Reforming Spirituality

An intelligent set of spiritual beliefs is grounded, practical, straightforward, provides desirable results, opens you up to a strong sense of purpose, and enables you to enjoy life. What makes sense on a "high," non-physical level should work just as well in the playing field of physical life on Earth. The non-linear and the linear should work together synergistically.

My Basic Spiritual Concepts

I've found that the most effective of my spiritual beliefs can be boiled down into a few basic concepts that exist independently of any organized religion. Those concepts include the following:

1. Consciousness. Humans have the power of volition, also known as free will.

2. Oneness. The combination of consciousness and oneness yields subjective reality. The straightforward way of explaining this is that reality is pure consciousness. Everything you experience, you experience directly.

The main implication of this is that if you do harm to others, you will experience their suffering directly. If you create turmoil in the external world, you will know, because you will experience that turmoil inside yourself. As within, so without. What goes around comes around instantaneously.

Consciousness and Oneness go hand-in-hand because a big part of keeping your level of consciousness high is keeping that of others high as well. This means uplifting others and embracing the concept of Oneness.

3. General metaphysics and intention-setting (AKA using energy). This includes harnessing the power of gratitude in advance. The overall point is that you attract to yourself what you are, and what happens is what you know will happen.

4. Love vs. Fear (i.e. polarity). Love fundamentally trusts in life and knows it is unconditionally safe. Fear is rooted in distrust, and seeks to exercise as much control over the external world as possible.

5. Scarcity vs. Abundance. Very similar to love vs fear. Scarcity lives in fear of there never being enough. Abundance knows it can always create more.

6. Functionality. Truth is what works. Functionality is superior to morality as an ethical guide, because it provides a more solid basis for why we should or shouldn't do something than the concepts of "right" and "wrong" do.

Combine these six, and you get an effective spirituality.

A Word of Warning

Exploring the astral realms and communicating with non-physical beings is worse than a waste of time.

Communicating with non-physical beings is like a doctor breaking your arm and then setting your arm in a cast. The doctor was helpful to you, but you only needed his help because he hurt you in the first place. Likewise, I've received interesting information from non-physical beings (some of which has been documented in various blog posts of mine), but I only needed their help because I imbued them with power, cutting off my own in the process. Not only that, but tapping into the "other side" has come with some nasty consequences. I wish I had cut out the middleman earlier and saw straight through to my own power

Moving Forward

I feel I am on a much better path now, and I look forward to continually refining these spiritual beliefs and experiencing their effects. I'm confident that upgraded spiritual beliefs will help me to be the person I know I really am.

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