"Hate" is a Convenient Excuse

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1. December 28 2020 11:15PM

1. Proper information is necessary to knowing what to do and how to do it, but I've been over that. Additionally, part of my goal is to be transparent. I've made a point of doing that since well before I met Brian. There is little about me, Brian, or our thoughts that isn't publicly available information. This is the opposite of what most people do, including the government. I'm not held back by the need to sound pleasant, because my priority is honesty. Just so you know-- if my son-in-law ever steals half a million dollars, I'm not too proud to address the matter. I am sure that annoys you to hear, but I am trying to make the point very obvious to you that I do things differently than almost everyone else. That's why I have posted so much in the last few months.
2. Brian tried to build a grail, it didn't work out, now he's broke and basically half-dead. I have also been over that.
3. Humanity's maker is not all-powerful. We have free will, and our actions have consequences. I have also been over that.
4. If Jews are not in control, then why is it illegal in multiple countries to even question the mainstream story of the Holocaust? Why are "inconvenient" observations about anyone other than white males dismissed as "hate"? Empathy has been exploited here.

It sounds like you just want to say whatever will protect your wallet and reputation the most, and you also want to watch other people do all the work. You also want it to get done in an extremely short period of time, by a very small number of people. If you know that you're basically ignoring half of what I say, I don't know why you bother writing to me. Unless you are genuinely trying, all I can imagine is that you can't stand not being the #1 man in the eyes of every woman around you... Due to that "Italian alpha male" complex that my mother also loathes (not in you specifically). I've taken care to make these messages personal as little as possible, but it's not like I know how to get through to people. Might as well try something different from the usual.

What I care for the least is your nihilistic attitude. That is rather common. People do not seem to care for the fate of their planet nor their souls. The culprit is a refusal to take responsibility. People don't want to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, so they presume they have no ability to meaningfully change things, and they just say, "Oh well." That kind of dullness is what results in the conditions one might call, "doom and gloom."

I really would like to be done here. I do have a lot to do... If you are going to say anything else, make it substantial. I expect little other than coping mechanisms, however. So much for manhood. Feminism has made this species pathetic.

2. December 29 2020 12:53AM

I will add a rather praiseworthy note. People are not held to equal standards. You should know that more clearly than most people do, because you are held to higher standards than most of the people around you. People generally expect more from you than they do from others. The best are always held to the highest standards, and many of the people who hold them to those standards do not even recognize that. Even as I argue with you, I still do recognize that. Being impartial often means sounding "unpleasant" to the ears of most, but it also means that I can see the "positive" things at the same time. I did say that the Jews are clever, for instance. I can bow to a successful opponent, as much as I would rather not do so. I also blamed the problems primarily on white people, and especially white women (which I am), but you seem to ignore that in favor of calling me "anti-semitic." I suppose the label of "hater" is much simpler to deal with than a nuanced truth which implicates personal responsibility. If I must make things simple-- we fucked ourselves over. The Jews just made it easier for us to do that. They sure have worked diligently towards their goals. I believe Nietzsche likewise praised them for their willpower.

Back to the original point. If I make a criticism or "unpleasant" observation of you, you are probably cool-headed enough to handle it, even if you emotionally react. Well, think of how many people could not handle it, and would just tell me to "shut up" or would never speak to me again-- or worse! Women, for example, do not handle criticism as well as men do. Furthermore, men are generally held to higher standards than women, and it is considered "hateful" to acknowledge this. Women receive cheers for taking as much as they can from men in divorce court. In the process, no one acknowledges that the men are held to an entirely different and much higher set of standards than the women are. Why? The men can do more and handle more, and so this is what is expected of them. It has become taboo to say so, however, because we all are supposedly "equal." It's easy for women to get on the high horse of vengeance when they have the power of the government supporting them against men. If that government shrunk or went away, I think the smirks would be wiped from the faces of feminists.

I hold myself to a set of standards that I can only hope to meet. The goal is perfection (in service of my maker), as much as possible. If I sound harsh, keep in mind that I dish out only a fraction of what I impose on myself. Yes, it certainly would look nice if I could get everything done all at once, for example...

So, even if the attempt is botched, thanks for trying. It is too bad that the oversimplistic and the emotional is valued over what is thoughtful.

The Point

The only way to live in a sustainable manner is to form self-sufficient, high-trust communities. That requires homogeneity, also known as "purity." That should be obvious from the ceaseless tension in places like the U.S. Most do not want to admit that, however, because they are the real haters.