My Conversations with Brian Harner

As I stated in Brian Harner Update, I have been in correspondence with Brian. I will share our e-mail messages in order, one per blog post. At this point I have written 13 e-mail messages comprised of a total of 19,900 words. Brian has written 15 messages comprised of 24,500 words. This is a total of 28 messages containing 44,400 words. This correspondence has taken place between August 24 and August 31. To read our first conversation, from August 14, see the end of Brian Clark Harner.

I have decided it would be most orderly to title the blog posts according to whether the e-mail was written by me or by Brian. The posts could be titled as such: "Message to Brian #1" and "Message from Brian #1." I would prefer to provide the overall number of the message in the series as well. For instance, the first two e-mails were sent by Brian, so they would be titled, "Message from Brian #1/#1," and "Message from Brian #2/#2." My first reply would be titled, "Message to Brian #1/#3," since it is my first message and the third message overall in the series. I realize this numbering system will not make sense at first glance to someone who has not read this.
Some information has been removed which for now is not helpful. There is some personal information that is best not shared. There are also several topics of conversation that would not be well-introduced in this format. I would prefer to gain a full, detailed understanding of those subjects and then talk about them all at once before I share what has been said in the e-mails. I have not removed foul language.
I removed more information from my messages than I did from those written by Brian. It is unsurprising since I am ultimately being given lessons in purity through these e-mails.
So, bear in mind that a number of these e-mail messages are abridged.

Almost every single message took me at least two hours to write. Should you decide that you want to read only Brian's messages and not mine, the content of his messages will still make sense.

The plan is to write a bit about each message at the start of the blog post, such as whether I made any changes to it, as well as a link to the message being replied to. Beneath that there will be a dividing line, and beneath that will be the e-mail message. At the end there ideally will be a link to the next message.