Heavy Metals Detox Steps in Detail

This is meant to be a reply to an e-mail I received in July 2020.

The steps in heavy metals detoxification are cumulative, meaning that each step adds to (rather than replaces) all the steps before it. To re-confirm, first you remove yourself from exposure to toxins. Second, you take certain supplements (Magnesium oil, zinc, iodine, molybdenum) and do some kind of cleanse that will aid the process. Third, you take substances such as slippery elm bark to help heal the lining of your gut. Glutathione also helps in this regard. Next, take binders (meaning "substances that bind to heavy metals in the gut"), the most potent of which is IMD. Fifth, you can begin to take anti-parasitic suppositories whose "active ingredient" will be the essential oil of turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, clove, cinnamon, or other substance which tends to repel insects and fungus. The final step is to take Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), which supposedly removes heavy metals from the brain.

Now for comments on the steps.

I've listed out six steps here. This might not match the exact same number of steps I've mentioned elsewhere. It depends on whether I mention things that can be started at the same time as a single step, such as the supplements and the cleanses. You could either parse this down into more steps if you wanted, or condense it into fewer steps.

The first two steps are relative. It's not possible to free yourself from all toxin-exposure, nor to totally cleanse yourself. The idea behind the heavy metals detoxification process is that the body is so overwhelmed by toxins in the present state of the world that it is not able to cleanse itself by its own means. It needs periodic external help, or at least a kickstart.

In thinking about this e-mail, one thing I have been most unsure of is what I should say about step two, which is "cleanses." The most potent one I know of is the salt water flush as described by Alex Bloom. I think I tried this six times and got it to work only twice. I have not tried it since 2017. When it does not work out the result is that you retain water and are bloated for the rest of the day, so it is not a good idea to try it on a day when you have to physically exert yourself. When it does work you have a large, urgent bowel movement: you are left feeling mildly unpleasant but not bloated, since the water did its job and went through you.

On that note I have been wondering what precisely is the purpose of step two. Is it to remove impacted fecal matter? Empty yourself out? In 2017 I tried two other "cleanses." One was to drink water with lemon and baking soda mixed in. The site where I found this recommended it for lowering the body's pH and potentially serving as resistance to cancer. I may have notes on how exactly I did everything, but for the purposes of this e-mail I will not go through those for now. I very likely drank this mixture shortly before dinner (my main meal for the day) and used about a spoonful of baking soda. This did not leave to any kind of noteworthy bowel movement or other event, but it provided a calming feeling. The other cleanse I tried was to drink apple cider vinegar (ACV) mixed with water. The ratio of water to ACV needs to be something like 3:1 or it will be too difficult to drink. I increased the amount of ACV I used over time. The mixture of ACV and water needs to be taken on an empty stomach, or it will cause discomfort and a bit of water retention.
Of course, half the point of me writing out this paragraph is to define what an "empty stomach" is. For the sake of drinking ACV, that is best taken at least 8 hours after any meal. That's very general because all foods take a different amount of time to digest, but in general I think 8 hours should be safe.
The main detox "course" I did was at the start of 2017. This took three months, from January to April. As I mentioned in the My First 30 Days article I did things out of order until about mid-February, so with the proper knowledge I could have achieved the same result in 1.5-2 months. There were three things I did incorrectly. The main thing I did wrong was take anti-parasitic suppositories before I began to take binders. It made me feel "backed up," like my body wanted to push something out but it could not. The other major thing I did incorrectly was take an improper form of iodine. I did this thinking I was saving a few dollars. The form I took is called Potassium Iodide. It is meant only to be taken as an emergency measure, in the event of a Chernobyl or Fukushima-type of event. The third thing that went wrong for me was chlorella. I bought a powdered form of chlorella from NOW Foods. I mixed it with water and drank it. I started it on January 12 2017. I kind of enjoyed the taste. On January 20 I drank the mixture of chlorella and water as usual, and this time the result was completely unexpected. 1-3 hours after taking the chlorella, I had what still is physiologically the most terrifying event of my life. This lasted for two hours. Thankfully I was at home and alone. I suddenly felt very light-headed and in a cold sweat. I laid down in bed, and severe stomach cramps began. At some point I began to have some kind of vertigo: anywhere I looked I saw green and purple dots which partially obscured my vision. My whole body moved in ways that felt nearly involuntary, which included screaming. I was basically writhing in pain. I remained conscious and did wonder whether I could stop myself, but I was also overwhelemed. Eventually I had to go to the bathroom. It took nearly all of the strength and willpower I had not to throw up or pass out on the way there. I had a large bowel movement, and then laid back down in bed. I still felt very uncomfortable but I was done screaming and writhing around. At that moment my mother walked into the house. She was alarmed because I had taken almost all of my clothes off due to feeling overheated, and I looked obviously like something horrifying had happened (e.g. messed up hair, probably pale skin, on edge when I talked). She asked me whether I needed to go to the hospital and I said no. I felt assured that the effects of this would wear off by just waiting and egesting the chlorella, and I turned out to be correct. Nothing like this has ever happened to me another time. I read on health forums that other people had similar experiences when taking chlorella. Some of them projectile-vomited, which I felt close to doing but managed to stave off. Soon after I purchased KingChlorella tablets from Nutricology, thinking that maybe NOW was just a cheap brand. I took half of one tablet and felt the same effects starting to come on, such as elevated heartrate. I just sat down and did deep breathing for two hours. Nothing bad happened, but I decided not to try any more chlorella.
From briefly reviewing my notes, it looks like I did not mean to do things out of order, but chlorella did not work for me and I did not have the money for IMD until mid-February. I decided to forge ahead without a binder and it turned out to be a painful waste of time and resources.

So, that's what I initially did incorrectly with detox. Now I will get back to the point about what an empty stomach is and what the aim of cleanses/step two should be.
Going into the 2017 detox I did not do a lot of fasting. Josh's account gave me the impression that fasting was not helpful to this process-- at least, not before going through all the protocols and getting the body to a point where it can undergo some healing during fasting. At the start of 2018 I underwent another "course" of heavy metals detox, for about 1.5 months ending in late February. This time I did not get to the final step, which is to take ALA. I decided to end all of the detox protocols with the start of the Indoor Track season. In March I had a week off from work. I had a growing interest in water fasting, and I ended up completing a 10.5-day water fast, meaning that in that time I only consumed plain water. I have not talked about fasting on my blog yet, but I won't do so here anymore than is needed. Since then I have made a tradition of doing an annual long fast during the week off from work. In 2019 and 2020 I dry-fasted instead, for 5.5 days and 5 days respectively. During the 2019 fast I had a large bowel movement after 3 days without food and water: I took that as a positive result and thought my body was removing old fecal matter. Whatever the case, it was relieving, and I felt noticeably emptier afterward. Otherwise, following these long fasts I tend to experience less pain related to eating, and bowel movements go more smoothly. I noticed that most after the 2018 water fast.

It's worth mentioning that the first time I do any of these things yields the strongest results. Whether it's the salt water flush, the entire heavy metals detox process, or long fasts, I get the most benefit from the first time I do it. Subsequent rounds are also beneficial, but they don't produce as much of a change. This phenomenon might be called "diminishing returns."

Since my last long fast in March 2020, I've read the work of a man named Brian Harner, whom I have been in correspondence with. This part will not be as mundane as the rest of the e-mail. He says that the only reason for fasting is to communicate non-verbally with the being(s) who created us. This being is equivalent to "God" in Christianity, who made the Earth and all species on it. Fasting helps us to communicate with him because he does not eat physical substances to sustain himself. When we are empty of food we are more like him, and it is always easier to communicate with anyone the more similar you are to them. This means that the opposite situation, being "full of shit," makes it harder to communicate with him. Yes, the foul language helps to make the point here. The specific protocol Brian Harner prescribes is called "De-shit-ifying yourself." I have not done this specifically. When I fast I look to be as empty as possible, even of liquids. But he suggests staying hydrated to optimize the ability of all the body's cells to communicate with one another. In July 2020 I had an experience that was like an unplanned version of de-shit-ification. I had a case of "the runs," due to likely infection from accidentally drinking stagnant water, in which I lost several pounds. This was right before a 50-mile-race. The high temperature during the race was 94F, and I drank two gallons of plain water in the span of 10 hours. The combination of getting emptied out and being well-hydrated did feel rather coherent and physically relieving.

The point of all that was to assist in answering the question, What should step two/cleanses consist of and why? I think the point of step two should be to remove excrement from the body. In the heavy metals detox process, egestion is the main way that the body removes toxins. This will go more smoothly if there is no old fecal matter in the way. I've never tried laxatives and probably will not. The salt water flush produces the strongest results in the shortest amount of time. Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water can also induce a bowel movement (I experienced this at least once). Psyllium husk can as well. I've tried it several times though as part of a meal rather than for the purpose of cleansing. So, overall, the purpose of the cleanses should be to empty the body of excrement. When these cleansing measures are taken, you should not have eaten in at least the last 8 hours, though 12 hours is safer.
If I was going through the detox process again, I would make time to go through "de-shit-ification" as described by Brian Harner.

The thing is, I don't totally understand how fecal matter becomes impacted. That is just something I have not researched. I would think it involves some kind of dysfunction in or overload on the body.

In this e-mail I mainly wanted to address the cleanses in step two. I'll talk a bit about the other steps as well.

The other part of step two is the supplements. The only one I've taken is Magnesium oil applied to the skin. Otherwise, instead of buying a proper iodine supplement (like Nascent) I ate kelp from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables (also called “kombu”). I live in the Northeast US so your location might effect the availability of that specific product. I still use Mg oil to help relieve pain, most often in my feet though occasionally also for upset stomach. I apply the oil to the painful part of my body.
So far I have started molybdenum once I am at least a few days into taking glutathione. Molybdenum is meant to be taken at the same time as glutathione because it protects you from the byproducts of the sulfur in glutathione (I don't remember the exact details). Molybdenum supposedly leeches a bit of copper from the body, so I ate brazil nuts while taking it. I have liquid molybdenum from Nutricology. It contains several ingredients I normally would never consume, and they make it taste like “chemicals.” I bought it in 2017 because I just really wanted to keep moving with detox and did not have a lot of money, so I thought it would be worthwhile to just endure these ingredients. The full list of ingredients, in addition to Molybdenum (as Ammoniium Molybdate) is: Deionized water, lactic acid, citric acid, potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol.

For step three I purchased slippery elm bark cheaply on e-bay. That sounds potentially unwise but it went well for me. It feels smooth when it is mixed with water and swallowed, so it feels good to take.
The form of glutathione generally recommended is liposomal. To save money I've bought reduced glutathione powder from a website called PureBulk and made suppositories with the powder. They supposedly import everything from China so it is not ideal, but it does work. The first time I went through detox my skin became noticeably softer after several weeks of taking glutathione.

For step four, IMD is the only binder I have used aside from the failed chlorella. I know there are others such as activated charcoal. The page I bought the IMD from is gone. Dr. Chris Shade's company, Quicksilver Scientific, sells IMD at this page for $150. https://www.quicksilverscientific.com/all-products/imd/
I took IMD by mixing it into apple cider or the squeezed juice of an orange. The directions say it should be mixed into liquid and taken with Vitamin C, so I went with fruit juice. The IMD powder settles to the bottom quickly, so once it gets poured into the liquid it should be stirred and drank quickly before it settles. Sometimes I had to pour more liquid in to the glass and mix it again in order to get all of the IMD out of the glass. The directions suggested taking IMD specifically about 30 minutes before a meal, since eating afterward will help the IMD's movement through the body.
I remember I read a set of directions from Chris Shade online in addition to what the label on the bottle.  It might have been this page, but there is no information there now. https://www.quicksilverscientific.com/images/stories/clinical/imd%20instructions_20110303.pdf
Again, note that IMD is potent. If someone has deficient bones it is possible the IMD will cause them discomfort. I'm not 100% sure on that but it's something to keep in mind. I've always continued to go running on a daily basis while taking it, though usually not terribly far or fast.

Note that all the detox substances and protocols are meant to be taken on a relatively empty stomach.

For step five, the anti-parasitic suppositories, I call them by this name because the substances involved seem to repel fungus, bacteria, insects, and potentially more, both inside and outside of the body. The most potent of these substances is garlic. I use garlic mainly in the form of Alex's Garlic Elixir, for the purpose of curing infections. I have had great success with this, and I wrote an article about it called How I Cured an Infection without Antibiotics. When I was talking about “de-shit-ification” earlier I mentioned that I likely got an infection from drinking some of the water I was swimming in, in an area where there might have been poop or similar things around. That happened nine days before the 50-mile race. The symptoms of the infection included indigestion, going to the bathroom a lot, and not being able to “hold it” for long when I had to go. By eating garlic elixirs for 3-4 days I was able to clear up those symptoms in time for my race. Unlike in my and Alex's articles, this time I made the garlic elixirs without any rice. All of the ingredients were raw, and I prepared them by crushing them with a mortar and pestle. I used summer squash, leafy greens, tomatoes, eggplant, dates, and soaked rolled oats. I've also used both onions and green onions in place of and in addition to garlic.
Back to the suppositories. In 2017 I used garlic suppositories a few times and it did not work out well. The smell is incredibly strong, and it often burns to put the suppositories in. They are not worth using unless you stay home alone for the day or it turns out that you have many parasites. I've mentioned that I have never seen parasites come out of me (unlike Alex and Josh), though I have had a bit of liquid which I think is a candida die-off. If you use garlic suppositories, make sure not to get the oil on anything.
For the suppositories I alternated between the essential oils of ginger and turmeric. Make sure you use therapeutic-grade essential oil. I got some kind of clove tincture once to save money and it was a waste. Something like that should be used as a cleaning product rather than taken internally.

For the last step, ALA needs to be in the R form. The form I have is “Na-R-ALA Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid.” Someone, I think Dr. Klinghardt, suggests taking ALA immediately following a large dose of cilantro because cilantro mobilizes metal in the brain. I read a post on a health forum in which a person claimed to have made a smoothie with a large amount of cilantro and was bedridden for the rest of the day after drinking it, due to this metal-mobilizing effect.

A quick note. I still occasionally get what I think is a candida die-off when I go for long runs. This happened when I ran the Beast of Burden 100-mile race in 2019. The race went incredibly well, but I had to go to the bathroom at almost every opportunity. I explained in one of my articles what I think a candida die-off is, in terms of experience: basically, a clear liquid that gets egested. When it comes out it sounds like you are pooping (often rather loudly), but then you look to find that is not exactly the case. Usually both prior to and after this event I have pain in my stomach and sometimes a bit of liquid is sloshing around, even if I have not had much water. I have not experienced this much in 2020: maybe once or twice.

Other things to note. I have not gone through a lot of substance. Since the end of 2016 I've purchased the following for the purpose of detox: one 54-fluid-ounce container of coconut oil, one bottle of Magnesium oil, one 1-ounce bag of Slippery Elm Bark Powder (Ulmus rubra), two 10g bags of PureBulk Reduced Gluathione powder, one 30-mL bottle of Nutricology Liquid Molybdenum, one 6g bottle of Quicksilver Scientific IMD, one 30g container of Nootropics Depot Na-R-ALA Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid. As for the essential oils, I went through one 10mL bottle of turmeric as well as one of ginger.. This list does not include the failed iodine, chlorella, and garlic essential oil. So, yes, it is worth noting that when I went through the detox process at the start of 2020, I used the same bottle of IMD that I purchased in February 2017. The glutathione I used in 2020 might have been purchased in 2018. What I still have leftover is some glutathione, a little IMD, and a lot of ALA and molybdenum.

Remember that you're not supposed to take everything every day. The IMD is to be taken on a schedule. I normally did 5 days on, 2 days off, which is the standard schedule recommended by Chris Shade. Sometimes I took days off from everything altogether, not just the IMD.

What about diet? I am currently reviewing my thoughts on diet (I sort of always am), though I should still have a sufficient overview. When in doubt, whole, minimally-processed foods are best. For anything that is in a package, read the label. The fewer ingredients, the better. The best choice of peanut butter, for instance, contains only peanuts. Likewise, any ingredients that are not foods or cannot be found in a kitchen, should be avoided (e.g. monosodium glutamate). Otherwise, note that you might not feel well eating large amounts of fat and sugar together on a regular basis, maybe unless you eat rather little overall. Dr. Neal Barnard has cited this as the cause of diabetes, because the presence of fat reduces the ability of cells to take up sugar, leading the sugar to stay in the bloodstream. During the first detox I did in 2017 I switched to a lower-fat diet. I have been vegan since May 2015, and buy most of my produce from small farmers. If you do eat meat you need to source it from a relatively small farmer who cares for the well-being of his livestock. With meat shortages and rising prices around the world this is becoming a more preferable option for reasons in addition to health. You might meet such a farmer at a farmer's market. At the end of my days of eating meat I bought grass-fed beef from a health food store. The meat was not from a small producer, and one package of ground beef I bought said a portion of the meat was from Uruguay. I would not want to purchase that again. Factory-farmed animals live disstressing lives in which they are prone to disease: that is why meat from the supermarket has to be thoroughly cooked. The milk and eggs of these animals is also affected by their health.
Also, it is better to drink water before a meal rather than after. For optimal digestion foods that digest the most quickly should be eaten first, and water travels through the system faster than anything else. Drinking water after eating stifles the digestion of the water and this can lead to discomfort and bloating, like failing the salt water flush. Most of the time I prefer to eat one food at a time anyway, though certain mixtures of foods tend to work out alright. The main keys are not to have water after heavier foods, and not to have foods high in sugar after foods high in fat since simple carbohydrates digest more quickly than lipids. This means if you want to have watermelon, for instance, that should be the first thing you eat. If you were going to eat several fruits in one sitting, have the most water-rich fruits like melons first, then fruits with less water like peaches and plums, then harder fruits like apples, and finally eat dry fruits like bananas and dates last. Fruit for dessert is not wise since fruit digests faster than most other foods. I don't want to make you or anyone else paranoid about needing to eat in order, though it is something people can be sensitive to. In general people are less sensitive to this when their digestion is in good health and/or if they are burning a high number of calories. Also, leafy greens can seemingly be eaten at any point in the meal, paired with just about anything.
The last major article I wrote about diet is, Is There One True Diet? in April 2017.
The reason I am “reviewing my thoughts on diet” is that the natural environment has reached a point where people will imminently have to become self-sufficient to survive, and our diets will become dependent on what we are able to sustainably produce. While very important, this topic is beyond the scope of this article. If you are in need of heavy metals detox then focus on that first, and then you'll have more strength to do what needs to be done.

Something I have not mentioned is the gut microbiome. I took probiotics a few times throughout 2017 and I at least did during the detox process in 2018. To my recollection I have not taken any probiotics in 2-2.5 years. During the 2017 detox I made raw sauerkraut at home often enough to eat it almost every day. These days I do not have fermented foods often, though I am considering that I ought to prepare some. In 2019 I listened to an interview with Dr. Zach Bush who said that probiotics can only do so much. He implied that what's most important is removing yourself from exposure to substances that harm your gut microbiome (such as pesticides), though I have not looked much into his work. The interview is at this link: https://www.richroll.com/podcast/zach-bush-353/
I buy most of my produce from small farmers and I rarely wash it off. I also forage some foods, drink from natural sources of water, and I spend a lot of time outdoors, which includes time tending to gardens and sitting on the ground. Close contact with nature is beneficial to the gut microbiome as long as whatever you come in contact with is not harmful to you. Lately my digestion is not quite as clean and stellar as it could be. Since the subject is detox I'll be specific: an unpleasant, putrid smell; a fair amount of gas some days; and not quick to clean when I go to the bathroom. I think a low intake of leafy greens could be involved here. I subscribe to CSA programs at local farms, and the one I invested most in had many crop failures this year, which included the greens. So I have not had a lot of green vegetables this summer, especially leafy greens. There is something about them that seems to provide balance: likely the micronutrient content, especially the minerals like magnesium. Spinach is my favorite vegetable. One crop this CSA has had a lot of is sweet corn. I have been eating that raw in large quantities (3-4 ears/day at present), whereas I never ate it prior to 2019. I am not certain how I feel about it yet and am wondering whether this is related to my sub-par digestion. There are other possibilities at play as well. We shall see.

Dosages. I am 5'2" and weigh 102 pounds. When I first underwent heavy metals detox in 2017 I weighed about 104-5 pounds, and when I did it in 2018 I weighed 112 pounds (I did not stay at that weight long, due to the water fast I mentioned). I never had perfectly exact dosages. For all the powders I used the 100mg spoon that was packaged with the IMD. When I started ALA I approximated 5mg by putting just a small dot of powder in the spoon, perhaps like a pupil inside of an eyeball. When I wanted about 50mg of a powder I just filled the spoon halfway.
It's easier to be more exact with the essential oils, since only one drop of oil at a time gets poured out. I generally felt comfortable with about 20 drops of oil per suppository.
In 2017 and 2018 I did keep track of some of the dosages I used each day. I don't know how reliable or accurate my notes are. I told someone else I would share the dosages I used but obviously I have not. I've been iffy on this. I based the dosages I used on amounts recommended by others and how much and how quickly I felt ready to progress. I figured any dosage recommended by Alex is higher than I need since he is male and he dealt with a higher level of toxicity than I did. On that same basis you will probably want to take higher dosages than I did. I've been concerned about people taking ths dosages I used too verbatim. Plus I received that question during the two years when I barely worked on kimwrate.com. I'll give some dosage information by substance.
Glutathione: Max dosage I took was 500Mg of glutathione in one day. I usually start with 50mg.
Molybdenum: I varied the dosage from 1-3 drops per day. Molybdenum relieves some of the discomfort of candida die-offs, so I took the higher dosage of 2-3 drops when I had more discomfort.
IMD: Max dosage I took was 200mg (two scoops) in one day. I usually start with 50mg (0.5 scoops).
ALA: I think the max dosage I took was 50mg in one day. Essential oils: I think the max dosage I took was 100 drops of oil in a single suppository.

On a related note, someone asked me once what kind of money I make from health coaching. I didn't answer because that was also during the time I was avoiding my website. I don't do any kind of health coaching, and I don't make money from this. People occasionally send me donations and that's it. I run kimwrate.com at a financial loss. Not a huge one, but it does not bring in enough money to cover its costs. I am saying this because I know many people who talk about heavy metals detox have some kind of paid information or service, like an online course. Even if I felt I had enough organized knowledge to create something similar, I am not sure that I would. Whatever the case, for now any talking I do on this subject is free and ideally all of it will be made publicly available.

I mentioned that in 2017 I went through the detox process to the point of taking ALA, and in 2018 I got to the point of taking anti-parasitic suppositories. I also went through the process at the start of 2020, though did not get past taking IMD.

I have started to look into other healing modalities which involve the use of stone and sound. I wrote about that in this article. In a later e-mail, Brian Harner told me about modalities that are helpful for injuries and conditions such as cancer: I'll update this with a link to that article when it is ready. None of the modalities either of us talk about involve ingesting anything. At this point I am convinced that IMD is one of the best ways to remove heavy metals from the body.

Overall I must say that I am defnitely a layperson, meaning that I have no credentials relevant to this subject. I am a person who dealt with unpleasant digestion my whole life and found improvement through the heavy metals detoxification protocols. I have never had any dental fillings, nor have I lived or worked in especially toxic environments (though no place is truly safe nowadays). I don't know what is happening with the body in great detail, especially on a microscopic level. I used to be more familiar with that due to watching lectures by Chris Shade (which I wrote about in my “30 Days” article). Otherwise, I followed the basic outline Alex and others have provided, with some explanation for the “why” and “how” of each step. Whenever I have followed the steps in order I have not experienced dangerous side effects; or, at least, nothing that could not be stopped by just stopping detox. It might one day be possible for a doctor to prescribe a treatment plan, but it would be very involved since the dosages vary over time and there are numerous substances to take as opposed to, say, one or two pills. Mainstream medicine does not offer anything like this that I know of, and one tradeoff is that anyone who wants to try it has to tailor their own treatment plan to an extent. Again, I will not guarantee this, but I think people willing to try heavy metals detoxification will be okay as long as they follow the steps in order and use the proper items (e.g. take the correct form of iodine, which is not Potassium Iodide/KI). To be clear, the main thing that needs to be done in the correct order is starting IMD prior to the anti-parasitic suppositories as well as the ALA; AND, the use of IMD must continue while the suppositories and ALA are being taken.
I must also note that I have not taken drugs of any kind at all since 2015 (i.e. caffeine and cannabis, which I used very few times to begin with), and I have not taken any kind of pharmaceutical drugs since 2014 (i.e. amoxicillin and motrin due to removal of wisdom teeth). I started heavy metals detox in 2017, so I do not know what are the effects of taking drugs and the substances for heavy metals detox together. I would guess it is safest to abstain from any drugs you do not truly need while undergoing heavy metals detox, because the body will be under enough stress with the detox alone. My containers of IMD and ALA explicitly say not to take these substances if pregnant or breastfeeding. The ALA also says not take it if under the age of 18, “if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or takign prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications.” The glutathione just says to consult your physician before use, “If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition.” Slippery elm bark possibly can be dangerous to a developing fetus. So heavy metals detox is not for new nor expecting mothers. The safest detox substance is probably magnesium oil applied to the skin: it stings open cuts, so avoid applying it near “raw” skin and rinse your hands off when done applying it. Glutathione is probably the second-safest, as long as molybdenum is also taken on the same day.

This is a bit long for an e-mail, but perhaps it needed to be. I have not talked much about detox in the last two years, and it is the topic I get the most questions about. A few e-mails have gone unanswered. I recognize that there is potential to both expand on and also simplify this information.