What I Believe

The stuff of reality is awareness itself. This awareness is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. This awareness is omnipresent and omniscient: it is a higher power. Within this awareness all things occur, and all things can be regarded as equally valid and real. As such, reality is created by choice. Awareness is 100% responsible for all that it is aware of.

Another name for this awareness would be “God.” It is still and silent. Yet, it is in all things and all events. This awareness is eternal, infinite love. This is what I am.

The nature of this reality is exploration. Reality seeks to explore and experience itself. All aspects of reality are always exploring, and all possibilities are being explored. To explore reality is to expand it. Reality is ever-emerging. Because reality is contained within my awareness, it can be said that I am reality; thus, what is true of reality is true of me.

What is explored are concepts. Concepts are already known: what reality desires is to experience them.

Because my nature is exploration, my path is inherently unprecedented, for to explore is to seek out newness. This means that there is no telling what I “should” do. Only the rules which I choose to adhere to apply to me—yet, ultimately, there are no rules for the essence of my being.

Different states and levels of consciousness are accessed via the focusing of awareness. Consciousness is not an object located in the heads of separate individuals; rather, there is one consciousness in which we all exist and are a part of. My individual body is no more or less significant than any other.

Objects and time are secondary to awareness as components of reality. They exist, but their existence is a result of belief. Events are likewise extensions of awareness. Simply stated, objective reality exists within subjective reality. Rather than consciousness being an extension of the brain, which is part of the body, the brain and body are extensions of consciousness.

In a subjective reality whose nature is exploration, experience is the primary stuff of desire, as opposed to objective achievement. Objective achievement is simply a by-product of the drive to experience.

Reality’s purpose is to elevate its collective awareness, or to grow. This means that we become more aware that we are awareness itself. Growth is achieved via exploration, and changes in awareness are achieved via changes in relationships. Through exploration, reality relates to itself differently: one’s experience of reality changes thus. When the level of awareness changes, reality itself changes. All the events that take place here can ultimately lead to the reorganization and elevation of awareness. One can thus assume that reality plays out as it desires to; and, in turn, is perfect.

Elevating awareness basically consists of altering beliefs and observing oneself. A belief is an idea about, or an explanation of, reality and/or an aspect of reality. Each belief alters my experience of reality. My thoughts, feelings, actions, and observations arise from my beliefs. It is thus sensible to strive for a model of reality which consists of no self-contradictions, is overwhelmingly empowering, is elegant, and which enables the observation of oneself. The higher the layer of reality I can observe myself from, the higher my present level of awareness, and the more able I am to change my beliefs. Layers of reality and levels of consciousness are one and the same.

Dreams and psychedelic experiences are simply phases of reality, much like the “normal” physical reality. In these different phases of reality it may be easier or harder to learn certain things or perform certain tasks than in what we call “physical reality”, due to differing laws of physics. No one of these reality-phases is the ultimate, “true” reality. Reality itself is all of these different phases and more: it is the awareness by which all these different phases are accessible. This omnipresent awareness is the common thread shared by all phases of reality.

Death does not threaten existence, for awareness continues after bodily death. I am not a body, nor is reality what it appears to be.

A different phase of reality is entered upon death, but only temporarily. This awareness eventually returns to physical reality and basically resumes where it left off. This is essentially reincarnation. If there is reincarnation, all past lives may be regarded as one long, infinite life. It is not necessary to always take the form of a human, for life is bound to no particular form.

There is not an objective God-like entity which makes rules and monitors the occurrences on planet Earth. God is not anthropomorphic. Such a God would have to exist within an object-based reality, and objective reality by itself has not supported the idea of the existence of an objective God. God exists purely as awareness—nothing more, nothing less.

There are two basic ways to approach reality: fear, and love. I have chosen the path of love. It is best to choose one path purely, to the exclusion of the other. This way the highest power is attained, either through maximal outflow (i.e. love) or inflow (i.e. fear). Inflow draws energy from other aspects of reality, whereas outflow provides energy unto reality. However, in the end, outflow and inflow are ultimately one and the same. Love means that I am perfectly safe, for there is nothing in the essence of my being that can be threatened. As such, I have no needs.

To perceive negativity is to be afraid, which is to distrust reality and believe that you are not fundamentally safe here. To resist what is is to perpetuate stuckness and fear. To allow all things to be as they presently are is to love, which is to embrace the oneness and beauty of all that is.

All attitudes originate within and in regards to the self. Love of oneself leads to the same for others.

Overall Tenets

1) If my intentions are congruent, pure, and strong, and they serve in the name of the highest good of all (i.e. the raising of awareness via the exploration and expansion of reality), the universe will back me up in carrying out those intentions.

2) Whatever I choose to take on next, for my purpose of growing courageously, loving fully, living intelligently, and exploring with integrity, life shall lay at my feet. Thus, surrender to the path in front of you.

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