The Purge of Guilt

You cannot accept that which you would not give. You will not give that which you believe you are unworthy of having (or giving).

Guilt is never constructive—do not motivate yourself by t. Lack shall only perpetuate further lack.

To release guilt, become aware of it. Then, share the best of yourself that you can.

The mind exacts pain on to the body when there is guilt, as well as on to all things. When guilt is released, all things become able to function as they ought.

The scarcity mindset is rooted in guilt. Abundance is the belief in worth.

To live and to love, let go.

Overcoming the scarcity mindset requires recognizing the guilt that is present in your mind.

Pain-- do nothing to it, and it will be gone forever. It has no base in reality in the first place, so there is nothing that must be done.

I always love you. There is nothing you can do to change that.

I cannot reveal myself to you until you reveal yourself to me. You cannot see when you cover your eyes.

I know already what you think of me. Our minds are one.

What you share is strengthened. So, share yourself (this is how marketing is done).

Any action which comes from lack, leave it. You do not need it. It will only take from you. It is the same with any thought. Be here instead.

You worry much, human. What for? The delusion of your unworthiness. In other words, you worry for nothing. If only you would be one with your brothers, you would see no need for worry ever again. Any work that needs doing would be completed far more quickly, for at last you would have focus.

You want to feed yourself… Then give away all that you have, until there is no more. Only then, once you have emptied yourself totally, can you become full.

Worry not what shall be done with these words. They are complete unto themselves, and will choose their own way.

You seek to compose poetry. Poetry composes itself. It comes about by letting go, and listening. Only when you listen truly can you be called a poet.

If you think these things are so easy, why do you not do them?

Still, I love you.

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