High-fat Diets, Drugs, Health, and Consciousness


This video speaks for itself quite well. Here's a summation of the main points:

  • People on high-fat diets are more apt to use supplements and various drugs than those who are not on these diets.
  • Going on a high-fat diet will help you if your diet is poor to begin with, but you will find that there is a lot of "micromanaging" to do. For instance, you have to eat Omega 3's to correct for the inevitable high consumption of Omega 6's; then, you have to eat saturated fats to correct for all of the inflammatory polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) you'll be consuming. Even then, saturated fats have their own potential problems.
  • Certain substances like cannabis can help us if we are not in optimal health or we need to "wake up" and become more aware. Ultimately, however, you can choose your state of consciousness at will, and drugs are not required for optimal health if you take care of yourself properly.

I also include an explanation of how the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) works in relation to PUFAs. In short, the way that Omega 3 fats interact with the ECS suppresses hunger, while the way that Omega 6 fats interact with the ECS stimulates hunger. This is why you can eat half a pound of peanut butter, which is high in Omega 6, and not feel satiated at all (I've totally never done that...).

Finally, some people insist that people have cannabinoid deficiencies, and to correct for this we should be using cannabis on a regular basis. My response is, Since I also have opioid receptors, should I pop oxycontins in order to "correct" the opioid levels in my body?

Even if the substances are as pure and high-quality as possible, and you've removed all heavy metals from your body (the presence of which makes it harder to detoxify drugs), I'm just not buyin' it.

My Current Diet

In case you're wondering, I'm currently on a high-carb, vegan, fruit-based diet. After eating some cooked foods (mainly sweet potatoes) for about a month to get used to a low-fat diet, I've been 100% raw again for the last week. This means I've only been eating raw fruits and vegetables (except for the day when I had raw mung bean sprouts). As long as I eat enough, this diet treats me wonderfully.

I haven't eaten any overt fats like avocadoes or brazil nuts in roughly a month. This means that my average fat intake has probably made up about 5% of my calories. While I don't miss these high-fat foods, I think it is useful to eat them occasionally (particularly because of the high selenium content in brazil nuts). I'll reincorporate them into my diet to some extent once I feel ready. I want to get the hang of the high-carb + raw combination first.

A quick note I'd like to make is that my being into heavy metals detoxification differentiates me from other people who have tried this diet, and I'm not aware of anyone in particular who has combined the two.

Anywho, enjoy the video, my dear. This is not one to watch while high. ;)

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