The Biological-Cultural War

By the powers that be, we are simultaneously subject to biological warfare as well as a culture war. The biological war and the culture war feed into one another synergistically to lower our consciousness. This means we can be controlled easily.

Combine biological warfare with the culture war and you get the biological-cultural war. That is what our current period of time (particularly the last five years) will be remembered as in history books. Mark my words.

To a large extent I have already given an overview of the forms this war takes, particularly in the article The World is Run by Eugenicists. It would be helpful for you to read that article before you read this one, but it is not required—especially if you are already familiar with the evil we know as the new world order, AKA globalism.

For a brief review, virtually every aspect of the world and of our lives has been co-opted in a way to confuse us and make us easier to control by the ruling elite. The ruling elite are also known as the “shadow government.” They are the people behind the scenes of how this country is run, as well as the majority of world events. As such, people who look like arch enemies, such as the Democrats and the Republicans, as well as the U.S. government and radical Islamic terrorists (i.e. “ISIS”), are actually allies—but they would never tell you that.

One example of how our world has been co-opted for purposes of control is the extreme overcomplication of the U.S. tax code. No ruler who actually cares about his/her people would make it so difficult for them to figure out how much money they owe to the government. It’s not that hard to change the tax code—the bastards just don’t want to, because it benefits them.

The tax code is actually one of the more benign examples, though. At least it doesn’t lead you to question whether you’re a man or a woman, nor does it make you so depressed and mentally unstable that you end up committing suicide.

And that’s what this article is all about…

The Culture War

What is Culture?

A culture refers to a group of people who live in geographic proximity to one another and share an overall way of life. This “way of life” consists of the practices, values, and beliefs of this group of people. For the purposes of this article I am assuming that the entirety of America has a general, dominant culture we can refer to as “American Culture.”

Aspects of culture include the following: food, relationship structures, music, mainstream media, language, art, entertainment, self-expression, technology, values, money, working life, spirituality, stories, traditions, holidays, and clothing.

Each one of these has been exploited in some way to our detriment. In this particular article, some aspects of culture will be given far more attention than others. Still, all matter.

The War on the Family

If you could sum up the culture war in America through one narrative, this would be it: the war on the family.

The globalists intend to eliminate the nuclear family, which is the anchor of our society and our culture at large. A nuclear family is the strictest definition of a biological family: it is simply a set of parents and their children. An “extended family” refers to the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. of a particular nuclear family.

The reason the globalists want to end nuclear families is that they want to replace parents (fathers/real men, in particular) with the state. They want to have control to the point where the government is the owner and raiser of children. If the government can assume total ownership over children, it can do whatever it wants with those children. In the long run, this means the government can create a population precisely to its liking: it will have total control over the people, and get them to do whatever it pleases.

As such, as long as there are private, single-family homes in which well-intended biological parents can raise their children as they see fit, total control by the government is not possible. In other words, the only way a totalitarian government can come to be is by breaking up families.

One way the government has attempted to break up families is by planting the seeds of distrust in children for their parents. Shortly following 9/11, police officers encouraged children to “tell on” parents who owned guns (even if they owned said guns lawfully). Similarly, in Communist China during the 1950’s, teenagers were encouraged to report any subversive activity partaken in by their parents. Teenagers were one of the most ruthless and feared groups in Communist China: they were considered to be an unofficial army of Mao Zedong’s.

Right here in the U.S. in this day and age, the traditional nuclear family is being undermined most of all by modern feminism, the hyper-feminization of men and women, and the entirety of the “sexual liberation” movement. All of this can more or less be lumped in with feminism in general.

Cultural Marxism

Before addressing the various faces of feminism, it is helpful to understand it more generally. As it is seen today, feminism is Cultural Marxism put into practice.

Cultural Marxism is quite similar to classical Marxism. Whereas classical Marxism emphasizes the conflict between a society’s economic classes, and seeks to destroy the superior class, cultural Marxism does a same thing with a society’s subcultures.

Classical Marxism is all about the conflict between the rich and the poor—in Karl Marx’s terms, the bourgeois (the rich) and the proletariat (the poor). Marx called for the poor to one day orchestrate an uprising against the rich and to take collective control of the corporations (mostly factories, in Marx’s day) for themselves. This way, they would finally own the companies they labored under, and they would thus be oppressed no more (to Marx’s credit, factory workers were treated poorly in the 19th century). Marx’s Communist Manifesto ends as such: Workers of the world, unite!

In Cultural Marxism, people are classified by their demographic information, rather than the amount of money they have. There still are two overall groups, however. The ruling group, from the perspective of cultural Marxism, is the straight, white, “cisgendered” male (“cisgender” refers to men who are biologically born as men and also identify themselves as men: in other words, 99% of men). The oppressed group is everyone else—women, homosexuals, black/white/red/brown people, and transgenders. Members of the ruling group get bonus points (for “evil”) if they are Christian, whereas members of the oppressed group get bonus points (for “good”) if they aren’t Christians—that is, unless they are Jewish. Cultural Marxists don’t particularly make an enemy out of Jews (as they do Christians), though they do not at all side with them, either.

People who uphold the philosophy of cultural Marxism typically refer to themselves as the following: liberals, social justice warriors, feminists, and democrats. Supporters of Black Lives Matter are included.

Straight white males who side with the oppressed group, generally by supporting the Democratic party, are given a pass, to an extent. This is no small detail. Whereas in Marx’s day the rich made little to no attempt to pander to the poor, in our day they do. For example, various corporations like Target make it no secret that they support homosexuality, and they attempt to appeal to the ideals of feminism.

Though cultural Marxism focuses more so on culture than on economics, cultural Marxists typically advocate for socialism, if not communism.

So, you ask, why would corporations pander to a socialist philosophy?

It’s simple. By sowing discontent among various groups (which cultural Marxism does), the ruling elite keep those groups in their back pocket. This means that, in the end, the philosophy of cultural Marxism is exploited by the very thing that classical Marxism opposes: the oppression of the poor by the rich. In other words, the enemies of classical Marxism take advantage of the practitioners of cultural Marxism. The rich exploit the oppressed, thus making the oppression come true—just not in the way that they expected.

What terrible irony!

Of course, the people who push this philosophy are “blissfully” unaware of this. They have been too blind to see that they are propagating the very establishment they claim to oppose.

No philosophy which ultimately caves in on itself, as cultural Marxism does, can possibly be effective. And that is what we are witnessing: cultural Marxism is nothing more than the destruction of culture.

Overall, as the precursor to feminism, the philosophy of cultural Marxism is our primary enemy in the culture war.

This is the practice of Cultural Marxism described in another way, excerpted and slightly edited from a post on reddit (which I am having difficulty finding again):

Things like occupation, class and wealth can fluctuate throughout a person’s life and more often than not is not how an individual thinks of themselves first and foremost. However, one's sexual orientation, race, and sex are all omnipresent elements in a person’s life, and by taking the same narrative and playing a little game of mad libs we can create the syllabus for hundreds of college courses, as follows:

“______ are the oppressor group and ******* are their victims. Everything in society is set up to favor _______ and penalize ******* and the only way to make things right is to redistribute (wealth/political power/privilege/insert here) is to ******* from _____. This is the absolute moral truth and we are totally justified in taking any action against __, who cannot be oppressed because they are by definition the oppressors. Anyone, whether ****** or ____ who questions this is either evil or stupid, quite possibly both.”

Plug in men and women, whites and non-whites, straight and gay, cis and trans, bourgeois and proletariat, and you can witness all the variants of the ideological children of Marx, and for an additional $100k, graduate with a degree in gender/ethnic studies. It's all the same, only the names will change.

Furthermore, this thought process removes all personal responsibility from the discussion as any personal failings can be blamed on societal discrimination. This panacea for failure comes at the cost of preventing future growth and success, the lack of which can be used as evidence of the evils of whatever oppressor group the individual in this case has chosen.

Finally, Marxism… promises a utopian future for all who follow the path of least resistance. This is the plan set for them by their supposed well-meaning leaders, who will guide them to a time when all their needs are met.


The “well-meaning leaders” in the last paragraph refers to the ruling elite—the ultimate oppressors and bourgeois. Alas, the cultural Marxists regard the ruling elite as their mommies and daddies, and cannot see the irony in regarding the most authoritarian of rulers as their liberators. To the Marxists, dictatorship means freedom.

War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength. And the white males who keep the cultural Marxists clothed and fed are oppressive and evil.

Cultural Marxism, as it is practiced today, is a complete inversion of reality. We will see the forms this inversion has taken as we carry on here.

The Death of Man and Woman

We have traditional ideas about how men and women work. To be masculine is to be strong, logical, and self-determining. It is protective of and guides the feminine. To be feminine is to be nurturing, intuitive, and helpful. It is yielding to and assists the masculine. Neither feminine nor masculine is complete on its own; but, together they produce perfect harmony.

Today, these traditional ideas are being challenged by feminism—and this challenging has largely been to our detriment.

Feminism’s Pillars, #1: Oppression

The ideology of feminism is upheld by two main pillars. The first pillar proposes that the masculine does not protect the feminine—rather, it oppresses it.

This idea is largely upheld by lies. The main lies propagated by feminists include the “wage gap,” “hate crimes,” and “rape culture.” In reality, there is no wage gap, rape culture doesn’t exist, and most hate crimes are hoaxes.

To be specific, feminists claim that women who work at the same jobs as men are paid less than the men. This is not true. What actually goes on is that women generally work fewer hours and take lower-paying work than men. That’s really it.

Feminists also claim that a “rape culture” exists on college campuses. They love to tell you that 1 out of every 5 women on a college campus has been sexually assaulted. This is simply not true, but they twist reality in a way that they can claim it is true. They do this in a few ways.

The first is through “continuous consent,” whereby every action- perhaps every thrust, even- in a sexual act must be mutually consented to prior to occurring. Otherwise, rape has taken place.

The second is through double standards in regards to drunkenness. Basically, if a woman is drunk, and she has sex with a man, rape has taken place—even if she consented to have sex. However, if the man is drunk and the woman is not, rape is not possible.

Finally, the feminists believe there is such a thing as regret rape. If a woman consents to have sex with a man, and afterwards she regrets doing so, rape has taken place. This is the case even if the woman was perfectly fine during the sexual act. If at any point afterward she feels uncomfortable with what happened, she has been raped.

So they say, anyhow.

As for hate crimes, most of the hate crimes you see in the news are either completely fabricated or were set up by the supposed “victims” themselves. There are plenty of examples of people who defaced their own property with hateful phrases, and then claimed that someone else did it (many of these hate crime-fakers are lesbians).

In addition to making false claims about how women are oppressed, the story of female-oppression also perpetuates itself.  When women attack men in the various ways that feminists have, men lose respect for women. The men turn into “players” who try to get women for sex only, and nothing more. These men have become jaded by the narrative and the effects of feminism. They recognize that women have stopped loving them: in response, they stop loving women.

In turn, the women who complain they are being treated like sex objects actually become that—mere sex objects. You create your reality.

Feminism’s Pillars, #2: the Social Construction of Gender

The other main pillar of modern feminism, which stands next to the oppression of women, is the idea that gender is merely a social construction. Of course, like cultural Marxism, this idea caves in on itself. You’ll see how in a moment.

The feminists believe that gender norms are entirely made up and are the result of social conditioning. For instance, they say the reason women are weaker than men is because women aren’t encouraged to exercise and build their bodies as much as men are.

I hope I don’t need to say more than that.

The way the “social construction” theory falls apart (aside from being completely false) is through the feminists’ propagation of transgenderism.

People who support transgenders claim, for instance, that the person in question may have a male body, but he has a female brain. This discrepancy between his body and his brain creates psychological turmoil in him. To end this turmoil, he must change his body to match his brain. In other words, he must become, in both body and brain, a woman.

Of course, I hardly need to point out that claiming someone has a “female brain” is at odds with the idea that gender is socially constructed. Either one idea is wrong, or both ideas are wrong. Hm… Which could it be?

Male Feminists

All its lies and logical fallacies aside, the most pathetic effect of feminism is what becomes of men who pander to it. These are the male feminists—the men who apologize to women on behalf of all men and who jump to “protect” women at the slightest hint of possibly-offensive language.

The male feminists are also known as beta males, and it is for good reason.

Feminists often refer to the traditional masculine ideal (i.e. strong, logical, and self-determining) as “toxic masculinity.” They claim it is this masculinity that has been oppressing them and making their lives miserable.

In turn, the few feminists who aren’t fake lesbians say that they want a man who is “nice,” “understanding,” lets the woman do what she wants, and who isn’t afraid to feel his feelings and cry every now and then.

Of course, we all know that there is often a discrepancy between what women say they want and what they actually want. That is one reason why nice guys finish last: they pander to feminists’ confusion and lies, and they become pets rather than boyfriends or lovers. To become a male pet to a feminist is to be friend-zoned, as the kids say.

So much for gender being socially constructed, eh? Most women want a man who fits the definition of traditionally masculine. For one reason or another, you just don’t hear women saying that that’s what they want.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the men who attempt to appease feminists are often quite the opposite of the traditional masculine. These beta males are weak-willed, wimpy, irrational, and either scrawny or fat. They are not strong, logical, intellectual, nor self-determined.  It is for this reason that they resort to pandering to feminists: they hope without hope that it may be the only way that they will secure a woman for themselves (or at least a night of sex here and there). Sadly, for them, this rarely works.

If you want to get a real woman, it turns out, you must be a real man. But the feminists don’t want you to know that. And that is their game.

Keep all this in mind for when we get to the biological war, and how men and women are co-opted by biological means. Remember it through this sentence: feminism is not merely a cultural phenomenon.

Sexual “Liberation”

Both a branch of and a close cousin to feminism is the sexual liberation movement.

In America, the sexual liberation movement first reared its head in the 1920s, an era also known as the “Roaring ‘20s.” Women known as flappers were the icons of the sexual liberation movement. The movement disappeared with the initiation of the Great Depression.

The movement made a return during the 1960’s, which hosted the Civil Rights Movement. People advocated for a thing called free love. This time, the movement came to an end at the end of the 60s, when hippies stopped being cool.

Now, in the 2010s, during the time of the Biological-Cultural War, the sexual liberation movement is back for round three. And it is uglier than ever.

The basic premise of the sexual liberation movement is that we as a society ought to transcend the traditional ideal of monogamous relationships between men and women.

In our day and age in particular (i.e. round three of the movement), sexual liberation also includes transcending traditional ideas of what is attractive. In other words, what is ugly, the feminists call “beautiful”; what is beautiful, the feminists call “ugly” (you’ll see more of this when we talk about modern art).

In its third and current round, the sexual liberation movement has taken on the following forms: homosexuality, transgenderism, sexual promiscuity, polyamory, the body positivity movement, and, by far the most sinister of all, pedophilia. Pornography is also included, though it exists independently of feminism.

Additionally, both feminists and the ruling elite have advocated for exposing these things to and encouraging them in children. What the ignorant feminists don’t know is that all of these facets of the sexual liberation movement are being exploited by the ruling elite as tools to undermine nuclear families.  

Of course, since feminism also goes hand-in-hand with the “child-free movement,” and feminists don’t want to be oppressed by evil husbands, they might not be deterred by that knowledge anyway.  Hell, feminists would probably celebrate if they knew that the ruling elite want to break up families.

Anyway, I will have much more to say about both homosexuality in another piece, and I have talked about transgenderism previously (see my eugenics article). In this particular section I will focus on the other aspects of the sexual liberation movement.

I’ll start with the least evil aspects of the sexual liberation movement: those would be the body positivity movement and pornography (thankfully people have yet to combine the two).


The skinny on porn is that it makes actually having sex less necessary and less desirable. If we all just wank off behind our computers all day, the odds of mating and reproduction occurring go way down. There goes the formation of families.

Body Positivity

The body positivity movement basically says that it’s okay to be fat. One of its mottos is, “Healthy at any size.”

The body positivity movement is a form of learned helplessness in people who feel unable to resist the urge to consume twinkies and change the shape and size of their bodies. Instead of such change, they have resorted to challenging traditional ideas of beauty and attractiveness and are demanding people to regard them as attractive, no matter how whale-like they may appear.

Of course, this isn’t real body positivity. Anyone who seriously cares about their body will go to the lengths necessary to make it healthy. But who said that one of Cultural Marxism’s tenants was intelligence?

I recently went to a local college for a race, and in one of the bathroom stalls there was a body positivity poster. It said that the average woman in America weighs approximately 160 pounds. That’s fine if you’re 6’2”, but not if you’re 5’2”. Of course, it doesn’t help that these body positivity posters are trying to make women’s overweight-ness be “OK.”

Sexual Promiscuity and Polyamory

A big tenant of the sexual liberation movement- which was also around in both the 1920s and the 1960s- is sexual promiscuity. I hope I need not explain to you what that is. ;)

What the feminists want to do is put an end to “slut-shaming.” They say that sleeping around is a mark of female liberation, since previously men kept women oppressed via monogamy.

One claim the feminists like to make is that not allowing a wife or girlfriend to sleep with other men is sexist. Some men give into this, and they go ahead and let their women sleep around as they please. Such men are then lovingly referred to by other men (who haven’t bought into feminism) as cucks. Cuck is an abbreviation for cuckold. “Cuckolding” refers to a man not only allowing his wife to have sex with other men, but to revel in the fact with pleasure.

A close cousin to sexual promiscuity is polyamory. Polyamory means “many loves,” and it is the opposite of monogamy. Polyamory can and often does include sexual promiscuity, but it doesn’t have to.

Basically, sexual promiscuity is but one facet of polyamory, and it is an optional one. Polyamory also includes falling in love with and having long-term relationships with multiple people.

Though polyamory can include sexual promiscuity, there is a distinction between people who refer to themselves as “polyamorous” and people who are merely promiscuous. Generally, people who are merely promiscuous are interested only in casual sex, whereas people who are polyamorous prefer to have emotional closeness with anyone they have sex with. This is an important difference (especially for personal development/exploration purposes).

Some but not all people who partake in polyamory are also interested in polygamy, which refers to marriage between more than two people.

The Normalization Narrative

Conservatives have long-feared that normalizing homosexuality will open the door for other alternative sexualities to be normalized. Though many people dismiss this view as ridiculous, the conservatives were right: this incremental placing of one foot in the door, then the other, then the whole body has actually been part of the globalists’ plan to destroy families.  These other alternative sexualities have and are using the same narrative that the gay rights movement did. That narrative consists of these steps:

1. Going from “in the closet” to actually existing in the public eye 2. Telling the public, “we’re not monsters!” 3. Removing discrimination (e.g. in the workplace and schools) 4. Vying for overall societal approval 5. Pushing for marriage rights.

As I’ve stated and as we are now seeing, with homosexuality the progression has not ended at step 5. The secret “step 6” of the narrative is to normalize the alternative sexuality, step 7 is to encourage it in children, step 8 is to make normal sexuality (i.e. heterosexuality and monogamy) evil, and the fatal step 9 is to replace normal sexuality with alternative sexualities, making them the new normal. Again, this is part of the globalists’ plan to destroy families, and most gays and feminists are just blindly going along with it, thinking all of it as “trendy.”

As such, transgenders have been the next group after gays to take up the “progress” narrative. The next group after transgenders is not polygamists, as might seem logical: sadly, it is pedophiles.


The ruling elite have always practiced pedophilia/pederasty, and pedophiles have been seeking to join the LGBT acronym since the 1960s. Thankfully the pedophiles have been and continue to be rejected from LGBT, but they are nevertheless making progress in their quest for normalization.

Right now pedophiles are on step 2, telling the public that they aren’t monsters (such is the case with the non-elite pedophiles, anyway). Certain media outlets, such as, have given them the platform to do exactly that (of course, salon deleted all of its pro-pedophilia articles after Milo Yiannopoulos was ousted by the establishment as supposedly being pro-pedophilia. They did this in a move to invert reality, and make it look like the establishment never supported pedophilia—rather, it’s these “weirdos” like Milo who are into it. Sure, okay…).

What NAMBLA (the North American Man/Boy Love Association) seeks to eventually achieve is the “right” of adults to have sexual relationships with children. They want to eliminate the age of consent and enable children to consent at any age. NAMBLA members want to be able to knock on your front door, ask your children if they want to hang out with them, and if the children say “yes,” the pedophiles get to take them and do what they will. Just like a neighborhood kid knocking on the door, asking to play…

Liberty and Functionality

It is no mere coincidence that an expansion of sexual expression often occurs alongside societies in decline. Even if it didn’t actually happen and God wouldn’t actually do it, there is a reason that Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed in the Bible. Perhaps that story was meant to serve as a warning to future civilizations.

We have to draw lines somewhere and in some form without infringing upon people’s best interest and freedom. The goal is to have a strong society while preserving individual liberty.

Control of Children

Don’t let go of subject of pedophilia just yet, because a key part of the globalists’ plan is to take total control over children.

I’ve already talked about several aspects of this, including turning children against their parents, encouraging alternate sexualities in children, and pedophilia. There are several others, too, including abortion and brainwashing via schools and the media.

To keep things brief, yes, the globalists/ruling elite are eugenicists, and Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicists. One thing this entails is that they revel in population reduction, which means children not being born. So, yes, abortion is part of the plot for world domination: it not only keeps the number of people they have to control down, it also keeps down the numbers of “inferior” people.

Brainwashing isn’t quite as straightforward, and it is deserving of its own section.

Brainwashing, Violence, and Modern Art: the Outright Destruction of American Culture

The globalists are co-opting both our culture and our ability to think critically in a variety of ways. This includes the exploitation of education, language policing, fake news, open borders, the allowance and advocation of violence, censorship, and modern art and entertainment.


There is no place where cultural Marxism and feminism are propagated more than liberal colleges. Unfortunately, most colleges in America are liberal.

Studying any of the social sciences in college is basically asking for it (and “it” is not a good thing). If you want to waste your time and money and destroy your brain, major in one of the social sciences.

Psychology and history aren’t terrible, but they’re largely revised and conveyed in a way to fit in with the feminist/globalist agenda. Plus it’s not like high school or college history classes will tell you about globalism and the deep state. But I digress…

The “really” bad fields of study include sociology, human services, gender studies, and LGBTQ studies. I’d bet that philosophy will throw you for a loop, too, though not as badly as the rest of these.

Sociology and gender studies pretty much center around the Marxist narrative. The only good reason to take up such studies is to get a full picture of the Marxist view of the world, so that you can later completely expose it in all its ludicrousness. Of course, even that isn’t worth your time and money. You’ll probably jump out of your skin sitting in those classes anyway (especially after reading what I have told you here).

There are aspects of education outside the classroom that feed into Marxism and globalism, too. I’ve already mentioned schools pushing alternative sexualities on students and the false notion of campus “rape culture,” which leads to the wrongful punishment of many basically-innocent young men. There are also safe spaces, the propagation of mental illness, and colleges’ approach to guest speakers.

Colleges basically make mental illness seem like a normal thing—something you should expect to experience. Of course, if you are at a college, you probably should expect to become mentally ill. So, they aren’t necessarily lying to you.

There is something you should know. Social workers should really be called, “ass-backward social engineers.”

My first semester of college, I studied human services, one aspect of which is social work. Basically all social workers do is push around the so-called “mentally ill” from one agency and institution to the next, until they eventually end up taking pills for one reason or another. Social workers are completely ineffective. They do nothing to address the true causes of mental illness, which include campus brainwashing.

Of course, colleges will not admit to their brainwashing practices, so instead they employ social workers to stave off the mental illness problem as much as they can.

The reason social workers should be called “ass-backward social engineers” is that they aren’t the heads of social engineering per se (that role is reserved for the ruling elite), but rather they quietly contribute to social engineering by serving as the last step in the process, which is lying to mentally ill people and getting them on substances that will further their downward spiral.

In addition to employing social workers, colleges have also taken to implementing safe spaces in order to deal with the mental illness problem they are oh so blatantly contributing to. A safe space is a place on campus where every single word uttered must be chosen carefully, lest it be perceived by someone as “hate speech.” And we can’t let anyone in the safe space hear hate speech, because then they’ll get triggered, and then they’ll have a meltdown, and God knows what happens next.

Of course, you SHOULD be getting triggered, because getting triggered is your brain telling you that it is broken, and all this stuff needs to stop before your ability to reverse the psychological and biological damage you have endured is all but gone, and you will have no choice but to acquiesce your life to the ruling elite because you can no longer live your life for yourself.

Instead of restoring sanity, however, colleges feed right into mental illness by trying their darndest not to trigger anyone, and by actually setting aside places to be used as safe spaces. Should the “n word” ever slip out of your mouth while you are on a college campus, may God have mercy on your soul.

Additionally, note that the pushing of alternative sexualities- particularly transgenderism (which is not a sexual orientation, but you get the point)- further amplifies the college mental illness crisis. That’s what colleges really have—not “rape culture,” but mental illness culture.

Finally, as for guest speakers, colleges are totally unfair to conservative guests, like by adding on extra costs to the event at the last minute. Of course, college audiences always find some issue or another with liberal guest speakers anyway, like a “hateful” word uttered.

But that’s what the left does: it caves in on itself. The left eats itself until it dies. The various sub-groups within the larger oppressed group fight with each other and further fragment until there is no longer a sense of solidarity, and they have no one left to look to but the state itself.

The next time someone asks me why I’m not in college, I will tell them it is because I have no interest in becoming insane. Plus I have better things to do, like telling the world about the globalists.

Language Policing

As with brainwashing, language policing happens nowhere more than it does at liberal colleges.

Another name for language policing is political correctness.

Any word these days can be considered hateful. You better watch out!

You can’t call gays “fags.” You can’t even call them homosexuals. No—that term is too offensive. It makes them sound like sex-fiends. Only gay is okay.

The proper spelling of “women” is “womyn,” because we don’t want to make it sound like women are a subset of men. Didn’t you know?

Calling blacks “African Americans” is improper. Or is it that calling them “blacks” is improper, and only “African American” is okay? I have no idea. Good God.

In hospitals you can’t refer to moms as “mothers,” because you might offend transgender people. You know—the people with dicks who somehow might be moms… Yeah, those people. You might offend those people.

Similarly, you can’t talk about “mothers” and “fathers” because you might offend same-sex couples who are or want to become parents. Oh no!

The “real and true” version of history really ought to be called herstory, because we all know that mainline history is all about how straight white males took over the world and oppressed everyone. Herstory, on the other hand, is told from the point of the so-called “losers” of history, and how they are now rising up to win. Praise the deep state!

Don’t forget to ask someone what their gender pronouns are before you start talking to them! You might call someone a he or a she to find out that they’re a ze or a xe or a je or him-her or a man-she or a shemale or an it or a dog or a frog in a log in a lake by the bog or an abcdefghijklmnop-e… The list of pronouns is really long, but they all matter, and you need to know which ones someone wants to use in any particular moment—okay? Do you get my point???

Fake News

Donald Trump tells us all the time: the mainstream media is fake news.

You have been lied to. Over and over and over again. If you regularly watch CNN- and you believe it- I have no idea how you have managed to reach this point in this article. You deserve an award.

There was a recent segment on CNN where an interviewee mentioned that 30% of terrorist attacks in the U.S. are committed by refugees. About 10 seconds later, his side of the screen suddenly went black. The CNN reporter interviewing him said, “Well, I was just about to say that I think it’s time for you to go, but it looks like the TV gremlins already took care of that.”


The point is, the mainstream media (especially liberal outlets like CNN) have an agenda to fulfill that is in line with cultural Marxism, and making so-called “oppressed” groups like refugees and Muslims sound malicious is a no-no, even if the numbers are true. On the flipside, portraying President Trump as evil is perfectly fine.

The mainstream media lies in a more overt manner, too. One way it does this is by cutting together segments of videos to take a person’s words out of context and make them sound like they meant something totally opposite of what they actually said. This happens to Alex Jones of Infowars all the time.

By the way, CNN will never tell you that the gas attack in Syria on April 6 2017 was a false flag, nor will they ever go over the real reasons why Trump then struck a Syrian airfield with 59 missiles. Oh well.

Open Borders

One way the globalists would like to destroy American culture is by overwhelming it with other cultures. The best way to do this is to have a policy of open borders.

Have virtually no law enforcement in regards to illegal immigrants. Implement minimal vetting of other immigrants—especially if they’re from anti-American countries. Hell, even give them fake visas.

We can view the results of an open borders policy by looking at Western Europe—Sweden and Germany, in particular. Those countries really do have rape cultures. It’s not straight white males perpetuating the rape culture, though. It’s straight Muslim males. Specifically, it’s military-age men who have emigrated from countries in the Middle East.

In Sweden and Germany, people are not allowed to report the ethnicity of rapists. They’re going so far now as to tell women to let the Muslims rape them.

I really don’t know what needs to be said other than that. It’s easy enough to put the pieces together: let hostile people flood into the country, take our jobs or go on welfare, let them make a mockery of our practices and values, rape our women, fight with our men, and indoctrinate our children into their way of life. All the while, keep referring to these hostile people as “oppressed groups” who need “protection.” Because they’re refugees and they aren’t straight white males.

It’s such an obvious strategy for widespread terrorism and takeover of the country, it’s no wonder the fake news media bashes the Hell out of Trump for banning immigration from certain countries and wanting to build a wall. It’s also no wonder why they want gun control: if we aren’t armed, we can barely defend ourselves from violent invaders.

I don’t want this to get overlooked: Islam is one of the greatest threats to the United States right now. The thing is, a lot of people who acknowledge this ignore the fact that people in our very government are the ones who control the radical Islamists. By the way, ISIS is Al Qaeda renamed, which was originally called the “Muslim Brotherhood,” which was in alliance with the CIA, and now Hillary Clinton is essentially the commander of ISIS, and the globalists intended to create destabilization in the Middle East with the Arab Spring (e.g. by taking out dictators like Gaddafi: Libya is even more violent and chaotic now than it was when he was in power). But don’t tell anyone I told you that. They might behead me in the name of Allah, if they don’t push me off a rooftop for my sexuality first. Also, Muslims in the Middle East love Hitler. Hail Allah!


In addition to inviting violent people into the country, the globalists are encouraging violence among the “oppressed” people who are already here. The most notable of these oppressed people is black people (I know, I probably just triggered half the country by even mentioning black people).

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Democrat leaders are trying to empower black people. They want to keep them right in their pocket, just like they do with women and homosexuals. They’ll keep telling everyone how much they love blacks/gays/women, and then they’ll say that you have to vote for them in order to become empowered. And they’ll keep telling you this election after election, until the end of time—and if you live long enough you’ll eventually realize they’ve always been pushing this narrative without ever fulfilling their promises to empower you, because if you don’t need them anymore you’ll stop voting for them, and you’ll join the conservatives. And then you’ll wake up.

I’m sure the globalists also love the rising tension between the public and police officers. If police forces become illegitimate, that means we’ll have anarchy. And if we have anarchy, we’ll have to bring the military in to quell rebellion. And if we have to bring in the military and use them to replace police, then we’ll have martial law; and once we have martial law, that means we have authoritarianism, and the government can do whatever it wants to us because it’ll have the military on the streets enforcing the government’s commands.

Hey! Why don’t we invite those military officers in the house for a party while we’re at it! We’ve got anarchy, so we can do anything we want—right?

Overall, the left claims to be peaceful and tolerant, but it is anything but. Feminists and supporters of Black Lives Matter will lash out at the people they believe are oppressing them, and they will justify their actions all the way to the globalist takeover.


Language policing and fake news already covered a lot of the censorship that goes on. Censorship takes place in other forms, too, like banning people from social media and editing their posts.

A sinister example of this occurred on a crowdfunding site ( to a man named Craig Sawyer. Craig is a Navy SEAL who set up a crowdfunding project asking for money so that he could investigate cases of pedophilia that are related to government officials. Just 30 minutes after he set up the page, the site took it down. When the website was asked why, they said that he violated their terms of service. When asked how Craig violated the terms, they said that they could not reveal that information.

Do I have to put the pieces together for you?

Modern Art

Ah, yes—modern art. So tasteless. So depraved. So without soul.

All the music sounds the same. All the movies are brainless. All the visual art pieces required virtually no effort to create.

Art is dead. Mainstream art, anyway.

Our art is a reflection of our values. What values does modern, mainstream art express? Instant gratification. Acting on impulse. Casual sex. Drug use. Violence.

Those are the values the globalists must instill in us to control us, and those are the values that sell. As far as art goes, the globalists are winning.

When I listen to pop music, I literally feel like I’m being hypnotized and dumbed down. The stuff is just toxic. I feel more conscious and alive listening to something with thought-provoking lyrics, actual instruments, and a singer whose words are audible.

Maybe I ask for too much, though…

Biological Warfare

I’ve gone over biological warfare and human health in a variety of recent articles, so I’ll be concise here.

The short story is that we are being bombarded with toxins and substances that are making us fat, sick, mentally ill, hyper-feminized, and dead.

A list of enemies to the health of the human body follows.

Enemies to Human Health

Heavy metals such as aluminum and cadmium. The most dangerous is mercury, which occurs in vaccines and dental amalgams/fillings. From there it leeches into other sources, such as water, where it then is absorbed in the tissues of fish, and is then absorbed into your body again when you eat fish.

Antibiotics and antibacterial products.

Genetically modified organisms (and the way they are grown, i.e. via monocropping)

Food additives: MSG, artificial sweeteners, soy lechitin, artificial colors, preservatives

Factory farming: GMO-grain-fed animals have poor health, animals are administered antibiotics and hormones, and the animals are often sick (resulting in food-borne illness)

Refined carbohydrates, trans fats, and the ways they are often combine (a nightmare for the body, especially in the long-term)

Vaccines, in part because they contain heavy metals

Endocrine disruptors: heavy metals, plastic, and virtually all methods of birth control (especially “the pill”)

Fungus (namely yeast and mold)

Fluoride: don’t drink the tap water

Pesticides: if they kill bugs, what might they do to you? Same with herbicides and fungicides.

Synthetic fertilizers

Drugs, namely prescription drugs (anti-depressants, sleeping pills, amphetamines) and “hard” drugs (cocaine, meth, heroin). Of course, recreational drugs and prescription drugs are pretty much one and the same, at the end of it all.

Smaller issues: excess animal protein, pasteurization, and overcooking food (especially burning).

And, of course, brainwashing that advocates for any/all of these things: e.g. teaching the incomplete version of germ theory in schools, the FDA’s food pyramid, and Sesame Street telling kids how fabulous vaccines are.


Human Health Issues

The problems that result from these “public enemies” include the following:

Heart disease




Brain damage

Mental illness: depression, anxiety, an ability to be triggered


Inactivity; weakness and paralysis



Autoimmune disease (e.g. lupus, chron’s, rheumatoid arthritis)

Micronutrient deficiencies (e.g. iron, vitamin D, B Vitamins)


Reproductive issues: dysmennorhea, miscarriage, infertility (remember, the eugenicists love this one)

Acute toxicity (e.g. from mercury or other poisons)


Degenerative diseases

Genetic/birth defects

Impacted fecal matter (a potential cause of appendicitis)

Gut damage: Celiac disease, IBS, diverticulitis, inflammation, various food sensitivities (e.g. to FODMAPs)-- call it what you want, it’s all gut damage.


So, there we have our lists: the things that destroy us and the forms in which our destruction takes place. Should you find yourself faced with an issue in list 2, consult list 1 for the cause.

Now, what I’d really like to do in this section is connect various aspects of the biological war to the culture war. The most important of these is endocrine disruption and general toxicity.

First, there are some smaller topics I’d like to pay quick homage to.

For starters, the body positivity movement exists only because of biological warfare. If our bodies weren’t being co-opted we wouldn’t have to consequently co-opt our ideas about beauty so we can make it even slightly possible to feel OK about ourselves.

Second, I’d like to remind you of fake environmentalism, which I talked about in my eugenics article. See the U.N.’s “Agenda 21” for more on that, as well as the book Ecoscience. P.S. Anthropogenic global warming is a hoax. Thanks, fake news.

Finally, you may also know that American troops in the Middle East are commanded to protect opium poppy fields. Guess where that opium ends up? That’s right—in the hands of drug dealers in America. If you are addicted to hard drugs, tell the CIA to send you a thank you card for carrying out its agenda.

Carrying on now.

Hyper-Feminization and Endocrine Disruption

Basically, there is an excess of estrogen in our environment and in our bodies. This is the result of endocrine disruptors such as plastic and birth control pills.

Men and women are both affected by this. Men become more feminine, and turn into the pimply male feminists/beta males I discussed earlier. Women, meanwhile, become hyper-feminized, and to be hyper-feminized is to be man-like. This is basically how you get butch lesbians: fat, aggressive, hairy women with deep voices and short haircuts (it seems the hair leaves their heads and goes everywhere else!). And, overall, people are finding themselves with more reproductive-related issues (breast cancer, anyone?). A general questioning of gender is also going on. Hm…

This is occurring in animals, too. Fish are being chemically castrated, meaning that the males essentially turn into females, and more and more fish are being born female. Male frogs are not only turning gay, but they are actually developing an ability to reproduce with each other.

The feminization of animals results from us flushing all of our estrogen-laden pee down the toilet. Basically, women on birth control are destroying the environment. All that plastic in the ocean doesn’t help, either.

We can plug this hyper-feminization right into the war on family, sexual “liberation,” and feminism as a whole. If you destroy the traditional masculine and the traditional feminine, you undermine the nuclear family, and therefore pave the way to breaking the family up and giving control of the children to the state. Plus, there’s no doubt that endocrine disruption is messing with people’s sexual desires, which further contributes to the undermining of family.

Feminism has always purported that women can and should be just like men. Well, now the feminists are getting their wish—women are literally turning into men!

The next time you hear about someone wanting to change their gender, don’t wonder. It is a biological, psychological, and cultural creation of the new world order.

I know this is a short piece of this article, but this is huge. Don’t overlook it. If endocrine disruption was not going on, I probably wouldn’t have had to write this article at all.


In general, I have found that the more toxic/unhealthy my body is, the more passive and weak I feel.

As I undergo active detoxification (which I have been for a little over 3 months now), I find that if I either mess up or delay the next step for too long, I feel quite horrible.

For example, if I take a measure that removes heavy metals from the body, like taking Alpha-Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) with a scoop of Quicksilver’s IMD (which binds to mercury in the intestinal tract), yeast typically goes along with it, since the function of yeast is to protect the body from harmful substances.

Unfortunately, yeast also holds on to substances the body needs, like healthy minerals. As such, I have woken up in the morning a few times to find myself afraid to get out of bed. I literally have thoughts about how it is “too difficult,” and how the world beyond my blankets is unsafe.

Look at that word. Unsafe. What does that sound like to you? Safe space!

When I finally do manage to drag myself out and put some magnesium oil (magnesium being a “healthy mineral”) on my skin, I immediately feel better. I feel calmer, and able to actually exist without feeling afraid for no apparent reason.

In the long run, as I go through this detoxification process, my mental fortitude is increasing. This is really important. Before starting detox I felt sensitive to certain types of stimuli—especially if people were being “obnoxious” (whether on the Internet or in person), being emotional, or saying “mean” things. I always sought quiet spaces, constantly had to tell myself to relax, and preferred being left alone. And so many things bothered me. It’s never been abnormal for me to cry on a daily basis.

Now, I can handle taking on big, difficult topics like the biological-cultural war, and I’m still quite introverted, but I see this steadily improving as I continue through the process. By the way, I definitely feel more introverted when I have pain in my gut.

Perhaps you noticed a few months ago that most of my articles are getting longer. I didn’t start doing that until after I got into detox. Before I didn’t have the wherewithal to take on projects like this. Now I do, and I love it.

The point is, I think “safe space culture” largely finds its roots in toxicity. Those kids are having basically the same set of experiences I’ve described here: the only difference is that they’re normalizing it and trying to deal with the symptoms by co-opting the surrounding culture. Of course, that’s only going to spread the mind-disease to others and make things worse. And everyone’s health will just get worse year after year while they remain blissfully unaware of what’s really going on with them.

I’ve often asked myself why it’s taking me so long to grow up. Now I know why—and it’s clear why so many of my peers and other people appear to be victims of arrested development.

We just gotta get some binders and probiotics into those kids. Then all this “safe space” stuff will end.

The War on Consciousness

There are various other problems and fronts in the overall move towards the new world order. For example, there is both technological suppression and propagation (i.e. some technologies are hidden, others are used against us). I also haven’t addressed the over-complication of the financial sector. Though these issues can be considered as cultural, they are not key tenants of cultural Marxism. As such, they have been omitted here.

Overall, what we find ourselves faced with here is a war on consciousness. We are being attacked on the biological, psychological, and spiritual fronts, and altogether these attacks result in the degradation of consciousness. We’re becoming less self-aware, less aware of what’s going on in the world, and overall, dumber. We’re losing touch with the great spirits we really are and what it means to live a life of purpose.

That is, unless we aren’t.

We have been losing touch with higher consciousness—up until this point. The whole thing is changing now. We’re becoming aware of the biological-cultural war. We’re becoming aware of our true values and desires. And we’re becoming aware of who we really are.

We have a destiny to fulfill as conscious beings, and we are not going to fail simply due to biological hijacks and petty conflicts propagated by a co-opted culture set up to fail. We aren’t going to lose our lives to a bunch of miserable, darkworking hacks who get off on other people’s suffering.

No. We are going to reach the heights of intelligence. We are going to explore this reality ruthlessly. We are going to grow into the magnificent beings that we can be—Hell, the beings that we already are. The greatness and the intelligence are already inside of us. All we have to do is remove the obstacles to it, namely the toxins and the lies. Once we do that, we can do anything.

So, we are going to take back our brains. We are going to take back our bodies. We are going to take back our culture. We are going to take back our consciousness. We are going to take back our lives. And we are going to take back our world.

Eventually, when the time is right, we will implement true globalism—the kind that springs from peace, prosperity, and a desire to share the abundance of our intelligence with all of the Earth. True, healthy globalism is not possible until our world is mostly peaceful. But someday, as conscious beings on a path to ever-higher levels of consciousness, we will get there. If you do not see it in your present body, you will in another.

As Kahlil Gibran said, And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky.

But first, we have to reclaim our bodies, our minds, our country, and our culture. Most of all, you have to take total responsibility and ownership for your own life. As long as you bequeath this task to other people, you will not be free; and if you are not free, you cannot set others free. To have a conscious world, each individual person must become conscious. As such, it makes sense to start with the one individual you have total control over—if you choose to exercise control. And that is yourself.

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