Brian Harner Update #2

I am sorry this update may not seem very elaborate: I am pressed for time. It may use as few words as possible to get the message across.

First, I am posting a few things which I have not yet posted. The three transcripts being posted (two recordings and one of our text messages) are incomplete.

Brian Harner Phonecall 11/1/2020 – Part 1 of 4:

Part 2 – Not now.

Part 3:

Part 4:

Note this is a .WAV file. I did not take a moment to convert it to mp3.

Meeting in Person #6:


Brian Harner on the Environment – Transcript

Texts with Brian

I found a bunch of threads on 4chan that Brian posted in before releasing his book on November 11 2019. I do not have time to post them now. Search 4plebs/pol/ for “Nine Principles,” “God the man himself who exists outside this universe,” “Humanity's maker,” and you will find many of them.

Note that Part 4 of our Phonecall from November 1 2020 is an elaborate addition to The End of Purity.


Now, what lies ahead.

I am headed to a 30-hour race this weekend. Meanwhile, Brian's phone service is currently due to turn off on November 8 or 9, and he is going to allow it to do so. Just prior to that point, he has a plan which he first told me about on October 24 via text. Here is an excerpt of our conversation from that night, around 10PM EST.


I have a plan, but you probably won't like it. It's about time to wrap this thing up...

I'll tell you. I've been praying a lot while that thread is going about what Jesus said on the cross just before he did. It's disputed, but the main gist was about his “father.” I'm tired of being called crazy... so I'm considering giving the option to my dad. Kind of a final test for him. Multiple choice. 1) He tells me to fuck off, then I shut down my phone for good and do that very thing. 2) He works with me, which is just about impossible for him to do. 3) I allow him to send me to a mental hospital, which will probably end with drugs and a sheltered environment.

I'll hold off for as long as possible...

I really am getting sick of this treatment. It's time to force the issue.

Well, he (referring to a different person) should have everything he needs then. Not much I could do that I haven't already done. In my opinion, he'll probably think I'm crazy too. Then I'll get into another 6 day argument that will probably end in a stalement. I'm sorry, it's just so frustrating.

I really do appreciate all of your effort, but this doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


Would you allow someone such as myself to talk to your father before he makes his decision?


I don't care, but I don't think it will matter. He's probably the smartest person I've ever met, but by far and away the most arrogant. If you warn him I'm coming he might even skip town just to ignore the situation all together. I was going to surprise him at his doorstep...


What do you expect if you do that? Let him know the situation will be made public as much as possible.


I expect him to “forsake” me, complete the last step of the biblical prophecy, then I can just disappear. Finally content at how much I've done already being enough.

He kind of already did that. I sent him that text. Not a peep. My mom too. I know how everyone feels. It's just difficult keeping up the momentum. The Hunter Biden garbage grabbed all of 4chan's attention, so /diy/ is a ghost town now. I feel like I'm out of options and time. I've been through this mental hospital shit in several other timelines. I can tell you how that will go if you'd like.

A prophetic assessment. It's quite simple. I get the most overworked affirmative action hire fresh out of school. Proceed to make them look like a fool easily. While afraid of losing their job, they run it up the chain of command. The bureaucratic hierarchy more concerned with their yearly bonus than doing their job, recommend a large ensemble of drugs that basically put me in a catatonic state. My family feels vindicated, and I rot in a hospital bed until the cataclysm hits. Everybody loses...

It never varies...

Then we discussed why Esther Hicks is not considered crazy, and why Phyllis Schlemmer was not, either.


Would it make any difference to your family if they knew I love you?


Probably not. They'd just think you're crazy too. Everyone would make that snap judgment without listening to anything 'Ive said to you. Do you see why I stressed arrogance so much when we first started talking? Literally everyone is arrogant and selfish. Before anyone could even pretend to listen to you, they'd have to at least be meek, humble, and/or curious. During an election... might be the most difficult time to get any American to be any of those things.

(End of excerpt)

Yesterday, on November 5 2020, I apologized to Brian that there was only so much I could get done up to this point. He told me not to feel sorry since he knows I did my best. I later became emotional, and when he told me to have fun at the race I am headed to I told him I can't. His reply:

“Try to relinquish your grasp on physical life as though it's the only way to experience existence. You cannot control others. YOU... have nothing to fear. You're on a very short list. Try to look past the present. I know it's hard, but try. Whether I'm alive or not, I'll do everything in my power to help you. There might be only 6 people that can say that right now. Great job, seriously. You've earned the praise. Now go win that fucking race! Heh”

Right now the chances of me doing well at the race are not great, as I am already in pain. I am going to try a few things I have not before, such as wrapping my right foot and ankle to relieve pain in the metatarsals.

I also terminated 5 years 5 months and 14 days of being vegan, due to information from Brian, on November 4 at 11:22PM. More details presumably will follow in the near future.

Lately I have been feeling the terror of the imminent future. Things do not look good. I feel increasingly vulnerable the further this situation progresses. I “almost” wish that I was able to get more done up to this point. I've been in contact with Brian since August 14 2020, and I would guess that we have exchanged at least one million words since that time. That means there is a lot of information for me to manage. I have made most of it publicly available. I'm sorry that it could be better organized than it currently is, and I did not get to finish everything at this point.

Unfortunately I appear to have lost a number of text messages we exchanged between 7:14PM and 8:25PM on November 5. He told me about a radio host who might take interest in this material, but I have lost the name. I also told Brian that I did not want to let him down again, in response to him telling me to win the race. He told me I cannot do that since I have not let him down in the first place.

Brian will arrive at his father's house on Saturday or Sunday. If this man, Russell Harner, Sr., even gives a chance for such, I might have to talk to him while I am in the middle of a 30-hour footrace. I told Brian that this situation seems hopeless, but I don't want to give up. In that spirit I sent Brian $300 to potentially use to complete his invention, the Holy Grail. He explained to me that he might not get to use it, but it's the thought that counts at this point. I did this on my own volition. As I have said before, there is very little that Brian has actually asked me to do. There is a man, by the alias ayylmao, who offered Brian the full $5000 needed to complete the grail. Brian explained that he does not want only one person to fund the project. I have also been in contact with ayylmao. We have discussed the breaking of free will. I worked on a reply to his last e-mail, and have not sent it yet. There is another person from 4chan who has gotten in touch with me, too, since Brian posted his holy grail instructional videos (link towards the end). While the increase in traction is good, it may be too little too late.

So, what shall I say about all of this at this point, with the little time I have before I must leave? I suppose I have gotten what I always wanted, which is a chance to restore the original perfection of life as much as possible. I almost cannot believe this is what awaited me on a 24-year journey. I am glad that I prepared myself to a great extent for the last eight years. At the same time I feel bad that I did not learn more pertinent information and skills. At least I put in place starting six years ago, with the planning for the website beginning seven years ago. Ultimately my role was to distribute this information, and I managed to succeed in that role up to this point. I know this will sound rather cliché, both regarding dramatic situations and the fact that I am a woman, but I think I have finally gotten to experience what true love is. Brian and I discussed this the first time we talked to each other, before he even knew who I was. You can read that in the article I originally wrote to bring attention to him, titled Brian Clark Harner.

Before I go, I will copy and paste a few posts I made in the 4chan thread about the holy grail videos (link below).

"1. Humans are the reason there are no "aliens" on the planet in the first place: we kicked them off tens of thousands of years ago. 2. The only mandate in this universe is free will.

Given these two factors, there is no purpose in the "aliens" (i.e. the hierarchy of the universe, from humanity's maker up to the Nine Principles) making it that obvious to us that we should capitulate to their ways. All the information shared by Brian (mainly in his book) and his work on the grail thus far is about as obvious as they are willing to make it, at least at the current point. They want us to demonstrate curiosity and take genuine interest in our own survival, improvement in quality of life, and ultimately, our own transcendence. The more genuine curiosity you demonstrate, the more information you receive.

The reason the message from the hierarchy was given to one man, to then give to the entire species, is that the message is all-encompassing. Every aspect of the message must be capitulated to in order for it to be implemented successfully. The message is given to one man to ensure that this individual can portray the message in completeness. If instead multiple individuals each received only part of the message, none of them would understand it in completeness, and thus they would not really have the message after all.

The reason this particular individual is the one to have received the message is that he figured out a substantial portion of it for himself, and he was righteous in his intent. The message must be relayed by a person who can be trusted to do so selflessly, and his life's work is how he proves himself worthy. This particular individual, who lives at a time in history in which the message is needed most, is what the hierarchy/"aliens" refer to as the Christ. The Christ is a man- not a god-, and is therefore not omniscent, but he knows what we need to know in order to solve our problems."

"There is partially a problem of semantics here, which is that the word "Christ" has two meanings. Christ was Jesus' last name. At the same time, the person given the complete message from the Hierarchy (there are two such people every cataclysm cycle) is called "a Christ." To be honest, that terminology has possibly made delivering the message more difficult than any other factor. The problem is that it is hard to find a more encapsulating term. "Messenger" is too non-specific, since the Christ comes forth at a certain time in history and in a certain set of circumstances. We could try a term such as "The Hierarchy's timely messenger," but that is not as concise as the term "Christ.""

"I have taken interest in him because he proposes the most thorough set of solutions to the problems faced on Earth that I have yet seen. If you can find superior solutions, let me know. Otherwise, if you think humanity is doomed to degrade the natural environment and deplete its resources to a point where we can no longer live on Earth, understand that I am not content to just give up, and that is why I listen to Brian."

With that it is time for me to head to the Hamsterwheel, also known as the “Dumbest Race in NH.” It may sadly be a fitting analogy for the present state of humanity. Goodbye.


People in the /diy/ thread (I posted the link in How to Build a Holy Grail Blank) have been demanding that Brian make a working model of the Holy Grail in a few recent posts. One person does not believe in Brian's theory about the pyramid because the pyramid can only concentrate sound energy and not amplify it. I gathered a few passages from chapter 7 of Brian's book in response, though I did not post this response. Note that Brian also talked about amplification in the thread. Here are the book passages:

Paragraphs 45-49:

>Fact is nothing is ever amplified without additional power. Concentrated, but not amplified.

From his book it looks like his argument is that the additional energy is supplied through over-unity, which is achieved through cavitation and the shape of the pyramid.

>Stuck in the "how" area of of my research, the nagging "why" always grounds my most exciting triumphs of knowledge. A very large portion of research was in place for my/our theory of resonant manipulation technology with regards to stone cutting and shaping, but the logic of why going through the trouble of building pyramids of such grandiose dimensions has troubled my own inclinations while figuring these methods out. The pyramid shape itself does not transfer well into our Satanic energy soaked society. We generally don't have a use for such a structure in our methodology of what is efficient in our construction techniques. Our society's buildings and structures within those buildings depict cubes. Most housing roofs are sloped to help drainage, but more often than not, these sloped roofs have a cube shape underneath them. However, there is one specific area of great interest for just about every single human on earth, where the pyramid shape is utilized frequently... When music is recorded, artists do so in a recording booth. Lining the walls of these recording booths are sound proofing foam structures packed end to end with? You guessed it already, pyramids. The external shape of the pyramid deadens sound by breaking up the waves sound produces by deflecting it away from the base. Fairly self explanatory if one were to look downward on the top of a pyramid. After coming to this conclusion in early 2019, the pyramid shape's purpose dawned on me after recalling a Brien Foerster documentary I had seen months prior: The pyramid reflects and amplifies sound waves... from the inside. The internal effects of the pyramid structure on sound waves is the "why" purpose that I had been searching for. Imagine being inside of a cone. The acoustics would be much more focused. My conclusion after years of wasted time researching every aspect of the pyramid's mathematical properties: The pyramids at Giza were built to aid in the technological strategies that the Russian gentleman in the 'How to "melt" stones' video termed, "phonon vibrations."

>An epiphany achieved, I rewatched the documentary: Lost Technology Of Ancient Egypt. The prior viewing had escaped me when I went back through the depictions in the Dendera "light bulb" hieroglyph story espoused from Stephen Mehler. All of these aspects of my theory came crashing together as I rewatched the video again, then a flurry of rewinding and internet searching ensued that would make anyone dizzy. The chronologically evolved step from one "light bulb" to another within the depictions of the Dendera "bulb" hieroglyphs, is what really consummated my theory. After this theoretical achievement, I took a much more fine toothed comb approach to each and every detail, while keeping in mind relevant recent epiphanies. My conclusion is that the fabled "Osiris' back bone" is actually the stones that rest atop the king's chamber in the great pyramid. They act as a tuning fork/resonator/amplifier to whatever sound is being made within the great pyramid at Giza. The sound waves that are amplified from the "Osiris back bone," are then reflected back into the center of the pyramid itself causing a constant feed loop from the external shell of the pyramid back to the king's chamber stones. Every piece of the structure is made with one specific purpose in mind... To amplify the sound waves flawlessly, or more specifically, to amplify one specific sound.

>The blocking stones just outside of the Antechamber within the great pyramid's structure, are liken to trumpet finger buttons. These stone blocks' sole purpose is to tune the soundwave frequency being emitted from the "singer's" within the pyramid. When the resonance of the "Osiris' back bone" feature is matched to that of the singer's voice being utilized, the mechanics of the pyramid become blaringly evident. Another feature within the king's chamber which I speculate on, is the box within the chamber that is said to have resonant properties. This box could also be a fine tuning device which could be manipulated by adding various levels of water. My idea of this box's purpose has to do with light, however. It is my hypothesis that when this box is filled with water, and the pyramid is being used for soundwave resonant manipulation, the box would emit a brilliant light source. Again, these unproven hypotheses are merely speculation. In order to verifiably test these theories, humanity would have to replicate these structures flawlessly. Regardless of speculation, Occam's Razor will find that my theory on the functionality of the great pyramid at Giza, is the most sound (pun intended).

Paragraph 67:

>The resonator bulb with a Bell Metal element held by a giant, has a human beneath within the first Dendera hieroglyph of the three resonator "bulb" depictions. It's my theory that the human is a simplified representation for a group of humans. In unison, this group of humans would raise their arms to expand their lung capacity, then let out the best harmonic tone they could produce. The group wouldn't need to be very large, PER RESONATOR BULB, but obviously, an enclosure helped amplify the soundwave tone emitted. As this sound emitted from each group, the soundwave would interact with the bulb, and the bulb itself would resonate with the Bell Metal element inside. Tuning this entire sequence wouldn't be difficult or labor intensive, by the way. Tuning the pitch of the human group would be as simple as swapping a different human out for another, or tweaking the stones in the Antechamber, as described earlier. Once the proper soundwave resonated with the element inside of the resonator bulb, the result would yield a very animated vibrating element. If this element were then connected to a solid core rigid wire extension, the "melted stone" video has deciphered the first resonator bulb conundrum. These wires were then attached to stones directly, or tools for cutting that would cut and shape the stones to the desired shape.

Paragraph 176:

>The great pyramid of Giza is a harmonic resonance instrument made SPECIFICALLY to coincide with the human male's voice frequency range. Not only does it resonate with the human male voice, the pyramid amplifies it, allowing for an "over-unity" appearance to a Satanic energy platform learned "scientist," that is. The output of harmonic energy after amplification was used for everything from carving megaliths, to healing the ill or injured. Even the male voice frequency range can be broken down into many different tones, or rather, soundwave patterns to those tones. Used in a choir setting, a wide variety of different tonal ranges could be utilized for these purposes.

Paragraph 180:

>The great pyramid was/is the crowning jewel to humanity within our arrogant assumptions leaning towards evolutionary theory, but my guess is that it's merely a child's plaything to a giant. Nonetheless, it was a tool that had the ability to manipulate almost anything physically, and considering how much input energy humanity's current societal structures take, very easily. Using this resonant amplification device (the great pyramid of Giza) to cut stone specifically, utilized a two part Divine platform. The Russian gentleman from the "melting" stones video did not elude to this phenomenon, but I could be wrong. His initial reaction left the impression that the water itself was a lubricant. This is not accurate. There is a micro cavitation sequence happening between the bronze cutting instrument and the material being cut, actually.


I developed this theory due to a long running phenomenon that's ubiquitous to every corner of the world I live in, and have lived in... Potholes in rainy conditions. As the tire enters the pothole filled with water, a severe downward thrust pushes the water into the pavement, smashing and pulling on the bottom of said pothole. The sudden change in pressure creates thousands of cavitation bubbles which implode after creation. As the tire leaves the pothole, again, the sudden change in pressure (now in vacuum form) thrusting upward creates thousands of other cavitation bubbles that implode, as well. Both forms of implosion through cavitation have the same effect... pulverizing the bottom of the pothole until some unlucky shmuck blows a tire out. This sequence of events happening when the tire entering and leaving the pothole creates a destructive force, and the intricacies of that happening, have always fascinated me. Afterall, I did grow up in Portland, Oregon, which might be the rain-filled pothole capitol of the world.

The realization of cavitation coupled with resonance amplification had many contributing factors over my long private research filled journey, but that's the one that stands out to me. The reason for this rain-filled pothole correlation standing out in my mind? The countless "experts" I've heard on lectures and videos crying about how the tooling in giant-human cohabitative society (the REAL ancient Egypt) needed to be more advanced metallurgically to complete the stone cutting process. I wonder how many of those same "experts" would emphatically declare that rubber cannot cut asphalt and concrete. I also wonder how many of them have ever spilled their drink while hitting a pothole doing 65MPH. Yeah, that's what I thought.


Why was the (Khufu) Pyramid built?

Conclusion: It was conceptualized as a tool... specifically designed to resonate with the human male voice tonal frequencies emitted from singing. The entire structure is an amplifier made to bolster these human male resonant frequencies and lend aid in many constructive and healing properties. The reasoning for it is spectacular and awe inspiring on an esoteric level, but it also secures dialogue on the next aspect...


These individual methodologies for separating the molecular bond of water are good examples of the difference between Satanic and Divine energy platforms, respectively. While both methods yield the same result of converting water into hydrogen and oxygen, electrolysis violently rips these bonds apart. Radio wave emittance is similar to massaging the molecular bond until it "lets go" on its own. Everything that exists above the ethereal plane, is Satanic energy. Electricity is Satanic. Radio waves are Satanic, as well. The difference is in the emittance pattern. When you focus the radio wave emittance to a specific resonant frequency, you are tapping into the Divine energy field. Resonance, is the specific range of frequencies (whichever they may be) that maintains a solid object state in this universe. Utilizing the frequency range to manipulate objects in this universe at a resonant range, THEN amplifying the specific frequency, will allow you to alter the state of whatever object you are trying to manipulate. John Kanzius' radio wave emitter was "tuned in" to the specific resonant frequency that ties hydrogen and oxygen together to form water; 13.56 MHz. Likewise, utilizing this approach to energize the fields within the machine's focused radio wave transmission area, light can also be produced from ordinary lights bulbs. John Kanzius figured this phenomenon out while researching, and displayed the phenomenon on a news segment. Holding a light bulb in the machine's emittance area will illuminate the bulb without any external input other than radio waves, as well as breaking the molecular bond of water.


Build something that will last well beyond 100 generations into the future. Erect pyramids that have physical healing capabilities. Utilize sound to energize these structures. Build pyramids that amplify sound the way the great pyramid at Giza does, then use that energy to build more structures. Study the effects of resonant properties contained in soundwaves that have the ability to physically heal the human body, then erect pyramids that amplify those frequencies and submerge your body in their "medicine."