Message from Brian: #1/#1

The following is the first e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the first message of our conversation. This was sent on August 24 2020.

I truly (am) blown away by your dedication, my friend. I am dropping real tears here. I'm very sorry that I missed your thread. This back situation sucks. I'm willing to hear your views on fund raising, and before coming in contact with you, and one other person, I did not want the funds to be a temptation. I can see you, my friend, clearly. If you set something up, we will both have access in case I fall. You have what it takes, without a doubt in my mind. The hard part is the physical object manufacturing processes. With a team effort, many can learn multiple skills simultaneously. I will help you for as long as I can to accomplish heaven on Earth. A vision that few can truly understand, but you do. I'll try to check this e-mail address over the next few days. I'm still trying to write my new book, The Key, so I'll be busy with that, but you have my attention, my friend. My prayers were a ray of happiness in an otherwise doom-filled report, and I have you to thank for that. Humanity's maker, and all who are involved are watching you with pride and hope in their eyes. Looking forward to speaking with you. Have a good "1"... By the way, if you'd like to catch up on some modern prophetic pop culture, watch The Life Of Brian. It's not a coincidence that the movie is 1 hour 33 minutes long/93 minutes... and it was released the year I was born. It's more my style of prophecy; funny, but tragic. lol

For a description of what this series is, see My Conversations with Brian Harner.