The Forbidden Fruit

The following is the 44th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the 120th message in our conversation. It was sent on December 8 2020, at 1:32AM EST.

The "blog post" of mine he refers to is probably Observations of Feminism or The Feminization of the West, though I did not ask.

This message is a response to my saying, "For myself I must ask, why did Eve eat the forbidden fruit? ...Eve ate the forbidden fruit because it sounded or looked nice for some reason, but the reason was bullshit. It did not really achieve divinity. It is highly likely that something was taken personally in the process of that reasoning. That's what selfishness is, eh? Making things personal."

The forbidden fruit is control. Eve ate the forbidden fruit because in her haste to progress beyond the capacity of natural law, that her body and mind were forced to conform to, she became impatient. The same dilemma exists in feminism today. Women become mesmerized by the tenants of "could," as opposed to the logical conclusions of "should." While in this drunken-like haze, surrounded by the possibilities of a complete and total dissociation from a subordinate hierarchical structure, the ego grabs the reigns of destiny, selfishness becomes the primary goal of existence, and Satanic implementations are capitulated to with zero concern for anything other than selfish experiences.

I lived through this story frame while going through my realization. My wife was the "Eve," her dad was "Adam," and I played humanity's maker/God. She tried to control my life, and her dad went along with what she said. Neither of them tried to understand me, nor were they interested in anything outside of their patently false summation on what a "successful life" entailed. Much like the majority of humanity currently, the only measurement of success is based on monetary value... outside of understanding the tenants of resource depletion which remains intricately connected to money, regardless of the selfish notions that they held/hold. That exact scenario I went through personally, is what taught me about the forbidden fruit; what it was, who was guilty of devouring it then, and now, as well as the confusing posture of religious zealots who conflate God with humanity's maker. My ex-wife and her dad were both drinking alcohol heavily while I was trying to explain the scenario to them in real time. I found it ironic in the moment that something so important could be blown off with such disrespect and immaturity. The story completed itself with their desire to control. In their minds, what they considered reality was the end all be all of intelligence and superiority which they had acquired from their perspective... and they felt this way while drinking alcohol. If it wasn't so tragic, the irony would be funny. Regardless, it taught me a lot about aspects of the bible that were accurate, but badly translated, and over simplified to the point of confusion within the followers of religion.

All I could do after that story completed was fade back into the "void." I had become quite happy and felt complete while traveling there during that time. Those were the happiest days of my life, but in physical reality they were the saddest. I spent as much time with my dog as possible because I knew after that story had completed, my wife and I were finished. It's interesting how "jailers" never truly understand what it's like to be in their jail. Her control mechanisms were smothering, but she probably didn't think she was doing anything wrong. I always wonder what it would have been like if they weren't drinking alcohol so frequently during that time. My ex wife's dad planted the seeds of alcoholism years prior, and in the moment, the normality and stupor that drug brought to them regularly was present and longed for by them both every waking second of my realization. Sad. Especially from so many people's perspectives who would have treated that scenario much differently.

This is what I struggle with, and found in your blog post so intriguing. Eve/My ex-wife took it upon herself to attempt stifling my awakening by utilizing every control method she could muster. However... her dad reinforced her to behave that way to her husband, taught her to be an alcoholic, and allowed her to persuade his feelings towards emotion over logic. So... the question is who is truly responsible for eating the fruit? Eve took it upon herself to eat it, but Adam taught her to behave with conviction, then agreed with the degenerate decision in the moment. Both are to blame, "1" could say. But... using a term from the current zeitgeist, "who threw the first punch?" The logical conclusion is that Adam/My ex-wife's dad was the real culprit that fostered the idea within Eve's/My ex-wife's head decades prior. Devouring the forbidden fruit was inevitable at that point. Beyond the moment itself, all Adam/My ex-wife's dad could do was agree with the degenerate decision. After all, he created it...

Just saw this question and figured I'd answer it real quick. It was quite an eye opener living through it. I'll read the rest of your emails, but it might be a while until I reply back.