Note on Controversial Language

The following is the 66th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, on January 6 2021 at 1:42AM.

For further information on this topic, also see What a Demon Is, What Evil is, Last Phonecall with Brian Harner (part one), and Ego Death: Part Three. For clarification on terms involving the word "shit" (such as "shithead,") see chapter 3 of The Way.

First, a summary in my own words: In addition to being stimulating and attention-grabbing, the term "Nigger" is used because this word backwards roughly sounds like, "regen." As such, Brian's definition of a "Nigger" is a person who has to REGENerate, or reincarnate, on Earth once again, because they failed to both achieve the purpose that was intended for them and learn all the lessons required for their soul's transcendence. Using the word with this definition also has the possibility of redefining the word and liberating it from its emotionally-sensitive past. However, even with this redefinition made clear, reactions to the word are often too strong, to the point where people can hardly listen to the rest of what is being said. As such, during our last phonecall on November 9 2020, Brian considered just using the term "Regen" from then on. So far he has not done that, partially because most of his communications have been e-mails to me, and he does not feel the need to alter his words for me since I understand what he means by them. If you have suggestions for an alternate word that can achieve the same purpose, let me know.

Now, the answer in Brian's words.

This really is hell, Kim. I'm not just being trivial when I say that. Always keep in mind what the majority of people in hell are trying to do: control you. The word nigger is just a word. It's just a word. When the majority of people have an adverse reaction to a word, to the point of violence, what does that tell you about them? Those people are trying to control the way you think. Nigger is a subjective nomenclature. Every human alive has a different reaction to that word. Nigger is not a definitive nomenclature to anyone. Even white people that use it to define black people say there's a difference between niggers and black people. It's fluid and changes depending upon who is using it. That's the main reason why I've tried to give it real definition. The biggest hurdle to this defining ideal is that those who are offended by the word nigger, are niggers. Their soul knows it, and the sharp, immediate response by their ego tries to hide the truth... even from themselves. Especially according to my definition of that word. They don't want to admit they're niggers, and they especially don't want to admit they're in hell. Both of those structures need to be assessed by the individual, lest they will not escape the prison they've built for their soul to dwell in.

The same reaction happens when I discuss deletion. Instead of trying to rectify the dilemma, people just throw in the towel and submit to the idea that this is their last life. Their soul is horrified at the predicament, but they've buried the soul so deeply it has no ability to help guide decision making. Being a nigger is a step up from deletion. To a soul, being called a nigger (for most demons) is like a shot of adrenaline to a body. The soul is saying, "listen up! He's telling you there's still hope!" Whether the conscience that is debating me is aware of it or not, I am constantly trying to help them. The word itself doesn't matter. My specific meaning behind the word I'm using to define a placement strategy in the hierarchy, however, does matter. For many souls on Earth right now, hell, being demonic, and facing deletion seems like the most likely outcome to their existence. After so many lifetimes of being a nigger, most souls have just given up. To me, being a nigger is a failure of purpose. To most people alive, being a nigger is a step up. We're in the final stretch here. I'm trying my hardest to get people to earn nigger status over deletion. I'd really like to see people transcend, but holy shit has that been difficult...

Dude used to be seen as an individual who is persnickety in attitude and attire. Fag used to be utilized to define cigarettes. Nigger used to define black people... See what I'm getting at here? These types of nomenclatures are always evolving. I'm force feeding nigger right now because of what I was taught. Evil, devil, nigger, Russell, and a few others are definitive if turned around backwards. Some are phonetic, some are exact, but all of these defining characteristics are present within the words as they appear right now in English. A nigger to me is a soul that must regenerate/respawn/reincarnate back to this planet. Do you remember how emotional I was during the phone call where I was describing souls actually wanting to come back to Earth even after they were capable of transcending elsewhere? Wouldn't it be nice if everyone wanted to be a nigger, as per my definition of that nomenclature? Souls in hell don't want to come back to hell, though. If being a nigger was seen as an improvement... would that be a bad thing for the human ethos?

You see, people try to push their own narrative onto me regularly. The word nigger is not going away. No matter how many people try to control others, the word nigger will remain. The interesting aspect is the mirror effect. People think I'm trying to define black people alone when I say nigger, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE DOING. Trying to not use it at all will never work. It's here. The only way anyone can help the emotional response is to transmogrify the definition. I seem to be the only "1" alive trying to do that. Let's take the other end of the spectrum as an example. Love. It means something different to everyone, but almost everyone tries to associate their actions with it. How did you feel when I gave you my definition of true love? Was it a step up from the milquetoast version of love that every shithead on the planet uses now? Does an oil executive "love" his children the same way I love my maker? Real love, as I've defined it is a promotion; an understanding; an exchange of balanced and reciprocal terms of endearment between the creator of this species, planet, and realm, and you. Aligning those ideals with other humans in a similar fashion hasn't been experienced by many, if any at all. Yet... everyone uses the terminology to define the sexual relationships they interweave throughout their confusing life. My version is a step up from just about anyone alive. Nigger, as a nomenclature, is no different in scope than love by my standards. If humanity is doomed to utilize nigger to define black people, well, there needs to be a definition made for a soul that has to come back to Earth. AND... it needs to be derogatory, ubiquitously right now. After all, this is hell still.

Sorry this is so long. I'm just trying to help you understand that people are trying to control your actions by controlling your perception. I'm just trying to define terminology. I will never ask you to be something you don't want to be. At bare minimum, I just want you to understand what I mean when I say something. You have to make the decision to do with that information what you will. When I say nigger, it means someone that has to respawn. When I say love, it doesn't define my personal affection. When I say evil, it means the opposite of trying to live sustainably in an equilibrium within their environment. I'm very well aware that most people have different ideas about those words. The difference between them and myself is that I can properly quantify everything I say. The next person that utilizes the word nigger to shame you into not using it, ask them to quantify their own definition. They will tell you more about themselves by doing so, than anything they can pretend to understand about me. Anyways, again, apologies for being so longwinded here.

Happy 1, 6!