Message to Brian: #3/#7

The following is the third message I sent to Brian Harner, and the seventh in our conversation. This was sent on August 26 2020.

I have completed the web page. It is at Please let me know if everything is accurate and whether you would like anything changed.

If you create a PayPal account, I can send you the money raised with no need to know any information other than the e-mail address of your account. As long as you can make a PayPal without bringing any problems to yourself, then that, as far as I know, is the most effective way of transferring the funds to you at this point. I have been using PayPal for six years with no issues. Thanks to my PayPal account I can use certain ATMs free of any processing fees. I rarely use ATMs, but I did often when I lived in my car for several months in 2016. I will look for and try to recall the information on that.

I want to make sure that all of the financial and legal matters are in order. I am not certain whether I should use the name "Arian Technologies Association" because that sounds like I've formed some kind of organization when I have not. I think it will make sense to do that at some point so that all money raised goes to a business account (instead of my personal account), and the expectation will be that all money in this account will either be transferred to you/Arian Technologies LLC or used for other fundraisers (e.g. events which, as I said, are not a matter for right now). I think the answer is that I should use that name: I just wanted to run this by you, since it is your money and business after all. I currently do not have any businesses entities nor licenses because I have made so little money from that I have not had to acquire those things. I am kind of flying by the seat of my pants with this, but it is genuine and feels like I am on the right track.

On that note, while I am using your company name so many times, I would like to understand the meaning of it (and probably communicate that to people). Arian is your real name, which was given to you during your realization last year. It is pronounced "Uh-ryan." I have guessed this is either meant to be close to "Aryan" or to be a foil to "Orion," whom is a false idol since the pyramids are actually aligned with Cygnus and not the Orion constellation like some Egyptologists assume. I think it would be courteous to refer to you by your real name, but apparently standard practice so far has been to call you Brian. I also am aware of the numerology of your name (1+1-1 to reverse the first letter of the first name by one position; 2+3+8=13 for Brian; 1+3+8=12 for Arian).

You don't have to answer this now but I'll ask while on this subject. When I asked on 4chan whether we can heal you the number of my post was 25858961. The first thing you said in your reply was, "With the correct digits in the correct sequence, as well." I have been wondering what that means. Your eternal number is 61, 16, 616, etc., and in the Trinidad incident you turned to page 616 of the Bible and the prophetic Psalms 91 was there.

I appreciate that you trust me, Brian. I did not expect you to give me this much "control," though due to your last e-mail I understand why. You are allowing me free will as much as possible. This is about my success or failure at individual salvation, and your place is to facilitate that. As such, you will accept the outcomes of my actions no matter what they are. If I decide to cross you somehow (e.g. by keeping the money for myself) then you will go along with the way you are personally affected by that, while knowing whatever is in store for me (potential soul-deletion).

One thing I do not get is why you had Kassidi Jones sign a contract but not me nor Nathan. It sounds like there was more to it than a Non-Disclosure Agreement. By the way, I will always accept if you decide not to answer questions which do not pertain to essential knowledge. I do not need to know the answer to this, but I am curious. On that note, I was somewhat surprised when you talked about Tiamet in the recent /x/ thread, though it is worth knowing the specific things we should not do. Moreover, most truthful answers to things can be useful to informing decisions and worldview. The inhabitants of both Mars and Tiamet set an example of what not to do if you want to sustain life. This specific example of another civilization in the universe destroying itself reinforces the reality that we are capable of the same. When you tell people what practices are harmful to life they tend to debate. For instance, there was a recent /pol/ thread where someone called you "Karen" for explaining that the permafrost is melting. Giving those examples of Mars and Tiamet, on the other hand, says, "This is what these other civilizations did, and this is the result they got (e.g. inhospitable atmosphere, mass extinction)." That makes the fact of potential imminent demise more real for people. People seem to relate more readily to stories and specific examples than they do to facts. Empathy and emotionality could be factors in that (in addition to arrogance and all the rest).

I have been reading the entirety of your messages and do have other things to say: I am just staying on track with the work on this fundraiser right now. At this point I think I will call you after most of that work is done. "Nothing can survive in Hell without trying to blend in" is a very significant answer to me so thank you (though I will have to ask about what is possible since the age reset).