My Friends

The following was written by Brian Harner. He posted it to his pastebin account on August 27 2020, at As of the time of my posting this page, on December 20 2020, all of the ideas mentioned have more or less failed.

Imagine me, taught by tragedy
Release is peace

I heard a little girl
And what she said was something beautiful
To give your love no matter what
Is what she said

I decided to take the advice of a very dedicated young lady, that is full of potential and ability. Her name is Kim. Kim is one of the several young people that have found my teachings through On the /x/ board specifically, the young lady has dedicated an enormous amount of time to gathering my posts that have amassed during my mission as a Christ. We have exchanged pleasant conversations many times on that forum, but recently, we have started speaking privately.

What sparked those private conversations was "1" specific question that was posed in a way that I was unable to redirect away from, or otherwise be cryptic about. She asked me if there was anything she could do to help me. I struggled with figuring out a way to break it to her that I've done everything I can already, but that does not mean others are excluded from helping. I've tried to keep my financial woes to a minimum whenever I speak to my friends, or the general populace. I am content in knowing that I've done everything I can, personally, and the best course of action is to just fade away. Kim was having none of that...

As a result of her dedication and gumption, I've accepted her offer to help you through her plan. Another close friend, Nathan, has also been instrumental in changing my outlook on these matters. I was quite fond of both of these people before they offered to help, so it made accepting their help easier. I thank them both for their dedication to their maker. They were not ready to give up. And while that may seem like dedication to me personally, it is anything but. They both understand this, and I hope that all of you will follow in their footsteps.

A charity source was the plan. This is not a charity to pay me for favors. I do not accept personal bribes, or any other form of perceived flattery with the intention of gaining access to my superiors through ass kissing, as opposed to dedication to principle and hard work. So... I would like you all to know that what these funds will go towards, is you... not me. However, I do have to survive in hell. A small portion of this money will go to food, fuel, and travel expenses in regards to maintaining my mission and spreading this knowledge as far and wide as possible. Otherwise, 100% of these funds will be used in a transparent company setting where the technologies I've come to understand will be manufactured and sold at a price as close to cost as possible. I am not trying to get rich here... I'm trying to make your lives rich. That is the only "success" that will feel like an accomplishment to me.

When/if this gets going, I will dedicate a large portion of my work to video production. Interviews, speaking arrangements, and private lessons to those who are sick of living in hell, and would like to see what the real "heaven" is, and what it can offer. This is the first time in a while that I have real hope for humanity's success. But that all depends on you now. Yes, you. The person reading this right now. When I set up a GoFundMe account to coincide with my book release, my account was banned almost immediately after the first donation. I was sort of expecting that to happen, but did not think it would be so sudden and permanent. Since then, I've been surviving on an ever dwindling life savings. Just waiting for it to run out, which would make my decision very easy to make. I even protected that information in the hopes that humanity would just let me go, and the signs all pointed to that conclusion being the best route to take. Then Nathan and Kim came along...

These two young geniuses talked me out of my decision. The clincher was Kim's immaculate description of my book and life. The link for this blog will be submitted below. Also included will be a link to her plan to raise money for this project, and a direct link to my PayPal... as per Nathan's instructions. I'm excited to see where this goes. It's been a while since I've felt hope in this way. I owe this newly renewed hope to these fine young people willing to put the needs of another above their own. The fact that they were willing to do this at all says a lot about them without having to ask questions. Thank you, my friends. To all of you who are potential participants in this journey, I will do whatever I can to help ease the burden of uncertainty in regards to this mission, your place in it, and what your donations will be dedicated to. I do not hold back... expect transparency. Even if you don't like it.

Kim's pages:

As per Nathan's instructions:

08/27/2019 Where we are now.
My funds were spent trying to build the first Holy Grail, a restaurant with a brewery, and writing the book that is linked within this pastebin. The restaurant was supposed to accept this monetary burden, but as it seems, the biblical prophecies are still accurate. As such, it has effectively been shut down for good. Hence, the charity. I have started writing my next book, and have completed 2 chapters. I am calling the book, The Key. It will be a much more palatable version of my teachings, with several "keys" to understanding the more complex subjects in The Way. I have produced a set of casting blanks for the grail, and they are ready to be cast in Bell Metal Bronze as soon as possible. The unfortunate part is that my funding has dried up. Instead of trying to finish the project with what I have now, my goal is to at least be able to hand over this set of blanks, if my expiration becomes inevitable. If the casting pour has malfunctions, I will not have the funding to make more blanks, and will essentially be done, with no real tangible proof of concept. You have the ability to change this present course... but will you? Will you be able to establish contact with your maker, and wake up from the fog of hell? Your choice. Free will does exist.

I will do my best to communicate with each and every one of you. You will not be punished or otherwise berated by not participating. I do not hold grudges, and will not hold your feet to the fire for being skeptical or scrutinizing me in any way. I want you to want this. Salvation/transcendence/enlightenment is a reward for hard work, dedication, selflessness and truthfulness. It is not something that can be earned through hollow words and phrases as a fall back plan for having lived a degenerate existence as a human. I make no promises that you will achieve this goal, because YOU are the only one who can really know. The choice is always yours to make. It's my hope that this team grows, and that you are a member of it, but I cannot, and will not force your hand.

Thank you, Shane, Nathan, Taylor, Emily, and Kim. You've given me the hope I needed to continue. I love you all for dedicating your time and effort to your maker's requests. And to everyone else that will participate soon, I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. Thank you all for reading, and hope that many more books will follow. They will ALL be free, as long as I can make that happen for you.

Confide, 'cause I'll be on your side
You know I will
You know I will