A Vision of Our Future

I like to think about the future of humanity. What kind of society could we create? How shall we live? What will be important to us? How will we relate to each other?

The following is a list of specifications (“specs”) of an ideal future I’ve envisioned. I regard this as being possible—if not for the whole of humanity, then at least for a good chunk of us (though I’m placing my bets on the whole).

Perhaps the meeting of all these specifications is a long way off. Maybe this is the stuff of the 30th century and beyond. My guess is that it’ll take at least 50-100 years for us to be in line with these developments to a significant extent (a “significant extent” basically refers to the proportion of the population who practices these things. For the sake of simplicity, let’s call “significant” at least 40%, though that figure is subject to change). I expect different developments to take place at different times. We may come quite a ways on one, for instance, before we’ve made much progress at all on another.

I will note that this list was largely informed by the books Conversations with God, Book 3 by Neale Donald Walsch, and The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. Of course, I put it together, refined it, and added my own touch as well.


The Future

There are no jobs or “work”—just purposeful tasks people choose to do.

The ultimate, shared goal of society is the raising of consciousness.

There is no travel: instead we are capable of teleportation.

Relationships are without labels.

Partially thanks to teleportation, no consumption of animal products will be necessary.

It is possible that we will control the weather. This will take some time to figure out how to do properly and to our benefit.

There are no battles or fighting of any sort.

Because automobiles will no longer be necessary we can largely do away with roads and parking lots, and thus much of the world can return to its natural state (this will take time).

People’s diets will consist of whole, plant-based foods.

No one will consume anything that is harmful to them. Likely translation: no alcohol, tobacco, added sugar, added salt, artificial ingredients, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, artificial preservatives, caffeine, amphetamines, nor opiates. Why? People will get enough joy out of simply being alive that they won’t feel a need to shorten their lifespans or weaken themselves.

Laws will not be necessary.

The criminal justice system will focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment and retribution.

People will communicate with total transparency. By way of thoughts, feelings, and information, there will be nothing to hide.

We will all be highly intuitive. This will lend itself to transparency, synchronicities, inspiration, loving connections, and all-around clarity.

We all work together as one human family. No one needs to “beat” anyone else.

There is no bitterness about or fighting with life.

Negativity and contrast are no longer necessary to appreciation. We can simply appreciate things as they stand—no darkness necessary.

No one gets left behind (but that doesn’t mean we lower the standards in order to accomplish this).

Everyone understands that what is best for all is best for themselves.

Abundance paradigm: We have an awareness of sufficiency and a consciousness that creates it.

Humanity has a harmonious relationship with the Earth (as well as a clear definition of what this entails).

There will be no such thing as property (particularly land), or any ownership at all.

People will not be given responsibilities they cannot handle. The most important consequence of this is that children will be raised only by people who can do so competently and carefully.

I foresee us agreeing to cap the world population at a certain number. Obviously no one will be punished if this number is exceeded, but I think we will all be invested in adhering to this number. People will be careful about having safe sex, primarily for this reason. (My hope is that we will soon shift our focus to taking care of the many children who are already on this planet—children who are either without parents or who deserve far more loving homes. On the other hand, if you choose to create a new child, I hope you make them perfect. :) ).

Our focus is on being, rather than doing.

Hemp replaces wood for many things, especially paper (really, this is an easy and straightforward one. We could do this tomorrow).

We observe what is around us completely (meaning we don’t succumb to denial), do what is functional, and communicate honestly.

There is no worry, stress, hate, rage, jealousy, panic, shame or guilt. We will understand that these are all unnecessary. Any trace of fear will be easily smoothed out. No drudgery, overtime, or pressure. There is no attempting to get ahead, rise to the top, or be successful. No failure. Success as we know it is a foreign concept.

Financial profit-motive does not exist. There will be no such thing as advancement of one being at the expense of another. Supply and demand do not drive the economy. No one demands another being to give them something in return for their sharing the resources and necessities of physical life.

We value what is beneficial to and functional for all.

Achieving = doing what brings value.

We do what works, given where we choose for our society to go.

There are no nations (if there are, there’s only one, which encompasses the whole world).

There is no government as we currently utilize it. Instead there are councils of well-experienced, trustworthy people, and we follow and agree to basic principles. These principles take some form of Truth, Love, and Power.

We spend most of our time outside (this is partially thanks to our ability to influence the weather, stated above).

Everything is returned to the Earth in a manner that enables it to be used again. No landfills. Nothing is created which cannot ultimately be recycled or refashioned and repurposed. In particular, it would be beyond us to create plastic or burn fossil fuels.

We all trust in ourselves, one another, and in the universe. Without trust society would be highly dysfunctional, and all of the above would be basically impossible.


List of Non-Existent Concepts

In this particular future, the following concepts will essentially cease to exist. Either people will not experience them, have no interest in them, and/or drastically redefine them.

Note that this is a reiteration of what has been said above, in list form.













Getting ahead

Rising to the top













Making the Future Now

The technological and structural advancements aren’t as important as the advances in consciousness. For solid change to come about at a societal level we have to change the way that we think about ourselves. Otherwise it won’t make sense to us to make certain societal changes.

In general, we can expect societal changes to flow naturally from changes we make to ourselves at a personal level. Not everything will come about that way, but I’d say we can achieve about 80% of the results that way. The other 20% will hinge on structural-level elements such as the technology we’ve created, the physical resources available to us, how we distribute and use those resources, and how we govern ourselves.

See how you can start to embody these changes now. Maybe you can’t align yourself with them 100%, but you can start to think about the basic beliefs behind them. If those beliefs make sense to you, then start to utilize them in your daily life.

You’re free to experiment. There are no particular ideas you have to subscribe to. You can try beliefs on without committing to them, and see how they work out for you. If you like the results they produce, keep going. If not, try something else.


What Future Do You See?

When you think about the future of humanity, what do you see? What do you desire for us? Do you see the above list as being possible for us, or do you think we don’t stand a chance? Do you regard anything on the list as less than ideal, and not worthy as part of a vision of the future? Is there anything you would want to add?

What’s your picture of the future? Do you have one? Is it desirable? If not, why not? Either way, are you living in accordance with that future now? Do you want to be?

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