Heavy Metals Detox: The Basics

In this video I talk about the basic steps to take in detoxifying your body from heavy metals, as well as the right order in which to complete those steps.

Note that these steps are cumulative. This means that when you get to step 5, you continue to do steps 1-4 alongside it.

The steps are as follows:

1. Remove yourself from exposure to toxins. This includes removing any dental fillings which contain mercury.

2. Basic cleansing protocols, including diet changes.

3. Basic supplementation with glutathione, magnesium, iodine, and molybdenum.

4. Gut healing. This includes taking binders. You can begin taking anti-parasitic/anti-fungal suppositories once you’ve started taking binders.

5. Take Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA).

6. Revert into maintenance mode. This means that you have eliminated most of the toxins from your body that have accumulated over the years, and now you can continue actively detoxing either continually, in a “light” mode, or periodically. This will be to deal with toxins you may be exposed to in the future. I’m currently on step 5, so this is a step I’ve only thought about so far.


The protocols I suggest include the following:

Step 1: One toxin-removal measure I suggest is to stop drinking both tap water and fluoridated water (for many people, these will be one and the same). Spring water is ideal.

Step 2: Basic cleansing protocols include drinking apple cider vinegar, lemon juice mixed with baking soda, and fasts of any kind. The salt water flush is the most powerful cleansing protocol. I’m not familiar with colonics and enemas, though I recently read a novel where hydrocolonics was used as a form of torture. ;)

Note that step 2 isn’t meant to become a constant thing. Once you move on to step 3, you can take basic cleansing measures whenever you feel it to be necessary. My experience has been that I haven’t done a lot with step 2 since starting 3, and I don’t plan on it until I reach step 6.

Step 3: For glutathione, you can take liposomal glutathione or make suppositories from reduced glutathione powder (I got mine from purebulk.com). Take magnesium in the form of pure magnesium oil. Take iodine in liquid form, either Nascent or Electridine. Kelp is also a good source of iodine. Molybdenum’s main purpose is to remove sulfites from the body, which result from taking sulfuric substances like glutathione. I use liquid molybdenum made by Nutricology.

Step 4: In addition to taking binders, gut healing measures include drinking tea made from slippery elm bark, eating kelp, taking probiotics, and eating fermented foods. There are other measures I myself haven’t used, such as marshmallow root tea and taking aloe vera internally.

Quicksilver’s IMD is a binder, which you begin taking in step 4. It binds to heavy metals (such as mercury) in the digestive tract and removes them.

The anti-parasitic substances I’ve used with success are garlic, ginger, and turmeric. I’ve used these in the form of suppositories made the essential oils of these substances. Clove, onion, black walnut, and others supposedly work as well (I just haven’t tried them). Anti-parasitic measures are necessary to take in both steps 4 and 5. This is because candida die-offs occur when heavy metals and other toxins leave the body.

Step 5: The ALA I’m currently using is in the Na-R stabilized form. I bought it from Nootropics Depot. ALA’s purpose is to remove heavy metals from the brain. It is the only substance I’m aware of that does this (cilantro apparently mobilizes heavy metals in the brain, but it doesn’t remove them per se).


Vitamin C is also an important component of detoxification. I’ll admit I haven’t given much thought to it because I eat several pounds of fruit and vegetables each day. I’d like to think that is sufficient.

In this blog post I’m just providing these basics for now. I go into greater depth in the video. Some topics I address include candida die-offs, how to make suppositories, mistakes I’ve made with detox, and a few thoughts on diet.

Please do let me know if the sound quality of the video is an issue.

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