The End of Duality

Consider that this world is not one of good against evil—rather, one of ever-unfolding good.

Consider that the past is not less than the present—rather, the present is an improvement upon the past.

Consider that there are no options to choose from or alternate paths—rather, there is only the path in front of you.

Consider that darkness is not the opposite of light—rather, darkness is the absence of light.

Consider that the internal world and the external world are not separate from or even in conflict with one another—rather, they are one and the same.

Consider that there are not 7 billion separate people on this Earth, or many more separate objects—rather, there is one universal consciousness which unites all.


Why do you need to fight evil? Can’t you just cultivate good?

Why do you need to speak badly of the past? Can’t you just enjoy the present?

Why do you need to consider alternate options? Can’t you just accept the one path that awaits you— the path where your heart lies?

Why do you need to fear the dark side? Can’t you just turn up the light?

Why do you need to place your focus on either the internal or the external, labelling yourself as either introverted or extraverted? Can’t you just express yourself in the way that feels right to you now?

Why do you need to see yourself as alone, separate from all else? Can’t you see yourself as one with all that is, and embrace the responsibility that entails?


Can’t you devote yourself to the growth of something greater than yourself, rather than the protection of physical stuff?

Can’t you see that you are a great spirit, far more powerful and joyful than any body in a physical world, who leads an existence filled with purpose?


Can’t you?

Won’t you?

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