Ego Death: Part Three

This is the 26th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the 46th message in our conversation. It was sent on September 14 2020 at 11:12PM EST.

This e-mail is the source of a T-shirt I made for a race five days later.

For further clarification on what is said roughly halfway through, see Note on Controversial Language.

"If I don't feel that I am on a 100% righteous path then I tend to hold myself back to an extent, and fail to do my best."

I noticed... The interesting aspect of watching you regress away from the ideals I'm trying to teach you, is that the mechanisms still remain a mystery... even after I've taught them. It's an unfortunate aspect of existing in hell, which is why I continuously say that effort is more important than success. If I held everyone alive to the standards I've held myself to, none of you would be granted passage through hell. I'm just being honest. That said, even the best of the best in hell is almost guaranteed to fuck up regularly. It's a fight that is in your mind, and currently, the fight is extremely lopsided. Even so, I am subjected to the human based emotions that allow the soul to be trampled on, just like you... which is why I can see through the words people display, and focus in on the actions themselves. For example... when you stopped posting these emails publicly. You took my words offensively because you allowed your emotions to dictate what was "right," and what was "wrong." My conclusions are logical about Veganism, but still, that was not good enough for you...

Walking a righteous path is frot with ridicule and unpleasant backlashes in hell. There's no getting around that. Excuses for why people do what they do outside of a righteous path are just that; excuses. Trying to correct the path by undoing actions is impossible. The action happened, and there's no way to undo it. What needs to be rectified is WHY the action happened in the first place, and until that inner monologue is established, the same mistakes will appear. So... immediately posting all of the back messages will not make me, or you content. What I want is for you to understand the mechanisms for why you do what you do. I already know why you did what you did. Trying to alleviate yourself of what has already happened again... is impossible. If it makes you feel any better, this seems to be ubiquitous for all women. The very first iteration of Eve in the garden of Eden, and every amalgamation of Eve there following, has made the same mistake. It's a very simple mistake, but as it appears, every woman makes it at some point in their journey. What was that original mistake? Eve tried to take control of the situation. Why did she do what she did? Search your soul for the answer to this inquiry. Good intentions/emotional decrees paved the way to this destination, and seemingly, the substance used in the pavement has not varied the entire time.

The biggest hurdle to recollecting AND rectifying past miscalculations is in realizing that people are people. There is no difference between the humans alive now, and the humans that were alive during the last 3 cataclysm cycles. Humanity tries to pay homage to perceived past depictions of humans they admire, but in so doing, bound themselves to the same mistakes. A REAL change is needed at this juncture, even more so than ever before... and women are at the forefront of this conundrum. The draw to esoteric meaning, symbology, and spiritual ascent is the mechanism strived for in almost every case. With Maria Orsic, this was also the scenario. The difference between her, and most other women who try to ascend to that calling is that being righteous AND pure within that paradigm alone is almost impossible... especially in hell. Nevertheless, women try to use their strengths to overcome these hurdles. Throughout all of history, Maria Orsic is the only woman I know of that was able to break through these barriers, and almost succeed. During my realization, I was able to see how people felt about Mother Mary. The general consensus of EVERYONE alive during that time was that any woman that behaved in the way Mary did with Jesus' real father was a whore, thus the lie was created by Joseph the Jew, and the immaculate conception/deception was born into existence. How many women have looked up to, and then prayed directly to Mary based on that lie? Most, if not all, in some capacity. In so doing, the same ideological mistakes are made, the lie continues to propagate, and women doom themselves to a life of incorrect ideals just to "feel good" and have someone of their own gender to mimic. That same mistake can be seen in every depiction of a woman trying to control a situation before themselves, devoid of the desire to ask for help, since the first woman creation in humanity. And the record just keeps on skipping, then repeating...

Truth and fact do not focus on gender, emotions, or desires. They are an all encompassing pathway to Divine instruction. Logic and reason always prevail, even if the species itself does not. With that in mind, I've often pondered how women's judgement sequences will go. In life, it seems as though a doubling down of emotional plight is the only recourse women understand, even though those plights are exactly why the situation is what it is. Take the word nigger as an example. On one of my previous emails, you edited the word nigger out of the text. While I understand WHY you did it, do you understand WHY doing what you did does nothing to protect you from the perceived dangers of iterating the word nigger? Let's take society right now as the control in this mental experiment. How many people throughout the world are bending over backwards to not allow the word nigger in any part of their lives? The next thing that must be asked as a result; is this ideological method of controlling the self, working towards benefitting those who do not use the word nigger? Are niggers acting less niggerish because everyone other than niggers are trying to not say nigger? You see, my friend, even though the proof is EVERYWHERE in EVERYONE'S face every single day of existence in hell, emotional plight reigns supreme. What comes next is a doubling down effect, even when the first couple million attempts to placate the nigger's emotional base is attempted. Quite literally, insanity runs amok, uninhibited by logic.

Please remember that I am not trying to berate you, or punish you for what you've done. My goal is to help you transcend... in all ways. The only way I can do that is by forcing you to see things from a new perspective. The perspective that dictates what is right and wrong to you, has flaws. It's not all encompassing, nor are you in any way the source of these derelictions, but they do exist in small quantities still. It's always my hope that you will overcome your own desires. To have true ego death requires it. I am in no way telling you to disregard safety, by the way. Remaining safe in hell is hard enough... I'm more so trying to get you to understand WHO it is you're actually serving. Every human alive is in service to another being with every action and thought they have. Recognizing this simple ideal is paramount to achieving ego death, thus the question comes down to WHO it is you are in service to. As I've said numerous times now, "worshiping" humans is a mistake... even if the human you are "worshiping" is you... My suggestion is to serve your maker. Always remember what his creations were, are, and are trying to be. He created us, but cannot force us to adhere to his methodology. Somewhere along the line, humanity consumed the forbidden fruit, and there is nothing we can do to change that, no matter how strongly we feel it didn't happen, couldn't happen, or wouldn't happen. In ALL cases, one needs to only look within for the evidence of such a dereliction. True ego death is very difficult to achieve. It's a bumpy road of personal sacrifice and penance on levels people are extremely unprepared for. If true ego death is your goal, this is the only way I can help teach you what you need to achieve it. Try not to take what I say personally, but instead, focus on why you've taken anything personally to begin with. Your maker did not put you in this predicament, nor did I. Hence... why we cannot fix the situation now. You cannot kill what you did not create.

"Wouldn't selfishness lead to people wanting to keep to their own kind and not express empathy for outsiders?"

That's exactly what is happening, except people are desperately trying to instill that the entire human race is one, devoid of a subspecies narrative. It's obvious that women are a different subspecies to men, but since feminism has ramped up full force for 100 years now, the narrative in play is that women are as capable, if not more so in most feministic ideologies. This seemingly unrelated ideology is the reason for the dereliction between subspecies procreation in the first place. Women must internalize their equal status to that of men, lest their entire feminism narrative be destroyed. Humanity as a whole has allowed this ideology to infect everything. Thus, the ideals have morphed into EVERYBODY, man, woman, black, white... all being equal. If ever a feminism ideologue were to admit that this is simply not true, EVERYONE would be subjected to scrutiny under those conditions... and feminists cannot allow that conversation to occur at all costs.

This is why emotions have center stage right now instead of logic and reason. White people's biggest flaw is our inability to alleviate ourselves of overwhelming empathy. That was the case when colonization was at society's forefront, as well as now. We desperately WANT everyone to actually be equal, and as a result, have just about assured omnicide. If you haven't noticed, white people are the only ones that want equality. Everyone other than white people wants to take control, or be recognized as "better" than whites. Our empathy continues to fuel this situation. There's no way for ANYONE to be "better" than white people at anything, but that doesn't stop us from trying to elevate the status of the subspecies that follow us in the hierarchy of Earth. Hell is the result, and empathy/good intentions are what paved the road to this destination. This dysfunction will not persist much longer before complete civil unrest consumes every white country on Earth. There's a breaking point for everything...

So... the basic rundown is that feminism at every juncture of societal direction for the last 100 years has led to a predominantly emotional clause to everything in existence. Emotional clauses, when set against logical clauses, will always have a selfish deficit attached to them. The equation will always turn out negative. Why? Because someone has to take a loss or a tie that SHOULD HAVE won any given argument at hand. Just because a win was received by the derelict party does not relieve the situation of the deficit. In fact quite the opposite. Let's take black people being equal as an example. We'll say black people being allowed to integrate into public schools ubiquitously is the feminists approach. Then we'll say self segregation of public schools is the conventional approach. As more and more blacks come into this school system, standards have to be lowered just so they'll pass (Affirmative Action). More attention is given to them, more free lunches, more social counseling, more athletic attention, which all leads to more money spent on them than what was dedicated to a pure white student body prior. It's actually a double whammy because the new black families do not put in as much tax revenue into the system as a pure white school's parents do. The deficit grows out of control in almost every major city's school district in the entire USA, and the standards fall even further. Everybody knows why, but since feminism/equality at all costs is the narrative bought into in the first place, a doubling down effect ensues. In the end the deficit grows out of control, more debt is taken on without any way of rectifying it, and someone has to take the blame. Guess who... the only people with empathy assume the entire burden. After a while of doing this, EVERYONE buys into the propaganda and violent reactions by those who have the least ability to understand the actual causes grows out of control. This is just about where the world is now, societally speaking. Nature, as you well know, is taking the brunt of the deficit created in TRYING to make everyone feel equal. It's a vicious cycle that only has "1" end... and it all started with an inherently degenerate ideology; feminism. It has bled into EVERYTHING!!!

"they very likely do get treated unfairly and with less empathy."

If you were talking about white people directly when making this statement, I would agree. Ask yourself, how many times have white people received aid from anyone other than white people? Yes, white people are most definitely the only race that gets treated unfairly by everyone else, and while they do it, they ALL lack even a shred of empathy.

"What made us be this way? Why did we make errors which the Yews never did?"

There was a faction of white people that split from the pure ranks that were close to the Yews. The faction that were not close to the Yews, allowed themselves to be persuaded by the Jews/Khazars/original mutts into vacating the planet of the giants and Yews' presence. The same ideologies are being used right now, by the same people, to attack the same people that were originally attacked in the first place. This is just a broken record playing the same shitty track over and over again. It's all very easy to see if you notice the macrocosm that the microcosm was originally based on. Same shit, different toilet.

The Yews COULD NOT make those mistakes because they were gentle/non aggressive. They were not built for confrontation in any way. Not mentally, and especially not physically. Those of us who protected them knew this, which is why we tried to bring them with us out of the area. Didn't matter in the long run, but in the moment, we got to spend more time with them. That was when our migration began. We've been running from everyone since. Even though we have the ability to fight, most of us don't want to, hence, gentile/gentle. When we "fight," there is no fight. Planetary destruction and deletion sequences are the summation. That's why I do what I do... Because I know what's at stake. Anyone who thinks they can even attempt making a stand against The Hierarchy has literally commited suicide. The Reptilians understand this, but humans do not, apparently.

"I am trying to figure out why."

When a human sells their soul, autonomy is removed. That's why there are so many Jews in high ranking structures of societal complexity everywhere on Earth right now. They're essentially robots complying with a script. Every one of them can earn autonomy back, but it's a very rare event that leads to reinserting back into humanity at a deteriorated spectrum. Well, like I said, I'm destroying hell "1" way or another. Even if these parasites had the opportunity to come back/humanity makes it beyond the collapse, I will halt their reentry myself. Enough is enough... and I'm sure on some subconscious level their souls know this. As a result, their souls are hiding while their brain takes over all functionality, hence, robotic. The lesson is, NEVER sell your soul, no matter what. Their scripts are being determined by the source of their ideologies. Not only are they robotic, but they're robotic slaves to other robots, basically. If their souls ever gain access to the internal paradigm, almost 100% of the time, suicide is the preferred choice. It's sad, but never forget that they did this to themselves. This is the final stage of submitting to selfish indignation, and they deserve everything they will get... here and otherwise. Literal walking devils. They have already "lived," and now, they are worse than dead. A horrific position to be in if you understand the consequences, as I do. I told Shane tonight at his farm, if 1 ant gets killed by these actions, I will personally delete these motherfuckers from existence permanently.

Anyways, sorry to get all serious on you on my way out. Interesting topics tonight. Talk to you soon.