Natural Order and the Void

The following is an e-mail message I wrote and sent on December 21 2020.

This is currently the last in a series of letters I have written starting in April 2019. The full list is as follows:

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I have decided to make this push over the last few weeks, and continue it, due to timing. Things are bad and will keep getting worse. I will try to make some kind of final statement, at least for now, here. In the event that you read this before finishing the other letters, it might not make complete sense, but it could certainly pique your interest in the others.

Natural Order
The thing I need you to understand is that it is not possible to achieve advanced forms of communication (i.e. tap into the void, receive accurate answers to prayers) without accepting natural order. Unfortunately, humanity has almost completely failed to do this. As such, this is the single most difficult subject in the world to talk about. The series of e-mails I sent 10 days ago spoke to the spiritual side of this, which is purity of intent. Now I must be more blatant, lest all of this ends up being lost on you. I know that it will not be possible for you to truly respect what I have said- even if you reject it- if I do not do this. Perhaps you can tell on some subtle level that I have not yet put everything on the table. That could be a factor in why you have not made time for this. I do like to place responsibility on my own shoulders as much as possible.

The reason natural order must be accepted, is that to do anything else is to reject the design of the being(s) who created us. To make that rejection is to put yourself in a position where you ultimately can do no more than cause destruction. Humans have ubiquitously made that rejection, and that is why we are on the brink of completely destroying the planet we live on.

This shouldn't be that hard, but we have made it that way. If a man and a woman encounter each other in a state of nature, which one of them has more physical strength, willpower, pertinent skills, and overall survival ability? Typically, as long as he is healthy, the man will be superior. It has become extremely difficult for humans to regard anyone, or even anything, as being superior to themselves. I do wonder about the emotional breakdowns which would occur if it suddenly became clear to humans that there are beings in this universe many billions of years more advanced than themselves, and at levels of perfection which could kill a man on sight.

To continue my point, consider how the “state of nature” scenario has been flipped on its head by artificial order. If a man and a woman encounter each other in present-day society, the woman has the ability to ruin his reputation and, by extension, his ability to secure a livelihood in the form of money. This is possible only because of money and big government, which are two essential components of large-scale artificial order (at least in its present, prevailing form).

In that series of e-mails, I mentioned that feminism stands for the exact opposite of everything which I stand for. Feminism is possible only when a forced artificial order prevails. It is possible, by the way, to have a government which supports natural order within the context of civilized society. This basically means that the government would encourage everyone taking their rightful role in society based on what their abilities are. Ideally, this would be in addition to most supporting those ways of life which are best for sustaining the health of the natural environment. However, it seems those days have passed us by, if they existed much at all. Everything is just a show now, to appeal to short-sighted emotions and pass money around. No real marker of health- especially long-term health- is aimed for.

Now I will depart somewhat from how I normally explain things. Instead I will use a few children's movies. ...I actually got the idea to talk about Madagascar from a dream I had this morning.

The Lion King
I'm just going to assume you know this movie. In The Lion King, the kingdom is destroyed by an essentially-feminist structure. While it's not quite the point in this movie since the villain is male, things get so bad that even the women suffer from this feminist order. That is evident when the lionesses complained to Scar that they consistently failed to find any food on their hunts. What is feminist about the order established by Scar is that he forcibly elevated the status of the lowliest members of society, the hyenas. When Mufasa was king, the hyenas lived in a separate area from the other animals, but they still managed to eat enough to survive. Mufasa was not cruel towards them, but the hyenas were naturally afraid of and submissive towards him. Scar managed to become king by appealing to the selfishness of the hyenas. He did this in the form of “virtue signaling,” or making himself look good by appearing to care about those who are lesser than him. Of course, Scar's actions are completely motivated by his own selfishness. Even the hyenas recognized this in the end, and they decided to end Scar's life over it. That is basically the one time in the movie where the hyenas did the right thing. If that was a real-world situation, they ought to be commended for it. Additionally, they at least recognized why they were in the position that they were.

I am aware of the thing you may be struggling with here. What makes the hyenas the “lowliest members of society”? They are the least fit to lead: they proved this through their actions. Scar artificially elevated their status to being the the most powerful members of society aside from himself, and they ended up overhunting, thereby wiping out the kingdom's resource base. In the scene where Scar sang “Be Prepared,” he pointed out how “thick-headed” the hyenas are. Knowing the hyenas' shortcomings was not enough to stop his overwhelming selfish drive, however.

If you want a real-world example of the results of different species dominating, look at Yellowstone National Park. The wolf population was decimated in the 20th century by humans seeking to eliminate them, out of fear for their own and their livestock's safety. Over the last 25 years, wolves have been reintroduced and given a chance to restore their numbers. This has allowed for a massive growth of flora to take place, because previously the herbivores (mainly deer and elk) would eat so much that plants did not have a chance to grow very large. Deer will eat the leaves of trees as well as entire baby trees, which are known as “whips.” Once the wolves brought the deer and other herbivore populations under control, the trees actually had a chance to grow and sustain themselves. It is a hard fact of nature, that predators are a necessary part of the food web. That leads to the next movie.

...Chances are you have not seen this movie. It follows the story of a group of animals who escape from the Bronx Zoo and return to their native land in Africa. At the zoo, the lion, zebra, hippo, giraffe, monkeys, and penguins were all friends with each other. Instead of hunting for food, the lion was fed steaks by humans. That is the essence of the artificial order of the zoo: these friendships would not have been possible if it was not for the humans in power designing things to their “peaceable” liking as much as possible.

The fact that the zoo was held together by artificial order becomes clear once the animals all return to nature. In the absence of humans to feed him steaks, the lion, Alex, gets hungry, and his friends start to look appetizing to him. His friends actually cannot figure out what is going on with him, and they think something is wrong with him: that's how cut off from nature they have been. The only one who properly diagnoses the situation is a wild animal, a lemur named Maurice. Maurice insists that the lion live apart from the other species of animals, because he poses a danger to them.

Maurice's ideas often get dismissed because he appears to be “cynical” instead of “happy” and “friendly” like everyone else. If Maurice was a human living in our society, people would call him a “hater.” I ask, as I asked in my last series of e-mails: who is the real “hater” here? Maurice is the only one who understands that the lion is hungry for meat. Even though his message comes off as being harsh, he is the only one who knows what the lion needs to survive and be healthy. Meanwhile, the lion's “friends,” who believe in nothing but “absolute peace,” would probably lead him to his deathbed if they were in charge of him. Unfortunately, realism is often mistaken for excessive cynicism. Likewise, people get caught up in their own status quo and become selfish thereby. In their attempts to enforce the continuation of this status quo, they think they are helping their loved ones when they are actually doing damage.
I do not need to tell you much about the rest of the movie because it gets taken over by unrealistic, fashionable propaganda. In the end, the lion manages to deny his appetite long enough for the penguins to show up and bring him sushi. Though the solution is palatable, it would not happen in reality. What you see here is yet another artificial order-- and unlike the zoo, this one could not even actually become real.

One thing the movie gets right is showing that the fate of all of the animals lies in the hands of the hungry lion. Even a weaker species of predators, the fossa, have to yield to his will. If the lion did not have the ability to exercise superhuman discipline and deny his own need for food, someone would have gotten eaten. This display of character goes to show who is most fit to lead. Meanwhile, his own friends failed to recognize that.
The movie also does a good job of capturing the shock and terror of the zoo animals as they face the natural world. This is shown in a two-minute scene, where the song “What a Wonderful World” plays.

Where all of this breaks down is the fact that humans refuse to apply natural order to themselves. Humans want to be their own gods, when in fact we are only god-apprentices at best. Even then, to be successful at that we must be meek relative to the beings who created us. To invoke another movie, what we must do is something similar to Buzz Lightyear coming to terms with the fact that he is just a toy and cannot actually fly, in Toy Story.

The core thing I would like you to understand, is that the opposite of natural order is futile attempts at control. I tried to convey this to you in part one of “Welcome to the Void,” where I talked about my own sexuality and the ultimate failure of that. I've had anxiety over that aspect of this, since I have experienced firsthand plenty of times how offputting sexual abnormality is to people, even though they will not say so when pressed for a general answer on the matter. Plus, it is not like I want to be in the wrong (even in how I feel, since I do not do much in this aspect of life). Even so, perhaps it was necessary for communicating this message. I will tell you firsthand, that you cannot be something you are not. To contribute to a functioning world, you have to become what you are meant to be, and fulfill your true potential.

As I told you, I almost feel badly that reality has to be so harsh, but it only feels that way because humanity has drifted so far away from the path it was meant to take. Now the light is blinding.

I would rather not get too sentimental here, lest the point is lost. However, I do not know whether I will get to talk to you again. There is a lot I could tell you, but I am unsure of what I should focus on. I am sorry if I have failed. I might have progressed more quickly if I had done a better job of contending with my own feelings. I have genuinely been looking for the way to love with purity of intent for at least the last several years, if not always: while I have made progress, I still have not succeeded to perfection. I have known no woman with more inner beauty than you. You appear to take such a genuine interest in listening and understanding, where others would rather not be bothered. No wonder your days are filled with other people's interests: they want someone to listen to them. While it cannot be my goal per se since I cannot control how you feel, hopefully I have given you something that interests you instead of drains you. I have wondered what it is about you that has lead me to feel this connection to you. It is probably a combination of humility, meekness, and openness. I do hope you were not just making an excuse when you said that you don't feel worthy, because after reading everything and understanding the implications of my insistence on putting the order created by beings more intelligent than humans above the petty wants of humans, you might feel the opposite of “not worthy” of my message. I have always wondered what your breaking point is. The first few letters, I was incredibly anxious and thought you were going to tell me to “fuck off” every time. Once I talked to you a few weeks in a row back in January, I calmed down a bit and figured that your breaking point would be this very conversation, i.e. basically everything in this current message. I hope you do not underestimate what I have experienced. Everything about you feels like home to me. I mean the real home, where our souls belong. I have concluded that I must feel that way, while keeping the correct handle on that feeling, which is to use it as fuel for strictly selfless purposes.

Perhaps the feelings I have had will also help to demonstrate that my worldview, which insists on capitulating to the divine instead of the selfish and merely human, does not make a person more callous. On the contrary-- when you are selfless in this manner, your feelings become more meaningful and more solid. I can tell you that there is nothing I will not do to help you as long as it would serve our maker, and mean that. Since I know for sure there is nothing more important than serving that being, I would not waver from that task unless I was blatantly making a mistake. To anyone who will be there for humanity's maker, I will be there for them. It is not possible to form a cult around that, by the way, because a cult by definition is controlled by a human. My intent is to do the opposite, which is to capitulate to something that is more powerful and more righteous than a human. If people deem the order he created to be “inconvenient,” “unfair,” or even “hateful,” that is their loss. If they want to give up eternal life and Heaven on Earth for a few years, days, or even minutes of looking “cute” or “cool,” that is their loss. At present, almost every person on Earth insists on losing to some extent.

If you cannot tell, I am beyond the point of ...trying to protect my image. As I said, I have to shift my life activities now, and I am out of time for holding back, anyway. The entire Earth is in crisis, and if I am being frank, I think the only one who has pieced together an even remotely palatable solution is Mr. Brian Harner. Even if we cannot save this place, we can save souls from themselves. This is a complete solution for human life... not just something short-sighted.

Understand that by choosing to work with this man in the public eye, I have potentially placed myself in great danger. Disruptive inventors such as Stanley Meyer have conveniently “disappeared” and “died” over the years for daring to defy the dominance of the crude oil economy (Meyer built a hydrogen-powered car). Likewise, anyone could oversimplify and mislabel my message as one of “hate” and, if they manage to make a case that sounds decent enough to others, ruin my name for the rest of my life. Granted, both Brian and myself are more likely to just rot in obscurity. He already has, given that he currently may be on his deathbed. The reason for this rotting in obscurity is that we are too inconvenient for literally almost everyone. I mean, look at how many words I have written to you... And I have hardly touched on the technical side. People barely even want to take the time to deal with us, and most of those who try end up having emotional meltdowns. I have thought about telling you that I do not want you and I to be associated with each other because I am concerned for your safety. The “sad” part is that there actually might not be any danger at hand, because no one is bothered enough by my presence, and who knows whether I will reach a point where they are.

On that note, keep in mind that I have posted all of the letters except one (from January 2020) to my website. I told you that I wanted to share my journey transparently, and I have kept my word on that. I just make a few edits to protect your identity. If/when I have the list of methane hydrates resources properly organized, I will probably post it to a page on my website and then send you a link to that.

I do not like to rush or pressure the sweetest woman on Earth, but I am out of time. I am almost sorry that the truth may appear to be unpleasant, but I am not the one who created this planet and species. I don't make the rules, I just follow them! Anyone who thinks they can fundamentally change those rules is delusional.

As I stated previously, there is a massive amount of technical information pertinent to what needs to be done. However, none of that can be successful without purity, so that is what I have focused on in my conversations with you. I did not start to gain that technical knowledge until six months ago anyway, when I found Brian's work. Purity in all aspects of life, on the other hand, has been my interest for years. I have long aspired to serve the highest interest that I can conceive of, and now I know rather clearly what that interest is and what it takes to serve it.

I cannot guarantee what the future holds, in both the short-term and the long-term. For humanity as a whole, things look extremely grim. The basic problem is that people cannot overcome their own selfishness. Almost ironically, the establishment gains ever more control over life as a result, and real individuality fades. When everyone has the same bland goal of egotistical gain, they become even less special than they inherently are.

Due to this uncertainty, I will give you my phone number. My phone is off most of the time, but I check it more often if I'm expecting to hear from someone. You can call or text me any time you would like. You can also use this e-mail address from now on.

Merry Christmas. I hope to hear from you, but if I do not, I understand the difficulty at hand. Goodbye.

Kimberly Wrate
December 21 2020