The Needs of Humanity's Maker

For clarity on the last paragraph, see What a Demon Is and Note on Controversial Language.

After Brian's book was temporarily removed from Pastebin on December 17 2020, I asked him the following question.

What will happen to humanity's maker if humanity fails to become meek in regards to him? Will he die?


Brian answered with his 58th e-mail to me, on December 18 2020 at 9:19PM.
E-mail #58

I'm not totally certain. That's the impression I got during my realization "travels." From what I understand of it, it won't stop with just him. This will expand to several beings up through the dimensions. That said, I'm not a 4th dimensional being... yet. I'm not certain of how this all works and whose all involved. All I do know is that if humanity fails, the conclusion won't be good for him. So not only is the bad karma of destroying a planet of complex life going to haunt everyone during judgment, whatever the higher dimensional beings go through because of humanity will also be added to the equation... whether humans are aware of what they're responsible for or not. Selfishness, entitlement, and arrogance are horrific for those who partake in it. Ignorance is no defense of the law, here and otherwise. Like I keep trying to explain, judgement will be a wakeup call that nobody is truly prepared for. Even when I explain this stuff to people, it's almost always met with contempt anyway. I get a lot of "oh well, fuck it, I guess I'll just get deleted then..." type of responses. A whole bunch of people just got added to that list, by the way. Everyone who allowed it to happen without so much as a complaint, or by process of ignoring the problem of censorship to places like Pastebin allowed the actions to go on unchallenged... add them to the list. Many deletions await for many different reasons. Whether that will mean humanity's maker will die, or be paralyzed, or something else... I'm not sure. But it's not looking good for any human alive right now. That I'm certain of.


At 9:48PM, I replied with the following:

A question people might ask is, If he is so intelligent, why did he make his life dependent upon his creations (i.e. us)? I think the answer is that he is nowhere close to being the most advanced form of life in the universe, but he is still an extremely complex form of life compared to us. It takes a being like him to create beings like us, who are dependent on physical sustenance for survival. His survival strategy/process is far more complex than ours.

I am sure part of the problem is that people do not know for sure the adverse effects they are having, both on and off Earth. Their individual soul getting deleted is not the worst thing here-- that's just the punishment for the damage they have done.

Every time that someone has said, "God is dead," in recent years, they probably had no idea how right they are.


Brian responded with his 59th e-mail to me on December 19 2020 at 2:09AM.
E-mail #59

You're conflating several nomenclatures. Ironically, this is exactly why I'm so adamant about precision when defining terminology.

Humanity's maker is a portion of the species belonging to the Male energy that created the third dimension. I am uncertain of if he himself was the actual creator of the third dimension, but I am absolutely certain that he belongs to the species, and by proxy, family that did create the third dimension. The fourth dimension has slightly less inhabitants than the third dimension at any given point. There are several versions of the third dimension existing at any given time running consecutively alongside each other, which remain outside of the perception of beings residing within each dimension. The problem is in discerning terminology. I call the physical parameter that humanity currently inhabits a realm. The mathematical terminology of the third dimension is not entirely accurate due to the presence of time. Technically this realm is the fourth dimension, but that's only because humans are so arrogant and selfish. In reality, time exists in all dimensions. To keep things simple, I refer to this realm as the third dimension. Humanity's maker resides in the fourth dimension.

There are many inhabitants of the fourth dimension, as well as the fifth dimension. At any given point, there are several fourth dimensions existing within the fifth dimension. Same with the sixth, seventh, eighth, and finally the ninth dimension. The ninth dimension is where absolute perfection within the universe's boundaries resides. I call this being The Nine Principles. He is the lone inhabitant of his dimension, and is responsible for the authorization of every creation on the inside of this universe. He is a part of every creation in this entire universe. On the outside of this universe, resides a being that is responsible for maintaining the "structural" integrity of the universe itself. The true size of this universe is unfathomable from a human perspective. Even the true size of the realm a type 0 human inhabits is unfathomable, much less the several different Dimensions of the third dimensional realm existing within the parameters of the fourth dimension. This same conundrum is a part of every dimension above the fourth dimension. Imagine an onion. Every dimension/layer has no real discernible way of understanding what lies beyond the dimension that contains their realm... unless they are invited by a superior being into their dimension. The Nine Principles did this for me 7ish days prior to Easter of 2019... REMEMBER? I traveled to the edge of the universe itself. Not just the third dimension, fourth, fifth, etc... but the ninth dimension. The perfection that resides there is so beautiful, just witnessing it could kill any inhabitant of the entire universe.

To be able to properly define the break/wall/parameter of anyone in their given dimension, the being must be able to quantify the existence of substance that exists beyond the spectrum of "matter" in their given dimension. I define this as the ethereal plane. Some on Earth have defined it as zero point energy, quantum physics, etc, but the problem with those nomenclatures is in utilizing an arrogant and selfish disposition to quantify a material substance that is not material to the third dimension. "Energy" spectrums are defined as material. Wave form matter, essentially. "Physics" as a definition has this same dilemma. I utilized the term "plane" because it defines the existence of substance outside of the parameters of matter. The ethereal plane is the proof of a higher dimension. Within the substance (matter to a human) or natural laws of the fourth dimension, they have a version of their own "ethereal plane" substance conundrum existing within their dimension. And so on and so forth until the ninth dimension. The ethereal plane mechanics are difficult enough to educate a human on. Trying to quantify the existence of a similar substance existing far beyond the capacity of perception to a human, within the parameters of the fourth dimension, is almost impossible. Especially considering the vast and intricate complexity of the selfish, entitled, arrogant human mind. Fear of understanding just how small and insignificant a human really is, is what keeps humans unable to fathom this system of hierarchy. THAT... is why these nomenclatures get so confused and conflated. The universe contains 9 Dimensions. Each dimension contains many realms (often referred to as dimensions). Every realm inhabits quadrillions+ of souls that are bound to the parameters of the creators of said realm. So... why is humanity's maker bound to the life force of his creation? Because his creator is also bound by such a clause. There are no beings within this entire universe that are not bound by this clause. If the most superior being within this universe were to expire/die, his creator, God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe would have to either die himself, or create an entirely new universe with a different original creation that would in turn, create everything there following.

Only a type 0 human being, this close to extinction and subsequent deletion, could even attempt to define such an arrogant question. It is the absolute height of selfishness, entitlement, arrogance, and stupidity. To give you a quick reference point to help define this internally egotistical question without humility present in any way at all, I'll give you an analogy in the form of a question in two parts. What came first, the computer or the computer software? If there was no software to run on the computer, would you even be able to turn it on, or would you consider it dead? Now... to take it a step further, beyond the spectrum of a computer's ability to run, electricity is required first and foremost. Electricity can be considered "the ethereal plane" to a computer system. A computer cannot properly define the existence of electricity, but knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that if electricity is no present, the computer ceases to exist entirely. Get it? Now imagine you're the computer, and humanity's maker is [the] computer operator. Let's say that the computer is how humanity's maker creates the ability to live and produce sustenance to function. Would a computer program be so arrogant to ask, "How could humanity's maker/the computer operator put himself in a position to live based on "our"/the computer program's ability to function properly?" Now... just imagine the chaos that would ensue if the computer software of humanity currently just decided, out of the fucking blue, to do whatever the hell they wanted. How long would you go before throwing the entire computer away and buying a new one? What then... if there were no new computers available, but you needed it for sustenance procurement/employment? Get it now? As above... so below.

The problem is always in nomenclature definition. The reason for the problem existing at all, especially within a type zero, supposed intelligent being like a current selfish Earthbound human... is a selfish disposition run amok, arrogance and entitlement unabated, and a complete and total lack of understanding purpose. Another nomenclature reference that confuses humans is in their definition of time. The nomenclature eternity, to a selfish disposition, means the lifespan of their realm. In reality, eternity means the lifespan of the species that defined the term itself. The realm can and will survive beyond humanity's presence within it. So... a new definition must exist to quantify the existence of existence beyond the species ability to quantify "life." Forever, should be defined as the lifespan of the entire universe. For every inhabitant of this universe, The Nine Principles included, there is no existence beyond the death or expiration of the universe itself. Infinity, is how existence beyond the boundaries of this universe is defined to every inhabitant within. There are several definitions missing from the repertoire of human fathom-ability that must be created to stifle this arrogance and entitlement held in place by selfishness. That's not my job, though, and I've been fairly clear about that...

If humanity's maker was dead, you would immediately cease to exist. If God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe were to "die" (which is an impossibility for anything on the inside of the universe to properly quantify), the entire universe would cease to exist, including everything in your realm, your dimension, humanity's maker, the billions of CIVILIZATIONS that exist between him and The Nine Principles, The Nine Principles himself, and any and all forms of substance that exist within the parameters of existence as WE know it. To a human, humanity's maker is the biblical version of "God." But that's only because of the extreme entitlement and selfishness that resides in the human ego. Jesus, and myself were trying to quantify and define the parameters of the universe itself. However, sometimes when questions are posed to us with certain third dimensional words present, our nomenclatures change. Father, son, and holy spirit = giants, Amen, and humanity's maker to the selfish third dimensional mind of a type 0 human. Father, son, holy spirit = humanity's maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who exists outside of this [universe] to an enlightened, humble, meek, and curious mind in any species residing in THIS REALM. Yes, Kim. People have no idea just how unqualified they are to fully comprehend the intricacies involved here... no matter how Jew system of governance "educated" their documentation and title ships make them think they are. This is why I continuously say that Jesus is the only one who can truly understand me, and vise versa. To us, this is easy. The difficulty is in trying to explain it all with the limited human vocabulary of our respective epochs, and subsequent zeitgeist therein. Consequently, these types of conversations are what usually get us murdered. Anyways, hope this helps. I know we've gone over this stuff before, but the way in which you posed that question required a refresher, methinks. The harder this stuff is to understand, the more selfish the persona attached to the query. I'm not guessing with anything here. Most people do... but that's because they've chosen selfishness as their fate. Quite literally, all anyone has to do is exactly what Jesus told people to do. Be meek, humble, and curious. Everything in this universe must don that shroud to be truly powerful. EVERYTHING. Everything in existence has a superior. Everything in this universe serves their respective creator. Everything (other than current type 0 selfish Earthbound humans) is trying to transcend. Meek, humble, and curious... get it? The further from those ideals a being gets, the more impossible transcendence becomes.

Didn't mean to berate you. I wasn't trying to be a dick. This is "1" of my most basic teachings that gets conflated, confused, and bastardized, yet to me it's all very simple. So... to whoever would be arrogant enough to ask a question like "If he is so intelligent, why did he make his life dependent upon his creations (i.e. us)?"... tell that nigger or demon to fuck off. LOL. Just kidding. Try to educate, but be stern about it, because anyone who would ask a question like that, is already telling you everything you need to know about them just by enunciating the query in that manner.