the forms of soda, refined salt, sports drinks loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners, candy, and power bars that contain gluten and food additives-- then they wonder why their urine comes out black or bloody. It is enough for an already-compromised body to take on such a feat, and now it has to deal with toxins that are continually being added along the way. This is a challenge, indeed.

It is hard to say for certain what is possible for us, but it is far, far beyond what we are experiencing now.


The general recommendation to sleep 7-10 hours per night is tailored to the compromised state of our health. The reason people sleep inefficiently, have difficulty falling asleep, spend many hours laying in bed, and don’t feel rested after waking up is that the body is attempting to use sleep to heal itself—though, of course, no amount of time is ever enough. In a state of good health, no more than 6 hours of sleep per night is necessary. Even that, however, is probably quite a long time. I’d go so far as to say that polyphasic sleep, whereby a person sleeps 2-3 hours per day across multiple 20-30 minute naps, could actually become normal.

Note that when you undertake detoxification efforts, such as a fast or Alex Bloom’s protocol, you may sleep much longer than usual for some time and feel less energetic than usual. This means that your body is working to process the many toxins therein and to repair itself.


When some people make significant changes in their diet, they claim to experience detoxification symptoms for a few days. What happens in our bodies is that, beyond a certain point of toxicity, the detoxification process slows or even stops. When healthful changes in diet are made, this means that fewer toxins are being introduced into the body. Such a reduction in the toxicity-load enables the body to speed up the detoxification process, to an extent, and this results in the person feeling ill.

Dietary detoxification is not all that different from drug-based detoxification, which produces withdrawal symptoms. In both cases, the body is adjusting and repairing itself in light of recent freedom from a toxin. This is similar to how the symptoms of any illness are the body’s attempts to protect itself from a certain toxin or pathogen, and prevent further toxicity or infection. In some cases the body is also able to purge the toxin or pathogen, which is evidenced by symptoms like vomiting. However, other measures the body takes, like increasing the size of fat cells (i.e. putting on weight), only attempt to adjust to the toxin, and don’t remove it from the body.

The Menstrual Cycle

In “Paths of Healing,” I mentioned that the vagina is a 5th path of healing in women. Menstruation is a detoxification mechanism, in addition to being a reproductive function. This is why menstruation is painful, and almost like an illness for some women: toxins are being released from the body.

This has been my experience. The first few years that I had my period, from ages 11 to 15, it was incredibly painful. At that time I ate Standard American Diet garbage—fast food, processed meat, candy, and the like. When I was 16 I steadily began to make improvements to my diet, which included removing many food additives, abstaining from added sugar, and going vegetarian for a few months. At the same time, my period started to become far less painful. In the last few years I have continued to reduce the toxicity of my diet (I am 100% raw vegan now), and there are months where my period is nearly painless, though it still lasts a full 7 days like it always has.

Remember, too, that detoxification processes can slow and shut down. The menstrual cycle can likewise shut down, and the period will be missed for a month or more. I was previously of the belief that amenorrhea was always and solely due to eating less than usual. However, in some of the most food-deprived months of my life (for financial reasons) I was a raw vegan, and I still managed to have a period—much to my surprise. Likewise, I have also lost my period for several months at a stretch while eating incredible amounts of food (to the point where I was gaining weight). When that happened to me, I had actually worsened my diet, and made it more toxic than it previously was. Perhaps the body could not handle this increase in toxic load and shut down the detoxification process that is menstruation. Likewise, the last time I lost my period it was after switching from a raw food diet to eating cooked food daily again, meaning that the toxicity of my diet increased.

My menstrual cycle has stopped for extended periods of time four times, in the last few years. Three out of four of those times, it co-occurred with an increase in the toxicity of my diet. It was only the first time I missed it that the toxicity of my diet had been greatly reduced. I also lost a dangerous amount of weight at that time, to the point where I frequently had heart palpitations and had dropped from 96 pounds to 87 (I was, and still am, 5’2”). At this time the body was likely in an emergency mode, where the period was regarded as a superfluous function. I would imagine all of the other detoxification processes in my body came to a halt, too.

In American society the menstrual period is regarded as a bane and a burden, and many women are glad to shut it off by exogenous means (such as injections, birth control pills, and IUDs). Understand that the period is a detoxification mechanism, and it hurts so badly because the body is releasing toxins. This toxin-release is not a burden, but a gift: it is a monthly purge that requires little effort on your part. If you reduce the toxicity-load on your body and help your body to heal, your period will become less painful over time (but it will still occur, since it is also a reproductive process).


Food is a farce. When it’s “good” it helps to repair your gut and stave off the activity of the parasites a bit longer. When it’s “bad” it detriments the gut and feeds the parasites. If there were no toxins and no opportunistic organisms in our world nor in ourselves, food would be far from necessary. Ultimately, though difficult it may be to accept, food is optional.

Haven’t you ever noticed that food never truly nourishes you—that you get physically sick, tired, or stuffed before you stop? Or you have to discipline yourself to stop, or you simply run out of food? Why do you feel so anxious when you eat—why can’t you ever relax and truly enjoy it? How is it that psychology has such a massive effect on the quantities of food we eat—might it be that these quantities are largely arbitrary, and calorie theory paints a wildly incomplete picture of human health? Might it be that in the grand scheme of things, food is beside the point?

The reason diets basically don’t work out for people is that diet alone is not enough. Detox is necessary, too.

This being said, the expectation is that the reader, like most people (including myself), will continue eating until further notice. Not only this, but as long as our bodies are compromised and we are dedicated to rebuilding them, it makes sense to do so using all available entryways—including the mouth. Though it is indeed possible to live without taking in food, it is not necessarily optimal to do so in our current state of health. Instead, it would be intelligent to use the mouth as a path for healing, in addition to the lungs, colon, and skin.

It is unwise to fast and abstain from food if one is not physically, mentally, and emotionally ready. We do not want to create a sense of despair or deprivation. Abstaining from food is effective only if a person genuinely feels it is healthful to do so. On top of this, fasting alone is not enough to rid ourselves of opportunistic organisms and heal our bodies. Overall, it makes no sense to put not-eating on a pedestal. Dogma is useless in a situation where it serves us to be highly intuitive, which is necessary to hearing what our bodies need.

Fasting cannot totally heal you because it does not rid you of all bodily toxins and heal your gut. As such, some parasites are able to stick around—and they will continue finding what they can to eat, making you lose weight and wither away, until your last breath.

You have to eat to simultaneously feed the parasites and compensate for the compromised state of your body. Our bodies are constantly teetering on the edge of succumbing to the parasites and maintaining its compromised self in the midst of an incredibly toxic environment, both internal and external.

As such, our aim must be to create a diet which is low in toxicity and which can be helpful to undoing and protecting the body from the damage done by toxins and opportunistic organisms. It is more effective to focus on reducing the downside: this means that, at best, food is no more than medicine for bodily troubles (such as the presence of opportunistic organisms and the effects they have). So, the point here is to seek out foods which are low in toxins and aid our compromised bodies and minds while we go through the healing process.

My personal preference is to choose foods which digest easily and relatively quickly. This is one reason I do not consume animal products. Whatever you do choose to eat, pay heed to the digestive process: if it doesn’t digest well, it probably either hurts, drains you of more energy than it provides, or both. Likewise keep in mind that when the gut is in pain, it is trying to send you a message. If the gut hurts, perhaps it is asking you to stop eating a particular food, to help the gut to heal, or both.

Use your feelings here: your body can tell you which foods are most harmful to it and need to be abstained from. The body is an intelligent organism, and it can tell you how you can help it to heal, if only you genuinely care to listen. Unlike the voices of addiction and toxicity, however, the voice of the body is subtle and quiet, so you will have to listen intently and shut out the toxic noise that invariably tells you to put more garbage inside yourself.

Take your time with the healing process. There is no need to rush to any particular point of health. The body can change only so quickly anyway.

Update, 3/2/2017: After several months of detoxing, it is clear to me that the main cause of the painful effects of eating is a damaged body (i.e. a compromised gut), rather than the food itself (of course, many foods are to blame for contributing to the damage in the first place). I now see that, for a healthy body, eating can be not merely pleasurable, but genuinely life-giving. Food can fill us with vitality, so long as it is healthy food. That being said, I do still believe that humans are ultimately capable of eschewing eating altogether. However, this is a path of development I personally am not interested in yet, and by no means do I have any deadlines set for getting there. It suffices to say that I feel I could have a complete life without such an exploration; still, foregoing food is a perfectly valid line of development and way of life, so long as one knows how to do it properly.

Heavy Metals and Toxins

The culprit heavy metals at hand include mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum, bromine, and nickel. Heavy metals that are healthful to us in certain doses become dangerous beyond those doses. These include calcium, iron, copper, boron, and potassium. Finally, there are other toxic, non-metallic substances as well. Among the elements, these include fluorine, chlorine, and anything radioactive (notably radon). There are also estrogens (resulting from birth control pills), plastics (which contain PCB), pesticides, fungicides, herbicides (Agent Orange is one of the most potent examples), opportunistic organisms and fecal matter in tap water, medications that have been flushed down toilets (like anti-depressants), and the various components of air pollution, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs; from car exhaust, household chemicals, paints), asbestos, formaldehyde, and particulate matter (from soot, dust, ash, and exhaust).

Note that mercury amalgams in teeth (i.e. “silver fillings”) are one of the most potent sources of mercury poisoning in our world today. As long as the amalgams are in the teeth, mercury leeches through the inside of the mouth to the rest of the body, including the brain. Amalgams can be removed by a biological dentist who is competent at the task.

Likewise, the most common sources of fluoride are tap water and toothpaste. Though you will still be washing your hands and other things (dishes, clothes) in tap water, you can drastically reduce your fluoride intake by drinking spring water and ceasing to use toothpaste. Toothpaste is totally unnecessary to dental health: in fact, the sugars and sweeteners in toothpaste actually contribute to tooth decay. You can simply brush your teeth with water only, and floss your teeth every day. I have not used toothpaste in over two years, and I have had no issues (I’ve never had cavities, so I have not dealt with the issue of amalgams—thank God).

Take note that many of our problems come through our mouths—most notably from the dental industry (which puts mercury in our teeth and tells us fluoride is good for us). Why might this be?

Things We Do Wrong

This is an overall list of the things we’ve done that have created the problems we have, along with those particular problems. This includes things already discussed in this article, along with some other issues.

There is a problematic presence in our world of:

Heavy metals, most notably mercury



Other opportunistic organisms (bacteria, viruses)


Fecal matter and consequent parasites, bacteria, and viruses in our water supply

Toxic toilet paper (bleached with chlorine)

Refined salt (i.e. table salt)

Sugar (especially refined sugar)

Artificial sweeteners

Food additives

Refined fats (e.g. hydrogenated oils)

Mycotoxins (i.e. fungus) in foods such as corn and peanuts

Antibiotics (which are overprescribed to humans and farm animals alike)

Antibacterial soaps and cleaners (i.e. sprays)

Stupid shit that doesn’t matter, which leads to distress, anxiety, and depression


Synthetic fertilizers


Estrogens/artificial and artificially-increased hormones (e.g. from “the pill”)


We likewise are mistaken in how we:

Poop. We are meant to squat when we poop. Sitting makes pooping more difficult, and contributes to tears in the rectum and anus. These tears make it that much easier for opportunistic organisms to get in and out (and, of course, they hurt).

Clean up after we poop. Dry toilet paper does not clean up everything that’s down there: water is necessary, too. Not only that, but most toilet paper is bleached with chlorine. I’ll tell you this: I’ve had some issues down below lately, and switching to a less toxic toilet paper is helping to alleviate the issues.

Breed fruit. Fruit is bred for maximum sweetness, rather than maximum nutrition. Other crops are likewise bred for maximum yield, rather than optimum health (if that wasn’t the case, no one ever would have created GMOs).

Raise livestock. This can be summed up in two words: factory farming. I will spare explanation here.

Breathe. We don’t breathe nearly as deeply as we can—and when we do, it’s for only a few minutes at a time. The Wim Hof method addresses deep breathing.

Relate to dirt. The bacteria in dirt encourage our bodies to produce their own, healthy bacteria. People in countries where playing in dirt is normal (i.e. third-world countries) are free of allergies. First-world countries, on the other hand, are riddled with allergies. We have become too sterile, and have strayed too far from the dirt. It may be dirty in the short-run, but in the long-run dirt is beneficial.

And this results in a lack of, in our bodies:

Vitamin D3




Good gut-bacteria

Physical movement

And, in the Earth, healthful minerals in the soil.

An Analogy

Opportunistic organisms are the physical manifestations of low entities. Low entities are non-physical beings of a low vibration: they exude what we would generally call darkness, or negative energy. Some people like to refer to low entities as demons. Of course, there is no demonic possession per se, like is depicted in the movie The Exorcist (indeed, there is no head-spinning). The closest thing to the demons depicted in that movie, in fact, are the parasitic organisms that live in our bodies. This is why it has been said, We can be possessed by forces within ourselves (see the entire section, “Brain Health”).

The truth about non-physical low entities is that they can’t do anything but make us afraid. They feed on our fear. They can’t actually hurt us, though. To be “possessed” by a low entity is to act from the fear that it encourages in you. It is the same with physical parasites: they are in possession of us when we act from the fear, pain, anger, and anxiety they create inside of us. When this happens, the vibe you exude is not truly your own. Indeed, many of your thoughts, your words, your emotions, and your wants are not your own. You certainly would not choose them consciously and freely.

The way to get rid of low entities is not to fight or resist them, because they feast on the anger and force that goes into that resistance like it’s a party at Golden Corral. You also can’t just succumb and give them what they want, because what they want is fear, and fear drains you. Fear is how they control you. Instead, you have to give them the thing that they hate, which is simultaneously the thing that you thrive on. That thing is love. When you resist low entities, they grow bigger and uglier. When you send love to them, they’re gone before you can finish saying, “I love you.” Tell them that or give them a hug or a kiss on the cheek, and they will disappear.

To avoid low entities in the first place, you would stay out of their world, use a psychic shield, or be of such a high vibe that they avoid you like you are poison.

We can take the same approach with parasites that we do with low entities. With parasites you cannot avoid the physical world (though travelling to other realms and sleeping help your body to heal), so you have two options. Your physical shield is Alex Bloom’s protocol (metal detox, parasite-killing, supplementation, and clean diet) and exercise. The second option is the same as it is in the psychic world: genuinely exude as high of a vibe as you can.

As for the use of love, it’s hard to send love to parasites per se. They can’t respond directly and instantaneously like a non-physical being does. However, you can send love to your body, where the parasites live. Love your body by taking care of it and paying attention to it. Make it a body that’s easy to love. Not only that, but love and accept your body now, no matter what state it’s in. If you can do that, then you have taken the first step to true healing.

Make your body a vessel of love and light, and opportunistic organisms won’t be able to stand it in there anymore. Then you’ll have even more love and light beaming out of you, and it will be that much harder for any to return.

If you’ve no fear of the actions of another, can you be under attack by them? Fear is the only true suffering that can be created in you. The moment you release the fear, the attack ends, and you are free.

Understand that the beings feeding off of you are not highly conscious. They themselves are afraid: if they weren’t, they wouldn’t feel a need to drain you of life in order to survive. They’re not inherently evil—they’re just scared. But in their fear, they do damage to others-- including you.

If these beings are not willing to change their ways (and we can assume they aren’t), then we have to let them go. We can regard their presence and subsequent removal from our bodies as an opportunity to experience healing and growth. Let them have that as their existential role in the story of life. We can thank them for playing this role, and then proceed to rid ourselves of them by expressing love for our own bodies.

Remember this: no substance is more powerful than the body itself. No hormone, neurotransmitter, individual cell, or exogenous toxin or parasite is more powerful than the entirety of your body. And nothing in your reality is more powerful than you.

The Healing Journey

To reach your full potential you must grow spiritually and heal physically. Treat the body VERY gently, as though you are luring in a wild animal—because that, at heart, is what the body is. Likewise, all truth, and therefore all spiritual growth, is incredibly subtle. Though subtle, all truth is simultaneously downright obvious. You’ve been aware of these things all along. You’ve always known what has been keeping your body from a state of perfect health. It’s only your clarity as to the significance of these things that is different now.

The first cause of disease or any situation is never at the physical level. Physical laws are all a fantasy. But if they weren’t useful, you wouldn’t experience them. Indeed, those laws enable you to experience, which is the primary stuff of existence.

This is a problem you have to feel your way through. You can get lost in all of the information on health that’s ever been created for the rest of your life. But all of that information is nothing compared to your own wisdom, and that’s what you must become aware of. Indeed, that is the journey—to understand that you already know all that you need to know, and to be totally certain of yourself. To be totally certain of yourself is to know who you really are.

Of course, the problem is that having messed up bodies makes it difficult for us to hear our own wisdom. It is no wonder why people have difficulty tapping into their psychic abilities and following their intuition, which is the pathway to their own highest wisdom. It’s not that these things aren’t real—it’s that we’ve screwed up our bodies to the point where it’s too hard to hear ourselves. How can you have a loud and clear gut instinct when your gut is trashed? How can your heart speak the truth to you when it is working so hard just to keep you alive?

The steady poisoning of our world occurred alongside a shift to linear, rational thinking and a rejection of anything with a whiff of spirit or magic. It is the combination of these two factors that has led us to believe that we are only five-sensory beings, and this world is no more than a physical one. With that belief in hand, a great deal of our capabilities and potential has been shut off.

Taking measures to heal expresses a willingness to change. But not all measures work. Not all measures are meant to heal: some just cover up symptoms. There is no lasting change. Many medications and treatments go to the last cause, rather than the first. Obviously this can be only so effective. For instance, SSRIs try to alter neurotransmitter activity, but they don’t address at all why the nervous system is dysfunctional in the first place. Consequently, SSRIs cannot cure depression. Taking an SSRI for depression is like trying to work around a virus in a computer that makes it run slow. You can do that and make life unnecessarily hard for yourself, or you can simply remove the virus and enable the computer to function optimally again.

This being said, the true healing is not in the physical medicine. It is in the recognition of truth.

We are all living in a societal system in which we cannot win. We have done it to ourselves, thinking that it will keep us safe. But the only ones receiving the external security are the monsters within. As for us, we’re just damning ourselves more and more and digging a deeper pit every day.

The primary struggle of this physical existence is that what is normal is not healthy. Normal and natural do not mean the same. We have no idea what is natural.

The truth to be recognized in this struggle is that what we want is the journey—the journey of growth and experiencing thoroughly, without doubt, who we really are. That’s why we’re on this Earth, and that is the purpose of all of our experiences: to remember who we really are.

When you know why you have called forth a disease into your life, you can cure it instantly. Even if the physical condition remains the same, you will have healed on a deep level—the level of understanding.

And that’s what makes it all perfect.

Our reality is a picture with many pieces. Stay tuned for the whole thing, which is definitely beyond three-dimensional. It is all a series of symbols, which in themselves are series of fractals, each fractal a mirror of the one contained within it.

Participating in the unfolding of this reality is a long, beautiful journey, and we can recreate it all at will. There is no need to need anything. Anything that is of true value is timeless, and cannot be lost. Anything that happens to your body does not happen to you per se, because you are not a body. This means that the death of your body is not the death of you. You never die. When you understand this completely, you will have no fear of anything that can happen to your body. You will have no fear of death.

Yeah, in a perfect state of health you wouldn’t need food. That is true. But for now you are going to continue eating, as are most of us (there are a handful of people on Earth who don’t eat). We aren’t perfectly healthy, and we’re not ready for that level of change yet. This doesn’t mean that we’re broken or stupid or weak, though. If you know why you are eating food or using any other treatment, there is no need for guilt.

We’ve created this situation so we could accept and love ourselves no matter what—no matter how much candida we’re being buttfucked by or how toxic our brains are or how sick and sad and angry we are. We’re living this story so that we can remember that there is a light within ourselves, and we would do well to not snuff it out. This understanding is what health really is, and it is true love—for ourselves.

Just remember: it’s all a story that we’ve made. A very cohesive, comprehensive, and interesting story.

The question is not whether the good lies deep within you, because it does. The question is whether there is a bunch of bad shit obscuring it. This is what is meant by, Reduce your downside, and the upside will take care of itself. We do not need to learn how to love or to be free spirits, because these things are natural to us. Nor do we need to learn anything, for we already know it all. We need only uncover, recover, and remember--  and then, finally, do what we as physical beings primally desire to do: experience what we already know to be true.

It is by this profound, central problem of human health that the condor and the eagle will meet, and our approach to our health, the way we run our world, and our understanding of ourselves all will change. For the better. For the beautiful.


When you see another human being struggling or otherwise exuding darkness, remember the battle going on within him. It is the same one that carries on in you.

It isn’t any one person’s fault, but we all are responsible for changing it. And we can.

And it starts with you. If not you, who? If not here, where? If not now, when?

There is no need for delay. Life moves at a rate relative to you. If you are ready, it can change in the blink of an eye; yet, simultaneously, you must be patient, for this change is goes on forever, so long as it is respected and adhered to all through time. That, too, will be up to you.

But first, let’s start here, my friend. Let’s act in the one place and time where we can act: now.


Remember this: all truth is subtle.


This article, from Higher Existence, explains how to use the Wim Hof Method.

There are two main articles on Alex Bloom’s website, Detox and Detox Part 2, where he lays out his healing protocol. There is another, separate page on how to do the salt-water flush.

For another perspective on this issue, see Solving Problems By Blaming Others by Steve Pavlina.

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