Levels of Transcendence

The following are the 68th and 69th e-mail messages I received from Brian Harner. Message #68 was sent on January 6 2021 at 5:11PM. Message #69 was sent on January 7 at 12:09AM.

To understand the terms being used, see Note on Controversial Language and What a Demon Is.

Message #68

Transcendence is a placement. Nigger comes next. The bottom is demon. There is a difference between souls that must regenerate and those that choose to, yes. That doesn't mean that transcendence was not accomplished. Salvation is when the entire species reaches transcendence yet still chooses to regenerate. When that event occurs, rapid succession through the material forms of transcending (which I refer to as type 1, 2, 3, etc civilizations as per Raymond Kurzweil's nomenclature designation) is almost guaranteed. What needs to be remembered is my basis for all existence: Everything is a microcosm, macrocosm, or euphemism of an already existing system/structure. There is no real definitive placement above transcendence. Once that goal is achieved, the only goal is to stay transcending upward.

Transcendence is not a destination, but more so a beginning to a pathway. Niggers, are paused. It's like a fulcrum; a zero placeholder; a no win sum game. Humanity would like to pretend that they have a say in directing this symphony of already achieved perfection by changing the terms of success to that of a zero-sum game, but in order to gain access to that precipice they must transcend. Thusly, there is no zero-sum game from a human perspective. Humility is required for transcendence. A literal relinquishment of the superiority ideals that selfishness creates. Therefore, the only real ability humanity has is a no win sum game. Humanity has the ability to choose to fail. In so doing, they fail, as well as their maker. This is where the human ethos resides currently. It's why every arrogant human says "oh well, I'll just get deleted then." Yes indeed, they will. Until the "99th monkey" chooses to behave to work towards Salvation, the majority will decide the fate of the entire species, and possibly their maker.

I've been describing this in two parts to answer both of your questions. The other Christ hopefuls were hampered by the general zeitgeist of the entirety of humanity. Jesus got murdered before any real movement could be achieved. His dilapidated and badly translated messages did gain traction, but that was centuries after his death. Maria Orsic got much closer to achieving the goal of Salvation/transcendence for all, than any of the other Christ hopefuls in real time. However, the 99th monkey was not found. That said, the ability throughout the various Christ hopefuls gained traction little by little. This "game" has always been about the entire human race, though. The ability of a Christ is intricately tied to the abilities of humanity. Seemingly, after Maria, humanity fell harder than they've ever fallen before. Technological advances have become more detrimental to the parameters of transcending than anything that could have been predicted by anyone. Instead of teaching humanity the lesson of respecting their maker (which is what it was intended to do), humanity grew into a complex that they were special for having created their own virtual universe. That lesson was intended to describe how humanity was created, thusly giving the lessons of humility required to understand what the hierarchy does. What humanity did was build an ego that said/says "I am the founder of my own hierarchy!" There has been some semblance of that degenerate philosophy within humanity from the beginning when they murdered their maker/the giants on Earth.

My guess is that alongside this degenerate philosophy, there is an ever present group of souls that figure this situation out, but they are always drowned out by the majority. That's the essence behind why... the other Christ hopefuls failed. AND the reason why every Christ has also failed. Humanity does not respect free will. They want to blaspheme humanity's maker for not having absolute control over their destiny, while simultaneously blaming him for granting the freedom of choice. In a human mind currently, nothing is good enough. A wealthy man will complain about the health or early death of a family member without admitting that the essence behind what made him wealthy in the first place is the culprit to his perceived woes. People are so fucked in the head right now, that same wealthy man will thank "God" for being wealthy, and within two or three sentences during the same conversation, damn "God" with all of his might because his wife died. Even though both scenarios are caused by the degenerative philosophy of material wealth that was birthed by egotistical selfishness, and an internal desire to want superiority over peers. Ironically, the very peers that could fix those woes if they weren't subjected to the wealth scenario that the man subscribes to wholeheartedly. That's why I say that everyone alive is schizophrenic. They flip flop back and forth on anything and everything. None of them really care about the truth as long as they can maintain their superiority complex/wealth/perceived stature of being in control.

THAT... is the reason why humanity has failed their maker, the Christ and Christ hopefuls he's sent as messengers, and ultimately, themselves. The actual intricacies that played out in real time to stifle our message are too numerous to list. Everyone that killed/kill us pretended to be justified in doing so, and many of them were intelligent enough to dissuade the constituents and peers they mingled with into assuming just enough doubt that they could remain "wealthy." The detractor's goals have never changed: reasonable doubt, and possession is 9/10ths of the law. The doubt takes hold when wealth is used as a measuring tool: "If he's a Christ/Christ hopeful, why doesn't he make himself rich... like me!? Or, "If he's a Christ/Christ hopeful, why doesn't he just become president or king?" We don't want to be wealthy, nor do we want to control anyone. Our job is to explain how the universe functions. We do not assert notions of death ceasing to exist, or eradicating pain, or wealth and superiority for all, or any other egotistical selfish ploy. The problem is and always has been that those who need our lessons the most, reject them the most vehemently. Consequently, those detractors have the ability to dissuade everyone as a result. They too are trying to achieve a 99th monkey scenario, but the difference is a Christ/Christ hopeful's way benefits all while an antichrist's way only benefits themselves. And that's a very enticing idea to selfish people because all of them maintain their faith in being superior themselves, over their peers. It's a philosophy based on vengeance even though the aspects are masked by perceived altruism. The aspects are sold as emotional. Take Maria for example. What benefits did the USA have to eradicating Hitler? There were none, literally. So it was sold as an emotional stance. Same with Jesus and the Pharisees. Jesus wasn't physically harming anyone. The only thing the Pharisees could sell to the public was an emotional attachment to themselves by everyone who put them in power: "We are the most important, and Jesus is not like us, so everything he says is bad... KILL HIM!" Same shit different toilet for every Christ and Christ hopeful, me included... at least this far. You can attach any symptom you would like to the understanding of the disease, but the disease itself will remain present until it's understood and fought against. The disease has always been selfishness. Ego is the built up version of selfishness. Arrogance is the desire to maintain selfishness. Wealth, drugs, sex, control, etc are all just symptoms of the disease: selfishness.

I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing what you write about. Good luck.


Message #69

A no win sum game means there is a deficit or loss for both participants. A zero sum game is not a loss for either participant. There's a difference between those terminologies. Humanity only has the ability to procure one of those structures should they choose to remain arrogant and selfish. There is no possible way of procuring a zero sum game from humanity's perspective because that would involve changing an aspect of the entire universe. In effect a zero sum game would mean that humanity would have to be in the position to extort, or blackmail humanity's maker. Impossible. A no win sum game is a likely outcome if humanity continues along this path. Humanity will lose, and humanity's maker will lose, but the universe will continue onward at the behest of The Nine Principles, just like it always has.

The struggle to understand is due to trying to quantify people's position as it stands now. In reality, you can only truly quantify whether someone is a transcendee, nigger, or demon when their life is officially over. Robert is the closest thing to a demon that I can quantify right now, yes. A lot of that has to do with who I will or will not help after this life. That doesn't mean that he and his mother cannot gain back nigger status or even transcend on their own without my help. It's possible, just extremely unlikely. Same goes for everyone alive. I'm not the judge, jury or executioner. I'm more like a defense attorney, and those two people are the only two alive that I will not help. I've turned my back on them for what they did. It wasn't personal. Knowing what they knew, what they did was a direct attack against every human alive. There are many others that are in a similar position, but I've yet to "hear their case," so it would technically be improper to make that decision. Although my speculation has real merit, I cannot definitively comment without knowing the full story.

In order to be in the position of nigger, one must get to that platform by demonic ways. It's up to the individual to assess where they reside and how to respond. If a human says "oh well, I guess I'll get deleted" and actually means it, not just trying to pout, or annoy the people debating them, then they are a demon. Plain and simple. Doing that is similar to losing a game on purpose, or changing teams mid match. Think of how the teammates would feel about them. It might not even be known during the game, but after life, there is no hiding the truth. Judgement is thorough and never wrong. There will be no secrets when you meet your maker. No possible way of hiding the real intentions for why people have done what they did. The definition sociopath is based on intentions that have already been documented by empirical actions. The crude oil economy, and its disastrous grasp on killing the biosphere, while simultaneously arguing in favor of its continued resolve, or purposely failing to acknowledge the detrimental aspects of its constant intrusion to the benefit of humanity as a whole, is sociopathic. Baby boomers lived their entire lives thus far doing those things. Turning a blind eye or purposely ignoring the empirical data is not a defense of their actions. Pretending to circumvent the data by professing "love" to friends and family as a copout to justify their ignorance while confronted with those conundrums is also a dereliction. Same scenario exists with drugs, sex, finances, etc. I just pick on crude oil because baby boomers lived their entire lives benefiting themselves over the whole, ubiquitously. Every single one of them did that. Many have indeed tried to rectify their mistakes, but those who put everything they had into that motive were murdered or bought off. Stanley Meyer comes to mind...

People are frightened of their pasts being on display. Most try to do everything they can to hide their mistakes. Generally speaking, it's just an ego trip. People try to hide the dumbest shit from others. There is no hiding anything from humanity's maker, however, and when confronted with that sentiment, the ego reacts the same way as when people lie about trivial shit. It's just deflected immediately, then the issue gets buried, and the ego begins the search for reinforcements to help build itself back up again. Wealth can only be quantified by the ability to utilize the stature over peers IN A TYPE 0 CIVILIZATION. What humanity utilizes the word wealth for now, is ubiquitous with that statement. It's ironic because the "wealth" that everyone procures in a type 1 or above civilization obliterates ANYTHING any human has access to in a type 0 civilization. The problem with wealth in a type 0 civilization is the amount of wasted potential that must occur to keep wealth in the hands of the wealthy. I'm a perfect example of that. There's plenty of money/resources on Earth right now to complete every project I have, but those who control wealth currently want to maintain their status quo, and consequently will never fully comprehend what I'm trying to do. They protect their wealth, usually because the idea of relinquishing the status their wealth has brought them is frightening. In reality they're just hurting themselves, but that's what they've trained themselves to do. So, yes. In a type zero civilization, ANYONE with wealth is selfish, and wants to maintain a superior status over others. There are no exceptions. Everything changes when type 1 is achieved. The biggest hurdle to understand how to get there is in understanding that the universe itself has already given the proper information. Ask yourself why there are different car companies, clothing companies, phone manufacturers, computer manufacturers, etc. It's to gather wealth by exploiting other people's ego. If humanity was trying to find the most efficient form of substance in any given manufacturing activity, there would be no companieS. The most efficient and successful form of product would be used, period. There would be no need for salesmen. There would be no lawsuits. The best of the best would be distributed to everyone that wanted or required the product, and everyone that wanted to exploit cheap labor, law loopholes, money exchange rates, IMMIGRATION... to stifle technological advances in favor of accumulating wealth wouldn't exist. Everyone alive with wealth right now has gotten that wealth by exploiting some aspect of what I just mentioned. Every. Fucking. One. Of. Them. It's an astronomical waste of potential, and impossible to not understand while "benefiting" from others being exploited.

There are many white niggers. I've said that many times. In a type 1 transcended civilization, black people will be much further advanced than any white man alive right now. People try to quantify the future based on the present, but that's impossible. White men with blue eyes have the best potential to help everyone alive transcend, yes. But as it stands now, they're too concerned with selfish pursuits. In so doing, they're trying to elevate others to a position that is doomed to fail. It'd be a stretch to assume anyone is benefiting from anything that's been done prior to now. The potential is there, but that just makes a no win sum game that much more pathetic and sad, if that's the eventual outcome. Spiritual purity forces genetic purity. There's no way to be spiritually pure without recognizing and acting upon genetic purity. The reason is because capitulation to spiritual purity means you must first understand that you did not create you. In other words, real humility. ANYONE that says genetic purity does not matter, cannot possibly understand that they do not own themselves, nor did they create themselves, thusly, they CANNOT pay the proper reverence, respect, and homage to the being that did create them. Effectively, destroying their ability to understand, much less partake in spiritual purity. Maintaining genetic purity is the methodology that humanity's maker wanted. It's a choice. Kind of like a barometer for gaging reverence for a creator. It's his genetic code. He made it this way for a reason. Manipulation of that code says there is no respect for him, thus, no possibility of spiritual purity.

It's always amazing to me why this ideal is so difficult to understand. There seems to be no shortage of people aiming for a zero sum game when it comes to genetic arguments. All I ever hear is extreme audacity as though anyone can even contemplate the complexity of what it took to create the human genome. Absolute and total arrogance. It's absolute precipice of arrogance and entitlement. Until humanity can create a humanity of their own, maybe people should leave that "technology" to the experts. Just think of everything that had to happen just to make the human genome possible. The third dimension, the solar system with this size star, Earth, weather, the biosphere, procreation, etc all so that these human bodies can be inhabited by souls to experience this school. And people think they can just do whatever the fuck they please with these vessels... It just blows my mind how difficult such an easy to grasp system is to the egotistical entitled human. It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.