Seriously, What is a Real Life?

Seriously, What is a Real Life?

The world around us changes rapidly. Technology advances. Wars break out. Diseases spread. People come and go. News flies around. Some aspects of the economy go bust, while others boom. Jobs are lost. Businesses fail. New talent rises to the top. Some remain; others fall. Health is vibrant, and then it becomes ill. Belts tighten. Wallets get fat. Leaders are replaced. Ideas are exchanged. Structures, cities, and movements are built; others are destroyed. Love is found and let go of. Friendship is cultivated and then grown apart from. Knowledge is created and then made obsolete. What was learned and accomplished yesterday must be expanded on today.

In the midst of all this, it can be easy to lose sight of what is important to us. We get caught up in the ways of the world for so long that we forget who we really are. We get so expounded on by the minutia of life that we forget what it is to really live.

What is urgent rarely is important, and what is easy- that is, flowing with the status quo- rarely is worthwhile. To truly live, we must choose to do so. We must choose think about and decide upon what is important to us. We must choose to communicate to others what is important to us. And we must act in accordance with what is important.

To live a real life is to live a life that is consciously chosen. It is to live in such a way that you can, ought, want, and must. It is to live in a way that expresses your genius, meets your needs, contributes, and which fills you with joy. Once you get a taste of a real life, there is no going back. There is no other way to live.

Like the world, a real life is bound to change quite often. It is inevitable. A real life requires continual improvement, and to improve is to change. Yet, there is a solid core to a real life—the core from which all change for the better springs. This core is consciousness. It is the key to life itself. Without consciousness, you would have no idea you were alive in the first place. These words would not exist, and if they did, you would not be able to read them. There would be no thought. There would be nothing.

Like all things, consciousness does indeed change, yet it has a consistency which all other entities in the universe lack. Consciousness can sustain itself. No matter what happens, consciousness can return to itself. It is infinitely resilient. It can press on. And it is a creator. Ultimately, there is no situation it cannot resolve, for all situations are created within itself. It is the body and the individual. It is everything and it is a single point. It is a paradox; and yet, it makes perfect sense.

Consciousness is undeniable.

In a real life, consciousness is the core. It does its best to improve upon itself, communicate itself, and to pull out the best it has to offer. It is always becoming something new, yet in essence it always remains the same.

To some, a life centered around consciousness may not sound interesting. Yet, consciousness is what makes life vibrant, dynamic, and exciting. It is what gives meaning and significance to life. And, of course, it is what solves life’s problems.

Any question you may have, it is consciousness that will explore the answer. It is consciousness that asks in the first place, anyhow. You cannot deny the role of consciousness in your life. It is what desires. It is what needs. It is what asks. It is what thinks. It is what feels. It is what dictates. It is, ultimately, what does.

Because consciousness encompasses everything, there really is no separation between the “internal” and the “external” worlds—they are one and the same. You can never stop thinking and feeling without ceasing to see the external world as well. These things go hand in hand. They are one and the same. They are inseparable.

What this means is that your genius, your needs, your desires, your aspirations—these things lie everywhere. They go wherever you do, and take their place in the essence of all things. You can do nothing nor go anywhere without your consciousness.

In this way, it is not really yours. Consciousness is what all people share—it is our window to the world. To raise consciousness, then, is to improve communication, and to improve communication is ultimately to raise the state of humanity. What better results can you ask for than people who know themselves, who think and communicate clearly, and who act in accordance with what they know and what they communicate? Is that not everything?

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