Feeling vs. Being

Feeling passes through you. Being doesn’t fade. It is solid. It lies, more so than feeling, within the realm of choice.

Being and feeling are not the same, but they work in close contact with one another. At any time, one can rise to uplift the other. You can be timid while feeling a wanting for more—a desire to defy that timidity. You can be aware while feeling downtrodden.

Feeling and being are important partners. Feeling prompts you to act, and to speak your truth. Being is the place from which you act. Being determines how you will act and, to an extent, what the results of your actions will be. If you are being frantic and worried, your actions will make you feel worse- even if prompted by being- and the results will not please you. You will feel confused, anxious, and disappointed, and you will be unfulfilled.

Being and feeling work in a cycle with one another—be this, feel that. They are influential upon one another. You might regard being as the meeting of feeling and thought—or, perhaps, the separation thereof. This is the most important quality of your state of being: are heart and mind cooperating, or fighting? This determines whether your state of being is one of two types: love, or fear.

When your state of being is one of fear your feelings will be of anxiousness, anger, and depression, and will prompt you to take actions which will result in disappointment, frustration, and rage. These feelings will reinforce your fearful state of being. It is a cycle.

When your state of being is one of love, your feelings will be of gratitude, joy, and excitement, and will prompt you to take actions which result in flow, growth, and elation.

So when your state of being is one of fear, you must exercise your mind, and think beyond your feelings. When your state of being is one of love, allow your feelings to guide you, for they speak the words of your soul. The feelings of love beget fulfillment, and vice versa. To live in this cycle of love and fulfillment is to know life’s flow, and there is nothing more gratifying than this.

So when life is heavy remember these truths, and change your state of being so you may lead yourself from love—no matter how you may feel. Soon enough your feelings will change enough to support you, even if they still carry with them sadness, anger, or anxious uncertainty. As you act on these feelings you will step into life’s flow and become fulfilled. You will be grateful for this, and further reinforce your state of love.

The simple message is this: no matter how you feel, be. Be the highest idea you are currently capable of. Soon heart and mind will work together once again, and when they do, you can live reliably from your feelings. You can trust that being ever in these feelings will bring to you fulfillment.

Be, then feel.

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