(November 23 2020)

As I stated in Brian Harner Update #2 on November 6 2020, Brian Harner set an ultimatum. He decided that he would make a surprise visit to his father, and place his fate in his father's hands. Brian arrived at his father's house shortly after 5:00PM EST on November 8. I talked to his father myself for about 10 minutes. Mr. Harner asserted that he did not want to forsake Brian, which was the first of three options presented to him. He explained to me that in April 2019, Brian changed very suddenly and dramatically from the way he had been as a person for his entire life. As such, he was not sure whether Brian might have something wrong with him psychologically (option #3 was to send Brian to a mental hospital).

For the next few hours, Brian alternated between talking to me and talking to his father. Brian had a rather lengthy discussion with his father, which became heated. In the end, Mr. Harner told Brian that all of his assertions were incorrect, and he refused to help Brian in any way (option #2 was to work with Brian). As such, without stating so definitely, Brian's father chose option one-- to forsake him.

The decision of whether to continue paying for cellphone service depended upon the decision his father made. On this note, I had my final phonecall with Brian Harner on the night of November 9. This call actually was not planned: I was writing up our text messages from the last several days when I accidentally called him. I did not plan on calling him because he had told me earlier that there was not much left to say. We talked for over 4 hours, up until 1:00AM on November 10 EST. I would guess that his cellphone service turned off 1-2 hours later, at midnight in his timezone. This was likely the last phonecall he took.

Brian told me that I could still send him e-mails, and he would check his e-mail when he could find an Internet connection. I have sent him 10 e-mails since November 12, and have not heard back. As such, I heard nothing from him at all until today. Shortly after midnight EST on November 23, Brian posted in a 4chan thread. I did not see the thread until after it had closed, around 9AM. This is the archive link to the thread:

The following is the posts he made in the thread, along with the number of each post.



The nomenclature refers to a man who would like to remain hidden while delivering the spoils of a lifetime of work and sacrifice. Unfortunately for people who would like to transcend, the overwhelming majority of humans are hopelessly ignorant and selfish to the point of self fulfilling annihilation/omnicide.

The story has played out like a tragic comedy... much like the prophecy originally foretold. I am that man, and the prophecy bares my birth name. Currently, I am held up, bedridden, and basically out of hope. There's too many masochists that would like to see destruction and suffering as payback to a group of individuals they blame for their own personal idiotic behavior. It seems as though personal responsibility and free will are seen by these masochists as a punishment, or nonexistent, as opposed to a gift. Everyone is pointing at everyone else as though they themselves are not the problem... and that's just not the case. Humans are not robots, and apparently that lesson needs to be taught to you in a violent and permanent manner.

You deserve it. Good luck to your soul. You're going to need it.


I am not fearmongering. As the virus released last year was the first of many introductions into reality in a world of selfishly overpopulated resource depleting idiots, your world has reached tipping points that cannot be undone. The time has come for you to pay your penance whether you're okay with it or not. It's not fear anymore... it's reality.

Kissing historical figure's asses will do nothing for you. You will now have to answer for destroying a planet of complex life, under the guise and in pursuit of selfish wants and desires.

Don't "believe" me? All that means is that you truly are ignorant to the system that keeps your body alive. Take a break from this place, and experience real fear. Your judgment on these matters awaits, and ignorance of the mechanisms is a pathetic failing attempt at a defense when your maker questions you on it...

Google Laptev Shelf and methane hydrates. You have a LOT of explaining to do... Should have listened while I was still accepting queries. Good luck.

-reply to 26803414:

“stop fearmongering. the elect are saved regardless of your words.”


For old times sake, I will answer this, my friend. My name is Brian Harner.

I am not doing well at all. I turned everything off, and am now just waiting for expiration. Light hurts, sound hurts, and I don't know what there is left to say. I checked today for the first time in quite a while, and it seems as though a significant amount of work has been attempted on my behalf. On the off chance I would run into an old friend, I decided to post again... in case you were wondering.

Thank you for your question. Have a good "1"...

-reply to 26803424:

“Do you have a name no one else on earth shares. Because according to prophecy thats a must.”


You're already in hell, dummy...


However... you are currently destroying the ability for your progeny to experience the same joys. You don't realize it, but you are creating the the perfect prosecution against you during your judgment. You're selfish, you just proved it by this statement, and you will be judged accordingly.

You might think this is a joke, but it is not.


The "balance of God" (as you put it) is free will. You've shown what you do with that level of autonomy...

The question you have to ask yourself next is, do "demons" and various other forms of masochistic natured, selfish, self destructing idiots even realize when they're in hell... and/or what hell even is?

Rhetorical, guy. Contemplate internally. I already know what the superiority figures in your life that you sold your soul to think, and subsequently what you decided to base your existence on. You think you're unique, but you're not. You're just like everyone else. A bright shiny example of my description in my first post in this thread. Good luck with that.


Bear in mind that Brian left his apartment in Oklahoma on the night of October 9, and has been living in his car since approximately October 21, after visiting me in New York and then completing the holy grail instructional videos in Michigan. I do have an approximate timeline of all the places Brian traveled to between the time he left Michigan and the time he arrived at his father's house. Since presumably leaving his father's house on the night of November 10, I know nothing of his whereabouts.

For the last two weeks I have been writing up a transcript of my last conversation with Brian, and also reflecting on various things we have talked about. A major aspect of our conversation was my incompetence at engaging in dialogue. Being frustrating, the subject made our conversation heated. Before we hung up, I told Brian that I hope I get to express the best I have to offer, and that he gets to see it. I have made a few recordings on my own, including one where I address this issue directly.

So, things I still have to post include my last text messages and phonecalls with Brian, the e-mails I have sent him since his phone service shut off, and the recordings I have made by myself-- all with transcripts, ideally.

Overall I am not out of ideas nor things to do, as you will see. One hope I have held out for is the possibility of achieving internal harmonic resonant capitulation with another person. The game is not over yet, but it is tempting to think that I have moved too slowly. It is too bad that there is not more time, eh? Speaking of time, Brian explained that the intensity of conditions of life on Earth will ramp up significantly now, and especially so after December 21st.

He mentioned this in the last 4chan thread he created, which was on the /diy/ (“Do it Yourself”) board. The way that thread went was an aspect of his ultimately being forsaken. The thread took place from October 21 2020 to November 6. Brian was called “schizo” multiple times during that thread: this lead to his idea to place his fate in his father's hands. After that fate was decided, Brian told me that the way his father behaved was basically, “The /diy/ thread in the flesh.”

I don't know whether /diy/ threads get automatically archived, by the way, so I archived the page myself here:

Another task I have made progress on is writing up a transcript of the phonecall I had with Brian on November 1 2020. I first posted a link to that in Brian Harner Update #2. Writing transcripts of these recordings apparently takes a lot of time, because I have to listen to what Brian says multiple times in order to write it all down accurately. It is much harder to hear him than it is to hear me, and this particular recording is somewhat quiet. So far I have only worked on part four, which, as I mentioned,was an extension of The End of Purity. I would like to finish this transcript before I reply to any questions about it. You can view a pdf of what I have completed so far here. Additionally, I have since added to the pdf of our text messages, though it, too, is still incomplete. You can view it here.

On one hand, writing these transcripts allows me to revisit what Brian has told me, and also gives me small lessons in sound, which is an essential component of the divine energy paradigm. On the other hand, I feel sorry I have not moved faster. I wonder what a difference it would make in the ultimate results if I had gotten all of this work done more quickly, or even met Brian earlier. The timing was certainly apt: I met Brian shortly after he began to speak of the betrayal enacted to him by Robert Bishop, whom he has referred to as, “The Modern Judas.” In the Holy Bible, Judas betrayed Jesus by reporting him to the authorities. This ultimately lead to Jesus' crucifixion on the cross, where he allegedly stated, “Father, why has thou forsaken me?” This, in addition to the treatment he has received from others, lead Brian to the idea of putting his fate in his father's hands, with the option for his father to forsake him. Indeed, it seems the events from August 2020 to November 10 2020 have been comparable to the events of the Bible. In this comparison I would be analogous to one of the women who helped Jesus after he was condemned, such as Veronica. Just so you know, neither of us have an attachment to it being this way. This comparison provides a well-known example that is similar to what is happening now.

The thing is, though Brian has been forsaken and has mostly lost contact with other people, he is still alive. I do wonder what the significance of him still being alive is. It might be to provide another push of action-- to prompt all that can be done before he does die. When he dies things may change substantially, though not necessarily fundamentally. It is up to humanity collectively to create fundamental change in the circumstances of life on Earth.

If a substantial number of people still are interested in either talking to Brian, seeing him finish the first holy grail, or even start work on building a grail manufacturing facility, there may still be a chance for that. I am sure there is a fair amount of information Brian might have shared if more people were interested. For instance, in our last conversation Brian told me that he was going to explain to Jesse James how to build a grail manufacturing facility. Brian did not give me the details of this, probably since he does not expect this to come to fruition. So if enough people are genuinely interested in such information, Brian still might be able to relay it to us. Indeed, it is possible that a substantial amount of interest would help Brian to feel better healthwise, too. Otherwise, I would guess that he will continue to decline- mostly in silence- until he dies.