Snap Judgments vs. Humility

The following is the 70th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner. It was sent on January 8 2021 at 4:28PM.

This message is related to the Note on Controversial Language.

You do a great job of displaying the confusion that exists between the perceived ideals of "good" in hell, and what is truly righteous, pure, and Divine. There is an ever present attachment to herd mentality... no matter where you are. In hell, the goal more often than not, is to be normal or average for everyone. There's a constant desire to maintain the status quo, lest the individual upset the herd, thusly making their existence less comfortable. Without understanding what hell is, individuals will try to project their understanding of hell into a realm that they cannot possibly be in. That's where the confusion lies. The brain tries to contemplate what hell is, then like clockwork, the ego reacts to all the herd mentality ideals of past decisions and removes control from the logical disposition the brain has assumed by contemplating what hell really is. Relinquishing the grasp ego has on logical conclusions is the game. That's the first step everyone has to make in order to maneuver towards transcendence. The draw to herd mentality tactics is the trigger. It's been reinforced by everyone to everyone for thousands of years. It's why WW2 happened. It's why the crude oil economy continues to flourish. Etc etc etc. You seem to have a light immunity to this problem. There are emotional ties that still sway your opinions, but nowhere near what I've witnessed in others.

The real issue I see with you specifically, is similar to my own disposition. Our immunity to the ideals of herd mentality complexity have been a portion of our lives for as long as we can remember. We see this in ourselves as we observe others behaving like mindless drones (NPCs). It's confusing to me when I see ego circumvent logic. Real emotionless logic. I think this is where your immunity to herd mentality ideals is slightly lacking. Some women have no immunity to appeals for emotional pain. You do, but it's not as absolute as myself. I don't consider that a weakness, I'm just trying to explain what I see. When it comes to the nigger explanations we've been talking about, your desire to capitulate to herd mentality ideals is apparent. It's an emotional stance from the people you interact with, and you feel that. Again, I'm not saying it's a weakness. That's just what I'm observing. I see THEIR problems, and subsequently them trying to interject their feelings into your understanding of a subjective nomenclature. The confusion itself on what is the "right" thing to do, is the game. The question you must define for yourself is; is this really hell? If you can definitively provide yourself with a stance on that query alone, you will build the armor necessary to end your confusion on what is "right and wrong." Interestingly enough, that is what everyone has to do as well. Ironically, most of the people that I say that to agree with me, even before the explanation of the lake of fire. The ability to strip inanimate objects away from machines and view the energy source as it transmogrifys from solid to gas is not a new ability. When I look at a highway, I see thousands of people floating in mid air with fire all around them. When I see a house, I see people floating around with fire all around them. Construction sites, restaurants, skyscrapers... everything. I see the attachment of fire to the material, and constant fuel burning to heat AND cool every structure on Earth when I remove the inanimate objects from the scene. I've had this ability my entire life, but not even I knew what I was really looking at until my awakening. This ability is not imaginary, or an opinion. Whether people can do this themselves or not, the mechanism itself is empirical data. There's no way to argue whether or not the fuel making an engine run is burning in the engine cylinders, or that the electricity from that fuel is powering the lights, electronics and distributor. That's empirical. Nobody can argue that the electricity in their buildings is powering lights, appliances and HVAC equipment. The only argument that can be made is that the individual cannot visualize what those structures would look like with the inanimate objects blocking their view from seeing the literal fires that are constantly burning all around them, EVERYWHERE on Earth. Whether these people can visualize what I've been able to visualize since I was 4 years old is irrelevant. There's no denying that the fires are burning all around them all the time. It's empirical. This ability is one of many that has been discussed throughout this journey by me without reservation. Those are the things people need to understand before concluding that this is hell. A lot of these aspects that I discuss regularly are empirical, yet they still get argued against. That's where free will becomes detrimental to the self. Their inability to understand becomes the foundation for the confusion to persist into all other realms of discussion. Empirical evidence gets argued against. When it comes to the nigger explanations, the confusion is more apparent than the understanding. Interestingly enough though, you don't have this confusion. I don't know how to explain what I've already explained about it to the NPC hordes without the ego reacting, but at this point I've proven my stance on so many aspects about what hell is, what the lake of fire is, what a real temple is, etc, that the explanation must come from someone other than me. There's just too much confusion, snap judgements, and ego issues that I am unable to penetrate. I believe (and you know how seldom I use that word) that your slight confusion on these paramount issues is the key to real understanding.

The snap judgements upon me are a very large hurdle to overcome. There's a mirror effect in every one of them that takes a significant amount of explaining to properly define to the NPC mindset all of the various nuances. Money/resources are the most difficult, by far. I can tell my detractors about how much harder I would work than them at achieving Salvation for the human race, but it will fall on deaf ears due to ego intrusion on their part. The difference between us that they fail to realize is that I've proven my conviction numerous times. I worked my body and mind into a worn out husk of my former physical stature right to the point of my awakening, and beyond during this journey. While battling hidradenitis supprativa, a withered dominant hand, and severe stress in the months before my realization in 2019, I built a loft in my shop by myself, a massive wood chip extractor, a workbench, a firepit (a very nice one mind you) cleared an acre of land on my property with huge old growth stumps and 12 feet tall sticker bushes, all while walking my dog on the beach for miles 5 times a week, cooking breakfast and dinner for my wife almost every day, making beer and cranberry wine that I distilled 3 times to brandy, and reading/studying with every second of time my wife and I spent together. I did all of this with 2 handicaps that would legitimately be full disability worthy... and I didn't accept the money. After my realization has been well documented in our emails and my book. I didn't stop working. If anything, I worked harder. The disabilities didn't go away; they got worse. Most of the people that make these snap judgements wouldn't even get out of bed if they were dealing with the physical pain I've endured. Yet without fail, the judgements upon me persist, and the real irony is that I'm judged based on what I couldn't do, not what I did under very difficult from anyone's standards circumstances. The snap judgements double down when my transparency is questioned by the same individuals making the judgements. I explained everything in full detail in my book, write to you constantly and encourage you to post it, and I made videos to instruct how to build a Holy Grail at no charge to anyone that watches them. My body proves my work ethic, my conviction is proven by my financial status, and my transparency is proven by everything being posted without reserve... all at my own expense. My willingness to keep going under these conditions is only hampered by my financial situation. If that were to change, I wouldn't suddenly become a recluse or hide my data. Nevertheless, even though I've proven myself numerous times to the contrary of what people say about me, the snap judgements continue. All because of a 6 letter word, and an unrecognized mirror effect. People who make these judgments upon me are not weighing the evidence of my convictions. They're judging me based on what they would do if they were in my position, and they wouldn't be transparent, they wouldn't explain themselves in depth, they wouldn't work through the enormous physical pain, they wouldn't follow through, they wouldn't give everything away for free, they would get on disability and strip resources from their peers, they would continue to strip profits from an oil economy, they would be secretive, they would be... niggers. And yet, even with the copious amounts of irony staring them in the face as they size themselves up to me, they would still make judgments about what MY intentions are. I don't know how to encapsulate the complexity of everything I've said and done without being specific and intricate, which takes a long winded approach. Especially when the technicalities are so vast and nuanced. Maybe you do?

The overall point I'm trying to make here is that I'm not certain of how much information or personal explanations it will take to circumvent people's own egos. There's a wide array of complex issues that every individual is dealing with on personal levels. Some have done a lot of "good" for the benefit of mankind, while others have been a downright detriment to their species as a whole. I will not do to them what they've done to me. I will not make snap judgements and condemn their actions before I understand why they did what they did. I have done this to 2 people, but that has been well documented as to why I took that route, and it had nothing to do with a snap judgment. I also don't want to put anyone in the position of being judged by me under those circumstances, which is exactly why I left Mangum. Everything I do is to try to help people. Thusly, nobody in hell can truly see me for what I am, except a small group, of which you're a part. How to make people understand the dilemmas they're in, and more importantly how to rectify their mistakes; not for their own benefit, but for their species' benefit, is complicated and will take someone like you to quantify FOR THEM. At this point, after so many failed attempts, it's obvious that I am ill prepared to make this connection. It's quite possible (if not likely) that your ability to connect with my detractors on a level that I cannot, is the key to real progress. You have to decide what level of enlightenment people are at, and where to start helping them to rectify their mistakes. What I can tell you is that you are different. You were able to relinquish your ego enough to understand what I tried to explain. Even the veganism aspect, which you dedicated your entire life to. The mechanism that allowed you to admit to yourself that you did not have a complete and total synopsis on your data, is the same mechanism that you must try to find in others. Everyone alive is capable of accomplishing humility in this regard. Everyone has a varying level of humility that will be accessible with the right combination of words. Everyone has the ability to understand. There is no singular combination to unlock everyone from their ego enough to locate a humble disposition. All I'm fairly certain of, is that you have a greater ability to locate that combination of words than myself. No pressure or anything, lol, but you've been trying to discern what you're "supposed to do," and if I had to make a guess, this is your goal. I have confidence in your ability. Search your own past while we've been talking to try to locate the source of your own humility. It's there. I've seen it. Like I said, I'm very proud of you. None of this is easy, but you did overcome tremendous adversity to major decisions you've made in your past. That's no small feat. How to get others to do the same thing... your guess is as good, if not better, than mine.

I'm going to leave you to this. Use my previous emails and phone calls as a guide. Another thing I've noticed you're very good at is recalling the exact time and place I've said specific things. Might want to consider writing a book along with your blog posts. There are going to be no copyright bullshit arguments on my behalf; you know that. Good luck, young lady.

Love you,