Message to Brian: #13/#27

The following is the 13th e-mail message I sent to Brian Harner, and the 27th message of our conversation. This was sent on August 31 2020.

Several hours later I wrote Brian Harner Update.

I've used Hell to refer to the energy situation as well as to the intricate web of inescapable egoism. These are both the collective Hells, and some of the personal experiences I've described are individual Hell. Being opportunistic feels like burning or being on fire, compared to the calmness and coolness of being selfless and aligned with one's maker. In my instances of "hard-headedness" in regards to you, such as my last e-mail, I feel both. I'm charging forward on something that probably won't work out, but at least it is something that would be good if it did. That's the only time that I strongly feel both the burning up and the calmness at the same time. Usually it's more polarized than that.

I can feel some of the energy usage around me. When I plug something in or turn on a battery-powered device I can feel an effect, like the electrical energy and radiation involved reduce the calm energy in the area. When I drive I feel like I am burning up resources, so I feel something similar to what you see in this regard. That feeling was one of the big reasons I considered ending my racing "career," since I've driven anywhere from 35-250 miles to get to a trail race. When the feeling of "burn up, burn up, burn up" follows me into a race, I know I'm not approaching things in the right manner. When I run there is a discernible difference between whether I'm burning up or calm. The default mode is still to burn up. I think the ideal is that, there will still be burning up because my body is a satanic energy machine, but I have my heart and mind in the right place and thus make that machine as efficient as it can be. At some of my best races I have managed to have the calmness prevail, and I barely feel the burning at all. I actually had one like that during your realization, on April 19 last year. Fastest 10K I've ever run by far.

Since I can feel that energy usage I try to mitigate the effects of Hell. I take care to produce as little waste as possible. I've started to do laundry by hand, preferably with rainwater: I could help this process using a spin mop bucket. I compost all plant foodscraps. I prefer raw foods to cooked. Most of the produce I buy is local and/or from smal farms. I can feel it if produce is not from closeby, but I feel the burning less if I buy it from a small farmer who is re-distributing it than if I buy it from a supermarket. Foods that I forage myself are the most free of the burning feeling. There is more, too.

In 2019 I developed a desire to be completely free of technology and to be outside 100% of the time. Now I know that the true desire was to escape the burning up: to achieve this I need to not only transcend the satanic energy technology but also adopt divine energy technology.

You said that I'm not perfect at being meek. The feeling of burning should be a good indication of whether I'm succeeding. When I say, "If you were not yourself I would feel embarrassed by my failed offer," that feels relatively calm. When I say, "I also have a near-perfect record of getting rejected, though that's not the point," there is some burning in that.

Your ability to see energy processes is basically seeing the essence of things instead of the physical appearances. It is likely also a testament to the superiority of thinking and communicating in terms of energy rather than language. That's also why I don't want you to fade if I can help it: you have such an enormous knowledge base and a level of understanding that no one else does. Knowing how you do it (e.g. mentally removing all inanimate objects from view) and also how the ability developed over time could be a helpful model to others developing similar abilities.

I thought your realization started when you figured out how the pyramids were built. So the last pieces to fall into place were the two different energy paradigms, Satanic vs. Divine. The understanding of that led to the conception of the Holy Grail.

"Both are correct, and both are wrong, meaning everyone is wrong. The truth is in the middle. Taking this stance on just about everything, makes me an equilibriumist. Pure sustainability, and nothing but. The complexities of politics, religion, education, etc generally stick to a segregated path where both categories of participants are involved in the same dilemma as creationists, and evolutionists. Therefore, everyone is wrong."

This might be referred to as the "Third Position."

I've been meaning to ask you how the stones were lifted, since your writing so far focuses on how the stones are cut. The giants and Yews lifted them for us? I never thought of that. That made me laugh quite hard. What lost technique did our ancestors use to lift stones that weigh millions of pounds? Gigantic muscles.

The thing I am repulsed by more than the burning up feeling is poison. The poison emitted by cars bothers me more than the burning up they do. I continually remove as many poisons from my life as I can (e.g. plastic bags, most hygiene and cleaning products in existence, paper products bleached with chlorine), though they are present in almost everything that is manmade. I have been hoping you provide a path to transcend all use and creation of poison. On a related note, I've been wondering at what point all the satanic energy technology goes away, and even if it does. Our ancestors did not use machining technology like we do-- did they? I haven't imagined them using a lathe to build the Dendera Bulb/their version of the Holy Grail. Likewise, a chorus of human men singing cannot replace the effect of the Yews?

Given the relative isolation of this path I have figured that I will need to know every relevant skill, including building that holy grail manufacturing facility. I don't have much experience with most of what you are suggesting. In college I did an internship in Network Administration and completed several cable runs which included the installation of new outlets. In junior high I had to build a small wooden drag racer and work with circuitboards, so I've had very minor firsthand exposure. Otherwise working on a small organic produce farm is as close as I've come, and even then all the work was by hand. Farming is the skill that has interested me most over the years. Also, while both my athletic and farming experience are useful to manual labor I am still a 102-lb. woman.

Another thing I've wanted to tell you is my interest in other uses of sound technology. If the stone pyramids slow down aging in humans, they should do the same with food. I am interested in the use of stone structures for food storage, both large (like at home) and small (on-the-go, if this is possible).

A related interest is the use of sound technology in food processing. For example, black walnuts grow here in the Northeast, but they have to be opened using a hammer or vice: nutcrackers don't work. It's a time-consuming process, and the result is that I've never seen anyone sell black walnuts except for a small farmer in Delaware. The shells are so hard they are used in industry as blast media. I am thinking that micro harmonic resonant cavitation could be used to open the nutshells cleanly and quickly. This will provide me with a much less time-consuming source of food that I can forage myself.

To make raw vegetables more palatable I sometimes crush them using a mortar and pestle. I don't have a food processor or blender at home though I used to. I've been wondering how I would replace the effects of these appliances using divine energy technology. Maybe the solution is to keep the appliance as it is, but just replace the electrical power source with sound? Is this another solution: “John Kanzius' radio wave emitter was "tuned in" to the specific resonant frequency that ties hydrogen and oxygen together to form water; 13.56 MHz. Likewise, utilizing this approach to energize the fields within the machine's focused radio wave transmission area, light can also be produced from ordinary lights bulbs. John Kanzius figured this phenomenon out while researching, and displayed the phenomenon on a news segment. Holding a light bulb in the machine's emittance area will illuminate the bulb without any external input other than radio waves, as well as breaking the molecular bond of water.”

Likewise, I wonder if there is much replacing a food press to make cider. A farmer I know uses an old wooden one to make apple cider. The main labor involved is using a wrench to raise and lower the metal plate that crushes the apples.

The interest in your teachings for additional applications leads to the next point.

The "experiments" I've done using sound structures for healing. These are basically the elementary-school version of what you're trying to do. My goal was to get something that works using few or no tools. My use of terms may be incorrect. In early July I went to a nature area that has a cave, with one part that's 10-15 feet deep. While I was in there I felt the coolness and the calm, as if the stone blocked out all electro-magnetic energies and made it easier to center myself in eternal consciousness. No one was too close at that time, so to use your teachings I sang "ohm" as deeply as I could. I thought, "Don't ever forget what it feels like to be in here." If I always felt the way I did in the cave, life would be fundamentally different.

There was one part of the cave where I could stand up straight in the darkness. If that area was filled with some kind of liquid, I would be in the primordial conditions of life. I thought this with cavitation in mind, and creating life from "nothing."

The last time I went into a cave I brought an old bell that has a sound I particularly like. I alternated between that and my voice but did not use both at the same time.

A family member has many stones lining the driveway at her house, from small enough to fit in the hand to too large to pick up. I used some of the larger stones to build a small structure that I can fit one hand or foot into at a time. It would be fitting to call the open space between the stones a "chamber." I've struggled with pain in my feet in the last year, and the structure provides temporary relief from that pain. Even if not in pain, the feeling I get from using the stone chamber helps me to feel calm.

Similar to this, in the woods I've found rocks where I can fit a hand or a foot into an opening. Occasionally I sing “ohm,” as deeply as I can, to center myself.

Overall, I have at least found a form of temporary pain relief and a source of calm. Stone structures much smaller than the pyramids can be utilized to an end that helps humanity. Some of these structures already exist, in the form of caves. It also does not take much stone to build a chamber that a limited portion of the body can fit into. In general, stone structures used for healing could be referred to as "Stone Healing Chambers" or "Healing Chambers" for short. The highest hope is that if people take interest in the use of stone healing chambers, the effects of these chambers could very well also help people to calm down and become open to a new way of life-- "The Way." Yes, I do remember you told me the hospital pyramid structures cannot heal your condition, so I would take care to explain the limitations.

Related to the above, I looked into sound produced from speakers a little. I've focused on finding sounds with a very deep pitch. Some calm comes over me when I hear them. So far I haven't tested a device that can produce these sounds very loudly.

The man with the deepest singing voice in the world is Tim Storms. “Low Frequency Test Tones” from a subwoofer, 3-20Hz. A box with a subwoofer is filled with water. The effects of different sound-frequencies on the water is demonstrated. Starting at 3:23, the clips of 25Hz and 60Hz are shown at the same time. The low-frequency sound causes much larger ripples through and bubbling up of the water. There's a comment that mentions using this technology to do laundry.

My money situation won't last as it is. Due to the way my work schedule is I am always my most broke in September. This is by far the most I've ever had at this point in the year. It's good to hear about the 500. If it helps you to plan, the current amount I'm considering is 300. I want to at least give 200. I still intend on texting you later about today.

One anon who we both talked to tried to make a replica of my thread but it got shut down. Then he made a follow-up asking why, which also got shut down.

I know I have not answered the skills question fully, nor the question of what I'll do with this information. Maybe I will share edited versions of the e-mails as we go along (one per blog post), and then one day release a pdf with all of the messages in their original form. I will likely do both that and writing articles like the one I have about you. I told you I haven't talked about anything considered "too" controversial publicly so far, so that will be the most laborious thing to manage. I can handle talking about gender and sexuality given what I am and have been. Even though you explain it all in a much more calm and complete way than most others do, and really paint a much more promising picture overall, chaos is nevertheless expected. Maybe I'll cut some out for now, then talk about it all at once when I feel ready to do so in a satisfactory manner.

People may read this in 10,000 years if we are successful, which your last e-mail suggested we probably will not be. It seems like there is a delicate balance between needing to work towards success no matter what while recognizing what it will take to get there and how unlikely it all is to pull through. At this point in our correspondence I feel vulnerable. Can you tell me what will happen to you after tomorrow?

Thank you.

-Kimberly Wrate