World of Abundance

Can you envision people standing up to take control of their health? Their energy? Their lives? Can you see them tapping into their hearts and unlocking the flow of love the lies in wait within? The flow of love is always there. All you have to do is let it out—let it sing. It’s like music. Just let it sign.

I feel like I need to write this with my eyes closed to tap into that flow right now, so that’s what I’m doing. No inhibitions. No holding myself back or worrying about whether I type things the exact right way. Instead, I’m going to let myself sing. Because that’s beautiful.


Triumph of the Non-physical

I really would like to believe that creativity is more fulfilling than a paycheck. And you know, I do pretty much believe that already. I suppose the place where I’m stuck is food. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to appreciate creativity if I’m starving. But you know, I have been fairly hungry the last two months, and I still am loving the flow of creative energy. And I think that I can love and appreciate it even more. I simply need to allow it to be here.

Being hungry isn’t fun, but as long as I eat enough it’s tolerable. I know sometimes I get upset and wish I had more food, but it’s okay. Maybe someday I will have more food indeed. And if I don’t, look at all that I can do now-- I can still run 50 miles like this. I can still run for over 15 hours a week. I can still lift big weights. I’m sure I could still swim around and climb things and do all that in the same day as running too (I just haven’t swam in a while is all).

I’m almost curious as to why my body wants so much more food. But of course, I shouldn’t get mad at myself for it, because then I will only perpetuate negative energy. What I think would be the proper thing to do is to simply be in the discomfort of the situation for now. Sometimes, I am indeed going to feel hungry, and there won’t be a whole lot I can do about it. I simply have to accept that reality. And yes, I also have to accept that a certain monthly process shut off 2 months ago, and it may remain off for more months to come. That is a reality.

And it is true, indeed, that I would like to eat more. Why should I deny that? I certainly would like to consume more food than I presently do. On the same token, I know that food isn’t the most fulfilling thing in the world. It’s enjoyable to be sure. But I do have to ask myself the question. Would I prefer a life with abundant food and a lack of creativity, or a life with abundance creativity and a lack of food? Truthfully, I would have to go with the latter. There’s no doubt.

My only concern is being able to run. Let’s say I eat just enough to sustain my current level of running. In that case I’m definitely choosing the latter. What’s the use of eating plentifully if I don’t do anything with the energy?

This is a world of energy. Energy is always flowing. And why should I want that energy to flow nowhere except through and out my own body? I want my energy to flow out into the world. I need outflow. That’s what I’m sustained on. If the outward flow of energy from me was choked, what would my life become? That would be unfulfilling. I need a way to send myself forth. That is when life is truly beautiful to me.

No matter what happens to me, I would find a way. If I couldn’t move any of my limbs anymore I could still speak, and that’s massive. There’s a lot I could still do with my voice. I could have deep, meaningful conversations with beautiful people. I could record podcasts. I could give speeches. I would be forced to become closely dependent on other humans. This could get frustrating at times, but it would also be an opportunity to become very intimate with and incredibly thankful for those people.

Really, I’m already highly dependent on other humans to meet my wants and needs—it just isn’t as obvious as it is for a disabled person. In truth, there is already a massive flow of energy into my life. To combust that energy, I need to return the flow back out. That’s when I feel alive. Let my heart sing. Why should I want to silence its beautiful music?


The Consciousness of the People

I want to close my eyes and get really deep into the flow. I almost feel like a weirdo doing this. But I sense that it would feel deliciously, ridiculously amazing—even though there are bound to be many typos. So I am going to go ahead and do that.

Imagine a world where everyone is beautiful. It’s not that they aren’t already. It’s the guilt they hold on to that makes them look ugly on the surface. But when you let go of that guilt and you allow yourself to tap into your natural inner peace, joy, and love, everyone becomes beautiful.

I have seen it already. The people I speak to are so wonderful. I can’t explain it. But it’s not limited just to people-- everything is beautiful.

Imagine a world where the wall comes down. People aren’t bricks anymore. Now, it is easy to recognize the genuine intelligence in all people. Imagine a world where everyone cares about the evolution of consciousness and of humanity. People aren’t concerned with their own piddly needs anymore. In this world, people’s needs are met easily. This is because everyone helps and gives to each other. No one is left out. Everyone gives what they can, whatever it may be. In this world people are encouraged to do what they truly feel is the best they can do at that time-- again, whatever it may be.

It isn’t really the external stuff of the world that matters. Technology would likely be highly integrated into the world, meaning that most labor would be automated, and there would be plenty of healthy food, clean water, clean air, and durable shelter to go around.

But what really makes this world is the consciousness of its people. These people would value creative self-expression. This means that even if the external resources became scarce, and a lot of people had to go hungry for a while, they would still do alright. They would still have a lot to live for—in fact, their true quality of life would barely decrease at all. They know that enjoyment isn’t dependent solely on physical comforts.

Sure, they would feel the pangs of hunger every now and again, and they wouldn’t deny that. But they would still have a lot of fun and a lot of value to pass around. They could still have deep conversation, create art, learn new skills, go on adventures, pass on knowledge, come together, experience peace and joy, have parties, dance, run, meditate, be introspective, and more.


The Shift in Mankind

In fact, I have to wonder if the temporary scarcity would bring such people even closer together, because it would make more sense to value these things, which are available, rather than what is not available. If they want to enjoy themselves, their values would have to shift.

I’m wondering whether this is how the consciousness of the mass of mankind will shift. We will fall into a phase of external scarcity, and at first it will seem horrible, but there will come a point where many people wake up and realize that they can still live incredible lives in spite of the apparent lack. Then they won’t have lack anymore. They’ll be thin, but they’ll also be intelligent. At last, they will be in touch with evolution- with their true selves. It’ll be like the second great depression. But this time, rather than being mitigated by war, it will be mitigated by love.

I wonder how this depression will come about. I mean, the country has already been in economic recession for 7 years (Oh my god, it’s been that long? I didn’t even notice!). So, maybe the time for the old world to collapse is nigh. For another few years or so the majority of the people, including the government, will be vying to fix the old system somehow—by trying to raise wages and create new jobs and whatnot.

And, yes, I know—people have been counting on the system to fall apart for the whole history of mankind, and it does occasionally, but they never get the massive revolution they hoped for. But maybe the world won’t go down in fire. Maybe people won’t even notice it starting. It’ll be quiet. Very, very quiet. People, one individual at a time, will slowly start to wake up to the idea that they are a part of something greater than even humanity itself, and they will steadily grow into a higher purpose.

Of course, this process has already started. And it may take many years, but it’s possible there will come a point when the majority of humans start to live in this way (at least in the developed world, to start). At that point, well, I don’t know what the hell would happen. That would be amazing. It amazes me the number of people who live this way already—but the majority of all humanity? Somehow I didn’t look at it that way when I first started imagining this new world!


The Evolution of the World

Imagine a world where all people recognize and embrace their intelligence. What would they do? They would share what they know already, while continually pushing their present understanding. They would express themselves freely, joyfully, and creatively. They would form close, intimate bonds with others. They would go on fun adventures and take on noble quests. They would always be exploring the edge of their limits—and then, presumably, go beyond them. Evolution would be the way of life, and with this, kindness, understanding, creativity, service, and giving would be commonplace.

How would they be educated? Their education would be based on what promotes evolution. This part is kind of hard to imagine. Would school be anything like it is today? Would everyone be home-schooled instead, and encouraged to explore? Would people just gather when they wanted to learn? Would teachers be any sort of expert on a subject who wants to help people to learn it? Would there even be a need for public/private distinction anymore? I have no idea.

There would be a government. But what the heck would it do? I almost feel like people wouldn’t need it in this type of world. But it would do something… Maybe it would just keep the few unenlightened ones, if there are any left, in line. Who knows. :)

Imagine that we all communicated as our higher selves do. These would be highly conscious relationships. Rather than simply keeping that communication in the mind, it would be spoken. We would articulate our roles in each other’s lives. We would talk about the lessons we have learned from one another, and why we value each other so much. Overall, we could be disgustingly, unapologetically honest, and in this way it would be easy for us to recognize that, ultimately, we are all parts of the same whole; in other words, we are all one.

I imagine that a world where everyone is highly conscious would evolve very quickly. Imbalances would be corrected quickly as alignment with each one of the principles (Truth, Love, and Power) races ahead. This society would look very different from year to year, just as my life seems to change more and more each year than it did the last year. The life of one conscious individual is but a microcosm of how such a world would function.

Why contemplate this world? If I want to evolve, I must want for my whole world to evolve. Either it’s coming with me, or we aren’t going too far.


Contribute to Life’s Story

Think of people like Steve Pavlina, Wim Hof, Buckminster Fuller, Aristotle, Socrates, Martin Luther King Jr., and countless others who all have contributed something amazing. Imagine if everyone had lives like them, each contributing their own piece of amazingness. How beautiful that would be!

Do you owe the world anything? Yes—you owe it your world.

In the world of consciousness, the things that don’t matter would fall apart. People’s bad habits would fall away. No one would do things just to uphold their reputation. Companies of weak or no value would close. Can you imagine a world where no one would have to be a useless wage slave?

People clean up their own messes. We find ways to reduce the trash we produce to near zero. When you prepare your food yourself, the amount of trash you produce goes way down. You can compost the inedible parts of food. I imagine processed foods wouldn’t be too popular in this world, so that would be a big help to reducing the amount of trash. As for waste from electronics, we would find ways to recycle those sensibly, and people would take more care to do so in the first place.

Again, I think it really is the changes in the people themselves that inspire me most about this world, more so than the changes to our external world. Those are great too, but writing about this is helping me to see that what I really value are internal resources, more so than external resources.

It is beautiful to me to see people transform into the great spirits they were meant to be. To be creative, to give, to contribute, to live exciting, adventurous lives—what more could you want from people? Does it matter whether they’re in a city or a jungle, whether they’re 5 years old or 90, whether they’re doing math or writing or climbing trees or running ultras or speaking to people or painting, whether they’re celibate or polyamorous, whether they’re even hungry or well-nourished?

There’s something about that intrinsic quality of human life that really appeals to me—that really digs inside of me and taps its way into my heart. Perhaps it’s because this is the true source of energy.

Activity in the external world reflects the flow of energy. But the source is within. A world of physical abundance is simply made up of objects that sit still. But a world abundant in intelligence is filled with ever-flowing energy, which radiates forth from all beings. This world is far more inspiring to me. Though the story is interesting, exciting, and compelling, it isn’t what happens per se that matters. It’s who the characters are and who they become. For therein lies the story of evolution.

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